“The whole house is in a brigade yo”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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12:40 am NicoleF and Dani
NF – NicoleA is working with Janelle and Kaysar
NicoleF says KAysar was looking after her “the whole time”
Dani – that doesn’t mean anything
Dani explains that Kaysar is really nice to talk to .

12:52 am Enzo and Dani
Enxo – we’re keeping Kevin
Dani – I think so, you like him right
Enzo – I like him
Dani – he likes you

Dani says she doesn’t trust Janelle adds that da’Vonne and Bayleigh are working closely with her
Dani says she lkes Da’Vonne a lot
Enzo says Da is loyal
Dani reminds him that “she turned on her alliance thought”
Enzo – she did?
Dani – yeah

1:20 am Kaysar, Keesha and Janelle
Keesha saying if she won HOH it will be Cody and “one of his friends”
Keesha – who would you put up
Janelle – I see other people as bigger threats though. I dunno.
Keesha says she’s talked game with Memphis in the have nots.
Keesha – obviously he’ll give me his vote he still tinks nobody is after mean. I mean you heard him
Janelle – did he play like this last time so nonchalant
Keeesah says yes Memphis never even won HOH his season.
Janelle – so all he is is a vote.. awesome.
They agree it’s obvious that Keesha and Memphis don’t hate each other.
Kasyar says based on their body language “it’s so obvious”
keesha – I try to avoid him
Keesha says she’ll kick Memphis’ a$$. She will find him after the show if he doesn’t vote for her to stay
Keesha says Memphis doesn’t want to come off as aggressive he thinks that’s a big mistake.
They wonder if Memphis is working with Cody.
Keesha says David asked her “how are you feeling”
Keesha – I’m like you know it sucks he’s like well yeah .. I was like well you know it comes down to if people want me here or not there’s not much to go off it’s the first week in the game.
Keesha’s says everyone asking her if she has the votes. She’s leary to say yes to people she’s not sure about she’s been saying “I hope so.. ”
Kaysar says Cody will use Tyler and David to ask around ti find out where the wind is plowing and the person that he feels is staying he’ll pull them into the HOH and be like “Yo just so you know we’re cool”
They count votes. they think they have Da’Vonne, Enzo, Ian, NicoleA, and Memphis

Janelle warns that NcioleF is a more dangerous player than Cody. Kaysar agrees says NicoleF’s game is to go around stirring things up she’s like a floater whereas Cody will stick to a side and fight it out.
They agree that NicoleF is 100% with Cody.
Kaysar – they always bring up theior season
Janelle – you can tell by their body language.
Keesha adds that Tyler is with NicoleF
Kaysar – and David.. those four.

They want the lights off so they can sleep. Janelle – I wish we still had light switches
Keesha – I know
Keesha – what about Dani.
Janelle – I don’t know
Kayar – every single person in this house is a floater everyone. Enzo, Dani, everyone with the exception of David, Tyler, Cody. \
Janelle says if that side gets HOH next week they are going to ask certain people into an alliance to get the numbers and it will be everyone that is wildcard in our mind so Christmas, Dani maybe, who else? that’s all they need
Kaysar – they will try to bring in Da’Vonne
Janelle – no they won’t, They’ll bring in Christmas.
Kaysar – they can not win next week. if they win again they’ll build the alliance out and we’re screwed.
NicoleF comes in

1:35 am David and Da’Vonne
David says he’s unsure about Janelle. He talked to her a bit today. “She hasn’t engaged much”
Da – she’s really private.. she’s played this game 3 times already.
David says if he won HOH he would put up Memphis and Janelle because those are the two people he’s talked
David says he never talks to Dani much.
Da – she’s a good girl I really like Dani. Her head is in the game that’s for sure.

Da mentions how much cleaning David does around the house. Points out that people leave their stuff laying around because they know David is going to clean it up she doesn’t want o see them take advantage of him
David says during the boring moments in the game it gives him something to do. David adds that these little acts of kindness open up conversations to him.

2:11 am Ian and Da’Vonne
Talking about the POV ceremony being at noon.
They bring up it being Kaysars birthday today.
Feeds cut when we’re back Da is talking to Kevin in the hammock
Da’Vonne telling him “You’re doing good”
Kevin says Enzo has confirmed his vote for Kevin to stay. Da’Vonne says he’s a straight shooter. Kevin likes him.
Kevin – but Memphis is working COdy hard
Kevin brings up all the times he’s walked by them talking in the sky bridge when he’s coming from the have nots (I’ve seen this but they’re talking about getting rid of Keesha)

2:10 am Enzo and Cody
Enzo claiming he has hurt his foot doing burpees without shoes on. He’s limping around putting ice on it.
Cody goes on that they need to lock Tyler down if they don’t they’ve lost a dangerous player, “He knows how to play the game”
Enzo – with Tyler go easy with him
Enzo says they’re ok with Tyler “with all these women I like Janelle too sooner or later we have to bring her in”

Enzo – I like Keesha but at the end of the day.. it’s a game
Cody goes on about liking her as a person
Enzo – someone’s got to go. She’ll spend a couple of weeks in sequester than get a chance to come back and that’s it
Cody – this week it started so fast
Enzo says he wants to win the next HOH or someone like NicoleA
Cody – Dude Dani will play for the HOH
Enzo doesn’t think so says she’s been talking to everyone she’s playing it safe.
Cody says he’s worried about what he says to Dani about Janelle because he doesn’t know how much they are talking
Enzo – I like Da and I like Bay that’s what I’m going to tell Janelle

Enzo saying he likes Nicole but she’s won.
Enzo – the main point is you and me go to the end then we battle.
THey laugh about their great spot in the game and about Keesha.
Enzo – you just know I got your back and we’re going to the end with this sh1t
Cody – the roots are f*ing growing through everybody we’re branching out over here over there

Enzo – I’m about to say yo we’re the brigade yo..
Cody – I keep calling us the roots..
Enzo – we’re all in an alliance with all of them they just don’t know
Enzo is worried if Christmas wins the HOH but add that because they are close to Bay and Da “they’re good”
Enzo about Christmas – She’s got a body thought my god. she’s got a boyfriend right? yeah she’s got a boyfriend.
COdy laughing
Enzo – she’s got a body
Cody – I can’t be around you
they’re laughing
Enzo – I need to talk to Janelle more too.. She doesn’t like NicoleF
Cody – I know that
Enzo – she’s got something with Kaysar she’s got something with Da
Enzo explains that NicoleF said she say something in Twitter about Janelle and Bayleigh having something coming into this house..
Feeds cut.
When we’re back they’re talking about how “everyone is scheming”
Cody – I want Tyler with us
Enzo – we just have to figure out how to do it with him.
Enzo – the whole house is in a brigade yo
Enzo says the girls were all worried about an all guys alliance. “I’m in an all-girls alliance. They’re in an alliance they don’t even know it”
Enzo – we get caught in lies flip it.. you’re the only guy that knows everything I’m doing.

Enzo says he’s going to go talk to Kevin. Confirms with Cody that they are not using the POV Nomisntiaons are locked.
Cody confirms says he told Kevin straight up that he plans on Kevin being good.

2:55 am Enzo and Da’Vonne
Enzo says Keesha just started talking today been inside of the house for a week.
Enzo – Ian scares the sh1t out of me. Da I will be damed if someone who won this shit wins again.. you going home yo
Da – Yeah I agree
Enzo – at a certain point that has to come into play yo.. c’mon yo
Enzo – Who is voting to keep Keesha maybe Memphis? because they were on the same season
Da says she’s going to try and figure out what the house is voting
Enzo says he’s telling Keesha on Thursday.

3:40 am Sleeping yo

6:45 am Memphis take his regular morning pee.. (As outlined in Derrick’s pregame schedule)

7:51 am Still looks like just Memphis is up.

8:37 am Memphis and Kaysar are now both up chit-chatting.

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Anybody Cody and Co. want to stay, I want to go. I’m team Kaysar, Janelle, Ian, and Nicole A. This idea of pre-gaming makes me sick and they don’t deserve to be on the show. Off my soapbox now…


I agree 100%


Thats what happens when most of the good players dont want to play the game again. You get smucks like Cody and Enzo thinking they are Gods. Team Janelle and Kaycer all the way. I hope Tyler joins them. Nothing worse than a middle aged man who acts like a teenager yo!


I know, right?! I didn’t like Enzo in his season and I still do not like him!! I want Ian to win a HOH and put up Cody and Enzo with Mr. Meow Meow as the target!!


Thanks for the clarification. I missed that part.


Janelle, Kaysar, Ian, Nicole A, Kevin, and maybe Dani should be The Quack Pack 2.0!!

Golden Gate Granny

To the current 15 people who have poll voted our beloved Dawg out… may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. Hmph.


Question. Why did Janelle use her pass after Kaysar? She knew he was going to use it on her. Now both of them aren’t able to participate if need be.

BBAS2 baby

I was thinking about this while watching last night’s episode too
She could’ve left her pass for next week

Rush & Bellevue

The bleach is slowly destroying her brain??? (She reacted without thinking.)


Maybe her +1 was not Kaysar……


I was screaming at the TV. It made no sense. I’ve heard several people suggest that if only one person played, there would be a set time that they would have to beat and if they didn’t then no one would get the safety that week. But it still seems weird to me. They should have at least clearly explained the rules on the show.

It kinda seemed like Janelle panicked…but who knows? Maybe they thought (if it was a set timer) that it was better to have both of then play against each other to guarantee the win rather than potentionally one of them playing against a timer and losing and neither of them being safe.

Still seems sketchy. And I be, if the timer thing is true, it would have been manipulated by production depending on who chose to play.

Feeds Gold

perhaps to increase the chance they were both safe as i think there was a time limit to complete the comp

another name

Because Grodner already had the star costume prepared, including the gold cheerleader peplum leotard, in Janelle’s size.

Just me

Actually, the rules state that once someone selects another HG to join them in the Safety Suite, they forfeit their VIP pass and have to take a punishment. So, it wouldn’t have made any difference, Janelle would not have a pass to use this week.


OK, this actually makes sense! & if the timer thing is also true (if only one person played) then it would make absolute sense for them both to play.

Did they say this on the show? About the forfeiture of their VIP pass of selected by the winner? If so, I must have completely missed that.

Thanks for the clarification.


Kinda creepy how much Dani looks like her father.

Golden Gate Granny

DNA is “creepy” that way. Though in her case, I don’t see it. At all.


So is Ian still possibly the next one in danger?


I must be having auditory hullucinations…I could have swore I heard Janelle say about NicoleF…”she needs to grab a bed and a guy, and just let me play my game”…only one to hear that?


During the televised show


Haha! I would love her even more if she did say that

Feeds Gold

enzo is the hilarious loose cannon the season needs

he reminds me a bit of kramer

Feeds Gold

memphis working on tyler…wants them to work with dani, cody, snakeole, christmas


Which houseguest is going to feel Janelle’s wrath? I feel it might be Enzo, Nicole F, Christmas, or Memphis!!