“That is her (Jessica) biggest challenge she cannot separate personal and game” – Christmas

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1:33pm Josh and Alex
Josh is explaining what he was doing yesterday and what his plan was with Cody. He wanted Cody to quit not on a personal level but because Josh was so obnoxious he couldn’t stand being near him.
“I didn’t want it to get like that.. it went crazy real quick”
Josh – It went from pots of pans.. dancing around driving him crazy to intense,.. .

Alex – She’s (Jessica) is a sexual predator
Alex says they were going to go out there ans slander his name
Alex mentions that Jessica and Cody were going to say thing that would make people want to spit on him.
Alex – She’s (Jessica) is a sexual predator
Alex – she has touched my V@g1a..

feeds cut..

When we’re back..
Josh says the public is seeing something different because of the way the show is edited they know the truth about what Jessica and Cody were doing in the house.
Josh now saying that what he did last night was strategy “Mess with him so he doesn’t want to use the Hex and Go home.. it got real dirty real quick”
JOsh – I’m checked out with f*ing with them..
JOsh – it’s going to get ugly between me and him

Alex calls Jessica a stupid b1tch. In the same breadth says she never said mean last night to to Jessica she just called her stupid because of how she’s reacting to Alex nominating her a few weeks ago.
Alex mentions that when she was HOH she was the only person that went to bat for her.
Josh points out how when people were attacking Cody and Jessica Mark and Elena back way off from Cody/Jessica.
Josh – they use to be close.. I can’t respect
Josh says “i’m calling you out on your sh1t it’s not an attack” (LOL you just called it attacking)

Josh says once Jessica and Cody are gone they have to take out Mark and Elena.
JOsh – Mark is smart as f*
Alex – Mark is smart

1:38pm Paul freaking out again about Jessica and Cody..
You’ll need to flashback Paul’s delusional retells.. Check out the post or use flashback to watch it on the feeds otherwise you won’t get an accurate retell Blow up Post

1:51pm Paul, Elena, Mark and Raven
Paul is making plans for them to get Jessica and Cody out next week. He wants them to ensure one of them (Cody/Jess) loses the “Safety” competition.
Paul – “No one competes.. it’s them two and one of them for sure loses or we pick one person to compete so there’s three of them as long as you beat both, 1 of them for sure go up.. Or we pick 2 people..”

Paul says if Cody and Jess are smart only 1 of them will compete in the temptation.
Elena – it’ll be Cody
Mark thinks they all should compete

Paul says Jessica and Cody have done everyone in the house wrong and last night they were called out for it. Now Cody and Jessica have to win every single competition to get to the end.

Raven leaves..

Mark telling them he does the same thing with his eggs at home, “It had nothing to do with Salmonella”
Mark says he knows about food safe.
Paul agrees it’s not unsafe it’s just gross.
Mark agrees that it’s gross he does it at home but wouldn’t do that in the house with other people
Mark points out how mad Christmas got when he challenge her, “she’s like that about everything”

2:35pm Paul, Elena and Josh
JOsh telling Paul he wants to talk to Cody and Jessica one more time there’s things he wants to bring up.
Paul – no you are not.. get over it.. they don’t deserve your time
Josh says he wants to address some things..
PAul – we addressed it all yesterday

Paul starts yelling that Cody made it personal.
Josh says it was just game for him and he wants to go to Cody and tell him why was it personal with him.
Paul – he’s not going to give you what you want.. he just has a distaste for yo because you’re a a$$hole
Paul – we just need to get under their skin so they don’t perform well and we got under their skin
Josh leaves..

Paul says Cody was trying to intimidate his way through the game and that doesn’t work on Paul.
Paul says Cody and Jessica are terrible for everyone’s game. “True character has come out multiple times.. people that were stiring the pot turns out it was those two.. like the sky writing and the cat ears.. look at all the distaste it’s created in the house..
Paul – so we got answers to who is stiring the pot and rogue votes.. so why humour anything they have to say anymore.. it’s just a joke..

Elena – i’m just not going to allow them to bring my game down
Paul tells her it’s not worth talking to Cody and Jessica anymore .

Paul – even if they win HOH who will go up there and campaign.. I’ll go up there and say put me up I dare you
Elena – you compete in safety you compete in veto plus you have votes..

Paul – they’re going to try and pin me down.. who will they put me up next to
Elena – me.. someone likable..
Paul – I don’t think they know hat they will do..
Elena – i’m not voting you out at this point..

Paul tells her if he’s on the block his argument is “I got Intel and experience in this game and I can use that intel and experience to get theses two people (Cody/Jess) out and until I get those people out my agenda is very clear”
Paul says if they get him out he won’t be a child about it.. “i’m going to try instead of Cry,”

Mark and Alex join them.. they start Plotting how to get Cody and Jessica out next week..
Paul doesn’t think the Hex will let Cody and Jessica play in every competition..

3:09pm Xmas, Matt and Raven
Xmas – there has to be something negative with the Hex .. the curse has had a positive to it.. no other curse has had a positive
xmas – Coming from a neutral person like yourself.. Hey i’m not asking you not to use it i’m just saying if you do think about the potential you are facing..
Xmas – I know that you and Cody are strong game players but those other two probably won’t use it to save you (Mark elena?) They’ll throw it to keep in graces.. you can play dumb
Matt says she uses the Hex and if they don’t win HOH next week Jessica is going home.
Matt – for some reason Cody doesn’t come at me.. I don’t know why but he doesn’t
Xmas – he doesn’t come at me anymore
They start watching the spy screen at the conversation between Elena and Jessica (Shown below)
Raven – ohh looks like Jessica is getting aggressive
Matt points out that Elena didn’t say anything yesterday
Xmas – Elena is still thinking she’s being slit (?)
Matt says Elena and Mark are in a great spot for the next 10 days.. Jessica and Cody is their shield
Xmas says if Cody or Jessica win the veto they’ll put Mark or Elena up.
Matt says Cody and him don’t have a relationship Matt calls Cody a a$$hole. but they can have a conversation as men without yelling at each other.
Matt – I’ve made a decent effort to be nice to him.. he’s not you can have a regular conversation with

Matt says Raven hasn’t done anything to hurt Jessica so he’s suspecting there’s a personal element in there.
They go back to watching the spy screen
Xmas says Cody was panicking today when Jessica wasn’t by his side.
Matt notices Cody and Jessica talking to Elena, “WHAT is Elena doing”
Raven – she’s laughing..

Christmas brings up the eggs being a “health Issue”
Raven “It is”
Matt says Cody is just a a$$hole.
Raven watching the spy screen “God I can’t stand her” (Jessica)

Xmas – that is her (Jessica) biggest challenge she cannot separate personal and game.. (This is rich)
Xmas – there’s a big separation I learnt that week 2

3:11pm Elena and Jessica (We miss the first bit of the conversation)
Elena says she told Paul that everyone has betrayed her and lied to her and purposely left out Mark and Elena’s name’s because that will look bad for them.
Elena – we’re good if something comes up that I’m worried about i”ll come talk you about it..
Elena – anything I do gamewise is just game.. I love you.. literally actually love you
Jessica – I can handle it..

Elena says she really likes Jess as a person but in this game she has to do what she has to do..
Matt agrees.

3:21pm Backyard Jason and Kevin
Kevin says final 5 would be Jason, Kevin, Paul, Xmas, Josh
Jason – Christmas and Elena called me in the hammock like the first f*ing week.. do you want us to send you home or keep you till Jury.. I said whatever you want
Kevin – that’s why you broke the B1tches leg..
Kevin – f*ing asking you what do they think we’re chumps

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Fondly remembering last season. James, Bridgette, Cory etc.real people, conflict yes but no hatred. Last night’s gang bang was awful.

Matt Pun Intended

I just watched the best of Johnny Mac. These current people are hard to stomach.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

They make a pacemaker for that.

Joe Kerr

That was f’in funny.


I agree they don’t even play this game for themselves.they p!ay for paul!


If you follow evil dick on twitter he suggested that production clued Paul in today on how everyone came off last night and how bad it looked. So he said Paul is backtracking now to make it look like he did nothing wrong. And he also said more than likely production told Paul Cody and Jess what was said on the blow horn. Ps evil dick hates raven and has become to not like Paul anymore so there’s that. Also Rachael also tweeted out last she was displeased with the actions of Paul and his minions. So there’s what past bb players think. Actually quite a few past bb players took to twitter to show the displeasure of the cast last night.

Jody Lickers suck

That’s rich coming from Rachel. That bitch was so hateful towards her housemates, lol. And no one tops Evel Dick in verbally abusing anyone. NO ONE! Jody lickers are hypocrites….


Evil Dick was protecting his daughter, and honestly….it was nothing compared to what Paul incited! I started out not caring for Jody….but thru the actions of the “house” (as Paul likes to claim) I’m rooting for them to at least get to jury. I’dlove to see Kevin take this whole thing! I can’t wait till his gameplay breaks out!


wow the mental gymnastics, thats impressive kid


Exactly!!!!and Evil D didn’t tell others to do evil things. He did it all on his own. He was honest about his evilness… I found it funny when he won.


Exactly!!! Evil D burned a girl with his cigarette all on his own, he didnt need help!


The thing with Evel Dick was I was him and him alone. he didn’t get the entire house to follow his rants and raves, it was a one man show. Paul said to Raven earlier, it would be good if you backed me up and she did. Christmas knew she needed to back him up and Josh does and says whatever Paul and Christmas tell him to say. Evel Dick was a one man show, Paul got people to help him and that’s what makes this more disgusting.


Paul didnt “get” people to help him.

They ALL had their own grievances with Cody and especially Jessica!

Jessica had just got done yelling at them! Only you are surprised they yelled back, because Jessica want surprised!


boo hoo! who are they to talk especially Evel Dick, and Rachel they way they both acted on their season! WOW!

and ya its EVEL not Evil


My bad didn’t notice auto correct switched but thanks for being the grammar police!


i wasnt addressing you, i was clarifying the way i was spelling it was correct for anyone who read it!

also misspelling a word isnt “grammar”
Grammar is structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words.

but thanks for the passive aggressive accusatory remark


You’re a dick. Yup, spelled just like that.


You’re a vagina



At least you didn’t call him an evil dick!


What a dique head.


Chill anonymous (aka we know it’s you Paul)…when you’re correcting spelling in my opinion post it is most certainly directed at me. If you wanted to inform other people you would of stated it as such. Now go back to justifying your behavior so they can spin you into the victim bc your ego took a nuclear hit yesterday (the blow horn). American knows the real you.


WOW you are a triggered mess

you arent worthy of using the Chenbots name


Triggered mess lol nah I’m cool as the underside of the pillow. Just not a big fan of keyboard jockeys always correcting people’s post on a comment board. Read the comments and move along. News flash nobody is perfect including you. And clearly you can’t pick up on sarcasm.



i wasnt addressing you, i was clarifying the way i was spelling it was correct for anyone who read it!

Your obsession is becoming concerning, take your own advise and “Chill”




Like Evel Dick pointed out in a tweet he did his stuff alone. Last night Paul had several people with him. Had it only been Paul, I wouldn’t have made a comment. The majority of the other side were screaming at those two. There’s actually a difference.


and the “several people” came outta nowhere and magically had beef at Jessica and Cody at the same time.

just like Evel Dicks “magic ping pong ball”

it doesnt matter that Jessica had just started yelling at multiple people, it doesnt matter that Jessica had just broke a deal she made with multiple people, its “magic”!!!!

Paul was “magically” able to get multiple people to be angry and yell and jessica and cody!

Jessica and Cody didnt do anything wrong they are precious little angels!

Fruit Loop Ding

Give me a break that deal was junk. If she was seriously going to honor it they were going to vote Jess out why do you think Paul used the Veto on Jason. She called out Raven cause Raven has been talking shit about Jessica. This is Big Brother and if it would have stopped there then we would have watched Jess & Cody sit in a corner and await the next comp. instead Paul incited a riot to go after two mediocre social game players that the house already hated because it would have meant Paul took two shots as HoH against Cody and lost twice and that bothers him on a personal note so he hoped he would force them to quit by inciting a riot. Paul looked into the cameras and took credit for making Megan quit back during that first week or have we all forgot that???
I am not saying Cody & Jess are saints cause they are flawed. Josh did commit a peek at Raven in the shower naked it was obvious he looked while he just for some reason at that moment have to go to the bathroom and later admitted he looked.
My point is those that are running around making the most noise yesterday are the biggest offenders in this house.

give me a break

who is Evel Dick to talk after pouring a drink over a girls head, and burning her with his cigarette, and trashing her clothes

Evel Vagina

exactly. Evel Dick is a hypocrite. he doesn’t even talk to his daughter Dani. just go on his twitter and you will see the hate he has for present and past HGs. he posts obscene pics and continues to bash anyone who disagrees with him.


I find the behavior serious bullying and Big Brother Production should step in immediately. This is a game – yet Paul has turned into hateful bullying and ganging up. He has crossed the line – and the negative comments about Cody and the marines is UNAMERICAN! Our vets put their lives at risk for us – and no one can ever understand what they have been thru unless you served.


ya because sending troops to kill and die in foreign lands in foreign wars for profit is PROTECTING US!!!


Bravo, well said.

Fruit Loop Ding

Soldiers obey orders to ensure America stays safe. These orders come from the officials that American people elect. If the American people are too lazy or too ignorant to become informed about their choice for office then do not blame the soldiers because they are giving their freedom to ensure yours is protected. Also they are not mercenaries coming home with fat bank accounts like some of the contractors that went over to Iraq. Some of these contractors stayed in well protect bases making great money so they could come home write a book and open fitness centers. Sound like anyone on the show??????


Exactly! Being in the military is definitely not what it use to be.


Worst case of bullying I’ve ever witnessed on a network ran show. Disgraceful human beings


You obviously never watched ANY past seasons of BB or other shows like MTV’s The Challenge or Bad Girls Club.

And you Obviously never seen Celebrity Big Brother UK, or BB UK!!

Judgmental Judy

Watch Bravo. Real Housewives series?

Elena's Flotation Devices

Maybe I’m missing something but this is still Big Brother, right? EVERYTHING is fair game if it’s within the rules. You can’t go on and on about “victim noises” and then play the victim. This crying about bullying is ridiculous. Bullying is what’s done to kids in school, not to grown ass adults. As an adult you should be able to take care of yourself. If it’s 10 on 2 who cares! Your fault for being on the wrong side of the numbers. At the end of the day this is a game. I, myself don’t care for Cody, Jessica, Paul, Raven and a host of others but at the end of the day the winner will have my respect.

The Wrong Message

If you can look beyond “the game” of Big Brother, it is a tv reality game on CBS. CBS knows they are responsible for the show they bring to viewers, I don’t believe CBS wants to be that oblivious to preach anti-bullying and then have a show condoning bullying.

Of course anti-bullying is for children, to send them a message when they are young to just accept others and their differences, that putting down or ganging up on people is a coward thing to do and also bullying just comes from a fear of acceptance deep inside. However as viewers can clearly see theses “adults” in the house didn’t learn these anti-bullying tips when they were young or else they would know right from wrong and be self aware of what they are actually doing.


Clearly you didnt learn the difference between bullying and a gameshow play by adults. and Clearly you have never watched any past seasons of BB!

Just Dayuuummmm

Omg. This has turned from last year’s totally delightful & entertaining/informative board to a space for whiners & psycho babble. Enough with the trolling posters trying to either inflame or cram their own opinions down everyone’s throats.


you obviuosly werent here for BB OTT


Exactly. The funny thing about Jody lovers…is that Cody would dislike you all too!…The dude is just anti-social as hell. God bless him for serving. I wish he stayed in the military, but he’s is still the same dude all the fans disliked for backstabbing his alliance, talking shit about people, and berating the hell out of Josh. And guess what? That’s okay. And its okay for people dish it back to him. Its Big Brother. Same thing every season, different cast, lol


did the jody lovers forget when Cody made fun of the worlds most dominant religion by wearing a hijab?


A hijab? Isn’t that what Raven was giving Boyz-2-shirts under the covers? He then went out in the kitchen and wiped it off on one of the kitchen Allah’s?


OMG Dan that was hilarious


Cody has said many times he just doesn’t have time for soft ass fakes. He’s not anti social he just isn’t going to put up with it.


then dont go on Big Brother, LOL omfg


Are we talking about Jody LICKERS or Jody LIKERS? Just want to be clear. Because I love licking Jody, but I certainly don’t like them.


Are we talking about Numb Nipples or Numb Pimples? Just to be clear.


They have all been bullies (hate that word, since most of the time its not used in the correct context) but children are not the only ones that get bullied, adults do too. Each and every one of them at times have yelled at another, called others names, made threats and laughed about it, so none of them are innocent. I am just tired of hearing soNso is a bully..give it a rest unless you are willing to admit that they all are. I am not keen on any of these players. Didn’t like Paul on his first season and don’t like him now – if he would get rid of the insults and comments he would be better off (to me). He seems to be the only one who is actually playing the game, everyone else just seems to be following him and trying not piss him off, so that he doesn’t put them up when he gets the chance. I am just hoping that everyone catches on and they get him out really soon. I wish Mark would stop moping around the house about Elana – maybe he can put that energy into actually winning the next HOH. The cattiness is just unreal, i wish these HGs would realize that and stop.

Big Brother Production

Everything Paul says is fricking ironic at this point. I think this psycho actually believes everything he’s saying.


Watching all these house guests justify their behavior from yesterday is sickening.


Their rationalizing their behavior so production can use the soundbites to whitewash the whole ganging up yesterday. No way BB is gonna show the harsh reality of what took place. This is a reality show afterall and production will make the “reality” of what happened fit whatever storyline they want.

Shame shame on all involved in pretending none of this horrible behavior ever happened.
But we all know the truth.

give me a break

ganging up? a few words from alex, xmas, josh, raven and paul from across the yard is ganging up? give me a break


your virtue signaling is sickening


Go Cody and jess the whole house wants them gone I hope they go further together


they chose to sink their game to the point where they HAVE to win the next HOH for them both to survive, Thats terrible gameplay


Nope, that is a challenge!!

I am Paul's Raging Bile Duct

Paul has reached Kim Jong Un levels of delusional and similarly brainwashed the rest of the house. This isn’t “mist” or great gameplay, it’s pure herd mentality from a bunch of lemmings.

The drenched-in-irony winner, saying Cody has little man’s complex.


yep all the players just “out of nowhere” , just “magically” were pissed at Jess and Cody!
Because Jess and Cody are great game players, and Paul has a magical mental ability to hypnotize the other houseguests into “thinking” they have grievances with Jess and Cody!

Because Jess and Cody are the victims, they didnt do nothin wrong!

I can't even

I seriously cannot deal with level of arrogance. These people are delusional. Trying to paint themselves as saints. Hello McFly you were on live feeds plotting to break Cody, to make him get violent so he would be kicked off. Everyone saw the spiteful nadty crap that was planned. GTFO with the what we did was OK, we did nothing Bad. Is Cody a closed off person? Yes, did Cody make fun of Josh for victim noises yes. Did Cody try to make a bug move on his own? Yes! He never came for Paul on a personal level. He wanted him out of the game. Josh is the last person to say I am not a bukky did he not bully the craps out the girl with blue hair and make her leave? Raven says she owns her shit. Girl bye, you plotted all last bragged in your DR’s about lying to Jessica’s face. The people I favored are now a part of Basement dwelling garden gnomes plot. Own your shit you spineless cowards.

I've got a feeling

I’ve got a feeling production mentioned to Josh/Paul that they were being perceived as bullies and the spearheads of the bullying. It seems to me that both of them are justifying their actions during yesterdays events, especially Josh, its like he is now worried about his actions. So Paul’s big plan now is to give them the silent treatment and don’t talk to them, complete 180 turn around. Its like they suddenly had a change of heart….aka production mentioned they are being perceived as bullies.


That’s also why they keep talking about how it “could” all be perceived.

gangster teddy bear

Jason – Christmas and Elena called me in the hammock like the first f*ing week.. do you want us to send you home or keep you till Jury.. I said whatever you want

Kevin – that’s why you broke the B1tches leg.

LOL! That Kevin is just simply too much!


Love Kevin but if he wants to go to F5 with Paul and Xmas he’s insane. Paul is a good competitor, still don’t like him and Xmas is a POS b!tch. Alex was a favorite but after that display yesterday Jason and Paul are all we have left. Jody won’t make it.


Kevin is a floater, he has no clue what he`s doing. Only thing he knows how to do is lick Paul`s hole


I don’t see Kevin as a floater. I guess it would depend on your definition of floater. Kevin probably isn’t going to win a lot of comps so he relies on a social game. His name isn’t seriously thrown out as a target so why should he start to make waves? He’s made some subtle moves like telling Jessica about Ramses to keep the majority of the house thinking positively about him. Think about Steve, the guy had 2 HoH’s took out Jackie (I think) and Vanessa and got 500k mainly for telling her to get to stepping out of his house.

Kevin is staying in a game using his social game and sometimes that means not making yourself a target if you don’t have to. I don’t think he is blindly following Paul but since they are both going the same direction, why rock the boat until it’s time to ditch him?


Alex said horrible things and continues to keep the foul messages spewing. Christmas has no self awareness.. she really believes she’s above everyone. Who she claims to be clearly is not who she is. Raven is the same. Alex is just a jealous nasty person.

Cindy Withanesse

I’ve seen drag queens prettier and more feminine that roid-raged Christmas.


Hypocrites!!! Jessica is sooooo innocent!!! I’m pretty sure she started calling people out first and yelling at them. People who are being “bullied” don’t yell and scream at the bullies. And I dare you to watch the first few episodes of this season and tell me again how innocent she is. You guys are hilarious!!!

Judgmental Judy

I was just going to post that. Frickin’ funny! I’m anxious to see these two veer off the Moron Train Tracks.


This season sucks. Paul will probably win 2nd place again. Cuz the the sheep and lemmings can’t think on their own. The mob mentality totally sucked all joy outta this season. I hate watching a bunch of idiots. Give someone a Coup D’etat. Like maybe Cody. Or Jess. And No. One. Else.

Big Brother Production

If paul makes it to the finals, he’s winning. He either already has, or will soon have a final 2 with every houseguest aside from Jess and Cody


This is true but atm I think the only genuine final 2 deals he has are with josh, xmas, and Alex. Matt and raven would rather take each other. Kevin would rather take Jason and Jason would rather take Alex.


Very disappointing this time. Don’t think I can stomach watching next time if we just have arrogant bullies to watch! B.B. Is certainly trash tv this series.!!! Feel like I have to take a shower after watching. After yesterday, I can’t believe this… but I actually am rooting for Jessica, Cody or Kevin.


sands is a perfect name for you, because just like sand dunes, you are shaped by which ever the wind blows


still 2 more days until hex used…. ugh. So who will be evicted this week?


“So who will be evicted this week?”

heres your answer —> “still 2 more days until hex used”


If the hex is used, no one goes home.


Thank you! I posted similar earlier and got all thumbs down, without explanation. After your post I read the exact Halting Hex explanation. It is not considered a reboot, because current HOH (Paul) can not play in next HOH. But if Jess uses it this Thurs, basically the week never happened. No replacement noms, no eviction, like a reboot week… the game of the last non-jury eviction continues into next week. I was thinking it was like Jeff’s coup d’ tete, except she had 4 weeks to decide when to use it. Maybe I was just wishing. If voting did take place this week Paul would be forced to expose who was on the bottom of his totem pole.


crazy that this is called bullying when that is all Jessica and Cody set out to do since they’ve been there!
one week of them being HOH people will hate them again.
they are just as bad as Jeremy and Kaitlin of big brother 15 if not worse.

Ian's Lament

Paul is ” Millennial bully” . I little insecure coward that manipulates and instigates when there are no consequences. He does that on the street and legalities or not he gets his ass beat. He is a social media troll made human form on TV. Nothing but vile hateful message with no civility or maturity because there is consequences.


I would like to see the feed that showed Jessica touching Alex’s crotch and the video of Jessica sticking her finger in Paul’s butt. They seem to do a lot of this, “camera” bashing and I believe it’s to make the feed viewers hate them. Especially when they bring it up over and over again. Alex calling Jessica a, “Sexual Predator” is such a slanderous accusation. Also, why is Alex constantly referring to Jessica’s job as being a prostitute’s job.

This cast is an all time low cast!


ive seen Jessica touch peoples private parts multiple times, just yesterday before she freaked out on Raven, literally like a few minutes before, Raven walked past her and Jessica reached out and grabbed Ravens boob, Raven jumped and was shocked by it.

Judgmental Judy

Not to mention, Jessica weighs like 100 lbs so I don’t think she’s going to physically over take anyone.


Alex refers Jess job as a prostitute because she’s a VIP to the rich or in better terms….an escort!


Watching the gameplay from all Paul’s little minions really makes me believe that I could play a better game then them. How do you keep a returning vet around who got second place in a season with 4 vets last year. SMH


Everyone keeps commenting on getting to jury. I thought the object of a game was to win it. They are such a bunch of losers.


Have you ever watch a bb season? They always say that to look like they don’t want to win so someone will take them to f2.


This is the thing I think Cody hates Paul because this is how this all started with Cody in the beginning because he wanted to be the leader and he knew Paul had the potential to take that over from him which he did do. I think Cody still going on about Jasonnot being loyal to him it’s ridiculous . Cody wants everybody to be loyal and if they’re not loyal that he cuts them out and talk to them ever again he seems to be pouting about not being the leader of the group and that’s why he hates Paul so much he wanted to run the house and dictate everybody’s life but somehow Cody’s a good guy and Paul isn’t . Cody and Jessica’s game play this week just sucked she did not have to use the Hex at all they could’ve played the bowling thing in the veto and won it and then next week if they don’t win HOH they could of use the Hex then they didn’t even try . Jessica acts like she never lies about anything or she never talks crap. I do think it’s kind of stupid for calling Raven out but all Jessica has done since the beginning of the game has isolated herself with Cody and talk crap about everybody and help on loyal everybody is to them as though they have to be . So I don’t understand all this love for Cody and Jessica and all the hate for Paul


Hummmm pretty sure Paul’s friends and family are on these sites trying to do damage control. Obvious;)


You’re right. Cody said early on that he hated Paul. This was long before Paul had a clue about how Cody hated him. Paul thought he was on Cody’s team and was shocked to find out Cody was out to get him.


This is turning out to get a worse rap than bb15. Congratulations to Paul and his dogs.

Davos Seaworth

Can next season we have a season of non-millennials please!


Don’t see that happening. There will never be a season of mostly the “middle aged” crowd. They do their ads & ratings guesstimating based on the millennials


and they are too busy working and paying a mortgage and paying college bills. I would just like fresh faces and not returners ever. Give new people a chance and if they have an overly social status….they should not be in. This shouldnt be a stepping stone for wanna be dorks


Not to mention most older people would have more difficulty being available for this long.


It’s called Survivor.


And NO returning vets from other seasons.


This season Big Brother sucks. Why did they bring Helter Skelter back? Him and his followers? What happened to this game?


find a new tune to sing, your comment sounds like a broken record

Over it!

I hope one of the actual humans win this game, not the sex kitten and her vice, not the hillbilly and her (whatever) not the flip flopped muscle/boob show and definitely not the hood rats, that leaves Kevin and Jason! Let’s hope one of them are capable of winning accomp otherwise I’ve wasted valuable time that I could have been cleaning my house and washing my car/dogs, cutting my grass and istagraming my life for others to be bored!!! This show is awful this year! Aaron Grier must finally fell better about herself!


What happened to the game? Nothing but bullying. Get rid of Paul and Josh please…please..


Are these house guess just completely stupid.
Paul and Josh I’m going to be really mad if production makes it look like we are bullying them hello y’all are on live feeds we all see it all . As he says they never did anything to me I’m just taking up for people bull crap you have made up lies about them two because you don’t want them in jury they have only got back in your face ther never started it .and put you on the block .


If Paul had the balls to try and sabotage Cody’s game by getting in his head, all the power to him. The problem is Paul needs to rally the troops before he has the guts to do anything, and pathetically they all just follow his lead. And then for Matt, Christmas and Raven to say they don’t agree with going this far, but that they’ll be team players… omfg grow a pair, stand up for what you believe in and say that to Paul’s face.


Lol Paul! God forbid they talk to them and figure out what you’re really doing. Josh needs to stop being Paul’s lap dog!

Human Resources Management

This could be another BB season where one or more of the house guests lose their real job, and deservedly so.

Quit wishing for people to lose their jobs!

Are you kidding? No one should lose their real life jobs over the crap that goes on inside a game show. I mean, maybe if they were the president of the united states and they were bullying people…oh yeah…never mind, that hits too close to home…

Al Capone

Thank you Kevin, Jason, Matt, and Mark for not taking part in the bullying last night. Those four in my opinion seem like the most genuine people in the house. I do not like Jessica and Cody but nobody deserves to be treated like that. Hopefully those involved can see the error of their ways down the road. It was tough to watch. If it were me I would give sincere apologies to the both of them. Whether America or Cody and Jessica accept it believe or not, it still should be done. Save face while you can because that was disgraceful. The show cannot continue to allow such garbage. Everyone needs to have a clean slate and focus on the game. Emotions are at a level way too high, even for BB. This is unsettling and I’m disappointed because I love this show and have for years. To see it at this level now is sad. Just sad. Coming from a longtime fan, please address this in a timely manner. I will not continue to watch otherwise. Totally unacceptable.


Kevin, Jason and Matt did not stand up for Jody, which means they were part of the bullying


So when Josh was bullying last week and everyone laughing makes them part of it? I guess then everyone on this thread who thought it was funny are bullies. Which I’m starting to see isn’t far fetched. There are some nasty people on here sitting behind a computer talking trash.

Judgmental Judy

Okay, Xmas – your vile behavior is game, but their vile behavior is personal. Can’t be the victim AND the villain.


Xmas needs a vibrator really bad.

Syracuse Orange

This is the worst season of BB, the people are awful. Paul and Josh are the worst. The bullying is out of control. To see grown “adults” gang up on 2 people??!! Wow, I’m a little speechless and totally disgusted.


I can’t wait to see how production airs it. They were eager to air the comments made by Aaron and Gina Marie but will they do the same with their golden boy and lackies. Especially the comments that Alex made about the military.

Judgmental Judy

Paul says they were just getting under Jody’s skin to weaken them in the HOH challenge… as I recall, the last time they did that, Jessica won HOH! It will be interesting to see who crawls to them if either of them win HOH. If Mark & Elena had the guts to team up with them through this “s*$# storm” yesterday, it would have been great.


If everyone has such an issue with this season and you’re so disgusted why the hell are all of u still watching??? Makes zero sense.


Up until now I was having fun. The behavior has become unpleasant. I may read the recaps before watching from now on to see if it’s something I want to spend my time with. I may or may not watch every episode but of course I want to see if Jody and Jess pull off a few wins and change the board. If I see that they got Paul in trouble or evicted I’ll be back in a flash.

I still think Xmas is putting together her own little loyal crew and could go after Paul herself, much as I find her distasteful I would want to come back and view that. Paul is overdoing it now and his hubris may be just about to bite him.


They should kick them all off and start over!!


Paul is hilarious only because he believes himself to be true, but that is how he was raised.

Born into money with a wealthy family, being put into the most expensive private high school and then university (so dude does have a brain); and even his clothing line was because of his mommy and daddy, not all the hard work he claims. Paul was born affluent and has never been held accountable for his actions or words because of his parents cheque book and influence with others….maybe he is the CBS golden boy because of who they know.

Miley Ray Cyrus

Cant stand anything involving Paul and Elena.. both chubby, short, loud, evil, stupid, hated, rigged cast members with stupidity consistently flowing from their trumpet throats. Only one is a cult leader & the other is a blow-up doll.


Here’s another bully…name calling people you don’t know. You are no better than the people in the house.

done watching

I love big brother and record it and watch it every season, but I
WILL NOT be watching the rest of this season. This is an awful
group of people. The best thing that big brother could do is
kick Paul and his minions off and bring in replacements or have
a do over!

Still watching

” I love big brother and record it and watch it every season, but I
WILL NOT be watching the rest of this season. This is an awful
group of people.”

Sure you won’t.

Bunny Flop

I still have a feeling, that Paul knows something we don’t about the hex. Why else would he be so spooked by her using it. I also don’t think for one instant that he will stay if he’s up on the block come eviction day.
I don’t care what his puppies say, they’ll take the chance to vote him out. I don’t think they’ll put him up.
But if Jody does, well that’s a different story.


Because no one is leaving and he can’t play in the HOH. Cody and Jess win, he is going up. That’s why he’s spooked.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I think CBS thought they were casting Friendship Paul and got Napoleon Paul instead. I think they were planning on helping him win and thought it would be popular. They have to be worried that he has become hated by the majority of fans who give feedback. Being so outnumbered, Cody & Jess are living on borrowed time. CBS has to be concerned that the other players are becoming too unsympathetic to keep an audience after they are gone. They either look like bullies, followers or both. That’s why the DRs to give Paul and his cronies advice on how to repair their image. I think it’s too late for that, though.

Impractical Joker

Jody Needs to win the next two HOHs

and send two of the dispicable four(Paul,Xmas,Josh,Raven) home before jury

then it will be game on

Simon and Dawg

Who are the dispicable four this season or did I just creat a new category

Art Vandalay

I understand Raven is from ass backwards Arkansas. Does she realize that there is waterproof make up? I’m so over her clown face black tears.

Backseat Driver

First of all I love your name……..very clever AND I was thinking the same thing about Raven’s crap-ass makeup!


Make-up tips from mom, just in case she needs to cry in front of donators.


what the f$$$$$ did Cody do wrong tired to get out a
Big player and then he battles back wins but he gets
Shit on because he didn’t go home well I guess Paul
Losses another hoh on Cody cause come Thursday
Night Cody there and playing HOH

Cindy Withanesse

You know production is going to water down what happened last night, continuing to hide the true colors of their golden boy from the casual viewers.


What?! Nobody’s talking about this?

Alex – She’s (Jessica) is a sexual predator
Alex – she has touched my V@g1a..

Alex is fighting Raven for best sob story now? Wow, how she’s fallen!


Here’s my two cents concerning last nights debacle. And feel free to upvote or downvote. Make any comments you want. I had no issue with any of the houseguests fighting with words about anything that happened in the house, i.e. Alex’s stupid cat ears, Jessica mad at Alex for putting her on the block. But what I do have a problem with is the attack of Codys military background. My father was a Marine for 22 years and I was raised on or around bases for my early years. We were taught to respect our veterans. What was said last night was disgusting. Cody and Jessica aren’t my favorite houseguests but I think they handled themselves well during that craziness. I also found it interesting who stayed out of it. Yes this is a reality TV SHOW, I get it. But those who stayed away earned my respect. Backtracking the next day(presumably after production tells you how awful you came off) does not. As always thank you Simon and Dawg for your awesome updates!!

The Voice of Reason

This is a game show where people lie about their occupations all the time. Why should someone just automatically respect him because he says he was a marine? His dog tags are taped up, so for all they know, they aren’t even his. Yes, we on the outside with google at our fingertips know he served but they don’t. Not that they even said anything bad about the military in the first place. I was in the military for 8 years and I was not offended by anything that was said whatsoever. It’s a game and they are trying to make him uncomfortable…no big deal. A few people yelling lame remarks across a yard is not going to break any self respecting adult, especially not a marine.

Chilltown Forever

I love Kevin and all but why are you wanting Paul in your final 5 ? It seems like everyone expect Jody and maybe Marlena are wanting Paul in the Final 5 or final 2 Like even Jason wants Paul in the Final 5 I expected that from Alex ,Matt doesn’t give a shit about Paul winning he’s even totally ok with it , Raven The Fraud definitely wants him to go all the way and win,Josh is probably wanting Paul to go final 5 , and Christmas is wanting Final 2 with Paul .The wanting to go to Jury crap is getting tiring to hear it’s amazing how these houseguest would rather lose and get the Jury Money than winning half a million dollars. Wake up you’re getting played and there’s two people that have to leave before going to Jury anyways if they keep this Follow the leader crap then they deserve to lose.

Pauls vagina

Use the hex and get rid of paul .


The hex won’t get rid of Paul. What show are you watching? The hex only halts the eviction.


It is way too late for damage control for Paul, Ravrn, Christmas, Josh and Alex! THey have made their beds and I do not think it is going to be fun when they get out! Their going to be hated by a lot of people and worse if Grodner tries to spin them in a positive light! SHow them as the hateful beings they are just like rabid dogs . THey need to own up to what awful people they are and apologize! EVel Dick at least owned his actions and never trued to blame the victim like Paul, Raven, Christmas and Josh are doing!! Dhievthem as the sociopaths they really are and Paul as his Hitler crazy psychological liar he is!!!


I hope that anyone who does business with or employs Paul, Raven, Josh, Christmas, and Alex thinks twice about the people from whom they are buying products or they have working for them. Please cut them off immediately. For those Marines who are the brotherhood of people like Cody, please show up at the BB after party, either inside or out in the parking lot, and show your support for Cody, one who has served this country in your branch of the service.

The Voice of Reason

I am a proud marine and if I were fighting a war with Cody I’d protect him without a second thought. Will I show up to a BB After Party to threaten Paul or anybody else on his behalf? Heck no, it’s a game…one that Cody is pretty bad at in fact. No one in the house has done or said anything that will hurt Cody outside of the game so why are you wishing ill will upon their real lives? That is more disgusting than anything that was done or said in the game, fyi.

Over it!

All Jessica needs to do is use the hex, keep riding her no yrick pony and finger fu**ing all the idiots and 500K is hers..This show is like a bad night of jokes that keeps replaying over and over. I hate her bald head and due rag hat, but lets be honest, BB19 production loves her and she is the winnet!!!!!!

BB Imbeciles

I don’t have the feeds but I always frequent this site for my annual big brother non edited version of the show so thanks so much Simon and Dawg ? That being said this bunch are THE most unlikable characters ever. Jim Jones and his cult and Crazy eyes Corey and his ol’ girl are all distasteful people. It has become a damn dating real world show. 3 showmances ffs! And what’s with Christmas and Kevin…ew. Play the damn game you fools. Less recruits more real Big Brother fans all of different ages. I want old school big brother players who don’t need an army or a showmance to play the game