“They really think this show is all about each one of them.. no one else but them” – Kevin

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12:10pm Jason and Kevin Backyard walking laps the occasional benchpress
Kevin tells Jason they have to lay in the sun from 3 until 4:30.
Jason says his home town high school plays 8 man football now because there’s fewer kids.
Kevin says if you add up how everyone has done in the competitions Josh is probably in the bottom..

Kevin says “they” sleep all day long.. “I don’t know how they compete” (some players are still in bed.. Elena, Mark)
Kevin – Motherf*ers man.. Spoiled..
Kevin – they really think this show is all about each one of them.. no one else but them..

Kevin says it’s crazy that everyone in the backyard thought their name was being yelled.
Jason thinks it was all horse sh1t (he doesn’t think anything was yelled over the fence)

(In case you missed it someone yelled over the backyard fence something to the effect that America loves Jessica and Paul is a bully.)

12:15pm The kitchen …

Looks like Josh has stopped the games with Paul not around.

12:30pm Christmas got a new cast this morning and her stitches removed..

12:30pm Paul going to do the snapchat videos..

12:49pm Paul is now saying he’s done a lot of thinking last night and “Never cared.. not once not twice.. ”
(sounds like he’s dropping the whole make Cody snap strategy)
Xmas – it was a good opportunity to get a lot of information out
Raven – yeah
Xmas – and really solidify the fact that they lied
Paul- they are really the ones that have stired the pot
Raven – Lied.. and when you get called out.. and you get butt hurt
Paul – you have nothing to say

Paul – look, you get called out and have nothing to say means you’re lying about something
Raven – I had a lot to say but then she walked away from me … RUDE
Paul – I don’t know what their agenda is.. I really don’t care..
Raven – nope
Paul – BUT Don’t be mean
raven – don’t be mean (ZOMG)
Paul – don’t not participate in the game.. don’t say you don’t care about it don’t insult people..

Feeds flip

12:50pm Cody and Jessica enjoying the sun

12:50pm Alex and Jason
Alex is whispering about what sort of business Jessica is involved in. (VIP waitress )
Alex – she’s a server at a CLub.. she serves them she slips in and gets to know them.. She’ll bang one of their freinds..

12:57pm Christmas and Paul are freaking out about Cody.
Paul – whoever put the egg shells back in the carton..
Paul calls him a f*ing a$$hole
Paul – he’s a f*ing child
Xmas – that will get someone really really sick fast (yeah if you eat them raw)
Mark – that won’t get you sick
Raven – Salmonella

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179 thoughts on ““They really think this show is all about each one of them.. no one else but them” – Kevin

    1. I find it hilarious that people are complaining about Paul & Co. I’m not sure if those complaining have ever seen a season of BB. Name a season where people didn’t berate, lie, and talk shit to and behind each other’s back….seriousl. Name one…

      1. this is the worst controlling act of bullying and I have watched every season. What happened to the awesome Paul of last year? He acts like a petulant child.

      2. Bran, so when did you lose your humanity over a gameshow? Just vote them out if you don’t like them. What does being pond scum feel like?

    2. If you follow evil dick on twitter he suggested today that Paul is backtracking about last night bc production filled him in about the blow horn and how they all came across last night. Which to say is not very good

  1. Why is Alex complaining about Queen Jessica waitressing when Alex is the one with the things on top of her head? Only Hugh Heffiners tricks wear antlers!

    1. Funny bc Jessica has pictures of herself at the Playboy mansion with the those tricks all of her Instagram… LMAO

  2. I am glad the bullying is over. Like Paul and think he got hoodwinked by the others to do what he did. I hope they leave him alone and let him do his magic.
    Go Paul!

      1. thats never ever ever happened on Big Brother ever in the whole existence of the game ever, never ever never has it ever!


        1. Exactly. Bunch of cry babies labeling them bullies. As a house guest, You can have an opinion of someone on this show, and it can be negative based on the interaction you have had. I don’t think either Paul or Cody are bullies, they don’t like each other. If other people interacting with the same people share that opinion, its not called bullying, its called a consensus.

  3. What Alex said about Jessica might not be that far off, remember Rachel had some skanky nights “wet t-shirt contest, blackout waking up topless with vomit all over”.. Comes with the lifestyle, they make a lot of money. Don’t knock it..

  4. Looks like Paul is trying to backtrack and do damage control from leading his band of groupies to verbally abuse Cody and Jessica last night. This morning the ones who were screaming at them the loudest are wondering why Cody and Jess aren’t talking to them today! Really??!! I think Jody is trying to take the high road and not amp up the dogs so they don’t have another day like yesterday’s fiasco. Typical Paul behavior, twist things around to make it look like the other guy started it, when he was the one at fault!

    1. He can try all he likes, but this will never EVER escape him, there are too many you tube vids of him! I just watched one this am where he and x-mas were actually coaching in the HOH on how to make Cody snap! The only reason he is calm today, is cause I am sure production gave him a heads up on how he was being perceived outside the house! Not too mention that fence yeller and the word bully resonated with him as well, on feeds last night he was dwelling on that!

      1. They are so delusional! Raven thinks Jessica was rude? And they ALL lied! It’s not the moral equivalent of Satan. Jody wasn’t crying, afraid, or even phased. Paul lost, because he got no reaction from Jody. I’ve completely flipped over this. My husband never could stand Paul because of his arrogance. I thought, he’s young, he’s smart, it’s good game play. Husband was right. I’ll be doing back flips when they vote his butt out. And Raven, Alex, Christmas, and that moron Josh.

    2. Paul is the King of stirring the pot. Probably the most mature thing Cody and Jess did was to walk away and not engage the pot stirrers. But of course Paul has to interpret that as they’re lying. Glad things have calmed down.

      1. jessica didnt walk away, she started a screaming match with Alex, and Raven , then Cody picked her up and carried her outside

        1. The lynching party was yelling for her to come out and answer questions. She did and they ganged up on her. How would you have handled it if you were Jessica? Cry, beg for them to stop, cower? If she walked away they would have gotten on her for doing so. Seriously, what would you have done in her place?

          1. “the lynching party”? are you joking?
            Paul calmly said we have questions, and calmly asked those questions. The aggressive angry attitude started from Jessica and shes the one who started the screaming match with Alex and Raven.

            “Gang up on her”? are you joking?
            Jessica started yelling at multiple people, expect for multiple people to yell at Jessica.

            WATCH THE FEEDS!

            1. That is not how it happened. Paul’s minions had already pre-decided to harass Jessica and Cody at their first opportunity (coached specifically by Xmas and Paul) and this was it. Jessica came towards them to answer their questions…which she does NOT have to do – she is not their employee – and owes them 0. She calmly interacted at first, then several people: Alex, Paul and I think Raven all start peppering statements at her and Jessica fielded them as best she could. Josh then pipes in with some ridiculousness and Jess says something pointedly to the effect of “one thing at a time, Josh”. Then, it was a feeding frenzy from their side. All 4 talking louder and louder like a lunch of children. I know people aren’t supposed to “win” these kinds of things, but Jessica won that hands down, no matter how she left the room. They looked like a complete bunch of idiotically costumed cartoon characters.

              1. “peppering statements”
                “pipes in with some ridiculousness”
                “feeding frenzy”

                im so glad you aren’t the one running a BB updates and spoiler site with that empty, biased description of what was said!

              2. Agree JJTOWIN. Who the F does Paul think he is that she even needs to entertain his questions? And her arguments, reasoning and composure ran circles around them. All they could do was try to out talk her and she had Paul mentally struggling for a comeback. Go BAE.

            2. What show were you watching idiot, she was verbally attacked. I think everyone that watched the feeds seen that. He pulled her out because they were all on her, not because she was “engaging” them. You Paul fans are unbelievable!

        2. Raven (and the others) are now in “Justify Mode”. They can only remember and see things how they want to so that they can feel innocent in everything. Put the blame on others and misinterpret facts…pretty sure they learned it all from the Trump Administration.

          1. Yes, good thinking. These adult human beings learned to justify, blame, and misinterpret facts all in the last 7 months. You’re the person people don’t invite to parties.

  5. The toliet paper roll is on backwards…

    Xmas: CODY!!!

    I gained 10 pounds…

    Paul: Jessica saves Cody and it made Joe Kerr fat! What an asshole!

    Anything to put Cody to shame, eh?

    1. LOL – Xmas has gotten on my last nerve. I was a fan. Her rolling around on that stupid scooter and admonishing everyone with her self imposed “Mom roll” is wearing on even the people supposedly aligned with her.

  6. I hope they are serious and all the BS is done with, it just makes them look like a**holes. I lost a lot of respect for EVERYONE in the house last night, but mostly all of them going after Cody and Jessica, that was just pathetic. Not the I like Cody or Jessica, but seeing how easily they all could turn to being nasty pieces of s***, just made me sad.

  7. What’s everyone’s feel for how production will spin all that has gone on in the past few days? Do they paint the picture of Paul being a master manipulator or do they paint it in the sense of bullying? I know a lot of people think that the producers have an agenda to keep Paul as their baby, but it feels like they also have an obligation towards society to take opportunities to shine a light on all the problems with thing like racism, taunting, bullying, etc (like they have done in the past). It’d be really nice to see Paul get boo’ed based on the picture CBS paints of him if they do what they should do. Can’t even imagine his reaction.

    1. they will show what started it, as in what happened at the POV ceremony was all cody/jessica mouthing off apparently.

    2. (Simon whats wrong with this comment? dont like facts?, ive given this website hundreds of $ in donations over the years, please post my comment)

      Has Paul got in Cody’s face aggressively and said “F**k you Cody , F**k you, what are you goin to do?”

      Has Cody got in Paul’s face aggressively and said “F**k you Paul , F**k you, what are you goin to do?”

      Has Josh called Cody a disgusting Sexual predator? and made Cody cry?

      Has Cody called Josh a disgusting sexual predator? and made Josh cry?

      Has Xmas got in Jessica’s face and start yelling?

      Has Jessica got in Xmas’ face and started yelling?

      Has Xmas ripped candy out of Jessica’s hand during candy crush comp?

      Has Jessica ripped candy out of Xmas’ hand during candy crush comp as she was crawling on the ground with 1 leg?

      Has Raven aggressively grabbed Jessica and pulled her into a room and in an angered demeanor falsely accused Jessica of being sketchy and whispering about her? Minutes after randomly grabbing her boob as she walked by? Then few hours later started yelling at her after Jessica had said sorry we were talking about how they cut out the veto from steel? and hugging and saying shes sorry?

      Has Jessica aggressively grabbed Raven and pulled her into a room and in an angered demeanor falsely accused Raven of being sketchy and whispering about her? Minutes after randomly grabbing her boob as she walked by? Then few hours later started yelling at her after Raven had said sorry we were talking about how they cut out the veto from steel? and hugging and saying shes sorry?

      who’s the bullies? oh oh wait Paul put vaseline on a doorknob, and Josh called Cody a meatball from across the yard. CALL THE BULLY POLICE!!!

          1. My questions

            1. Why is Paul sending donations to this site
            2. How is he able to read and post comments to this site when he is in the house?

          2. The “please” is preceded by the passive aggressive, do you remember how much money I gave you — so yeah it means now do what I tell you.

      1. (Simon what’s wrong with this comment? I’ve contributed 0 dollars over the years! Please post my comment)

        Anonymous is an idiot

      2. I am hoping you didn’t watch the feeds or read on this site what happened last night, because if you did surely you wouldn’t feel this way. Everything Cody and Jessica did was one on one, not 5 on 1. And Cody never got personal ! His comment to Josh derived from Raven accusing Josh of looking over the shower at her, that is sketchy and needed to be called out. A lot of people felt the same way you did before last night, but Paul and his group of ass kissers went wayyyyy beyond any normal or acceptable game play !!

        1. Jessica started with the angry attitude yelling at 5 people, expect 5 people to yell back

          Raven accusing Josh of looking over the shower is VASTLY different than calling someone a sexual predator!
          And you dont think calling someone a sexual predator isnt personal? umm ok! *facepalm*

      3. What are watching??? Have Cody and Jessica done some things , yes, in retaliation. How much do you think you could take before you cracked. Both Cody and Jessica are very strong mentally and Cody has been trained to take a lot. I would have done a lot worse then them by now. I would be concerned about Cody, not knowing what he saw while he was in the marines and how much more he can take. Big Brother should give out punishments for their actions. All of them should eat slop for a week or be confined for to their room for 24 hours. The only people I can respect at this point is Kevin, Jessica, and Cody. I’m hoping Matt will come around. If they don’t, they all may have issues when they leave the Big Brother house and go back to their jobs. We’ve seen it before.

        1. “Have Cody and Jessica done some things , yes, in retaliation. How much do you think you could take before you cracked.”

          So because Cody got nominated its ok for Cody to get aggressive and get in Paul’s face and say “F**k you Paul, what you gonna do” Reason? – retaliation, he cracked!

          So because the vote didnt go Jessicas way and Xmas stayed, its ok for Jessica to get in Xmas’ face and start yelling, then snatch candy out of her hand while shes in a cast crawling on the ground in the candy crush comp! Reason? – retaliation, she cracked!

          Bu, bb, bbu ,bu, BUT,…..wait for it ,……

          “Both Cody and Jessica are very strong mentally”

          WOW the Mental Gymnastics is impressive

      4. They wouldn’t post your comment because you’re an idiot, dumbass. The game is the game but you don’t go after codys honor and question a man love for his country after serving his country.

        1. Oh brother. They’re locked in a house and people LIE all the time on Big Brother about what they do in real life. Them questioning what he says he does in life is something that happens every single year. Doesn’t mean they’re attacking his “service”. Jeesh.

      5. What a let down! The way you started screaming like a girl/b*tch saying “Please show my post because it is so important and I’m the only one who knows anything!” What a big load of sh*t this post was and then to bring up that you sent in money over the years is completely idiotic. Who f*cking cares – anytime I see your post I’m going to pass by it completely and hopefully my life will get better an I’ll live a more fruitful life. Simon, I’ve brought many many people to this board so please make sure you post this so ALL the people I brought to this board will know who it is. To all my referrals, bypass Anonymous’ posts because there is nothing to learn or enjoy. Also, make sure you send in money to Simon’s board to counter this piece of sh*t “Anonymous”

        1. some ones triggered and self projecting!

          this might come as a shock to you but not every anonymous post is from the same person, its just the default name!

      6. Haha you are sadly delusional if you see no wrong in what Paul, Raven, Alex, Christmas and Josh have done to Cody and Jessica. I am by no means a fan of Cody and Jessica but I am also no fan of the way Paul and his bunch have been acting. Cody and Jessica did do some stuff but not even close to the level Paul and them took it. It was disgusting and over the top. I liked Paul last year and at first this year but his obsession with Cody makes me sick. He needs his head checked. What grown adult high fives another grown adult and says that’s my girl after she just flipped on another female to make her feel like shit? Paul’s just being a baby cause he didn’t get his way convincing Jessica not to use the temptation.

      7. Jessica “aggressively grabbed Raven into a room”? Rewatch that maybe. Jessica quietly led the way into the room and Raven quietly followed her. End Scene. Sheeshkabobs, buddy, this is WAY too important to you.

      8. The above posting was Paul’s mother poolside at Beverly Hills home while drinking a pitcher of frozen margaritas.
        Does she still want her baby to buy her a Rolls Royce?

      9. In all those instances, it was one person versus one person, not 7 idiots screaming at two people in a hammock. The only instance of real bullying is when Jess took the candy from Xmas, but you have to admit that was a little funny

    3. at this point, i think production really wants paul off his power trip. i don’t think that means they’re willing to send him home, but i do think they’d like him to sweat the block and lose a minion.

      1. its because of production they are replaying week 2 in week 5!
        its because of production Pauls 2 hohs have evicted ZERO players
        its because of production Jess and Cody will have another week isolating themselves and talking about how they chose to sink their game for 500k because, “they are in love”

    4. I think this is worst BB ever . Too many spins, and the bullying is pathetic. Why does BB feel they have to bring back a player from previous show? Paul has become more unlikable as a person and contestant.

  8. Raven said, “…you get butt hurt” That’s so politically incorrect! People don’t choose to be butt hurt Raven, they are born that way!@

      1. Why is Jessica soooooooo obsessed with sticking her fingers in everyone’s butts? Also, why does she care what has been in their butts?

        This has to be some sort of mental illness…..

        It’s very hard to watch.

  9. Paul and his crew didn’t get the response he wanted from Cody and Jess!! That really pissed him off!! Play the game and stop with all the bulling! I’m team Jody and marlana now!!?

    1. The comment from Cody that really got under Paul’s skin was the one about Paul being just a character on a show.

      Paul hasn’t forgotten it, and it’s driving him to play emotionally. He cracked. It’s not a good look on him.

  10. Well if x-mas starts calming down and backing off, then we know she was told things while out of the house this am! And I am almost positive Paul got a talking too last night (or this morning) cause he has calmed way down as well! I love this game, and I usually love EVERY player, all I ask of the BBgods is treat everyone equally and step in in times like this, it is very very disturbing when this is allowed to continue!

  11. “Cody is childish” really Paul !! Your such a piece of work !! Man some things really pissed me off and disgusted yesterday . 1) No matter who you are no one deserves the abuse Jody received !! 2)They obviously knew when BB after dark started filming, they instantly started justifying and lying about all there despicable actions. 3) CBS isn’t going to show anything that makes ” their boy” look bad, they picked him as a vet to return. And what literally made me want to vomit is when Matt got sooooo turned on by how Raven acted he had a hard core make out session that I guarantee turned into much more !!

  12. LOL at Christmas for buying into those fears about raw eggs. Its MIND OVER MATTER.

    I drank raw eggs for 4 years, not once getting sick. Maybe some people do get sick and some people don’t, but this whole thought process of “everyone” is just fear based. People have been doing it for centuries.

    I just love how Christmas attacks people and gets all upset if they disagree with her……I would love to drink raw eggs in front of her because she it the type of person that can’t let people be themselves, her ego wants everyone to do as she says and knows because that is the “right” way.

    1. Salmonella is an actual thing. Like science is real dude. The chances of getting it is small but it’s still a thing.

      1. I don’t believe I said Salmonella wasn’t actually a thing, I did say some people believe it and others don’t when it comes to drinking eggs raw. Does science say that each and every person that drinks raw eggs WILL get salmonella? Science works both ways…..

    2. how do you feel about someone drinking straight out of the containers, then putting the stuff back in the fridge?

      cody and jessica spent time doing that last night, added to the broken eggs in the carton, pretty strange behaviour in people who are allegedly never doing anything wrong or anything to others. How confident are you that you’d pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk now?

  13. The “men” of this house, Kevin, Jason and Matt, need to step up and tell Paul to shut the F&^K up and quit with the Lord of the Flies game play. They talk about how childish it is behind Pauls back but they won’t man up and say it to his face. And Raven, Christmas and Alex are a huge disappointment with the way they are acting. Especially Alex because at the beginning she wanted Paul out and now she’s kissing his ass just as much as the rest of those sheep.

  14. What a despicable bunch. It’s a shame that Jody is stuck playing a non existant
    game with such hideous people. No one has any backbone. I miss the days when
    one side of the house would go after the other filled with plotting, scheming and
    different alliances forming every two days. Now all we are watching are a bunch of
    entitled spoiled & weak minded players gang up on two people without any
    mindful thoughts or self awareness. Christmas and Alex could have had such potential
    but ultimately have shown their true catty colors & nothing else to show for. Love them
    or hate them but got to give Jody props for not herding with the spineless sheep.
    All they care about is making it to Jury, it’s a all inclusive vacay for them. Wish production would step up to the plate & give these fuckers a dose of reality to shake up this game a bit. After this Thursday my only hope is Jody winning HOH.

  15. What do you Cody/Jessica supporters think of Mr. America admittedly cracking all the eggs & putting them back in the fridge? Will you justify this prank? Personally, I think it’s funny;it’s part of the crazy things you do in this house to get a reaction from your opponents. Cody’s most recent conversations/stories with Jessica have finally revealed why he acts the way he does & probably why the masses here support him…I already recognized this militant type of twisted adoration for Crazy Cody, but now it’s clear.

  16. Can CBS make a least favorite HG and fans get to vote someone out? Paul is night and day from last season – from friendship and fun to hate and bitterness! I don’t get why he is so worked up about Jessica and The Hex – it is a rewind – not like she got the Coup d’Etat! If she had got the Coup d’Etat I could see Paul losing his mind about it. Way way overboard for Paul yesterday – totally changed my opinion of him.

    1. she shouldn’t have lied about it, and they shouldn’t have isolated themselves entirely from the rest of the house. as it is, he should be able to see this HOH as a win, even if all he does is force her hand to use it when she clearly does not want to. she was ready to let cody be evicted as long as she made a deal to keep herself safe and alex on the block. getting alex out is way more important to her than anything else.

      1. He probably realizes that after two reigns as HoH, he has sent no one home, and that there is a great chance he is on the block next (or backdoored).

    2. Last season Paul had Victor who was a fun, affable, amiable guy. Victor didn’t have enough malice in him to get to this stage of bitterness. Plus Paul was on the edge of the group and never really the alpha so he didn’t have the influence he has this season.

  17. Paul and his dogs are so upset that they still can’t get a reaction from Cody and Jess. Paul likes to hear himself talk and just twist every convo with Jess and Cody to look like he is a badass and they said just terrible things. It’s funny to me that Paul is scared of 2 people in the house and needs 10 for him to look big and bad.

      1. Yeah, all four of them want that as final 4 (though imo Paul is better off with Matt and raven) but I think both Jason and Kevin want Paul 4th and might take a swing 5th or 6th. Alex is probably sincere about taking Paul to final 2 which is disappointing.

    1. My understanding is that it was in fact Raven who hid her stupid cat ears. Don’t know about the glasses though.

  18. I wish Raven would shut up about her pacemaker. She got it, she’s healthy, she travels to Disney and buys a $40 k car and a new dance studio and then starts a gofundme for $200 for medical bills.
    The family said a fan started it but turned it over to them.
    I severely dislike Raven.

  19. I watched the live feeds did I miss something because I never saw any information come out? If what did come out about Jessica & Cody is considered information then I missed something on how BB is played. Alex put Jessica on the block with full intentions of sending her home until Paul caused Dom’s meltdown. Jessica calling out Raven has been coming and Raven acting all innocent is pathetic as if she really had Jessica’s back. I guess if what they are saying is true then I missed something.

    1. you missed how Alex wanted Dom as the target and gone as soon as she won HoH, then she told Paul and Paul was onboard

      youre buying into what the edited tv show is spinning

      also it was the other way around Raven called out Jessica during that screaming match Jessica started

  20. The amazing thing is everyone is worried about making jury no one seems to be concerned with winning the $500,000 grand prize. This is crazy it’s like Paul’s minions just want to make sure Paul wins and they just want to relax in the jury house. This is by far the worst cast in BB history, Paul’s minions are just pathetic!!!!

    1. That’s what they are saying to stay in the house. Have you not seen the past BB, everyone saids that. If you say you just want to make it to jury the others don’t see you as a threat.

    2. The reason they are all talking about jury is because Paul has been calling this the “first step” for weeks. What Despicable Me says, Minions simply echo and they’ve been brainwashed to think this is their first goal. What I don’t understand is the spin around Jessica and Cody “ruining” their chance at making jury. How does Jessica not using the hex impact getting to jury? Any enlightenment?

    1. I’m pretty sure production mentions or gives hints/clues to the house guests what their perception outside the house is. This helps people play up to their own perceptions of other peoples perceptions. Basically many house guests want to be adored and loved, followed on some social media outlet and use Big Brother as a platform, so they change the way they play. I believe production talked to Paul and told him that his antics were not well received and to shift a new direction.

      I have not watch all the live feeds since the explosion yesterday, but after Paul/Josh got called into the DR…its been smooth sailings in the house when it comes to confrontations.

  21. Looks like production had some talks with some of the agitators like being called into the principals office.
    Thats what they should show on tv production telling Paul,Raven,Josh etc America really is not liking yall doing this

  22. I expected a lot more from Christmas. Damn shame

    Raven says ” her Momma didn’t raise a fool. I totally disagree

    When Paul gets evicted , I would LOVE to see the whole CBS audience throw ” friendship bracelets” on the ground and chant ” never cared” Paul really is a total jackass

  23. I feel like bb may show paul in his tru self for one episode with the fight and then go back to giving him a good edit the shows after to make it look strategic. Paul lies alot and its one thing if u lie and u play it up but he gets really upset if someone calls him out on his lies. Paul also has a huge ego and needs to be loved. It would kill him if he walked out to boos.

  24. I’m sorry but they’re just egg shells…these people are moronic. Looking for any reason what so ever to get mad at Cody. Christmas is constantly high on painkillers and psychotic, Paul is an entitled little shit and Josh is clearly emotionally stunted and child-like. Then there’s Raven who is severely delusional and has Munchausen by Proxy. The cast this year is a shit show. I’m behind Kevin, Jess, Cody or even Mark at this point. Ughhh can’t wait until Paul gets his comeuppance, and his little gnome ass is evicted.

    1. Sarahsuuuuz, ….you’re thinking clear. Telling it like it is. Not everyone on this site is that honest, regardless of who’s “their boy”.

  25. Looks like things calmed down from yesterday but these men who wanted no part of this ( Matt,Mark,Jason,and Kevin) haven’t said shit to Paul about his childish behavior yesterday and how it’s wrong to gang up on something like that but say it behind his back like wtf? Nobody has backbone in this house expect Jody to stand up to Paul and Paul basically blew up his own game yesterday and they didn’t catch of a word of his strategy yesterday.

  26. I can’t believe Princess Fiona — er, Jessica — likes that bully ogre so much.


    Lord Paul Farquaad

  27. EVen though the house has calmed down, these morons still are sticking with Their mob mentality! I hope Karma seriously bites Paul, Raven, Christmas, Alex and Josh along with the other rabid dogs severely when they get out of the house! IT would be nice if BB showed these people like the rabid dogs they have become with the mob mentality but Grodner would have to grow a pair and actually woman up to do that, and we all know she is incapable of doing that so will show her little rabid dog Paul in a positive light but hope the truth gets out somehow!!! Hope the audience is full of veterans and let the television audience know the truth!!!

      1. Last week it was just Josh being a moron. Now you have the entire mob of munchkins. There is a difference when it’s one versus 6-7 doing it. The greater the number involved the more likely things will get out of hand. It’s how riots start.

  28. As annoying as Raven is and as despicable Jessica no Cody are, Mark is absolutely the worst player. So hard to watch. I’m sorry he got bullied as a kid but come on man. Grow a pair and start acting like a man. He whines all the time. Tell stories, about things that happen to him in the house that he feels hurt his feelings, over and over again.

  29. CBS must have warned their golden boy that America was turning on him. Just happy to see it’s over. Hope all the bullies get booed when they get voted off. Wonder if they will show the bullying on live tv. Love how upset Paul got about the egg shells. Wasn’t he the one who switched the coffee. Putting Vaseline in coffee is ok though in his mind. Kudos to Cody for putting egg shells back in container. Just to set the record straight. When handling egg shells salmonella is naturally found on egg shells you should always wash your hands after touching them. I know this because I am certified in food handling. I run a chain of pancake restaurants. So he put no one in danger. Just gave Paul a taste of his own medicine. I guess he can dish it out but not take it. Little cry baby. He can’t stand the fact he can’t control Cody and Jessica. Lol

  30. I can’t stand these people, especially Raven, Xmas, Paul, and Alex! Ripping on Cody and his marine service, instigated by Paul. These people are HORRIBLE! I hope Cody and Jessica go all the way with Jess winning at the end! Wouldn’t mind to see Kevin and Jason up there as well.

  31. The females except Jess, use fuck in every sentence, females not women or ladies. Dear Lord have some sense and show some kind of class and or education about yourself

    1. No, but she sure has used that word and did it on national tv. And don’t forget sticking her finger in a** shows class I guess.

  32. This season is sooooooo boring! None of them are trying to compete in the competitions except Cody/Jess/Paul…. Jess is too obsessed with being “known for making big moves (ahh ramses/Josh she’s off to a great start)” and “winning comps (should be easy since everyone else sucks at them) seriously though… Who cares?! You’re supposed to be there to win 500k……

    I could care less about what the house guests are saying to each other. They’re all adults… and Cody doesn’t seem to care. BUT I do hope Jessica does what she says, and uses the temptation. Please do not bow down and become another one of Paul’s minions. I know Paul won’t be leaving any time soon… but I would LOVE to see one of his minions leave. They’re all useless anyway.

  33. I really still do NOT get any of you people.

    It’s a game, there are NO style points for winning.

    You win the Super Bowl 7-6 (playing the sloppiest game and having 5 turnovers) you are a champion and you get a RING. You win 56-0 (being totally mistake free and dominant) you are a champion and get a ring, You get ” A RING” (not 2 or 3 rings based on how well you played), and you are the champ for that season. No one remembers how you did it, they simply remember that you won.

    As long as there is no racism, bigotry, or discrimination going on Big Brother can be played any way you want. However you chose to do it is up to you and if that brings you the win then so be it, if that gets you kicked out then so be it.

    I agree that Paul’s antics would never cut it in the outside world but this is Big Brother and its a game. Its not how I would play the game but if it is working for him then go for it, if he gets kicked out for it then to bad.

    My feeling is this, the way this season is going, looks like Jess & Cody or at the very least Mark & Elena one of them will win HOH and make a move to try and back door Paul. Then the tension will grow to see if Paul will win the temptation to save himself/ be picked to play in the POV/ if in the POV play to save himself. That is what would get the most ratings right now for the show.

    When the power gets switched everyone changes their game play and the entire house dynamics changes. So I fully expect for there to be a big win if you are a fan of JODY this week. Just makes sense for the show to head and that direction.

    1. So what you’re saying is it’s okay to be as horrible a person as you want as long as you’re being horrible to someone who is the same color as you are.

      That was the lesson of the “Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime” episode of South Park.

  34. It’s amazing how so many are for Cody and Jess but 5 or 6 seasons ago when Brendan and Rachel were being bullied it was okay. Smh.

  35. #CBS has no choice but to own this. It’s out there. Word spreads. News organizations will be directed to this. Just like #TMZ covered the Paul/snake story. And Dominique is already out so there’s no covering up this story.

  36. Jody are.safe by the temptation, that’s why they didn’t fire back that hard, not because they’re mature. Nobody this season is mature except Kevin.

  37. I am 100% against the gang mantelity that took place yesterday, and I’m sure these people will face harsh consequences ( it is disgusting) how ever all of the Cody/Jessica support baffles me. Less then five weeks ago she made race innuendos directed at Alex calling her “Pow Pow” because of her jealousy that Cody liked Alex (he even called Jessica Alex when she was straddling him in the hoh bed) because Alex was Asian like a previous house guest. And then she turned on Dominique and called her Devone (because she is lack like a previous house guest) she also had her insiders gang up on Meagan and did not tell the truth about her confusion on the panda/powwow comment causing the girl to self evict ( had Alex known the truth about the race name calling maybe Meagan would still be playing, and as for Cody declaring insider/outsider based on people’s appearance was very disgusting! I think the entire cast with the exception of Kevin are deplorable. I respect everyone’s right to a opinion, but. Look at the whole picture, picking at it can not be case by case if we hope cbs will do something about it!

  38. when Jessica uses the hex, she will remove herself & Cody from the block. Paul will then need to nominate two new noms. Mark & Paul are safe. Paul will probably nominate Elena. Who will be the second nomination?

    I figure not Alex, Xmas, or Josh. Will it be Kevin, Matt or Raven?

    1. If Jessica uses the hex, everyone comes off the block and this week is null and void. It will be like a new week and Paul will not be eligible to participate in the HOH competition.

  39. For fudge’s sake – EVERYBODY puts the shells back in the box and then the whole box with shells goes into the compost. Xmas is on my last nerve.

  40. I love how everyone here is now team Cody/jess and just last week everyone thought josh was so funny and entertaining. Good thing you guys aren’t in the house as I’m sure you would be flip floppy all over the place.

      1. Definitely different. Even the stuff Evel Dick did was 1-on-1. A big group bullying 1 or 2 people is cowardly.

  41. Paul knows he was perceived bad yesterday. He’s totally trying to look like the hero now, and make it look like what they did was justified but no longer needs to be done. I don’t have the feeds so I could be wrong. But jess and Cody haven’t done any horrible things, that people in other seasons haven’t done. Maybe comments here or there, but these people are on camera 24/7 people say things that they don’t mean the way people interpret and pick and part when you’re on camera. All houseguests have said something that gets blown out of proportion or that they don’t mean. In every season. But other than taking a stand against Paul like FIVE weeks ago or something, Cody and jess hadn’t done anything for al the hate they got. I get pissing the house off by a move, but these people are still clueless and because it pissed Paul off, no one will let it go. It’s time to move on and start EVICTING people from this house and playing a game. I know everyone loves drama. But this is a GAME. I want to see it get played! SO Over all this taunting to self evict crap. I want to watch big brother.

  42. I am over all of the backstabbing, however, I do wish every ither word was not f___. I dont think anyone could even give their full name without including it. And while on my soapbox, does anyone eat like a human in that place??? Nauseating

  43. From my point of view:
    Listening to the ones trying to justify yesterday over and over just shows that they are aware of their culpability. If it was a justified action, there would be no need to constantly try to spin the story. There’s no need to spin if there is no recognition of guilt or blame.
    I don’t consider Jessica and Cody innocent babes in the woods. Cody is still the same narrow minded goof he was week one. Jessica is still the same petty bitchy twit she was week one. Did they deserve to be called out? If it wasn’t a pile on mob, I’d say sure. The purpose of the mob wasn’t the exploration of truth and clarity. The purpose was to drive them to explode. The goal was to eliminate someone from the game that they couldn’t otherwise get out of the game. It failed.
    What will the game result be? I believe one of Cody of Jessica will be removed fairly quickly. At first opportunity one of them will be evicted. That was going to happen regardless of yesterday’s crap. So what did yesterday accomplish? The intimidation of bullyphobic Mark and majority pleaser Elena? They both go where the majority is anyway. So the people that would have been the target are the still the target. The people that would have sided with the numbers are siding with the numbers.
    Yesterday’s ‘excitement’ accomplished nothing in terms of game. So, the ones in the house that are spinning the events to look better wouldn’t have to, if they’d exercised better judgement. the only effect of the parade of geeks was now the geeks are concerned about their public perception. It did nothing to advance their game.

  44. Yesterday was very upsetting!

    In the words of Rodney King, “can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people” (Kevin) “and the kids” (every other houseguest) ” ? … It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice … Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out.”

  45. I blame production for all of this. From the very beginning they’ve manipulated the game to the point that regardless of who’s in power they interfere enough to make the HOH useless this year. This is why tensions are so high. They put in the work to and production always seem to find a way to pull the rug out from under them to produce drama. They went a little overboard this year. BB put them in the house and let them play like it use to be done. All these twist is ruining the game.

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