McCrae Tells Amanda even if Howard has Coup D’etat they’re safe this week

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots ?


8:54pm Kitchen Lots of random conversations going on.
Aaryn is joking that she wants to wear JUDD’s bear shirt during the nomination ceremony.
“JUDD you’re a Tennessee bear and I’m sick of you crawling all over my game”

(FYI Apparently the outside will not be open tonight )

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:05pm Amanda, McCrae and Elissa bedroom

Amanda tells Elissa that word out on the street is Elissa tried to flip the house right before the vote today.
Elissa: “I never said that” Elissa says all she heard was that Candice went to Helen about and confronted her about the HOH deal between Helen and Aaryn.
Amanda: “people are saying you tried to flip the house”
Amanda says it must have been Candice, Spencer or Howard.
Elissa: “Helen is the only person I talked to.. unless Helen told Candice that”
Amanda: ‘No it’s the other way around.. Candice is saying that to Helen”
Elissa is confused she never tried to flip the vote with Spencer, Howard, and candice. Elissa doesn’t give it anymore thought and continues to do her yoga.
Amanda goes into overtime telling McCrae why Howard and Spencer need to be put up on the block.

Amanda: “We have to guarantee one of those two go home this week. .. Andy has Candice trust me” McCrae thinks it might be best to put Howard and Candice up and keep Spencer on their side. Amanda says no way, she can think of a million reasons to put Howard and Spencer up.

JUDD and Andy join them. Amanda is smiling she says “Aaryn is going to put Spencer and Howard up”

Amanda tells them all that Candice is going around the house saying Elissa tried to flip the house right before the vote. Elissa: ‘Who heard that” Amanda: “Helen”


9:20pm Cockpit S/H/C and Jessie
Jessie is saying she would model for maxim over playboy
Candice says she would need to get ‘B**b implants” to model in playboy. Jessie: “I would never get implants.. I have good sizes b**bs butr IN understand how some girls would get them”
Spencer: ‘I don’t give a sh!t about big T!tt!es.. I like B**bs and Butt”

Spencer: “Honestly what a guy wants is a girl that loves her body.. takes care of it”


9:40pm JUDD and GM join them in the cockpit. He says he’s happy with his body shows them his 6 pack


9:55pm Spencer, Jessie, Candice, Andy and HelenThey are wanting Andy to lure people into the cockpit to play would you rather. Jessie is hidden under the pillows to scare them after they answer.
Spencer makes up the question “Would you rather give a homeless person a tongue bath or let them poop in your mouth”

Andy is the first victim so they use him as bait. Helen is the second victim.


9:55pm McCrae and Amanda
Talking about they are in the strongest position in the house. Amanda: “we are going to get Helen or Spencer out” She says when everyone turned their backs on Aaryn she got close to her and now it’s paying off.

S: “This feels better then when JUDD got HOH”
Amanda says next week they’ll put up Spencer and Candice and if POV is played Aaryn can go. Amanda adds that next week there is only “2 of them” against the entire house. Andy joins them. Amanda: “This is the best thing ever for all of us” McCrae says even if Howard has the Coup D’etat and puts McCrae and Amanda up they have four votes which make it a tie breaker. McCrae says Aaryn will have to take out the MVP so him and Amanda are safe. Andy: ‘Oh my god ha”
McCrae: ‘no matter what”
Elissa joins them


10:25pm waiting around the HOH door to scare Aaryn when she comes up


10:40pm Aaryn gets her HOH room

It goes without saying Amanda and McCrae move right in taking over the HOH bed.

Hey baby girl (Aaryn’s letter Thanks DAWG)
This is something else! Wow, everyone at home misses you. We all love you so much. I know that things can get crazy, but I have full faith in you. Even when “stuff” hits the fan. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!! Hold onto your values. Stay true to the morals you were raised with. Stay strong, face your challenges, and keep trucking along. Don’t forget who you are!
I love you and I’ll be seeing you when you come home!

10:49pm Elissa and McCrae Bedroom
Elissa says Aaryn’s first instinct was to be nasty to her she gave her a dirty look and walked by.
McCrae tells her not to worry she’s safe this week. Elissa is amazed at how people’s attitudes have changed.

10:50pm Chessboard Howard and Candice
He’s telling her the “powers to be” are going to want one of them put up.
Howard: “I got a feeling Aaryn’s not going to be told what to do”

10:52pm Elissa and Helen Bedroom
Elissa telling her about Aaryn rolling her eyes and giving her dirty looks. Helen: “howard is the target”
Elissa: ‘I’m so glad she won it over Spencer.. “
Helen: “He was going to put us up.. “
Helen thinks Howard is MVP and he’ll put either her, Elissa or Ginamarie up.
Elissa: “I doubt he’ll get it again.. he put me and Ginamarie up.. don’t you think they will give it to someone to make a bold move”

11:01pm HOH Amanda, McCrae, JUDD, Jessie and Aaryn
Random chit chat. Aaryn says there are less fish in the tank. A: “They took out all the black ones because i’m racist” Amanda howls laughing..

11:11pm HOH Amanda, Aaryn, Ginamarie, and Jessie
Amanda says that Helen has turned on Elissa 100%. Aaryn mentions she asked Helen she could put up Elissa and they would have the votes and from the sounds of it Helen was OK with it.
Aaryn: “But I’m not going to do that”
Jessie: “what are you doing”
Aaryn: “Spencer and Howard,., is that what you would do Jess”
Jessie: “Yup”
Amanda says H/S are so manipulative they are coming after them and they lie.
Amanda: “McCrae is so happy.. I am going to get some tonight”
Andy and McCrae join them..


10:51pm Storage room McCrae and JUDD
MC is saying he’s safe even if Howard has the Coup d’etat it’s going to a tiebreaker. MC: “Aaryn is going to choose that third person.. No matter what” JUDD: “I guarantee that Howard has the Coup d’etat” MC says even if Howard can put up three people him and Amanda are still safe because the third person will be Elssa.
JUDD: “Why are they giving him the Coup d’etat.. have you seen him he sucks”
MC goes over the number sagain.. (He’s really dwelling on this)

JUDD is confident he can get GM’s vote this week. They think it might be best to get GM into a fake 4 person alliance. JUDD: “She’s so loyally she’ll never blow our cover”


11:35pm HOH Bathroom Jessie and Aaryn
Jessie is saying that Ginamarie is annoying as f*** . Aaryn points out that all week GM thought she was going home and was “Shitting on me”. Aaryn mentions how GM stuck up for Elissa during the town hall meeting .
Aaryn tells her they have to be nice to GM just incase she wins the HOH next week.
Jessie: “She is the hardest one to bite my tongue out”
Aaryn: “I feel like you are my best friends in the house now.. I’m so glad we are friends again”
Jessie: ‘And I feel like Amanda has our both of our backs”
Aaryn: “I do to.. as long as we keep doing what she wants”


11:46pm HOH Aaryn and GM
GM: ‘are you putting up candice”
Aaryn: ‘No Spencer and Howard”
Aaryn apologizes for not telling her about Kaitlin going home says she couldn’t.
Gm says she didn’t take side and couldn’t.
Aaryn understands says its probably best
Aaryn explains the deal she made to stay in the house. “I would either throw HOH or let them pick my noms”
Aaryn says GM will sh!t once she finds out about their numbers.
Aaryn: ‘Guess what we’re in the numbers now because of the deal I made..”
GM: ‘you know I like Helen a lot.. I can work with Helen not Elissa”
Aaryn: ‘These are solid people Amanda, McCrea, Andy, Judd and Jessie
GM: “Just be careful because Helen told Kaitlin she was going to keep her safe last week”
Aaryn: “the real reason they turned against Kaitlin was someone started a rumor that Kaitlin was after Helen”
Aaryn says that Helen came up to her in the storage room and was pissed at Elissa.
Aaryn: “Do you understands we went from the lowest on the totem pole to the HOH room”
GM: ‘Ths boys would be proud of us”
Aaryn: “I think we’re going to make it to Jury.. that’s 13 thousand dollars..
Howard, Candice and Spencer we have the numbers all we need to do is all we need is to win the HOH’s “

Aaryn: “We made a deal with the devil” Aaryn says they are good McCrae now trusts her.
GM: “We’re the last two left”

12:09AM McCrae and Amanda
McCrae says they may need to stage their divorce. He explains how Dan did a funeral and break up with Danielle They are worried JUDD and Andy won’t take them to final 4 because they’re so close.

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I really hope aaryn tells superfriends to fu(k off and puts up elissa and helen and then america puts up amanda but unfortunately this is a boring season and this will be another boring week where either howard or spencer is definitely going home there’s almost no point in watching until jury starts and superfriends has to turn on each other

vote amanda as 3rd nom so she goes apesh!t

come on america

give all 10 votes towards amanda as 3rd nom

then if she doesnt survive the veto, helen, candace, jess, judd, gina, elissa can have a serious think about voting her out

then there will be nothing mccrae and andy could do about it and the showmance pair will be split, meaning mccrae would then lose a locked jury vote if he were to make final 2 as amanda would miss out on jury

at the very least putting amanda on the block would cause mayhem, chaos and good entertainment…howard v amanda v spencer


What’s the count for Amanda saying ‘we need to get Howard or Spencer out’? 1000? 1001?
Why don’t you win some competitions and then do it yourself instead of trying to dictate everything that will be done? I really hope Aaryn plays her game this week and realizes she’s being used as a one week rental, hopefully this week will be a turning point in the game.
Please shake things up!


Doesn’t really matter. It’s in everyone’s brains in the house now!


So what? The fact of the matter is, and I think a lot of viewers seem to forget this, is that this is a SOCIAL game as well. She is smart and persuasive. She and most of them know that they most likely won’t win competitions every week, so she uses other methods to try and get what she wants. The point of this game is to stay the longest in the house to get to the money and she has her eye on the prize. She has most of the house wrapped around her finger. Howard and Spencer are threats to her game and she is obviously going to try to get rid of them. IMO, good for her!!


I can understand that but what irritates a viewer like me is this expectation that ‘the HOH will do as she pleases and if that’s not the case then they are ruining their game’. There is a fine line between playing a strong social game and force feeding orders that benefit your game. It feels a touch militaristic to me, but then again, that’s just my perspective.


I get that, but again I don’t think you can fault her for that. She may be trying to tell them what to do, but these people are not obligated to obey her. She’s not holding a gun to their heads. They have the opportunity to go against whenever they feel like, but most of them apparently choose not to. it just so happens that these people are so easily influenced and sway back and force (e.g., Judd) all the time that its the perfect opportunity for someone like her to try and use that to her advantage and advance herself in the game.


hey if it’s working then she’s a smart player. if someone is winning at chess it would be dumb to say ‘well, but they were playing really aggressively and that threw off her opponent-it’s really not fair’….


EXACTLY! 🙂 I agree 100%


The common thread in this house is everybody tells everybody else what they want to hear. Do I think anybody is necessarily interested in putting their ass on the line to save Howard other than Spencer and Candace? No…but that doesn’t mean he’s anybody else’s number 1 target either. If Amanda is nominated, do you see anybody other than McCrae and Andy putting their ass on the line to save her? I sure don’t.

In fact I’ve heard everybody not named Amanda and McCrea engaged in discussions about Amanda needing to go within the last week…and nobody needed to make up that she was starting a race war or using her religion or any other heavy-handed, over-the-top pitch to get those conversations started.

There’s an unwritten rule in politics about attacking an opponent. You want to go far enough that it is effective, but not so far that it potentially blows back on you. Amanda is straddling that line and it’s precisely because of her obsession with Howard that all those conversations about her being bossy and overbearing and scheming began this week. Now once it became clear Amanda would not be leaving, then everybody went back to humoring her Howard obsession precisely because they do fear him.

One other political axiom Amanda should be wary of: If you’re a leader whose power is based on the fear of some existential threat, then the very moment you eliminate the threat, you become the threat. There are war time leaders and peace time leaders and rarely do those roles overlap. Amanda’s single-minded campaign against Howard is no different. So once Howard is gone, then she will be seen as a far bigger problem than as part of the path forward. And all the people who saw the lengths she went to bury Howard will wonder if they will be next and a consensus will form that she’s the new existential threat that must be eliminated.


game, set and match point…


hey bobsky where can i go to read more about that stuff? political theory.


Every HG should read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu


That’s a tough one. From a philosophical standpoint, I’d agree with 1984 that The Art of War is must read, but I would go first to Machiavelli’s The Prince, which would be a more salient blueprint for BB. From a more modern/practical standpoint, I’d start with anything you can find from Larry Sabato and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who have really studied the art of politics from an academic standpoint.


I’d have to agree with Bobsky that Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is a must read.. where deceit is placed above morality in order to maintain political advantage and dominance.. so the policies of a ruler are followed, or else. IMHO, the BB15 HG that most exemplify this machiavellian behaviour is Amanda, followed closely by Helen.

Roisin Dubh

Another spot on analysis. You my friend are a jedi master in understanding the human condition.


You’re too kind. I’m still just a blowhard with too many opinions…


@nickehhh, you just invented the best drinking game ever! Watch the feeds every time amanada says spencer and Howard drink up lol


Haha I’ll be sure to try it out ill be drunk in minutes!


These airheads aren’t going to shake up the game. It would be awesome to see Aaryn put up Helen and Elissa, but the chances of that happening are slim to none because McCranda is totally running the house!!! I wish someone would put a muzzle on Amanda. I am so sick of her talking about getting rid of Howard and Spencer. With things going like they are, it wouldn’t surprise me if she winds up winning the entire game. Such a waste of a season!!


The house to be shaken up is if Amanda and Mccrea go up on the block because they think they control the votes.


I’m voting for Amanda just so theirs more drama in the house


I’m voting for Amanda just so theirs more drama in the house


Amanda and Mc have taken over the HOH bed already.

I was going to buy a book on phobias, but I was afraid it wouldn’t help me.


And there they are, 1st to jump in the HOH bed….. Amanda and McCrae…. Let me guess the will bunk in there with Aaryn like she let Jeremy and Kaitlin??

production rigged it

I have a shock for you guys Aaryn just got her HOH room and i’ll give you 2 guesses who have already taken over the bed. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who could it be?????????????????????????????????


Uhm, Howard and Candice???? Hahaha

Andy's Hungry Loins

Nope! In a surprise twist it was Andy and Judd. The scizzoring action was horrifying and I will never be the same after seeing that. But on a brighter note, Elissa joined in and made it a threesome after she revealed that she is really a tranny and in a polygamist marriage with Brendon, Rachel and Allison Grodner. Shocker!!!


It’s a sad day when I have to hope that Aaryn would work with Howard. That’s how pathetic this cast is. No one to really root for.


Howard having a Coup D’etat? Don’t give AG any ideas, so the same thing can happen like it did in Season 11, where Jeff and Jordan were forced on us forever. We’ll never get rid of them.


You can tell, Elissa is PISSED


I always see people complaining about Amanda, but it doesn’t make any sense. Amanda is crafty. She is a great manipulator and has been behind a lot of the big moves in the house. She masterminded David’s eviction. She wanted to keep Elissa during Aaryn’s HOH reign and she made that happen. She has most of the house wrapped around her finger. This game is not just about winning competitions. Her powers of persuasion, manipulation and coercion are just as legitimate as winning HOH or POV. The social aspect of this game is crucial and she is using it to her advantage as evidenced by her entering the fifth week in this house without winning a single competition. From what I can remember, Howard and Spencer are the only players left in the house that have previously and continuously discussed the idea of getting her out of the house. So, of course she is going to fight her hardest to get rid of them. Amanda is currently excelling at her game because she is getting results. She works hard at controlling the people around her and trying to manipulate them into evicting the people that she believes are threatening her game.
Now, to say that this will strategy will take her to the end. Probably not. She needs to adjust it now and work on laying low every now and then and narrowing down her inner circle. She has to also work on limiting her aggressiveness. Other than that, I think she is playing a better game than most people


She maybe isn’t getting credit due to the cast she’s in. It’s almost like child’s play in there with her manipulating and seductive skills. If it was more toe to toe in there it would be more interesting to watch her. Too many passive personalities and the ones who would maybe make a power move and put her up can even win an HOH (lol).


Ok, I get that, but how is that her fault. She’s there to win a half a million bucks. If I was competing for that much money. I’d take a passive, easily manipulated cast that I know I have a chance of beating over a cast that are smart enough to figure out what I am doing and how I am trying to manipulating them. It’s about winning the money people!


Its not about winning the money for the viewers its about drama and exciting gameplay and people making big moves not watching everyone blindly follow a girl who can’t win shit and do things for herself


Well her being on Big Brother is about winning a half million bucks, so excuse her if she could care less whether or not viewers are entertained. If you were in the BB house competing, please tell me what your main priority would be: doing whatever you can to win the money HOW EVER YOU CAN! or starting drama and making big moves that might ending up hurting your game but will provide entertainment for viewers?
Some people don’t seem to get that these HGs don’t need to win shit to try to get what they want and advance themselves forward. There are other ways and Amanda is using them!


What are you amandas mother you’ve comment on almost every bad post about her acting like she is some big brother god. I’m not saying she should care about what viewers think I’m just stating why people are hating on her because her game maybe working right now but she’s horrible to watch. Also I feel you are way overrating her gameplay once she gets howard out she will become the biggest target she’s guaranteed jury but unless all these people are true idiots once its down to only superfriends her and mccrae will be targeted because of their showmance and because of her demanding personality


I don’t care how good a “game” Amanda is playing…I don’t particularly like her because..well… she is an unlikable character. She possess some unfavourable characteristics. She calls Candice fat, ugly, a pig, and would like to punch her in the face, yet she cries when Elissa ( who, btw I found very mean in this situation ) calls her a stripper…Amanda can dish it but she can’t take it (in other words a hypocrite). Also she claims to have a boyfriend, but jumps into bed with Mcrae the first week when the whole world is watching. Cheating on your bf on national television says a lot about your character (you can decide what this says about a person). There has also been 1 occasion which I know of that Amanda started a sentence with “Black people…….”, lucky Mcrae shut her down real quick and said “that’s racist”. Amanda might be “running” the house but like a lot of the houseguests….she is hard to root for because of the crude and vile things she says.

P.S: As the weeks progress I find her DR’s extremely annoying , they feel rehearsed. Her supposed “witty” or “comedic” lines make me cringe, like watching someone do something totally embarrassing. Ah ok I’m done with my semi-long rant. 🙂


You have to admit that Amanda HAS added entertainment value to the show….. She stands up to people and starts fights, she started the first showmance of the season, she’s done a dominatrix dance, she got naked and ran around with “Amandaids” on her nipples, she got engaged, she’s planning a bachelorette party AND a wedding. Without her…. how boring would this season be?


Say what you will about her, she’s the one on the lips of all the haters here. That’s power.


I mean people discuss people in the game depending on the blog or what’s going on especially if it’s extreme. I don’t think some is a “hater” because they are pointing out certain things her tactics or game play or things they don’t like. As for power the game isn’t over yet.So will see. Maybe she’ll make it to end or may not.

Hips Don't Lie

You mention being on everyone’s lips is power, that’s just absurd. Aaryn is on everyone’s lips, is that power? Elissa is on everyone’s lips, is that power? Howard is on everyone’s lips, is that power? You seem to wrongly equate blog popularity with power.


We are complaining because her howard obsession is getting really out of hand and she thinks she’s HOH every week


If the HOH’s are gullible enough to let her influence them, then I see nothing wrong with that. They don’t have to put who she wants up. The people around her don’t have to vote out who she wants and they don’t always do (Elissa didn’t nominate Howard last week). If they were smart enough, they would realize how manipulative she is and would flip the tables on her, but that hasn’t happened yet. She knows she’s not HOH, but why shouldn’t she try to take advantage of it by trying to have someone eliminated that she deems a threat to her game.


Yeah now that’s just ridiculous. You would think these people would get sick of hearing it or question whether they are possibly doing her dirty work for her. Seemed like Judd did this week. But half of them act like they are heavily medicated and can be swayed at any point in the day. As for Howard, I don’t know if this guy is capable of winning an HOH. She claims he’s such a beast. I thought he possibly be threw it again tonight after watching it. But I could be wrong.


I don’t think any of them could have thrown this HOH competition though. It was really based on luck that their ball would drop at a high number


So what if Amanda’s mentioning him every week? Why is that so upsetting? She wants him out. Big deal.




I like how people obsess over Amanda obsessing over Howard. I guess I don’t see what the problem is, unless one thinks obsessing over getting someone out because that’s the goal of the game is a problem.

Strippers Union

Nah! I don’t like Amanda for a lot of reasons. She is a very vile person. She promotes gay hate under the guise of a smile, “hit the gay guy.” She intentionally tries to divide the house by accusing Howard of using his race. She is a bully towards Elissa and anyone else that dare have an opinion that is different then hers. The biggest reason I hate her, she looks horrible in a one piece swimsuit. Keep your day job Amanda, you can’t pull off being a stripper.


Even though I like Howard and am rooting for him, I can still totally respect Amanda being focused on him. It shows she has a plan as well as the motivation to move forward in the game. And it is a sign that Amanda respects and fears Howard more than anyone else in the house, and probably rightfully so.

Maintaining a consistent focus also builds other houseguests’ trust in her — they think they know what to expect from her, and thus they feel safer with her than they do with someone like Elissa or Judd.

The players I can’t stand are the people who sway from one target to the next, walking around in a perpetual state of shock that other people in the house might be trying to win. Amanda is playing to win, and she’s playing hard, and so far she’s playing well, and some of you need to get up off her back about it.


That may be so! Amanda is playing a manipulative game, and it is working for now, but BB fans like ourselves do not want to see an entire season of losers sniffing her backside for the entire season. Where the heck are the power players this season?


This game is ridiculous this season because even Andy thinks he’s in a power position! I think BB is pumping in some heavy drugs this season because this crew is truly delusional. Have you noticed how often someone tells multiple people that their meds are waiting for them in the pantry…never in all the history of watching since season one have I seen this happen. They used to have to beg for an aspirin. I think they went to a rehab center and took the first 15 patients who signed their name on the dotted line.


They left in the 1st 3 weeks!!!


Sorry…..Power players don’t leave in the first three weeks….hence the name Power players!


if I remember correctly Dr Will did exactly that, purposely didnt win comps and just manipulated from the inside and he is considered one of the all time greats. his method was why bust my ass to win HOH when i can just easily manipulate whoever wins.


Hahahahaha I am laughing sooo freaking hard right now because… They are waiting for Aaryn when she comes up they are going to say boo then while she walks she falls downstairs and is knocked out lol that would be soooo funny:)) Now lets get serious here ok remember that veto comp where they had the mud and stuff when Judd was HOH?? Well I have thought about this Aaryn is from Texas and she rides her 4 wheeler well when she got out in the backyard for veto she is like this is nasty who wants to get in the mud?? Well I agree with her I don’t however remember she is from Texas? And doesn’t Texas have like mud?? I myself has thought that has been strange because she is from Texas and she doesn’t want to get in the mud hmmmm??? That’s a good question hmmm weird? I have thought about that and it is just so freaking weird…. Any ideas? But even if Aaryn is a little weird I am still cheering for her:)) Gooo Aaryn:)))


I have never in my life heard of Texas as the “mud state”. Are you Forest Gump?


haha best response ever!


Amanda is too much, used my 10 votes on her this week. If Amanda or Elissa goes this week it’ll be a success in my book.


im not sure if this is true or not but i read on twitter that ” someone who has worked with cbs and bb productions that helped with selecting the houseguest for this season said that the winner of big brother is pre determined and amanda zuckerman will win big brother and in the future you will see jow upcoming twists will work in her favor especially if she gets in a situation where shes close to eviction in case if any of you thinking im wrong and that elissa slater will win because she has been pre chosen by cbs you are half right elissa was pre chosen by bb production crew but not for winning the 500000 elissa was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre chosen to be the winner of bb 15 and that is amanda amanda is and has been friends with allison grodner for the past few years and will win bb i have evidence that backs this up and will anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale” i dont know of this is true so dont think i made this up but if it is america needs to vote amanda up as the 3rd nominee and if they dont she can win this season hopefully this isnt true but we will find out when it is the final


Really, how hard would it be for anyone to type something like that up. I sure hope if she plans on remaining anonymous, that wasn’t her real name she used.


you have zero credibility unless you post your “evidence” now! I swear on my dog and my bible…ya ok onword elissa wanna be


how is the person an elissa wannabe and im sure if someone who had worked with a company like cbs in the past would want to remain anonymous if they said something about the company and summer13 said they didnt know if it was true they just read it on twitter and big brother is a reality dont you people think there can be some fixing to the show and maybe its just a conspiracy but read the comment before you think they are lying because what if they arent and amanda ends up in the final 2 and wins you never now people its a reality show dont you think they can be fixed!


1. Amanda is obsessing over the one man who could flip the house. I don’t know why people are taking personal offense to it. What, they want her to pick someone different each week and quit picking on poor Howard? Please he’s a man. He’s playing chess with her. He’s taking it much easier than most of the people here.
2. People who are obsessing over Amanda obsessing over Howard are obsessing every day over getting her out. See the hypocrisy? Just a little?
3. If Howard’s gone. This game is over. Amanda wins. So yeah, Amanda knows what she’s doing. Can’t hate her for playing the game.


Howard vs. Amanda. That’s my final two. Yeah, I like them both.

The next strongest is Helen. But I think she would blab to Howard that Helen’s thinking about back-dooring him, but not to tell anybody.


I’m glad Arayn won HOH…. Ya she has her issues (all the HG seem to)but she is actually one of the smartest game players in the house.
If she Kicks Out Kamanda n McSlave from her HOH BED she should get an award.
I swear to G ……It’s nearly imposible to pick a favorite this year.


jesus not another ‘I heard somewhere….blah blah blah….conspiracy….blah blah blah’. can we just stipulate that some people believe in the conspiracy, some don’t and now drop the subject PERMANENTLY? it is getting so OLD. LIke the nutty uncle who wont shut up about his great inventions ……UGH.


Hmmmm… Sounds like the Name who can’t write.

Charlie Hustle

I wish the HGs got find out just how stupid they are before they actually do. “Elissa is the MVP and put herself up to…” “Howard might have a special power…” “GM is the MVP, oh wait, she’s the replacement nom…Hhmm? Maybe…”


Shit…even if Aaryn wanted to flip this house she doesn’t have the numbers to because these mindless idiots are literally up Amanda’s ass. If Howard doesn’t win POV this week then he’s gone.

Name :)

I REALLY hope Amanda goes up as third nominee. She says she feels safe and whenever someone feels safe in the house I feel like that person HAS to go up. And its not just because i do not like Amanda but i feel like if she goes up as 3rd nominee it will stir shit up in the house. Dont waste your votes on anyone else because Amanda going up will cause the most drama. I want to see how Amanda will react under pressure. Anyways who did you guys vote to be the 3rd nominee?


Spencer saying he doesnt want to spoil his girl Marilyn so he doesn’t buy her anything for her birthday or Christmas. What a jerk.

I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now.


Yeah, thought he was talking about his mother, but the comment was really gross. Met a guy once who broke up with his girlfriend just before all birthdays and holidays so he wouldn’t have to give her a gift. She was a bit older, he had a big dick, and basically played a nasty game on her. Karma is a bitch!


Also if Helen says “You’re safe we love you!” one more time to whoever is on the block this week then I’m going to lose my mind. Helen and Amanda are battling for the title of most annoying houseguest this year…I think it’s too close to call.


The look on McCrae’s face is like “Yes, masta,Yes, masta”

lol what

Elissa is confused she never tried to flip the vote with Spencer, Howard, and candice. Elissa doesn’t give it anymore thought and continues to do her yoga.

lmfao elissa really cracks me up when she is confronted about something she just really doesn’t care I love it …and I think Helen will be caught in a lie real quick and I can’t wait at this point i’m hoping for her to leave the most even before aaryn i’ll get a good laugh out of that

its on! its live!! its heavily edited!!!

Elissa: ‘I’m so glad she won it over Spencer.. “
Helen: “He was going to put us up.. “
Helen thinks Howard is MVP and he’ll put either her, Elissa or Ginamarie up.
Elissa: “I don’t he’ll get it again.. he put me and Ginamarie up.. don’t
you think they will give it to someone to make a bold move”?

(thanx simon!!!!!!!)



Aaryn, I hate you, but please girl shake up this game before it flat lines


“McCrae says even if Howard has the Coup D’etat and puts McCrae and Amanda up they have four votes which make it a tie breaker. McCrae says Aaryn will have to take out the MVP so him and Amanda are safe.”

1) I can’t believe that they are this overconfident and can’t see all the potential perils they still have even if Howard doesn’t get the coup d’etat…forget him getting it.
2) How does Andy not think “Well what if Howard is MVP too and I’m in the third chair? And if McCrea and Amanda are still this happy and excited at the prospect that I could still go home as long as the two of them are safe, then how quick will they dump me when it suits their needs? I need to find somebody who would be loyal to me.”

the REAL name

Bobsky, You are so right. I saw them tell the same thing to Judd. And I thought to myself, how arrogant, over confident and stupid it was to say that. Because a thinking pereson would say “wait a minute, The third nom could be me, then what” They feel that no matter what, they will win the vote against anyone. Now I am hoping that Howard does get a coup d’etat and then lets see how that plays out. With the right 3 nom, they would be in trouble.

Shawn W

U know the one person that NEEDS to go in my opinion is Elissa, one thing in every season that i cannot stand is when a contestant starts saying that they dont want to be there. U can self evict. There are 15 other people who left their lives just like u did and would love an extra week to win that money. I felt bad for Elissa week 1 when people were ganging up on her not knowing her just for being Rachel’s sister, but in the past week she has shown her true bratty colors. When she didnt get the MVP (a twist that i think has ruined the game might i add) she immediately turned into someone as bad as the other 3 girls in the house. The comments about Amanda, the backstabbing of her alliance just to further her PERSONAL feelings on Aaryn, the nastiness towards Gina, she is someone who clearly doesnt want to be here unless its designed for her to win. Even Helen has realized shes a sinking ship, her best friend in the house. Now i wanna clear up that I hope Aaryn doesnt win and cant wait to see Julie tear her to pieces, but even she in my eyes in the last 2 weeks has become more likeable than Elissa. Anyone agree?


That show last night was super uncomfortable to watch. Elissa came off like a monster, Amanda came off as insecure and misguided,not to mention sadly attired. She should have asked Judd for an hour alone in the HOH room and given McCrae a real memory for his birthday. All those girls were snickering at that display, but probably would never have the balls to attempt a scene like that. Role playing is not a spectator sport…anyhow, Elissa lost me as a sympathizer. What Aaryn did to Howard and Candice was unforgiveable and she needs to get her due.


While it was cruel Elissa was the only one who was honest. All the other snickered and will talk behind her back, I’d rather know the truth than have people stab me in the back.

FTR, I am not a fan of Elissa…


What did Aaryn do to Howard and Candice? She said the fish were swimming separately, and she said you could not see Candice in the dark (only repeating what GM had just said). I really want to know what racial comments she made against H and C.


I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve lost all sympathy I had for Elissa. I’d put her right there in that group of mean girls that she supposedly does not support.


DEMANDA is making this season pathetic to me along with a few others. She is a manipulator and yes that is a quality that is beneficial to play BB BUT her actions and disgusting display with her vulgar mouth, sex crazed antics, almost naked displays, racists comments, with a boyfriend (ex now) possessing sex tapes and pics… a true definition of a shameless WHORE who is so self indulged and money hungry that she is completely selling her soul to the devil. Good luck with life after BB15… what goes around, comes around!!! 10 votes for DEMANDA as the 3rd nom… the MOST annoying and disgusting BB hg in BB history!!!


Sorry, the racist Amanda thing just isn’t sticking with me. As for the rest of it. All true. That’s why she’s good. Still am amused at your anger at a person who is playing it smart.


You should watch the live feeds and you would see and hear her remarks to agree with her making some racist comments. Aaryn without a doubt is at the top of the list with some comments by Gmarie as well.. Spencer too with those vile words he uses towards woman, I’m sure he is a single man now… but Demanda has dug her own grave with her big mouth! BTW… angry, NOT.. disgusted by her antics, YES!!! : P


If the worst thing you can come up about Amanda is that she mentions Howard every few minutes, that’s not enough for me to hate her. I hear a few saying she’s racist, haven’t heard seen that, either. If you despise the fact that she’s manipulative, gets everyone to do what she wants, and sits up in the Hoh all day, that’s not enough for me to hate her. It is enough for me to wonder why nobody else in that house has a backbone to tell her to get the f*** out.


Exactly! When is somebody going to grab a pair and send this dom-wannabe packing? Mumbles let her take over his HOH, Aaryn let her vent about Howard and Spencer already a few hrs. into the HOH, and now she’s plotting the demise of Helen and Elissa. She needs to realize things move slowly in the BB house and she’s overplaying this eviction thing weekly. The only thing that stays the same is McCrae’s balls are still in her pocket and she’s taking to Florida when she leaves.


I really hope her boyfriend or ex boyfriend releases that tape and video and ruins her life she’s a terrible person and deserves all the bad karma she gets and plus I wouldn’t mind seeing them big t!tties


It Aaryn just as long to make a racist remark as it did McManda to take over the HOH bed.


Damm People …She was being Sarcatic. Get over it allready! How is it that Amerikans have turned into such a bunch of thin skined winers?
I guess it’s the difference from growing up with sponge bob n pokimon n lady gag gag as heros or as I did watching the clint eastwwod n chales bronson kickin ass

Charlie Huste

Did you mean “Winners”?

How far the mighty have fallen. You’ve gone from Dirty Harry with a Death Wish to BB. You sir are representative of the American decline you’ve suggested.


I agree Amanda is controlling this game. I have to hand it to her she has worked hard to get everyone on her side even Aaryn. She’s smart too she knows that she’s going to have to get Helen out soon or she could go really far. Amanda’s also good at implying things with people then stepping back and watching people get paranoid and freak out at others while she stands back and watches. She also keeps other house guests minds off her by picking someone to be paranoid about and then spreading things around like that person is so dangerous when really they aren’t like Howard which is smart because it keeps the heat off her.


Elissa and Helen not going anywhere.


When are nominations? Saturday? And Aaryn please be lying about putting up Spencer and Howard. Put up Amanda and McCrae so they don’t feel safe and think everyone is so perfect in their world. And hopefully Helen or Andy go up.


Amanda and Mccrea but not Helen or Andy please. Elissa will be all alone again.


I think Helen just woke up while talking to Candice, they are talking about not being sure if they could ever get Amanda out of the house. I think Aaryn might just end up slipping through this game, seems like everyone has another target in mind.


Thanks Simon agreed. Amanda lost my vote as favorite player.


All my booze is in the cooler, ready for a trip to the mtns. this weekend so there better not be any BB action while I am incommunicado.I am waiting for the day when Amanda and Helen realize that they are playing a game that nobody else is interested in playing with them. Be funny to see McCrae without his Dom telling him how, when and why.


why? she has easily the votes to stay. not because of her. mc, helen, judd, jessie, ellissa, andy will all keep her.

vote amanda as 3rd nom so she goes apesh!t

most of the people in your list are very keen to see amanda gone


lol Amanda says Pizza Boy is so happy she is going to get some tonight lmao .America Please vote the Max amount of times for Amanda and lets see if Pizza Boy will still be so happy. If Aaryn was smart she should take out Amanda and Pizza they are they reason behind every eviction. I see the BB Queen has already been upstairs to claim her throne

I only watch on Thursday cuz I have OBB!

I know, right! How can all these people be so blinded by the biggest threat in the game. They are the only two who will remain loyal to each other. They don’t even have to hide it and go around controlling everyone. It is annoying but I suppose if the others take it maybe one of those two do deserve to win.


LOL at Aaryn taking anyone out, or getting the house behind her. Also LOL that you dislike Amanda because her and McCrae are behind every eviction. Isn’t this the point of the game…to evict people?


I really do not understand why everybody just blindly follows “the house” (which means amanda and mcrea) instead of playing their own game….like what does aaryn think she gets by siding with amanda and mcrea? she gets two weeks of safety and then she is the low man on the totem pole….this season has been so lame because the MVP twist has basically given all the power to the floaters (you can nominate the strong players without even winning hoh)….and america’s vote means nothing because we all know ellissa will be nominated followed by GM


Amanda and Helen are by FAR the best female players I’ve seen since I’ve been watching the show (BB11).

Just one competition win between the two of them and yet they have controlled everything that has happened in the house.


wow you really need to watch older seasons these girls have nothing on the women before them allison season 4 in my opinion is one of the best ever and got robbed by a bitter jury also danielle from season 3 was a great manipulator that never really won competitions and never got nominated season 5 diane invented the backdoor I would even say jess and dani from season 8 were better then them both

vote amanda as 3rd nom so she goes apesh!t

week 1 the moving company sent david home, and that was nicks idea, not mccrae or amanda or helens idea

the jeremy eviction was initiated and controlled by helen

amanda/mccrae and helen controlled nothing last week

amanda tried to demand howard and spencer to be on the block

judd and jess rejected that as they wanted kaitlyn and aaryn on the block with kaitlyn gone and thats what happened

aaryn now owes judd for saving her, and for when he mentioned the fake rumour of kaitlyn going after helen

i can see aaryn being not as loyal to amanda/mccrae as she will be to jess/judd

I only watch on Thursday cuz I have OBB!

Holy cow! 50% want Amanda as third nom in the survey. Too funny. Really hoping it plays out that way although it would look bad on Howard since everything gets blamed on him.


Amanda has no one wrapped around her finger except McCrae…everybody in the house are a bunch of mindless drones who only want to do what the house wants. Eventually, people will get tired of Amanda and McCrae trying to take over the HoH room and put them both up whether its before or after Jury Duty starts. Once at least ONE person in this house decides to go against the house and decides to “shake” things up…that will be when this season gets interesting. For now, we have to deal with Amanda constantly trying to evict Howard and Spencer….so once that happens…then what will she do?


How is Amanda 3rd in favorites poll but first in 3rd nominee poll i do think it would be funny to see her squirm on the block but unless aaryn puts up two other superfriends it doesn’t matter who the 3rd nominee is


Screw Spencer and Howard… they need to get Elissa out while production can;t give her Veto. I mean, I’m not sure why they think Howard or even Spencer is such a big deal right now. Neither has won anything and they are in the minority as far as votes go. I like Amanda for entertainment reasons but she needs to give it a rest, all she is doing is ensuring the everyone but her and McCrae safe if Howard, Candice, or Spencer wins HOH. I guess I could have said GIna too but I was trying to be realistic.


Aaryn just told GM that she is sticking to her deal with Helen and putting up Spencer and Howard. GM said she understood why Aaryn made the deal to stay and she sounded ok to get rid of Spencer or Howard. Going to be interesting to see who the third nominee is. I think Amanda needs to do her time on the block, but it sounds like she would have no chance of going home.

But, you never know how this house could turn.


I’m watching Aaryn sink her game. She just told GM everything about last week and she ‘s talking like she trusts Helen. Oh geez this girl is young and stupid. I swear I think half these people just want to make jury and don’t have it in them to play this game to the end. This is why people like Amanda and Helen are running everything

production rigged it

I agree she is sinking her game her and GinaMarie are both delusional. Aaryn is saying now they were at the bottom and now they’re at the top. How exactly are you at the top if you’re taking orders from someone else (Amanda). Plus like you said she said she was going to honor her deal and that McCrae really trusts her now along with Amanda. Does she not realize they are going to get rid of her the first chance they get. She has a chance to turn the house upside by nominating Amanda and McCrae but she’s too stupid to do it.

Also LMAO at GinaMarie talking about Jessie trying to steal everybody’s man. Earth to psycho stalker GinaMarie you have to actually have a man in order for somebody to try and steal him. As much as you like to believe it your are the only one that believes that you and Nick had something going on. You’ll find that out once you get evicted.


im shocked that im the only one thinking aaryn will get pandoras box! she would open it bc what does she have to lose? it’s going to happen at least once… ideas about what would happen?


Since when has Coup d’etat been given away this early in the game? Why would they think anyone would have it at this point? I still like McCrae and I am going for him or Judd I guess but its easy to see Amanda screwing up his game.


I think we all know Amanda will ditch McCrae after the show, I think it would be cool if McCrae worked out a final two with someone completely unexpected. I wouldn’t mind if it was Howard but I can;t see that working out b/c it has to be someone that wouldn’t mind carrying Amanda along for a little while. Maybe Judd, Aaryn, or Jessie… Although, I’m not sure any of them are tough competitors at this point… they are in a great position though.


Aaryn please open Pandoras Box and give Elissa the power to be immune from
eviction & also the power to banish Amanda & McRay to be locked up and away
the live feeds for a week!


another rule in the BB rule book i forgot to mention: no writing implements or paper of any kind, books magazines etc anything that can be used to communicate without production knowing. no attempts to muffle the mics by laying on pillows etc,


End of this week: By a vote of _ to _ Howard, you are eliminated from the BB house
Moments later: Jessie is HOH (Ha)
Amanda says: We got to figure out how to get Howard back in here… so we can get him out!


I love Amanda, but that made me laugh!


Jessie: “And I feel like Amanda has our both of our backs”
Aaryn: “I do to.. as long as we keep doing what she wants”

OMG this is so pathetic, now I wish Kaitlin stayed cuz I didn’t think Aaryn would end up being the superfriends bitch!

Varys Blackfyre

I’m no Aaryn fan at all, but since she’s here I wish she would take a moment to think about what she said about Amanda. She is only your friend while you do what she wants. If she does the unexpected and puts up McManda together that would destabilize the other side and she would have the numbers to stay another week and possibly flip the house.


The thing people are not understanding when they say “she thinks shes HOH” or “win HOH then do it yourself” .. because she has not been HOH yet the person she has wanted to be evicted has gone home every week shows something! She is playing a great game and things have been going perfect for her without having to get blood on her hands! Funny to see all these people who praise Will Kirby for winning no competitions yet still always planting seeds and manipulating the house guests to do what he wants…I’m sorry is this not exactly what Amanda is doing? Yeah I know she is a little more aggressive than Will, but if you ask me the last thing Amanda needs to be doing is winning HOH. And of course she is going to push for Howard to go home, he is her biggest threat!!! It is the name of the game people!!! If she is able to control the house like a puppet master then that shows great game play on her part. We rarely get to see females running the BB house! I’m so glad Amanda was cast on this season and I would love to see her come back for an all-stars season..because lets face it, from season 8 and on there are not many strong female players who have played a strategic game like Amanda has this season!


Actually she has wanted Howard gone last 2 weeks?

vote amanda as 3rd nom so she goes apesh!t

you say…

“the person she has wanted to be evicted has gone home every week”

unless im mistaken, which im not, amanda said to judd he should put up howard and spencer, and she wanted howard gone

judd had kaitlyn as his target, and she was evicted…not howard(amandas target)

despite her saying howard has to go day after day for weeks now, last time i checked howard is still there


It’s funny… The poll asks the fav bb hg left… It took me awhile because I truly don’t like anyone in the anymore. First time in many seasons that all the hgs annoy me where I’m almost to the point I don’t care who wins anymore. But I’m still a fan and will keep watching.

production rigged it

Hey dumba$$ McCrae if Howard got a coup d’etat and could put 3 new people up he certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to put Elissa up with you and Amanda. Instead he put up somebody like Andy which would guarantee that Amanda or you would be evicted.


If you want to SEE all the racial comments that were made so far this season, its on U-TUBE it was produced by one of the past house guest. Its 15mins and very disturbing but is shows everyone that has something to say including Amanda!! It was posted on here earlier maybe SIMON or DAWG can post it again.


I find it funny that all of them realize Amanda is running the house but they do not have any confident they can win against and go against the grain. What do they do just decide to bow down to the manipulator so they will not be put on the block. By chance they are put on the block it should give u more determination to strive harder to win the POV just like Kaitln did. If it was me I would take the chance, atleast I knew I was playing my game and not Mcmanda game. Aaryn is all talk but can’t back it up. As long as she has someone to fight her battle, she will continue to talk out the side of her neck and not take accountability of her action. I assume Tanya is her mother writing the letter. Did you guys read her state about AAryn keeping her moral of what they taught her. Aaryn is going to have a rude awakening when she leaves BB. I guess she might as well bank on getting the 13,000 because she will have a hard time being employed soon. You would think when the players go into the DR they would warn them of toning down the vulgar or sexual comments they make, but that would be asking for too much.