Big Brother Spoilers “Ginamarie gotZ Balls she’s got more Balls than 1/2 the dudes in here”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


10:14pm Pool Table Jessie and Amanda
Amanda wonders why JUDD came to Howard and Spencer about a deal. (This was the deal

Jessie says her and JUDD are not talking game together they just hang out. Jessie adds she’s all alone in this game.
Amanda: “You’re not alone you have me”

Jessie: “I would so much rather you be here than either of them.. you know how boring it would be without you”
Amanda mentions that McCrae will be furious if she goes home he’ll be running around he won’t know what to do.

Amanda: “Candice is a f**** bully.. and you know how I deal with Bullies”
J: “I need you here to protect me from her.. cause f*** her”
Amanda instructs Jessie to vote our Howard regardless of what JUDD says to her. Jessie won’t flip her vote. Amanda recommends Jessie stay close to Andy. She’s surprised JUDD never told her about the fake alliance.


10:19pm Howard and Candice Bedroom
Candice is pissed because Spencer is campaigning and she thinks he’s trying to get her voted out.
Howard swears Spencer is not campaigning against Candice he’s trying to get the numbers to keep both of them. Howard points out that next week if Spencer doesn’t win he’s going home. If they don’t have the votes to save them both Howard is the one leaving on Thursday. He’ll get up and tell everyone on Thursday to vote him out.
Howard says they’ve talked to GM and they can count on her vote.
H: “Gm gots balls she’s got more balls than 1/2 the dudes in here”
Candice doesn’t care for GM personally but she’s the woman she respects the most is GM.

Candice is worried about Spencer because he’s screwed her over so many times. She brings up last night after the girls were in the havenots talking to her.
Candice says she heard Spencer say to Amanda “you get attacked again in Candy land”.. and Amanda told Spencer “no he had a good conversations” Candice then saw him run upstairs to talk to Aaryn. Candice says Spencer has lied to her so much she’s done with him.

Howard pauses then says they need Spencer right now if this doesn’t work he’s going the following week.

Howard says all they need is 4 votes then they will go up and talk to Aaryn. He’s going home for sure this week unless they can pull this off.

Candice is done talking game she wants to chat about something else.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:51pm Jessie and Aaryn
Aaryn says she has a good relationship with everyone in the house except for Candice.
J: ‘Me to”
A: “I thought you and Candice were cool”
J: ‘Not anymore.. did you hear we got in a argument earlier today”
A: “I heard you were trying to give her a hug and she pushed you away and said no hugs necessary and you said that the way she’s been talking to you isn’t very respectful”
Jessie: “She’s been super annoying and a super b!tch .. she’s following me and is being super annoying”

Jessie points out now that Candice is out of her funk she’s hanging out with Elissa and Helen again and reintegrate herself. Jessie feels that Candice is trying to establish herself in a position higher than Jessie (everyone wants that bottom position)
A: “It’s working because they are all best friends again.. I don’t like that”
J: “Me neither.. I really don’t like that. we were basically all backing them up when Helen was saying those things”
J: ‘Helen hasn’t even talked to me”
A: ‘The only reason they are talking to me is because I’m the HOH”
Jessie brings up how people come up to her and say JUDD is in a fake secret alliances, “He does that every week”
A: ”I pretend to be cool with Spencer”
J: ‘Me to”
A: “I would rather Candice goes home 100%”
J: ‘Me to”

Amanda and Andy join them

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:25pm Hottub Aaryn and JUDD Aaryn saying how she wants something to happen she feels like a Pandora’s box could up tomorrow. She points the only two unusual thing that has happened in the game is the BB express and Julie Chen saying “Expect the unexpected”

A: “I’m going to lay upstairs” She leaves


11:31pm HOH Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn

Amanda says Jessie is pissed off at Candice which is wonderful. Amanda mentions how Spencer told Andy he was going to stand up during the eviction and try to flip the house. Amanda: “no one is going to flip .. he’s such an a$$hole”

McCrae brings up he confronted JUDD and said if Amanda goes home all bets are off he’s going to go crazy in the house. McCrea: ‘He was like oh oh she’s gotta go sometime “

McCrae says the worst thing that can happen is it’s going to be a tie. He’s going to talk to GM and broker some deal. Aaryn tells him not to bother GM is voting out Howard.

McCrae tells Amanda to not worry about Elissa and Helen they are solid votes.

Aaryn says spencer is certain he’s going home next week. Amanda thinks it was Helen that told her. Aaryn: “I told him”
Andy joins them. They ask him who figured out this big master plan to get her out. She thinks it was JUDD. Andy says it was Howard and Spencer that came up to JUDD. He reminds them that him and JUDD are suppose to be working with Spencer and Howard.

They start talking about JUDD trying to flip the house. Aaryn says maybe JUDD got to GM and Jessie already because they are acting sketchy. Amanda says no way Jessie is flipping. McCrae adds GM HATES Candice.

Amanda says it’s imperative they stick on Jessie and GM in case they flip. MC is a bit worried about Elissa but they all agree Helen won’t flip. McCrae: “I want to tell him.. JUDD.. If Amanda goes i’m coming after you”

Aaryn stay quiet most of the time. Amanda and Andy are freaking out and McCrae is tossing in the odd threat to JUDD.
Andy: “Spencer thinks I’m his best friend in the house and i’ll slit his throat because he lied to me” Andy says if you lie to him once that’s it he’ll be gunning for you. ”

Aaryn thinks Spencer has figured out that the plan to keep Howard and Candice will not work that is why he was telling her ealier today he’s going home next week.

12:07AM HOH Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Aaryn
Amanda tells them they are cutting JUDD from their alliance they offer the spot to Aaryn and she says yes but doesn’t know if she wants to start another fake alliance. Amanda says that JUDD had a final 4 alliance with them but he was shady she stress that this alliance is real. MC asks her how close she is to JUDD. Aaryn says that she was close to JUDD until he said he wanted Jessie to go further than her and he just wanted her in Jury for a vote.

Amanda now tells Aryan how real the final 4 is she says that she goers around and appeases people.
Gm joins them. Andy starts bombarding her with vote Howard out propaganda.

(one thing Andy said in the room prior to the final 4 deal.. was they all had to stick on JUDD this week like they stuck on Nick to get him evicted. They more or less tell Aaryn they’ve been in a final 4 for a long time, they tell everyone else in the house whatever they want to appease them, they are working with Helen and Elissa to clear out the house etc etc.. )

12:23AM HOH Same group in the HOH, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and GM
Andy just told GM that him and JUDD have been lying to Spencer and Howard telling them they on the fence about voting out Howard. GM: ‘Ok gotcha”

12:34AM HOH Aaryn tells them Jessie is pissed right now because she thinks Candice is higher on the totem poll than her. Amanda keeps counting the votes and keeps saying how she’s safe this week.

They think they have the following votes locked = GM, Andy, Helen, McCrae, Jessie

The votes they do not have = Spencer, JUDD (this is mostly becuase of paranoia)

They’re pretty sure they have Elissa but are not sure.


11:58pm Spencer and Candice

Spencer: “If that candy land stuff upset you I will never say it against it was a joke.. you have a sweet voice so it’s fun to joke about you being a killer” he tells her they are on the same side they have to stick together. He thinks they are really close to something happening as long as some people grow some nuts.


12:37AM Jessie tells Elissa in the hammock the Diary room never talks to her about JUDD. She says they never talk game nor are they really as close as everyone says.
Jessie says JUDD bores her she loves him to death it’s just not going to go into the romantic for her.

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demanda calling anyone else a bully is pretty damn funny


She can eat a frozen frank for all I care

the showoff

she may be the biggest bully in the history of the show


Does Howard even know he’s on Big Brother? I feel like he hasn’t put any effort into anything haha. Waste of a contestant in my opinion.


Howard is a waste of contestant? I think your list is way too short. Lol He probably didn’t realize she was getting hazed to join a sorority.

VA Vet

For a while now, I’ve felt that Howard went on BB in hopes that the exposure would generate interest in his acting career on the outside.

He didn’t appear to try very hard in the comps, made little effort to interact with most of the other house guests and went out of his way to avoid conflict. Looks to me like he just wanted to be in front of the camera for as long as possible.


I’m hoping Spencer erupts and get his balls in braveheart mode.


Spencer hopes his balls erupt on Jessie


Fingers crossed for a blindside against Amanda. You know there’s gonna be some drama if that happens. It’ll make up for how boring this past week has been.


How so? Everyone seems terrified to go after Amanda.


Well if word gets back to Judd about the crap they have been talking about him and how he is no longer in their 4 person crew Judd will rally up Jessie and Amanda will be going home I am hoping someone has a big mouth and leaks it to Judd


Even if judd found out and flipped I doubt jessie would but even if judd and jessie both did flip best they can do is a tie and there’s no way aaryn would vote out amanda she’s planning on her carrying her into jury no one in this house besides amanda and helen are playing to win just for jury its ridiculous. I’ve realised now that’s why I hate this season so much I hated season 13 and it was the same the new players weren’t playing to win they were competing to get the vets to take them to jury and give them a golden key. When people are playing to just be in jury it makes the show horrible.


who will leak it to Judd? only possibility is obviously aaryn and she won’t because she is now in the alliance, supposedly. Amanda is working her pupateering skills on Aaryn


You really think?


I did not intend to thumb you down on that.

Brad B

Kinda hard to tell…this season should be called “Big Brother 15: Who’s Fooling Who?”…you never know the truth until the votes come out lol


That’s why I only have been wtching CBS for the DR conversations. It is the only way to “half way” get an idea of what these players really think.


If Amanda gets blindsided the keychain is gonna lose his shit!!! We all saw how he reacted when she was nominated. He will flip GM style on Thirs if she is actually evicted. The stunned look on Amanda’s face if Julie said she was out would be priceless.

lil ole me

i think the BB house could go either way
i feel spencer has 50/50 odds of pulling it
off if GM joins them!! he may get lucky!!!!!


Also…aside from her face being mediocre…Gina Marie’s MOUTH is disgusting. She can’t finish a sentence without cursing. Not attractive at all, girl.


I lost all faith in these cast members. They must think Amanda and Pizza need the money more then them because they are not even trying to go past Jury wtf . They know that 4 man alliance is going to pick 1 by 1 and yet they are doing nothing about it


Spencer’s trying to offer them a possibility of seeing beyond that. Kudos to him and Howard. Someone needs to get there head out of paid vacation mode. Now if only Candice would suck it up and get her head into the game. The pity feast is over.


Apparently Howard and Spencer’s prior game decisions will make it impossible to pull it through. I think Helen (as annoying as she can be) is the only one who can think and turn the tides against the goof troop. Spencer is so close minded for thinking that Helen and Elissa is working with Amanda and fails to see that Andy is not to be trusted.

Candice needs to win HOH next week, if any one else wins HOH goof troop will be Brigade 2.0 and people will be picked off one by one. Everyone else will be left gunning for Spencer and Candice. If Spencer wins, I have no doubts that he will put up Helen and Elissa and people will vote Helen out. Then it will be the same again. Hopefully this week people can see that Andy is a rat and a lapdog for Amanda and Mc Crae.


HOW in the world can Candice say she respects Gina Marie the most of all the women in the house. IS CANDICE nuts???? Gina Marie is the only one that has used the N word, the most hated word in the English language and the most racist, and Candice keeps ranting on and on about the racism and this is the woman she respects the most. Just shows me that it is not about racism it is just about two catty girls, Candice and Aaryn, not liking one another and race has nothing to do with it! Aaryn and Candice need to get together and work together to stay in the house and get Racist Amanda out now since Candice is not concerned with any racist aspect of the game or there is no way she would respect GM!! Please no way!


GM stands by her man


I want Demanda to go sooooo bad. Judd hasn’t done anything to them.


what exactly do they think he’s done?? I don’t want to read through everything, but i’m curious what changed so suddenly


Paranoia. Howard didn’t do anything to anyone except Amanda (and staying true to the MC) and now everyone wants him out. If Judd doesn’t come running like Andy, then Amanda thinks they are palying for the other side. If paranoia turned into truth in their minds, then nothing he says will mean anything. If he can’t turned this around before it gets out of hand, then he will be on the chopping block soon.


Seriously when Howard and Spencer go whats the point of caring anymore. Every time I read feeds its always the same. H or S tried to get a vote. Person plays along, then run up to HOH room to tell Amanda all about it. Have we ever seen someone completley dominate the game like Amanda has. Will,Dan,Dick they Were Great but they never had troops on the front line reporting everything straight to them, they actually had to fight to stay in the game. 99% of Amandas game has been spending every possible second in HOH bed and telling everyone that Howard needs to go.


It’s crazy but look at the ones in there especially the other females unfortunately. The showmances, attitudes, emotions, the obvious lying campaigns that they all drink up. Everything is so personal. But she’s definitely like Jim Jones in there with most of the house.

lol what

I can’t stand Jessie why is she in the house she can’t think for herself at all !!! McCrae and Amanda don’t like you NO ONE likes you, you are just another insurance vote to them


Why is Jessie there, you ask. Well someone has to eat up the slop.


that would be candace and andy who are slop champs so far

in a season where almost all house guests have showcased themselves to be pretty terrible people, jess stands out as the nicest person there for sure…and without question greatest booty ive seen on bb


Jessie the Greatest booty on BB ever, you say. It took me awhile to respond to that comment because I was gagging and laughing at the same time. A condition my Doctor tells me will go away soon, if you don’t say it anymore.


yep greatest


who gives a sh!t about amanda and mccrae

they have embarassed themselves to millions worldwide

amanda is a racist disgusting trashy tramp

and mccrae is willy the wimp “i almost said something” who does whatever she says

jess does think for herself, one of the reasons she flipped on her own alliance, and has positioned herself fairly well…add to that one of the only people there to tell amanda “no” which happened twice on veto day, when jess rejected amanda saying jess shouldnt go for veto prizes and she should take amanda off the block…if the goal of jess was to make jury to secure dollars then take it from there, i dont see a problem with that strategy, as everyone is different


Spencer can stop trying ’cause CBS will never let Amanda get evicted this week! She’s a favorite along with Elissa and I thought Howard too but with him the hate is so much that I don’t even think production can help him. Spencer is making himself a huge target for NOTHING! If he leaves next week I’ll be glad though ’cause he’s disgusting.


Amanda WAS a favorite but not anymore


I was not talking about a favorite with the fans. I was talking about CBS/Production favorites. Elissa and Amanda and Howard (not anymore though ’cause they can’t save him at this point)


Unfortunately for Howard, everything about him is big except his brain. He goes into a game looking like Hercules and he’s shocked that he is a target. If his body was the size of his mouse brain he could be swinging carefree in the hammock with Jessie.


Spencer is a huge target anyways so why be another tool for Helen and Manda.


Poor JUDD…I hope he gets wind of all the lies and new plot against him. Why did Amanda suddenly go off the rails regarding JUDD?


Amanda is just sooooooo paranoid right now. And beside, “adderol” make you focus all your attention on one thing, I’m pretty sure she’s only focusing on the fact she’s at risks.


except it doesn’t. the effect is completely different for someone who actually needs it.


She thinks Judd is MVP and was MVP last week too.

I think Julie needs to announce to the cast that America has been the real MVP for the past 2 weeks or else Judd is fucked.


Because Amanda is such an ego maniac that she refuses to believe that America put her up. They had it figured out until “the funniest big brother cast member of all time” (Amanda) got put up for MVP. “Whoever is the MVP is the best liar in the world” and then they figured Judd was the best liar.

Busted Stunch

The real funniest big brother house guest of all time is Eric Stein.


funniest i would say britney in usa bb

andrew and talla in canadian bb


They’ve been working up to this by continually mentioning Judd is way smarter than people think. Fact is he had to tell his “friends” in the goof troop how he made up everything to keep Arryn and get out Kaitlyn and how Helen fell for it. Non of these idiots can keep their mouths shut!


@ Name, there are two reasons Amanda is on Judd’s case:-
1.) She has been all about Howard and she believes Howard will be going home this Thursday. So she has to have another lamb scheduled for the slaughter next. Otherwise the vacuum might cause the other HG to see Amanda on her Pedestal and kick her out. It is strategy
2.) Amanda is thinking of final 2 with MC. But Judd offered MC a final 2 deal – which would bump Amanda off that slot. She wants Judd goooooooone next week lol.
There you have it.


Hi Name, I beg to differ, as the saying goes Karma is a Bitch. Kaitlin was voted out because he started a rumor that kaitlin wanted Helen out so instead of
Aryan going home Kaitlin went home. He told them Amanda and Mccrea. which of course got to everyone so now they are doing it towards Judd. Judd
should have just kept it to himself. Big mistake and so now they do not trust him.


This season kinda sucks!!!! This is the most boring cast ever!!


It would be smart to break the power couple up…just like they broke all the other showmances…couples r double trouble in the bbhouse..


I want the goof troop to stick together!! I love that Helen is not a part of it! Lol


This is just my thought watch how Goof troop will be dismantled just like Moving co, Grasshoppers and now maybe Goof troop. Just what thought people.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, if A handjob gets blindsided this week, Keychain will just absolutely lose it. Somebody please put a bug in the HG’s ears to drop the personal crap and do what’s best for their game in the long run. I know, I’m asking for a miracle but geez, hope does keep this world turning.


Is it wrong that am o pissed right now??
Okay Judd schemes, tells lies and forms fake alliances, but who doesn’t? Hellen is gunning after him, now Amanda is gunning after him. Shame on you Amanda, he formed the fake alliance to keep Aa over Kat, even if it was to help him in Jury but it bought you one more ally, do you even have a clue of what Kat/Sp/Howard would have done to your ass? He confides in you of the secret and you all go on a mission to make people hate him…yet you are still on the block..Ungrateful woman..I cannot believe I gave you so much credit..Now how I believe you were after Howard because he was you thought he was smarter than you..and can you please stop saying “he is very smart”..referring to Judd..LEAVE HIM ALONE…Ooohh and I forgot of how you told Judd about evicting Jessie while Judd told Jessie to always choose you and your pizza boy over hellen..I really think Mc is tired of you..but he is too smart to let anyone know that…SMH..
Aaryn I had started giving you some credit..but I take it all Amanda and Andy come and tell you of how Judd formed a fake alliance to keep you over Kat..and then the next minute they suggest a final 4 with you and Mc and TELL you that they had a final 4 with Judd but he f**ked that up by making fake alliances..and you go like..OKAY AM IN..and start talking about him..REALLY..that same guy that fought hard to keep you.looks like you love to be ordered around by Miss Florida..Ooohh Mehn, what are these people even smoking???
Judd Judd Judd..WAKE UP..go to Aa, Spencer, Jessie, GM, 5 of you vote out. Amanda..Aa owes it you for keeping her..just tell Jessie Amanda has been gunning after her..well Spe and GM will be in am sure…my boy that’s your only option..all other options are narrowing down..and trust me by next week you will be in no man’s land..I feel like waking you up right now!!!!!!!


Helen was not gunning Judd before but if you read older feeds Judd keeps on throwing Helen name for eviction. Andy told him to lay off Helen. In this season
no one seems know how to keep a secret unbelievable.


Aaryn is playing Amanda and Helen pretty good. She is definitely more of a threat than Judd.


Amanda has some kind of Nerve to tell Jessie that Howard and Candice are manipulate everyone lol How about the pot calling the kettle black and she would vote a girl before Pizza Boy if they believe that if you want


Be careful with the expression ‘Pot calling the kettle black.’ This place is crawling with corrupt Racism Police with comprehension problems.


Why isn’t Howard buddying up to Elissa? She used to like Howard. i remember one point a couple weeks back where she was lobbying to keep him. What changed that? Helen? I wish someone could get in Elissa’s ear and she would flip sides. That would make for great TV. Even if Amanda doesn’t go home this week, she will be on the block again as the MVP next week. America doesn’t seem too happy with her right now. The more people that leave the easier it is to see how manipulative she is. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


I really don’t understand Howard’s game. Either he is playing it way too low key, he let Candice screw it up or he doesn’t really have one. Either way he is not doing a very good job right now. Minimal effort to save himself.


so conflicted. Id like the house to make the move on Amanda because they need to do SOMETHING strategic. however thus far, Amanda is the only one who is playing the game really well and really hard. so I almost would rather just have her stay and slaughter the house if all they are going to do is keep wanting to vote people out like freaking Candace.


Amanda is getting too fuckin’ cocky in game and so is Helen. they get too caught up in their own shit, and they house hasn’t even voted off Howard yet. Amanda is a fuckin’ moron too, she just backstabbed Judd and she needs his vote this week. Helen is still all BLAH BLAH BLAH yapping to everyone her strategy and who she want to take to the jury. I thought Helen was smarter than this, but she keeps looking stupid and annoying talking throughout this season.


If Helen and Amanda were men you wouldn’t have any problem with would think they were strong players…you, and many people on this site have a double standard. If Spencer were female you would go off him (her) and say he/she was disgusting.


ABSOLUTELY!!!! *applause*


but aMANda is a man

if he is a man or a woman i would have a problem with amanda because of the racism, homophobia, nastiness, bullying, threats, disrespect etc – she was talking about viciously killing another house guest in graphic detail plus raping that person, among many other heavy offensive comments including joking about swastikas and gas masks, and singing about how asians cant drive and are good at maths…mcccrae tells her the comments are bad and racist, so why doesnt cbs showcase the behaviour like they have with aaryn and gina? she is being favoured and protected by her friend and executive producer of the show grodner with ridiculous golden edits – on many levels she should not currently be in the game…she should not have been selected in the first place due to that friendship and secondly should have been kicked out for her racism and in particular threatening comments directed about other house guests


People hate bullies. So let’s count how many there have been in this BB house:

Aaryn- the first bully and racist to boot
GM- another racist who think beauty means more than game play; she has neither
Helen- wannabe Stalin. you better be a yes person if you wanna get a long with her
Elissa- she pouts like a 6 year old unless she gets her way…wants to be loved by all but all would flush her in a minute
Candice- doesn’t want to play the game but somehow feels like she should win
Spencer- not a true bully, but has the essence of a slug in heat
Mc- would never want to be a bully but he plays a pretty good Goebbels to Amanda’s Hitler. My life for you my fuehrer.

Not a bully”


And the biggest bully of them all=

AMANDA- she reacts to any perceived or imaginary threat to her. That’s why Mc has been invaluable to her because she likes to jump at shadows. Without Mc, Amanda would probably be gone this week. So, let’s split up the couple and get rid of the true ogre of the house, Amanda.


it is funny that howard has no social game and hasnt won a single competition and yet he is the biggest threat in the house based solely on the fact that he has big muscles….and i’ve never seen a season where half the house is playing for 6th place


He is a threat because of his connection with Spencer and Candace…this is such a simple game point that they have to break up the three of them and Howard is the connector….how do you not see this?


It’s ridiculous that McCrae is not concerned at all that suddenly another man in the house – Judd – is being lined up to be evicted.

He previously seemed to be pretty content that the women weren’t conspiring to get rid of all the men because he, Judd, and Andy were safe in the game. But now that Judd is seriously under attack, McCrae surely has got to start thinking that soon he will be the only guy left in the house once Howard, Spencer and now enemy no.1 Judd is gone.


but remember mcvag is not really a guy

no balls, whipped

“i almost said something”


Candice doesn’t care for GM personally but she’s the woman she respects the most. I understand what she’s saying, because the people I respect the most are the ones that call me a pinky-ass, white devil-ass, casper-ass, cracker-ass, peckerwood-rigged honkey-ass insurance policy. If someone told me when they order KFC they have the white meat and dark meat separated in the bucket, I could never respect that person. Give me somebody that gets in my face and asks me if my crackerness is going to come out and I can respect that. You want to segregate your chicken and don’t wear white socks with black shoes? F OFF!


You forget also respects the one woman that used the N word!! Yea, Candice being concerned with the “so called” racist comments but um that one does not bother her at all. Yea, right!! Her credibility just went down the toliet with that comment for me.


Almost everyone who has made a comment about the situation has done exactly the same thing. That’s why they have no credibility, either. A person is nothing but a phony if they pick and choose what to get outraged over.


gina marie is an idiot. she just went on and on judging elisa for coming into the game as a mother. that isn’t your place. then “people at home know me, you come here to make good TV, I can make good tv without her”….I can’t stand this girl. she thinks she is 24, she is 32….she got fired and will have a rude awakening. Absolutely cannot stand her judging people. Look, Im not a fan of people leaving their kids for these shows, but as long as they aren’t complaining about it, that’s their decision.


yes gina is an idiot

keeps saying she wants scrubs out but she is the biggest scrub there


Well Andy is cutting Judd loose. Andy sure wants no prize and 3rd place. He’ll finish 4th and Arryn an F2 pick for me since last week. Amanda made it (semi) official. Chances the word gets back to Judd are pretty small. New “Goof Troop” is the tne happy(gay) racist alliance. AG should be very pround of her racist BB season. It’s destroying the BB brand!

For the wishful thinkers Amanda is going no where. The vote should be 8-0 to evict Howard. It’s not coincidence these discusions happen after POV ceremony to create some interest in the feeds. Status quo this week and Candy out next. Discusion will be on Spencer or Ellisa F10. I’m betting on Ellisa still. Thought Judd was solid F6/F5 with Jessie but Helen may move up a couple spots. In Amandas eyes Helen is becoming nothing more than a reliable vote. Don’t think she fears her at all. As long as Judd doesn’t know of the goof troops unravelling Helen has no way to attack Amanda period that has numbers. They may even keep GM longer to get some leverage with her jury vote with Amanda.

Amanda is already sitting way better than everyone else in the house. Plus she is getting the “golden edit” and the rumoured ties to AG which production on the surface at least has on used to put a clean fresh smell on Amanda’s filthy racist mouth. They may get her out F4 IF the POV winner decides to send her to jury. Could Andy be smart enough to pull the trigger at that point? Because the other likely HG’s left, Arryn and McCrae would vote Andy to the jury!


the alliance of amanda/mcvag, with aaryn and andy should be known as:


3 racists plus the gay dude

whats funny is that these people have absolutely no grace

Uri Dequad

Demanda and McPu$$y lie around ALL day usually in the HOH bed. When the HOH comes in they never offer to get up meanwhile Demanda smells up the bed with her burnt nasty butterscotch pu$$y(as Spencer would say)
Terrible person, with lay in the bed dictator game play.


Outside of a psychological point, occupying the HOH bed is a key strategic position within the BB house. It is the only site within the HOH room that gives you a full site line to the HOH spy tv. Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn are the only ones that consistently watch, getting information on the HG’S movements within the house, and piece the puzzle together.


So funny I fast forward every time Amanda and Mc Pizza come on I cant take them any longer


How come a month into the game, they still havent realized Andy cant hold water and everything you say to him he runs and tells it


Andy used to tell everything but not anymore. He has chosen a side. He is with Amanda and MC. If he was still telling everything, Judd would already know that his life on BB hse is on the line

Sad about big brother

Amanda just picked her next target (Judd) and is laying the ground work to get him out next week. She did the same thing with Howard. When she decided she wanted Howard out, she campaigned nonstop for him to go. Looks like Judd is next on her list.

Please please please someone tell Judd what Amanda is saying and flip the vote (I don’t think this will happen but a girl can hope).

Sad about big brother

Amanda just picked her next target (Judd) and is laying the ground work to get him out next week. She did the same thing with Howard. When she decided she wanted Howard out, she campaigned nonstop for him to go. Looks like Judd is next on her list.

Please please please someone tell Judd what Amanda is saying and flip the vote (I don’t think this will happen but a girl can hope).


targets will change again and again

they need to go

five minutes later…

oh they need to go

amandas bb game is one big adderal bender


Lets put up Andy next week he will go Bat Sh!t Crazy


its gotta be amanda every week until she is evicted

we have to be relentless with our 3rd nom voting

and if it switches back to vote for mvp we vote for spencer, as we know he will put up amanda as 3rd nom


You can get romantic with me Jessie.


Amanda is going to end up possibly getting herself sent home. She was safe until she started turning on Judd. I feel like this would be a good time for Andy to turn on Amanda (especially after they decided to kick Judd out of the final four and replace him with Aaryn). That should be a red flag to him. Let’s see if Andy says anything to Judd.


Praying that Elissa will win HoH this Thursday.

Charlie Hustle

Has the nomination day target gone home once this season? Jeremy’s eviction came the closest and he was back doored. It is amazing that so many people think that in the almost three full days before the live eviction show that news won’t reach Judd about Amanda’s and Helen’s intentions to target him next. With him, Jessie and GM would easily follow Spencer in trying to flip the game. Elissa is always a wild card. She will do what she determines is best for her game despite what Helen wants. I am almost certain she would prefer Amanda out considering Amanda’s budding allegiance to Aaryn. No one should be surprised if by thursday morning talk of Amanda heading home being the will of the house.


if judd finds out its

judd, jess, spencer, gina

plus aaryn breaking the tie…or elissa as 5th vote


I just want the house flip so badd by sending Demanda home come thursday night. Open Your eyes Judd the supposed Studd


I think Elissa should vote with the house.


I find it unreal at this point in the game the remaining men don’t see what’s happening in the game. All the men are being voted out one after the other. Unless production pulls something Howard is gone this week, Spencer is gone next week and Judd after him. You’d think some self survival instincts would kick in at this point and they would remove the dictator bullying everyone who hasn’t even come close to winning a competition in Amanda.


I don’t want to talk to anybody – they’re all liars. What show did she think she was ‘auditioning’ for – Iyanla Fix My Adopted, Aging Beauty Pageant Contestant Life?


prehaps she would talk if there was a comprimization

The Veto

Glad to see people are catching on to the fact that Howard is a $hitty player. Candice at least understands the game and does not deserve to go home over Howard. At the very least, she brings the drama. Howard’s been messing with her game. She had spunk until she got involved with that shady little wanna be goody-two-shoes. Howard keeps talking about how they need to make big moves, flip the house or whatever, yet he never has a solid or even slight idea of how to do it. He just uses Candice and Spencer to do the work and play his game for him. He’s mentally lazy.

If Amanda goes this week, McCrae will have more time to play his own game and prove why he deserves to win. If he’s sitting next to her at the end, it’s because she got him there, so he doesn’t deserve half mill over her. Maybe he can get out of his haze and realize that in time to vote her out Thursday. but he probably thinks his tin foil ring will mean something to her in the real world.

The women in the house may be catty, but the men are just plain dumb. The smartest guy in there now is probably Spencer, which is just plain sad.


I think it is quite obvious, CBS Producers are taking to the house guest and controlling the outcome!! My point is that on many occasions, Aryan has stated, “Candace has ruined my reputation outside the house!” How the hell wod she know that is someone didn’t tell her? This game is rigged and it ain’t to the advantage of minority! Making it three girls of multiple nationalities doesn’t make it any better! CBS is worthless! So predictable and transparent to a fault!


Are we watching the same show? Candace is confused and whinny I concede that fact however, she is unaware of the comments that GM made since most of it is behanind her back. Sadly, the comments and behaviour that are being made is a reality among us white folks in America. We have a sense of entitlement and an I dont care attitude as long as things are not being done to us. It is difficult for us to understand how these jokes or simply comments could be so traumatic when as a race we have never been enslaved, murdered, bullied and denied basic human rights simply because of the colour of our skin. We say black folks are angry and aggressive yet history details us as a people as the ones who have killed, robbed and victimize all other races that we consider non white all in the name of them being inferior to us. The sad reality is the the black man is our forefather without him we would not exist a matter of fact is that none of the races would exist. In reference to the game again we are not watching the same show, Howard has been the only one who has attempted to make alliances and stick to them to his own detriment, he chose to align himself to people who were untrustworthy. When he lied about the MC he had no obligation to Helen or any other person who was not in his alliance. The funny thing is everyone in this house has lied, and back stabbed someone, yet we have a group of bad minded people who hold themselves at a standard that they do not hold others. From day one although Howard is quiet he has attempted to talk to individuals to get them to see that others are controlling them. He did it with Elissa, Helen, Amanda etc….. It is not surprising either that he tried to stay under the radar because in reality he would have been seen as a threat either way. I am amazed at how black people can go into a situation like this and relate to everyone with open arms regardless of race etc… and when we bring up the fact that they are black or segregate ourselves with comments and jokes we turn around and blame them for playing the race card. If we as a people did not have an issue with race it would not be an issue. We are afraid to look inside and see the ugliness that we hide instead of acknowledging it and trying to change.


Destiny, I am gathering from you writing that you are a mature person. Do you think the strategy of ‘blaming them for playing the race card’ works because it is one of the symptoms of PC backlash?


My second year on this website..first time commenting……This is the first time since watching BB ( been watching since the beginning). That I can say that there is truly not one HG I am rooting for….what a terrible season

cindysays more thing…Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the hard work! 🙂


Bet anything That BB sees to it Amanda wins HOH Thursday


she will be 3rd nom again

or spencer or candace (or judd) gets mvp so they can put her up


Name in answer to your question for the most part being politically correct is basic love thy neighbour. It has been twisted, over used and misused by individuals trying to stage a bully pulpit. If I were black and someone called me black i would not be insulted for that is what I would be, I would take pride in it. Just as how I am proud to be white not because I am better than anyone but because that is how I was made. I think the comments made in the house seem racist because Aaryn and the others made a point of pointing out not only that they were black or asian, but that somehow they were inferior to their whiteness. I think that there is a genuine fear of the unknown, the thing is how different is Howard, Helen and Candace from us besides their skin being the various colours of chocolate they are american and live american lives. Im sure that if Aaryn could see pass Candaces skin colour they could have had a lot more in common than she did with others in the house, both of them being outwardly attractive and in similar industries. If I was to murder your sister and then down the road one of my ancestors joked about the murder would it be considered just a joke, or would you wonder based on history if the same thing would occur again. I understood why Howard did not allow Candace to blow up, he was right the mature thing to do is to let the haters reveal themselves he was there to play a game and he is trying his best under the circumstances to do so. We all have faults but at some point in time we need to acknowledge them. Amanda is not my favourite person not because she is bossy and running the house, but because she too have said questionable mean spirited things. We called Jeremy a bully because of how he treated others in the house and she is guilty of doing the same iregardless of her sex. I believe they are anxious to get Howard out because at the end of the day if he was in the final two at this point he would win and also he has not been a puppet to anyone, he has played a great social game because no one has any concrete reason to dislike him. Being a Godly person does not make you a perfect person and its funny how others judge you and expect perfection from you because you believe in God, but you cannot criticize them or judge them for their lack of Godliness. We all have a built in radar for good and bad that is why we want to see a good side and bad side in competitions. This year you have two great looking black people in the house who has challenged the status quo of the stereotype white showmance and I think Aaryn, Amanda, GM and Caitlyn thought they would be the one to make up america’s sweetheart couple. I recall the girls at the beginning commenting on how attractive Howard was and here is Candace who has captured his eye. Many of my white girlfriends resent some of my black girlfriends if both of them are interested in the same guy and the black girl gets him. And this is simply because we have been taught to believe that blond, brunette or long red hair and green, blue or grey eyes are more attractive than your non white person. Here is Candace who is of mixed race giving her the advantage of being the best of both races with caramel skin, long hair and a fine womanly figure and they are jealous. She is
stunning and does not have one real girl friend in the house. How hard must that be? We all need atleast one girl friend ladies? I think the people on the show are more bigots and predjudice than say racist. The comments are racists but they are coming from a place of bigotry. If the person who said Amanda’s parents said she had a family member who was black and autistic was serious, her love for this person is not apparent. I dont make fun of my friends for being white or poor it would not be funny or seen as a joke unless there was a sting of truth and meaness to what I was saying. So we need to examine what constitutes a joke or making fun of someone.