“They’re a thing, I think It’s Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Kaysar, Janelle, and NicoleA”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – Enzo doesn’t use it. Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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1:35 pm David and NicoleA
NicoleA – I was really hoping the stool was here because I was going to baptize it in the pool.
NicoleA – after the baptism we smash a watermelon it’s a rebirth
David wonders if Season 21 is rooting for them.

1:42 pm NicoleF, Janelle, NicoleA
Janelle – Boogie is usually pretty nice to me outside of the house
NicF – do you think he got asked
Janelle – umm no. He’s having some issues
NicF- Awww
Janelle – like Health
NicF – ohh I didn’t know that
Janelle – Even though he’s a villain he can be very vengeful ion here there’s a soft side to him and he’s a good person underneath it all

NicoleF says she never goes to the after-parties doesn’t meet a lot of people that weren’t on her seasons.
Janelle – I don’t want to do that this year I want to go home to my kids
Janelle – I feel bad I was sharing a room with you and her and all me Amanda did was drink Vodka .. were we annoying
NicoleF no
Feeds cut
When we’re back Janelle was talking about hanging out with Zach, Rachel, Brenden, Elissa, JUDD.
NicoleF – I hung out with Denna, me, Victoria, and one other person.

1:54 pm Janelle and Kaysar
Janelle says she has this Japanese foundation that’s really good.
Kaysar – What’s so good about it
Janelle – I mean have you seen me
they laugh
J – seriously tell me what she said.. come here and groom yourself
K – I don’t have anything
Kaysar says he talked to Christmas today
Kaysar plans to talk to Da’Vonne.
Says Christmas told him that he’s giving off an I’ve come here to play vibe
Kaysar says people are getting the feeling that we give off the vibe we’re here to play and we don’t talk to them they’ll think they are on the outskirts.
NicF breaks up the conversation for a minute complains that her clothes are all wet because the outdoors has been closed.
Kaysar – Kevin tried to campaign to me last night. I’ll work with you I’ll save you anytime He did it with Danielle at the table he didn’t give a shit. I don’t know what that is all about
Kaysar asked him if anyone is talking what is his position and his reply was “Zero”
J – I talked to NicoleA she’s onboard basically pretty much
J – Kaysar, Keesha is terrible at campaigning. She’s really bad at it she says things like I won’t eat your food.
Janelle says last night Keesha was talking game, “I was like Oh my God”
K – I was asleep
J _ wanted to die I hid under my covers.
J – I was like oh my god what are you doing
Kaysar – I wanted to save her
Kaysar – honestly I don’t care that much. It’s nice to have her here but it’s so early it won’t affect the game.
Janelle agrees.

2:11 pm Janelle and Dani
Janelle – I don’t think anyone suspects that we’re working together. they ask what about Dani. I don’t talk to her and I’m not lying
Dani says she knows Zero about David, “Tyler seems nice but what he’s doing. is he trying to be a floater this year”
Janelle – I think he’s working with Cody
Dani – he is around him often.
J – him and David, it’s those three
D – I could see that
J – they’re working together
Janelle asks for next week what is she thinking
Dani – I honestly don’t know what are you thinking, Maybe a NicA or a David.
Janelle – David for sure. What do you think about Christmas.. the people we don’t know their game is super dangerous.. she’s going to work with the guys
Dani agrees says Christmas is a guys girl. “She’s totally a guys girl and she’s a beast”

Janelle says David and Someone else and maybe Christmas backdoor
Dani agrees “Im down with that I’m not close to her at all”
Dani – I’m kinda scared that down the line she’s going to POP off on one of us. I don’t want it to be me.
Janelle – let’s get her out of her. I don’t trust her.
Dani – I haven’t talked to her at all
Janelle says she hasn’t talked a lot of game with Christmas she asked her who she’s voting for and the reply “Mhhh I don’t know”
Dani – she’s told me jack crap.
Feeds cut. when we’re back
Janelle suggests that NicF and Cody are working together.
Dani – I don’t know
Dani says that NicF really likes Janelle and Kaysar “She really likes Kaysar”
Janelle – ok
Dani – she’s easy-going to tell her what to do and she’s like Ok.. I don’t see her going after you guys art all
Janelle – Okay whatever her and Cody might worry me a little.
Dani points out that Kevin picking Enzo for POV shows he has nobody in this game.
Dani says she’s not close to Keesha.
J – I asked her what will you do if you won and she says she’s going for HOH and putting up guys. Kevin hasn’t told me that he’s saying I’ll return the favor.
They start to discuss who to keep this week. BAck and Forth ..
Dani – I don’t care either way for real”
Janelle – Keesha is weaker than Kevin
Dani – she’s weaker .. you think. she wasn’t on her season. She says she hikes 30 miles a day
J – there’s no way.
Dani – she looked like she was throwing it.
J – I was like why isn’t she running

2:30 pm Christmas and NicF
Christmas going on about the “team” they are in and how Cody is solid with the “team”
NicF – there’s going to be a girls thing soon.. I don’t think you and I will be asked.
Christmas – I have a hard time feeling comfortable in Janelle.
Christmas – I think she is considering me which is good
NicF – you’re strong
Christmas – she scares me as a player
NicF – She’s a beast
Christmas – she doesn’t give a f**
NicF says NicA is with them.
Christmas says that Dani and KAysar go to Janelle but she never sees NicoleA doing it.
NicF – maybe she’s getting info for us (Dani)
NicoleF again going on about NicoleA being with Janelle and Kaysar.
NicF – They have a thing I think It’s Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Kaysar, Janelle, and NicoleA

NicF – Bayleigh is 100% working with Janelle
Feeds flip all four on downstairs.. (WTF)

3:19 pm Cody and Christmas
Cody playing down his relationship with NicoleF

Christmas – NicF, and Tyler are really excited about the group
Christmas says Nicole played loyal and Honest on season 18 just like Christmas is playing.

3:20 pm Tyler and Dani
Dani – did you rtalk to Memphis
Tyler – yeah what do you think
Dani – I’m down with that
Tyler – I haven’t talked to too many people in it
Dani – I haven’t talked to Christmas at all
Tyler – I don’t really talk to Nicole that much.
Dani – I haven’t talked to too many people nobody wants to start gaming everyone is playing real tight lips it’s really weird. I’m totally comfortable with you I felt an instant bond
Tyler – yeah.. we’ll starve without each other.. yeah I’m down.
Dani is worried that Memphis is going to “Blow his lid one day”
Tyler says the first time he talked to Memphis is when he approached Tyler about the team.
Dani – that’s kinda weird
Tyler- I guess we’ll see.. what do you think you want to keep Kevin.
Dani – I want to keep Kevin, I asked Kevin today he wants to keep Kevin. All the girls want to keep Keesha.
Dani – I don’t care either way I like Keesha to whatever
Tyler says Keesha “Doesn’t seem all here in a way”
Dani – have you talked to anybody
Tyler – nobody has come to me other than Memphis. Cody said we’re cool and he’d keep me off the block that’s as deep as I’ve gotten.

Dani says she hasn’t talked to Christmas and NciA at all. She talked a bit with David.
Tyler – everyone is scared to make that first jump. Memphis just jumped to stage four can’t really say no.
Dani – totally, seems like a good group though. Potentially
Dani says Memphis originally said Bayleigh.
Tyler – I don’t know how receptive she would be working with me

4:18 pm Da’Vonne Styling David’s hair.
David is excited to cast his first vote on Thursday.
4:26 pm Janelle is doing nicA’s makeup
Janelle – sorry if my star hits you in the face.. I’m doing a gold yellowish because it pops with your green eyes. I only have these two palates.. You like them?
NicA – wow Janelle’s doing my makeup

4:50 pm NicA likes the new look

5:22 pm NicA and Da’Vonne
NicA – Janelle came to me was like Keesha will work with the girls Kevin we can’t trust him he’s unpredictable he’s the one that has to go. Kevin makes up lies like on his season he made up lies he can’t be trusted.
NicA – I’m thinking Janelle, Kaysar … (they reposition)
NicA – Janelle was really selling me
Da – she’s been working you for days
NicA – she was like if you’re working with me we need to keep Keesha
Da – Where do Keesha’s votes lay
NicA – Janelle, KAysar, Memphis, Ian, they’re trying to get me
NicA – Janelle was saying she thinks she can get Enzo
Da – Me, Dani, Kevin was downstairs yesterday he (Kevin) was saying I know you have you two and Enzo
Kevin joins them. Aks if he has the votes
NicA – I think you do but I do think one of them will pull a last minute. Like Janelle or Memphis will declare on Thursday this is what we’re doing
Da – My concern is Ian
NicA susgests Kevin talk To Janelle, Kaysar and Ian.

NicA says that Janelle told her that Keesha would never put us up. Said in season 11 Kevin made up lies to get people evicted.
Da – what lie did you make up I don’t remember that
NicA – she said that is how you got Jeff out
Kevin – The girl Natalie deserves the credit. I had to implement it. She’s like people like you and trusts you. everyone looked at her as the liar as the edit came across it looked like I ..
Feeds cut.
Kevin – I have a clear side I’m 100% with both of you Dani. I’m doubling down. Bayleigh I started to double down.
Kevin – I want to bring in more people

Christmas joins them .. game talk stops.

6:12 pm Bay and Christmas
Christmas – have you talked to Janelle at all
Bay – about the vote she keeps saying she’s going with the vote
Christmas – do you feel good with her
Bay – I like her I really do I like her a lot
Christmas – we’re just feeling each other out
Bay – I really like her really like her
Christmas – I was thinking through Kaysar
bay – he really likes you to
Bay says she’s getting the vibe that the house is keeping Kevin

6:21 pm Nicole and Ian
Ian – I think I have a perception problem in here.. People think I’m too smart
NicA – I know I’ve been trying, We’ll figure it out
Nicole stresses how he needs to win HOH.
Nicole tells him to stay on the downlow and don’t talk about winning
Ian – It’s super frustrating

Ian – you hear a little bit too much like ho you are so smart you played so well last year. It’s not what I want to hear.
Nicole tells him not to worry there’s bigger fish to fry
Ian – IN the eyes of others
NF – yes
Ian – if neither of us win HOH what I think we do is do the same thing Kaysar and Janelle did last time. If you win I get the plus one and I’ll do the stupid punishment
NF – you want me to use it on you
Ian – I think so yeah
Ian recognizes that it might set alarm bells off with people thinking they are working together if she uses the safety suite. Adds why he doesn’t think this will happen because Janelle and Kaysar did it and he’s not hearing the whole house talking about them working together.
NF – And people already know we hang out
NF – I totally feel comfortable with that
Ian asks who the bigger fish to fry
NF says Kaysar and Janelle are seen as threats
Nf – I don’t know for sure Ian it’s just my perception

NF – you’re not going to do what you did to Boogie to me right
Ian – no
Ian says NF is his number one he knows first hand it’ll be hard for them to win again.

6:40 pm Kaysar and David
They’re cleaning out the Storage fridge “This beef is leaking”
Kaysar – as soon as I get an indication where people’s heads at I’ll be like OK cool. how about you
David – same, I was in their boat last year
Kaysar – they’re both nice I don’t have much to go with. It doesn’t benefit me either way
David – If I get HOH you are not somebody I want to go. From what you said to me upstairs. you said what I tried to do is commendable. It meant something to me.
Kaysar brings up watching David’s season and thinking “That dude could really do something”
Kaysar – I want to see more youth black mean that are articulate and smart that meant a lot for me because I didn’t feel like I was being well represented.
Kaysar – You’re just a good dude man honesty I feel like you got dealt a bad hand so this is great. I appreciate you saying that I meant what I said.

Kaysar – I like you a lot to be honest I know we don’t talk a lot. I had nothing to gain I wanted to get that out.
David – it’s big brother first week everybody is going to nice things. that is important to me because that gave me a reason to play this game. You recognized that without me having to explain
Kaysar asks him what did his parents think of him going back on the show
David “he asked what about work”
Kaysar – My dad asked the same thing
David – I can be a voice again.. to be a voice that’s a dream. that’s a dream to be a voice
Kaysar – what did he say
David – he understood
Kaysar – do you feel you were being targeted for the wrong reasons
David – I was being targeted because of fear. I got you out now I’m back
Kaysar asks about the first time he got out.
David says how the choices were made there was gameplay involved. Adds he saw some ugly behavior in the house.

Kaysar – how are you feeling about everybody in the house it’s hard to really tell right. there’s no strong gameplay happening
David – I want to work with you
Kaysar – I feel the same way
David – Memphis has never come to me he’s never said Hey David where are you from what do you do I don’t know what that means.
Kaysar – He’s very closed off. He keeps it close to the vest

6:56 pm Janelle is making food again .. (Christmas and Kevin are helping.

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Bahahahahahahahaha… NicoleA wanted to baptize the stool. Of course, it’s not there. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was probably called in to pick-up the stool at the end of last season.


I hope they give them booze soon

another name

I may be out there, but i’m pretty sure a couple of them don’t drink, a couple more shouldn’t drink with their current medications, one shouldn’t drink because of past substance / medication / history issues, and if i’m not missing my guess Derrick has told another not to drink because his inner dipshit becomes his outer dipshit when he does.

another name

I was going to come back to tell you, Franzilla, but forgot: You are getting your wish.
Booze delivery. Nice Premonition.

another name

Somewhere in the Big Brother House, Janelle breathes.
Nicolef cries that Janelle is trying to suffocate her by taking all the oxygen.

Big Brother All Stars Week One in a Nutshell.


Is it just me, or are the feeds cutting out a lot more than in the past?


Janelle is occasionally mentioning brands of make up and skin care products with NicoleA. During the make over of Nicole they cut the feeds constantly! It was beyond frustrating.

another name

Well. NicA just sold out Janelle to Da’ and Kevin (The secret three illiterate read club).
Janelle better hope she or Kaysar win HOH or that she wins veto, because the spotlight she’s got (with help from Dani and Nicf, added to by NicA now) isn’t the kind you want.

Thing is: Did Janelle lie? Is Kevin’s main claim to fame implementing the lie that broke an alliance? Pretty much.

Does it matter: Not in the slightest. There’s too much of a fifteen years ago she was the incredible Hulk vibe. If she makes it to jury i’m shocked, but i’ve been thinking that for a couple of days. Another I want to be wrong, but.

Miss Impression

I’m having nightmares that the clueless bunch will end up resulting in getting Cody/NicF to the final 2.


It seems like Dani and Tyler’s entire conversation was naming every person and saying they haven’t spoken to them. No one wants to say a thing to anyone they aren’t sure of. Tyler especially refuses to make any definitive stance.

The Beef

But Janelle seemed to think Dani was working with her in the re-cap before this one, but based on the information Dani shared with her, or really, DIDN’T share with her, that would seem to be a bad assumption on Janelle’s part. A lot of them seem to be running “scared”, looking for the true power in the house. Dani is setting herself up good with a lot of people, at least in my eyes. Janelle too is doing some good maneuvering and positioning, along with Kaysar, but the chips won’t truly start falling until we see who wins this next HOH. THEN the roaches will truly start scattering and we’ll see who’s loyal to whom! Or not!


Is Dani really working with Janelle or is this an act? I would be happy if true, I just don’t know.

another name

90% fake.
backup in case Janelle pulls a comp win.


So Nicole A totally backstabbed Janelle? Wtf?! Damn you Nicole


I’m officially pissed. And so disappointed in Nicole A. What “Allstar” would pick Kevin as a partner over Janelle? I think even Nicole F would consider putting her haterade aside and pick J over the lurker.

another name

NicA thinks it’s a big alliance of 12 or 13 out to get her and kevin…. or so she said on feeds at some point.
Hmm, so why did Kaysar and Janelle go for immunity? If they’re in this whole house gangs up to go after… Nicole and… Kevin?


I quickly flashed back to last season as to why I thought Nicole A was a dumbass. Ugh


And she doesn’t have Cliff as a “dumbass” shield. It’s all on her this season

Feeds Gold


enjoy janelle while you can as its not looking good long term

this is reminding me a bit of cass on bbcan5, where the returning players led by neda hated cass and worked to get her out asap…now its snakeole obsessed with getting janelle out and leading the charge to sewer her to the house

really need a kaysar or janelle hoh now as anyone else winning i can see being pressured into putting them up

another name


Derrick on social media.
Methinks she doth protest too much.
He says he was considering going on. Not what Cody said. 100 percent lock i think were the exact words Cody used.
He says people were calling him. I’m sure he was the innocent victim of everybody else pregame conspiring. I mean, he doesn’t have a history of… oh. Paulie sorta let that one out of the bag a lot on feeds long ago. Ooops, So did James in conversation with Nicole on feeds years ago. (the evils of 18 come out to bite asses again).
He says he didn’t tell Cody and Nicole to work together. Hmmmm, How about Cody and Memphis? Only that the truth of Derrick and Dan conspiring will come out in time.
Doesn’t address the smuggle in a cellphone idea Cody spoke about on feeds.

Do i believe Derrick? Sorry. I watched his season. I don’t believe anything he says at the best of times, let alone when he’s trying to cover his own ass. Show me receipts, because his word isn’t good enough.


Coincidentally James jumps on social media in roughly the same time period to say that he wasn’t part of any of the get Tiffani conspiracy that she lays at the feet of Derrick (though admits to pregame strategizing with Derrick, who wasn’t even on the season in question). James blames Da’vonne. Then says he hasn’t been in contact with Derrick for years. Yeah, Derrick was pretty vocal in interviews about Tiffani and Vanessa, so i’d at least look at this one and say hmmm, but the fact that the siblings were clones of their predecessors injures the claim a bit.

No word from James yet in response to Paul’s contention that there was a prize money splitting scheme (that was mentioned on feeds twice) for votes on 18 (gee would that have been another bargaining chip that got Paul back for 19? absolute speculation i added there as a cynic that never cared for Paul).

So, do the two of them, James and Derrick, share representation with the same company? I mean, they… used to… didn’t they? That was James’ original excuse for having any contact at all with Derrick. And now on the same day they are on social media positing the same basic excuses (it may have been going on but it wasn’t me)?
Really? Okay, my radar says show me evidence because your word doesn’t cut it, I’ve seen you both lie. Incoming and outgoing call logs would probably cover it. maybe. Otherwise it’s blahblahblah.

another name

wait a second, it wasn’t the same pr company…. Derrick’s dad was James Manager. I knew i’d remember.

another name

So MANY contradictions between what he is saying and what Cody has said on feeds. So either He is full of porkrinds, or Cody is lying for no benefit.
Not that Cody’s whole i know all about Memphis’ game but didn’t watch Keesha’s season isn’t poop. I mean, those two were talking WAY too intimately for there not be fire behind all the smoke.

another name

Makes as much sense to me as my memory of James admonishing Paulie and discussing the lessons drills and advice Derrick gave the two of them after Paulie had already broken the comp winning only when necessary rule.

For some reason i’m seeing that D. is now sending pics of texts to Dani (presumably from Evel Dick) instead of answering whether or not he arranged the Cody Memphis pair. I’m guessing E.D. has gotten way up in this? Defelection not answer. Whataboutism at it’s finest. Yeah, whataboutism usually means yeah but. And did Dani send Derrick copies of her texts?


I love Nicole F. I hope she gets far.



Bb fan

Nicole F was the deserving winner over Paul in Big Brother 18.

In the first 90 days of Big Brother 18
Paul Was nominated six times and his number one ally and meat shield Victor three times while Nicole never reached the block!!! Never reached it once during that time.

Nicole finally reached the block for the 1st time in Big brother 18 in the final four where she finally lost her number one ally Corey for the first time in the final 4.

That for one shows that Nicole had the ability to keep her and her closest person harms way for the overwhelming majority of the whole season shows how much control she was in!!

She (Nicole) even convinced Paul to not put her on the block, and instead have Paulie volunteer against his will during the week he back doored Davonne!!!
That was huge considering she had no part of exposing her game in Davonnes backdooring!!!

She also convinced Natalie and Michelle As Co-HOH’s to not put up herself and Corey hwhen there was five on two left.
People fail to remember when they were seven people left in big brother 18 when there was Natalie Michelle James they were clearly tight and together as they had Victor and Paul in their corner, and Nicole had the ability to convince them both Natalie and Michele to not to put her and Corey up.
Considering how Nicole was able to Convince co-HoHs two different people not putting her up on the block In Natalie and Michelle and instead putting up Victor and Paul on the block that week. Shows that Nicole was able to get her way when she wasn’t in power that is a huge determination and why someone deserves to win big brother when they control their fate even when they’re not in power!!!

Especially when you consider that Michelle had already called Nicole out saying she’s a snake at the double eviction and had a personal feelings towards her that weren’t favorable the fact that Nicole was able to convince Michelle to keep her and her showman’s closest ally Cory off the block as well!!!! Shows completely how much control Nicole had it’s pretty amazing considering Michelle how wild Michelle’s reactions were and how apparent it was that she hated Nicole.

The first 12 Evictions of big brother 18 showed that Nicole was a complete master mind in getting her way that season because when she wasn’t in a position of power she got her way and she had the ability to convince people not to nominate her when it was obvious she had never been nominated!!!!!! How is that not more obvious on why she was the deserving winner for big brother 18 over Paul.

I mean she was never on the block until the final four though she was a well-known returning player that was being called a snake ? just because she had the ability to take out threats that were coming out after that doesn’t make her a dirty game player folks.

What’s important to mention about Paul’s big brother 18 game and what
People completely forget is how much Paul’s game was also benefited from having his friend Victor have three chances to play the game of big brother hah

That had a massive benefit to Paul’s game to have a number one ally have three chances to come back and play with you!!!

In brother 18 Victor was Paul’s meat shield and number one Ally as he set an unprecedented feat by being evicted three times!!!! In anybody’s right mind who plays big brother no one expects someone to have their buddy have three chances to play big brother.

The reason why Victor getting three chances to play big brother 18 was huge factor in why that helped Paul propel himself to the final two because
Victor was no doubt Paul’s meat shield!

Victor was the most obvious target in the house considering how great he was at competitions!!! Everybody remembers how great of a comp beast Victor!!! Anybody who follows our remembers big brother knows that he was Victor was an obvious meat shield for Paul!!

People have to remember why it hurts Paul’s chances of winning big brother that Victor came back three times!!!
When it comes to winning the game of big brother it should hurt Paul’s argument for winning when he has a friend and number ONE ALLY TO HAVE 3 CHANCES to play and protect him when the average and most rational and recognized way of playing big Brother is that houseguest traditionally ONLY GET ONE CHANCE to play. If Victor didn’t get more chances to play Paul would’ve been gone sooner and the post Veto nominations at the final five in Big Brother 18 is a prime example of that !!!!

Winnng the game at big Brother it shouldn’t help Paul’s chances of arguing why he should win big brother when he has a friend Victor have Ex amount of chances to come back and play big brother just to be a meat sheild and protect Paul!!

In the normal game of big brother that doesn’t happen and it is an unfair advantage to propel Paul to the end game of big brother 18 and why it’s a huge argument on why he should’ve lost big brother 18!!!

And when you also consider at the final five that I could post Veto nominations Paul and Victor were still up on the block since Cory won the HOH and Nicole won the Veto if Victor isn’t there for the third time in the house Paul is totally gone!!

That was a huge benefit for Paul’s game and also why he got to the final two!
Considering they couldn’t go after Paul without getting Victor out of the house First! This was most evident when there was five houseguests left and
Victor and Paul were on the block in the final five at post Veto nominations.
Paul probably would’ve been sent home that week if Victor didn’t get them back for a third time.

And when it came to the final vote davonne for deciding who won big brother 18- following is a huge reason why she probably didn’t want Paul to win Big Brother 18

On Pauls 1st HOH he deceived Davonne the whole time acting dumb like she wasn’t going home the whole time when he was an advocate and knew the play for Davonne to go home.

And if that was an affirmation enough for Davonne vote for Nicole to win big brother. Here was the difference that I’m sure had to see your why Devon didn’t wanna vote for Paul this was a major criticism for Paul and big brother 19 not owning up in his goodbye messages let’s go back to big brother 18 and check out his goodbye messages compared to Nicole the same week when Davonne left the house.

Nicole in her good bye message to davonne she admitted she was coming after davonne.

Nicole Franzel Saying I quote:

“Day seeing you pop out on the box day one was an absolute dream come true.
Strategically on the other hand you were a threat to my game and you are very good and I had no doubt that you were coming after me soon. I’m really going to miss you hope to see you soon but not too soon.”

Whereas Paul remind you that same week being the HOH and also naming Davonne as a back door option after Veto
said literally verbatim in his goodbye message to Davonne:

“Hey Day if you’re seeing this message I’m probably just as confused as you are? I don’t know what happened I thought I made it pretty clear about what I wanted this week, but I guess we both got screwed over. Anyway see you on the outside- Cali love”

I mean come on it doesn’t get as clear day Folks!!!

If there’s any reason why Nicole deserved Davonnes vote over Paul
That is as clear as it gets!!!

Not only did got the blood all over his hands he never even own up to wanting davonne out or seeing her as a verbal threat.

Paul acting dumb saying Davonne if your seeing this then we both got screwed proves that he never owned up to it and got the blood all over his hands backdooring her. There’s is
NO DOUBT that had to be a deciding factor in why Davonne voted for Nicole to win big brother 18.

People have to truly open up their eyes and admit Paul made a huge mistake and not taking James to the final two considering James only won a single hoh all season long making it the final 3!!! I mean come on if Nicole doesn’t get credit for convincing Paul to take her when James was the obvious rollover target that is what became the final nail in the coffin and how Nicole was able to convince people that season to do her bidding when ever she wasn’t in a position of power!!!

When you consider the following of what I’ve mentioned people truly have
to open their eyes and recognize and admit though they might not like Nicole as a big brother player. She was the clear and deserving winner of big brother 18.

another name

Season 18 was rigged beyond the level of ANY other season in the History of Big Brother US. Followed closely by 21, and the d/r presentation to the jury of season 3. And the house guests talked about it on feeds in both 18 and 21. Multiple times. There’s writers, there’s storyline production, it’s even partially scripted in diary room. The enjoyment is in following the story, not as much in thinking the story is reality. There is no reality in reality entertainment programming.
Since the FCC has declared Big Brother to be a reality entertainment program, not a gameshow, it is not required to meet the standards and regulations for gameshows.
Manipulating outcomes for the sake of reality entertainment and storyline is completely permitted, and has been cited to have occurred multiple times. The best we can do is sit back and watch the story unfold, hoping the veil isn’t lifted to show us the machinations to too extreme an effect.
Grodner’s usual rig, added to the Derrick factor, added to the absolute fantasy land edit of episodes vs. what was seen on feeds were HUGE in 18.

Sit back and enjoy 22.
Attempting to influence respectability for 18 isn’t workable.
18 was a farce, and the cast was stupid enough to talk about it on feeds.

Golden Gate Granny

Ratings. Ratings. Ratings.

That’s what keeps the renewals coming. I was really hoping this season would be less manipulated, and more organic, due to most of the world being on Covid lockdown and everything being cancelled. It’s going to have the ratings because (at least here in the US) people are craving ANY competition/s.

All this pre-gaming and phone smuggling crap on top of production interference (even highly apparent in the feeds) has me a bit miffed. And the 2nd episode hasn’t even aired yet.

Bb fan

none of that matters because when you look at what exactly unfolded and held a voting history, the nominations, and evictions and who ended up in the FINAL 2!!!

Considering what we saw in front of us it’s as clear as day That Nicole was the clear and deserving winner over Paul in the final two in Big Brother 18!!

Lisa Donahue had one of the greatest social games anybody had ever seen play big brother in 20 years whereas Paul would go around name call and insult women-call them C*nt.
Big Brother is a social game heavily it’s not smart to go around and demean peoples intelligence and insult them like Paul

From the facts in 1ST 90 DAYS of
BIG Brother 18 Paul was nominated 6 times and lost his best buddy number one ally meat shield Victor three times to evictions!!!! While Nicole never reached the nomination block
Or lost her number one ally one time
In the first 12 evictions
that is the clear and obvious case considering how things went into place with big brother 18 and unfolded And theres nothing you can do to change.

Even to suggest Lisa losing in that being rigged is just asinine Even throwing out the idea of the sequester diary room sessions it didn’t make a difference when you consider especially socially how both players Lisa and Danielle asserted themselves in the Big Brother 3.

Danielle Reyes and Jason made a huge flop taking someone like Lisa Donahue to final 3 That was beyond foolish. Especially considering how Danielle and Jason probably lost Marceles and Amy’s vote with how they got the blood all over there hands in evicting them in the final 5 and final 4!!!!! Lisa was even wanting them to win the veto in the final five.

May I remind people who Lisa was…
Lisa Donahue is a big brother royalty Because still to this day to have one of the greatest social games to play big brother!!!! Lisa Donahue had the personality that was so likable that she could put you up week one a.k.a. Marceles and you would want to forget all that and vote for her and still to this day her and Marceles are that close!!!

What is underrated to Lisa‘s game was that she had charisma!!!!
You couldn’t vote to evict her because she was so likable and that charm she had worked because they convinced people like Danielle and Jason to take her farther than what they should have and not seeing how big of a threat she really was because they liked her so much!!!
Lisa was so sweet and good to you that by the end of the show people would vote for her because she was sincere and kind hearted and didn’t out right deceive people personally.

What made Lisa Donahue so deadly was that she was the most likable woman ever because was so sweet I yet she might’ve have been the
HOTTEST WOMAN to ever been on the show OF big brother still to this day – that is a deadly combination!!!!

The huge reason why it was so foolish for anyone to consider taking her to a final three A chance to prove herself that she coul win the Final HOH
AND beat the great duo of Danielle and Jason to get to the final two final two when it comes to having people vote Mixed with her likability and how socially Lisa was kind hearted and sweet had an ability to get on peoples good side. Shows how bad of a decision it was to bring her to the final three especially when they when they lost Amy and Marceles vote.

And Josh knows that Lisa clearly wasn’t the one who going around telling lies and deceiving people – When you combine that with us for the fact that they were supposed to be in an alliance together originally shows that Lisa deserved his vote.

Danielle Reyes and Jason me a clear and obvious mistake taking someone like Lisa Donahue over Amy Crews!!!
Who had already been evicted once, only one won HOH, and had the social game Amy clearly hurt game annoyed the hell out of people!!!
There’s a reason why Marsellus always argued with Amy because that was his best friend in the house she kept taking everyone’s alcohol and it annoyed people lol Though I completely Understand people like to drink alcohol and there is a limited supply on big brother to drink. Amy would socially annoy people by always going go out of her way to take peoples drinks even when they would still be drinking them!!
In the game of big brother it’s not always to socially annoying people there already limited amount of alcohol to put in that it is considering how stressful the game Is for players.
Danielle Reyes clearly would have beaten Amy at the end !!!!

And let’s not forget that Danielle completely lost her vote with Marcellus the week he left because it was clear and obvious that she deceived Marceles By convincing him to do the dumbest move in big brother history and make him look like a fool on national television to not use the Fido on himself in the final five only to see him be visited by Danielle G’ by convincing him to do the dumbest move in big brother history and make him look like a fool on national television to not use the Fido on himself in the final five only to see him be the kid by Danielle adn Jason.

There is no question Danielle lost her vote to win the game a big brother for how dishonest she was to more sellers in the final five when you consider that Lisa even said in the final 5 she clearly threw the VETO!!! Lisa was wanting Amy and Marceles to have chance to win it.

still to this day Lisa Donahue is considered to be most likable woman
Ever on the show because she was
easy-going, very friendly personality that came off as grateful and sincere as any person and on top LISA WAS GORGEOUS!!!! Lisa was deadly Big Brother player because she was a beautiful supermodel In 20 years is still argued as the hottest woman to ever enter the house on top of the fact that she might the most likable person to ever be on the show!!! Because Lisa Donahue had the ability to make people like her !!!!
Mixed with her beauty and her obvious likability
Why on earth !!!!! And Why in Hell??Would you consider taking her (Lisa) to the final three when you could’ve Have taken Amy haha Who clearly had socially rub people the wrong way in the house over the season??

The fact that Lisa was able to win part 1 and part 3 taking on both Danielle and Jason beating them in the final three to take one of them to the final two which was showed that she could hold her own ground against the strongest duo ever and still have the ability to convince both of them to hurt their chances and relationship with both Amy and Marceles with ensuring Lisa would get their vote because Jason and Danielle clearly targeted them when they was five and four people left.
That didn’t take any diary room looking to see they didn’t have to have sequester to blind them to see that from their eyes Danielle clearly lost Amy and Marceles vote right there when they decided to keep Lisa to the final 3.

And let’s not underrate the fact that unlike Paul who I’m arguing who shouldn’t have won big brother 18 against Nicole because Paul had Victor and ally come back to play with him three times that season!!!

There’s a huge reason why Lisa deserves to win over Paul was because she didn’t have an ally member and a meat shield come back to protect her so many times !!!!

The reason why Lisa deserve to win Big Brother 3 was because she PROVED THAT SHE COULD DO IT WITHOUT A RIDE OR DIE and meat shield to protect her!!!!!

She didn’t want her showmance Eric to come back and help her play!!!

In doing that it showed that Lisa could play the game on her own and make decisions for herself and have agency and she didn’t have the benefit that Danielle did and having ride or die partner in crime the whole time throughout the game to get her to the end and she didn’t have the luxury like Paul did to have someone like Victor come back and play with her three times!!!!

there is a huge reason why Lisa deserved win big brother three and Paul deserve to lose big brother 18 is because LISA OUTRIGHT decided I don’t need my number one ally And romantic showmance Eric to comeback and be my ally.

On the other had Paul the benefit of that Victor coming back and playing with him three times !!!

People say all the time in Big brother season three houseguest not being sequestered and the diary rooms that’s was the reason why Danielle lost.

In reality it didn’t make any difference considering how Danielle lost both Amy and Marceles vote when her and Jason clearly targeted the both of them when there was 4 and 5 people left. The way that Danielle deceived Marceles for not using the veto on himself in the final and making him look bad Just to have her self and Jason vote to evict Marceles in blind siding him !!!
Clearly lost any chance that Marceles was going to vote for Danielle to win.
And the fact that Danielle and Jason were clearly a duo And
Danielle nominated Amy in the final four. Jason evicted her I’m sure clearly had an impact on Amy vote to win big brother three considering that Jason and Danielle would’ve made a group decision on who they would’ve taken with them to the final three

Lisa started the game of Big Brother season 3 with a huge alliance
(Roddy, Chiara, Eric, herself, Gerry, and Josh)

And people forget which ultimately gave Lisa the overwhelming votes
And the ultimate win for big brother three was that she had a big alliance to start the game and it wasn’t her who turned on the people in her alliance.

Lisa she never turned on her original alliance they were the ones that put her in a bad position. Gerry using the Veto on Lisa HOH week one.
Josh making up a lie To Chiara about how Lisa felt about her and also using the veto to save her or Eric the week that Gerry both put them up.
When the truth was that Lisa went up to her and told her that if it was me I wouldn’t use the Veto at all!!!

That’s when LISA gave arguably the greatest piece of advice especially for early big brother “I keep my mouth closed and my eyes open”
That line with in itself shows how
Smart and Self awarded Lisa was when it came to playing the game of big brother and why she was a deserving winner she knew what was going on and she was smarter than what people ever gave her credit for.
And Josh knows that Lisa clearly wasn’t the one who going around telling lies and deceiving people – When you combine that with the fact that Josh was supposed to be in an alliance together When it was Josh’s fault that there became more of a division in their relationship as well his Relationship with everyone else in the house because he was a constant liar!! That shows that Lisa deserved his vote.

Part of the reason Lisa got Gerry’s vote at end was because Gerry wasone that turned on Lisa not only vetoing one of her nominations week one and they were supposed to be in an alliance together but Gerry also put up Lisa and Eric instead of putting Josh who was always going around
insulting Gerry calling him a Nazi.
Josh was clearly and obvious piara in the house at the time.
And Lisa told Gerry that an in yet Gerry didn’t listen.
And let’s go back to the power of the goodbye diary room message that people receive when they’re getting
their goodbye messages when they’re with Julie.

A reason why Paul lost twice for big brother was his inability to open up his goodbye messages I showed you that when he back door Davonne I gave you a verbatim example:

Here let’s see what Lisa said to Gerry verbatim in her goodbye message to him

“What I really have to say to you and what I really have to say to Eric is that I’m sorry that I didn’t have the pleasure of putting you up this week.”

Unlike Paul, Lisa Donahue had the ability to own her actions in her goodbye messages.

It didn’t make a difference whether or not they would’ve been sequestered or not for season three because Lisa wasn’t the one that was going around deceiving people about who she was and what she was doing in the house she wasn’t going around backstabbing and lying to people and deceiving them she always had a reason to act!!!
The fact that she was so likable and when I say likable nobody had a bad thing to say about her that is what made her an unbelievable big brother player and why it was a foolish move for them to bring her to the final three like Paul deciding to bring Nicole to the final two those decisions were foolish and you have to wake up and admit that as far as how the game played out and who ended up in the final two it doesn’t take a genius to realize why both Nicole and Lisa. In person in their remind would admit that taking both of those girls would be a dumb decision because they had an argument to win considering how the game played out.

The fact that lisa was so likable and when I say likable everybody in the cast knew she had no bad bone in her body and for as beautiful as she was she really was that sweet and enjoyable to be around!!!

That is what made Lisa an unbelievable big brother player and why it was a FOOLISH MOVE for them to bring her to the final three like Paul deciding to bring Nicole to the final two those decisions were foolish and you have to wake up and admit that as far as how the game played out and who ended up in the final two it doesn’t take a genius to realize why both Nicole and Lisa won their seasons!!!

When you consider all of the following and the fact and it is a clear fact with how they both Nicole and Lisa got to the final 2 . That is The reasons why Lisa and Nicole deserved to win their seasons.

Both cast members made terrible decisions thinking they could beat Nicole and Lisa in the final two that’s part of the game in knowing that!!

There’s no way in hell I would’ve thought either of those women being in the final two with me would’ve been a good idea !!!!

another name

Nicole did practically nothing on season 18 feeds.
She didn’t convince Natalie and Meech to target Paul and Victor instead of Cory and Herself. D/R did THAT when they TOLD NATALIE NOT to target Nicole. It was on feeds when Natalie told James. The SAME thing happened when Paul and Victor had a curse laden rant about d/r telling them not to put Nicole on the block. For a half hour. On feeds. This is feed fact that we can’t ignore because it’s not episode narrative. RIGGED.
Don’t even with the season 3.
If presenting D/R to the jury were a good concept it would not have been discontinued after that season. There would not have been near record levels of complaints regarding the issue logged with the show.
In terms of GAME, Dani outgamed Lisa. Ran rings around her strategically.
For the record:
I don’t care who was HOT. That’s not even… why would you even… WHAT?
Okay. sorry. As soon as appearance is even mentioned as any criteria in any way shape or form when talking about deserving as a winner… nope.

Same Ole Same Ole

OMG! Can’t stand her and never could.

another name

The unusual suspects alliance is already having monkey wrench number 3.
1) was switching membership without discussion
2) having the concept of an alliance that never meets when a couple of the members are high impact meet and plot types.
3) women that don’t gel in an alliance arranged by casper the angry ghost Memphis.

This one is actually going to cause more problems than it’s worth, has too many of the same overlapping people as the guylliance and fourlliances (but excludes Enzo).
Meh. A lot of the members of the 6 that has been called the 5 by 3 of it’s members are people i’d rather see face adversity, so go for it.

another name

Oh god, what if Cody followed through with the people that are clicking already should make up the team. Tyler thinks Dani and Janelle click. Tyler thinks Kaysar wants to work with him and Cody. Tyler hasn’t really had more than the one convo with Memphis. oh damn, what if they try to finagle dumping Nicf and Black Friday for Janelle Kaysar Enzo Cody Tyler Dani thinking everyone of them want to work together???
Okay. This is me making a complete JOKE. NEVER HAPPEN.
I don’t think I’d actually WANT it to happen. AT ALL.

Step 1242

Nicole F won big brother 18 Is messed up in yet people can’t admit that Paul took the wrong person to the final two. James won one competition all season …whoops !!!