Spencer “Aaryn vote this b!t*h out.. Push the reset button on your game.. Make a big move”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Life Feed N*de flashback times here

6:00pm Backyard JUDD and Spencer
Spencer campaigning to JUDD to help him flip the house. JUDD doesn’t commit to anything just asks the tough questions and says “Ya” a lot. While this conversation goes on Helen, Amanda and Aaryn are talking about how JUDD has to go sooner than later. Helen has really worked herself up into a frenzy over this.

Spencer says in three weeks him and Howard will be gone that is two total allies that will be lost to JUDD. Spencer says they are loyal people in the game. They are here to play and this is it the time to make a bold move.

JUDD is nervous about Candice he doesn’t trust her like Howard and Spencer do. Spencer: ‘You can trust me she’s going to be good once you save her and Howard.. she’ll be loyal”
Spencer says that Candice wants Helen, McCrea and Amanda out she has no issues with JUDD, Jessie or GM she’s cool with y’all.
JUDD wonders about the MVP if the house flips the other side could put up three people.
Spencer explains to him if one of those three (Helen, Elissa, McCrae) get HOH they will still be in good shape.. His reason is the other side are going to know their days are numbered since they lost one of their key players and have found out they do not control the house anymore. Spencer is confident they will be able to make deals.

Spencer: “if Helen wins HOH I’m going to go to her and say I don’t care who you put up but McCrae better be one of those people.. “ he adds that Helen will be able to be persuaded she won’t feel in control anymore.

Spencer: “I’ll tell MCCrea you have no allies in the house because your’re only one just walked out the door.. He’ll be sour about it but he’s not stupid he knows he can’t play HOH next week he’ll make a deal.. Dude this is the kinda big move that is what this show is all about.. this is something I want to do”

Spencer: “I tell you I will lead the charge and put all the blood on my hands”

JUDD: ‘What if they still put up Howard and you and I go up as MVP”
Spencer: “If they choose to make that decision.. vote me out.. I won’t campaign against you.. if Amada leaves before me it’ll be fine with with going home”
Spencer: ‘You are not disposable to me”
JUDD: ‘Same thing”
Spencer: “I will always go up before you.. If you win HOH you have to put them up and out.. I mean it dude”
Spencer: “I’m here to make big moves and I’ll keep you safe regardless”
JUDD: “Ditto”
JUDD says that the other side was really pushing him to put up Spencer and Howard but he didn’t he wanted one of the girls out..
Spencer says during the eviction on Friday he will stand up in front of America and say “Aaryn vote this b!tch out.. reset this game for yourself and send her home.. That will put all the blood on my hands” (Spencer believes the best he can do is a tie vote, JUDD, Jessie, Spencer and GM )

6:12pm HOH Helen, Amanda and Aaryn
Still talking about getting JUDD and Jessie out.
Helen saying once they get to Jury she’s going to get Andy or Elisas to put Jessie and JUDD up, “I want them to be blindsided.. they’re going to be clueless” Helen calls JUDD another Dan.
CBS Interactive Inc.


6:30pm Cockpit Andy and Amanda

Amanda thinks that JUDD is the MVP, “McCrae thinks the same thing”
She adds that JUDD wants Helen gone next week which goes against their plan. JUDD is a mastermind who is super smart he’s playing them all trying to stack the jury in his favour.
Amanda mentions her circle of trust conversation with Helen and Aaryn up in the HOH. She says they all agreed that JUDD is the MVP.
Amanda: “I have that gut feeling”
Amanda now claims she never really thought Howard was MVP these past two weeks.
Andy isn’t sure that JUDD would have won it last week can undertsand if he won it this week.
Amanda: “People love JUDD he’s a really good game player. He’s really F**** smart”

Amanda says she was upstairs for a long time and they were figuring it all out and it makes sense JUDD is MVP and he’s trying to get her out before jury.
Andy is worried JUDD is telling Howard and Spencer about him. Amanda doesn’t think so she thinks JUDD is trying to play in the shadows at this point. Amanda goes on about JUDD making up the lie about the 5 person Kaitlin alliance. Amanda says they already know JUDD lied about KAitlin saying she was targeting Helen. Amanda adds last week JUDD wanted to get Elissa out but couldn’t so he put GM up as a safety to get Kaitlin out. This week he wanted to pin the MVP on Howard but try to get Amand out if the possibility presented itself.
Andy: “Jesus do you really think he’s that smart”
Amanda: “Ya”
Amanda is worried that JUDD will flip. Andy doesn’t think he’s ready to make that move. The votes are not there, “Me, Elissa, McCrae, and GM are solid plus Aaryn is HOH”

JUDD joins them followed by Aaryn. Aaryn says Spencer just gave me a “MUG”


6:55pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae She gives him a rundown of the conversations. (It’s safe to assume everything Amanda says and hears is relayed back to McCrea)


7:07pm Storage room JUDD and GM
JUDD is warning GM that Spencer is trying to flip the vote to get Amanda out. JUDD never said no to Spencer but never agreed to anything either. He doesn’t want GM to get confused so he’s calling her aside to tell her he thinks Howard is the target.
GM: “Howard will be a little bit more on our side than Candice”
JUDD agrees says that he might me more receptive to listening to Spencer if they are talking about getting rid of Candice.
GM says if Candice stays then Helen. Elissa and Amanda will be more on Candice’s side than their side.


7:12pm Spencer campaigns to Andy
This is more or less what Spencer tolds JUDD earlier in the day.
Spencer says if they can get four votes right after Julie tells Aaryn to stand up and break the tie Spencer is going to get up and call Amanda out for all her bullsh!t.

Spencer: “listen.. you have deals with the two scumbags that lied to Kaitlin and sent her home last week .. you have 6 people that is Candice, Howard, me you JUDD and Jessie .. and you have Ginamarie.. 7 people”
Andy: “7 against 4”
Spencer says he won’t name the names but those 7 will have Aaryn’s back

Spencer: “I’ll say Push the reset button on your game and vote Amanda out.. I’ll say that during the live f****ing show.. If you don’t think I’m the biggest target in this house after that.. I told you before bro I love you man I am not going to take your sh!t.. I will be loyal to you. “

Spencer says they have to take this chance now to get Amanda out, “if this move is not taken this week we will not get another opportunity . I will never back stab you I will never violate your trust.. we are in a position now to make a big move, grow together and move forward”.


7:17pm Andy and JUDD Have nots
Andy says that Spencer is telling him GM is 100% to vote Amanda out.
JUDD explains that GM is just saying that she’ll be on-board with them. Andy wants the two of them to go talk to Spencer and explain to him they do not have the votes to keep Howard that way he’s not pissed off at them come Thursday.
JUDD proposes the two of them could just vote out Candice. Andy: “NO”
Andy wants to be honest with Spencer and just tell him, Judd now agreeing.
They agree to go to Spencer after the vote and tell him they tried and didn’t have the votes to safe Howard. They’re doing this out of fear he has the coup d’etat

He reassures Andy all the votes are locked to get Howard out.

JUDD: ‘I feel like our alliance is way too big”
Andy agrees but says it’s good right now because they can get rid of the easy people. Andy: “In my eyes you are not going anywhere.. McCrae isn’t going anywhere”
JUDD: “Yes I am” JUDD says Helen, Amanda, McCrae are all coming up with plans that will mean they come after Andy and him.
Andy doesn’t think so they have a solid 4 person alliance with Amanda and McCrae.
Andy says they cannot let people know how close they are because he doesn’t want to be put up next to JUDD.


7:52pm HOH bathroom Aaryn and GM

Amanda orders them to come to her if they have the feeling that JUDD is trying to flip the house. She runs JUDD’s name through the mud a bit saying he was te one that tried to make an alliance with Spencer, Howard and Kaitlin. Adds that JUDD is super smart and is a great liar.
(Prior to Amanda coming in Aaryn told GM to do what Helen wants this week they cannot make any big moves right now the last time they tried their entire alliance was voted out)

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Go Spencer Go. These idiots don’t know what’s good for them. Howard is no threat to win it all. Amanda is!


I actually find Spencer (who is not on the block), trying to campaign for Howard and Candice quite comedic. Although I don’t particularly like Spencer…..he is trying to keep people that will keep him safe. The problem is too many people feel allegiance to Amanda…..basically it’s a lost cause. Howard is going home and Spencer is shooting himself in the foot for the upcoming week.

amanda sux

finlly somoe with some balls!! good for you spencer..theres still hope..although forget about that idiot andy, you might get judd and GM..the next 4 weeks will be soo boring if they don’t get out Amanda now


I can’t stand Helen. It seems like everyone knows how much power she has in the house, yet they just decide to go along with it instead of banding together and sending her home soon. These people are idiots.

La la la

Omg Spencer need to go home now! I cannot stand him!


It’s not Judd that is the mastermind in the house. It’s GM! She has everyone in the house convinced she is a psychopathic stalker after Nick. She purposefully says common phrases wrong and fumbles her words. She is losing every competition in the hopes no one thinks of her as a threat. In fact she is playing the worst possible game but in reality she is playing possum. Watch out everyone its not Judd thats the threat its GM


SSSHHH! Don’t go telling everybody everything !

Uri Dequad

Are you CRAZY? GM a mastermind: she was/is batsh$t crazy for Nick, she has made racist remarks and treated Jessie like crap…not to mention she really is pretty dumb, not pretty, pretty dumb. What show have you watched?
I cannot believe you think she has played a good game!


..What are you talking about. GinaMarie is by far one of the smartest and best players to play the game. She’s teaching Dan and Evel Dick how to do it right!


Keep talkin. While your up, go f^^^ yourself.

Confused Parent

I think he/she was being sarcastic. I know, i was confused about the whole sarcasm stuff too but then i took these classes. They helped me become aware of sarcasm and sexual innuendos. Now i think twice whenever my daughter asks if she can visit her boyfriend for some bananas.


From now on we all call GM Kaizer Souse…

Dan's Mist

LMAO, GM is the new Powerhouse!


Im just wondering if anyone has seen the new reality show Siberia. One thing I like about that show is that it is real and doesn’t follow a script like BB seems to be following. I hate shows that are fixed from the start.


Siberia isn’t a reality show……look on the website….every person on the show is an actor. None of the stuff sown on their is real. You really think they would allow the show to continue if someone died? It is totally scripted way more than BB.


It is a drama about a reality show gone wrong….it was filmed in freaking Canada not even in Siberia.


I heard from a close friend it is real. In fact they said that the person was attacked by a Siberian tiger and the producers were in shock!


Last time I checked they don’t have tigers running around Canada. It is all made up. Your friend lied, and yes the acting is fairly poor. Check all the actors on Wiki most of them haven’t done much more than commercials lolol. And the tiger that attacked and killed someone was the first episode…..funny how the actor is still alive and kicking that played that guy…..


OK, I don’t know anything about the show so maybe it’s filmed here, but Siberia is definitely NOT in Canada. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


It was a chupacabra.


Does this friend of yours sell ocean front property in Arizona?


LOL. Siberia is completely scripted, it is not a reality show, it is a drama ABOUT a reality show.

“Siberia is an American supernatural drama series about a fictional reality television show where 16 contestants must survive in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska.”


They must really be bad actors then if its scripted. Im hearing that this is the first reality show that will show the existence of alien life forms that was actually captured on camera. The government will be forced to release the info they have on area 51 once this all comes out. We need full disclosure


Have you ever really looked at Montel Williams? They walk among us.


the show Siberia was filmed in the winter in Canada. Actually, in Manitoba, at Birdshill Provinicial Park, about 45 minutes from where I live. I can guarantee you tigers don’t roam free around here. Unless they escaped the Assiniboine Zoo and felt like taking a stroll to the beach.


finally!!!! its probably not going to work, but at least spencer is laying the ground work down. a few more will see that one side is getting too much power and take out Helen, MC, or Amanda next or the following. Count on it!

lol what

helen calls judd another dan LOL WHAT

Team Spencer

The House just picks a target and then runs their names trough the dirt until they actually believe the lies they were telling about them. Judd is a mastermind? Comparing him to Dan? Idiots.


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been noticing how Judd is ‘mist-ifying’ the House Guests with his cleverly planted lies here and there – just enough to create the right amount of chaos. With his ability to keep a stone face and his ego in check, Judd is operating like a SLY FOX and so far, it hasn’t caught up to him. While everyone else is spinning and whirling, Judd is quietly going about planting seeds of doubt and hints of rebellion. I am curious to watch how far he can go.


False statement. Judd is a complete idiot who has no clue what he is doing. He is coming down from his crystal meth high pretty much every time the camera shows him. If this moron can get on big brother I guarantee you anything is possible in life. You are reading wayyyy to into his behavior.


Name, that is so funny. He is an idiot.


Yeah, he’s mystifying alright…he contradicts himself constantly, talking to others about hating Aaryn,GM others then working with them. He hasn’t got the conviction of his beliefs. He should know that making a move against Amanda is his only game move this week, but he continues to want to go along to get along. His HOH scared him shitless because he didn’t want blood on his hands…so he made a weak move against Kaitlyn.


I feel so bad for Spence. He is trying so hard! Get that HOH next week, bud! Don’t care for him as a person but I’m all for him if he’s gunning for Amanda.


For the first time this season, Spencer is in my good graces.


One night Spencer was talking about how he buys cheap homes, fixes them up and sells them for a small profit. He was talking about homes in the 30K range. I think that shows he has some sense and isn’ t just blowing his engineer/railroad money on strippers and kegs. Not that that’s so wrong… but he also loves his dogs, alot! I think he could have his eye on the prize but he better get his other head in this game!


and his hand out of his pants. He’s gross.

Team Spencer

I know Spencer is a misogynist and possible virgin but but I have joined Team Spencer. Go Spencer Go!


Team Spencer yo!


I just want to give props to Simon & Dawg for the great updates and opinions on this blog. I come back here every year because it’s the best site for BB fans to share opinions. the entertainment here is always fun and memorable. I wish I could say the same about this BB 15 season. this season is awful and at times unbearable. production is gonna have to shift the game, because these house guests can’t do shit for themselves.


Praying production ask questions that can shift the votes to get CAmanda out Thursday, Y Judd wont side with Spencer proposal?, PLEASE JUDD.

Uri Dequad

I gave up on all other blogs…THIS IS THE BEST SITE I HAVE SEEN!!!!
Thanks Simon & Dawg


Same…these folks know their game. Thanks for making it that much better for us diehards.


Spencer is an idiot.


An idiot who seems to be the only one who’s smart enough to realize that voting out Amanda is the best move. Not just for himself, but for everyone of them. They’re the idiots!


He has a good idea but his math is all off… Candice and Howard are not two votes because they are on the block.So if Judd starts counting on his fingers he’s gonna figure out this isn’t going to fly. They need to really start moving on Aaryn and GM to see that Amanda can only be trouble in the future. The real guy flying way low under everyone’s radar is McCrae. Who is using who in that relationship?


Aaryn to GM “the name of the game is keep Helen happy.” They know what’s up, but they won’t do anything about it. That’s so frustrating as a viewer.

They need to realize they’re on Big Brother and start playing their own game, not Helen and Mcranda’s game. Take a page out of Dani Donato’s book and play your own damn game! and Andy is getting on my last nerve now. His head is so far up Helen’s butt it’s ridiculous and when he pulls it out for air, he then sticks it up Amanda’s.


The only problem with taking a page out of Dani Donato’s book is that her Big Brother game is terrible without her dada holding her hand. The point of the game is to win, and she is a two-time loser.


She went balls to the wall and that made her a real danger to everyone who was against her. Loved her game though. Nothing scared her and she just married her sweet little crush! Yay…BB love!


I can’t believe Judd’s game has gone down the drain all because of Amanda.


Amanda is a badass.. All you amanda haters make me sick.


Helen is running aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamanda around in circles.


She is not a real runner.

La la la

I agree! I love Amanda! I hate Spencer and howard!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

We just want to see actual GAMEPLAY and not one person sit in a bed jerking someone off, not winning anything or doing anything other than scheme from a bed. You claim Amanda is so good, most actual BB fans would call it LAZY.. You pathetic cat people can’t see that if you remove MVP Amanda wouldn’t have an inch of game other than f**king the 1st man who won HOH.


Amanda is a fat-ass!! There I fixed it for you.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

ROLMFAO @ Judd staying loyal to hi alliance while they’re trying to take him out… GODDAMN get a f**king CLUE man….

I kinda wish Production let them in on Amanda’s complete domination of them… They need some help.


Why should production let them in on her domination? Typical bitter dipshit Amanda hater. She’s playing the game and owning at it, why all the hate. You fans are complete morons who can’t respect the puppet master that Amanda is.


If I ever get on big brother I’m going to blast this forum and website. You are all dipshits that constantly talk shit about everyone. You all make me sick as fuk! Amanda is the shit!


In the history of BB power players your girl Amanda is not even on the list. She’s a horizontal bed bug who freaked out, cried and whined the first time she went up. Sorry that you have to read discouraging things about your favorite but honestly this site is full of diehard fans who know the game inside and out. We are all screaming for Judd to do the right thing, but he runs to GM. Your girl is safe from this household, they love their bedbugs.


Lol when did I say she would make my all time bb greats list? I’m talking about this season and she is the only good player in the house, period. You know in your heart Judd wont make that big move because he is a garbage player, jus like the rest of them in the house. Please don’t get it twisted I have been watching this show since season 1. Top 3 of all time to me: Will, Dan, Evel Dick. But as of this season Amanda hands down. Die hard fans that rep judd… thats comical. Im pretty sure all Die hard BB fans view judd as a complete joke (which is what he is)

Judd's granny

BoodaGal .Good to hear from you.


The don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


If being a nasty mouthed she-man who discusses her sexual encounters with no filter makes aMANda awesome then that is truly sad! When she told the boys about her episode with an English guy blowin in her mouth and then sucking it out I was disgusted , bet her family is so proud of her NOT! The girl needs to adopt some morals……


I know…it saddens me that Amanda brings the show to such a low.


@Name: “Amanda is the shit.” I think most people are trying to say that within this season’s cast, being “the shit” is not a challenge.

Judd is a moron

When Judd talks it sounds like he is having a crystal meth comedown. This idiot is NOT a smart game player.. Wtf are they talking about, the dude is stuck on stupid


These people lacked the intelligence to see that this is the opportune time to make a BIG MOVE!!!

Someone or a lot of someones (America) put up Amanda for a reason; but they can not see their way clear to make a power move. Regardless of who the MVP is, why do they think Amanda is nominated. Especially, since they are now doubting their own alliance member (Judd).

Have to give Spencer kudos for at least attempting to initiate a POWER PLAY! Hopefully, three (or four) of the Superfriends will have an epiphany.


It is just so laughable. Judd put up Amanda to get Howard out. The same logic last week that Elissa put herself up to hide the fact she was MVP. Helen and Amanda are trying to curb any thoughts of Aaryn considering the other sides logic. Nothing more. Judd will not be the target next week, but soon.


For once this season, I genuinely agree with Spencer.




What big moves has Amanda made other then give hand jobs to McNasty? She has not won any thing, an all she does is lay around all day in the HOH bed ..Get a Clue Dude!


Umm,did you change your mind or something? Sorry but I am confused about who I am communicating with… you don’t like the bed bug?


She has had her hand in every single eviction.. The “what has she won” line is a tired one. Big brother is so much more than jus winning HOH, give me a break. You bitter fans are pissed because Amanda is controlling everyone. That is the name of the game, and she is the leader thus far. You get a clue !


She may be controlling the house but most of the HGs can now see she’s controlling it. How is that smart play when you start putting a target on your back? She’s no Dan/Dr Will.


@Name: “She has had her hand in every single eviction”

She’s had her hand on McCrae’s junk… that’s where her hand has really been. 🙂


I hate Amanda, I am annoyed by her “theatrics” in the DR and I think she’s the most heinous racist in the house…but:

The notion that winning dopey competitions means anything is simply stupid. When you can get everybody to do exactly what you want, who cares if you can roll a ball into a roulette wheel. Bragging about winning BB competitions is like bragging about being great at putt putt golf. Who gives a s**t? The competitions are a means to an end and smart players only even try to win when they feel like they have to.

Amanda is making a trail of errors, ones good players would crucify her with, but trying to act like winning a dumb competition would validate her in some way is misunderstanding this game on a grand scale.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

It’s like Failure to Launch up in that b***h, they just refuse to make a big move, unless of course Amanda says take her out.


Therefore Amanda = puppet master which = badass player. But u all are to stupid to see that. Haters


They’re blind with hate and can’t see how good of a game Amanda is playing. Yeah, she’s annoying at times and a little bossy but she’s playing a great game.


You cat people are blind with idiocy, you claim we’re haters because we see a big move and want to see it happen? You have a favorite , WE GET IT cat people, but we do not have a favorite we enjoy seeing different moves in the house, not the entire game going ONE way, which has NEVER been entertaining.

Not a single Big Move in the house all season.


Are there 2 different people called “Name” posting comments here? If its the same person, you are contradicting yourself.


that earlier post wasn’t me.. I’m liking spencers balls


Kudos to Spencer for trying to make a major move in the game. I still don’t like his sexual commentary, but I’m glad to see him stepping up (more so than anyone else) to get rid of Amanda. I hope he’s successful, but it’s probably doubtful he’ll rally up enough votes to get her out.


People think Amanda is calling the shots, but it is really Helen. Helen is the person who will decide who goes home this week.


Judd…please take this opportunity to make the biggest decision of the game and flip the house. The look of utter confusion alone on Demandas face will be priceless!


i see Bully Amanda is still up to her old tricks .. when will these people figure out how bossy she is .. geeesh .. will some one in that house besides spencer show that they have some form of brain cells still working ..


S Spencer is becoming My favorite simply for being the only one who isnt afraid of Amanda or Mcrae


I appreciate the fight in him. I hope it lasts beyond this week.


Jessie is the ultimate floater this year.
Aaryn play it way too safe but it might pay off to get her to the jury. She know she have no chance of winning Big Brother because of the racist remark she made.
Howard seem like a great guy but unfortunately everyone in the house are so paranoid that he will become like frank in BB 14. It obvious most of events are crapshoot to win expect for the first hoh event. Howard dont have any advantages. Losing the POV prove that.
Andy be cool for once and evict Amanda.
I see Amanda as a praying mantis, a Ant queen or a spider. She smart and manipulative. She seem like most people in the house are under her spell. I bet Amanda will getting McCrae out if she a opportunity. However dispites that she a good player everyone else suck on cobweb being a fly on the wall.
Is GinaMarie over nick now?
Elissa, no offense I wish you were home instead of Jeremy. Who know how much more drama Jeremy would have caused. Elissa but she have no idea how to play this game.
Calm down Candice
Helen or julie chen double sooner or later your mouth is going to cost you the game.
Come on Spencer! Keep trying! Get Amanda out.!
Judd is my favorite. He is the only HoH decide he/she wanted to do without what the house want.
Thank Simon and Dawg for this site man. Obviously you two would def shake up the house this week.


Does anyone know which houseguests were privy to Aaryn’s bigotry directed at Helen’s nationality? Simon and/or Dawg?


Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Nick, GM for sure heard her talk about Asians. They were all laughing except Howard. He was visibly uncomfortable. I think that McCrea or Amanda heard her say something because they were the first ones to call her a bigot.

Dog Days

Maybe you can catch who on YouTube: BB15BigotrySupercut


I know the viewers want to send Amanda home for the excitement factor, but it makes no sense for Helen’s game.. Why p*ss off McCrae, Andy, Jessie, and Judd and create four enemies? Why send a big target like Amanda home? It’s perfect for Helen. When Judd decides to turn he will target Amanda. When Amanda decides to turn, she will target Judd. Helen is playing a flawless game.


I know. Amanda missed her chance, when they put candice up. It should have been Helen, but Amanda fell asleep.Judd goes down next. Next thing you know, it’s 5 or6 girls against Amanda ,Bozo and McBozo. Luv it.


What will the DR do? Give Judd a hint or two? At least the conversation is getting interesting.

Big Brother 15 The Final Season

If Amanda stays it just shows how all these people are cowards and idiots. Howard is loyal and is no threat right now. All Amanda does is run the house and she doesn’t win a thing. I’d love to see one of these losers stand up and shake things up. By far the worst cast EVER. This season has been so pathetic. The HOH doesn’t have any power. I can’t believe I’m still watching. When Howard goes so do I. These competitions are going to be absolutely pathetic with this cast. The only strong player is Howard. He’s my last chance as a dude to continue to watch. This show has become way to femine. It’s beyond me how CBS hasn’t tryed to switch it up. Get out Amanda otherwise this season is just Stupid.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like Spencer now


I can’t believe that I’m rooting for the creeper that is Spencer. I suppose since he can’t be voted out this week, I had might as well cheer for him to raise some hell? And poor judd … I don’t know how he’s going to make it after this week. The way the girlz are talking it sounds like they might try to take him out before spencer now! Once amanda gets something in her head … I do like the idea of Andy and Judd staying tight. Are they legit final two or can we really not trust judd’s final two deal with anyone?!

Thanks for all the awesome simon and dawg – I think this is about my fifth season reading your spoilers and while I hardly ever comment, be rest assured I’m here at least 5 times a day. YOU ROCK!


Helen saying Judd is playing selfishly? She kills me, she’s been trying to set up her jury votes but if Judd does it he’s selfish. Her & Amanda have the same mindset as Howard & Spencer had in the beginning, no one is supposed to think for themselves, they’re supposed to set tight & wait to be told what to do… Spencer or Howard neither one knows how to campaign, they want that person to what they want but won’t make that person they’re talking to feel safe… I’ve not heard either one say, “do this & i will do all I can to keep you safe & I will not put you up if i win HOH” They just want to give orders. They don’t know how to work WITH people… I hope Jessie wins HOH this week, or GM as long as she don’t turn on JUDD…


Pearl, What are you watching? They have told them that they will be loyal to them. I will not put you up. I am going for the power players, Amanda Mccrea, Helen.


There are three days left. Helen or Andy will forget which side of the house they are talking to and let Judd and Jessie know they are the next targets. I would like to see Jessie and Judd figure it out on their own, but that isn’t likely. I think with the right ammunition and Andy not knowing what is going on, it could work and Amanda would be gone. Still hoping.


I respect Spencer. He’s the only one attempting to damage this “SUPERFRIENDS” crap. Hes likely to be our only chance for a decent season. It will be great to see the superfriends to the jury plan crumble


SHEEP, that’s what they are, SHEEP !x10


Candice was put up as a replacement after the POV.

What is Candice talking about?

Someone please help me with this question – why does Candice keep saying they didn’t let her play for POV. Don’t they pick names out of a bag?


Sorry, reply to the wrong comment. Candice was a replacement after the POV.


She actually played in the veto so I have no idea


This is what is distressing about Candice. She is basically saying that if she was put up as a nominee directly she would have tried harder…as in she would have worked to get herself of. There is no sound rationale to her assertions. And she is dragging Howard’s game down big time. I wish she would quit making him feel so guilty.


It seems as the entire house is in alliance with Amanda, so how exactly do they plan to win if they keep paving the way for Amanda to win the game??? Someone needs to stop sitting on their brains for 5 minutes and take a look at the big picture. Amanda and McCrae sit there week after week throwing everyone under the bus and manipulating the entire house. How stupid is this cast? They keep agreeing and no one sees keeping Amanda in the house is the death of their own game? Get rid of Amanda now while you have the chance, otherwise you will never get the chance again unless America puts her up as MVP again, if they even let American do the MVP vote again.

is there a double eviction looming?

if Spencer gets his way, Helen gets to see how things looked to Nick.
Spencer has 65 hours to pull it off, if the other votes split between
Howard and Candice. I’m hoping Amanda goes home via four votes!


Get a life who claims to be kev. I am the real kev. Spencer is an idiot. You bare too by copying my moniker. Fuck off cocksucker


Although I find Spencer revolting in many ways, I am pleased that he is actually trying to play the game and make a big move this week!! Amanda needs to GO!!! If the HG’s do not take advantage of this opportunity, they are pretty much assuring that Amanda will make it to the end. I just wish some of the others would wake up and smell the coffee!!! Sooooo frustrating!!!! Ready for Thursday!!!

Gina Marie's rocky hammock

Lol this Gina Marie Howard convo is funny


Given that America handed these kids a chance to get Amanda out and they seem to be against it, perhaps the next MVP nominee should be the one who was totally opposed to it … we cannot keep bailing them out.


Team Bear Shirt all the way yo!!!!!!


When you see GM take a close look at her nostrils. Her right nostril is closed off and I bet she has a deviated septum. I bet when she is sleeping she snores loudly. Also with her weight gain she might begin to start having sleep apnea problems. She needs to see a Dr. ASAP when the show ends for her.

Also why was Amanda today given Alka Seltzer when she asked for it but GM has been asking for days and never got any. Is the show playing favorites with the house guests preferred meds?


Aarayn is jealous of Candice because candice has Oprah connections and in the Ms USA system also she assumes that Candice has connections esp for being on Oprah. She is also probably jealous of the fact that her process of getting on the show was apparently more difficult as she had a 7 month process and compares that to candice I guess these are at the core of why she was so racially explict when she refered to candice she is a racist at heart.


I think the big twist of the season is twin Andy’s!!!! He shows up in the middle of all conversations all over the house. If there is only one Andy, he must never sleep.

billy bob

howard thinks hes staying, spencer thinks hes gonna flip the house,honestly wered they find these guys,ian could of went back to back,lol
these guys aint that smart,andys playing these fools like silly,