“Obviously I want to stay but I care about America More than I do the game Obviously”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue used the veto on herself. Jag used the veto on MOMA Fe. Cory and America are replacements.

1:00 pm Feeds return to this

1:02 pm Matt, Jag and Jag
Complaining about Cory and America being surprised.
Jag – he was like ‘was this the plan all along’ I was like ‘no’
Matt – BRO like…
Jag- It happened the way it happened
Blue – I’m going to tell them that To! Y’ALL were close Y’ALL almost got Jag to get me out Because I was getting Y’ALL too (LOL what the f**)

Blue – You were damn close.. you were so close you just f***ed up and tried covering up too much of your base.. You were trying to get me to go after Y’ALL two if I were to win HOH. That’s where they F******ED up..
They yap about how Corey and america were trying to get them against each other.
Jag – my god
Matt points out how A/C always go straight to the HOH.
Blue goes on about how America denied “Shit”
Jag – she came in HOT I looked at her for 5 seconds
Jag – now they have to pick who they will be honest to.
Blue – If I were to win HOH it was their a$$ess it’s been their as$es for me for week now. I DON’T give a sh1t

Felicia joins them and Hugs Jag
Fe – I love you
Jag – I love you to

Jag is happy.

1:07 pm Cruising to 3rd place

1:13 pm Cirie doesn’t want to see America upset like that “Shake it off”
They hug
America cries “I appreciate it”
Cirie leaves
Cory joins her “What to do you want to do?
America – DIE

1:17 pm Cory and America
America – I want you to stay
Cory – I want you to stay as well
Cory – I’m not having you fall on the sword.
America – this is my fault. You know whatever Blue said to them.
Cory – I’m going to talk to someone probably Bowie
A – Well she knew she just lied to me
Cory – it’s okay.. I’m going to go talk to her I think

Momma Fe comes and gives her a hug

Feeds cut.

1:22 pm Cory and Bowie
Bowie claims she had inklings that Cory was going up but she wasn’t sure
Cory – Yeah so did I it was really awkward this morning with you and Matt
Bowie – OHHH right
Cory – the part that upsets me my plan this entire this .. since Izzy was final 5 with you five and FInal three with you and America
Bowie – I never took that too seriously
Cory – I’m bummed out because I’m next to America but I’m also confused. The people I’m close to this house is you and America.
Cory – Obviously I want to stay but I care more about America More than I do the game Obviously (Is cory’s word Obviously ?)
Cory – she tells me she wants to go which obviously is not going to happen. I’m put up this week I believe I am the target. It feels that way.
Cory says if he’s in the house whoever wins HOH their target will be him.
Cory – me being here next week guarantees everyone final 6
Cory says if he wins HOH it’s matt and Jag. If Matt or Jag win it’s him.
Cory points out Matt nad Jag will keep Cirie around before here.
Bowie says Everyone is going to want to keep Cirie and Felicia around before her.
Cory points out that Jag is a comp beast.
Cory – the votes I’m trying to get to be clear are you, me and Felicia
Bowie – Yeah

1:23 pm Felicia, Blue and Cirie
Felicia is going on about Cory talking to Bowie jane while America is crying downstairs
Blue – They do not like each other Boyfriend and Girlfriend my a$$
Felicia – MMMMMhmmmmmmm

1:31 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – at this point my, You, Blue, Cory and America just talk.
Jag – if we don’t have that conversation they will stay upset and confused at me.

Jag – let me know when you want to talk again
America – Literally f*** off
America leaves..
Matt – Grow up
Jag -now I need to f*** off.

1:37 pm Cirie and Felicia
Laughing that the other side is turning on themselves leaving them coasting .
Felicia says if America wins HOH she’s going after Jag, Matt or Blue.
Cirie- MMMhmmmm
Felicia says Bowie is a “sacred a$$” She’ll put them up if she wins HOH again.
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmm

1:51 pm Cory pleading his case with matt

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Paul Sucks

Mama Fe off the block again…clearly going to be sitting final two and deserves to win with her comp beast and mind control abilities.


Cirie is will be the winner. Felecia is just her carry on.

Queen Catia

Cory is not confused…that is a blatant lie! Cory is just upset that he didn’t get to put up Jag next week when he (Cory) believed he was going to win HOH…Cory evicted and being the next HG to go to jury is just the reality check he deserves!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

But sadly, the truth is, pipsqueak Cory or America are the only ones that DESERVE to win. None of the lame five deserve it!


I totally agree. However, I did admire the moves of Cam or Jag; they went after their targets right away.

Not Jasons Holly

Except they’ve been throwing comps all season.

no mo bro

F*ck Cory

he says, “Obviously I want to stay but I care about America More than I do the game Obviously”
Immediately following that he says, he’s going to campaign to stay.


Queen Catia

Agree, f*ck Cory! He’s gotta a whole lot of nerve acting like he has Jag’s back when we all know Jag is who he wants to oust next week if he (Cory) is still in the house and not evicted to jury…


It’s a game and at Jury time they all have to target each other. Cory just was considering it hesitatingly for next week while Jag got there 1st because Blue came off the block


If Cory or America had been able to WIN something, like an HOH or a VETO, then maybe they could have had a power position. Since they lost, they’re hoisted by their own petard. Bummer.

Again, a showmance that derailed an interesting game. For both of them!

un autre nom

he did win an hoh.
unlucky it was during a double dovetailed into a twistweek, so he couldn’t capitalize.

Not Jasons Holly

I’m wondering if Corey is wishing he didn’t throw so many comps. Once it was jury, you shouldn’t throw them. He was feeling too safe! Everyone is a target once it’s jury.

BB Karma

“Literally fuck off” first time I liked something America has said lol

Nether Region Euphemism

She had that fire early on, but it was snuffed down by Cory. It possibly would have gotten her evicted sooner, but maybe not. HGs get nervous about blindsiding targets who tend to get emotional. More likely they will let the target have an idea in advance, and then there’s room for the target to work for another outcome.

Right there in the bathroom, America walked out and left Jatt with their hands on their you know whats. Duh. She’s immature…..ok, I will go fuq off.

They are flabbergasted and totally deserve it for underestimating her reaction and bashing her so hard with the slut-shaming to boot. As if they could just go in and manipulate her to not be upset.


I wish they’d send her to jury Instead of Cory. Cory would have to worry all week if Cam is working her bent over while he’s still in the house with Mama Fe. Lmao

Team Taylor

As long as America survives eviction, I’m okay with Cory going.

This will give America the opportunity to own the Izzy blindside should she get to Final Two.

Another Dixie

OMG, Blue actually thinks that CBS will invite her back for another season. What does she think she has done that is memorable, except screwing with Jared?

no mo bro

Don’t forget. She’s a 3 but she thinks she’s a 9. She really believes it. I guess she can’t see her own ugly.

Spot ON


no mo bro

When she wakes in the morning without makeup on, I can’t help but cringe. EWW. Just EWW.

Someone mentioned in another thread, he’s never seen her shower. Neither have I and I have the quad cam up and waiting for them to wake every morning. Not once have I seen her shower. only wash her makeup off. I’m four hours ahead of California time and I’m in bed during their very late nights.

Maybe she showers at night? Has ANYONE seen her shower? Ever?

Mecole used to complain about the constant funky smells in the house. I wonder if it’s Blue she was smelling?

Cringe, CRINGE and more C R I N G E!

I just threw up a little.


Blue will be long forgotten by Production, she hardly qualifies as someone worth bringing back EVER — what the eff is she thinking.

Game fan

the new raven


Not sure if Blue sees herself as a mean girl with a cool tough attitude or a gang girl with a cool tough attitude. To me she is immature. Love her hair.


Jag and Matt are weenies. Not a fan of them. The problem with Corey and America is neither of them won any challenges (Corey one HOH). This really is there fault. Corey and America should have aligned with Cam. Became a threesome and taken out Jag and Matt. They did not want to do that and as a result pitted themselves against Matt and Jag, and they had ZERO clue that they did. Matt will want to take Cirie to the final two. Jag will have to decide between Bowie and Cirie and likely will go with Matt who wants Cirie. The game is Ciries. This show has really disappointed me and honestly if this was not a family activity I would kiss it goodbye. I get frustrated every year I watch it.

no mo bro

If I still had children at home there is no way this show would be a family affair. This show brings out the worst in a person and showcases everything I would hope my children would never be/do. I would not want them seeing it and thinking it’s cool or funny. I would certainly never want them to participate. Good people don’t win BB and these people are horrible. The closest thing to them is us, the viewers. Who enjoy watching this terrible behaviour. I feel guilty just for liking it.

This show is the furthest thing from “family entertainment” and should come with an R rating.

Game fan

ian doesent have one evil bone in his body.
derek is an amazing guy.
steve? now way he is not a good man.
or kacey?
this is just on the top of my head right now.
( i mostly believe everyone is good. this is a game. but those guys above you cant deny)

no mo bro

I can’t help it. This season is such a disaster of comical proportions, that it has soured the whole BB experience for me.

At this point I’m hate watching. Not to see who wins, but to see the looks on the faces of the people as they go to jury.


Cameron’s downfall is on him. Cameron led a Corey backdoor plan.

no mo bro

No. His downfall was production. They engineered the whole thing and tried to get him out, but he just kept winning. Don’t forget they took away his HoH and basically erased his whole week of gameplay, leaving Cameron as the bad guy with no power and only enemies.


Cameron was a community house target due to his poor social game and inability to build trust, his downfall was entirely self-inflicted. The entire house shared a common mindset “Nobody believed his shit he just won”. Cameron exposing family style to Hisam in have not room made him untrustworthy betraying his original alliance. He then nominated Jag to leave on his first HOH. Proceed next week to voting jag out who was in his original alliance that he exposed to hisam and the other side. Entirely on Cam that he betrayed his original alliance and made himself untrustworthy. As he proved multiple times that he was wanting to get those allies out over others still in the house that he wasn’t aligned with. Corey couldn’t place his trust in Cameron, especially after Cameron was actively leading a push for Corey to be backdoored just the previous week. When a player attempts to backdoor you in the past, it’s a clear sign that they will target you again in the future.

no mo bro

The Zombie battleback was only so production could attempt to save Jared and the script they had already written. After winning, Cam said, “There was something weird about the arm”. Yeah, I’m sure there was. Like electromagnets that would have been turned off with the flick of a switch, had Jared been doing it.

I watched that ball get away from Cam many times, but somehow he saved it every time and won his way back into the house. After winning veto and while alone in the HoH room, he held up the veto, looked straight at the camera and said, “I can do whatever the f*ck I want”.

He wasn’t talking to us. he was talking to production.

I have no doubt, production was Cam’s worst enemy in that house.

un autre nom

what part of the episode edit EVER painted Cam as villain?
he was golden edit ‘space cowboy’ nicknamed.
nobody watching episodes alone knows his social game was terrible.
nobody watching episodes alone knows he consistently betrayed every alliance he was in, and did so obviously.
The enemies he had before week 4 and during week 4 are the enemies he had after week 4. that non-eviction changed nothing, because it was common knowledge he wanted to renom Izzy, but Red didn’t agree because of the alliance they were all in together.
Before Bowie’s HOH:
he was loyal to fugitives? while saying he was final 2 with Bowie, protecting Cirie, trying to weaponize Blue, and saying he’d never target America….which is it?


Even with a 2nd chance by production. Cameron still failed because of his social game being viewed as untrustworthy. That was his downfall.

Grodner’s Former Lover

It seems that allot of these players have tossed allot of competitions. This is why you don’t.

Jag wasting his anonymous HOH and then telling everyone has to be among the more ridiculous acts I’ve seen on this game. The result: he pissed most everyone off when he could have got rid of a floater or Cory/America and denied it. This will result in him losing against anyone in the final 2..


Jag does not know how to play this game. When Cory leaves he has no shield. Jag will most definitely be in the jury house with Cory soon. Cerie and Felicia will coast to the end just like they said. Bowie has no game, Blue has no game except to drag Cory and America. Matt just follows Jag and is his yes man plus Cerie is his Big Brother Mama. They are all showing their character by getting personal about Cory and America. They could keep it game related but they have to personally drag them. I would not want to be friends outside of the house with any of them after seeing the things they are saying. Cory did have a strategy and was playing the game, if you compare him to the rest of them he is playing a good game. Once Cory leaves there will be minimum strategizing. It’s been a disappointing season that’s just going to get worse.

no mo bro

Months of their lives wasted in this house. Forced to be the worst version of themselves and for what? $1000/week? I would be the 1st person out.


This will draw hate. No doubt.
But, this is my last year because it does bring out the worst in people. BB should be canceled.

Game fan

cirie is for sure getting more.
the others can use the fame to promote themself


I see Cirie floating to final two. Any House guest that sits beside her has played a better game.

un autre nom

Checked both sides of bbtwitter.
Cory should campaign. The showmance has always been 2 gamers playing their own games as much as playing together.
America should take cool off time. Who is Jag to set the parameters at this point? Veto ceremony is over on an odd voter number week…he’s got no say and no power now.
Why is Jag running to Cory saying he won’t take disrespect from America?
Sounded too control your woman to me.
Inching closer to dusting off the nope button, so watch it Jag cus you and Blue are dancing on my last nerve after the weekend.

East coast

Jag sits with Blue and Matt and trash talks America and Cory ad nauseam, but one fu after a fairly brutal blindside and he’s all “I won’t take disrespect.” What a clown.

un autre nom

do you remember Jag being bullied for weeks at the start of the season?
I don’t… but he’s mentioned it so many times I’m wondering if i just missed an entire subplot.


Boy it’s hard to pick which house guest I dislike more. They are all complete turds, can we just veto the whole season and start with a new group. Just add the money to the next pot. No fake twist to keep people they like, no fake powers just play the freaking game.

Julie Chen

Good call. Perhaps there is a manager you could speak to.


As I said before, Cory is handling it much better than America right now


I have posted here a handful of times, and normally stay out of the fray. But man am I so glad to see Karma come to Comerica! From his smug ways, to her giddy “we got you!” final messages…. They both need to be sent packing, and continue that fake romance somewhere else.

Chicken in a Robe

Agreed, I have disliked the two of them since the beginning. He is a smug little turd for sure. Everytime they show her in the feeds my skin crawls, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Useless…. wish they could evict them both this week.


Jared lost, get over it already


It needs to be repeated that the way Jag went about putting them on the block is the issue not that America and Cory are on the block. As far as Matt & Jag go, they saw how America went at it with Felicia at a previous veto meeting; what did they think she was going to do now?

un autre nom

America tells Cory she can go scorched earth.
She says she’ll pour out all the milk gallons.
bwahahaha Jag’s love of milk being weaponized.

no mo bro

Because this is the type of person she is. She calls herself a superfan, but then cries, pouts and gets nasty and vengeful when the same thing that has happened to numerous others, happens to her. What did she think she was? Immune? The world’s most popular house guest? Please….

A real superfan would not be surprised. Cory claims he saw it coming, but I doubt that. Yesterday he and Shamerica were plotting to evict Jag.

Why is Cory he even campaigning? He has got to know, there is no way he is staying, no matter what he says.

He should just bow out gracefully and tell everyone to vote him out. Then maybe his shoho somehow gets to stay.

un autre nom

you think i’m bothered by someone threatening the bb milk supply to stick it to the person whose showmance is with milk?
that’s prime oldschool bb.

no mo bro

lol. If she does, I’m sure production will “milk” 😉 😉 it for all it’s worth… All four live feeds simultaneously.

I’d watch that!

Mean Jean

A true super fan would know laying up with your showmanship and not winning comps will not end well.

un autre nom

How big a part is production wanting Harlequin Grodmance footage?

Serious question due to knowledge of how BBCan has cast and given incentive to hg’s for showmances. I don’t know if bbus follows the same method, so truly…serious question.
(bbcan has shown male hg’s photos of women they’d showmance: pick top 2, then episode one highlights those ‘couples’ as potential romances. Further, production has negotiated bonuses for showmancers. Women cast as showmancers that back out of mancing are written out pre-jury). this has been the case since at least bbcan season 6. Feed discussions revealed these points in 6, 7, 9 and 10.


They all freekin’ deserve each other.

Just the truth

So America, may be like Blue being on the block will light a fire under you and you will start playing the game with the strong abilities you came in with..so. America it’s okay for everyone else who has been on the block to feel some kind of way, ( like Izzy you know..Izzy you started her demise) but Izzy isn’t like you, you are better than her so Izzy deserved to be trashed right) Princess America you u get a pass on everything everyone because I am America , you get to trash talk people, you get to plan every one’s demise but when the tables are turned ..you feel betrayed because after all, you were supposed to win, Cory I hope goes and you next.. Cirie has given you all a lesson on how it is done: figure out what makes everyone tick, and appeal to it. Look how she speaks to Matt and Jag, she knows the game they are really playing but she speaks to them as a mother does a child ( you did well, I am proud of you..) good jury management on Cirie’s part. without every letting on what she really thinks of them. Look at Bowie she is just going to coast to the end she doesn’t care wether she wins or not.. this is how it can be done.America.. heal thyself!

Just The Truth

is there a reason you are using the exact same username as me? there is many other choices..

Just the truth(for real one)

Sorry, it was an unintentional mistake. It will be corrected and thanks for catching it!


Bro jag literally got evicted his pathetic *ss shouldn’t even be in the game and it’s bs. He’s not even playing a good game too he’s just d*ck riding Matt

no mo bro

Bro! Jared bro? Is that you bro?


I miss the polls that Dawg and Simon used to put up on this feed. I liked knowing who the favorite was of the week and who everyone thought would be evicted the current week.

Spot ON

“Cory – Obviously I want to stay but I care more about America More than I do the game”

Poor CORY (not really)….lol… AMERICA only cares about confetti and Count de Monet…(to his surprise no doubt), and NOTHING about CORY.

Young lad had dreams of walking out of that house with easy money and easy chick. We’ll, old axiom that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” will resonate with him this Thursday, and thereafter to the end of time.

CORY going to have a rude awakening when all this over. I’m sure he was counting on having confetti over his head, and then tell AMERICA that he’s got two tickets to paradise, and to pack her bags because they are leaving now. We’ll, he’s not going to paradise; he’s going to jury.

CORY reminded me of Eddie Money today…..lol…..and AMERIKA will follow him next week to jury unless she can win the HOH or POV.

It’s going to be funny seeing CAM’s reaction when CORY shows up, and CAM looks at CORY’s painted black finger nails…lol…(WOW).




You should listen to the conversation that Cirie & Cory are currently having. You may change your mind about him at least a little. These two completely understand each other

Spot ON

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t have the feed.

no mo bro

Comerica is over when the cameras shut off. Shamerica has been playing to the camera since she entered the house. Doing creepy things like staring at the camera while kissing Cory, while inside her head she is screaming, “Look at me. LOOK AT ME! I’m a star!”

Now she see’s the reality that the horse she has been riding has broken it’s leg and is out of the race. She now realizes she’s sent the only other horse she could ride (Cam) to jury.

Her only hope now is an all girls alliance and even then, who would want her as final 2?

I can’t wait to see her go to jury. I’m just sad she even made it this far.


Cam literally told everyone what was going on and what was going to happen next. As far as I’m concerned, America and Cory are getting what they deserve. Just can’t wait to see Bowie Jane and Jag squirming on the block one day lol.


The discussion that Cory and Corie are having shows that they understand and respect each other

un autre nom


Cory’s campaign to Matt:
I’m going to tell Ci / Fe i’m after you and Jag, and tell Bowie and Blue I’m after Ci / Fe, but i’m really after Blue.

trying to middle after being on the wrong side of a drawn line.
Telling Matt.
Update the spreadsheet, already.

Cory’s campaign to Cirie:
I’ve known HOH is Jag since Friday.
Matt told me path to power secret on week 6 (izzy week).
America wants me to stay.
Free 2 weeks, either they get me or I get them.
Spills the five with Bowie, and that Bowie knew the plan before Cirie.
Matt was acting. He’s always known Jag was HOH.

So do a Cameron grenade to the woman whose son you cut. D’oh?

Cory wanted final 3 with Am/Bo. (Cirie verified her thought that Bowie is neck deep given the final 3/4 talks with Ja/Ma/Bo).
Cory says he’s only campaigning to Ci/Fe/Bowie.

Everyone spills to Cirie. Cory knows this from spreadsheet 6b. his last update was 6d.
Is he naming names and penning himself in with overshare? Likely.

Clockwork: Cirie / Matt
Matt spills Cory’s campaign plan to Cirie.
America will be a sitting duck. Everyone is gunning for her next week Matt says.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Funny how America is so pissed because she’s on the block, last week she was laughing making jokes about Cam being evicted, she did not feel bad for Cam at all.

I’m happy as hell to see America and Cory on the Block, wait until Cory is sent packing on Thursday. She’s going to see just how Cam felt, all alone, nobody that he could trust, I’m not being a jerk, but these people have laughed, ignored people on the block, thought it was funny, talked a lot of shit about nominees. So I don’t feel bad for America or Cory.

I won’t lie, I thought it was funny as hell when Jag asked America, let me know when you want to talk again, and she said “You can Literally F@#K Off”. That was funny.

Jag didn’t do that with Cam, Jag would not even look Cam in the eye after he back stabbed Cam and used the Veto so Cam could be the replacement nominee. Jag was nervous, uncomfortable, and counting the days until Thursday, Jag avoided Cam, Jag’s a wimp.

Cory, he is a real character, he always thought people needed to fill him in on what’s the plan, yes he did good when he won HOH and got rid of Jared, at least he actually won a Competition.

America has won absolutely NOTHING, just groping, smooching, Cory, and running her mouth telling information that she should not have shared. I don’t get the tears, everyone knows when you play this game, there might be a time when you are nominated, there’s a chance you will be evicted.

You are not promised safety, that’s why you have a plan, play the game, be social, don’t put a target on your back, and maybe when you are up on the block, you won’t be voted out. You can’t just run around talking about what you are going to do, who you will put up, and never win HOH. You can’t depend on someone carrying you throughout the entire game.

When your time of being nominated comes, don’t Cry, especially when you have been a person who laughs, shuns people on the block, talks crap about people on the block.

Remember, What Goes Around, Comes Around !

Gan ainm

Actually Grods pets are protected and carried through this game.

Nether Region Euphemism

In that photo above, Blue looks like a Hogwarts student who thinks she’s about to take down Harry.

no mo bro

LOL. After reading this comment, I scrolled back up and looked again. LOL. You are right.

I think she meant to cast Expelliarmus on Cory, but accidentally cast Stupify on the entire household instead.

no mo bro

Without her makeup… Eww… Cringey.

Felicia's eyebrows

Cory: so obviously…and then obviously…blah blah obviously.
Hisam: Right. Right? Right ! Right!?

un autre nom

Let me Cirie-splain what she’s doing right now:
When Felicia is questioning America’s reaction, Cirie’s quick to say Jag and Matt backstabbed 7 deadly sins for an alliance with Cory/America, then cut Cory/America when the veto was won. America was so shocked because Matt / Jag made them comfortable targeting 7 deadly sins and pretending to be their friends and saviors.
Alliances with Matt and Jag are 3 dollar bill, they’re backstabbers, don’t trust them. We aren’t doing that final 5 with Matt and Jag.

Let me gamebot-splain the download Cory’s c/c’d to Blue.
the 5 with Bowie was real.
The final 3 layup for 3rd is Bowie, not Blue.
Without veto win, Blue was evicted this week.
Physically Blue is Matt / Jag’s only threat so Blue is still the target.
Blue’s retell will be unintelligible.
What Blue will report: Cory is stupid or a liar.

THE HOH IS SYMPATHY SEEKING. Make it make sense.

Just The Truth

I have a feeling Jag and Matt will be next. Which will be historic as it will give us possibly the worst final 5 in BB history. Not sure why I even watch this garbage anymore.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Does anyone think, anybody in the house paid attention to Jag’s BB Comics Character ?
Jag was Cock a doodle Zoom ” Jag’s Character was a CHICKEN, he did not catch that “.
Production seems to know the fans watching this Season, think Jag is a Cowardly Chicken.

Matt is not the nice Deaf Guy, he and Jag are both playing a character assignation Game in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing Jag & Matt nominated, and sitting side by side. Let’s see how fast it takes Matt to go running to Cirie, whining, saying how Jag used him.

Jag is a fool if he thinks that Blue is all sunshine and rainbows after their talk, after he told her that she was the Target, because big bad Cory & America turned him against her, then he finally saw the light, came back to his senses, and he was so thrilled she won the Veto.

Blue is not that smart, Blue is Annoying as Hell, one thing Blue is, she’s vindictive. If she wins HOH, if you don’t win HOH, I have a feeling Blue will Backdoor you in a heartbeat.

Felicia is another person who will stab you in the back, like you did Cam. Felicia maybe saying she loves you this week, you saved her again with the veto, she does not have to pack again this week.

Yea, that’s all fine and dandy, let Felicia luck up and win HOH, Jag you will be the backdoor plan, Felicia will still love you, as she says, but your ass is going up, which you should. Be prepared to take Cam’s place as the number 1 target.

Now that Jag has put up America & Cory, Jag needs to keep in mind, Matt has not been able to win HOH in over 80 days, he has come close, but close is not a win.

If Jag wins HOH again this coming Thursday, Jag better hope the Veto Comp is something that he can win, because I really do not see Matt pulling off wining HOH next Thursday.

The way this season has been, and I really do not have a favorite left in the house, I can’t believe I’m Saying this, but it would be funny as hell to see Cirie & Bowie as Final 2.

That would not make me mad, I didn’t like Izzy, Jared, Jag, Matt, Blue, Bowie, Felicia, Cirie or Meme, Hisam would have been ok except for the “right, right”, and being a control freak. And Hisam was good at Comps.

It would have been interesting seeing Hisam & Cam go against Jag & Matt. Hisam & Cam both won HOH, Jag has won HOH, Matt Almost, but almost doesn’t count.

My Money would have been on Cam and Hisam. That wold have been a good Final 2.


I’ve never liked America but her telling Jag to “Literally F off!” was awesome. I hope CBS shows this on the next episode. I also hope she keeps that same energy to win HoH and target them next week. No more floating around, time to play the damn game.

Stephanie Edwards-Griffin

It never ceases to amaze me that these people are shocked when they are put on the block. This is Big Brother people.