BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers – MVP Nomination & VETO Player RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie, AMANDA (MVP = Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

10:30am – 10:55am The Big Brother 15 live feeds switch to TRIVIA for Big Brother to reveal who America chose as the 3rd NOMINEE and for the house guests to pick VETO PLAYERS! When the live feeds return, we learn that America chose AMANDA as the 3rd MVP Nomination.

THE POWER OF VETO PLAYERS ARE: Candice, Jessie, Gina, Amanda, Spencer, Judd!

HOST of the POV: Aaryn

FASTEN your seatbelts BB FANS this week is going to be a bumpy ride!

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10:55am Up in the HOH room – Amanda, Jessie, Helen, Andy, McCrae and Gina are talking about the MVP nomination. They all agree that Candice is still the target. They wonder if Candice got MVP. Amanda has been nominated by America as the MVP. Amanda tells the others that Spencer told her that if he wins the Veto he will use it on her to prove his loyalty to her. Amanda wonders why anyone would use it on her. McCrae says because you were going around saying if anyone uses it on me their going up. Amanda says you’re really good at consoling people McCrae. Gina tells Amanda that she is okay, you have friends up here and you are good.


11:15pm Meanwhile in the lounge – Helen, Elissa and Candice are talking. Helen comments that the HOH has gone to Gina’s head. Helen says I hope when I was HOH it didn’t go to my head. Candice says no. They discuss who they think could be the MVP. Helen says that she thinks whoever got MVP last week got it again this week. Amanda joins them and says that she thinks Judd is the MVP. She says that he even said if he wins it he would use it on me. Which would be just to throw me off from thinking he got it. In the bedroom – Spencer tells Amanda and McCrae that if it’s a hold’em and fold’em Veto Competition and he will let her win. Amanda asks do you think I am safe this week? McCrae says I don’t know. Spencer tells her that she is fine. They talk about how its only 4 votes to stay this week. Spencer says the best case to win this veto is you, me or Judd. They talk about how who they think MVP is. Spencer says he thinks it America.

11:20am Up in the the HOH bathroom – Helen is talking to Gina about how she can’t put Candice up so I need her to go home on your HOH. Helen says that she just wanted to tell Gina that because she told Candice that she wanted her to stay, so just if you hear that know that it’s not true. Gina says oh yeah we’re good. Aaryn is worried next week she might go up. Helen reassures her that me, Amanda, McCrae, Gina will not vote you out so you are okay. Helen heads downstairs. Gina comments to Aaryn, MAN people want Amanda out! MVP you shaddy f**k!

11:25am In the lounge – Elissa and Candice are talking. Candice says that she is tired of being called the sh*t that lives in the sewer. I am not a rat! In the storage room – Andy tells Amanda that if Ginamarie wins the veto you can’t ask for her to use it on you because it will piss off Aaryn and we will lose her. We will lose trust in her if you push for her to use it on you. Andy tells Amanda not to tell anyone this. He says that we will lose trust in Aaryn if you push for Gina to use it. She thinks that she will go up if it is used on you. Andy talks to Helen alone next in the storage room. Helen says I think we need to vote out Candice. If we don’t we will lose Ginamarie and Aaryn. Andy agrees and says that he thinks we can use Gina and Aaryn more than Candice. Andy thinks that America is the MVP and that Amanda is portrayed as the villain. McCrae joins them. They discuss how no matter what we control the votes to what happens this week. McCrae tells Helen that he isn’t sure what Helen and Elissa will do. Helen says I told Candice I would vote to keep her but I will do whatever Gina wants. Helen leaves. Andy tells McCrae not to push for Gina to use the veto if she wins because I am telling you Aaryn is pissed and we will lose her. McCrae says okay exactly.


In the bedroom – Spencer tells Judd that for his game he thinks its better for Candice to go this week. Judd says for mine its better if Jessie goes. Judd says re-enacts Ginamarie’s nomination speech from yesterday. He says Candice – you’s a beautiful girl, but you are a rat and a liar. Jessie people think that you are a floater, I don’t think so, you are much worse you’re a flip flopper! Judd laughs.

11:45pm Up in the HOH – McCrae talks to Gina about how he thinks we are pretty safe with Amanda on the block. She got zero votes last week. If she comes down I am worried that I will go up. Aaryn says that she will vote out Candice 100%. They talk about how they are only really worried about how Elissa will vote. McCrae says that if she votes Amanda out then Amanda and I will not take that lightly. Aaryn says that she doesn’t understand why Amanda is worried. McCrae says because of all the talk last week. Aaryn says well tell her this, the only two people on the block are the two people that tried to flip it last week. Amanda joins them and they tell her she is good. Amanda worries if the votes are spread. Aaryn says that she told Candice she would keep Helen but is really voting her out. Amanda wonders why Aaryn thinks she will go up on the block. Aaryn says that she thinks the MVP is Candice and she will nominate me as the replacement. Amanda gets piss off that McCrae and the others want to keep the nominations the same. She freaks out and storms out and says keep it the same. I will f**king win this sh*t and take myself off the block!


11:50am Judd consoles Amanda who is crying in the havenot room. She is stressed out and worried about being on the block two weeks in a row. She says that she is pissed off at Aaryn who is going around telling people not to use the veto because she is worried about going up on the block. Amanda says she isn’t even on the block! Judd tells her that she is okay. If I win it i will take you off the block. Judd wonders who the MVP could be? Amanda says she thinks production might have told the person another time because we were guessing who it was from when they were called into the diary room. Amanda guesses other times when they may have been told. For each time Judd says I wasn’t called in then. Judd says if I had gotten it I would have told you. Judd comments that he will never trust Jessie in this game. They wonder who could be that MVP and why they would nominate Amanda. McCrae joins them and asks if they are kissing? Judd says yeah we are making Mcuddies. Then says that doesn’t make sense because it includes your name.

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12:15pm Amanda starts getting mad at McCrae because he was up in the HOH convincing Aaryn and Gina not to use the Veto. Where does your loyalty lie!? McCrae says if you convince her to use it then you will look like a master schemer. McCrae says you have everyone telling you that they will use it on you. Judd tells Amanda no one will flip on you. Amanda asks McCrae whos side are you on? Amanda says Aaryn is up there acting like a little b*tch stomping around talking about not wanting to go up on the block. Amanda says it solidifies that you are with them that your are up there convincing them not to use it. McCrae says no it doesn’t. Judd says no I am worried about using it on you that if I do everyone will be mad at me. Amanda says do you see what you are doing McCrae you are scaring people not to use it. Andy comes in and Judd tells him to wait outside for two minutes. Andy asks really and goes outside. Judd jokes he didnt have anything to say. They bring Andy back in. Amanda tells McCrae that he needs to stop his dictatorship! You need to stop telling people not to use. McCrae says we need to make sure they are solid, if Gina uses it, it will pisses off Aaryn. Amanda says you only need to be worried about me!! I don’t need my alliance member up there comforting someone that is not even on the block. McCrae says its politics!!! Amanda tells McCrae to shut the F**K UP! McCrae tells her to SHUT THE F**K UP!!! McCrae says I am playing the game for us, I am trying to secure the votes for us! If she uses it then they could flip and we would be f**ked!! Amanda says its insulting that you are up there consoling her. Amanda tells McCrae the knows how to say the wrong things. It makes me want to find a whale harpoon and shoot it into your eye! Amanda says if it comes down to it you could just throw it to me so that you don’t need to use it. Judd says I want to win one though. They speculate on what the veto competition will be like.


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Aaryn > Helen & amanda


Aaryn is going up!!!!! Next week


Remember, this is double eviction week. If we are lucky Amanda and Aaryn could be gone on the same day BEFORE jury! I’m praying, crossing my fingers and lighting candles. Please, please let this happen. Ginamarie would have to really play the game and think for herself.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

in your face amanda

thats karma

great choice america

even if she doesnt go home yet just seeing her freak out and panic is great

every week she is on the block means she cant vote

keep voting amanda as 3rd nom every week until rhe house guests use their brain to vote her out


agreed, would have thought for sure aaryn would go up over Amanda, though it would be a close vote. that’s pretty bad if America hates you more than they hate aaryn. hmmmmm???


Once again….Amanda’s face = priceless


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE you idiots Judd, Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn get your brains out of your butts and get that Bully Racist disgusting human Amanda booted out this week. Then next week take out Helen. Get together and think for once without that idiot rat ANDY in the room. Candice has it figured out entirely and your issues aside and listen to the girl and for once act like GOD did indeed grant you with BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought aaryn is the racist


Her comments definitely were racial, and what is her problem with Candice? She talks about Candice all the time. She never says one decent thing about Candice. GM says Candice looks nice with make-up and Aaryn says no she doesn’t. How do you apologize to a person, but still don’t like them. I can’t wait for her and GM to get out of the house and see just how wrong they are about Candice. She wants Candice out so bad, yet so blind to see how her own alliance wants her out more than they want Candice out. They’re just using her, and she’s too stupid to see it. She has the numbers in the house and either way only one person can win POV so if Amanda does come off why is she worried about being put up? She will be on the block with Candice the person she hates. Could it be she really knows her alliance would really keep Candice over her.


It would be really nice if spencer was to win it and save Candice even though they don’t like each other, that would force GM to put someone up from that side. She’d probably put up Judd, which would be a vote taken from Amanda, I think this way it would give Helen and Candice time to talk and maybe get Amanda out. Would be extra nice if Amanda went first and with double eviction Helen went next, That house would be in shamble because no one in there seems to use their own brain but Candice. Everyone else let Helen and Amanda tell them what to do.


Voting for Amanda as the 3rd Nominee 10 times is totally worth the breakdown. Luuuuuuuuuv!


Good to see Amanda on the block… Sooner or later the other HG will vote her out.


Hopefully this week HG realizes that Amanda’s time is here and she goes!!! If not America will likely continue to put her up. Come on HG vote her out!


They targeting Candace.


But if the HG’s believe Amanda will be the MVP nominee every week, wouldn’t that give them even more incentive to protect her, than their fear of her already inspires? After all if they believe Amanda will always hold that 3rd seat, then it means they won’t be in it, and it means she will be nominated every week she isn’t HOH, which means they can evict her at any time without having to risk nominating her?

I think there is every reason for everybody other than McCrea to want Amanda out…but her being the MVP nomination ( whether the HG’s believe it’s at the hand of the audience or somebody who chooses to hide in the house ) just isn’t one of them.


Totally agree – of course, we don’t know if Amanda was #1 in voting (most likely she was) but it does give the impression that she will go up. Just like when they kept Elissa around to use her b/c she was MVP. It just may be what keeps Amanda safe – so thanks to everyone that voted for Amanda… LOL!!


but the house guests cant know for sure as they are only guessing

she will keep being nominated 3rd nom and will be gone on double eviction night or the week after


Andy needs to tread carefully here. It’s not very smart to try and tell Amanda what to do or try and become a leader. He’s misinterpreting his value to Amanda, McCrea, and Helen (which is as an informant and vote)…especially in light of how he has spent the last few days, telling everybody how he trusts Judd again. Given the paranoia, it will not be too big a leap for Amanda and McCrea to wonder if Judd and Andy are making a move. If they are suspicious of Judd and believe he is MVP, then Andy comes in telling everybody they shouldn’t ask anybody to use veto, and you realize Andy has been Judd’s biggest booster recently, Andy might be pushing Amanda and McCrea away…especially when they go to Aaryn, mention using the veto, and she does the fealty routine, telling them of course we need to use it to protect Amanda.

Andy is not understanding Aaryn’s goal, which is not to be huffy and be a player…it’s to be as subservient to Amanda as possible.


Have you thought about the MVP twist possibly ending next week since there’s a double eviction? Personally I hope it keeps going; otherwise it’s a real shame that those dumba$$es didn’t get Amanda out when they had the chance. Looks like though now Helen told someone she wants McCrae out and to keep Amanda because they don’t think anyone will vote for her to win in the end. It’s going to suck if she gets to the end, ugh.

Captain Spam

Another wasted nomination by America. Like her or not you have to see that Amanda isn’t going anywhere until later in the game. She has ruffled feathers to the point that others want her around longer because she won’t get many votes in the end and she’s very good at getting people out that she wants out so others want her there for her lack of end game threat and ability to play the game well. If you want to put someone up that has a chance of going home nominate McCrae.


I don’t think in the 1st eviction, Candice most likely go off on house again and piss everyone off. Maybe in the 2nd either way should be fun week


Amanda tells McCrae that he needs to stop his dictatorship!

Ohh the irony.

Not sure who I am today

That truly was a Kodak moment.


Are The Feeds Messing Up For Anyone???My Feeds Are Horrible!!!


Helen says HOH has gone to GM’s head… & then says I hope when I was HOH it didn’t go to my head. Oh my Helen, your self introspection needs lots & lots of work !! NOBODY & I mean NOBODY has had the HOH go to their head as badly as you did Helen !!


@ Maize – Not only did Helen let the HOH go to her head. She STILL thinks she’s HOH and telling people how to vote. I was rooting for her in the beginning, but she’s a sneaky snake in the grass. Andy or Judd to win?


So funny– when Helen won HOH I was practically jumping up and down, and one week later I said out loud, “Why did I vote for Helen for MVP for next week and why did I want her to win? What was wrong with me?”


Get Amanda out!!


I’m soooooooo confused!!! Candace has like zero friends, has won no comps, and is the biggest threat in the house right now?

I feel like we need to cut this season short and just give Amanda the money right now.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

There’s no such thing as “Big Threat” to Amanda, if she can’t “manipulate” you, she targets you. Those that she can manipulate(sheep) stays around.

The sheep Jessie finally grew a brain(but not enough), so now she’s targeted.

The Veto

I’m sitting here thinking the same thing. And Candice would be a definite vote for either Helen, Andy or Elissa if she makes it to jury. So it’s pretty clear that Helen isn’t running anything. She only thinks she is when really she’s afraid of Amanda. If Amanda stays in the house again this week, then yeah, just give her the money.


The ridiculous expression “big threat” comes from The Red Queen (and Helen). Anyone who appears to make waves against The Red Queen and her underlings is termed a “threat” so they can be targeted and evicted. Howard wasn’t a threat to win competitions and, thus far, neither is Candice; but they’re no pledging allegiance to The Red Queen. Therefore, they had (and have) to go. If anyone could possibly prove a threat as far as winning competitions, it would be GinaMarie. After all, she gave The Red Queen’s consort a hard run during the endurance competition and she won. The Red Queen will keep GinaMarie around for a long as she feels she is under her thumb. She may even promise her a final four (Red Queen, McCrae, Aaryn and GinaMarie) deal if it will help keep her loyal. Besides, The Red Queen needs the likes of Aaryn and GinaMarine to do her dirty work, i.e., nominate people like Helen, Elissa, Andy and Judd in order to evict them. If GinaMarie shows signs of being swayed into another alliance, she’ll be gone.


Candice is a threat to all of them because she speaks the truth. Candice speaks her mind way to often and needs to keep her intuition to herself. She has been right too often and tells Helene every time which then forces Helen to lie to her face. It would be better to say nothing at all to anyone and use it for her own game. Helen will wish she kept Candice in the house before long. With this week being double eviction. I pray that Candice gets the POV and turns this game on its head. And then gets the 2nd HOH on Thursday night for the double eviction and puts Helen, Aaryn (Amanda), Ginamarie on the block.

Send Amanda Home!


The Veto

If America really had a vote, I’d say thank you, too. But “America” is likely just a code word for production.


Please send Amanda home, and. Then either Aaryn or Helen…..please?


Haha! Go America!

BB15 letdown

HA! HA! HAHAHA!!!! LOVE Amanda on the block. Wish she knew it was America though. After that display with Jessie it is amazing that anyone is still on her side. Its like a cult leader, they are all too brainwashed to fight against her. My favorite player this season is America! :)


america is the only player worth rooting for this yr :)


damn you helen. you mentioned last week you might think about demanda this week if up again for mvp nom.

Not sure who I am today

If, by some strange chance, Amanda wins POV, I hope that America’s 2nd choice is Helen – that could make for an interesting week.

Candice is an idiot.

That would be great, but the sheep are probably voting Aaryn 2nd, like they are on this site.


Our best chances for this house to get shaken up is if Amanda’s paranoia gets to her head and convinces the POV winner to use it on Candice or Jessie, and talks to Gina Marie and asks her to replace one of them with Judd, allowing her to smear him for a few days and set-up his backdoor eviction.

If this happens, regularly scheduled smear campaigns against Candice, Spencer, and Jessie and their accompanying evictions will resume throughout the coming weeks.


No. If GM really wants Candice gone she needs to put up Andy.


Realistically, that won’t happen. I have not heard one person in that house say they want him out. He’s the smallest target there.

Dawn Boone


Ha, ha America voted Amanda two weeks in a row! I love it………


Uh no fair!!!!!! Aaryn suppose to go up. Oh well, wait till double eviction.


I hope Aaryn ends up winning this season just to spite you.


She needs to win now that she has no job because of her mouth.


Since I knew a lot of people were voting for Amanda or Aaryn, I put my 10 votes on Helen to help put in her 2nd place. Would be nice if the MVP gets blamed for the 3rd nom on the 2nd eviction on Thursday night. That will be a really rough 2 hours for Amanda.


Shocker. Lol. Sorry, Uhmercur! You wont be getting your wish again this week! Lol


Does anyone know if there is going to be a second mvp this week when there is a double eviction


Hopefully Helen!


Not going to happen, Aaryn is America bbmvp

Candice is an idiot.


Not sure who I am today

Jackie, only production knows. If there is a MVP vote by America, we’ll be told about during the taped Wed show. It would not surprise me with the double eviction happening this week, that the MVP twist has ended.

Wishful Thinking

I would really love it if the first evicted houseguest from double eviction automatically becomes MVP and chooses the third nominee for the second round of evictions. Instant karma right there.


C’mon Jessie.

Dark Horse

I was rooting for Jessie after she finally stood up for herself against Amanda. However, they now got Jessie back in check. They have Jessie believing that she started all the confusion in the house. So Jessie is supposed to not scheme or try to save herself. She is supposed to wait until the Super Friends decide when she leaves. But don’t dare she try to save herself and go against Amanda and Helen.


I hope Candice wins POV because then everyone will be scrambling to see who will be up.


Network… Let America make the choice for who gets evicted! A great twist!


Yes Spencer, America put Amanda up twice for a reason. Take a hint HG’s!


Poor Amanda can’t accept the possibility that America doesn’t like her. I mean, it would suck to know that people dislike you more than racist Aaryn, haha.


Glad to see Amanda up. Can’t blame It on Howard now, I guess pin it on Spencer, Candice or Jessie

Gator girl

So happy my votes counted!!! Now if the other house guest can only get a clue……


Yeah Amanda, America pick you as a third nominee. As long as Candace going home, Aaryn will be next to go.


It totally should have been Helen or Andy up in 3rd spot. They think they have it all figured out. Amanda can manipulate herself out of the vote! Why is everyone so predictable!!!


I knew you were going say that… so predictable.

thewinner is

what the crazy Amanda does is not manipulating what she does is threaten! That’s a big difference, Helen on the other hand does manipulate like the so called greats. This is why I don’t like Amanda and I don’t understand how people talk about it in the house but all them except Spencer has not called her out on this. I am not one to be told what to do never have been and if that bitch would have talked to me the way she does all of these so called dumb asses I would not have talked about it to the camera I would have called her out on it in front of everyone and I would point out how stupid they all are. This could have been good for me or possibly got me sent packing, however I would have made at least made them think about it. My 2nd choice was Andy because he is so far under the radar and I think it is because of him that Amanda is still in this game. I don’t let people talk to me with such disrespect in my real life that I would not put up with the disrespect that these people put up with. The only reason I have not applied yet is because my children are to young for to leave them for that long but believe you me, you would enjoy the big mouth I have. Evil Dick has nothing on me. but I am also the mother hen and enjoy helping others when they are the weak ones. I have always rooted for the underdog and probably always will. I personally think Amanda is getting a great edit even some of the things she says cracks me up (look who she is friends with of course she’s getting a great edit). I just don’t like people who are to stupid to manipulate that all they can do is threaten others. it’s just gross to me and Amanda is that example.

thewinner is

Amanda calls Jessie a victim then I wonder what she thinks she is. Oh that’s right queen of all bull. Poor baby :)


good job america. now its up to whoever to figure out now is the time to dump her ass


America is a bunch of sheep just like the HG’s. Follow the leader everyone.


I agree completely!! Everyone complains constantly about how the HGs needs to shake things up! When America gets the chance to shake things up, everyone ” does what the house wants!” It did nothing last week and will do nothing this week

My 2 cents

Helen is so delusional!! I like Helen until she became HOH, have not liked her since. It is time that the house guest make a move!! What are they waiting on??? This is the perfect time (last week was too) to get her out of that house. It’s time to quit being followers and make a bold move to get demanda out of the house. I get so frustrated watching them get led around like they have no brain to make their own choices. Maybe during double eviction demanda and Helen won’t have time to come up with a plan and one if not both will get blind sided! That’s probably just a dream. I don’t see the house guest doing anything unless the master says so. Such a disappointing season.


Come on Candice, throw a wrench in everyone’s plan.

Piston Honda

King Hippo MVP nominee!

Helen, here is your chance to knock her out. What are you waiitng for?


I’m rooting for JESSIE to win SOOOO BAD….if she does then Spencer will go up and Amanda will definitely have a chance in going home! Helen and Elissa may change there mind late wednesday and vote out Amanda in double eviction.

The truth

great to see all you Amanda bashers so happy ! That smile won’t be so big when she wins BB !

Oh Well

Howard told Spencer that America has MVP. Spencer informs Amanda this week that America must be MVP. Amanda can’t accept this because that would mean that America hates her. The second week in a row and she is the MVP. Now instead of targeting one of the power players that has been served up. Gina and Aaryn, the players that say they want to shake the house. They rally to Amanda’s defense. The Amanda with Helen has an eviction schedule of when they are all leaving on the next bus out of BB.

So lets see, the house is going to evict either Candice or Jessie. Aaryn and Gina will still be on the low end of the totem pole after this week’s eviction. What happens next week Gina/ Aaryn. Three people go up. I wonder who that might be? I am going to take a wild guess it will be Aaryn, Jessie and Spencer. See Gina, you and Aaryn are still under fire and the power balance doesn’t change. Let Aaryn explain it to you again with the M&M candy. However, congratulations, you got Candice. Bravo!


SMH….another golden opportunity and these idiots want to save Amanda. Candice needs to win POV.


America wasted their vote ….again….by voting Amanda. She has too many that will throw their vote to evict somebody else….its not close enough yet to evict her. Seems she is STILL pretty much in control…her and Helen. If no one is strong enough to get smart and get her out, then she deserves to go as far as she can…its the other HG weak game play that’s let her get by week after week, therefore she’s the better player.


We did the work and got DEMANDA up… NICE!!!

Really HOPING she does not win POV, nor anyone foolishly give in and use it on her (COUGH ~~> cowards)!!



Love all the schadenfreude on these boards. it’s totally not coming off petty and pathetic.

Also, Amanda isn’t going home folks. Clearly no one learned their lesson last week-YOU CAN’T EVICT SOMEONE THAT NO ONE IN THE HOUSE IS TARGETING. Just because YOU want Amanda out doesn’t mean you get what you want! You especially can’t evict her when no one in her alliance is on the block with her, because NO ONE is going to vote her out! At the very least, she has McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn in her back pocket. She likely has Elissa, Helen, and Spencer’s vote as well-so who’s going to evict her, geniuses?

The MVP twist has been wasted every single week, either by the entitled Elissa, or entitled Americans who don’t have a clue what kind of game play is going on in that house.

Candice is going home unless she wins veto, and in that case, Jesse is going home. Thanks for wasting the twist, again!


Well, duh.

It’s not her numbers of cronies we arguing against. Of course Amanda won’t be evicted. It’s her cronies’ reluctance to see that they’re going to get screwed over by her and should act on this quick by making a major move, giving us a more entertaining show.

VA Vet

One thing i do have a clue about is that Amanda will never be evicted if she isn’t first nominated. Andy and Helen are already thinking about splitting up Amanda & Mc, and with this group of idiots, anything is possible. Unlikely, but possible, and only if one or the other is on the block.

Besides, any other nomination would be just as much a waste so why not Amanda.

Kindly dazzle us with your brilliant analysis of what we should have done and your perceived outcome.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Amanda: “Why are you scared about going up on the block? You’d stay, anyways.”
McCrae: “Stop ruffling feathers that don’t need to be ruffled!”
Amanda: “I’m not ruffling anybody’s feathers except Aaryn, and why are you (McCrae) fighting against me coming OFF the block?!!”

Aaryn: “(I’m scared to go up for) the same reason you’re scared for being up on the block.”
Amanda gets pissed off.

Amanda: “Well then keep me up on the f**king block, I don’t care. I’ll win this sh*t.”
Amanda storms out of the HOH room, pissed off at McCrae.”

I hope this leads to a BB break-up and they go after each other, give us SOME sense of “Unexpected” this season, PLEASE

BB Lost Fan

I have been watching BB since the beginning. This season has totally turned me off and I think this is my last season watching. I feel that this cast has thoroughly devalued the integrity of the game. I just hope that at least one person will see themselves in GM, Amanda, Aaryn and/or even Helen and break the cycle of racism and prejudice. Its so embarrassing that this has made NATIONAL news and the WORLD is watching us act this way even today.

Finally, as much as I loathe Aaryn and her bigotry, I feel that the lie Amanda told on Howard was far worse because she played on the stereotype of “The Big Black Man” is threatening. This season sux and Julie knows it!


these idiots are running around now thinking Candice is the MVP. the ignorance of these people is mind boggling. GM is saying Candice is MVP because she is “black”. Helen is saying Candice is MVP because the black vote is strong. instead of these idiots trying to figure out who’s MVP. why don’t they just figure out why Amanda has been place on the MVP block for two straight weeks.


Good job ‘murica, but I get the feeling that the idiom, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink,” will apply here. The house guests are pretty clueless.

Pliney The Elder

I always thought it was: ” You can drive a horse to water, but a pencil has to be lead.”

derick alaska

Amanda on the block = There is a god.

Candice wins POV and causes a shake up in the house = Now we’re getting somewhere

Amanda gets voted out next week= Now I’m a believer.


With the double eviction this week, what happens with MVP for the 2nd eviction?


I think America would got Aaryn as a third nominee, but that okay will get her next week. Thanks America


What an ego The Red Queen has! It would never occur to her that it’s America who is voting to put her up for elimination. She still believes that “someone” in the house has the power and is targeting her. And, of course, she KNOWS that she’s safe; no one would ever dare to vote her out.

The Red Queen has to be the MVP nominee every week from now on. Perhaps eventually someone in the house might exercise a little brain power and realize that it’s America who is sending them a message loud and clear — “We want Amanda out. Evict her!”. If and when that ever happens (and it’s looking unlikely at the moment), it will be a damn shame that she even made it to the jury house.


I’m hoping Candice wins the veto so the target will possibly shift over to Amanda.


If Candace wins PoV, bye bye Jessie or Amanda.


Amanda is raving Bitch mode right now. And it’s towards Superfriends MC, Judd and Andy of all people. These males cannot be this passive after this tirade, can they?



ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

What time do Zingbot’s spaceship arrive at the BB House? Need something “unexpected” to happen in that sheep infested house.


Haha! Her expression is classic! Can’t wait for the paranoia to set in and she turns on Andy/McCrae who are going round saying people shouldn’t use the Veto on her if they win. She will doubt they have her best interests in their heart since they are more concerned about Aryan Nation and crazy Gina. And then she will turn on Judd thinking he put her up as she can’t reconcile the thought America doesn’t like her despite being a social justice warrior (barf) and sweet girl who does cheesy stuff in the DR.

No Andy she isn’t being portrayed as a villain through editing, she IS a villain and bully. It comes across in spite of her good edit.

Helen is so dumb, she want to vote out Candice (a sure jury vote for her) instead of voting out HER BIGGEST COMPETION Amanda. Does she really work in politics?

I really want Candice to win and take herself out and spoil everyone’s week. If she doesn’t, and Amanda happens to win or Spencer wins and gives it to her, I hope her replacement is Aryan Nation.