TROUBLE IN PARADISE! McCrae says you’re yelling at me telling me to SHUT THE F**K UP!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie, AMANDA (MVP = Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:15pm In the havenot room – Judd asks what if I won it and I used it on Candice so that Jessie would go home. I would say here you go Candice I just want to ensure Jessie goes home. Judd says worst case Amanda a bigger target goes home. Amanda jokingly says f**k you Judd. Judd says Candice could be MVP if she is friends with Eddie Murphy. Judd says I struck a deal with her. Eddie Murphy might put me in the Nutty Professor 4. Judd leaves to let Amanda and McCrae talk.

McCrae says we are in an alliance with Aaryn. She is acting like a whinny little bit*h but you need to think about your alliance before you think of yourself. I want you to stay here of course but if you can get Gina to use the veto then you will look like the puppet master controlling people. McCrae says that Aaryn and I aren’t that good so if I am up there telling Gina not to use it makes Aaryn trust me even more. Amanda starts yelling at McCrae about how he was calling her dumb and stupid. McCrae says you’re yelling at me telling me to SHUT THE F**K UP! Amanda says you told me to shut the f**k up too! Amanda says trouble in paradise! McCrae says I am securing relationships for the future. He tells her that she can’t go around telling people if they nominate her they will be going up. You can’t go around saying sh*t like that! When you go around making a spectacle like that out there it puts the spot light on you. Judd comes in and says it will probably be starting soon. Amanda says I am going to go take my Adderall medication. Judd starts getting pumped up by doing jumping jax and punching at McCrae’s hands. Judd asks is it better to take more or less Xanax before a compettion? McCrae says less.

USE THE FLASHBACK feature to watch McCrae & Amanda’s FIGHT:

12:30pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the Power of Veto Competition..

1:40pm TRIVIA..
2:20pm Still TRIVIA..

While we wait for the Veto Competition results today. Fire up your Big Brother live feeds and use the FLASHBACK feature to check out the NEW BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des
CBS Interactive Inc.

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If I was Judd, I won’t use the veto so made Aaryn & GinaMarie happy


here is the optimal thing to happen…

in her paranoia that judd is mvp, demanda pisses him off. aaryn gets really pissed off for how demanda is going on about how whoever needs to us pov on her, now realizing demanda only sees her as a puppet.

spencer wins pov and takes jessie off the block.

all 4 of them band together and decide demanda needs to go.


I agree with your goal, but I just can’t see the path you lay out to get there. Aaryn and GM have clearly staked out the strategy of malleability and only want Candice gone. Helen does not want Amanda to go and she and Andy are of the mind to make GM and Aaryn happy, which is Candice has to go. Spencer made a move against Amanda last week and NOBODY was with him, so he’s not taking another swing for awhile. Judd wants Jessie gone, but will setlle for the Superfriends simply believing he wants her gone. Elissa just does whatever she’s told by Helen.

The only way I see Amanda going is if she somehow turns Helen against her or McCrea decides she’s just too big a liability. Without one of these two either leading or signing of on the campaign, there is no way Judd, Aaryn, or Spencer is swaying anybody to follow their lead, especially since if Jessie or Candice wins veto, chances are strong that Judd or Spencer will be thrown up as a pawn.


while i agree the odds are not in favor of that happening it can happen, but needs 3 things for it to:
– aaryn really needs to get pissed off about how demanda went on about how GM needing to use POV if won
– judd finding out they are gonna backstab him due to thinking he is MVP
– spencer finding his balls again

POV ceremony is in 2 days, who knows what kind of drama, which includes those things could happen til then.

i’d much rather helen figure out her train of thought from last week when talking to elissa in the storage room then about maybe go after demanda next week if MVP used on her again because they’ll have to turn on her some time. but apparently she forgot about that conversation given the candice talk to GM. i’m hoping she’s waiting until after POV competition to really think things through, but she’s been more snake like lately, so maybe she doesn’t have that kind of spine.

i should state i have a bias in the game for nerd herd 2.0 to implode. i dont root for anyone (though judd is cooler when not talking bad behind people’s backs and jessie too for showing a little spine to demanda) except for that to happen.


“Spencer finding his balls again” LMAO.


I just think last week was a much bigger turning point that people appreciate and it was never about saving Howard, rather it was about evicting Amanda. From Spencer’s standpoint, he spent all his capital making the play for Amanda and he lost. He heard Judd, Andy, Jessie, GM, and Aaryn all open to it and then all voted to keep her. And he was identified as going after Amanda. Spencer lost huge and is now trying to piece together some way to survive and since Amanda showed her hand last week, he knows she is running things. The only way he gets on board with putting himself back out there is if he’s the 5th or 6th vote. From his perspective, anybody but Helen coming to him with the plan to evict Amanda, is simply setting him back up to take a fall. Spencer needs to make about three more evictions and then he will be ready to become a leader again…and that’s his only real play.

I think if Judd gets wind the Superfriends are turning on him, then he will work overtime to get back in favor, which is what I think he’s already doing with his bury Jessie campaign. Judd has had several chances to simply cover himself from different angles, and each time he’s reverted to loyalty to Amanda, McCrea, and Andy, allowing himself to be exposed to just about everybody else.

Aaryn gave up her HOH to evict a non-threat and she sees Amanda as the key to her continued survival. She may get huffy with Amanda, but she will not choose Jessie, Candice, Judd, or Spencer over Amanda. Aaryn is banking she can move up the chain and get on par with Andy behind Amanda and McCrea. So even if Amanda annoys her, McCrea and Andy will smooth over any ruptures.

Itty Bitty Britty

I hope the next comp is an endurance one- who can make it the longest without their medication!


@Itty Bitty – Funny, but you also raise an interesting point. BB started out as a ‘social experiment’ but over the years has basically declined into mindless entertainment (I watch too so don;t jump on me for my opinion). I was wondering what the purpose or message they were trying to portray this year because not one contestant has shown their characters to be something the public can stand behind. So, the two big themes and social issues I think continue to stand out on the show (aside from general potty mouth syndrome and foot in mouth disease):

RACISM: Clearly it is still an issue in 2013, and surprisingly within the younger generation as well!

PRESCRIPTION MEDS: Is the next generation too dependent on prescription meds? Are prescription meds helping or harming? Judd and amanda specifically become VERY agitated when they haven’t taken their meds.

Not meant to be an academic analysis, but certainly raised some questions in my mind how much focus there is on the meds and racism (not making links between the two)


Judd takes anti-anxiety meds. It is obvious that he needs them the level off. Amanda takes Adderall. It is the same drug that Lindsay Lohan was taking for her supposed ADHD, which Betty Ford determined she did not have. It is commonly abused and used to enhance athletic performance, manage weight, etc. Personally, I believe that, if someone is on a prescription that might give them an advantage in competitions, they should have to undergo extensive exam to determine if the drug is really needed. ADD & ADHD are frequently misdiagnosed and the drugs prescribed for these conditions are often abused. I question whether Amanda really needs the drug.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

IMHO: It’s possible that the Zimmerman Trial provoked CBS to capitalize on the “racial media” attention, so they cast bigots…


I think CBS didn’t know most or all of these people and their disgusting attitude but what CBS got was T.V. gold when they picked some of these people. Ratings are good at the expense of innocent people.


I have been thinking along those lines also IllWill.
I think probably not planned out, more of a perfect storm for CBS.

The sad thing is no one will really learn from either, if your mind is set it will not be changed.
(Kind of like our country in general now, a big mess because no one can meet in the middle).

OK, got too serious…Noticed not a few minutes ago when Candace lays in bed quietly she
can hear muffled conversations from other rooms (at least when they were close up on her
laying in bed silent I could hear stuff from other rooms….assuming she can too!).
So interesting, no wonder she seems to know so much that is going on when it should
be on the down low.


…and a bigot whose last name is also…Zimmerman ;-)


Though I don’t find your comment offensive, I did find some of the other posters comments regarding the houseguests on medication offensive and ignorant. Granted some people are Mis diagnosed or taking to much meds but mental illness, anxiety add etc are serious conditions for those who suffer from them. I have actually found it refreshing that some of these houseguests have openly expressed their conditions and the fact that they take medication, not long ago there was a stigma that those who took medication. For a mental illness were crazy or weak and hid their suffering in fear of being mocked by the masses, it appears though that I was wrong and people still continue to judge those who need medication just to function as ‘normal’ human beings. Shame on those people.


@Meljay – not sure which poster your comment was directed at, but I do agree with what you are saying. While I have no issues with meds prescribed for serious health issues, and am also glad there isn’t the same stigma as in generations past, I do feel that there are some meds that are heavily abused and prescribed for convenience. For example I am aware of people who are extremely shy in social situations – this is identified as ‘social anxiety after a 10 minute discussion with professional and anti-anxiety meds are prescribed. Maybe a bit of therapy or self-work on finding the source of anxiety and working on your own social skills could help to alleviate some of that anxiety?

Adderall is eaten like candy by many students to help them focus for exams or feel comfortable in social situations and even Elissa – the yoga instructor, salt of the earth and all things natural has been heard begging Amanda for some Adderall!!! So, its abuse definitely an issue in today’s society. For some reason the movie ‘A Requiem for a Dream’ comes to mind and should be taken seriously.

In any case there is a lot of debate now about the racism and meds issue, so hopefully it will yield some positive changes for the masses?


or who can take the most meds.


yes!!!!! amanduh is gonna self destruct soon, one more week as mp nom and she will loose it.


If somehow McCrae and Amanda get put up during the double eviction…these people are dumb enough to evict McCrae.


HAHA. I think you’re right. Unfortunately, it looks like A.Man.Duh. is going to win this whole thing.


I think McCrae going first would lead to Amanda’s downfall. In the past, he has managed to talk her down and reel her in. Without him there, Amanda could go off the charts crazy…would be fun to watch tho.

Elissa's Botox

hope they get a clue and get Amanda out if she loses POV


JUDD is hilarious! “Is it better to take more or less Xanax?”

I love the Double-D!


He’s actually obnoxious. And all these “I’m MVP, just kidding, I’m gonna put you up, just kidding” will bite him in his medicated ass eventually.


I have a feeling someone in the house is NOT on psych meds, but I don’t know who. Any guesses? How ’bout a poll?

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, Judd is awesome!


I have a feeling the veto will be used on Amanda and Aaryn will go home and the viewers will get what they want and that is Chen vs. Aaryn..


Julie already said she won’t be direct with Aaryn when she’s evicted, so meh. Who cares.


Either way, people want Aaryn out because she is Aaryn…

We get it, she is a racist. Move on..

Honestly, Helen is far more annoying then Aaryn. I want Helen and Amanda out of the house, but that won’t happen anytime soon..


As long as racism exist how can humanity move on?
The way I see it the only ones moving on…….. or Howard and Candice? So what’s the point Move On?
So it’s ok for them to say any derogatory or racist comment……… The answer Just move on. Where would we be today
On many wrongful issues if people (all) just keep their mouth closed, eyes closed and move on. Have we including
Myself looked at so much reality TV that we think, it’s just a game there not that bad after all it just. Game. Move On.


But didn’t I read that GM said to McCrae, (not verbatim) “Candace need to wash the towel she borrowed and return it, kinda like The Help”. That was it for me. I am a white older female and I’ve just had it with these losers. I can’t even find ONE person I want to vote for for People’s Choice! GM is right up there with Aaryn regarding her prejudices. It is just so sad ~ I had hoped the younger generation would comprehend that people are people. Period.
And Amanda’s meltdown before the Veto, well, I have supported her/cheered for her long enough. Uncle. Keep voting for her America.


“Either way, people want Aaryn out because she is Aaryn…

We get it, she is a racist. Move on…”

Um, excuse you? Yes, obvious racism like the one Aaryn – as a socially privilege white individual living in a society that systemically favors white people – has been displaying is good enough reason for a lot of people to want her to leave. It’s more than fair for a tons of people to want that type of individual to leave a competition where a life changing $500,000 are at stake.

That cannot be shoved away and dismissed with a “move on…” That’s really insensitive.


Evicting Aaryn isn’t going to change how she, and the rest if the idiots, think. I for one would love her to be in the game to dig a deeper hole for herself.

ps: I’m black.

Not Sure I Believe This

I remember a conversation that McCrae and Amanda about 1-2 weeks ago –they were talking about staging fights so the other houseguests would not think the are as close as they are. We’ve seen several fights, both public and private — how much of it is real and how much is staged? Just a thought. I wouldn’t put it past these two…


I think these fights are real. They all boil down to MacCrae not exhibiting undying overt loyalty to her based on their love. This jealousy, that seems real (she is not a good actress, she shoots from the hip to much) is what will fracture her and MacCrae ultimately. She’s letting the emotional edge in.

Kelli Jo

To me it seemed obvious Candace would be voted out this week, but if Amanda keeps flipping out she could go down in flames. McCrae should ditch Amanda and team up with Andy or Judd.


i sooooooooooo hope the pov isn’t used this week – watching the amanda meltdown for a few days will be fun!

Candice is an idiot.

Idon’t know whether to take my adderal, my xanax, my atavan or 2 aspirins.

That's the wrong thing to do

“I am going to take my adderall medication” LMFAO.I hope they take Amanda’s adderall away from her just to see her freak out even more.


It’s Obvious She’s Abusing It.Even Aaryn Recognized Her RapidSpeech, Hand And Lip purPursing.


i hope candace wins pov. it’d be really interesting.


even McCrae is seeing how psychotic she is!!!


Just think how different this season would be if Helen had taken Jeremy’s deal in Week 3 and kept him. Imagine Jeremy and Amanda going at it jaw-to-jaw. Helen’s decline of Jeremy’s offer probably cost her a chance to win this game, since no one has the temerity to stand up to Amanda/McCrae…when Helen decides she has no choice but to go after them, there will be too few house guests remaining to join her in battle.

gay so what

Any nudes on judd yet?


Clearly McCrae is not as “engaged” in this relationship as Amanda is, and he is starting to distance himself from her. When Amanda asked him if there was anything she should know, was he working against her, he remained silent. If he were to help flip the house to voting out Amanda, either by planting seeds or outright talking about it, he should win BB15, America’s favorite player, and would most likely be an All-Star. Think McCrae, think! If that doesn’t happen….I’m Judd all the way!


He see’s the personal staring to ruin ‘the plan’.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Amanda says I am going to go take my Adderall medication. Judd starts getting pumped up by doing jumping jax and punching at McCrae’s hands. Judd asks is it better to take more or less Xanax before a competition? McCrae says less. ”

Drug Addicts and there performance enhancers.


This MVP twist has not worked, America keeps putting her up and the BB house keeps knocking it down. Have to give them credit for playing whatever cr#$ game they are playing, and taking out whomever they want out. Still think Candice is leaving no matter what America wants. It was the same last week. Within two weeks then this game will start turning and the two groups will have to battle.


It is working. It is throwing Amanda off her game. Her paranoia increases when she is on the block. Paranoia fosters mistakes. Thinking long term.


Agreed!!! It is really stirring things up, that is for sure. LOL


I’m beginning to think many of the fans are as stupid as the players-as they simply don’t get the point you just made.

I say oh well, let them think their opinion matters.


Ok, Ok, so I think I would be alright with Judd or McCrae IF demanda is gone.


McRae and Amanda talked about staging a fight, but right now wouldn’t be a good time with her on the block. I think they’re genuinely fighting.
When Andy said he thought America was MVP, McRae started worrying that he might be MVP’s 2nd nominee…

Also, I read some comments yesterday about Helen and her religion… could someone please elaborate, who was she talking to and why do you think after all this time she would suddenly bring it up?


She was talking to Jessie,who was upset. Helen was trying to calm her down.

Arya Stark is a Badass

I hope Jessie wins the POV.


She did but unfortuantely Amanda’s ass will stay and there goes another MVP thing. I am so sick of amanda


have patience amanda will soon be gone if always on the block

it also upsets and infuriates her as she is so arrogant, and makes her paranoid as she doesnt know we are mvp…we also steal away her ability to vote, giving her side one less vote

thewinner is

Amanda said Aaryn was being a whinny little bitch, I really think that that title belongs to the queen of whinny little bitches!

thewinner is



For all you out there that think Julie Chen is going to have a show down with any of the three women (ginamarie, aaryn or Amanda) when they are evicted, I think you are sadly mistaken. Julie Chen is a consummate host and interviewer and would never stoop to their level. She may bring up things that where said in the house, but she will do it with tact and grace. She was very tactful with Kaitlin, whom a lot of viewers considered almost as bad as those three, yet she tried to bring to Kaitlin’s attention the image she portrayed to the viewers without judgment or humiliation. As to Ginamarie, Aaryn and Amanda, my heart goes out to them, because in this day and age, to not have learned compassion and awareness of one’s actions concerning another is heartbreaking. They will reap what they have sown, and in time my hope is that they will truly have learned from their mistakes. I do not condone any of their behavior, yet I hold out hope for them anyway. As to the rest of the players. Honestly, Andy is the one who is playing the best game in there. He has hurt no one, he has aligned himself with whoever is in power and he has avoided any drama while staying informed of everyone’s game play. Some think he is a rat, but even rats know how to survive against greater odds. I am hoping he finds an opening to make a big move of his own. And even if he doesn’t but still makes to the end then I hope he wins. He has stayed in the thick of it and still everyone trusts him. For now, Go Andy.


I think you over-estimate Julie Chen. She is a CBS employee and CBS has purposely edited this show to maximally show Aaryn’s insensitive remarks , while showing none of the far worse things that Amanda has said. They want Aaryn to take the fall, not Allison Grodner’s friend. Julie will be under orders to humiliate Aaryn, if she is evicted, And like the consummate professional you say she is, she will follow orders


Anyone think they will do an MVP vote for the double eviction? Maybe a 24 hour one on the Weds night show?


If they keep giving us the choice of who we want to put up as the 3rd nominee we’re going to keep putting Amanda up. Simple as that. Paranoia will eat her alive eventually :)


and separate her and MacCrae.


The reason every teenager, college kid, and meth head suddenly has ADHD.

College kid: Sweet, I took eighteen classes this semester and got an A+ in all of them! And now I can get completely plastered without getting tired! Thanks Adderall.

Teen girl: I take it too, and I’ve lost 15 pounds without even trying. It’s amazing.

Ex-Meth addict: As soon as I got my five different prescriptions for it, I didn’t even need meth anymore. Sayonara rehab!

Other person: Wow. Sounds awesome. What do you take it for?

College kid/teen girl/meth head: Uh… I’ve got ADDH. Er, ADHD. Yeah…

Amalysis: And just when thought only Major League Baseball had a Performance Enhancing Drug problem; here comes reality TV (BB15)!!!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole



You know, with all the medications the HGs are taking and probably abusing, I wonder who will end up on the new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Aaryn, Judd, Amanda are definitely future Dr Drew Rehab contestants.


Xanax anti-anxiety pill that has both positive and negative effects, can be a wonder durg for people who have very high anxiety ( like Judd) and also can be a nightmare because of the addiction factor. xanax makes me feel so good i want to take it all the time but at the same time i have done some pretty terrible stuff on it. the following is based on my personal experiences with xanax

– no anxiety
– euphoric state of mind
– feeling of superiority
– feeling of indestructability
– the ability to fall asleep whenever

– careless
– basically, removal of your conscience
– slow speech, slow movements
– desire to steal
– falling asleep while driving
– 10x stronger when combined with alcohol

Judd: My friends describe me as being a zombie while I’m on Xanax


Judd was taking Lorazepam (Ativan) before and is now taking Alprazolam.( Xanax) Both are in the same family of meds but with a slight difference. Comparing the speed of Ativan vs Xanax reveals that Ativan is the offers relief the quickest. Patients who suffer from panic attacks brought on by anxiety are well served by the rapid onset of Ativan. Regular patients who simply want to reduce their symptoms over the course of the day are well served by taking Xanax.

Since Judd had his drugs switched during this show it is reasonable to assume that CBS has a doctor on staff for the needs of house guests

give me a break

come on candice….win POV…


Aaryn isn’t playing in POV comp today that sucks im crying:( LOL. The best case is that Gina wins it and doesn’t win For me I don’t care who goes this week I Don’t like Amanda and Candice I HATE CANDICE SHE NEEDS TO GO THIS WEEK but if I were the players I would probley take out the not strongest Amanda but the smartest out Amanda I like Amanda way more than Candice so I dont care who goes this week but better not be Aaryn:)) Oh and I remember week 1 Aaryn and GinaMarie made a deal about if they won HOH they would like say Aaryn won HOH this past week 3 weeks in a row she would give GinaMarie the POV host and lets say GinaMarie wins HOH like this week she would give Aaryn the POV hostings they would like take turns this last and this week has been freaking AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG because Gina and Aaryn has been HOH’s:))))))) I am dancing right now I think Gina and Aaryn are going to make Jury AMAZING:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Ya win this Aaryn WINNNN this game I want eather Gina or Aaryn to win this game I don’t freaking care just eather them 2 but I most want to win is Aaryn:)) Woooohooooo Gina win this POV and goooo Aaryn for hosting love ya Aaryn:)) One last thing eather you told the CBS producers or you didn’t Simon?? Eather way I think it worked by not putting up Aaryn:)) Win this game Aaryn WIN I love ya Aaryn:)))))


Helen: I like GM. She always has a smile on her face.

Judd: It’s easy to smile when you have a brain like a squirrel.

Andy shows up

Elissa: That’s not a nice thing to say

Helen: Elissa, I love your nails today

Judd: I wish you girls would stop with the nail painting all the time. The smell gives me headaches. My ex-girlfriend lynn did her nails with white-out. When she was asleep, I’d go over and write misspelled words on them.

Janelle pov queen

God I hope Wednesday they let us vote who goes up as the MVP vote for the dumble evention Amanda will go fucking nuts


Looking at GM it’s easy to see her body falling apart but 10 years ago I could see her looking much better than today. I’ve been thinking that the reason why it took her so long to win a beauty contest was that she must have had a hard time if there was a Q & A part. A combination of her mastery of the English language along with her memory problems must have been brutal.

Looking at her past makes me think of her future. What will GM look like and be like ten years from now? I could see her having twin girls. She will name them Gina and Marie so she can’t forget their names.

GM: Hey kids, How was school today?

Marie: Good. Everyone had to stand up and tell the class what our fathers did for work?

GM: And what did you two tell the class?

Marie and Gina together: None of your business. We ain’t no rats!

GM: You twos are so telligent I mean intelli gents. You know what I mean. Have either of you seen the key to the cellar? I can’t find it. No problem. I made a plate of food for Nick, I mean your father. Here go and pass it thru the slit in the door. and don’t listen to his stories about wanting out


Simon, what prescription drug is Aaryn Nation taking?

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

jessie won pov (ugghh)


jess for the win


thats great to see the veto winner is jess


Some of you are really tossing the “Racist” card around. Just because someone is acting in a nasty way does not necessarily mean they are a racist! Some people are just straight up c*unts!!!




This house could be completely turned upside down if Candice, Spencer, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, and Judd could think outside the box for a minute or two and rebel against Chairman A-MAO-da! I’ve never seen a more spineless collection of wimps in the history of this show. Where’ s Will Kirby, Dan Gheesling, and Dick Donato when you need them?


This house could be completely turned upside down if Candice, Spencer, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, and the crying political consultant could think outside the box for a minute or two and rebel against Chairman A-MAO-da! I’ve never seen a more spineless collection of wimps in the history of this game. Where’ s Will Kirby, Dan Gheesling, and Dick Donato when you need them?


Good for Jessie. Hope they smarten up and get rid of Amanda. Sounds like GM is putting up Spencer as a replacement. Idiots. they are all gutless sheep.


So Jessie won POV and all hell is breaking out!


Sounds like the POV comp is over and Jessie won it?? Did she win Simon or Dawg? Well that sucks. Candice wore a Clowny costume and Judd got 5000 and Jessie won POV?? and I have no clue who won anything else any clues??? Hopefully Gina doesn’t put up Aaryn she probley wont and is great:)))