Big Brother Spoilers – POV Today, Ronnie Thinks he’s Better than Dr Will, “I know everything about this game”


9:00am Wake up houseguests…..

10:40am Playing for POV: Jeff, Laura, Ronnie ,Russell, Natalie, and Casey with Lydia hosting..

Bathroom, Lydia, Ronnie and Kevin. They are telling Ronnie hw needs to but the pressur on Casey if he wins POV. ROnnie asks them what do they want him to do he has no power.. Ronnie than says he will warn Casey not to use POV because thats what the house wants. Talk drifts to CHim and her Speech about Braden being a bigot and a misogynist. Lydia thinsk the speech was editted or cut altogether. Ronnie mentions the show that evel dick and janelle are doing based on whats going on in the house. Ronnie gets introuble for talking about production… he complains saying he read about it on the internets, “how is that production” Lydia mentions how Braden told her he wantted to be the bad boy playboy in the house. Kevin says Braden had the hots for LYdia. Lydia says Braden tried to kiss her… ROnnie acts surprised….. Ronnie leaves and Kevin and Lydia compare inforamtion. Lydia tells him that Russ was talking shit about Jesse and Natalie today. Kevin says he alwasy thought Ronnie’s plan was to backdoor Russell if the POV was used. Lydia says she doesn’t know if he will really do that I think he has another plan. She goes on to say that she doesn’t want her, him, Jessie or Natalie to be used as a pawn


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:15am green Room Ronnie, Laura and Jordan. They are talking about the great mistake that Marcellas did. Ronnie goes on to bragg that he knows everything there is to know about Big Brother. He mentions Dr. Will and says he’s supposedly the greatest player to ever play the game but Ronnie doesn’t think so. The Girls ask Ronnie if he is ready for POV, He says yes . He goes on to apologize that he took a chance that Russell’s name wouldn’t come out of that bag but it did, “I feel bad because now I should have just put his ass up on the block” He explans that his plan was to put the 2 people who were strong and could fight for the veto. He adds taht it took the heat off jeff and Laura cause the other side was confused that Ronnie put you 2 up. Larua says whatever I’m ready to play and win. Ronnie mentions Braden trying to kiss lydia… Jordan scoffs and says he was probably just kidding. Jordan asks ronnie if he wins POV will he use it and Ronnie says he might. Laura says she will use it for sure.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:45 Spa Jordan and Ronnie
Ronnie thinks everyone is turning against Russel. Jordan doesn’t understand why everyone is turning aganist Russell. Ronnie says its because he has all the POwer and they can’t get to me Ronnie asks Jordan if Russell made a deal with her. Jordan denies it. Ronnie is telling Jordan she and Natalie are the only two that Russell hasn’t made a deal with. Jordan tells Ronnie the only reason Russell hasn’t is because they all think i’m stupid. Jordan says she doesn’t really trust Jessie, but she’s not sure “I thought going in i knew how to play this game but I don’t”
Ronnie says that he will be honest with her that people feel badly about Laura how she always loses it but she hasn’t done that now and he’s proud of her. He goes on to say that if Laura doesn’t win that she will probably go home. He goes over the votes and he says the vote will be 8-1 with Jordan the lone vote for Laura to stay because she and Laura are team mates. Ronnie says that he doesn’t think Casey would risk rocking the boat to save Laura if he won the POV. Ronnie still saying there is a back door plan and it’s not to get rid of laura or Jeff, he really wanted to back door Russel. Jordan wishes she was competing today.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:00pm Spa room Jordan, Jeff, Larua. Speculating about the veto competition.They are worried about the red unitard. But Jordan doesn’t care she’ll do anything to win. Laura tells them that Ronnie is just trying to cover himself. If he’s not really a teacher but he was trying to throw the heat on me, because I said I do promotions and didn’t say I was a swim suit model. They talkk about ROnnie thinking they are stupid by saying he might use the POV and stick to the orignal plan. Jeff says fuck him he’s so full of shit. They start laughing about how they are going to mess with Ronnie cause he’s so paranoid. They’ll tell the house to get the puppet master “ronnie” out of the house when thwy are evcited, They all agree that it will scare the shit out of him. Laura says they need to do somthing to the “hood rat” Lydia.
Larua called to Diary

Jeff and Jordan continue talking,Jordan said it will be weird if Jeff is gone, she’ll have noone to speak with….. they move to general chit chat and talk about how much they will miss each other.


12:20pm Red Room Jesse and ROnnie. Ronnie says Laura is a bikini model for a living and that’s what she told him. Jesse says so what I already knew that. Chima enters and says she thinks Laura is a Stripper. Ronnie says he asked Laura if she was a model and she asked if he meant promotional work and he said whatever you want to call it. Ronnie says this is Laura’s 12th lie she has to go home…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Hahahahaha……Ronnie thinks he is like Dr. Will. Please Ronnie. Dr. Will played this game twice as good as you and he will last twice as long. The different with him and Dr. Will is that Dr. Will won his season and Ronnie will not. You suck Ronnie.


Ronnie has played one too many sides…he will be gone. if he wanted to be better than Dr. Will he’d have just put Jessie, Russell or Scrappy on the block & let them play for POV. Sure the atheletes are needed but how many weeks can you wait to get rid of 4 strong people?

I like Lydia’s new nickname – hood rat . that was funny.

I’m wondering if after another week or two they dissolve the cliques? Just like they did with the couples. hmmmm – just a thought…

deborah grimes



Ronnie may be the worst player in BB history. Rather than alowing his teammate Michelle to win the HoH and keep him safe and put the bullseye on her and have her nominate/evict 1 of the 3 Athletes (Nat, Jesse, Russell) as she more than likely would have, Ronnie won the HoH and was forced to show his hand. If Ronnie has a degree it’s an online degree or one found in a cracker jack box.

Seeing how it was week 2 and the athletes had the numbers (4) and were performing well, the bullseye was on them and Ronnie would be in great shape right now had Michele won HoH. Russell/Jesse or Nat would be on their way out and Ronnie would be that more needed by their alliance. Right now he is simply a PAWN being used by Jesse.

CBS better hope that the alliance of Jeff/Jordan/Laura/Casey and maybe Russell/Michelle win the next few HoH’s because if the final 6 include Jesse, Nat, Chima, Kev, Lydia & Ronnie… ratings will tank with noone in america wanting to see that.

deborah grimes


Secret Person

I agree with you 100%. I hate Jessie. He’d rather be on the Jock’s side, besides Jeff who’s my favorite, but I think that Jordan or Laura is gonna figure it out. He’s a looser. Jessie was my least favorite, but Ronnie’s going down my list fast.

I hope they don’t vote out Laura, but they most likely will. AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!! Why are my favorites going first?

Jeff, Jordan, Laura, and Casey, (Braden)

Least Favorites-
Russell, Lydia, Jessie and 2 faced Ronnie

Secret Person

Sorry, I also agree with Eric. If Jeff/Laura/Jordan/Casey get evicted next I’m not watching anymore. CBS better hope that Laura doesn’t get sent home other wise they’re gonna kill the show. I can say I won’t be watching anymore. Braden was one of my favorites and he’s gone.


Seriously? Ronnie is a delusional twit!


You’ve got to admit, it’s starting to pick up……………………


IMO, best case scenario is Laura wins POV and takes herself off the block.

The easy replacement then is Russell since there are people on both side that want him out, but my personal preference would be putting up Natalie, or to a lesser extent Lydia or Kevin, and talking Russell into defecting over to team Jeff since he’s been looking that direction lately as it is.

Secret Person

Yeah, but if you look up now, than you see Jeff won POV. So then that mean Laura’s most likely gonna go home Ronnie told Jordan that the voting would most likely be 8-1 with Jordan being the only one voting for Laura. HE thinks that Casey won’t “rock the boat” and save laura. Let’s hope that it comes down to Laura and Russell and it goes down something like this.


Kevin and Lydia-they have ?’s because they said they would vote for Jeff, but Lydia wanted Laura gone in the beginning, but will she turn against Russell cause he yelled at him? and I think Kevin will vote with Lydia.

Chima- Basically the same thing, but Laura lied to her about voting for Braden. But the same as Lydia, Russell yelled at her, so will she forgive Laura or Russell?

Casey-I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna vote against Russell, but is Ronnie right? Will he not “rock the boat” and vote against his friend?

Jordan-Right now, it’s probably 85%-15% that she will vote against Russell. But she’s friends with Russell now so I don’t know.

I HOPE…hope hope hope hope that Ronnie decides to backdoor Russell. Please Lord!

Sorry, I’ve read into this too much.

Secret Person

Sorry again, Lydia is probably for Laura


I don’t know, Chima is stirring up some backdoor Russell action and it’s looking like Lydia might be on board with that. Kevin follows Lydia like the lemming he is so that would be 3 votes. I think Jeff would keep Laura even though him and Russell seem to be mending fences and I think Jordan will follow Jeff, not to mention she would want to keep Laura so she’s not the only popular left. That would be all the votes that would be needed even without Natalie, Casey or Michelle, who could all easily vote out Russell for their own reasons.
This is all predicated on Ronnie putting Russell on the block, which is less than 50% even though he keeps talking about it, since he would have to go against Jesse’s wishes. Ronnie is Jesse’s bitch. The more likely scenario I think is he puts up Jordan or Casey, telling them that Laura’s going home anyway so it doesn’t really matter.


I know. I really hope he puts up Russell but I am not counting on it. Ronnie is very wishy washy and you never what is going on in his dumb head. Lydia, Chima, and Kevin now all want to backdoor Russell. I hope they go through with it.


I am so over Ronnie, what a weasel! He will be gone next week………. Thank Goodness, he thinks he is the game master, maybe in video games but not in BB household.

deborah grimes


deborah grimes



Ronnie showed his cards to early in the game!!! A couple more weeks and he will be on the block…unless the entire house is totally stupid!!!

Secret Person

What the F*ck? What did Laura do? I like her! I was secretly hoping that Laura would win POV (Even though Jeff’s my favorite) because I knew people were trying to get rid of her. I think that if she won POV, people would vote for Russell to leave, and Jeff would stay. Happy Ending right? I guess Happy Endings never happen.


Sooooo happy Jeff is staying!!!! Maybe there is a chance for Laura too depending on who the repacement nom is. I’m feeling a little sorry that it may be Russell since he seemed to be coming over to the good side.

Secret Person

I feel sorry for Russell too, but Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Casey, and Braden are my favorites, except Braden left. I was so pissed when I found out Ronnie nominated Laura and Jeff. I was secretly hopping that Laura would win POV, even though Jeff’s my favorite out of my favorites, because everyone would vote for him to stay. But Ronnie told Jordan that if Laura doesn’t win POV, she’s most likely to go home. I’m glad Ronnie’s gonna be put up, but like you said, he was starting to be good. I was glad Jordan didn’t win POV, even though she’s my second favorite, because she said that if she won, She would use it for Laura instead of Jeff.