“I don’t know how he passed the Psych exams, violent piece of sh1t”

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3:52pm Elena and Mark in the have nots
Elena – will suck to put COdy and Jessica up if I win.. But I really want to get off slop..

4:32pm Jason and Kevin
Jason saying mark and Elena are playing both sides.
Kevin comments that yesterday mark and Elena were broken up now he’s saying he’s her boyfriend.
Kevin calls it 5th grade sh1t
Alex and Paul join them..
Kevin tells them a story about Jason haveing sex with a girl with bigger feet than him.

5:52pm There has been nothing happening they’ve been in a outside lock down for some time.

5:53pm Paul and Josh

Josh – I’ve been checking the house
Paul – go check the TV room.. and let me know
They want to make sure nothing was put in the house after the lockdown.

Josh runs off to check the rooms again

6:13pm Kevin and Alex
Kevin – should we even do the temptation why would we do it
Alex – to prevent people from getting safety

Alex – who would you put up
Kevin – who do you think you should tell doing the temptation thing
Alex – you, Jason and Paul
Kevin – Mark?
Alex – I don’t trust him
Kevin – I know so let them go up and if they lose.. whoever you put up has a chance to lose (HUH? )

6:14pm Josh and Paul HOH
Paul – I want to send that Dude home.. I’m so sick of his attitude
Josh – I was sicl of his attitude week 1
Paul – that kid is a d1ck nobody hugged him
Paul – I’ll hug him but he doesn’t want a hiug from me
Josh – F* him
Josh – I’m to the point but where I can’t focus anymore f*ing time on him
Paul – yeah me too, he’s not work it
Josh – he’s not .. they use the HEX let’s f*ing gun for him put them on the block and send them home

Paul – jess is first for sure..
Josh – Yeah
Paul – she bounced back and she’s the one holding his leash.. he’s the one ruining her game.. if we take him out we’re going him a favour..
Paul – iof we leave him here nobody is going toback to Cody..

6:24pm HOH Christmas and Paul
Christmas says Elena and Mark are still playing both side.
Christmas about Elena – She’s playing a double double
Xmas says Elena is not crazy romantic towards mark.

Xmas is really suspicious of Elena and Mark working with Jessica and Cody
paul – they are setting up just in case
Xmas asks if anyone else has thrown her name out or was it just Mark
paul – just Mark to me
Xmas says she’s not sure Jessica is going to use the Hex.. (LOL)
Paul says there’s no way Jess and Cody can “Bonny and Clyde” this season.
Xmas – it’s 10 against 2

Paul – I tried this week
Xmas – you’ve done a great job
Paul – at least the Hex is exposed

They agree to vote Jessica out

Paul says Cody was giving him back handed comments this morning
Christmas brings up the Egg shells left in the egg carton and how unhygienic that is (of course)
Paul calls COdy a clown.. “I asked him what is the point.. ”
Xmas – do you use them for compost
Paul – exfoliating mask…
Paul he had no answer.. he didn’t want to talk he just wanted to bark.. even Jessica looked at him like What the F*

Paul – I’ve just been super low energy this week..
Paul – I’ve never met anyone with a shitier personalty than Cody straight up man
Xmas – how did he even get cast
Paul – I don’t know how he got cast or why he got cast
Xmas – how he pass the psych test
Paul – I don’t know how he passed the Psych exams because that kid is a agro
Paul – violent piece of sh1t

Feeds flip..

When we’re back Raven is in the room.. tells them that the people that have gone to bat with them is Christmas, Raven, Matt, Alex, Jason, Josh.

Feeds cut.. .

When we’re back Matt is with them. Paul is saying that there’s no way he can win this game, “I know I can’t win.. and I’m fine with that”

Paul says getting to Jury is very important to him.
Paul – I think I’ve helped people enough in this game to help me get there.. that’s what this week is for to help the people that helped me get there..
Xmas – yeah yeah
Paul – I put my neck out..

Paul says Jess and Cody go into next week with fear they don’t
Christmas says if Jessica and Cody are out in the HOH they should throw the HOH Josh..
Paul – everyone throw it to Josh.. no Elena and Mark won’t do it.. they won’t do it..
Paul – Josh will torment them for the rest of the game.. sorry

Xmas says Josh was telling her yesterday was one of the funniest days he’s ever had..

Xmas – is Cody being portrayed as the super tough guy that is being bullied
Paul – I don’t know what he’s being portrayed

Feeds cut..

When we’re back.. Paul – “I’m going to play Victim when I’m not the HOH”
Xmas – I have worked the last 12 years of my life to pull my shit together to get where I am and here’s some guirl playing the victim
Xmas – the ones that are strong and that persevered are not getting rewarded..
Raven – I can’t handle it I just can’t
Paul complains that Cody has had 3 chances at the game.
Xmas – he’s going to make Jury 100%
Paul – Jess is going home first we put our foot down there..

Paul – says he’s worried about Mark and Elena
Matt – I think we’re good with Elena.. but Mark is a imbecile.. he’s a imbecile..

7:01pm HOH Christmas, Paul, Matt and Raven
Xmas says Paul can’t compete in the next HOH because he’s the outgoing HOH.
Xmas adds that the HEX has a negative she’s certain of it.

7:11pm HOH Paul, Christmas, Matt and Raven
Matt – do yo think we’re good if Mark wins HOH
Paul – NO
Christmas – NO

Raven and Matt say Mark “Passively” stuck up for Cody and Jessica
Matt – Cody is won of the worst big brother players to have ever played the game

They start listing all the things they don’t like about Cody.. I’m only including some of it..
Paul says what they did with Paulie last season is what he wanted to do this season with Cody.
Matt says they would have done it if Jessica isn’t here

Paul – It’s dangerous to have someone who’s seen combat.. I’m not trying to have anyone hurt..
They start in on Cody’s military service and saying he laughed when talking about killing people.
Christmas says about him laughing about shooting someone in the head..
Paul – the back handed comments he’s made about Russia and Russian people really makes me raise an eyebrow
Paul – he uses Violence and intimidation to do what he wants.. and when it doesn’t go his way he tries to fight them.. grow up you baby..

Christmas starts saying that Jessica was telling her to show her pu$$y on live TV because she would get a lot of attention.
Paul says if he did what Cody and Jessica did he would be scared to go home and face his mother

Christmas says Jessica doesn’t have any self worth or self esteem.. she doesn’t value herself..

They see Cody in the spy screen Paul opens the door and yells out some Grunting sound.. (he’s impersonating Cody)
They laugh..

7:26pm Paul says Cody sucks so bad at this game he was the second person evicted. He sucks at this game and he sucks at life.
They laugh..

8:13pm nothing but chit chat..

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Paul’s paranoia is becoming laughable. What happened with this poor soul that he is sooo intimidated by other males in the house, well especially by one I mean? I understand the height issue, or lack of it, and the heavy Napoleon complex, but still, even though I truly despise what he’s done so far, I just can’t help but pity this poor tiny little munchkin.

I was wondering about the temptation challenges: is the HOH permitted to play? In case he/she wants to prevent someone to win and get nomination exemption? And if the HOH can play, what if he comes in last, he can’t be nominated?

So predictable

I believe they are not allowed to participate because the are already safe. I’m pretty sure Julie mentioned it at some point.


Do they know who’s participating in the temptation beforehand?


Not unless they tell people. They enter the den of temptation to lock in if the choose to play. Only before the comp is it revealed who decided to play.


Yes, they can’t play because they are HOH and safe. Paul mentioned this Sunday before they played the comp.


What I love about this season is that their isn’t a ‘guy’ or ‘girl’ alliance. Paul has most of the house following his orders, but we don’t have the tired alliances based on sex. It leads us to have a crazy second-half of the season.

Johnny cage

Look at them watching the monitor. “You think we fucked up”. They are in str8 panic mode. Paul I would be surprised if your mom even let you come back home.


Have you noticed every time they start on bashing Codys Military service they cut the feeds When the real filthy foul Jessica bashing starts they cut the feeds. I’m curious what they will actually show and how they will edit the show. Can’t wait to hear their diary room sessions.


BB, please buy Alex a decent bra and make her put it on… Also, Elena rubbing Paul is making me very nauseous. Disgusting little man needs a curse that shuts him up and saps his “power”.

One Mind?

It’s obvious they are so delusional and caught up in the gang bashing (like one mind) they don’t see beyond themselves. They truly believe their own exaggerated BS. It doesn’t matter if production told them to think about how they are portrayed..they do no wrong. It’s disturbing to see what’s evolved. It’s not the BB game I use to love. There is no strategy just an obsessive chant to destroy one person.


its like this every season.


I agree- I have never witnessed so much bullying from “adults” ( & I use that term sarcastically) ……….its disgusting ! SHAME ON THEM

Jess is a dumpster

America seems to be on Jessica’s side now. I don’t know why u all feel for her. She’s a gold digging slut of a cum dumpster. Outside she sleeps with all the guys she serves. Like not a new guy every day but a new guy every few months. They all tend to dump her around 2months cause that’s when she starts to expect to be spoiled with shopping so that’s when the ballers she’s trying to seduce kick her to the curb. My bro told her he would make her a star as a model and she slept with him after the first meeting. She was also with someone else at the time too. And now there’s no one to gold dig in the house so she just goes for Cody cause she’s a huge skank. Having set on national tv. What a cum dumpster. She’s hot but her personality is fugly. She likes a finger in the bum when u hit it from behind. Yes I’m a troll and make sure u click the amazon link below if ur gonna buy stuff from them anyways. Dawg does a awesome job on this site. Thanks bro


U are 1000% right she is a CROW eating slut and he is a pitiful excuse for a man


Your post speaks volumes about your character!


those slutty vip vegas girls are basically prostitutes .jess strikes as typical slut with daddy issues who likes to be choked and slapped around during sex

Big Jacket

You can see the fear in Paul when he deals with a real vet. He sounds like a little girl trying to tear down someone that he will never be.


As usual, Paul does what he accuses others (loudly) of doing. Constant character attacks with a vile, frenetic energy. Literally can’t watch the guy anymore.


Paul sure does know how to incite a mob. He brings out the worst in these HGs, but he will make it far. I don’t see any other way but the couples going first. Jesse/Cody or Elena/Mark depending on who wins HOH , curse comp and Veto this week. Next Raven then Matt, followed by Xmas. Paul will then take out Jason then Alex. Paul is the only one left that knows about the final comps (and has played them) The goal is to have a final 3 of Paul, Josh and Kevin. The only hope is for Kevin to win the final comp and take Josh. If Kevin takes Paul, he spills the beans about Kevin winning the $25k and lying about it all season). Pretty dull season unless Kevin clips your boy at the end.


What’s harder for Paul
Playing with a Yo Yo
turning off a light switch?

I say he would need a chair for either.

Seriously it must suck to be as short as him, having your nose where most people’s *ssholes are is probably why he has such a sh*tty outlook on life.


“Paul says there’s no way Jess and Cody can “Bonny and Clyde” this season.”

If Production gives them a few more powers they will.. Diamond POV, Pandora’s Box, you know how they did in season 13, Rachel benefited from those too. Jody won’t make it far on their own that’s a fact.


A. Paul is 24 and has very little real life experience, so who really cares what he thinks.

B. I’m sure production can see that they have been very heavy handed with helping those that they want around so far (Paul, Cody, and Jessica) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the final three.


No they wont make it far. And they really dont deserve to. They have the right idea but the zombies are too strong. Also Cody is horrible at this game besides comps, jessica could have been in a way better position if Cody wasnt there. She has had a good read on the house but Codys advice is the worst!
100% production told atleast Paul that his plan yesterday backfired and now he and his zombies look like POS to the viewers. Theyre trying to bite their tounges now and justify by making up lies that never happend is not doing them any favors.
Im not a “Jody fan”, i like confrontation and a lil drama but the zombie herd vs jody attack and calling out Cody about his military background left a bad tatse in my mouth for some reason. This is the earliest in BB history for me that i dont have a favorite or any1 who id care to see win…..#kevin4thewin by default.


Totally agree with you. Didn’t bother to watch Sunday night and it didn’t even had the worst of it, which I think will be coming up Wed and Thu. I don’t get it, what did Cody do to be labeled as the bully? Maybe about one tenth what Paul has done in a single week? It all should be in the live feeds from day one I guess. Unfortunately you feed lies to others continuously, they start to believe it.

I can already hear Julie Chen on Thursday night “Welcome to Big Brother. It’s day so and so in the Big Brother House and in the past couple of days, the house explooooded like never before.” No kidding bitch!


seriously, all Cody did was he DARE try and put Paul on the block week 1 and pauls literally lost his mind over it. cody hasn’t bullied anyone. the most I’ve seen him do is go up to houseguests when jess was HOH and be like, ‘c’mon don’t F me man, vote out josh’
hardly bullying. but like you say he saying it so much on repeat they start believing it’s actually true.
lord of the flies playing out in real life.

Judgmental Judy

Watching After Dark now – they are getting really loose with the definition of “bullying”. Now Raven is saying SHE was bullied. I suppose when she was in a screaming match with Jessica? And listening to Xmas & Josh aboloviate about the terrible-ness of Jody, is mind boggling. Seriously, is Production feeding them hallucinogens?

By their definition, my husband and I have been bullying each other for years. Every disagreement or argument does not define bullying.


People need to realize that a lot of stuff happen the first week before live feeds came up they are saying Cody was bullying people that first week there is more that we all don’t know about what happened the first week


People need to realize Cody didn’t have time in the beginning to drink Paul’s koolaid. And he put numerous people up on the block. But production was so scared they armed Pau with friendship bracelets and than protection. Now all his minions think he did that because he instantly bonded with them. Ha! You could tell he was scared of them coming after him, and he could instantly figure out who was the weakest, quess you should have included Jody in the mix. But I’m sure production wouldn’t have been happy because that’s why they picked Cody. They knew he would be your rival. Suck it up Paul your not the Player you think you are. It would have been a much different game if Victor had come back. He doesn’t allow his ego to get in his way.

Special Power

Diamond Power of Veto would just send me over the moon! Paul would crumble …Epic

Fruit Loop Ding

At that point I think Paul would self evict.

Tiny dictator please go home

As usual, Paul does what he accuses others (loudly) of doing. Constant character attacks with a vile, frenetic energy. Literally can’t watch the guy anymore.


Everyone knows what is happening, Jess will use the hex, then her and cody will be safe, then one of them will win HOH, just a big crock of shit! Production is all behind this shit! I miss the old BB when we didn’t know what was happening, Now its just stupid, those 2 people are terrible people, can’t even watch them, so when I do watch the show I fast forward anything with them. and then its a good show. No need to comment on this, the only opinion that matters is mine! if you don’t like tough shit!! have a great day!


What??? So you blame everything on production.
2 against the whole house. You must love the Paul show

easy there Cathy

Favorite HG so crappy


CBS casting has let multiple members of the hantz family through the psyche exam. Clearly it’s not that stringent.


LOL…..Cody is living rent free in Pauls head. This is so funny showing how pathetic Paul is……Christmas dear I think your days of a speaking tour are over.. Cody isnt being portrayed as the tough guy getting bullied…..the live feed speak for themselves and people made up their own mind. How is Cody violent when he is basically hanging out with Jessica all day and not giving them what they want. I cannot wait for them to leave and see reality. I am pretty sure as was done with Paulie last year….we will see more of the middle aged office staff in the audience politely clapping when Paul, Josh, Raven, Alex and Xmas are finally evicted. I hope Jessica and Kevin are final two


“Middle age office staff” hahahaha


So true about the office staff sprinkled in with a few awful former houseguest desperate for tv time lol !


.lmao yeah I love how Paul says he doesn’t want to see any one get hurt with Cody in the house when his plan was to make him hit Josh last night


I think they stopped having real audiences at the shows right after Christine Brecht was evicted and booed mercilessly in BB16. I haven’t heard a single boo since.


And they should let the audience express their feelings. Not paid CBS employees.. They are going to have to face the harsh new reality they created for themselves. Why sugar coat it??? I want to see their faces.. fall..

Covering My Ass Paul Says

Paul – I’ve just been super low energy this week..


I can’t even stand to look at Paul’s Travelocity mascot face.. He makes me sick. So do his lapdogs!


Surely not a “sick” as raven. lol


His face kinda looks like a vagina, like a hairy, bushy 70’s retro porn vagina (ladies please no offense, I meant to harm here whatsoever, a bit graphic, but just describing how I personally feel when looking at the midget, thank you)

Why couldn’t they get Ian or Britney Haynes or Janelle back for crying out loud?? Why this turd?

Sorry, just venting…


So tired of Paul and Xmas. Please stop posting every idiotic thing he says. I get it, he’s an idiot. Move on, I want to know what is actually going on in the house. Post about some of the other houseguests for a change.

And BTW if you watch the HOH competition you can see that CBS had him cheat. He was looking down at something the entire time, most likely the pictures that production put there for him. So he not only has the other houseguests cheating for him, the producers are doing it as well. Big Brother is just puffing him up to see him fall, and it’s working, hard core.


Matt did too


I know hairplugs thinks he is 25. But why is Matt tryna be 50?

Paul's Mouth

Simon and Dawg are doing a great job of keeping up with what the feeds are showing, if CBS wants to show all Palu’s hate then so be it! Most of us come here to see what is happening, If you don’t want to read all the Gnomevlile BS don’t read it!!!


Sometimes on the live feeds, the 4 cameras are on the same scene for a long time – or else 2 cameras are on one scene and the other 2 cameras are on a different scene. Just because there are 4 cameras on live feeds, doesn’t mean BB is showing what else is going on in the house – which stinks. Half the day, you don’t see half the house. They are either napping or having sex and BB doesn’t show this (well, mostly don’t show it).

So predictable

These bullies are delusional. Thumbs up if you would like to see Jessica win the next HOH.

Did I mention this season is so predictable?
Come on production! Flip this house!

I want to see Paul, Josh and Alex sweat a bit 😉


And Xmas and Raven.


Do they seriously think they can just rewrite “live feed” history by constantly slandering Cody and Jessica? I understand this is a game but it’s really not fun to watch anymore. Granted Cody is not the best person on earth but he only reacts when people come at him first. Doesn’t give them the right to question his service record that was unacceptable. I’m hoping BB says something about it in the recap but I’m sure they won’t. I like how they bring up the fact that Cody was given all these chances when it was Paul who first got a second chance at BB, the the friendship bracelets to start his following with, then was given safety for the first 3 weeks.

Go for broke

Ten bucks says cbs won’t show much of all the military bashing that Cody is getting from the group when he isn’t around. They’ll only show the stuff being said to his face to have it not look as bad. But I saw on tv tonight on Enews that they were breaking down last night. Along with other Hollywood entertainment shows. So I’m assuming cbs will have to do something.


Am I missing something. When has Cody ever become violent in the house? He got in Paul’s face once?? And wasn’t even that close to Paul’s face. I’m actually annoyed and as much as I’m rooting for jess and Cody now. I want either them or Paul to leave so we can stop listening to Paul and his minions OBSESS over them. And maybe jusssst maybe we could actually start seeing a game be played?? Probably wishful thinking though with this dumb cast


He was to Josh when Josh voted with the house and not what Cody wanted. He was a total a** about it.

Big Brother Production

Paul’s comments are just hilarious at this point. Every single thing he says now is slander. Paul says Cody has a Napoleon complex, but Paul himself has one of the most profound Napoleon complex’s I’ve ever seen.

Grodner Hearts Paul

CBS should get worried. Cody & Jess are hopelessly outnumbered and won’t last much longer. But Paul and his 9 minions have made themselves so unlikable that a lot of the audience won’t have anyone to pull for when they’re gone. Boards show fan opinion heavily against Paul & the minions. I guess that’s why they were called to the DR and told how badly they look.

CBS thought they were casting Friendship Paul, but got Napoleon Paul instead. It’s working right now when he has opposition, even if they are 2 vs 10 underdogs. But what about when no one is left but sheep content to finish 2nd to him?



Where in GOD’s creation did you pull

“”it’s okay to be as horrible a person as you want as long as you’re being horrible to someone who is the same color as you are.””

from what I wrote???

What I said is that what should not be tolerated is Racism, Bigotry, and Discrimination. What does that have to do with being of the same race, creed or whatever??? It means no one should do that and if you chose to its NOT ILLEGAL but certainly you will pay the consequences, Especially being on a National TV Show.

Being as you call it, ” horrible to someone “, on big brother is game play that some people play. In big brother there is all sorts of harassment year after year, for some people it works and for some its gets them booted. Each individual has to chose the way they want to play it.

What I am trying to get through to you all is that there is NO STYLE POINTS for WINNING, you WIN or you LOSE. They do NOT give extra $$$$$$$ for being nice, loyal, honest, NOR do they take away $$$$$$$$ for being a jerk off piece of garbage.

The idea is to win, not how you win.

Look at Evil Dick. He was all time biggest harasser of them all. People either loved or hated him but he won. Then there are people like Hayden he played a great all around easy going likable Social Game.


Even EvelDick hates Paul this season, check his twitter. That says a lot coming from Evel.


You cannot compare a Dick to a Paul. I’m sorry but that just won’t fly with most of us here. Night and day, apples and oranges… JLo to JLaw, sorry it just doesn’t…


Paul agrees Cody is the worst BB player (agrees with MATT saying that which makes it even funnier) if you think Cody is such a horrible player, then why are you wanting him out of the same soo bad? Cody may not be the best but at least him and jess are playing their OWN game

Paul's Mouth

OK Gnome King and your dogs ENOUGH already! I hope the part of the Hex that they don’t know about is that Jess automatically becomes the new HOH………………I wonder who will be willing to clean up Paul after he SH** himself!!! I was not pro Jody until now, anything to see Paul’s A$$ go out the door followed by Raven, Alex and Xmas. What a despicable group of so called Adults!!!

Godspeed the Legend

Dang are you serious man is she actually immediately hoh?

Thor wants to be relocated to a smarter human

I can’t deal with how the basement dwelling garden gnome has all if them believing he does not want to win. He just wants jury.. Jess and Cody have him scared. He knows they are the only ones who are not afraid to drop the hammer on him. It is comical how he literally pulls the strings and they dance, and then he jokes about it, they joke about it. Like its not really happening. Good freaking night these people are dense, dumb and delusional.. They are going to feel like complete jackasses when they actually watch it.. If I was a family member of any of the gnomes sheep I’d be yelling at the TV and then not admit to being related to them..

Bunny Flop

Violent, hmmm. Ok, moving on. No, really, Paul, we are no moving on.
Xmas, geeze, take another pill.

Anti Paul Pupper

Last week Kevin and Paul had an awkward conversation about falling out of love and if you should tell the person. The oddest part was Kevin was asking the question.

Today Kevin says he is falling in love with Christmas. So my question is what the heck is going on? I don’t have feeds so I may be missing something?


Pretty sure Kevin is being sarcastic or joking here. I don’t think he really likes her much – he’s been dropping her name to Paul to be put up.

Anti Paul Puppet

Thank you! This has been bothering me. I was hoping better of Kevin but you never know.


Joking or not he needs to remember his family is watching an be respectful of his wife who gave him his 7 children


Why does Paul and his lap dog’s keep repeating the same disparaging comments about Jessica and Cody? It’s almost like they believe if they say those comments enough, it will become the truth and they can feel justified about their bullying behaviour.


Exactly floridagal… over and over spewing the same BS. It’s nuts lol Please let’s hope Jess or Cody win HOH . Pure Joy!!!! Paul would absolutely go more bonkers than he is. He just might literally explode:)


They are probably hoping production picks up the “revisionist history” of what went down last night so Paul and the lap dogs look good on Wednesday and Thursday’s show. Sorry lap dogs, we saw the live feeds and know the trutj!!!


Paul and his minions need to realize they are doing the damage to their own image. They are poor sports, all because Jessica did not fall for their garbage a third time, ( it is not her fault she didn’t know it was “the village idiots god given right to make it into the JH”,) . Now they are actually going to have to play the game to get into the JH. Pooor babies, they need their binkies and blankets.


Does Paul ever just stfu??? He is making such a fool of himself and his minions who are stuck on his junk. Seriously they are all so pathetic. I not for violence but I hope Cody dots his eye when this is over. Talk about little man syndrome. Christmas is such a douche too… I just can’t even this season ?

Judgmental Judy

I think Paul knows the hex erases his nomations and veto, and that he can’t play in the next competition, but Cody and Jessica can. He supposedly got clarification from Production in the DR. That is why he thought they could torment them to self evict, his last resort. Because #1 Jody can definitely win HOH; #2 there’s no guarantee if one of these other jerks win HOH that they won’t turn on him given the chance #3 Mark & Elena are still wild cards. So he may be screwed. Here’s hoping!


Well on the live feeds, Elena had Paul laying in her lap rubbing his hair… Poor Mark is just watching….

Judgmental Judy

I’m thinking she’d jump on Paul in a minute. She’d get more respect for using her brains. I thought the idea was to get OUT of a showmance.

Pop Goes The Melon

Why would Paul purposely anger a trained sniper who he believes to be a psycho?

Club H.O.H

“Matt – Cody is won of the worst big brother players to have ever played the game”
LMAO!!!! Says Boyz2Men who has yet to do shit but wipe Fraudven off his stomach!!!! LMAO
#TeamCody #TeamJess #Bonnie&Clyde


Can’t wait until Paul realizes most of America was on the side of Jody throughout all this. And Matt saying Cody is the worst BB player ever. MATT WAKE UP……… you’ve done nothing this season and are giving yourself no shot at winning this season. At least cody’s playing the game and trying to make moves as you are literally scared to win comps


Elena has also said she doesn’t want to win HOH. Too afraid to make a move. Only Paul and Alex aren’t afraid.

Grodner Hearts Paul

He’ll be shocked. Like the Nerd Herd were when America kept voting for Janelle for prizes when they had convinced themselves America loved them and hated her as much as they did.


OK they’re kind of annoying with all that pda.Still hate what what happened to them yesterday but c’mon its not a dating snow. They should have played better to ensure they make it to jury so they can do aaaalll that with privacy. I can see how living with these two can annoy some one.


I wonder how many brands will want Paul or Christmas for promotional tours now?

Jess cam junkie

Depends on how many wanna go bankrupt


I really enjoyed last year when this site replaced Nicole’s picture with a snake. Maybe this year you should consider replacing Paul’s with a gnome or a puppet master with a string that attaches to each one of his minions. Just for funsies.




Cody seems like a psycho boyfriend, the over possessive kind that would isolate you from all your friends. The “lets just stay home, just the two of us ” kind….when you’ve already made plans with a group of friends. Just saying

Netflix and chill

What’s wrong with home bodies? You spend all night freaking in every room


So true! Can you see him when Jess goes to her VIP job? Lol

Am I watching Carrie or BB

Grandiosity is a good word to describe the immature big players. The live feeds and impact of public opinion never occurred to any of them. We don’t know who will win this game, but we definitely know who will not get America’s Favorite Player!…Drumroll Please!


Jessica to Mark and Cody- says she wants to grab Alex by the hair and drown her in the jacuzzi – oh she can use her fake titties as flotation devices …
Look whose talking about fake tits. Then she says she wants to hang them by their toe nails.
Mark says to them that he wants to keep his distance from them until next HOH and see who wins it. Cody is baiting him. Says right now I bet they are talking about you.


jessica’s tits are real.

Anti Paul Puppet

I’m 10 minutes into BBAD. They won’t even show anyone talking about yesterday. They cut away every time they say what was said.

Guess we know what tomorrow’s edit will be. Jess and Cody will be cast as the villains, and Paul is going Scott Free. Also Jess and Cody leaked that they’re diary room was one question. Everyone else did their diary room first.

Re: Anti Paul puppet

They could be saving it for the episode


Elena just admit it, the main reason you’re distancing yourself from Mark is cz you have the hots for lil Paul. Eew


Paul just can’t stop himself from obsessing over Cody. Same stuff over and over to whoever will listen. His heads gonna implode soon.


Y’all keep promising that Paul’s head will explode…yes please!


Love seeing Cody initiate conversation with other guys (Mark and sometimes Jason ) without Jessica. I see a different side of him . OMG paul has completely lost it, its hilarious, what Paul, you don’t trust your army of minions to win HOH for you? Dude is already campaigning. And Elena and Paul, eew!


I think BBC did it … they gave the hgs a clue of how they are being portrayed. Help me out with each hg given a tshirt saying;

Raven – healthiest looking hg
Matt: who?
Josh – lapdog
Paul – dictator

Any other ideas?


I think Paul’s should just have a garden gnome on it


A broken in half ugly gnome face down in the garden.

Skips Mom

Paul is an entitled little snowflake jerk and should be ashamed for saying he is afraid of someone who has “seen combat” because he is afraid of what they will do. Really Paul? Sounds like Paul knows he can’t beat Cody by just playing a good game of Big Brother so he is rallying people to bully Cody out of the house. BTW, It’s the brave Vets who have seen combat like Cody who fought so little idiots like Paul can have the freedom to spew his idiotic delusions. Christmas, Paul and Alex’s comments of total outright disrespect of our Military vets has crossed lines that their careers will never recover from.

It's not the end of the world

It’s people like you that’s getting everybody all worked up. If you don’t like Paul and his crew then fine…but quit acting like they said a bunch of bad stuff about the military. They Didn’t! I’ve read like 300 posts about the same thing…none of it is true and it’s working everyone up into a tizzy. I’ve watched it on the feeds a few times and read the transcripts of the incident over and over…no one said anything about the military being a negative thing. They said negative things about Cody…and that is not the same thing as talking bad about the military. Just because someone is a marine doesn’t mean you can’t call them an a-hole. Doesn’t mean you hate veterans and it doesn’t mean you hate this country. For all they know he could be lying about his service like many previous players have lied about their occupations. Just a game people…it’s just a freaking game.


Everybody noticed that Paul obsessed like Celeb was with Amber BB16?


Yeah… still don’t like Cody.

Fruit Loop Ding

Wouldn’t it be funny if production added something onto the hex. Meaning if Jessica used it on her & Cody then they are safe for the rest of the time of the hex. That would give Cody & Jess two more weeks in the house. Then that would throw the house into backtrack mode because that becomes two important votes for the win.
Let’s be honest that thing that Xmas keeps saying has to be bad if the hex is used would totally screw with the rest of the house.
That is what production should do if Cody & Jess use the hex. That would guarantee them through the next two evictions and give them time to develop a new game plan.


On Sunday’s episode, I thought I heard the announcer say something about who will leave on Wednesday. Did I hear correctly?


Kevin can’t keep his hands off Christmas…omg. Jason asked him to see his ring and his dick. That’s how obvious it is. They had a “date” tonight. He rubbed her inner thighs on the lounge chair and when he walks past her in the kitchen, touches her. Feel so bad for his wife.


Christmas is has bad as Elena. She needs to keep her hands off Kevin?. She’s disgusting. If I were Kevin’s wife I would want to go through that TV and break both of her arms to go with that leg. He’s a married man for godsake. I thought Kevin went in there to win a game not get divorced?. I feel embarrassed for his kids


At least Paul is playing the game!!! ? This show would suck without him


Here is a very interesting fact, this from the big brother website. This is something from Cody’s Big Brother Bio

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
“Evel” Dick Donato from Season 8. I LOVE it when someone plays the game in a way that has never been seen before—and it works!

Here you have a guy saying the dude he liked the most was the guy who HARASSED his fellow house guests brutally.

I just happen to get a kick out of this from his Bio.

Go Figure


Paul uses his power/control/influence to harass/intimidate/torment an already isolated/shunned/weakened player(s) in the game and dictating/inciting/coercing many others to do the same. That’s the very definition of being a bully.
“Will you walk into my parlour? said the spider to the fly”. This poem is extremely apropos .


People need to realize that a lot of stuff happen the first week before live feeds came up they are saying Cody was bullying people that first week there is more that we all don’t know about what happened the first week


I do not think I have ever despised a cast as much as this one not even BB15. I was not a fan of Jess and Cody in the beginning but after listening to these 10 mob mentality dogs I really am rooting for Jess and Cody now. The 10 make you sick and I hope Paul meets up with an entire platoon of Marines outside of the house one day and teach him some manners Marine style! Paul a little munchkin love it, but isn’t that insulting the munchkins???

How is that fair?

Yeah, cause a few people yelling lame taunts across a yard is totally the same thing as being violently attacked by an entire platoon. I’m not saying what they did was a good look on them but you people wanting them to be physically hurt for it are truly sick. I’ve been yelled at by several people at once before and although it’s not fun, guess what’s worse? Having your butt hole penetrated against your will.