“we have this undeniable girls connection. Its disappointing for any girl to vote for [Brett] to stay”


POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers Big Brother Spoilers.. Welcome the newest alliance The Maneaters (Brett still staying)

10:43am Sam’s got a new hat

11:15am Rockstar and Bayleigh
Bayeligh says KAiltyn with Fes then Tyler and now Scottie
Bayeligh says these last few days Kailtyn has been holding him, Touching him sleeping in the same bed..
Rockstar – Yeah, I can’t wait to meet joe
Bay – I don’t want to meet joe
They laugh at not knowing what to say, “are you ok.. do you need a hug”
Rockstar – it’s so nice to meet you so whens the wedding

11:20am Bayleigh and Scottie HOH

Bayleigh asks him to describe everyone’s game in one word.
– Hayleigh – everywhere
– Sam – Sneaky
– Winston – irreverent
– FEs – junkyard dog (more the type this needs to get done lets do it)
– Rockstar – strategic
– Angela – biding her time

-Kaycee – ignorant
-Tyler – An enigma
Bayleigh – what is an enigma
-Tyler – I don’t know if he actually has deals with everyone or if he’s just acting like he does
Bayleigh says she’s heard Tyler has a final 2 with Sam and Kaitlyn, “you have a final 3 with him outside the core”
S – me him and Sam made a promise we’ll take each other as far as we can go
-JC – Floater
-Bay- Free agent
– Rachel – a very good place to pivot.. positioned well
– BRett – irrelevant

Bayleigh says she can confirm that there’s no power being used on Brett.

Scottie thinks Winston will go after Kailtyn . Bayleigh asks him if it was him and Kailtyn on the block who would Tyler choose. Tyler thinks it would be Kailtyn.
S – no matter what happens to that girl he consoles her..
Tyler says that his relationship with Tyler is them talking game every 2 or 3 days to catch up./
Bayleigh asks him who he thinks he’ll lose the quickest in a final 2
Scottie doesn’t know..
Bayleigh – do you think there’s a battle back
S – I am operating under the assumption there is one ..
Scottie says the people we would have trouble beating would be Kaycee, Tyler and maybe Fes
Scottie – I’m 5th or 6th in line to the hardest to beat
Bay – that says a lot

They wonder who would be the perfect HOH to take out Kaitlyn
Bay – everyone keeps looking at me, I have no reason to .. maybe one of the girls on the other side would
S- you think so..
Bay – I really do.. I know Kaycee would

They agree Kaycee winning HOH would be great.. Scottie says Tyler will save Kailtyn though to form a rift between Kaycee and Kailtyn
Bay – you think Kaycee would save Winston
Scottie thinks Winston will try to get close to the girls..
Bay – is there enough votes to send Brett home this week
Scottie – based on what everyone is telling me yes
Bay – that is crucial..
Bay – JC is a wildcard
S – he wants to vote with the house.. I told him yesterday I think there is 3 votes to keep Winston here the rest are to get rid of Brett.
Bay – JC makes me nervous because he’s a very temperamental person
S – yes
B – nobody knows what he is thinking.. he could do some crazy stuff
S – that’s why he changed his vote on Steve because on eviction day Steve looked at him funny

They think that Sam’s power is gone this week and next week another one will get used which means one more. Scottie is happy becuase he can play in that weeks HOH.
Bay – you and Tyler are good
Scottie – for now yes..
Bay – Sam and you and Tyler.. that make sense..
S – my theaorey is those two are closer and they are using me
Bayleigh – I heard they have a final 2
S – I haven’t heard that.. what scares me about that is Sam won the power week 1.. at the end of that episode she was a robot.. how did she get enough trending based on that
Bayleigh – her accent.. she’s a lot smarter.. she’s inventive.. she cooks things.. she may be a scientist.. maybe it;’s not her brother it’s her
Scottie – she said her brother is a scientist
BAyeligh – yeah.. accent.. charming she might be a scientist.. everyone loves a southern girl..

They think the power holders are Sam, JC and Kaitlyn. They also think Winston is going to be evicted.
Scottie thinks if Rockwall wins the HOH she would put Winston and Angela on the block.
Bayleigh – I feel like that’s 100%.. who about Fes
Scottie – Winston and…. one of the 3 girls..
Bayleigh – is fes threatened by anybody
S – obviously Kaycee
Bayleigh now asks about Winston. Scottie thinks it would be him and Kaitlyn.

Bayleigh says Kaycee would have more loyalty to Scottie than Winston.. So Scottie should pick her instead of Fes for houseguests choice.
Bay – do you see Rockfall sliding by
S – here name has come up .. there’s potential for that to happen
Bayleigh doesn’t like the sides
Scottie says now that Swaggy is gone her name never came up once.

Scottie asks her if she would use the Veto on him if he’s on the block with KAiltyn
Bayleigh – absolutely I don’t like drama either

Kailtyn comes in.,. What happened last night are you ok..

Feeds cut.. ..

12:02pm Sam making BBhooch

AKA protein powder ice cream (yes she is using a condom but it’s been cleaned)

12:41pm Rockstar, Rachel, Haleigh and Kailtyn

THey talk about starting a all girls alliance and taking over.. Rockwall says the girls are running things day 28 in the house.
Rachel tells them she’s voting for Brett to stay..
KLAiltyn – I am not..
Kaitlyn- I respect you… but given the fact that we have this undeniable girls connection.
Kailtyn – it’s disappointing for any girl to vote for him to stay after he said what he said to me. It’s offensive

Rockstar – he walked into this house saying the girls are running things
Rachel says she’s had a better personal connection with Brett.
Kaitlynwants all the girls to come together and make s stance against Brett for the things he said about her

Rockwall, Haleigh and Kaitlyn go on trying to talk Rachel into voting BRett out because he’s the worst.

12:45pm Kaycee and Angela
Kaycee tells Angela details about Sam’s power. Says if it’s not used this week it’s automatically used next week. Says Sam doesn’t want to use it unless it’s her or us. Angela mentions how it sucks if Brett wins HOH puts up two people they want out and the power is used.

1:05pm Rockstar and Angela
Rockstar continues to sell the all girls alliance idea to everyone.. Angela says she’s for it… “Girl power”
they hug it out..

1:00pm Haleigh and Kailtyn
They are going to all their alliance the man eaters.
They are worried the guys are going to find out but because there is a split in the house they will never suspect they are working together
K – in the event a guy wins and a girl goes home next week.. we have to make sure it’s not one of our girls
H – clearly
K says when they down to just girls it’ll be their 4, We’re evenly split.

1:08pm Girls alliance gets another member.
Sam – very cool.. makes me happy

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This alliance is doomed to fail

My guess is either angela or rachel. Then again Kaitlyn’s voices might tell her to tell the guys.


Agreed either rachel.and angela tell level 6 right away or kaitlyn tells fes or tyler.

double D

Kaycee…I think she is just spying for level 6.


the only reason rachel and angela are on board with this is that their top two targets are scottie and fes. once those two are out they’d flip on the girls.

Like Literally

Kaycee Angela and Rachel have kept their mouths shut perfectly to protect their real alliance. Who in their right mind would be in an alliance with Kaitlyn? Her word means nothing, her voices mean nothing. Most everything she says… means nothing.

Just me

Kaitlyn of course. She can’t keep her mouth shut about anything!


I believe it happened before you could even get this friggin’ poll up, Simon. Didn’t Kaycee already tell Tyler yesterday? Can’t remember where I saw that.


The guys have been talking about a possible girls’ alliance since week 2. I think Brett was the first to bring it up, and now that the third guy is going, I think the guys will be looking out for this even more.

Trey1 is right about Kaycee telling Tyler about it. But, Trey1, Tyler and Kaycee are ride and die, so of course she is telling him…..and, she was talking about the other side of the house (Rockstar, Haleigh, Bay) approaching them.

I have my doubts that a girls’ alliance will work because of Kaitlyn, but mostly because Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee are loyal to L6. Still, they can use this to their benefit.

I like that Rachel is standing her ground on her vote with Kait.

Like Literally

Kaitlyn has some narcissistic tenancies. Everything leads back to her. Her reasoning for hammering Rachel to vote their way is because the way “Brett spoke to me” – he never raised his voice. She did. All roads lead back to her feelings.


Lolol good one. I say Kaitlyn will be the one to spill the beans to a guy about the man-eaters if she hasn’t already done so.


kaycee told tyler. smh. these people tsll tyler everything. ridiculous

Your average BB Fan

The Maneater Alliance isn’t gonna last long the minute Kaitlyn gets male attention she will spill the beans and tell them about or Some of the girls of level 6 will rat out this Alliance .

Snotty G

And lets now count how many hours until one of girls tells the guys that Rockhead is the one behind the girls alliance and she becomes public enemy #1 in the house.


this alliance ain’t going to last. the second rockstar starts suggesting tyler almost everyone’s going to bail on her.

Weird Creeper

This is just a side question/rant…

I know we all have favorites each season but the way “ Freefromwhatyouare” talks about Angela is just very very very CREEPY! The way he/she promotes and defends her is totally on a different level of obsessed. I’ve never seen a poster on here after all my years of following this great site.

It literally makes me cringe.

That is all.

True Dat

I’m okay with it because it’s a lot better to hear someone talk about a houseguest positively than it is to hear the many many people talk about how much they hate someone on here. He’s just being loyal to his favorite and has never said anything about seeing her when she gets out of the house or anything like that.


Angela and Rachel are just paying the other girls lip service for now.

Hey, if it keeps them safer at some point RightOn!, but to say they are 100% with Kait Crock and Haleigh is just not fact.

The only 100% solid thing that is in that house right now is Angela and Rachel’s Final2. And that is the only “alliance” I have any confidence in to date.




We’ll see.
Any of the other girls have final twos?


These girls have final 2 deals that were viewed on the feeds:


The only one I would consider solid is the first one. JMO

Golden machine



Kaycee and Tyler could be more dangerous than I thought. I’m surprised Angela and Rachel are down to work in a girls alliance….or are they? Completely suspicious of all of them lol


As of right now…

The solid 4 include Tyler, Kaycee, Rachel and Angela….so Tyler will be protected by them. Now, if they end up the final 4 in the game, I think the girls would go after Tyler, not because he is a guy, but because he has been the better player and it would be wise to remove him from the equation if any of those 3 ladies want to win.


Join the discussion…Is Tyler really gay?


Angela and Rachel are into this insofar as their top two targets for level six, Scottie and faysal, just so coincidentally happen to be male. The second Brett/Winston gets mentioned as more than a pawn or Tyler gets mentioned at all, they’re gone. But until then they can just get free information from rockstar as she runs her mouth.


.what about tyler or the bros talking with sam about the power?
Dying for this!!!!!
Eviction is tommorow whats upppppp!!!!??


Sam and Winston are having a one-on-one right now. But, I have my doubts anyone will ask Sam to use her power. She has said she is dead set against using it because she thinks it is unfair.


And i would usually be into a girl alliance but not those girls. Not gonna work anyway.. its not true from any of them. Mabey jist hayli.

Like literally

AHAHAHHA this year is a mess! fire fire many fireballs in our way


“She” Who are you talking about?


I think they are referring to Kaycee being non-heterosexual and less girly-girly than the others. I’m pretty sure she still sees herself as a girl. If not then that is different than her orientation.


Well, that is a true disappointment if that’s what he meant. 🙁


In only Scottie’s world would Rockfall be considered “strategic”. Nah, I don’t believe that even he thinks that. She is so full of conjecture and just plain fantasy. She makes up crap in her head and thinks that it must be true. If she thinks to lead this new all girls alliance to victory, I feel sorry for them all. I wouldn’t let her lead me to a toilet…I’d rather s#!t myself!.

He calls Bayleigh a “free agent”. Is that another term for “clueless”. Since Swaggy is gone, I am glad to see that she is stepping up and starting to play for herself, but I hope she doesn’t listen to Rockfall and Kaitlyn among others. It just seems like she believes all the crap made-up stuff they keep spewing.

I want to see Sam use her power. This week. Otherwise, it was a waste to give it to her. Certain people in the house are going to be angry if she could have saved someone’s game and she didn’t. I don’t care that much about Brett or Winston but since I don’t see either as a big threat, why take someone’s game from them. With her huge capacity for Good Will I’d think she would see it that way. I got the impression that she liked them both, so why not save them.

Whenever her power gets used, this week or next, does a person just get saved, or does someone else get put up so that there is still an eviction? Anyone know?

I think.. .

The person evicted get a chance to get back in the house. If (s)he doesn’t succeed at the challenge, they go home. If (s)he does succeed, it will be a dud week, with no one going home.




Sam can use it for herself or a friend. It can be used after houseguest is actually evicted I think. They will then have a challenge to win to get back in the house. If they do get back in, no one would be evicted Thurs and Scottie’s HOH would flop.


Thanks! I hope his HOH flops big time!


Yeah, I like that Bay is playing now, too!
Bayleigh has definitely settled on Faysal as her true F2, but that will turn out to be a mistake, IMHO.


I’d like to submit Rocklobster for consideration as a new RS name.

Rockpuke is still my fave, and makes me chuckle.