They can’t take a sh*t without the other one being like “Where’s Brett!? Where’s Winston!?”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots ?

7:40pm JC, Kaycee and Rockstar in the HOH room. JC – If I win the veto, I’m not using it. Rockstar – that’s why I don’t want to play in the veto. JC – who ever stays now comes after Scottie. Everyone in this house has one target. If you’re trusting all these people blindly you’re making a mistake. We need to get the bros out. JC – when we send Winston home. Brett and Angela are going to get together. You can tell she is falling for him. She laughs at all his jokes. If they get into a showmance they’re going to be a target with the whole house. I can’t work with that anymore. Rachel wants to f**k him too. Kaycee – yeah that’s annoying. Those girls throw themselves all over.

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8:30pm Bedroom. Bay, Haleigh and Rockstar. Bay tells Rockstar and Haleigh that she named the Core alliance. Haleigh – so you named it, they didn’t name it? Bay – yeah after Swaggy left. Haleigh – we need a name. Rockstar – Kaycee and Angela don’t leave each other side. I think that .. and you’re not going to like this .. but Brett is the one that needs to go. Winston has no uniqueness or talent. Brett is more threatening of the two. Bay – Scottie told me that Brett is the bigger threat in the game. Haleigh – we will never convince Kaitlyn of that. We have three. Rockstar – Fes and JC goes with the house. Haleigh – Brett is a salesman. Bay – and persuasive. Haleigh – Scottie said after 5 minutes Brett had convinced him not to put him up. And he was going to do exactly what he said. Rockstar – Listen to this, and this is really great and evil.. then I think next week we put Winston back up. Haleigh – and I think we keep putting Winston up until he goes home. Bay tells Rockstar about how Winston snapped on Scottie telling him that he just wrote his own eviction. Haleigh – like to be that aggressive about the game is strange. Bay – he thinks he’s going to go home. Haleigh – good. They need to be sparated. One of them can’t take a sh*t without the other one being like “Where’s Brett!? Where’s Winston!?”

8:55pm Bathroom. Haleigh talks about her app punishment and how she has to stand up on a podium and read aloud a book. She has to read the entire book but can only do it when the tell her. She says that she can read it outside of that but that it doesn’t count. Winston – why would anyone do that?! Haleigh says that she has to keep her place bookmarked and if anyone steals it she gets in trouble.

9:12pm HOH room. Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Scottie. Haleigh – you need to think about replacement options. You don’t need to sit here and tell us but you need to think about it because there are three powers and we don’t know what any of them are. And none of them have been used as far as we know. Kaitlyn – Can you imagine if I won the veto and used it on Winston.. EWWW. Heleigh – I can’t even imagine Winston asking me to use it. Rockstar – how dare he call me a floater that sucks up to the HOH when all three HOH’s have been people that I like. I am not a floater! I am a dedicated member of getting their side out. Kaitlyn – Rockstar you better win HOH next week.

9:35pm – 9:40pm Bedroom. Fes and Bayleigh. Bay – I don’t understand why he’s stirring up so much. Fes – why is he talking so much? Bay – I don’t know, he’s just nervous. Fes – just don’t talk about it. That’s what gets you when other people talk. Bay – I’m not, but she keeps coming over and sitting right by me .. you know. And like wanting to talk. Fes – let her play her game. Bay – did Scottie tell you that everybody has her (Rockstar) name in their mouth. Fes – really? Bay – he said that everybody suggested me to put her up. Fes – so if we suspect we’re going up then we use it and you pick the ones you want .. and if they win veto .. they can replace us back up though.. Bay – that’s what I’m saying. That’s why we have to make sure its very strategic and it won’t even be considered. Fes – the HOH isn’t going to know who used the power. Bay – exactly. We have to think like other people. So if someone has a problem with someone we have to put them up and they’ll suspect its them. Fes – this is the greatest! Bay – I know. Its great but you have to use it right.

10:10pm Lounge room. Kaycee, Brett and Winston. Brett writes #SAVE THE BROS

10:40pm Tyler and Rachel. Tyler – Winston and Brett need to start working on their relationship with Sam. I don’t think she would save either of them. Rachel – Winston is playing a bad game. Rachel – when I knew it was down to me and him, I was like f**k!

11pm HOH room. Tyler, Scottie and Sam. Scottie – if Winston is the one that wins and takes himself off the block so it will just be Brett on the block .. and those are the two people that we are going to vote for .. so I have to put up someone next to him that no one would vote out vs Brett or Winston. Sam – you can put me up Scottie. Scottie – I wouldn’t. Sam – you should. Scottie – why? Sam – trust me. Scottie – you’re kitting me. Sam – do it! Tyler puts his hands on his head in frustration. Sam – pinky promise. Scottie – I already don’t like this. Sam – pinky promise that if they win veto you will put me up on the block. Scottie – why? I don’t want to but I trust you more than anyone else. Tyler (acting) – I don’t like this Sammy.

11:05pm Storage room. Winston, Brett and Angela. Winston tells Angela that it would be better you’re in the veto for me to throw it to you so that you could use it and then you and I are safe. They question whether Sam would use her power to save one of them. Angela – Scottie told me and Rachel that Fes’s plan was to go after you and two. Its Swaggy’s plan. I’ve narrowed it down and Rockstar could have it, but probably not. Or Bayleigh has it. Scottie – I will literally be live if I have to put someone else up, then Iwould ho

11:50pm HOH room. Scottie, Fes and Tryler. Fes – it looks like everyone is worried about being the replacement nom. However iF you get house guest choice ..if you want me to play. like give us a better shot. Like beating them. Then I will do it. However if everyone is keeping it the same then I am not begging you put pick me. But if you feel more comfortable, then I will do it. Scottie – I would feel absolutely better if you did it. Fes – then I will.

11:57pm Bathroom. Sam to Kaitlyn – in the event that you are put up I will protect you. kaitlyn – I have your back inside and outside this game. Sam – just know that everything will be okay. Scottie – Winston came in hot and left hot.. So I was like okay game on! I think that they thought they could intimidate me.

12:20am Sam and Tyler Bathroom 

Sam – we don’t have any enemies at this point

T – Rockstar…

S – she loves me and I would never let anything bad happen to you

Sam says next week they have to be sure of who gets evicted in order to use her power.

S – we would have to send someone that we like, and actually evict them. Then after the fact be like, that was our thing, sorry.

S – it’ll just be offered.. that could potentially make me look like a liar. if I never make good on I have the power and now it’s gone.. people will be like she never really had it but I did.

S – I don’t want to loo like a liar.. the other catch is after it’s gone I can’t keep saying I have it so after it’s gone it’ll be anonymous but I’ll have to come clean to you Kaitlyn and Kaycee that I don’t have it anymore.

S – Kaitlyn doesn’t know about the expiration. SHe asked me again tonight

T – Kaitlyn asked you

S – I said I know you are worried about going on the block but if you do go on the block I will protect you so if she goes on the block I will give it to her.

S – she might come back as a robot or she might come back in a battle back.. we don’t know

T – the thing I’m worried about this week is if it’s you against a bro and you get evicted and then it’s revealed you had the power you battle back.

T – Then Scottie finds out you had this power and used it on yourself.. He will be upset.

T – so neither the bros go home nor you go home.. he’s going to be upset.. (boo hoo)

S – Should I tell Scottie I have the power

T – NO we should tell Scottie to not put you on the block.

S – I don’t forsee.. I think I would win against the Bros

Tyler warns her that BRett has more ties than she thinks.. “He’s good with a lot of people.. alliance wise”

S – how is that possible.. how do people play in so many alliances.

Tyler tells her that’s the game.

Sam knows but doesn’t get how people can be loyal to everybody.
Tyler tells her the best case scenario is if the noms stay the same unless she really doesn’t want the bros to go home.
Sam – I would only ever use the power on you you, myself, Kaycee, Scottie or Kaitlyn
Sam says she gave Kailtyn her word
Tyler – she did keep you safe
Sam – if Scottie does put her on the block..


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I’m very happy with this noms but let’s see what happens after the veto


Just curious, am I the only one who hope the Bros are both here next week! The odds are next o impossible, but it is possible! Those two are the only source of entertainment left! And is anyone gone from loving Sam, to her jumping on their final nerve ending! She went from quiet shy girl I really liked, to somebody who believes she is loved by all, and says NOBODY would ever evict her! Well honey, lets see how much they love you wen your power is gone! (sorry rant over) lol


You know she is saying put her up not because she thinks everyone loves her but she is saying it because she knows even if she gets evicted she gets a chance to come back.


Yes, a chance to come back. That’s too risky if you ask me.


And you are right! She does not know an has not tried to clarify the “chance” wording of her power

The Beef

Seems to me she’s trying to pull a Lawon move, if ya know what I mean, and we all know how that worked out for him.


I think it is a set up. She thinks that if they put her up. Get their side to vote her out. She uses her power and come back. No blood shed for them. Everyone left on their side and black eyes for the all the others.


With you bluenoser


Yep…looks like we’re in the minority. Agree with your rant lol


i can do a praise dance right now im so happy. Brett should go first but ill take the jerk winston. im fine with either. skate on through the door. ??


Sounds like Bayleigh got the Identity Theft power app. She can replace a nominated hg with one she wants to put up. But if they win veto…..(here’s where I’m really not sure)…..then they get to choose to put someone on the block (instead of the HOH?????).

Man….this could get complicated. If Bay uses hers, then Sam goes & uses hers….& that person wins the contest to come back in……..who goes????

This is a great season!!!!

I Could Be Wrong, but. . .

It sounds like Bay can replace both noms, but if veto is used the HOH can nominate anyone (including Bay), which is why Bay keeps telling Fes they have to be smart about using her power.
At least, that’s my understanding.

Your average BB Fan

The only thing I’m worried about is Winston / Brett or his allies winning the Veto . If the other side wins Veto then I’ll feel good about this week and the bros going home is still in effect ,but tommorow can make or break this week being good hopefully other side wins Veto .

My Two Cents

It’s SO nice to have a season where there’s a split vote on eviction night instead of everyone being terrified to vote against the “house”.

Like Literally

Agreed! Mob rule sucked last season.


The last several really.


Sam annoys me now. Every convo anyone has with her she turns to talking about herself and how she does things in life blah blah blah. Just over it.

I know many like her and that’s great. I like her as a person as well, but that doesn’t mean she is not annoying af. Only the truth from me:-)


as a follower of this site and BB watcher for 10 seasons now I’m confused myself. She contributes nothing game wise. She will not mastermind any moves she will be a horrible jury member; as she will only vote based on niceness and not gameplay. Baffles me, she is not a strong player by any means.


I know right, I have gone from loving her, to wanting her out he fricken door! She is really annoying now! Giving advise to everyone in the house when they never ask for it! Grrrr she just is now so full of herself!


The miracles of BB. You can go from welder to life coach overnight! ?


Too much folksy innocence…… she makes me feel like I’m gonna OD on wholesomeness.


I’m with you !!!


I liked her from start but now her “simple girl who just loves everybody” persona is starting to get old.


I’m starting to get a bit tired of Sam’s conversations as well.. She needs to dial it back.


I’m wit u too…not saying anything about her on a personal level, but as for gameplay, I want her out


I don’t really like Sam. I think she is really a BS Artist,tonight when she said ( I really don’t know the educate of this game) that was pretty much the last straw for me with that women..People better watch out for her,playing the innocent babe in the woods role..She knows exactly what she is doing.


Seriously these Winston threats are getting worse and worse. ProductioN!! Stop sleeping and kick that psycho out of that house before anyone gets hurt!


why on Earth does Sam like Kaitlyn? Just because Tyler said “she saved you”?????? I honestly don’t think Sam has a clue about how to play this game.


I am happy with the nominations and prefer Winston get evicted. I haven’t liked him since week 1, and now he’s proving more and more why.

Every year it always amazes me how bent out of shape people get when nominated. It’s a game where (hopefully) everyone came to win….just 1 winner. Someone has to go each round, just like in musical chairs.

Free- I agree Sam was getting annoying. I guess it’s the only “play” she has, but I still love her.

It’s great if Bay won the power app because it will definitely keep this game interesting. My understanding is that when Sam’s power is played, and if the person masters the challenge (which is played immediately upon eviction) , no one would be evicted. Someone tell me if I have misinterpreted.

Yikes- the identity theft power app is likely the one I would have picked myself because the title alone suggests a replacement nom, but if veto makes it even more powerful, that would be amazing.

I’m away from the feeds this weekend so I’ll have to catch up on all the details Monday.


Yeah just get my favorite lucky charms and some of that egg nog. I also like those little dinosaur chicken nuggets!! Let me know how much it comes out to. I’m just hanging out right now listening to the radio and reading newspaper. See you in a little hunny buns, love you!


Ugh Sam volunteering Tyler needs to tell her and scottie that’s a terrible idea. Shocked haleigh got the crap app other then sam shes my fav girl. The rest of the girls got into alliances and stopped trying haleigh is still talking to or flirting with everyone her floater skills are underrated


All this pinky swearing this year, reminds me of AHS Cult! Wait hold up, is much the same! lol


? You are so right!


Twitter polls have Rockstar at the top but here she’s at the bottom! (I only get to rank once like you all)


I cannot relate to Twitter anymore.. Get off my lawn back to building the shrine


Get the fudge outta here! Always said the twitterverse was a little strange, this confirms t!


Are you serious? Where, she drives me crazy. Thinking everything is racist or how she got all UGH about Sam just because she was on the couch when Bro #2 Sat next to her. She probably was joking but even Cray Cray Katiyln thought she was being dumb


I don’t get the RS hate. honestly.
What has she done?


Her attitude towards the game is off putting.
Her attitude towards other people not like her is off putting.
Basically her Tribalism is off putting for me.

She is after Tyler though so that’s a HUGE bonus for her. Maybe that is why she’s popular.. I can dig it if that’s the reason.


Say what you want about Rockstar, she has a good pulse of what’s going on in the house.


I think that’s the only reason. There is no way that a majority of people think she’s a decent person.


I think Angie’s twitter popularity is solely because she was saying Chris is the target of racism because of his nomination and eviction. It’s more folks are saying racism is bad than they are saying she’s great.

Go back to being a robot

Wow Sam is an idiot


Here is the Bro Shrine.. had to pull out the big plates but kept the GIANT plates back we’ll use those for an emergency Shrine.

I guess this means the bros are safe now.. I wonder who will be going home 😉

(The Shrine isn’t for Winston.. LOL it’s for Brett. Winston has lost Shrine status for now.. )


Just for the record.. I kinda want Winston to go this week so the SHrone is more for Brett.


OK hats way too dayum funny! Simon you missed your calling, there is a great comedian I you!


Agreed, i think brett has some good gameplay in his pocket, but winston just straight up bully minded..


Scottie put Winston up and he went up there and told him how he feels. Telling him he signed his eviction notice is not something I consider a bullying tactic. For that…I say go back and watch Paul, Christmas, and Josh last season. That’s bullying. Don’t get me wrong, if noms stay the same, I prefer him out, it’s just that like the word “racist”, I hate seeing the word “bully” thrown around so that it diminishes what it really means


Where is the hate for Winston when swaggy was in the house this site dogged him out at every turn. However he never was hateful or threatened anyone.!!!!

Winston strategy to stay in the game is to bully or threaten Scottie.

If swaggy had done and said the same thing as Winston everyone would have been talking about it non stop and calling him aggressive and he must go!

For some reason Winston threatening behavior is not a major topic of discussion but swaggy arrogant behavior was discussed non stop.



I think Winston is probably going home this week. Compared to Brett his game is very weak. I don’t think Sam will use the power on a bro.

Winston is just going to dig himself deeper into a whole like Swaggy did. Brett on the other hand might be able to dig himself out.


Sure hope so:(


I think it’s because we all seem to agree Winston is a douche. There’s no real reason to debate his douchiness. Chris’s attitude had fans and detractors so people were willing to argue about him. Unless we want to start arguing about Winston’s douchiest moment….


Oh there’s plenty of Winston haters on here. Go back and check out the boards starting on day 1. However, much like I didn’t agree with those who called Swaggy a bully, I do not agree that Winston is a bully.

Andrea stuart

I think tyler is the most powerful player in the game. He is very good manipulating and erasing his traces. And he has alliances with everybody. But he should be careful who might bring to the final. He might ended up losing the game tlike Paul. Sam is a fool by sharing his power with so many people. I think she truly is a robot. Hope the next ones to go are either racist angela or racist rachel.

The Beef

I hope your internet connection is the next to go.


Hey! Does anyone wanna talk politics? How about that TRump and Pelosi?



Hell no. Was hoping this would be my “Safe Space” from liberals for the summer. By the way, is this OUR Simon posting?


LOL it was just a joke.. I got silly with the comments this morning. See this is what happens if I get a full nights sleep.


So glad. Afraid someone hijacked your identity or you hit the Kracken really early! My blood pressure jumped wondering how I’d survive if forced to give up this site!


Ok so I maybe alone here yet again, but I happen to think Trump is doing a great short the immigration issue separating the kids from their parents! Now Pelosi I beyond a wing nut job! She sews lies ad fabricates stories about him! I cannot believe her and Maxine Watters were ever allowed to hold a eat in congress!


Thanks for REplying Bluenoser

tom brady

OML Simon trump is the most hated POTUS ever LOL
such an embarrassment clown! but still racist like rachel and angela love him to death wonder why? XD
SIMON 2020! 😉


I hope Rockstar wins a HOH during a Double eviction so she can take her shot at Tyler(Kaitlyn) and I don’t have to go through a Rosckstar HOH for a week.

After typing that I thought about it… Kaitlyn and Tyler on the block for a week would definitely offset a RS HOH. DAmn ok take that all back..

You know it’s a good season where all scenarios are positives for the viewer. .. LOL


The last power up power is damn powerful… holy cow!


Why…what do you know? What does it do????


The one Bayleigh has or the one still in the app store waiting to be picked up?


The one she has .. where she can swap out the noms.


I would hate to be the one in power when Bayleigh uses her power because it sounds like the HOH would have no power at all.


I’m thinking if she can replace the nominees it only works once so it would be best to do so after the veto ceremony. That would insure the two on the block are the ones she wants gone. Although if she does it this week or next Sam may negate the eviction. Of course that would mean they win the comp to reenter the house.


I’m curious about the actual wording though. Still if she can replace even a single nominee that would be potentially game changing. Imagine one of the bros winning veto, pulling themselves off only for Bayleigh to throw him right back up.


Just wanted to let ya know I bought the Old Spice Krakengard body spray yesterday…smells delicious haha :p

Chick in Louisiana

Ok, what’s the deal with Sam’s power again? How does it work?


Sam’s power allows her to grant an evicted houseguest the chance to play a comp to reenter the house. She had 4 weeks to use the power. On the 4th week the power automatically activates and that weeks evicted houseguest plays in the comp.

SCottie’s HoH is the third week and the last week she can choose to use her power. Next week if her power hasn’t been used it will be activated for whoever is evicted.

Chick in Louisiana

Ok, I wasn’t aware of the automatic activation next week if it’s not used. That’s crazy! Thanks for the info!!