Spencer says McCrae better deliver a lot of F*****g pizzas “she’s the biggest wh**e in Florida”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Life Feed N*de flashback times here

8:04pm Cockpit Andy and Helen

Andy tells her she can trust him he won’t be voting to keep Howard on Thursday.
Andy says JUDD is acting squirrely.
Helen: “Amanda I trust her OK.. I trust her and McCrae.. OK” Helen adds that Amanda told her and Aaryn in the HOH that she trusts Andy more than the rest of “them”.
Helen says she really likes Aaryn a lot she’s not targeting her anymore. Andy thinks Aaryn is also a lot more likable now. He says JUDD is playing the game way far in advance and he’s smarter than they are all giving him credit for. Andy says JUDD planned everything to get rid of Kaitlin.
Helen agrees with him. Says so does Amanda
Helen keeps saying “We’re on the same page… OK OK We’re all on the same page.. don’t say anything.. Don’t even tell Amanda or McCrae or Aaryn I told you that.. all of us are on the same page.. you didn’t hear that from me.. “ ( Helen is acting a bit weird around Andy.. she’s not giving him massive information but acting like she is)

Andy: ‘Why can’t they know I know that”
Helen: “Because it’s not the time… it’s not the time.. it’s just not the time.. and if I leak it Amanda and Aaryn will be pi$$ed.”

Helen: “I’m telling you this because I want you to be careful and watch JUDD for you and me.. I think your instincts are right.. forget I even mentioned Aaryn and Amanda”
Andy says he’s going to stick close to JUDD. He mentions Howard and Spencer think Amanda is going home on Thursday. The only thing that is worrying him is if it’s double eviction and Howard goes then Spencer wins HOH he’ll put up JUDD and himself.

Helen: “He’s not going to put up JUDD”
Andy: “We double crossed him”
Helen: ‘you would stay over JUDD.. He’s going to put up Aaryn and Ginamarie”
Helen: ‘He’s going to be afraid to go after anybody he won’t know what to do”

Helen again tells him not to talk to anyone especially the Amanda Aaryn thing. Helen: ‘Forget everything I said.. everything about JUDD for now”
Andy: ‘I’m already thinking what you know about JUDD.. do you think JUDD is MVP”
Helen: ‘you said it not me”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:21pm Hammock GM and Spencer

Gm: ‘Oh you know what I heard .. If you won HOH you would up Aryan and me up”
They both howl with laughter.
Spencer thinks that’s a great idea get out some of the major players the ones targeting him.
Spencer asks her what her dream for Thursday would be, “Who would you to go home the very most”.. Gm says she would want Amanda to go even though she can’t stand f*** Candice.
GM: “I don’t want to go to this f**** wedding I’m over it “ Spencer mentions how they give GM such a hard time with Nick and here they are getting engaged and having a wedding.
GM says Amanda and McCrae are trying to split up all the pairs she wants to split up their pair, “how do you like them apples”

GM: “Why are you guys OK and everyone else is not.. and you are the oddest couple out there.. EVER”
Spencer says thing the f***ed up Nick is McCrae allied with the “biggest wh*re in Florida”
GM: “Exactly”
GM: “He was good to go if it wasn’t for her”

Spencer says he asked Amanda the other day when they were in the Hammock how much her and her spouse need to make to maintain her lifestyle and keep her happy. she told Spencer 200 thousand dollars a year.
Spencer: “I looked at McCrae and said you better deliver a lot of F**** pizza’s .. can you imagine having to keep up with a b!tch like that“
GM: “Oh man”

S: “Helen lied to me today big time .. basically she pulled me into the cockpit and was like my heart is so broken about Candice and Howard to be on the lock”
Spencer adds he told Helen she once told him she wanted Amanda gone before jury.
Helen told him she cares for and respects McCrae so much she couldn’t do that she claims she never said before jury to Spencer.
Spencer: “That was a blatant lie she told me twist she wanted Amanda out before jury”
Spencer is positive that Helen and Amanda are in cahoots, “She loves Candice and she loves Howard but she’s so willing to let one of them go.. it doesn’t make sense”

Spencer says that Helen is lying to everyone in the house. Spencer if there is anyway I can keep Howard this week and get rid of a big enemy you better believe I’m going to do it” (Kaboom)
Spencer says whoever joins them he’ll be the loudest most obnoxious d!ck head in the house to keep the target on him. Everyone can stand behind him while he leads the charge.
Spencer: “Dude i’m serious.. I can to play the f*** game.. I didn’t come to kiss the a$$ to the people I know are lying to me.. I’m not s*cking someones d!ck to get to jury”


8:50pm Hammock Howard and Ginamarie

Howard says this entire game is controlled by two woman, “theres only 6 grown people in this house and 2 of them are us” He adds that people flock to those other 4 people because they want to feel safe. He points out that JEssie is a prime example. GM agrees says it was Jessie’s vote that screwed over Nick, “She f****** me in the a$$”

Howard says Helen wanted to get rid of Amanda but now she doesn’t want to do it yet. It makes sense to him because they’ve built this game up perfectly and they’ll do battle later, “Everybody else is just interchangeable parts”
Howard says the show must be boring “The whole house is being run by four people”
GM is worried if Amanda goes then she still has Candice coming after her. Howard: ‘She’s not.. she’s on the outside to just like Andy.. “

GM says Amanda use to walking around like she’s queen bee but now she’s walking around paranoid, “She’s f***ed in the head because all those nasty lies.. I walk happy motherf**** cause my conscious is clear”

GM: “Why you so scared.. you’re not queen on the throne.. why do you think you’re sitting pretty when you’re going up.. was up”
Howard: “Guilty”
GM: “you’re fuc**ing guilty.. you spread lies and you’re manipulative and disgusting and now people see oh why is she so shocked”
Howard thinks he can get Andy’s vote, he brings up Helen telling Candice that Jessie and Andy hate him. They both agree that Jessie doesn’t hate them. Howard doesn’t think he needs Jessie’s vote to stay so he’ll talk to her on Thursday morning.
Howard: “If Candice stays she will be loyal and target those 4 people running the house”
Howard explains what is happening in the house. The four controlling things will pick a player out they want to evict then they concoct some lies about that person spread them aroudn and every gets on board. Howard says it’s going to happen every week until someone stops them.

Howard goes over parts of his speech: “people are being lied to and manipulated over and over .. I’m going to target the people that think they are controlling the house.”
GM: ‘We gotta strike when the iron’s hot.. and the iron is getting warmer”

Howard: ‘They are being mean and nasty.. they make up personal lies because they know they can get to people”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:30pm cockpit Helen and Elissa
Helen counting the votes says they have GM, McCrae, Andy. Elissa, Helen are all voting Howard out. H: “Supposedly so are the other people but you never know”
Elissa tells her she saw GM talking to Spencer and Howard in the hammock. Helen: ‘We have to get howard out then Spencer.. they are targeting us“
Elissa: ‘They are plotting against us”
Helen wonder is Candice is part of it.,
E: “I think so”
H: “She’s fishing for information”

Helen brings up Spencer speech he’s going to say on Thursday how Amanda, Helen and McCrae are running the house.


9:55pm Hammock GM and Aaryn
Aaryn says Candice has been on Oprah and Howard is a pro athlete she’s worried that people like that will have a lot of fans and they are the ones going accusing her of saying horrible things.

GM says Jessie has gained a lot of weight, “If She gains anymore weight those f**** pants will rip at the seams”

GM: “That stomach looks like she’s 3 months pregnant”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I hate Spencer

Am I the only one that wants to punch spencer in the face? Any takers! There is always one person who I can not stand every season and this season is Spencer!

Team Spencer

I can understand if you feel that way, especially if your a woman.


Aaryn will probably blame Candice for all the heat she is going to get once she leaves the house. Everyone blames Candice for everything,…#BlameCandice


I’m sure Spencer would hate you too!


Spencer can be an a$&hole but at least he is telling the truth. They will pick one player each week to evict and it has started ‘Judd’.
These sheeps needs to make a drastic move and why in the world everyone wants to take whoremanda and mcpuppy to the end? Biggest mistake ever.


I only partake in violence with a willing participant ; ) but I will forever hate on Aaryn, GM and Amanda for their Nazi behavior this year. Who invited the KKK into the BB house this season?

Day Yum Yum

Spencer is the biggest racist, misogynistic PIG to ever play this game! He is just disgusting to listen to and to watch! And he has shit for brains. BTW-Has Spencer showered since he has been in the house? He is gross and disgusting, get rid of him! Judd is no better, just as stupid, racist and misogynistic, only he showers.


Howard explains what is happening in the house. The four controlling things will pick a player out they want to evict then they concoct some lies about that person spread them aroudn and every gets on board. Howard says it’s going to happen every week until someone stops them.

They are doing this to Judd right now.


Do you know that Judd started this by telling lies about Kaitlin that is why she was voted out and told everyone after?


I really do not understand why they add Elissa to the 4 ppl controlling and plotting in the house, she does not do any of it lol it boggles my mind.

Team Spencer

Spencer and Howard are spitting out some truth. Team Spencer!

(Yes, I know he’s a misogynist/probable virgin)


When was Candace on Oprah? I missed that. Aaryn is so stupid! Candace maybe she was on Oprah, i don’t know. But Howard is no professional athlete. She really doesn’t believe that she said anything racist. Did she forget what she said? Or she just doesn’t think its racist?

Overthrow Amanda and Helen

As Howard said above, the people controlling the House make up lies and everyone believes them. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Brad B

it was a special on OWN(Oprah’s network) where she reunited with her birth mother who put her up for adoption


I want Amanda gone…..but on a personal level for her own sake I want Candice to leave. I feel sorry for her and i really can’t take anymore Candice bashing on the feeds. Even Helen, Elissa and Jessie have joined in. Did Jessie forget the things Aaryn said to her?…Im confused. If Candice goes I wonder who the house will start bashing…


She’s too stupid to realize the things she said was racist. Constantly blaming Candice and Howard for accusing her of saying things. Bitch, we heard you say the shit and not only about blacks but about asians too!!!!


She was on Oprah (b/c she was adopted) she found her birth mother…..


FINALLY!! Someone besides me notices Jessie put on some weight. LOL She does look 3 months pregnant.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I’d still hit it though, not interested I her belly, just that “booty”…

Johnny (the european one!)

… and yet another parallel to Danielle Murphree from last season…


Many have noticed and were berated for making a comments as the crazy cat ladies are out. Watch out! You will be told you probably don’t look as good as her in a bathing suit and are just unhappy with yourself so you talk about others looks, blah, blah, blah.


oh no someone put on some weight after eating slop for 2 weeks

oh no, lets hate on someone for that

since when is that a crime to put on some weight? ffs

gina is utterly disgusting and when she has no makeup on its fright night…and gina hates on jess any chance she gets as she is bitter jess fucked her over voting out nick (a very smart game move for jess)

overall jess is the sexiest natural beauty of the house…sexy tanned skin, nice face, eyes and smile, perfect sized t!ts and a GREAT ASS…and a very nice person…also the sanest and calmest in the house

Overthrow Amanda and Helen

Howard and Spencer are the only ones who see the truth about Amanda and Helen controlling the game. Wake up House guest. You cant win with them in the House.

The Real name

C’mon Andy, do what you do. BLAB!!! tell judd they are targeting him. Tell Spencer, Tell GM, tell anybody!!!!!!!


That little cockroach is too much of a pussy! He is Amanda and McCrae’s lap dog. He leash doesn’t go very far from them.


C’mon Andy! Do your thing. We are really banking on you to tell Judd that Amanda and squad are coming after him. Judd can then flip out big time and that would be great because with Judd comes Jessie. That way you Andy, Judd, Jessie, Spencer and GM can send Amanda back to Florida. This is the one time that your big mouth will pay big time. Please Andy do your thing and sink Amanda’s titanic!


he only blabs to amanda and macrae, he trusts them like all the other idiots do..he thinks they will take him all the way to final 3 .. delusional


Omg that’s funny and so true
Jessie has gained a lot of weight, her stomach was kinda flat when she came now she looks pregnant to be honest


to be honest thats over exaggeration to the absolute limit


We need to get Jessie, GM, Judd, Spencer and Andy to vote out Amanda. That’s all it will take to make the season fun again! Let’s vote for chaos in the SuperFriends Alliance so this season will not be boring!


no chance andy flips…he is too scared, submissive, loyal and delusional

the only chance is to get the votes of judd, jess, spencer, gina…and either aaryn breaking the tie, which would send home the biggest racist in the house amanda to keep the 2 african americans howard and candace, which would look great for aaryn

or if they cant get aaryn then elissa and/or helen as 5th/6th vote


Andy, spill the beans to Judd. Tell him Amanda and Helen are targeting him. There is no downside.


Wow spencer is gaming hard its to bad these people are to stupid to flip jessie and judd will stay loyal to amanda while she’s plotting to stab them in the back. Judd said in his cbs thing he wanted to be known as a better player then dan and will but now he’s playing like a lil bit*h I


Spencer is in beast mode! Damn, bro you go do the damn thing!!! He may be a bit skeezy but he is loyal than a pitbull.

Candice everything is not about you. Wake up baby and either get your head in the game fast or you are next to be evicted.

Howard is just too much of damn southern gentleman. Candice you really should learn to listen to him a bit more and try to build alliances.

Amanda, Helen and Candice are just like bulls in a china shop.


You go Spencer!! If you can pull this off, I will have mad respect for you to get to final 3, lol. But only because you dislike Amanda as much as I do. I am getting so sick of those 2 vile creatures making out and acting like they are the only couple allowed in the house. Amanda and McCrae are so nasty!!! UGH, that house needs to be exterminated after the show!!


If McManda gets into the HOH room again we could have an infestation of bed bugs. And we thought the biggest health risk to the houseguests was an early outbreak of ringworm!


Spencer gets a lot of Hate on This site because hes a sexual deviant, but you cant say he isnt a Good player. He is literaly the only person in that house who isnt okay with making jury. Hes there to win and if the entire house was like this, Amanda would be Leaving This week. It seems like now Howard and Spencer have become the voice of America. It is really Boeing seeing Amanda Walk around like god and getting everyone to do her dirty work. Unfortunantly it seems like Howard only has 2 votes to stay. GM and Spencer. They wont get Jessie or Judd Because Judd has a grudge against Howard for some reason, and Jessie could Care less where she is just as Long as a guy will pay attention to her.


I want to see the look on Amanda’s face when she realizes America put her on the block, not Judd! Kind of like the 3rd nomination now that it made the bedbug cry when she got put up. Spencer has 3 days to flip this bitch and give us a season of “expect the unexpected”.Howard needs to leave Candice to her bed and play a game on these folks.


nick hope you finally got the proof you wanted that amanda has been racist in the house

not sure why it was so difficult for you to research and find the info you were after




Come on Spencer! Start some drama. Am I the only one who preferred the game with the Moving Company intact. Five strategic players, each employing different strategies to try to manipulate the house. Now two of them are gone, one is hiding behind Amanda and an ironclad alliance. And two are next on the pecking order.

I’m so checked out with these nail parties, and wedding garbage. Spencer was telling the truth to GM. Whoever is next on the pecking order gets lies made up about them until the ‘house’ believes they are the biggest threat. I can’t wait to see when Andy, Jessie, Helen, Judd, and McCrae realize they are all playing the exact same game… and figure out how to turn on each other. It appears that Judd/Jessie are turning out to be the next two the ‘onion’ alliance is planning to peel away. I’m really hoping they hear this through the grapevine, make a big move and actually side with Spencer, bring GM and Aaryn along… align with Howard and Candice when they actually vote Amanda out to completely change the tides on this game.

The lack of any real powershift (I partially blame the 3 nominations and MVP business for this) – is starting to make this a real snore. The “Goof Troop” is turning into Brigade v2.0 with Judd appearing to be the ‘Matt’ or sacrificial lamb. Helen is being strung along like the ‘Britney,’ playing great for a final 4 or 5, but will have zero chance to make it to the final 2. Based on everyone’s discussion, the boot order will probably be: Howard-Spencer-Candice-Elissa-GM-Jessie-Judd-Aaryn-Helen-Andy. With McCrae beating Amanda at the end in a landslide after Amanda backstabs everyone and McCrae sits and looks pretty.

Spencer really is the only one who sees this light clearly, and I hope he wins HOH to change it up next week! McCrae-Amanda-Helen for nominations, Helen will see how fast everyone will turn on her, and hopefully a new alliance is born of Candice/Spencer/Elissa/Helen/GM to really threaten the Goof Troop!

Johnny (the european one!)

I like the name “onion alliance”. You’re right, they just keep peeling layers off…

You could also call them the “Magic 8 Ball Alliance” because they constantly shuffle and talk about other constellations in targetting someone else within their alliance next…

What I don’t get is how Aaryn and GM could possibly believe they’re “with them” after what was pulled on Kaitlyn last week: “girl, you do this for us, we’ll owe you. You’ll be with us til the end”… yeah…


no not really

every 5 minutes someone else “has to go”

its very tedious

tedious: Too long, slow, or dull: tiresome or monotonous

Team Spencer

Hey Simon, did you mean Opera (singing) or Oprah (talk show)?


OMG!!! Come on!!! Spencer is a slime ball. He is going down right after Howard. You can say whatever you want, the things that have come out of his mouth have degraded every women in this game, and has done it sooo may times. And when doesn’t have his hands down his pants, idiot!!!

McCrae's Unfortunate Foreskin

How many circumcisions is too many circumcisions?

Amanda! Quit looking me in the eye! You’re making me nervous!


GM is flipping the story about the mattress episode giving Helen a cleaned up version. Defending Aaryn as a girl who is not a racist,just talks without thinking~ Helen and Andy and Amanda are really working their mouths overtime trying to solidify the votes against Howard. Howard better hope Candice gets laryngitis before Thursday because her paranoia is going into overdrive, she even thinks Spencer is against them!~Amanda’s outfit tonight looks like she raided the laundry room of a senior living center in Florida.


Gina Marie and Aaryn are delusional or just straight up liars in and out of this house.

Jessie is a lost baby in the woods looking to be liked and loved.

Helen is going to look like a complete idiot once she looks at the past episodes and Julie tells her she was so misinformed about all the racism going on around her.


jess is clearly the nicest person there

helen: “jess is the sanest person here”
spencer: “i agree, she is very calm”


Hey, Jessie! Pregnancy is a great way to keep your boyfriend and
get lots of attention, but it’s also a big responsibility. Here
are some tips to get you through those nine months.

Drink lots of water. This will flush the alcohol and drugs right
out of your system before it reaches your baby.

Smoking while pregnant can result in lower birth weight for your
newborn, making it smaller and easier to pass through the birth canal.

Be the envy of your friends by thinking up the coolest baby name
ever. Viripulus Equinox or Shaniatwaine are some great examples.

Remember to eat often (every three to four hours) when you’re
pregnant–even if you’d rather spend your money on CDs and clothes
rather than candy bars and chips.

Be prepared! Make sure you purchase the latest styles of cool,
fashionable Nike athletic shoes for your baby ahead of time.

production rigged it

OMG you’re so funny I forgot to laugh what were you an a**hole baby. hahahahahaha go smoke another cigarette and drink another beer. Maybe your next joke will be funnier?


the level of intelligence you showcase is that of a moron

bat sh!t crazy

I have this plan that I think would be awesome to see: What if Andy, Helen and GM vote to evict Amanda. Then It would be a tie, so Spencer calls Amanda out and Aaryn votes to keep Amanda. In this case, Spencer target grows and you can always blame Judd for the other votes. If the plan backfires, Amanda is evicted. Win-win


How is Spencer making any speeches, he’s not on the block. His time for speeches is now. He has our attention, finally, and needs to stay on message and put a big ol bullseye on that moose Amanda.


Ironically jessie is still the 2nd hottest girl in the house….


if you consider looks and how nice of a person she is combined, jess is the most beautiful girl there in my opinion

Things that make you go hmm

Why is Aaryn so paranoid about people thinking she is a racist outside the house someone in production had to tell her.


You know production gave her a heads up on that because of all the heat they are taking at CBS. Plus Les Moonves is married to the visible minority wife named Julie Chen. I think if Amanda survives this week they will throw her a very easy HOH comp so we can have a week of bubble baths, boobs,kissing and lots and lots of slumbering. Plus hand jobs.


I would think that if they just told her about it they would give her better tips to lesson the heat on her because her constant complaining that howard and candice started some conspiracy to ruin her rep is ridiculous. i think its more likely they just keep asking her question about it in the DR so she assumes that shes getting the bad rep.


the scary thing about Aaryn is, she acting like she was the one victimized in all this.

Don't disturb this groove

I doubt it but if Jessie is pregnant she might be the first in bb history


Could be the reason we haven’t seen alot of boozin’ this year. Her tummy is very distended but I think she’s a former gymnast and those muscles will go slack when all you do is smoke and eat.


she is a swimmer

but some peoples stomaches will react differently to 2 weeks of slop

bloating can be much worse for some consuming it without any solid fresh food for that long

elissa and jess seemed to be more affected by it than others

also with jessies incredible booty that pops out it causes her to arch her back which shows off the stomache a bit more…but accentuates that amazing ASS


And Aaryrn is always going on about being scared how she is being portrayed in this game. WHAT!! OK she has change….I give her that, but she has to learn you have to take responsibility for your actions/comments. Not feeling one bit sorry for her. She will have to lie in her bead.


Who cares is Candice was on Oprah? Does that make her some kind of hero? She is not behaving like a role model to anyone at this point. She has a big chip on her shoulder and it seems no one can get ride of it. Next on Dr. Phil …..Candice talks about THE MATTRESS.


Apparently Aaryn cared enough to bring it and her up in her I’m a victim conversation.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Wait a minute, who need to :”accuse Aaryn of saying horrible things”, we got VIDEO evidence. I hope someone emails that youtube link to her,GM, and everyone who was racist sexist or whatever.


that “McCrae better deliver a lot of pizza” line is classic. I guess all the time that Spencer was digging down his pants was to check if he grew some balls.


Just curious if the house guests talk about anything else but each other? I feel like previous seasons had more interesting conversations. All these people do is either talk game, talk shit about each other, or talk shit about each others game. Not to mention the paranoia seems to be much higher this season, is that because of the MVP or maybe its a side effect of all the medication these folks are on.

Panamera66 aka Vote Big Ang out

VOTE, Little Big Ang, Oops, I mean Amanda out….and like I said two days ago…Amanda is going home on Thursday. And for Helen, blinded by “white worship”, is a disgrace to Korean-Americans everywhere. She’s giving Aaryn a pass, and even going so far as to blame the folks targeted by Aaryn’s comments, including her, as if it was their fault.


hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Big Ang!!! hahahahahahaha!1 That is funny. And you are so right about the “white worship”. I expect to see a lot of GM and Aaryn on TV shows explaining themselves and talking about how we are all mistaken and it was Candace & Howard’s fault.

Butters Mom

Someone needs to give Amanda her xanex…. seriously… I think she suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia.

Signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:

Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
Delusions, such as believing a co-worker (fellow houseguest) wants to poison you
Emotional distance
Self-important or condescending manner


amanda also suffers from f-cktardism, a side effect of being a mean spirited, racist, bully


THis is driected to “name” .. Anytime you use any word associated with retardation..IE “fucktasrdism” YOU ARE BEING A BIGOT AND A BULLY! People with mental health issues or special needs are highly offended by YOUR type of comments! You are just as bad

Butters Mom

I guess Andy can keep a secret after all….

He hasnt told Judd that Amanda and Helen want him out and are plotting against him.


I just google images of Candice Stewart and now I know why Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn were so vicious in their racial attacks on her, they are jealous.

Didn’t know that she was Miss Louisana twice and a Houston Texan cheerleader. In addition, to her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show (OWN) introducing Candice to her biological birth mother, who happens to be white. I must say the pictures of her as a professional cheerleader are hot like fire!!!

Damn Candice don’t let these envious bitches get you down. Now get your head into the game.


Envious of what? Pity parties. So what if she was all that other stuff – what has she done with it? Pro cheerleader – golddiggers, and hos.


Candice is gorgeous. just googled her pics, they don’t do her justice. hoawrd is a lucky man.


It’s called make-up, photoshop, professional lighting, hair extensions, etc. Smoke and mirrors. Candice (to you) is gorgeous bul if full of self-pity which is not gorgeous. Victims don’t attract nice guys.


Go home Candice and take your helium voice with you..


This conversation should have opened Andy’s Eyes:

Helen keeps saying “We’re on the same page… OK OK We’re all on the same page.. don’t say anything.. Don’t even tell Amanda or McCrae or Aaryn I told you that.. all of us are on the same page.. you didn’t hear that from me..

Andy: ‘Why can’t they know I know that”

Because Helen wants to controll who you talk too. What information you need to here. It means they have something they are keep
From you dummy! Wake up. You just got through talking to spencer. Put the puzzle together. Howard is the agreed person
To go but you can’t tell the parties that agreed on it. How dum!!dum!!


I was just thinking the same thing. I was so glad when Andy had the forethought to ask Helen why couldn’t he say anything? But I’m afraid it still won’t register in time for this weeks vote. Hopefully Andy didn’t just let that go and he can put the puzzle pieces together soon and make a move in this game. I like Andy, but I hate his game play. He’s being used as a pawn and he’s expendable to the alliance. They will not take him to the end. His best bet would be to vote Amanda out this week but I doubt he’ll do it.


Nope, Howie’s history. All this is just filler for the segment before Julie announces its now time for the live eviction. Amanda is staying. Get it over it, people. Everybody’s hatin because she is playing the game hard. The only reason she is on the block is because there seems to be an overabundance of jealous, 16 cat-having loser types out there that cant stand that an outspoken, empowered female is getting so many to do her work for her! But guess what…THAT’S HOW YOU WIN THIS GAME, DUMB@SSES!! It’s not Amandas fault that kass kasting did its worst job ever in 13 years of BB and there is no one else in there with the right mix of courage and game skills. She is just playing the hand she is dealt.
And for all you crying GET AMANDA OUT! like every other comment, I’ll ask you this: What then?! ALL THE STRONG PLAYERS AND STRATEGISTS ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES! If you all get your way the last 4 or 5 weeks of this show is going to be a snoozefest.


agreed… she is playing a great game. i’m not even sure how she was put up by America, as most of the people I know in real life who watch big brother like her.

I’ve read on this site and a few others a lot of people saying they made like 100’s of email’s so they could put Amanda up a bunch of times, i’m guessing that’s a big part of it. on the show she is never given a bad edit really.


i dont care who wins

i just want to see amanda get knocked the f-ck out because of all her disgusting and disrespectful comments, attitude and behaviour


I understand a lot of the sentiments.

BUT: If Candace, Spencer, Howard and GinaMaria can NOT win a single HoH, why should another player want to align with them?

They need to quit whining and win a HoH.

Aaryn won an HoH and now she appears to be in better shape than ever.

Why should any player attach his or her wagon to a player who’s in idle or reverse? Howard’s been in REVERSE this entire game.


McCrae must have become impotent with all the female estrogen in the house.

He seems to not care that all the people being lined up to be evicted are nearly all the men.

and now JUDD.

That’s right McCrae, when you are the last man standing, you’re gonna be save as houses.


he’s behind Amanda, he’s not going anywhere.


So he’s going to be the last man in the house and you’re effectively saying that none of the MASS of female housemates left are going to care that he’s in the strongest and only remaining showmance.


aMANda cant be part of an all girl alliance since s(he) is the opposite sex

but her girlfriend mcvag, plus andy could join up with the other girls elissa, jess, gina, aaryn, helen, candace to make an 8 girl alliance

ha ha

Keri Helen

Whatever it is that Aaryn is taking to make her believe she isn’t a racist douchecanoe, I would like to take as well because I refuse to believe she truly thinks she hasn’t said anything remotely close to racism. It has got to be some good sh*t and I’d like to at least try some so that I too can see what it’s like living on another planet where anyone would actually believe she isn’t a giant bigot and all around terrible person.

Sorry Aaryn, your sad eyes and pouty face won’t change my opinion that you’re fully aware that you’re a douche and deserve the wrath that your disgusting comments are sure to bring to the table. Especially since you’re utterly lacking in the admittance of gross behavior and sincere apologies.

Spencer is aPig

My avatar says it all. Spencer is a pig.he is an embarrasment to humans.

Butters Mom

Fact: for every 100 times Aaryn denies saying racial slurs it erases one of the times she said a racial slur.

Look it up!

T. L. G.

when Jessie gets out and reads alot of what people are saying about her weight she is probably going to end up with a eating disorder shame on all of the ones who are saying mean things about any of them. They are people now as for Aaryn she is a racist we have all heard the comments that she made and even though she is very pretty, acting the way she has and saying the stuff that comes out her mouth makes her a ugly person. and i really wish they would evict Amanda cause her and Mcrae need to be seperated more so than Howard and Candace.


no jess wont care about that sh!t and is level headed

and any weight gained from slop and bad food etc there will go away easily after properly eating fresh healthy food again and exercizing


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