Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power Of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: JESSIE Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie, AMANDA (MVP = Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

12:30pm – 2:20pm Big Brother switches the Live Feeds to TRIVIA for the Power of Veto COMPETITION! When the feeds return, we learn that JESSIE won the VETO!

Summary of the Veto Competition:
Jessie won the veto
Candice has to wear a clown suit for a week
Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas
JUDD won $5,000
Amanda is going to be spray tanned throughout the next 48hours every time music plays. “50 SHADES of Orange” (50 times?)
Ginamarie has to wear a dog cone for 48 hours. “Cone of Shame”

CBS Interactive Inc.

Judd and Ginamarie go up to the HOH room. Gimamarie is happy for what Judd did during the competition. She says she is so happy he got the $5000. They talk about how Jessie won the veto. Candice has to wear a clown suit for the week. Spencer won a trip to Bahamas. Gina says that Spencer wanted to be greedy and take that trip instead of trying to win the veto. Spencer is going up in Jessie’s place. The competition had to do with frogs.
CBS Interactive Inc.

In the havenot room – McCrae is pissed for going off on Candice. He says I don’t get it, she is going home you didn’t have to do that! Let her say what she wants to say, you didn’t have to rub salt in the wound. Amanda says that she was put on the spot. McCrae says you say you trust people, then wont trust them. McCrae says mow we have to do so much work to rebuild trust. McCrae tells her you do this all the time, next time just say nothing at all. Amanda says that when someone defames her she has to stick up for herself. Andy says you need some tough love you can’t say things like that.
In the storage room – Judd tells Helen that he is a loyal person to his alliance. When it comes down to it I we will go after each other but until then I am loyal to all of you. Judd swears he didn’t win MVP. Judd says that he was scared for Jessie to win POV and people would think we were together. Helen says no one thinks you are still with Jessie. Helen Congratulates Judd on winning $5,000. You need it, I am so happy for you.
2:50pm Up in the HOH room – Andy, Gina, Jessie and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn kisses her clown and says that I get my clown and another clown is leaving this week. Gina starts going off saying that Candice is a f**king rat bag and she is going home! Aaryn tells her not to say things like that. Ginamarie asks if black people can turn orange. Ginamarie keeps talking trash and Aaryn tells her we aren’t going to be like that. They talk about how everyone was yelling and screaming at each other during the competition. Gina tells Jessie you are the man! Thank you I owe you one!


2:55pm In the lounge room – Judd asks McCrae if Jessie was scheming. McCrae says no she was just looking for safety next week. Judd says that he’s hearing that Amanda and him are coming after him. McCrae says no. He says that Candice told him Amanda is sure he is MVP. McCrae says that we thought there was a chance, I thought for sure Howard was MVP last week but it doesn’t matter. Judd says that I would have told you if I was the MVP, I wouldn’t tell everyone but I would at least tell you. McCrae says he believes him. Judd asks if Amanda would. McCrae says she might but she has gotten so paranoid lately. Judd asks if he should have gone for veto. McCrae says that it doesn’t matter. Judd is worried about being seen as not needing to go to jury or far in the game because he won the $5000. McCrae says that no one thinks that and I will cover for you on that because I got $5000 before too. Judd says that he has already cover for McCrae winning some money. McCrae says that Judd will be seen as the nice guy for giving the Veto to Jessie. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Amanda is reading the bible. McCrae, Andy, Judd and Elissa come in to talk to Amanda. Judd swears that he is not the MVP. (I think Amanda was calling him out on being the MVP during the competition.) They all tell Amanda that she is safe, Candice is going home by a 7-0 vote. Amanda talks about how she is going to be spray tanned throughout the night and then she will have to go shower.


3:15pm McCrae explains to Elissa that Candice is trying to f**k with everyone and is inconsistent. Elissa asks so Aaryn, Jessie and Gina are more consistent? McCrae says no, but they have power right now so we need to play nice with them. Elissa says obviously I will vote with you guys. Andy tells Amanda that she has to cut out the personal stuff you have to shut your F**king mouth. Andy says you said she (Candice) puts Howard’s co*k in her mouth. And calling her Shaniqua. You can’t say things like that!! Amanda says she feels stupid for her outburst. She says that she was put on the spot. Helen joins them and she discusses how she thinks Candice was MVP. She hasn’t talked to anyone today. When I confronted her she said Boo I’m not MVP. McCrae tells Helen that she needs to work on Elissa because if she doesn’t vote with us she will be gone next.


3:25pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Spencer and Gina are talking. Aaryn says Amanda’s comment during the competition was so great!! Aaryn repeats what Amanda said during the competition – Howard’s cock was in it but he wanted it in me. Gina says I can’t wait to see that b*tch (Candice) in that costume! They talk about how Amanda has to be spay tanned every time the music plays. Spencer comments that it was called 50 shades of orange and thinks she will be sprayed 50 times.


3:30pm In the rainbow room – Andy talks to Candice quickly and tells her that he didn’t like how it got so personal during the competition. Candice says that she didn’t appreciate Amanda feeling so safe that she felt she could make deals during the POV.


3:35pm In the havenot room – Spencer says that he is sorry that he took the vacation from Amanda. Amanda says that’s okay you got to take what you can. Spencer says that he could never afford a trip to the Bahamas and even if he could he would probably go somewhere else. He says maybe I will propose to Marilyn there. Aaryn comes in and asks Amanda if she is upset about the fight or the veto? Amanda says the fight, I need to keep my mouth shut. Aaryn says that Candice started it and it just makes her look bad. Amanda says it just makes me look stupid. Aaryn says no it makes her look stupid, everything you said about her was true.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

And there you have it, Amanda growing more and more pathetic.


if she gets voted one more time as the mvp nom, she will lose it and hopefully they vote her out

Just a thought

If Amanda gets MVP nomination again and keeps going with her mouth, someone may not wait for the vote and push her out the front door. Or she might just run out the front door herself because she looses her mind completely from all the Xanax she is taking. We can all keep hoping and praying that she goes real soon .. Like this week….I hope …I hope… I hope

Now We Have it

Now we understand why Amanda created that lie about Howard It was to slander Howard and hurt Candice. So Amanda after the Howard’s eviction you jumped in Candice’s face about how Howard made such a hurtful comment to you. Then you later came and issued the false apology to Candice. Then you go and repeat the same hurtful comments to Aaryn and Gina, how Howard wanted you so much. At the same time you are declaring your modesty. You announce on the live feeds, well I hope no one sees my nude photos online. LOL! This coming from the same woman that was running around the house showing her breasts covered with only band aids. So here Amanda is in the POV comp and pissed off because she’s on the block. Amanda, hates Candice so much that she chooses this time to issue the Howard wanted to be in her mouth comment to Candice. Ouch! Oh Amanda, you really wanted that to get on TV. I hope CBS obliges you and do not edit that out.

However, with CBS already under fire for racism, they will edit it out. But keep that spot on the block warm Amanda, you are going back on the block again next week.


Dear CBS please do something about this dumb season, this has to be thee worse bb I have ever seen! These people are really mean an I don’t want to watch anymore. Amanda has told everyone it doesn’t matter if they put me up because I’m not going anywhere! I wish someone was that cocky around me that would be just enough to want to evict her. Also she made up that lie about Howard! She must really wanted a piece of Howard if you know what I mean lol she is going hard after Candice I still haven’t figured it out .. None of the minions have backbones! Spencer apologizing to Amanda for taking the trip to Bahamas!! Really who are the playing for the queen! They now down to her, afraid to betray her as though they can’t function without the directions. It’s so sad and painful to watch! Lie all of you said this season is very predictable and not very entertaining. I think that Judd spencer Andy and Candice should have aligned together because they are the outsiders to get the top crew out. That’s very far fetched.

BB15 letdown

I really don’t think they can air that. It seems like it would be slander. I know they sign up for this but it just seems out of bounds. Then again, a lot of what Aaryn has said was way out of bounds too. I am just glad America will get to see the true Amanda. Vicious, mean and arrogant.


They must have a dozen lawyers watching and making sure nothing comes back to CBS. Amanda seems to have wished and verbalized killing each person she is against. I hear her constantly talking about physically hurting someone


We still have until Thursday to see if anything changes! Hopefully she gets kicked out. Well
Let me take that back, everybody in that house likes to kiss her a$$.
What a pathetic cast!


I used to think Amanda was the best and/or my favorite player this season, but she is one insanely paranoid crazy ass broad and really has some issues. Don’t get me wrong she is great TV etc but damn she went from someone who I thought could actually win this thing to someone that has no chance at all of winning and is really hurting herself personally with her comments and behavior. I honestly don’t think she is racist at all though, almost 90% of her comments were meant to make people in house laugh, as crude and inappropriate as they were and are, I really think she was just going for a laugh from her housemates in nearly all her edited comment clips on that youtube vid. That doesn’t make it ok at all but I kinda have same type of humor as she does and I have many Asian friends and Jewish friends as well, and I can joke with them in a racist manner because they know how much I’m not a racist so we kinda embrace the idiocy and stupidity of racism and blend it into our social lives almost making fun of racism in a way and honestly many of her comments were in that context imo. Yes I’m not being watched by millons of people 24/7 so I prob wouldn’t be making those comments in their situation but I do think its a bit blown outta proportion in Amandas situation. In Aaryn and hideous burping/farting/eats like a dog Gina Marie I think there is a more deep seeded root of racism in their comments….Anyway ya slice it Amanda is a paranoid freak and horrible game player at this point and I’m shocked they haven’t realized its America voting and to stop getting so paranoid about it being a houseguest….


Amanda is worse. She knows it’s wrong and has no problem doing it…yet she can lecture Aaryn on her racism. Hypocrite. She has this attitude about her where everything she does is fine, but no one else can do it. She can attack others…but others can’t attack her. She can lie to your face, but if you lie, all hell breaks loose. The bitch is ridiculous and self serving. She calls everyone selfish, but she’s the one that bullies people into keeping her safe. She’s a b*tch. Sorry.


Please let Candice, Aaryn, Judd and Jessie and someone get that PIG Amanda out. All I think is for Candice and Aaryn to talk because all of this crap started because of that dumb Hat indicence, and if they will just figure out that neither should be mad at the other they could work together and get that biotch AMANDA out of the house.

Its Right Decision

I like cheering for Candice, but I knew she couldn’t win a comp. Candice, didn’t know how to play the game. Candice went around threatening people when Howard was on the block. Candice, you make threats when you are in a position of power, you had nothing to back up those threats. So you threatened Helen and she still didn’t do what you wanted. Now it seems Helen is the only person that really speaks with you. Spencer was Howard’s most loyal ally and you tried to destroy that relationship. Elissa and Jessie you threw under the bus. You still haven’t figured out that Andy is untrustworthy. What, you going to walk into that HOH room and talk with Gina? Oh my, please don’t give that spiteful girl the satisfaction.

Candice you have no where to turn to for votes. Candice, Jessie and Spencer are stronger players then you and should stay. Its your time to leave Candice.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Candice, didn’t threaten Helen or anyone when Howard was up, she ask her so-called “friend” to if she could do anything to save him and mentioned the truth about Helen controlling the house with Mcranda and Elissa and Helen denied it and stormed off and told the superfriends that she threatened her.


Get your fact right, Candice did not threaten Helen, it was a lie made up by Helen.Candice has gone through a lot in that house.,i dont blame her acting erratically sometimes

Its Over

Candice is gone. Deal with it. There is no changing the fact that she is a bad player. Name one comp she won. I’ll wait? Name one friend she still has in the house or hasn’t thrown under the bus, I’ll wait? Game set and match! Bye Candice.

BB15 letdown

There is no way these sheep will change their vote to Amanda. Candice is toast. But I cannot listen to GM and the others be so rude to her/about her. It is awful. She is a terrible player and I can see how she would be annoying but geez…..give it a rest!


Beg all you want but I don’t think this house has the intellect or balls to vote Amanda out. This post shows a glaring difference between Amanda and Aaryn. Aaryn is seen as a “Racist” but I always felt it was more in part due to her age and ignorance (Still not excusable). Amanda on the other hand is blatantly Racist in my view. She knows what she says is wrong and vile yet she still lets it come out. Anger is not an excuse, it just helped show a side of her she didn’t want shown. No matter how much CBS tries to make Amanda look like a funny likable person, her true evil still shows through.


They both racist. They are equal in their ignorance. Gina is too. They are all old enough to know better.
So we will not try to make one look better then the other cause they all cooking in the pot together.
No PR here.


Sorry, but you are so wrong!!!! Amanda and Aaryn are not close in their thinking. Aaryn is an ignorant, stupid college kids where college kids are surrounded by ignorance and organizations that target others and where you hear all types of racist jokes from all races and think nothing of them until you get in the “REAL” world and realize how horrible they really are, and Aaryn DID NOT ACCUSE A MAN, HOWARD, of something that can affect his entire life because of course BB and CBS will not show it on the show and show what a darn liar and racist Amanda is and acknowledge that what she said about Howard was a LIE!!! Amanda has a lynch mob thinking sick mentality, whereas, Aaryn is just ignorant !! HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMANDA IS HEARTLESS not to mention a RACIST HEARTLESS HEAT FILLED PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wrong, same difference when it comes to Aaryn and Amanda. Age or getting in the real world has absolutely nothing to do with saying racially charged comments. How many people in America have the same age as Aaryn, even in Texas, and do not say the things she says? There’s nothing to breakdown; what we’ve been watching are Amanda and Aaryn’s true colors.


not trying to be mean or disrespectful,truly but….did you actually go to college? i did and it was there that i learned that there is a whole world out there full of all kinds of interesting,smart,wonderful point,aayrn is a is an experience that should reseult in a more open minded person,not a more ignorant,closed minded person.she’s awful.stop making excuses.

Big Mama

Wrong. Aryan is a racist. There will be no happy ending to the Candice/Aryan relationship….EVER!!!!


***Ginamarie asks if black people can turn orange***

this is BIG BIGOTS 15. I think everyone in the house this season has a some sick racist/hatred in them. it’s disturbing seeing no one, especially production stepping in and defend Candice and Howard from these animals. they prolonged this disgusting situation that right now if I’m the head of CBS I would suspend the season.


Undeniably, there have been some really racist things said in the house this season. However, I’m not sure if Ginamarie’s question is one of them. I have not seen the feeds, I’m just going on what I’ve seen here. While her question is obviously an unintelligent one, is it possible she was legitimately wondering if darker skin has the same reaction to spray-on tans as white skin?


This is the type of ridiculous over-reaction that diminishes legitimate claims of racism.

Asking if spray tans have the same effect on black skin as they do white skin is a silly, perhaps ignorant, question. It is not racism.

Mellow out, dear.

Team Jess

im happy to see Jess win the veto



one thing i would like to tell judd – stfu about not being in an alliance with jess and saying bad sh!t about her, they all understand by now bro, its now getting boring, you sound like a broken record

whats great is Helen didnt want Jess at her bbq but Jess won her place at the bbq with her gina impersonation

and they put jess on the block and she won her safety with the veto win

jess also won the fight with amanda and put her in her place

kick some ass jess


more disgusting behaviour from amanda in the veto towards candice and aaryn telling her it was great

add that to the amanda mean spirited highlight reel

amanda probably wont learn her lesson until she is kicked out the door to a chorus of boos, followed by the shocking realization she is hated by millions in america and people all around the world who watch in other countries on the internet

week 6 and the disrespect and complete lack of class is still evident

thinking she has this safety no matter what is no good

so we have to keep voting her 3rd nom every week until the house guests use their brain and vote her out


Glad Jessie won but what? Spencer goes on the block. This is so ridiculous. Lets do an MVP where America VOTES who goes. (clearing throat – Amanda)

Happy Trails

Spencer goes on the block but he’s safe. Candice is done. I hope she gets home safely, with Candice’s luck she will miss her flight home. There are different ways to win Big Brother, however, Candice didn’t know any of them.

Kelli Jo

While I understand your frustration with certain houseguests, I definitely DON’T want America to have that power. Then it becomes a lame popularity contest like American Idol and doesn’t matter at all who is playing the best or worst game. For a perfect example, look at the first 3 weeks of MVP. Given to a girl who, while fairly nice, doesn’t have a gaming bone in her body. Giving America this power would basically hand the season to Elissa…no thanks.

Wayward Irish

Yeah, Big Brother 1 was great.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Gina says that Spencer wanted to be greedy and take that trip instead of trying to win the veto.”

So Spencer is going up as the replacement nom, because she’s jealous that she didn’t get the trip?

You known GM, it only takes one BJ with the right model agent, and they’ll take you on a all-expense paid trip to the islands.

Amanda whining like a fucking child when she’s the safest person in the house. Bunch of sourpusses in that house.


if she really wants candice out she should put Helen up



Keep It Real

Gina didn’t have a problem when McCrae took the money. However, she is going to hold it against Spencer for taking the trip. Whatever! She was going to put Spencer as a replacement nominee irregardless. Yep I said it “irregarless”, shouts out to Howard. I can’t wait for the season finale when Howard comes back and confronts Amanda. The first question is going to be from Julie asking Howard did you say these words that Amanda is accusing you of? That is going to be so great. Amanda please repeat those slanderous comments again at the finale, so Howard can sue you. I am quite sure he would want to own a piece of a realty company.


I hope to god that happens I’m looking from that payday


Someone remind me why they’re evicting Candice? Is it because she’s alone and hasn’t won any competitions, or is it because she’s black?

King Goldy

Because she called them out on their racist comments. So Aaryn wants her gone, and Miss Nobody tells me what to do, is going along with her.




This season is very racist


I really like big brother but watching this season really upsets me with all the racist comments and attitude in the house. I hope CBS does a better job at screening future houseguests. I am beyond disgusted with these racist people.

Wondering the same thing

Why would anyone want to vote out Candice? Candice is such a loyal ally. If you ignore the fact that she threw Elissa, Jessie and Helen under the bus at different points in the game. Candice knows how to keep a secret. If you ignore the fact that she shares everything with Andy. Who then reports back to Helen and Amanda. Candice is great at comps, if you ignore the fact she hasn’t won any. There are 3 sides in the house and Candice doesn’t get along with any of them. Yep, I don’t understand why anyone wants Candice out…over say Jessie, who proved she can win a comp, or Spencer, who has proved he can win a comp? Candice has a great social game as well, please tell me again whose in her corner?

Big Mama

This is an easy question to answer….IT’S BECAUSE CANDICE IS BLACK! What happens in the BB house is no different from what happens to minorities daily……Especially in the workplace….


Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas. Gina seems shocked he would do that. Who in their right mind with this group of clowns would pick staying in the house a week longer over a trip to the Bahamas??? I think Spencer and Amanda may be going home this week.


Go ahead and keep digging your BB grave Amanda!!!


Disappointed! Candice will probably go home but at least she won’t have to put up with all the stress, the negativity and racial tension in the house.

But I still hope Amanda goes, anyone with a half a brain would vote out Amanda to better their game but they are all non-thinking sheep.


I am a fan of Amanda’s game but she is going nuts, seriously she’s not stable under pressure!


Haha, McManda implodes! Hey if we can’t get the HG’s to see they need to evict her, at least we got them to stop making out for a day!

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Only Cat People downvotes when the truth is stated… Love It

I know, I know, your angry the performance enhancer didn’t help Amanda win… AGAIN

Maybe if you listen to your favorite song, it’ll calm you down.


I feel so bad for Candice. Not only is she getting evicted but she will be in a clown suit. When will the bashing stop. Candice needs to get out of this hostile environment. I would slap a bitch a self evict if I were her. This is getting really hard to watch. There’s no game play it is all so personal. GM was laughing with Aaryn and said, “who will get the last laugh”. I believe Candice will because she still has a job and her dignity.


I wonder what the rules are for self-evicting if you won’t get your money or something like that. I’m sure that had to sign contracts with that being covered. After being called a rat by that tr*shy b*tch I would have been done. But the interesting thing is as bad as the vibes are in there she’s isn’t aware of all the specific attitudes and things being said by people like Gina Marie are even someone like Helen.

Move On

Candice just can’t read people. There were to many times when Candice jumped to conclusions based on whether she liked you or not. In one incident, she told Jessie about Howard’s new formed alliance. Granted it was at Howard’s insistence, but it was another bad move. Jessie went and told the HOH. When it gets back to Howard, Candice immediately said it had to be Spencer for no other reason, then she didn’t like him. Howard tried to work with Kait and Gina. At the same time he was working with Kait and Gina, Candice was campaigning against those two. Candice wasn’t even on the block. Why was Candice running around throwing these two under the bus when she didn’t have to? That’s the type of nonsense Candice was doing. No social game and can’t win comps, and destroying any attempts by Howard to advance his social game. So yes, I hold out no hope for Candice and hope she leaves this week.


Please Sashad do not even compare Gm and Helen. Helen has not said anything vile, nasty, degrading towards the other houseguest. Her comments mostly directed to her game play and moves, Are you watching a different show?


What show are you watching. Helen has said some pretty ugly things maybe not as bad as what Gina Marie has said, but Helen has nothing to be proud of. She is one ugly person but of course Julie Chen is protecting her.


If Helen isn’t standing up against the vile crap being said then she is just as guilty as the person who actually said it.

Big Mama

Candice should pack her bags and walk out of the house tonight when everyone is sleeping…….


Omg this is boring. There better be a twist that really shakes up the whole house, smh.

King Goldy

This sucks, so predictable now. We need to start a boycott, to make them do something different. Because this just sucks. Then on top of that the racist rats in the house. SMDH!!!!


Yay Jessie! Im keeping my fingers crossed that Helen sees an opportunity to get Amanda out and rallies her minions and crys to them and convinces them to get Amanda out. If Helen could convince Elissa (easy), Judd, and Jesse; they could do it. I think Aaryn and Gina are too scared of Amanda to go against her and Andy does too much sucking up to Amanda to go against her.

Teri B

They COULD do it….for sure they could do it, but they won’t. I have a feeling Production is in the middle of all of this, maybe even threatening HG’s who even mention trying to get Demanda out. They all seem like they’re zombies, blindly following Demanda. She WILL win if this keeps up, with all her bullying and threatening and mean girl ways.

As for America’s MVP (still cracks me up they’re calling this that), all 10 of my votes will continue to go to the bitch Demanda, but again, it won’t matter. They are sheep, they are zombies, are they even being brainwashed by Production? Who the eff knows. I look forward to the numbers dwindling…..then and only then will we have a chance of our dream coming true. Demanda sitting with Julie with her bag packed. Aaaah, just the thought of it makes me smile. :)


Helen’s biggest mistake to date is the fact that she mistakenly believes in her heart that she, Elisa and Andy have a final-3 loyalty pact that supercedes any other alliances that each may have with other houseguests. But in reality, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn have a final-4 loyalty pact that supercedes any other alliances they each may have with other houseguests. If Helen knew that she was really number 5 in the pecking order behind Aaryn, she would probably be more willing to go along with Jessie’s plan to oust Amanda. Problem is – Helen is clueless about Andy’s stronger allegiance to Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn.


Looks like DEMANDA is up to her old ways… Now MCMANDA showing cracks!

It appears she said something bad to Candice again…
McCrae not happy that she has no control, HA!

Do you think DEMANDA will KEEP cracking all week making it easier to be blindsided???
(I HOPE SO!!!)


MCMANDA eluded to DEMANDA saying a racial comment(s) and sexual vulgarity about Candice and Howard!

(Sadly the HGs are weak minded and lack the b****)


it will happen eventually if we keep putting her on the block, and maximize the chance she does not win


If I must say this, Gina and Amanda don’t seem to be learning a damned thing. They are older than Aaryn…which doesn’t excuse Aaryn’s actions, but you would think the older two will have better emotional intelligence. However, I think I’ve seen Aaryn tell Gina not to say or do things (or is at least self-aware now that sending two black people home back to back will look very bad) and Amanda is getting more mouthy and idiotic by the minute. Get Amanda and Gina out first. Then Aaryn. I hope, at least Aaryn can change when she is out of the House. I don’t think Gina and Amanda can.

King Goldy

She will change after she gets her butt whipped. She will be looking over her shoulder for years. And will always have the stigma of being racist. She better go to TD Jakes church and make a public apology. LOL

Big Mama

King Goldy…you must be white because that was a stupid comment….. This is exactly why blacks and whites don’t see eye to eye on racial matters.


I definitley think Aaryn can change and think that if her and Candice could sit down together and not be interrupted and hammer out their differences which all started with Spencer making up the hat thing then all would be good with the world. Most of Aaryn’s distrust and dislike of Candice stems from that one instance which Candice did not do but as of yet the two do not get that it was Spencer, and a little jealousy that Candice won Miss LA USA. In pageant circles that is a pretty big deal. Wish Production would call the two of them in together so scurrying rat Andy could not interfere and I think Candice and Aaryn would figure out that hey this entire time they been blaming the wrong person and the person that caused it all was Spencer, but still want the two to get together and get that hate monger Amanda out this week!!!


It may have started by that incident but Aaryn in general is just a mean spirited entitled bigoted type of young woman. She strikes me as incredibility spoiled. So anything little thing would have been cause to dislike her. But I do agree that they could have (maybe) moved passed their differences if it wasn’t for the toxic people around them like Amanda and even Gina Marie who said she hated Candace from day one, exasperating the situation. Because she contains it more when she seems to have accountability. And on the flip side, being around someone so passive as Howard who may have been a comfort to Candace in her mind and in the situation. But at the end of the day was so disconnected and passive that she sort of contained allowing her to get out all her emotions about it (in her own way) and just sort of isolated herself with him. I’m sure he probably didn’t want her going off . But she ended up doing it anyway at the wrong time.


I don’t see her that way at all but do see Amanda like that and worse. Aaryn granted is probably spoiled but see her as always wanting to be with the stupid cool kids, and unfortunately, in this dumb house they seem to think that is the witch Amanda, and hope that Aaryn’s eyes are open and just think that if the truth came out and Candice and Aaryn perhaps with the help of production and without rat Andy would talk and clear the air things in the house would turn around quick. Here is to hoping!! Hate to put it too you but most girls that do pageants and that includes Candice are spoiled and catty and think that is where Candice and Aaryn collide the most, but if they would just sit down and talk to one another and the air would be cleared that Spencer started the whole thing wow would things change. The first night Candice and Aaryn got along great during the pageant and then Spencer’s big mouth started with the darn hat thing!!!

give me a break

F#CK THAT!!!! Aaryn got to go…she’s not changing………….

Chilltown Fan

YES!!! Jessie wins veto! Hopefully Amanda will go. Seems like GM will most likely waste her HOH on getting Candice out.

Chilltown Fan

Also Big UP’s to King Judd winning $5K.


Things seem to be unraveling in Amandaville! She’s acting like a pompous brat and turning her wrath on McCrae, who is giving it back to her. I think he realizes he’s seeing a new side of Amanda and he’s sharing his thoughts with others.

The DR has even asked both Amanda and McCrae in their DR sessions if “everything is okay” . They may use subtle comments/suggestions to break the couple us (like suggesting Jessie thinks McCrae is handsome). Amanda is already jealous.

Next we see GM realizing the MVP may be America’s choice. She says ” they must really not like her (Amanda)”. Aaryn has already made comments like “it’s do as she says, not as she does” and other jabs.

Helen is aware of Amanda’s dictatorship and has shared that with Elissa.

Keep voting Amanda as the Most VILE Player! The stress will do her in, even if she’s not voted out for a while, she’ll get more vicious week by week. She’ll freak out on everyone! Maybe McCrae will have second thoughts about the BB15 Wedding! HA!


If you still don’t get that Amanda is a pig check out the following compliation;

BB fan CaliKellyann

I was amazed, appalled and just disgusted watching that video of Amanda. I knew Aaryn, GM and Spencer were all racists but she takes the CAKE! Wow.


“Helen is aware of Amanda’s dictatorship and has shared it with Elissa”. Now you have insulted Elissa. Everyone in the house is aware. Amanda has been called out on it by several HG’s. What is insulting to viewer’s is that the HG’s turn a blind eye to it by saying “it’s not time.”
The only one that may get through to Amanda is Andy (?). Obviously a line has been crossed with him if he is say to Amanda “it’s time for some tough love.”


but what i dont understand is why so many wimps there bend over backwards to keep amanda safe? why does she deserve that loyalty? they all should be looking to break the couple up to ensure they both dont reach jury


I’m normally against production stepping into the game, but this week, I’m REALLY hoping for it. Like seriously, throw them a curveball, it’s getting boring to watch.


Candice leaves this week. Worst case scenario is either Spencer or Jessie leave 2nd round double eviction. But after double eviction, the crows will start battling each other because there will be no more corpses to feed on. One of the larger alliance (Helen, Elissa, A.Man.Duh., McCrea, Andy, Judd, Aaryn, and GM) will have to start turning on each other since one of them will definitely be going up on the block against whoever remains of Jessie, Spencer, and Candice. My guess is that Aaryn, GM, and Judd will be picked off one-by-one and quickly realize how their decisions as HOH were manipulated to benefit the masterminds of the house (A.Man.Duh, McCrea, and Helen). But it’s also possible that A.Man.Duh./McCrea and Helen/Elissa will start gunning for each other by trying to rally other players to their side, in which case the masterminds will targeted while most of the rest of the house uses the polarized dynamic to cruise through to the end.


I agree with this. nothing is stopping Candice from going this week, to many votes (right or wrong) but it will change in the next few weeks.


If Candice leaves this week, the HOH for double eviction is not as important as the next one. I’m just hoping that it will be Elissa or Helen who wins the first HOH for jury because they are now the minority. I can’t believe Helen is stupid to not see how MCmanda has everyone working for them, hopefully she’ll grow a pair and evict Amanda this week with Jessie, Elissa and Judd.


i would love…

4-3 vote amanda goes

aaryn, andy, mccrae the votes to keep her are shocked by the blindside then its bedlam for the quick turnaround hoh and veto right after it on the same night


I’m going to seem like the hugest douche but since when does BB make people go tanning instead of chum baths? To me, and maybe I’m just being a little wary, I think they are using this racism situation for ratings. Amanda’s going to go and get tanned and tanned and tanned some more to the point where she looks “black” and then cue the ignorant comments from Gina Marie and Aaryn and even from Amanda herself. Then they will air it and watch the ratings increase. On top of all that, you have the second African-American being evicted from the house under the racists’ rule and in none other than a clown costume. I don’t know but it all seems sketchy as f*ck to me. But anything for ratings, right?


CBS is CLEARLY using this season for ratings. Amanda will look like an Oompa Loompa by the time this is done.


That was my comment above. But yes. And it’s getting to a point where it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s like they’re hoping for more vile comments just so they can have something to show on Sunday Wednesday and Thursday. What I find extremely sketchy though is the tanning thing. They may think that they’re slick with that but no. They’re hoping for more comments to be said and the fact that they are actively using that for ratings/media attention is sickening. Air what is said, yes. but don’t go looking for ways to spark more racist comments just because. I feel extremely bad for Candice. Not only is she leaving under GM’s rule but in a clown suit. Couldn’t she at least leave with a little bit of dignity after they sat back and made $$$ from her misery? My goodness.

BB fan CaliKellyann

Amanda doesn’t need any help. She is making her own comments and will have to live with them forever thanks to modern technology. Seriously, I cannot believe some of the stuff being said. What year is this!!!???


so help me if they are all so stupid to not get Amanda out NOW they deserve to lose.


When r the producers going to jump in and save this crappy season :(
Poor Candy!!!!
In a perfect world, they’d KEEP Candice, since all of the skank players hate her andwill be on the jury. Then when the end comes and the jury votes. Julie says, our biggest surprise of the summer is America picks the winner. It would be great if it came down to Candice, Aaryn, & A-man-duh.


We all hoped someone would tell Judd that they were coming after him. Candice did and voila, he’s back to smooching their ass. Because, (let’s say it with me) Everybody Hates Candice. I mean she just has to be lying right? Everyone’s so blinded by this fake and unwarranted hatred they have for her that they cant see the truth right in front of them. Nothing will be done and as usual, this week will be predictable.


Well maybe Candyland will drop a few more sweets for the HG’s to suck on. It is only Sun., and she is fighting for her life to stay in the house.

Jazzy J

Why does everyone have so much hate for amanda? Yeah shes bossy but she is trying to manipulate these people into doing what she wants. That is a very solid strategy. The houseguests see what shes doing but clearly dont have a huge problem with it other wise she would already be gone. Outside strategy shes pretty fun to watch, getting into it with other houseguests and being loud. For me her and Mc are the two who seem to being playing the most solid games though Mc needs to get his head on straight and strike helen and elissa before they strike him. I understand feeders want a house shake up and so do i but i think helen and elissa are much more boring and annoying then amanda, and would like to see them in some hot water for a change. If any amanda hater would give me some reasons why she deserves to be disliked so much maybe ill understand but until then shes better then helen, candice, jessie, elissa, gm, spencer and andy (in that order) in my mind. I enjoy judd and aaryn both decent gamers and are amusing=judd and had a solid turn around=aaryn.


Maybe it has something to do with her being a racist bullying witch?

Jazzy J

Everybody throws the word bully around like they are everywhere nowadays… maybe i missed her racist comments but i think calling someone racist is a really serious thing and from what ive seen this season none of these people are racist they have simply said some mean and unacceptable things but that does not make them racist. At the end of the day these arent public figures were watching they are just ppl playing a game.


Well, aren’t you delusional…

Okie dokie then.


Dude. Read something. Here’s the article on the Huffington Post about all the racist crap Amanda has said the past couple of days.


I guess you have to be in a white hood to be racist?!?!? If you can’t look at al the things that these girls have said, and continue to say and not see the racism, then my friend you are an idiot, and you probably say those things too!!!

pot calling kettle

Jazzy J I will agree with you on all points except for AMANDA!! AMANDA said she was racist and when you go after a man, Howard, and slander him on the show with a lynch mob mentality I am sorry, but Amanda is the worst type of racist. She would not care if Howard lost his life because if she did she would not of said that about him and now because of her lying to all the house guests it makes me sick. CBS and BB condoning her comments and not coming to Howard’s defense makes them just as GUILTY for trying to destroy a man as does Julie Chen for not addressing it. WOW, Chen plays the sad minority boo hoo to the cameras about a rice comment but wow when you are talking about a man’s life being destroyed Chen is not defending but standing by the way side and supporting it. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD THAT CAN BE SAID ABOUT AMANDA AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe it’s her foul mouth and that fact that she’s a hypocrite. The first two weeks she was condemning Aaryn for her racist comments, and once Aaryn won HOH she started feeding into the delusion that Candice made it all up. If Aaryn had a penis, A.Man.Duh. would be sucking it right now.

weighing in

Absolutely! I agree totally with you.

These aren’t public figures or even celebrities who are accustomed to having someone listening to their every word. Sure, they agreed to this. They know their ever word is being scrutinized, but that just doesn’t erase years of behavior.

You get get this many people from different walks of life, different ages, different personalities, etc and stick them all someone together, drama will always ensue. Sure, this year more inappropriate comments have been made that usual. But can we please tone down the judgment? When someone says something they shouldn’t, that doesn’t automatically make them a horrible person.

People are slapping unfair labels on people that will follow them for their entire lives after they leave this house. Many are losing jobs, friends, etc because of the vitriol that views are spewing.

Can anyone here actually say you’ve never said anything you later wished you hadn’t? Can you say you haven’t at some point gotten angry and said something inappropriate? Made an off color joke? Taken something too far? Reacted in a way you knew was emotionally immature…yet you couldn’t seem to hold yourself back? We’ve all been there. Fortunately for us, we aren’t on Big Brother. Please hold on to your personal judgment until your reputation is on the line.


Respect! Thats wat im saying!


Weighing in, fact is they “are” on tv. If anything, that fact alone should make think twice before opening their mouths or making off cuff comments. I would be the first to say that I make racial jokes. But the jokes are in the presence of those the content is about. We are able to laugh about it together. What the houseguests have been doing is making comments behind each others backs or when they realize that the butt of everyones jokes has been singled out and alone to defend themselves or speak out.

Perhaps the fact that they have lost friends, jobs, etc will act as a wake up call. Alot of them say that as time goes by, they forget the cameras, well maybe the personalities that we are seeing are their true selves.


::Raises hands:: No I haven’t said anything racist. Sorry, not everyone thinks and breathes ignorance. I think you are projecting your experiences as a general universal experience in your message. And no, saying something bad out of character doesn’t make a person horrible. However, there are certain people (Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, and GM) that CONSTANTLY say ignorant crap. They aren’t horrible people because of their comments; they make these comments because they are horrible people. This is who they are; they are comfortable in their ignorance and are likely unaware of how damaging and offensive they are behaving because they have never been forced to confront it all; being on Big Brother and leaving that house will likely be the first time that they will have to face exactly who they are and explain themselves.

They have the right to say whatever they have to say, but I and the rest of the viewers have the right to judge them. It goes with the territory of not only being on tv, but saying ignorant crap at all in any public space.

pot calling kettle

SORRY, but no you are not allowed to JUDGE anyone. That is up to GOD and GOD alone, but with that said Amanda is not only saying ignorant crap which we all at sometime say, but trying t destroy a man, Howard, but slandering him. That is another matter!! For that alone and not including all of the other horrible things she has said she should be sent home. She is a ugly mean racist horrible person and nothing will be able to make her better and not sure that the Lord himself could help Amanda. She is that awful!

Big Mama

Weighing In…no doubt you are white. I am Black and I will tell you that spewing hatred does make someone a bad person. You have never been on the receiving end of racists comments or actions—-racists comments/actions that can cost someone a promotion, deny someone a job, or any other opportunities they should be afforded like anyone else. Racism isn’t trivial–so please don’t treat it as such……

Unlike the other HGs, Candice, unfortunately, is confronted with 2 battles: (1) the BB game and (2) Racism. I guarantee you winning the BB Game has taken a back seat to Candice’s resolve to remove from the house the racists. Candice’s problem is that racism has spread within the house and it is now something that is impossible to fix. Candice needs to pack her bags and leave the house tonight. And I hope no other Black participates on BB or any similar game show again!!


The made up comment Amanda stated towards Howard is really vile, nasty.


She has no sportsmanship. Intimidation is not the best way to roll.


Elissa: I’m going to make a salad. Do you want any?

Judd: No thanks. I’ll have a pizza later.

Andy walks in

Helen: You need to eat healthier.

Judd: I used to work at a health food store. I got fired for eating cotton candy on the job

Judd leaves

Helen: ok ok ok you know. I think we need to have only healthy people in the house to set an example for America

Elissa: I agree

Andy: Judd has to go

Helen: Candace, Judd, Jessie then Spencer. If your not healthy you have to go


Hey after been to college I heard all the jokes, but what Amanda does is so beneath any of the “so called” jokes. That girl is just wanting to destroy people. I mean she accused Howard of saying something that in a workplace would of had him fired and years ago would of gotten that kind man lynched. Amanda is no different than the sick people that would of years ago lynched Howard for making that type of comment. That takes a whole different type of hatred from anyone else on this show. I can handle all of the ‘so called’ bitching and complaining because someone does not like someone because wow that is pretty much human nature and yes sometimes we do it by saying mean things, but when you stoop to the low of what Amanda does and ULTIMATELY SLANDER someone like she did Howard or pick on people that are autistic and say horrible things that is a type of hatred that is reminiscent of a Hitler mentality and BB and CBS should of put her out of the house immediately. People heard this and may not read these blogs to know that it is not true about Howard and how hisentire life can be effected. NO NO NO excuse and before you ask I am white!


At this point all I can say is let Candice be evicted this week. She has no allies and isn’t winning competitions to save herself so she’s prettty much at the mercy of the superfriends.


Helen and Elissa are her friends. Look out spencer.


Demanda is self imploding! Her paranoia is going to make them all want her gone. McCrae may be starting to see she is a loon!


And threatening his game.

derick alaska

Oh Gina…the day you realize that you are fired is going to be such a beautiful day on earth.

Seriously, who else is left in the Big brother house that actually DESERVES to win????? Let’s go down the list.

Ginamarie= I don’t even know why I wrote her name.
Aaryn= Enough said.
Andy= Floater
Helen= Mrs. Jekyll Hyde
McCrae=No way
Amanda= Non winning Bully
Spencer=……….I don’t even know how to feel about him.
Jessie= My mind just goes blank
Judd= Brutally annoying

and then there’s Elissa. I guess she is the only one left to root for. But its kinda hard when HELEN is in the way!!!!

who is everybody rooting for?


well at least aaryn is becoming more self aware of the things that are being said about her is trying to show restraint


No she isn’t she was just saying that because Jessie was there. She completely change when talking to Amanda. She just doesn’t trust Jesse.

pot calling kettle

They all change when talking to Amanda because they are all scared to death of that witch. After threatening to murder candice and Jessie and gang Rape Jessie heck I would be too. Amanda is one sick person with a mentality akin to Dahmer, Hitler and all other sickos in the world!!


And was it her that also said she wished Candice would fall on her tweezers and stab herself or something of that nature?

give me a break

That’s sick…I’m not going to give Aaryn credit for showing restraint of not say anything racist…….racism wraps her soul like a blanket….her showing restraint is nothing to applaud…….restraining her racist tongue..means she’s still a racists…


Yeah, Aaryn is showing restraint but not for the right reasons. She is not showing restraint because she knows it’s the right way to think and behave, she is showing restraint because she is afraid her comments may affect her “career.” Yet she still has a hard time not saying horrible, hateful things. It’s in her blood. She cannot hide her true colors no matter how much restraint she uses.


we have 2 days to hope demanda implodes to where either:
– helen makes the move to kick her out
– judd finds out demanda has been trashing him behind his back
– GM gets pissed enough at demanda to put up someone who’d vote for her to stay

plz let it one of those things happen


A poster in the previous page said Candice already told her but he didn’t believe her.




I also read it in this article after they updated it.


Lurker 007, who in your mind are the 4 votes to evict Amanda? (serious ? for you).


When will these people wake up and start playing the game for themselves. I do not care how many disclaimers CBS shows before the start of big brother, Julie Chen asked Howard why didn’t he stand up and say sonemthing about the racist remarks being made in the house, if I were Howard, I would have replied, “Big Brother can come out on the loud speaker informing house guests they cannot talk about their diary room sessions, I don’t know why they cannot broadcast over the loud speakers and tell them to knock off the racist remarks”.

Why hasn’t CBS held a meeting and informed them enough of the comments being said against Gay, Asian, African Americans and people with Down syndrome. Just now Gina Marie asking if Black people can actually be sprayed orange, CBS needs to stand up and say something.


They have done it in the past when HG’s have felt threatened (physically). When Jess went to DR for help they told her to make a move, she tried…poorly, and got the heavens released upon her. Jess needs to win HOH.


or the veto on double eviction night

then hoh so she gets the full week as hoh


Spencer gets a trip to the Bahamas, then gets booted this week. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Now is the time for Helen to act. Tell Amanda that Judd offered her a f2, and confided to her that he has been the MVP for the
past 2 weeks. Together they must convince GM to put Judd on the block. The purpose is to keep Spencer from going up. She
now has 4 votes to backdoor Amanda. Helen, Elisa, Spencer and Jessie, all of whom hate Amanda.


They have GOT to get Amanda out before jury because her outbursts and manipulation will totally affect the final votes. I would not want her deciding my fate.


Why are they all so adamant that Amanda is completely safe, if they’re being honest they’re all complete morons :(



All 3 have went off on Amanda. I don’t know if McCrae counts, does he? Though he did show some spine for a few seconds there. The more Amanda mouths off, I think the more McCrae will tell her to f*** off.


Used to like Amanda, but now she’s getting on my nerve. The thought that America would/could put her up is unfathomable to her. She just can’t grasp it and is cocksure that it is someone in the house…. KNOW she’s watched BB so she has to KNOW the possibility of that, but she can’t imagine so many people not liking her. That’s gonna be a bitter pill for her to swallow once she gets evicted or wins. (although $500K would lessen the blow)

Anyone else think McCrae might be getting just a wee bit tired of her???

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Amanda has to spray tanned every time music is played? ROLMFAO that’s more hilarious than Brenden having to take the chum bath while handcuffed to Britney. Bet she’ll be wishing she had the clown suit.


The spray tan penalty is poetic justice. Maybe production has a sense of humour. :)


Is anyone else hoping that BB uses tar as the tanning agent for Amanda?


I have stop watching BB15. Can not stand watching them act like fools. So just to get what is happening I read onlinebigbrother instead. it is easier to read than watch these fools. You all are right that Amanda needs to get voted out. but……that is not happening she has them all in her hand.


100% correct.

now judd pretty much knows that amanda (and ellissa hinted helen too) wants him out badly. what does he do? nothing.

whats up with andy? he must notice some really bad things amanda says…

elissa, jessie, aaryn all should be fine with amanda leaving.

and on top of that its not amanda only. she has mccrea too. and nobody in this house sees them as a major thread? im speechless. this must be dumbest and weakest game players of all seasons. i cant remember so many people play that bad. and on top of it, its painful to watch.


@Cornerback. What are you expecting them to do? Jump and respond right away? It’s sunday, not Thursday. Be patient.

Jazzy J

Why does amanda need to be voted out? Sure shes a little mean but so is everyone else? Shes Playing the game much harder than most of the other houseguests so why does she deserve to be gone? Having the housguest in her hand should be seen as brilliant game she shouldnt be hated for that.


she WAS playing the game harder than most. now the self-generated estrogen, progesterone and oxytocin are interacting with her prescribed meds and it’s not a pretty sight. she’s basically candice now, with a little more power: bitchy, shrill, insecure, self-centered. it’s ruining her game, and it’s really hard to watch.


Mostly it is the discovery of Jessie’s attraction to MacCrae. She’s pretty insecure on this point.


next time i read a thread it wil have amanda apologizing to candice these houseguest and there fake i am SORRY


i dont watch the feeds or the show. too many of the people disgust me. i just get the updates here.

thanx simon and dawg for that :)


Why is GM asking can black people turn orange? What the hell does that mean? I don’t get it.


GM’s is referring to what if Candice had that penalty and not Amanda. It’s just her bashing Candice trip she is on. This might be what Helen meant by the HOH going to GM’s head. To much personal is being vented and not a game reason for wanting Candice out.


“Ginamarie asks if black people can turn orange.”

Is this broad serious! UGH! Oh, yes, I want to be a fly on the wall when she realizeA she has been FIRED from her job for racist comments! It never gets better with this RACIST! So, glad she was FIRED!


Here is how I see it.

Amanda threatening people and making vicious personal attacks is not my issue with her. That aspect of her game is great and not unnormal in BB history (does anyone remember dick). The reason Amanda is going to lose is her insecurity, immaturity, and constant need for valadation from McCrea. She is that chick at the bar who constantly starts s**t and will expect her boyfriend to fight for her honour when she is wrong. Amanda simply does not play well with others and deep down feels she is not enough for anyone. The girl throws tantrums and ignores the advise of others while betraying their trust.

This is why she can’t handle being on the block. This deluded chick thinks there is no way america hates her. WRONG!

McCrea is going to lose because he didn’t or still hasn’t seen that anchor around his neck in time to cut her loose before jury. That dude needs to run back home and hide from that crazy chick before she kills him and eats him whole.

Aaryn is that new kind of racist that is not hateful in her heart of hearts, but is just insensitive to the plight of others due to her sheltered life.

GM is funny but will be gone soon.

Candice was fine until she attacked spencer and ruined her game, howards game, and spencers game for a dumb reason. Of course spencer is gunna tell amanda that he wants you gone while trying to get amanda out. Candice is an idiot when it comes to BB.

Helen is playing the I love everyone card and it always backfires in the end and the jury hates her even more.

Jessie is just as insecure and immature as amanda but lets face it. She is a floater.

Andy is a floater also. Yes he is aligned with helen, amanda, and mccrea but he will flip flop. Just wait.

Spencer is done. And a moron.

My pick to win is either elissa or judd….if I had to put money down, elissa joins rachel for the win.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

I agree, with this wacky bunch it’s a good possibility for Elissa or Judd to skate to the end, and have the votes


Aaryn isn’t the new type of racist that’s why some people were surprised to hear the stuff out of her mouth. Some of her references are kind of dated in thinking. And she came in their hateful and I’m not just talking about the race issue. That sort of thing has less to do with being sheltered and more to do with not having good morals instilled in her be it her fault since she’s 22 or her upbringing and environment of people she’s around who act like that. Apparently she was in good company so I think it maybe brought the worse out of her without thinking twice. But there are people who are sheltered and haven’t been around different ethnic groups who may say things that aren’t politically correct. But have no malice in their intent. Seen it many times. So being sheltered is not an excuse as I’ve seen people try to give her a pass on. Not to say I want her to “burned at the stakes” because I don’t. I really kind of hope she and Candace get out in mend fences. But I’m sure that’s the unicorn and rainbow thinking when it comes to things being ingrained in how people think.

As for Candace her downfall handling emotions and reacting. But it wasn’t like Spencer didn’t betray her more than one time. So when Helen came to Candace and relayed a conversation she immediately Candace fell for it. She forgot or isn’t aware that Helen isn’t trustworthy is really isn’t her friend when it comes down to it. And maybe Spencer should have said I’m going to throw you underneath the bus just in case something gets back. Since Candace had already had her issues with Spencer. So going off on Spencer and outing the plan was foolish and out of control. But it wasn’t out of the blue due to her history with Spencer. When in actuality she should have confronted Spencer one-on-one before doing that. But that all goes back to what I said in another comment about isolating herself with Howard and him being passive. At a certain point all three of them should have tried to get on the same page before Spencer and Howard were even nominating. But Howard was so busy trying not to make waves and going as far as denying even being in and obvious alliance with Candace.

Anyway, to do so much personal bull sh*t in there there are too many variable that made it a screwed up social dynamic in there for the start with them casting Elissa and the MVP stuff. So at the end of the day it’s probably easy for us to say this person is stupid since the social part has really seem to taken a precedent over even good game play choices.


i agree with most everything here, except i see much greater likeness between amanda and candice. jessie is baffling: she’s weathered a lot of catty nonsense from the other girls, mostly keeping her dignity; but then she crumbles into a pile of insecurity and i change my mind again.

teamjudd all the way.


i think everyone is entitled in there to have some bad days and moments where youre down

but when you consider the amount of crap that has come jessies way from various house guests this season, i think she has done pretty well


why would you compare jess to amanda?

amanda is a mean spirited, malicious, disrespectful, cold hearted, racist, homophobic bully who lacks class…jess has none of those poor qualities

jess is way more mature and secure than amanda

ive seen this every time this season that amanda has tried to bully her

the other night when jess won the argument with her displayed this perfectly


if candice is evicted next week depending on who fights with amanda they will be the mvp … next week she will blame judd again for being the mvp my bad even with candice gone she will still be the mvp …. hellen is stuck on stupid because if candice leaves she is one body down i cant wait fot that alliance to kick her to the curb … these house guest are a bunch of misfits the hoh has no more power after the nominations but these idiots cant see pass that…AS much as i hate amanda nasty ways if she goes up next week again and these house guest keeps saving her i wont feel bad if she does win the money … cbs reads the comments on twitter and these forum they known the public wants amanda gone they can only nominate her but those idiots have to vote her out …

Not sure who I am today

I’m glad Amanda took her meds — clearly her true self comes out when she does.

give me a break

I can’t believe Amanda made racial comments towards front of everybody and they blame Candice and come to Amanda’a aid…and now Aaryn and GM makes more racial comments in the hoh room and the producers think this is okay….and to add insult to racist injury…now she has to dress up in a clown suit in front of the racist……….this is F*CK up…

pot calling kettle

GM Made the comments not Aaryn; Aaryn told GM to not say that!! Amanda is just a racist pig enough said!


When amanda “went off “on Candice, what exactly did she say? Whatever it was it sure angered McRae.
Perhaps now he will rethink and have second thoughts about this very uncomfortable to watch partnership/love affair.
Probably not, but we can only hope.


lol even if amanda doesn’t go home, I still wanna keep putting her up. Its pretty clear that she’s gonna have more mental breakdowns, putting her up will definitely start sending her over the edge, and her alliance could possibly turn on her. And they should definitely take her adderall away, just so it could be more entertaining.


Yesssssss. Jessie did great. As for amanduh’s comments about Candice it was so uncalled for. Is there not anything in BB rules about this type of name calling? And amanduh being sprayed orange……..can’t wait….hahaha. Why do these house guests always think that they have to play the game to help someone else to win? So what if Spenser played for himself and won some cash?…I would do the same. Looks like the showmance/engagement is on the rocks…good cause I am so tired of seeing those two sick face(among other things) all the time.


Sorry it was a trip he won. And does anyone else notice how amanduh resorts to the sex based name calling? That is the second time she made the comment ant some ones dick being in someone’s mouth

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Amanda have made too many comments about Howard’s d!ck.

She CLEARLY wanted his piece in her mouth, but he didn’t want anything to do with that skank so she was bitter and targeted him which was more then just “game” as she claimed, and she’s still bitter that he chose Candice.


And she had to “settle” for MC who is now beginning to see her true colors and that she may be ruining his game by association


It’s funny that the two people that said they would use the POV on Amanda took prizes. HMMM.