Swaggy C – “I’m going to be like BING BING B***HES I’ve got the POWER!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???

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2pm Swaggy C giving America what it wants to see in the storage room.

2:10pm In the bedroom – Brett is doing his raptor impression..

2:18pm Lounge room – Brett & Winston. They’re playing janga. Steven joins them. Steven – I am just going to let you know this right now.. I got winner and winner is going to get beat!

2:35pm HOH room. Faysal & Swaggy C. Faysal – You know the whole other side of the house is shaking. Swaggy C – they know sh*t ain’t safe. First of all I won 2 endurance competitions in 3 hours and he won probably the most brutal veto competition in Big Brother History. That other side of the house knows sh*t ain’t sweet. Faysal – we taking shots right now. Swaggy C – we making way more big moves than BB19. There’s no Paul here. We’re here to rock. So please give your boy some power. If I get a power I will f**k sh*t up! I am telling you! Faysal – if ya’ll want to see some freaky athletic sh*t tune in next week. Ain’t nobody going to mess with us in this house. Swaggy C – they can try and throw us on the block but once you guys give me that power ..I’m going to be like BING BING B***HES I’ve got the POWER! But on the real America what do y’all think about this showmance sh*t!? Faysal – should we do it? Should Swaggy make it official with Bayleigh? Swaggy C – see me and Bayleigh kissing … she literally told me to get in the shower ..and we got in the shower when everyone was down stairs. Faysal – did you lock the door? Swaggy – no, I think she gets off on that sh*t ..almost being caught. So should I make it official with Bayleigh? And should he Faysal make it official with Haleigh? Swaggy C – we’re going to cook this show and then we’re going to cook The Amazing Race. Faysal – love ya’ll America ..even though you gave me least trending! Y’all motherf**kers! Swaggy – Ya’ll dumba$$es really gave Angela a power!? Okay cool she got the power ..next week give me the power. Faysal – If I win HOH next week who we putting up? Swaggy – would y’all want to see Ang and Rachel? Brett & Winston? Or a combination of Ang & Winston? Or Brett & Rachel? We taking shots right now!!

Faysal – I want to have a goo conversation with Steve because I want him to feel like .. I mean I want to use it on him but he is going to be safe and like he’s got to know moving forward yes we will help him but you’ve got to trust us that you’re not going home this week. Swaggy C – trust us to give us his vote and that he’s taking shots at the other side. JC and him are solid. Faysal – they’re not putting us up. The only one I’m thinking baout is Angela and Kaycee if they win. Swaggy – Winston keeps asking me what’s up with me and Bayleigh. Faysal – Winston keeps winking at me.. that sh*ts weird! That sh*t’s suspect!

3:05pm – 3:30pm Lounge room – Bayleigh and Kaitlyn. Bayleigh – this line down the house is vicious and I don’t know how to navigate it because obviously I am associated with this side. But at the same time I do not want to be attacked by people. Kaitlyn – do you feel like you’re being attacked? Bayleigh – no. It’s more just like when I moved into this house with Tyler and Winston and Sam. That whole thing with Tyler just rubbed me the wrong way. For him to not care when I am crying. Winston coming up to me asking me if I’m sleeping in the bed with Swaggy was just weird. I was like so!? Kaitlyn – there are two people that concern me in the house.. Winston & Angela. I like Angela as a person, but she keeps to herself and doesn’t really talk game. Just as he can ask you if you’re sleeping with Swaggy, you can ask him if he’s sleeping with Brett? They literally don’t leave each other side.

3:37pm HOH room – Swaggy C massages Haleigh and then she gives him a massage after.

3:56pm HOH room – Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Tyler, Swaggy C are relaxing on the HOH bed. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Faysal is talking to Steven, Rockstar and Kaycee about the veto competition.

4pm – 5:10pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. Faysal & Steve start working out. Bayleigh teaches Kaycee yoga moves. The other house guests are lounging around in the backyard chatting about random things.

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Well at least they are humble. Not full of themselves at all.


You got this Granny laughing out loud!




Haleigh and Fez haha. Is Haleigh really that dumb?

All the girls hate Angela. I like her even more now!



Ugh Swaggy is so annoying. Faysal too. STFU already.


I can’t wait for swaggy to go he’s like josea from season 18 who thinks he’s god hopefully someone from the 6 will win HoH and take out swaggy


Sam, Scottie, kaycee


Thank goodness they are outside now! Fresh air may clear their cloudy minds. Or not.

Very entertaining season so far!


BB to the backyard is always my favorite.


im already over all the begging live feeders for a super power, so they can make a move. (damn twists)

if they want to make a move, win HoH and make a move!


Totally… so many time times they talk about making a big move and we get something like a shitmas HOH

Hate the begging

You are reading my mind. Begging the viewers is the best way to NOT get what your asking for. Last season when Alex in her post interview begged for Americas Favorite Player vote was hilarious.


Question-can a hg win the trending power more than once? Seems only fair if they are trending most, they should win? I guess it would be the same for the non-trending hg as well.

The Big Brother's Rubber Duck

OMG! Will Swaggy C and Faysal STFU like my gosh they are so annoying. Since Everyone Hates Angela ( except her side)and thinks she has this power I’m very tempted to want her to get a power next week just in spite of the other side.

Florida Vegan Girl

I hope that jack ass Swaggie D can get more time off from his babysitting gig for the Amazing Race. Then he’ll be the next Bachelor. Then the king of the world.