“I think we dodge a bullet by a very small Margin “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

12:41 pm Felicia is going on to Cirie about how set the brown sugar babes are next week as long as two of them stay off the block.

12:45 pm Izzy, Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – Bowie Janes leg was shaking too
Felicia – mmmmhmmmm
Cirie – the whole time

Felicia – mmmmmhmmmmm
Feeds flip.

12:50 pm Jared and Cameron
Cameron – you’re ok?
Jared – I’m trying to keep it f***ing together BRO I wanna… f***Ing stomach is hurting my head is f***Ing hurting
Cameron – I know
Jared – just trying to get through this sh1t now … this sh1t.. this part is not fun .
Cameron – I know
Jared – and the guilt trip
Cameron – how shitty dude.. we both say it coming everyone else was Give me a f***Ing break.
Jared – it’s f***ing crazy BRO.. Crazy sh1t BRO
Cam – did everyone think you were going to use it for the most part?
Jared – yeah that is why everybody was like.. As far as Corey goes, Jag goes America I even think some part of Blue ..
Jared says Felicia thought he was going to use it and so did MEME.
Jared- F** IT F*** IT F*** IT I’m ready to move on and get to next week. Keep moving this f**Ign train forward.
Cameron – I’m pretty f***ing pissed at you
Jared – whys that
Cameron – cause you f***ed up my backdoor plan
JAred laughs “I f** up your backdoor plan? how?”
Cameron – that’s the play! I’m f***ing PIssed at you
Jared laughs “that will afford us some separation”
Cameron – I will leave the room every time you come in.. (Here we go Cameron getting stupid again)
Cameron – you messed up my backdoor plan because you caught from Corey that it was going to be Blue
Jared – Okay
Jared says he can see a JAg, America or a Corey target them two.
Cameron says Cirie is not happy right now because she’s tied up with Felicia. “neither one can come up here to talk to me.. let them stew”
Cameron adds Felicia is getting pissed because she gets to watch Izzy bouncing around the house. He’s been enjoying his time watching them on the HOH Screen. “THe Three stooges”
Jared – ain’t that sime sh1t bro

Jared – I need to get my f***in get my F**IINg stomach together..

They HUG it out
Cameron – Leave me alone
Jare d- F** you
they laugh and hug.

12:54 pm Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – that vacation I got it and gave it away.. If I have to look back and say that is the stupidest thing I did was give away that vacation. That may have changed what everyone did
Cirie – mmmmhmmmm mmmmmmhmmmm
F- then the veto would have been taken from him and he would have been stuck with somebody for 48 hours.
Cirie comments on the people in the Kitchen “They’re cleaning up now”
F – Mmmmhmmmmmm
America walks by
F – How was you and Corey’s night?
America – what?
F – don’t say what? can you see if there’s more rippled milk in the fridge
America – Of course
F – If they didn’t bring me anymore I don’t have anymore Milk I bet they didn’t which means I have nothing to Drink.
Cirie – maybe it’s related to the luxury comp they are talking about
F – Mmmmhmmmmmm
Cirie – you can play for it.
America says Felicia’s special milk hasn’t arrived.
Cirie about Bowie Jane being “Stuck to his a$$”
F – Mmmmhmmmmmm
F – I need Blue and Matt..
Cirie – that’s it
F – Mmmmhmmmmmm
F – I’ll still chat with America.. I know Corey is tight with Izzy but I really would appreciate your vote to stay in the house.
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmmmm
Cirie says it would be cool if they can get Corey and America to vote with them.
F – Mmmmhmmmmmm
F – I’m glad America is getting ready to sit her a$$ down.

America joins them to lighten the mood.

1:22 pm Blue, jared the Bro and Matt
Jared – he’s soo happy to be attacking the two oldest people in the house.
Matt – who is?
Jared – Cameron
Matt – yeah
Blue – two oldest and two black women in this house
jared – C’mon BRO.. I Was so F***Ing mad BRO…
Jared – I wish we had another twist BRO if we had another twist BRO we could take one of the off the F***Ing block.. oh my gosh BRO
Matt – yeah..
Jared – F*** it though.. I don’t think either of them deserve to go before Jag BRO
Matt – hmmmmm m
Jared – Felicia or Izzy
Matt- that’s the way it’s going to be though.
Jared – it’s pissing me off BRO.. Momma Fleicia 100% deserves to be in Jury.

Matt – what?
jared – at least deserved to be in Jury
Matt – IZZY ?
Jared – NO momma Fleicia (LOL)
Matt – wants to be in Jury?
Jared – She deserves to be in jury at least.. at least bro after that I couldn’t care less. It assure Corey, America and F***ing Jag stay here it F****ing Blow my mind.

1:30 pm Bowie Jang and Jag chatting about working out.

1:33 pm Jared, Blue and Matt (Jared is pathetic)
Jared – BRO that shit is bugging me BRO the fact that he’s so happy to see them two suffering.. I’m like BRO it’s bugging me BRO that shit it BUGGING me bro.
Jared – BRO he was just up there laughing BRO I was there with a straight face and he kept going BRO
Jare- I just can’t wait..
Matt – he’ll face the wrath soon
Jared – FOR SURE .. FOR F*****ING SURE. I really hope it comes from one of us so he can really feel how that sh1t works..
Jared – If it comes from me he’ll be like BRO what the f***
Jared – I HOPE for his last week here we get to pick slop. I’ll pick Him, Corey and America. Is swear to god..
Matt – ohh gosh..
Jared – BRO I’m going to be the biggest f***Ing a$$ hole ever (Acting out of character I see not)
JAred – Bro I swear to god I’m eating in front of them ALl day every f***ing day.. ALLL F***Ing Day BRO.. OH MY GOSH.. I JUST CAN’t.. BRAH at this point I cannot. I cannot f***Ing stand them BRO I cannot stand none of them BRO
Matt – you cannot stand?
Jared – with any of them
Matt – Jag is starting to get worried about you. (Jesus Christ Matt)
Matt – did you hear that Jared? Jag is starting to get worried about you (Jesus Christ Matt for the second time)
Matt – he keeps asking about our relationship..
Jared – F*** him I don’t give a F*** he’s worried
Matt – what’s that?
Jared – I said F*** him he’ll have to make it happen.

1:50 pm Izzy starts campaigning early to Matt

2:05 pm Izzy and Cam
Cam – I’m glad… I’m sure you are relieved too..
Izzy – I am happy people are being respectful. Personally I love her but in this game it’s been difficult these past few weeks.
Cam – I’m just trying to stay away from everybody. Not for any reason. I know that everyone already annoyed and the fact that I am the only one that is not havenotting. I don’t want to be disrespectful.
Izzy – with me it’s not even a thing I’m happy that you are getting to eat.
Cam – I’m trying not to be around too much because everyone can say solid together but if I’m around it’ll be AHH F** CAM is eating stuff
Cam – I don’t want to be a d!ck

2:10 pm America and Corey
Corey – Congratulations, I’m very worried about a battle back only because the backyard is closed right now (It’s wall HOH my kraken senses are telling me.)
Corey – you can’t tell Blue anything. Izzy comes to me today and says Blue told her you are targeting Izzy or.. not .. you are nervous about Izzy because Izzy is nervous about where you are going to vote.
America – Ahhh F**** Blue
Corey – You can’t tell her anything. She’s not loyal to anyone she can’t keep her mouth shut.
America – F***… OKay
Corey says he doesn’t trust Jag and Matt enough “Everyone is telling me you are spreading my information across the house”
America – what information? there’s no information
Corey – I believe you, they have every incentives to tear me from you. You know how this house is. I’m trying to do everything in my ability to not doubt you.. I have to ask sometimes
America – that’s fine there’s no reason for me to
Corey – I believe you.. jared insinuated, Cam insinuated.. which goes with my Theory that Jared is bullshiting me.
COrey – I don’t think it’s Izzy, Izzy wouldn’t talk to Cam.. I just don’t know how this group could work.
America – there’s no group. It can’t..
Corey – it can’t with Blue.. and they trust Blue too much. So it’s f***Ed
Corey – well 7 deadly sins is fake
Corey says he trust her “I think you were a possibility for a replacement and I think we dodge a bullet by a very small margin and I think if you were up there I think you would have gone home”
Corey – it would be possible that you stayed it would have been an interesting vote but I think you would have gone.
Corey thinks Matt is more “Loosed” lip than they think.
America- you think so?
Corey – yeah
COrey cites the conversation America had with him where he told her too much. “are you that close”
America – I trust jag more than Blue I was feeling better with Blue
America – why can’t IZZY just come to me and talk to me too.
America says she told Izzy she has her vote. She wonders why doesn’t Izzy didn’t tell her what Blue said
Corey – she trust me not you
Corey says telling Matt and Jag about the path to power will win over Jag and Matt.
Corey – we all played in this thing. I don’t want to you the America angle but they would be super down and it’s fun.. upbeat..
America – I really like Jag
Corey – I know
(Build the shrine for the Matt, Jag, America, Corey alliance)

Cirie and Felicia joins them.

2:28 pm gas masks on

2:40 pm America calls Cameron out on spreading things she told him
America adds that Felicia likely has the vote against his week.

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If they can’t figure out that Jared is playing them relatively soon. I’ll have to agree with the stunt cast theory. It’s starting to feel pretty obvious… Also, when evicted house guests are told about the twist it doesn’t seem natural. They’re all smiles. I’d be pissed about that shit. Especially given this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Spot ON

“when evicted house guests are told about the twist it doesn’t seem natural. They’re all smiles”

I’ve noticed that. Just adds to the perception that BB is totally rigged. Betcha everybody there except CAM and BOWIE know the secret. The “house guest” are probably getting paid to keep the lips from flapping.


Djimon Hounsou played in Amistad slave ship movie in 1997 whose tag line, “GIVE US US FREE”
Cirie was saying it was the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who did NOT play in film. (He was in The Mummy)

Spot ON


Felicia's eyebrows

I can’t decide which one I find more annoying, Hisam saying “right” non-stop or Jared saying “BRO” five times in every sentence???
It’s irritating af reading it, I can’t even imagine how awful listening to it is…. Yikes.

Queen B

Hopefully the houseguests begin to find it just as annoying as we all do and get his butt out!


I agree about Jared and the Bro thing also it seems like BBis making sure they aren’t showing how him Cory and Felicia really talk. How much the F word gets used also.

Queen Catia

It’s literally like how many times you gonna say bro, Bro?

Spot ON


And improper use of “IS” and “ARE” in a sentence. Or beginning a sentence with “I be like…”….”he be like…”…”she be like”…


Jared is worse, believe me BRO!!


I think I’ve got to give the most annoying trophy to Jared with “BRO” nonsense


Is that good or bad ? Enzo never had any win equity.

Time to PLAY

I’m trying hard to like Matt, but he’s making it difficult. Trusts the WRONG people, that’s for sure!


Bro is is so annoyingly repetitive. I hope Cameron can see through the lies. I can’t imagine how offended the evicted house guests are watching this crap. They got screwed by the stunt cast.


Cirie & Jared are they sticking with the brown sugar babies – voting izzy out? Is the house voting out izzy?


As much as I despise Felicia (how my how), Izzy is the best move to take out at this point.


Simon lol you make me laugh when you say stuff in parentheses lol ? because I’m thinking what you are Jared is worse then all of them !


What twist? I read that the houseguests were happy when they heard about the twist. I must have missed it. Not getting much sleep, brain running on empty…


The twist of having a mother and son secretly in the house.


Oh…yeah. I thought something new got thrown down and I missed it. Thanks!


FFS, I don’t understand the stupidity with this cast. America, listen to Cory and stop talking to Blue’s dumba**. How can Jared not be at the top of everyone’s list to get out? The dude sucks on every level. I’m rooting for America and Cory, honestly I’d love them to link up with Matt, Jag, and my guilty pleasure Izzy (no hate please, I don’t know why I kind of root for her, I think it’s because she is a true fan), heck they can even bring along Cam and Bowie Jane, then they need to boot out the other side in this order Jared, Cirie, Blue, the rest can go in any other order as long as America and Cory make it to the end, with America winning.


Matt is naive, Jared is a titty baby who only can say Brah to express himself, Blue just wants followers, Izzy wants to be cool without doing anything, Cirie wants to win something, Corey is smitten, America is hanging out at summer camp, Meme is laying low and floating, Bowie Jane is like Biden, has no idea what is going on, Jag is desperate for anyone to trust, Cameron is just waiting to play for next weeks veto.

Another Dixie

And Felicia?


I really do not understand Matt’s game play, I thought that he trusted Jag, and he was closer to Jag than Jared & Cirie. But every chance Matt gets, he tells Cirie or Jared what he talked with Jag about, Matt is not really good at BB, he’s just floating from side to side, trying to fit in.

As for Corey, I’m not a big fan. I don’t think it’s cool to play with America, then run back and tell Izzy or Jared what he and America talked about. Corey is almost as lost as Matt when it comes to picking a side, can’t Corey and Matt understand they are at the bottom of the list when it comes to working with Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Jared & Blue ?

I was really hoping that Matt, Jag, Cameron, America, Bowie would team up and work together against “Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Jared and Blue”. But Matt keeps running back and telling Cirie or Jared, everything that is discussed between him and Jag.

I feel bad that Corey is passing information that America shares with him, Corey tells Izzy and sometimes Jared. Corey acts like he is hip to Jared being a snake, and using him for information, but he is just like Matt, he can’t seem to break away 100 % from the other side of the house.

Cameron is also pissing me off, can’t he tell that Jared is playing him for a total fool, all of the Bro this, Bro that, all of the profanity, Jared is a complete idiot, then Blue keeps on bringing up Cameron put 2 women of Color on the block. So What ! I’m a man of Color, if I was HOH, I’d put Cirie & Felicia up, then I’d put Jared & Blue up, it just amazes me how they all feel so entitled.

Cameron has the nerve to actually try and play BB, Cameron has the nerve to put Felicia, Izzy, and maybe Cirie up on the block. But Jared is so pissed, all of the Bro, this, Bro, this is pissing me off, Jared needs to shut the hell up.

Cameron has blinders on, Jared put you on the block, Felicia put you on the block, why in the hell does Cameron think Jared is his buddy, Cameron needs to talk more game with Jag and America, swear to each other, what they talk about stays between them, try to show Matt the light about how he cannot trust Cirie, Felicia, Jared or Izzy, they will stab him in the back in a heart beat.

Jag, America, Cameron, Bowie, Matt “If he stops telling Cirie & Jared everything, maybe Corey if he would stop kissing up to Jared, Felicia and Cirie. Jag, America, Cameron, Bowie, Matt pull in MeMe, possibly Corey, the other side would be lost !

Cirie so far has won nothing, Izzy has won nothing, Jared’s HOH does not count, his Mom threw that over to him, Jared won veto by taking it away from someone, had nothing to do with game Skill, Jared was the 1st one out on the Pressure Cooker, the other side would be lost, if Jag, Matt, America, Cameron, Corey and Bowie worked together, they could run the house. If only Cameron, Matt and Corey can stop being misted by Jared & Cirie !!!

I can’t wait to see how Jared handles being on the Block, let’s see how Bro handles that. Jared will be running to his mother every 5 minutes complaining, Jared, is an idiot who really has no game.


So far I’ve found the season entertaining. All the gang are trying to play their own different version’s of BB. . …Seems a bit suspicious Cire came in late and alone as house guest #17, her son Jared already in the house. But Jared (aka motor mouth) clearly needs supervision, lol.


“Suspicious”? Production told Cirie and Jared they’d both be in the house and they entered with a gameplan.


Shocking that Jared came into this house single….