Enzo “Who is Ian?? That motherf**ker scares me!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – ENZO YO!
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Spoilers – Enzo is not using the veto as of Sunday morning. The plan is to evict Keesha.

9pm Havenot room. Kevin and NicoleA.
Kevin – if I enter into a conversation with her I can tell that she is grinning through her teeth. If I crack a joke she does not crack a smile. I am vibing that someone must have told her something to think sideways. I am trying to figure out who is in control. I am not trying to say that Janelle is some crazy person but I know how the telephone game goes ..it makes it amplified. My intuition is telling me that she is not liking me.. which is fine because my god went boom… my idol doesn’t ..But I am sure she is talking game with Enzo ..and Enzo is the type of guy to shake on it. He shook on it. Nicole – I have so much faith. Kevin – between me and you.. do not repeat this to anyone.. if I were to get HOH do you know who I would put up on the block? Janelle and Kaysar. And you know why because they took the safety suite. Nicole – that’s a good reason. Kevin – And I can say because you were safe last week. Nicole – we get rid of Keesha and that’s one less person for Memphis. You put up them (Janelle & Kaysar) .. that breaks up them two. That’s what needs to be done.. all these little power pods. I want to win HOH real bad too.

9:35pm Hammock. Kevin and Enzo.
Enzo – I feel like this is going to be a crazy season bro! I think its going to get crazy real quick! kevin – you think? Enzo – yeah, its all stars season man! Kevin – I think if it comes down to a vote its going to be split. Enzo – you think, yeah?! Kevin – I think so. Enzo – I’m going to talk to Cody .. I just wanted to wait till the backyard opened. Kevin – I do really appreciate that you said you would vote for me. Enzo – and I’ll talk to him .. I just feel like he’s going to say I don’t want to get more blood on my hands. Kevin – I think though that we all know that its just part of the game. Like the two nominees .. we should be talking to people. Enzo – Yo! For real! And I respect that. Kevin – and I definitely would be returning the favor to you. And I do think that we don’t have anybody built in.. and I don’t know about you but I’ve been so disconnected. I don’t have a big social media presence. I don’t have followers. Enzo – me either.. I’ve been disconnected for 10 years. Kevin – I feel like you and I might be similar in that respect. And we both left 3rd so we have a lot to approve.

9:45pm Backyard couches. NicoleF and Christmas.
Christmas – I think before eviction night we kind of have to have something.. Nicole – yup! I’m working on it. Christmas – and I think you and I should talk about who we want our team to be. And I don’t think that people should know that we’re on a team. Nicole – nope! Christmas – and we both have our own separate team. Nicole – oh you think we should each have two separate teams? Christmas – kinda. Nicole – I know who you need to get in with that I can’t. Christmas – who? Nicole – Janelle. Christmas – I know who you should that I can’t. Nicole – who? Christmas – Dani. Nicole – I’ll get through that ..easy!
Christmas – If even if four of them lock in .. they’re f**king monsters! No matter how many people we have on our team we lose the numbers.

9:50pm – 10:15pm Hammock. Enzo and Bay.
Enzo – I feel like right now in the house there are pairs.. and I am looking at who I would want to work with. Bay – who are you thinking? Janelle? Enzo – Janelle might be with Kaysar. Bay – well they have to be because of that safety thing. I like Janelle a lot. Enzo – me too yo! I just have to figure out if we can trust her. Bay – I think that we can. Last time she was in here no one would trust her. She will be looking for that. Enzo – before we start branching out we should know that we have each others backs. Bay agrees. DaVonne joins them. Enzo – I was just telling her .. I don’t care what funny business you do on the side just have my back and I’ll have yours. Lets go to work! I like Janelle .. but can we trust her?! I don’t know. Its just a matter of time before she gets going! She is going to get going.. that one! Who is Ian.. That motherf**ker scares me! DaVonne – I like Dani. Enzo – I like Dani too. Memphis too .. but that motherf**ker looks at me like .. I dunno! We just need to ween in two more people. I want to talk to Cody too … like YO! What are we doing!? Lets just get to the end .. and whatever happens happens. Kevin thinks there was going to be a safety suite every week. DaVonne tells him no.. two more weeks of it. Enzo – then there’s going to be a Pandora’s Box! This season is going to be crazy.. DaVonne – someone’s going to get a coup d’e TOTS! Enzo – someone is going to get Diamond Power Of Go F**k Yourself! I miss my man .. shout out to the BEAST Lane!

10:25pm – 10:40pm DaVonne and NicoleF.
DaVonne – I really like them both. Nicole – me too. There are pros and cons to both. DaVonne – what are the cons to keeping him (Kevin). Nicole – cons.. he is better at comps.. if he doesn’t like me say .. he would be harder to beat. He has no one. DaVonne – pros for Keesha.. she is a girls girl. But then Kevin is a girls guy. Nicole – I don’t see a benefit of either of them leaving. DaVonne – he was saying he has a drag person. Nicole – I really want to see her. DaVonne – he needs to bring her out. Nicole – I really like how Keesha likes animals but I am trying to think gamewise. DaVonne – but Kevin would be really good at games if he was on our side. I don’t want my vote to stick out like a sore thumb. Nicole – I will let you know what I’m doing and I’ll see if I can find out what anyone else is doing. Davonne sees Ian and says – Oh he makes me so nervous! In this game he terrifies me. He makes me so nervous. Nicole – I am trying to get close to him. He hasn’t said anything but I’m sure he will warm up. DaVonne – he is someone I would want on my side. Nicole – I think I could work on him for that. DaVonne – who makes you nervous. Nicole – I honestly can’t tell if Janelle likes me. DaVonne – she keeps looking over here. I don’t think she wants us to talk. Nicole – you work on her and I will work on Ian.

10:50pm Kitchen. Keesha and Enzo.
Keesha – I just wanted to talk to you to see where your head is at in keeping me. Enzo – Tomorrow is the ceremony and I still have to talk to Cody but I know he isn’t going to want me to use it. I am not using it. Keesha – no why would he. He doesn’t want to have to put up someone else. Enzo – it sucks because I like you and him. Keesha – you’re kind of not leaning one way or the other are you. Enzo – I’m not. Keesha – if you ever needed me for anything or to vote for you later on. Its not like I’m a threat to anyone here or coming after anyone.

11:20pm Lounge room. Kevin.
Kevin alone talking to himself trying to pump himself up for his convo with Janelle. Kevin – I am about to talk to a legend right now. I am so nervous to have a conversation with Janelle right now. I can do this! She does not intimidate me. She is just a regular girl. I am just going to treat her like a regular girl. She is not a goddess. I don’t even have a plan. Don’t throw Keesha under the bus. she is going to try and milk me for information. I’m not going to tell her anything. Be very open. Be genuine! Is this real life! I’m about to have a straight up conversation with Janelle. Janelle joins him. Kevin tells her how Enzo wouldn’t likely be using it. Janelle – this has been awful because both of you are so sweet. Kevin – I don’t know your relationship with Keesha. If you would consider it I would love to return the favor for anyone that would do it for me. I have been a team you since jump. Janelle – do you know where the votes are at? Kevin – I don’t know. Janelle – well let me know because I dont want to be the only one. Kevin – I would love the opportunity to work with you in some capacity. If you feel like that is an opportunity then I would appreciate it .. and if not that is cool too. Janelle – absolutely. Just tell me where the votes are and that is probably what I would do. I think no matter who leaves .. one of you is getting the opportunity to come back. Kevin – I am staying. Janelle – do you have the votes? Kevin – I am going to get the votes. I am just putting that out in the universe.

11:24pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Cody – I came out of the DR and Bay was like where is Enzo? Enzo – I am running from everyone! YO! I’ve got like 5 alliances. I don’t know what I’m doing! Cody – I know bro! Honestly though we need to make it seem like .. you can’t win a comp because its going to make you show your cards. Enzo – yo look I like Bay, I like Day, I like them. What’s the other ones name? Nicole. Yeah I like her too. Now I am on the hammock talking to Bay and Day and they were like yo we need to bring in one or two people and I was like I’m four steps ahead of you in my mind. I was like who do you like. I Like Janelle but I don’t know .. can we trust her because I know them two are talking to Janelle. Cody – I like Dani and she is the one that I trust behind you but not even close to how we are. Enzo – I know! I told you we’re “the roots” of the whole sh*t! Cody – the roots bro! I keep saying it! Its Money! I still think as much as I trust Dani .. there is just a hint of her working with Janelle. Enzo – do we make an alliance with Bay, Day, Janelle .. I like Janelle but if she comes in that means Kaysar is going to know what is going on. Cody – I am trying to have a one on one with Janelle being like I know there are people you’re close with but at the end of the day you’re never going to be someone that I go after. Bay heads to the HOH room. Enzo sprints to the bathroom.

11:40pm – 12am HOH room. Bay, Enzo, Cody and Day.
Cody talks about how he would want Kevin to stay. Enzo – I don’t even know if Keesha knows shes playing right now. For real! Cody – no she does. I feel bad. Enzo – I will give you my vote .. .you know like what everyone says. I’m like what are you saying!? You know what everyone says!? I won’t put you on the block if I win HOH. YO! YOU GOING HOME! They all laugh. Cody – should I try to be nice to Ian and try and befriend him? DaVonne – I am in the works of trying to befriend Ian.

12:20am Backyard. Enzo, Ian and Cody playing pool

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Big Jim

I like the safety suite. Adds new dimensions to the game.

Feeds Gold

memphis abrasiveness rubbing nicole a and kevin the wrong way


Which Kevin?


My gosh, I wish this safety suite would last two weeks or longer. I’m totally team Janelle and Kaysar. I hope they make it past these first few weeks. I can’t believe Da’Vonne trusts NicoleF, like wtf?!?! How can anyone playing not immediately go to Kaysar and Janelle. I like Kevin, but I’d rather Keesha stay, at least she’ll stir things up. I really wish Dani made a pact with Janelle over NicoleF, I want Nicole out the first couple of weeks, sorry not sorry Ratcole.

The Beef

Of course everyone swarms to Cody, because he is the first HOH. It’s almost like the HG’s on season 19 all flocked to Paul, with a few notable exceptions. If Kaysar or Janelle win the HOH this week, you just watch and see how many all of a sudden get really friendly with them! It is the game, but it is a seriously funny part of the game, how someone can discuss and strategize how to get someone out, and then once they win HOH, they are kissing their backsides and promising them the world just to stay off of the block! We all just love to watch the hamsters interact!


I know, right?!

Feeds Gold

kevin mentally preparing himself for his janelle convo was pretty funny

Feeds Gold

this is a really fun convo janelle and kevin

janelle: “they turned on the live feeds night 1 and everyone just walked around like zombies, it was really weird, nobody was talking” (too much pre gaming)

kevin telling her shes an icon and goddess, and hes surprised she says shes an introvert

Feeds Gold

im interested to see when the eventual tyler vs cody crew clash happens

tyler building numbers…bay, day, christmas, david

cody main crew…memphis, snakeole, enzo, dani

early targets…keesha, kevin, kaysar, janelle, ian, nicole a

(i think i would like to see kaysar/janelle link up with ian, kevin and nicole a as an underdogs introvert crew, and eventually link with tyler to take down codys crew)

Not Jason’s Holly

I would love to see Janelle, Kaysar, Nicole A, Ian, Tyler as a group! Not sure it would ever happen though. I would grab David, too, even though he has not much of a clue on how to play. Or is he just acting dumb?

Feeds Gold

its the birthday of both janelles daughter, and kaysar



Feeds Gold



I’ve always been a fan of Kaysar, but there is a pretty big reason why he can’t ever get far. He plays too strong, and too fast. He and Janelle needed that power, but even before that he was on pins and needles with gameplay. He has it in him to go far. His problem is he has to suck up the oxygen in the game in order for him to feel that he is playing the game. Janelle understands this to a certain extent.

Feeds Gold

Janelle/Kaysar/Keesha agree snakeole and cody are definitely working together, they can tell from the body language and how they interact

Janelle/Kaysar will be going after them if they win and regard snakeole as more dangerous as she floats around stirring

(snakeole slithers in breaking up the convo)

pray to the bb gods for a Janelle/Kaysar hoh win

Feeds Gold

after 2am ian: “hammock time, we meet again”

Feeds Gold

around 2.30am enzo catches snakeole and ian game chatting and runs up to hoh

cody/enzo want to bring tyler in

enzo wants to bring janelle in eventually

these guys making way too many alliances

enzo gonna put up kaysar/ian

enzo likes bay, day, dani…but snakeole not so much

enzo hyped up

a very entertaining chat

Covid sucks

Anyone else notice how often the cameras switch during actual good game conversations??! It was driving me crazy all weekend!!! Never seen anything like it before in all the years of watching feeds.


I’d love to see Janelle, Kaysar, Ian, Kevin, Nicole A, and Dani become The Quack Pack 2.0!! Three old school players taking three new school players under their wings and just take out the other side like light it up, toss ‘em out, blow ‘em up and then BOOM!! The Roots would need a Brigade to send them out the door each week!! #thenewoldschool