‘Spoilers’ Amanda tells Aaryn who the nominees will be “Spencer and Howard”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots ?


7:24pm Cockpit Helen, JUDD, McCrae and Amanda

Helen tells them before the eviction today.. Elissa came to Helen and tried to flip the vote on Aaryn. Elissa told her she can get Howard, Candice, and Spencer vote. Helen told her no way and explained to Elissa if she was going to do things like that she shouldn’t be in the alliance. “If you do that you are out of this alliance.. People want Kaitlin out we’re voting kaitlin out”

Helen adds that right before the eviction Candice came up to Helen and said “I know all about the Aaryn deal” Helen explains that Candice listed off amanda, McCrae , JUDD, Andy, Jessie, Helen and Elissa as having a special deal with Aaryn.

Helen tells them she confronted Elissa saying that Candice knows about the deal it must have been Elissa that told her. Elissa denied it and said Aaryn told her.
Helen: “We got to talk to Candice Spencer and Howard must not know about the deal”
Amanda: “They already know.. it doesn’t matter”
Amanda: ‘We want her to put up Howard and Spencer and if one of them wins Veto we are going to put up Candice.. Too bad that’s what’s happening.. One of them are going home”
Helen: “Howard has to go home.. Elissa is totally screwing my game”

Amanda says it’s obvious now it’s Howard, Spencer and Candice vs the rest of the house, “No matter what one of them is going home this week.. done”

Helen: “Elissa what is wrong with you”
JUDD: “She’s a selfish player she only cares about herself she’s a c**t” (Man you can’t even really like JUDD anymore 🙁 )
Helen is really pissed at Elissa, “We have to get her out”
Amanda agrees but wants to take out Spencer and Howard first.
Amanda back on the get Howard and Spencer out rants. Helen mentions they need to also get Candice out. JUDD calls Candice a “C*** B!tch” and leaves.

McCrae is pissed calls Elissa a selfish b!tch says he wants to go off on her.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:41pm chessboard Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda going off about how important it is to put Howard and Spencer on the block. Aaryn says then after they go it’s her they will all be targeting Amanda says NO “you me and McCrae trump everyone else in the house”
Aaryn: “you don’t want Elissa to go home”
Amanda: ‘Ya 100% she tried to flip the whole house on us.. if it wasn’t for the strength of Howard and Spencer she would go home” Amanda says Elissa is not a threat, HJoward is a beast and Spencer is so good at lying.
Amanda goes on and on about the power of Howard and Spencer. She says if Howard or Spencer win POV then she can put Elissa up. Amanda: “The majority of the house wants Howard to go home.. H/S are liars”
Amanda says that Howard and Candice were the ones bringing up the racism sh!t and Spencer will lie right to your face. yadda yadda Howard has to go.

Amanda about Elissa “For her to flip to the Minority of the house.. Literally (She smirks image in gallery) .. “ Amanda thinks that alone should be a redflag they cannot work with Elissa but right now she’s not a threat.
Amanda says the majority of the house f****ing hates Elissa

Aaryn says if both Howard and Spencer go up the 3 remaining people in the house will come after her. Amanda says no they don’t have the numbers to evict anyone out.

Aaryn: ‘If Elissa goes home I have zero people coming after “
Amanda: ‘If you don’t put up Howard and Spencer you will have 8 people in this house pissed off”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


8:00pm Bathroom Elissa and JUDD
Elissa is crying she’s super upset. (and she doesn’t know Helen is tossing her under the bus left and right)


8:02pm storage room Helen and Candice

Helen saying she’s fighting to keep Howard off the block and in the game. “You’re my friend don’t go to Elissa and don’t tell anybody”
Helen says they can always send Spencer home and that is who she wants to send home. Helen: “OK.. I need you to believe in my.. OK .. I’m going to do my best.. OK.. to send spencer home OK.. There’s still POV.. OK.. There still MVP and all this stuff.. OK ..OK ..OK ”
Helen: “Elissa doesn’t want Howie gone either and the only reason we’re keeping him is for you.. OK”
Candice: ‘I understand”
Helen: “Please don’t tell anybody about the deal.. I don’t know why Jessie told you..Kaitlin was coming after me anyways”
Helen: ‘You need to trust me”
Candice: ‘I know howie is going up.. I dunno it could be Elissa and I up there”
Helen: ‘OK no.. They want you guys up there but I won’t let them.. it’s going to be Spencer and Howard”
Helen: “I don’t want Elissa and you to go home.. I want you guys with me as long as possible.. I want you to have my back as much as you have Howie’s back”

Helen says Aaryn can’t play next week we can take her out then.

Helen is saying the only thing keeping Candice and Elissa off the block is her. Helen adds that everything she tells Candice cannot go back to Elissa because she is such a wild card.

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You can say a lot about Elissa, but can you blame her for wanting Aaryn out compared to Kaitlin, I mean she is Aaryns number one target right now, and that is exactly what she was trying to avoid by saving Kaitlin Still kind of hoping she goes home though.

eli rules

This week will be a true test of Amanda’s power of persuasion. The logical nominees for Aaron are Elissa and (fill in the blank). If Amanda convinces her to not include Elissa, then Amanda is truly the one playing the best game. It pains me to say it, but she has been running the show.

This tactic won’t get her to the end, but there’s no denying that she has all of these wimps under her control.


Amanda is running the show, she’s been getting what she’s wanted and now she’s persuaded Aaryn to put up Spencer and Howard. (Aaryn said she’s most likely putting them up)

vote all 10 votes for amanda as 3rd nom

what are you talking about?

last hoh amanda demanded judd put howard and spencer on the block

judd rejected that idea and put up aaryn and kaitlyn, as judd and jess had kaitlyn as their target


Ok Helen to me is becoming more of a traitor and a liar, and a mean person
she and amanda are no different, i am starting to hate Helen, seriously what a liar
Elissa had your back and now you are throwing her under the bus – starting to hate Helen


Read the feeds. Helen will not allow Elissa and Candice to be on the block. If it is true check her conversation with Candice.


I think Helen is throwing Elissa under the bus so as to avoid being nominated together which would be the worst case for her/them. Her “annoyance” with Elissa actually minimizes the target on both of their backs. If you follow the feeds you’ll see that during the talk with Candice, her allegiance is with Elissa and Candice. I think apart from Howard, Spencer and Candice, Helen is the only one left who has the guts to turn on Amanda.

Spencer and Howard once again stupidly wants to get Helen and Elissa on the bloc. Haven’t they realize that the only possible way for them to stay is to join forces with them and not go against them. It is apparent that MC and Amanda does not want to work with them so why do they keep throwing the wrong names. I have no doubts that if Howard and Spencer continue to pitch to Arryn that they want Elissa and Helen out it will come back to bite them in the ass.


Helen is setting both Elissa and Candice up. If not this week, then soon.


What a lowlife Helen is! Completely turning her back on Elissa. Wait until Helen finds out it was Jessie who told Candice. Bet she will feel
Ike crap.


Honestly I’m starting to dislike Judd….I understand it is a game; but I don’t think calling someone a C*** B!tch is game talk. That sounds like a pretty personal insult. There must be something in the air in the BB house, these people use language that is cringe worthy…(even if it is a just game)


Not to make an excuse but Judd does have anxieties and is running out of his medication. I heard he’s been taking it for like 7 years and taking a medication for that long and then suddenly not taking it without weening of it can cause you to act differently.


@Jack’s. Helen always knew it was Jessie that told Candice. She was throwing a big bee in Aaryn’s ear, and the others. Helen wants Howard to stay more than Elissa.
If Elissa is saved from eviction this week it will result from Amanda’s passioned desire to oust Howard.


I would lol if the third mvp player america choose is hellen


Elissa is such a cry baby! Suck it up, put in your big girl panties and play the damn game! I really wish they’d just send her home this week. She’s a sitting duck.

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

moving out the last of the moving company foursome would send a message to nick, yes…
helen’s game has its nuances as she sees a jesse owens potential in howard as they all
try to streak to the finish line. am i fair to compare HoH A.G on either a good or bad day tp
COLONEL KLINK if she tries not to be as control freak this time around and a tad less neo?
if helen = hogan, andy = lebeau, and elissa = colonel critendon who hands the inmates the
latest word from allied HQ… is pore spencer shultz? is judd gettin’ to abysmal as he needs
his meds? can this game get any worse or will lil missy A.G play out a careful game now???


it appears as if you don’t watch the game or really read the blogs. Too bad, because Simon & Dawg do such a good job. But anyway this is a second post by you that seems as if you are misinformed. Your first post, you said you voted for Aaryn as MVP…. but she is HOH and The Moving Company was 5 people and this week will NOT get the last of them out. The members were Spencer, Nick, Jeremy, Howard, & McCrea. So there are 3 members left in the house and one still may win; That would be McCrea. Also, who cares about sending a message to Nick? Nick is home planning his escape from GM.

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

CBS let me vote once more my ten votes for Aaryn so i did so happily.
its a free country. the others aren’t as horridly bad form as she. to go
a bit further into the HOGANs HEROES theme around Helen, why not
have McCrae as Richard Dawson’s earthy + working class character?
in the last big POTUS elections, people voted for third party candidates.
quixotic votes do not throw away a say so, sitting home sometimes does!

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

CBS can rewrite its own rules in a nano-second if it keeps a playing field level.
lets say A.G wins MVP~U$A and is up there with her two chosen people… i’d
be in bliss, i’d be again going ohhhh wwwwwwwwooooowwwwwww and very happy!


In the “Terms & Conditions” it says current HOH cannot be nominated by America. 🙁

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

CBS fired poor Andy Rooney for way less stupidity than i saw Aaryn utter or do!
I think that if despite their own rules, if CBS HQ people see an Anti-Aaryn landslide
again on their site, they will add 2 + 2 and arrive at four. I have some high hopes!

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

Julie C when “on air” earlier used the word paranoia to describe the HGs!

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

Name — McCrae turned like WORM on Nick! its almost a delectable as what IAN did to poor pore Boogie!
was McC ever really “Moving Company” deep down? when i talk of the four loyal MC people, its them 4!!!


Wow your good. You haven’t talked to MC but you know what his deep down feelings are.


shut up.


hellen is covering her butt all around

Jeremy's Boat

I think Amanda will put up Candace and Elissa. She’ll act like Howard is the target, but if she has her way, Elissa will be walking out the door. It would be great if Amanda went up (put my ten votes in for her) and out. At least Aaryn probably won’t let McManda shag in her bead.


Aaryn let Jeremy and Kaitlin in. She won’t deny Amanda and McCrae.


Amanda “Howard is a beast”


Amanda’s delusions are getting worst…


It’s not delusion if you have the whole house underneath your finger as Amanda does now. Once Elissa’s MVP power was gone, her power was gone. She was a paper tiger. If Howard is going to win, he needs to focus on Amadna as she is focusing on him. Everyone’s thinking Amanda’s a b*** for her sole focus on Howard, but its WORKING right now.


If Big Brother was a fair game where everyone has a equal shot, that would make sense, Elissa doesn’t have MVP anymore, so she’s useless, but that isn’t what Big brother is about… You know the fake slogan “Expect the Unexpected”, if Superfriends go against Elissa, she will get a new power to combat them.

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

Paul is succinctly correct.
Elissa’s power is second
hand but Helen has been
known to count noses!!!!!


Who’s more foolish, the fool (Amanda) or the fool that follows him (the rest of the house). She may be delusional, but she somehow manages to have the whole house believing her.


Amanda is so damn annoying like shut the fuck up why don’t you win HOH so you can do what YOU want an stop kissing whoese ever ass is HOH please put her ass up as the third nominee


I completely agree… she is SOOOO annoying and disgusting in every sense of the word with all her pathetic antics. Vote for AMANDA, shake her to the core AMERICA… that way this week becomes chaotic and fun to follow!!!


Unless I’m mistaken, she is tied with Dr. Will for the number of HOH wins. You don’t need to win HOH to win the game.


Seriously, I’m starting to change directions and think that Jessie, Candice and Howard are the best people left in there now. Aaryn… well, she’s still Aaryn, Elissa is kind of going crazy, Helen is insane and drunk with power that she doesn’t realize she doesn’t have, Amanda is a first class Bully, McCrae is just all about Amanda, Spencer is a sack of potatoes that doesn’t do anything, GM is such an egocentric clown, Judd is turning into a first class jackass with his use of the *c— word all the time against the women and Andy is just a people pleaser so he just goes wherever they tell him to go. I’m just so confused at who these people all turned into!!


So because he’s a ‘people pleaser’ and lays low without a target on him, Andy is not a good person? You’re crazy.


Im so disappointed in Helen. She’s forgotten the people who had her back n the beginning which were Elissa and Candace now that she has power and would rather kiss Aaryns ass. I can’t believe it was Jessie who told Candace about the deal and Helen goes and tells the group it was Elissa to throw her under the bus and pretends to Candace like she didn’t and tells Candace not to say it was Jessie who told Candace about the aaryn deal and then goes and tell aaryn that Candace said she should put up spencer and Gina Marie which throws Candace under the bus. Helen was my fav to win but I can’t stand her now along with Amanda. Helen is a fool because all she’s doing is helping Amanda McRae and Judd and Andy to final four. After Elissa goes theyll work with aaryn and throw her under the bus. Hope Howard and Candace can save themselves this week..everyone vote Amanda as the MVP nom so we can also see her sweat


yes every one vote Amanda on the block.

Janelle pov queen

I can’t at tellen her plan is to make candice think she trying to keep her and Howard safe but tellen Hellen knows Howard is going up its smart but can back fire


I think Helen went slightly loony sitting in the have not cockpit for the first two weeks and she’s making up for lost gaming time. Andy is a loony lurker too, involved in every conversation even if not invited. I prefer the strong silent types who listen and watch then make a big move. Once Howard starts moving, look out. That’s what Amanda is sensing when she tries to target Howard. She knows he’s good for some solid gaming and he’s really her only solid competition to win this.


Dear Jesus, please have America’s vote be Helen or Amanda. They are so bossy and annoying. When will these dummies wake up and figure
Out these two? Errr

Cpt. Ron

I think Helen is figured out (and is kind of a joke), but Amanda is one crafty bruja. I cast my ten votes for her…


I also voted for Helen.


I thought bossy was how you won this game. It won’t got to no shrinking violet.


Why should we vote for these two, it would be wasted since they are controlling this house.


They missed the boat with sending Kaitlin home.


Everyone’s complaining about Amanda having so much power…hello, coercive power is just as powerful as legitimate power. Amanda’s behind everyone pulling all the strings.


When Helen was talking to Spencer right before the live show & telling him, “I have protected you & I will make sure you make it to jury as long as you play nice & do as I say cause I know when you get to jury you will vote for me to win” over & over & over…as much as Spencer sickens me i wish he would have said “Look Helen, you just said 10 minutes ago you don’t have the pull people think you do cause that’s’ why Katlin is going home so which is it?” I get brain tired listening to Amanda but Helen?! omg! I hope Howard & Spencer lets Aaryn know how much Helen was saying she wanted Katlin to stay over her! Someone needs to call her OUT! I have a feeling there will be a blow up this week, I HOPE SO! i can’t take this! They could have voted the way they wanted & Aaryn would be out! This crap voting with “the house” is stupid & if they are gonna keep going along with it then idk! What ever happened to playing to WIN & not just making it to jury! I’m so pi$$ed! & I swear some troll on here better NOT come & make a stupid a$$ reply behind me! That crap is OLD too! Get off your parents computer & go to bed already! they don’t make a comment of their own they just wait & come in behind someone with something stupid! If you don’t like it thumbs it down & move the he!! on! I’m’ also glad Elissa didn’t win! …….wait for it…………………………………meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, as bad as I want Amanda knocked down a peg or two, Helen & Elissa needs to go home & be moms. Next time they tell one of em, “I’m a Mom”, please someone have the guts to say, “ok then, go home to your kids. We will vote you out before jury.”




Done and done! Felt some pity for her when she tried on a dominatrix theme for McCrae’s birthday, but really can’t stomach any more of her man/boy love affair with pizza boy.

Janelle pov queen

I hope Howard can get in her head (aryan) and make her put up demanda and mcpussy come on everyone vote demanda ass MVP nom but people will really think Howard is MVP then


They can turn their backs on Elissa all they want, she still has Production…


America is wasting their votes on Amanda when we all know that the house will protect her.

vote all 10 votes for amanda as 3rd nom

if amanda is 3rd nom…

helen, elissa, jess, judd, candace, gina would all heavily consider voting her out – they have all talked about it at length – to split the couple and get rid of an influential player, them mccrae is playing as a single player, and amanda cant vote for mccrae in jury if mccrae reached final 2 – then amanda also cant influence the jury as she will not be in jury

if it is howard and spencer on the block with her, the only definate person that wouldnt vote out amanda is mccrae

not sure who andy would side with…he may go with the house

everyone please vote all 10 votes to amanda as 3rd nom so the most annoying house guest of all time can be sent home

Pass the advil

So now your saying she can’t put up an African American, and Asian America.or Amanda because she’s Jewish because people will assume it is because of race? Stop the damn race card crap already. Candice is the most racist person in the house. I bet Howie only dates white women outside the house. That’s why he ignored Candice and drolled over Amanda and Jessie the first 21 days.


Where did you comment come from?you seem angry Candice is not racist and Howard could date anyone he wants i missed where he drooled over any girl on the show.I only see him drool over Candice and throw a few compliments at Jessie but on another note AMANDA FOR 3RD NOMINEE she has yo go go home


I thought it was the Goof Troop.


I really don’t see production letting Aaryn (who they’ve portrayed as a racist) putting Howard up for eviction & having him sent home while she’s HOH. If this happens there would be a done of backlash that I think BB wants to avoid.


I really wonder if this turn around with Aaryn has anything to do with her mom hiring that firm to bail out her rep !!! maybe cbs is caving to the pressure, stranger things have been happening behind those walls this year in Big Production 15 !!!


Nothing surprises me at this point but that HOH comp was pretty tough to rig. Might bring up a double eviction in the next week though and that always sets the rats and bedbugs scrambling. The PR firm being retained was interesting though,hadn’t heard that before now. Smart move on her parents part though. Here comes the HOH letter from home.

Shiny Happy People

I voted Elissa!


Watch production is going to give Elissa brand new power, and knock all their asses out LMFAO

Don’t bite the hand that has the ultimate power…..


I’m confused…are you actually begging production to help Elissa out? You’re as bad a gamer as Elissa right now.


Yup, you’re confused, I’m just stating the obvious, they will protect their pet..

STFU Donnie

Well this will decide if Aaryn wants to play or if she just wants to survive a few more weeks.

Aaryn has to know that she’s not a Superfriend. She also has to know they were evicting Kaitlin, not saving her. So if she is about survival, she should put up Howard and Spencer, then she can go right back to being the perpetual nominee and hope there will always be a bigger threat or accept that after Howard, Spencer, and Candace go, then she will be expected to basically self- evict.

Or she can see that her allies have been picked off one by one and she’s alone with maybe GM. Aaryn should also see who the Superfriends really are and just how far outside she, GM, Howard, Spencer, and Candace are. If she finishes this week without eliminating Amanda, Helen, McCrea, Elissa…or Andy or Jessie, then the game is all but over. Aaryn is the savvy mean girl…now she needs to be ballsy and make the move on Elissa. She’s the easiest target, ruffling the fewest feathers and the tricky part is the pawn necessary to assure her eviction.

Aaryn has to understand her best hope is to pull a few people from each side as allies, evict the person who threatens her most, then go back into the shadows while everybody else eliminates each other, hoping those few allies on each side are still standing at the end.


yes! that’s what i’m screaming! No one else has put up Howard for Amanda so neither should Aaryn, i can’t even believe i’m rooting for her to do something to save herself,,, how did all this happen???


I’d almost rather America vote for Helen instead of Amanda or Elissa at this point. If Amanda goes up, the house will probably not voter her out. With Mccrae and the superfriends plus Amanda’s amazing sales skills. AND the superfriends will also save Elissa especially over Spencer and Howard, but if Helen was to go up, the house might come together and wonder about this being maybe the only time to get the sympathetic “Mom” Helen out of the house! Plus Elissa would be LOST without Helen.

At the very least, it would shock the sh*t out of Helen and that’s worth watching.

STFU Donnie

Amanda has two votes McCrea and Andy. This week, almost everybody else had a conversation about getting her out, calling her bossy, stating she’s running the game, and mentioning her and McCrea’s devotion to only each other, making deals with everybody.

Naturally it would depend greatly upon what Aaryn does, but let’s say Aaryn puts up Elissa and Candace and MVP puts up Amanda. I see Howard, Spencer, Helen (who is as opportunistic as they come and tried her best to feign good relations with Howard and Spencer), Judd (who is no Amanda fan and could see it as another girl gone and a way to pull McCrea and Andy’s 100% loyalty), and Jessie (who hates Amanda) all voting out Amanda…and GM will jump on board.


You nailed it… that’s exactly right!!! Demanda up as the MVP nom would start the momentum needed to flip the house on her especially with some many houseguests feeling the same about Demanda… VOTE AMANDA and let the fun begin!!!


By everyone else, do you mean Twitter where the only power they have is putting Amanda as the 3rd nominee? Unless, my good friends here on the blog have been missing some important details (and I relish seeing every blog update, guys), I’m not seeing a lot of talk about the house turning against Amanda. They ALL got to HER to talk game.


Why are you always gunning on Helen? You are getting personal read the feeds through its entirety and she is a better person that your making her up too. Please judge the game fairly. The feeds sometimes does not show or are unable to relate what is really being said and do by the houseguest inside the house.
I do not know and I could be wrong you seem to be one of those who has a problem with asian people.


Above comment is for Pazuzu.

Cpt. Ron

If one of them has to go, let it be Spencer, he is more or less why H&S are in the mess they are in with his overplaying in the first two fycking weeks.


If only America got to see the true Helen


Voted for Amanda 10 times online! But even if she does go up, someone (like MC) might end of winning the veto and using it on Amanda.
Sadly, I used to like Amanda, but she’s just a a control freak and she wants Howard gone so badly, IDK why!
And Helen should stick to her alliance. I’m losing respect for everyone in the house! These people were idiots to keep Aaryn here! Oh well! They’ll regret it!…
And yes, one good thing about Aaryn winning is that MCranda won’t be using her HOH Bed and the robe!…
Elissa needs to suck it up!…
and What’s up with JAY YOU DOUBLE D???? I’m honestly very sad to hear all these things come out of his mouth. I think the solitary confinement got to his head…hahah! 😛


amanda is so annoying she tries to run every single HOH while doing absolutely nothing herself…and I’m so sick of this “superfriends” alliance but it is like people rather play safe and finish 7th than make big moves…..and the MVP vote means nothing because ellissa will be the one on the block and if she wins or is already nominated than GM will be next up


She runs the house because she can, you’re stupid. I’m so tired of all these bb fans acting like this game should be about not trying to play the puppet master. Give me a break its all about controlling people to get you far in the game and Amanda is hands down the best at it so far. You need to stick to watch shows like the hero or something because bb just isn’t for you.


she can because this is a house full of weak players who are more concerned with doing what the house wants over making moves….this MVP twist has made this the season of the floater


Who cares she didnt pick who was in the house. She came to play the game, and she playing a damn good one. Your rational is stupid, as is your reason to hate her. I’ve had better debates with my shower curtain. Move along


I completely agree!! She can push too hard sometimes but atleast she knows the game and came to play! Unlike Elissa who wants to quit the game as soon as she isn’t handed the MVP power she has gotten for the last 3 weeks!! I don’t want to see Amanda go! She is by far the most entertaining and by far the most strategic player in the house, and that is what I watch big brother for!! I don’t watch big brother to see the “good” people be best friends and be taken to the end by America’s votes or production manipulation. Its boring. Enough with the America voting bs and let these houseguests play the game the way it suppose to be played!! Cut off from the outside world!!!


I don’t think production wants aaryn to stay. I really think this is the week for Pandora’s box. if aaryn opens it I bet it lets the hoh go on the block. America’s obvious choice. wish everyone read and watched the feeds…


Some people may disagree, but I feel like Helen’s true loyalty lies with Elissa. I don’t know what it is…I feel as though Helen is acting most of the time (fake tears, fake promises, etc), but I believe her when she saids she’ll protect Elissa.


Nominate Helen for eviction!!!!

The Black Fish

If there was ever a time for Aaryn to be the lying bitch she is, now would be the time, for the sake of entertainment.

STFU Donnie

I’d give anything for her to channel Evil Dick and put all the Superfriends on front street, calling out all their lies, and revealing all that she has learned about everybody going from BB Queen to Pauper to Puppet.

How entertaining would it be to watch her just stir up as much s**t as humanly possible, get the entire house in a tizzy, and just watch the fallout. Hell, she should start ASAP and hope the ensuing fallout can re-position the house and make her nominations (and targeting Elissa) easier.


How can people constantly hate on Amanda. The chick makes great points and she has played a good game. And don’t give me that “she hasn’t won anything” bs. She’s literally the puppet master thus far. I really find it hard to stand anyone but her and McRae and I hope they both go far. All these Amanda haters blow my mind, she is out playing everyone hands down


Thank god I’m not the only one!!!! This is getting ridiculous, she is obviously playing a good game


Just because she is playing a damn fine game doesn’t mean I have to like her. But with these morons it’s hard to find anyone else even playing. Certainly not McCrea! I just don’t like her, I am tired of her running her mouth and I find it hard to watch her squeaky clean show edit. There have been many other good ge players who I did not like. Rachel comes to mind, Evel Dick, Boogie/Frank combo, etc.


I respect that, makes sense. I’m with you on the Rachel I hated her too. I did however love evel dick. All time fav is will Kirby tho!


I got 5 for Helen and 5 for Amanda


By all means everybody should vote how they want…but by splitting you’re ballot you are basically negating your ballot. It would only make sense to split your ballot if the election will have more than one winner. Now with veto that is a possibility, but not a certainty.

This is like a shareholders election with 11 candidates. If the election was for a 3 member board then it makes sense to split your ballot as your second batch of votes can choose a 2nd winner. However, if the election is for chairman and you have 10 shares for 10 votes, then you have to throw all your votes to the person you want to win the election, because splitting your vote means that you’ve lessened the chance that your number 1 or number 2 choice will win, while increasing the odds that one of the other 9 candidates will end up winning.

While you’ve split your votes 5/5 for Helen/Amanda, there is somebody else who gave all 10 to Elissa and another who gave all 10 to GM. We now know last week’s vote went, so with Kaitlin gone and Aaryn not in play, it seems very likely that GM and Elissa are the likely MVP nominations…all the more reason to get behind either Helen or Amanda with all 10 of your votes.


Why in gods name would you put up the player who’s playing the best game… Name one person in that house playing a better game than Amanda. Please


For one, McCrae. He’s not at the top of anyone’s list and people are more likely to protect him than Amanda because everyone knows that she runs her mouth. Everything that McCrae wants done, he can get done through Amanda, who wears the bigger target.


If she’s as good as you say, then she’s in absolutely no danger of being evicted. If however, in her first appearance on the block, she seems very likely to be evicted, then how on earth can you claim she is playing the best game?

Look, for every aspect of Amanda’s game I admire, there’s an equal part I see as very problematic and an even bigger part that I just find offensive. But the unique thing about the BB game is just how multifaceted it is and all the right moves, right personality, right manipulations, subtlety, anticipation, foresight, insurance, etc is required to be called a great player (in my opinion).

Amanda is the biggest personality in the house and I think you’re mistaking that for being the best player. Keep in mind that we’ve seen four evictions…just four. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So for all the great moves you think Amanda has made, I see traps that she’s set for herself. And the fact that I see her as being in at least as much peril as Howard, except with Howard the animus is pure fictional creation, tells me she has made herself a target with her “great” gameplay…which tells me it wasn’t great.


I voted for Amanda.

Lets mix things up America.

eli rules

This week will be a true test of Amanda’s power of persuasion. The logical nominees for Aaron are Elissa and (fill in the blank). If Amanda convinces her to not include Elissa, then Amanda is truly the one playing the best game. It pains me to say it, but she has been running the show.

This tactic won’t get her to the end, but there’s no denying that she has all of these wimps under her control.

STFU Donnie

I’m wondering how Production plans to save Amanda and Helen again this week and edit out their attacks on Howard . They’ve been tirelessly convincing the house that Howard created the racial drama and that his faith is a fraud and basically blaming him for all the ills in the world…and CBS has carefully avoided showing any of it.

I firmly believe Amanda is the production favorite and Elissa is merely a distraction…but now they’re in a HUGE pickle. Are they ready to have next week’s story be Aaryn the Racist with the whole house behind her target Howard with Spencer AND Candace as secondary targets, while Amanda and Helen are FINALLY featured with their own far more insidious racial attack as setting the stage for Howard to be evicted?

Or do they do everything in their power to create a story of redemption?

Is Aaryn gently guided to trust and rely on Howard and to go to Candace and reveal the true intentions of her “friends” and what they say about Howard and how readily she is being discarded? Does she smartly realize her best chance to win is to eliminate a Superfriend, even if that ends up being Elissa, while simultaneously revealing that her racist words were merely the insensitive ramblings of a sheltered girl and that she isn’t the villain she’s been painted as?

This next week will either go really well for CBS or unbelievably bad.


You’re on to something. If Production can convinve Aaryn to go with the underdogs and form an alliance with Howard and Candice, (with Spencer by deflaut), she could put up Amanda and McCrea (so McCrea can’t win and take Amanda off. Then if Helen was the second vote getter after Amanda, she would go up and the MVP vote. This way the superfriends would not not have the votes and would have to vote out one of their own. And if someone takes themselves off, then put up Judd. The vote between the superfriend would finally be split.

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

i just had to vote ten more times for aaryn
because CBS let me vote ten times for her.
i could not vote for any of the others this time.

BB15 letdown

This is SO depressing. I truly wait all year for BB to start. I love it! But I really hate this season. If Howard goes, I am out. I cannot continue to watch Amanda, Helen, Andy, Aaryn and Elissa. GM, Judd and Jessie are all delusional or just blah. McCrea might be cool but he is whipped. And Spencer is just gross. The sad thing is, I think it is 50/50 that BB will even see a season 16 (unless it is All Stars, then done). I thought last year was bad but I would take that any day over this crap. At least it had Britney!


I hope it gets back to Amanda the crap Helen is saying, Helen wants credit for everything & is tripping all over herself! At least Amanda is consistent with who she wants out! I hope Aaryn & GM & Candice flip on Amanda & Helen & Elissa! I don’t see them working together but a house full of pissed off women anything can happen…


So if it was up to these fools who write on here it would be Elissa Andy Helen and gm someone who’s watching that shitshow final 4? Please you cat people make me sick.


The pressure is on and Aaryn for survival will nominate both Howard and Spencer because that is what both Helen and Amanda wants. If not she is toast next week and she knows it. So it comes down to who the MVP choice is. Will it be Elissa again or was it just a mistake by the Rachel zealots who can’t understand directions. IF not Elissa will it be GM again?

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.


Amanda sure acted like she was HOH I voted for her to be on the block this week




If this week happens the way it looks like its going to occur (howard and spencer going up) with aaryn listening to everything amanda says and completely sucking up to the people who are going to get her out after howard and spencer are gone then im done.

This season spells rigged. Oh lets bring rachels sister into the house. Oh and you know what? lets have america vote for an “MVP”, I wonder who that will be?

Oh how about amanda on the feeds compared to the amanda cbs chooses to show? Really CBS? Really?

This season is full of cowards and bullies and unintentionally stupid people. Aaryn doesint know how to play the game, she thinks the best strategy is to suck up to the mass and hope they forgot about their prior beefs? All the while not having any alliance or protection? GM, the ultimate floater, a racist and a barker who could never bite. Amanda, insecure woman who likes to dish it out but cant take one ounce, and a coward who never tells any insults to anyones face.
Mccrae the ultimate bedwetting pizzaboy. Andy the annoying guy who walks around 24/7 never making any moves but just sucks up to amanda 24/7. I’m Done.


I assure you big brother nor myself will be sad to lose you as a fan. Piss off and thank you


I am right there with ya. The only saving grace is Elissa home this week (sorry E fans, she is just not my fave and likely to be on the block) and a double eviction next week with Aaryn and a Superfriend going home next week. Otherwise I will be YouTube watching BB Canada


With low ratings and a horrible cast, can we finally get an all star season


The problem is rating is still good for BB as a summer show. It is still getting a 2.2 A18-49 rating with over 6 million viewers. Don’t get me wrong, this season sucks and I only read here for the live feeds but I still can see it lasting 3 seasons minimum…


I have defended Amanda as the best player in the house all season so far. She has been playing an absolutely masterful game of spotting others weaknesses and preying on them to her benefit. I have said that it is because she is a woman that people have hated her for the way she plays. But even I cant defend what she said to Aaryn. Yes it is game mastery(its ok Aaryn, I have secretly always felt the way you do), no doubt about it. And it will probably work as Aaryn will undoubtedly latch onto Amanda even more than she already had because of it. But that in NO WAY condones it.
It was horrible on many levels, plain and simple.
I am truly disgusted with her.


LOL give me a break its a game, the object is to lie and manipulate. Amanda is the best in the house stop the hate, you sound ridiculous. Go watch the hero or something more light hearted like biggest loser. This show is not for you..


Did you read what I wrote, or just decide you needed to say something even if it made no sense?
I have defended Amanda’s gameplay almost daily on here as the best in the house. But there are lines that can never be crossed, and using Aaryn’s racism in a way that she thinks Amanda approves of it to form even a temporary bond between them is jumping so far over the line that I wonder if Amanda can even see the it anymore.
And if you can defend that, well…..I don’t even know what to say to that


Dear Howard,

When you leave this week, please punch Amanda, Helen, and Aaryn in the face before you go.