The Superfriends start to turn on JUDD “We have to figure out a way to bring him down”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Life Feed N*de flashback times here
4:15pm Backyard McCrae and Elissa

McCrea saying that everyone is saying it’s going to be a 7-1 vote with Spencer voting out Candice
Elissa: “It’s only Monday.. 3 more days that’s kinda scary”
E: “I have really bad cramps”
Elissa says she hates feeling so uncomfortable around all these people she doesn’t really know.
McCrae brings up how JUDD is always talking about the girls alliance and how he wanted a girl out during his HOH.
Elissa hopes that JUDD doesn’t try to flip the house.
McCrae says if he tries that everyone will go after him “F**** Spencer at that points.. Spencer wouldn’t be able to mastermind something like that.. I think JUDD would ”
MC: “JUDD plays the .. I’m a spring break drinking kinda guy but that’s not who he is.. he’s way too smart”
E: “Ya.. you think he’s smart or do you think he’s savvy”
MC: “I think he’s both.. He’s really smart and he knows this game super well”
MC: “If I say a big word around him he’s always like What’s that “
E: “I think he just says that because he thinks it’s funny.. he wants people to like him because he acts like that”
MCV: “Ya”
E: “It works people always like the funny goofy”
MC: ‘Ya”
Amanda joins them and they start talking about marble flooring..


4:37pm Backyard Elissa and Amanda
Amanda wishes she knew who the MVP was.

Elissa thinks that the MVP is predictable now. “It’s unpredictable predictable”
Elissa points out that nobody is talking about the MVP this week.
Amanda agrees about it being predictable but really wants to know She thinks it’s Howard.
Amanda: ‘Nobody is ballsy enough to come out and say they have it”
Amanda brings up the secret alliance with Howard, Kaitlin, JUDD, GM and Spencer. Amanda doesn’t think it was real she wonders who made it up.
Amanda saying she’s still really scared about Howard because he’s very influential and he might be able to get the votes.
Amanda says she’s been loyal to the same people since the beginning of the game she’s done nothing.
Elissa leaves says that Ginamarie puts the fly swatter on her face, “Isn’t that weird”

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:55pm Chessboard Helen, Aaryn and Elissa
chatting about the n*des on the internet as well as the camera in the toilet. Aaryn is talking about the “rewind” feature that the feeds have. She mentions that is why there are so many n*des on the internets. Elissa leaves.

They head into the HOH to talk game. Aaryn talks about losing all trust with all the people close to her early in the game. Helen really felt for her after the first 2 evictions went down and saw hoe Aaryn got blindsided.
Helen: “all those people that lied to you can lie to me as well”
Aaryn doesn’t think anything is going to happen until Spencer and Candice are gone then the game is going to get a lot harder.
Helen says that Amanda has been more loyal to her and Elissa than anyone else. Helen knows Amanda talks behind her back but that’s ok, “Amanda and I will go at it come jury and that’s fine” Helen shares that if Howard stays she is screwed because it will tell her that everyone is lying to her and Spence rand Howard will be targeting her.

Helen says she’s worried that they are secretly trying to take Amanda out, She’ll continue to be paranoid until the votes come out. Helen says that Jessie was the one that told Candice about the HOH deal Aaryn and Helen had, “I didn’t even yell at her I just locked that information in the back of my mind”
Aaryn points out that the deal was Jessie’s idea that is why she knew about it. (Didn’t CBS edit it to make it look like Aaryn’s deal)

Helen says that was a HUGE thing for Jessie to leak, “Like are you playing this game with me or not” Helen adds that she will be selective with what she tells Jessie from now on.

Helen says that JUDD is a great liar, “He’s going to lie to you, me, McCrae, Amanda and Elsisa.. he probably made up the Kaitlin thing.. He’s really good at lying” Helen adds that Elissa was really fighting to get Aaryn out of the house last week they needed Helen to keep her in the house.

Amanda joins them
Helen says Andy and JUDD are the two votes Howard and Spencer will prey on. Aaryn says Andy will NEVER NEVER flip the vote.

Amanda asks her if she has a final 2 with anyone in the house. Aryan says no she thought it was Ginamarie but she was going to vote against her. Aaryn points out she’s not close to anyone in the house like Amanda is close to McCrae and Helen has ELissa. Amanda says whoever has MVP is a really good liar and very smart. Helen whoever is MVP wants Spencer to go to jury, “just throwing that out there”

Amanda: “Any ideas who MVP is”
Aaryn doesn’t want to name any names because she fears they will use it against her.
Amanda says no way
Aaryn: “You mean you wouldn’t use it if we were on the block against each other”
Amanda: ‘Circle of trust”
Helen: ‘Circle of trust”
They all agree that JUDD is the MVP ..

Amanda wonders why JUDD put her up. Aaryn says he wants her to go home because she’s strong and is with McCrae. Amanda thinks it might be he wants Howard gone and is trying to pin the MVP on him. Helen: “I really think he wants Howard out.,.. he’s so big on Spencer getting to Jury.. why is he so close to Spencer.. he told me he wanted Spencer and Jessie in Jury”
Helen: “Why does he want Spencer in jury”
Aaryn says he’s using Spence and Howard to get their she would rather Spencer in Jury than Elissa or Candice because she would vote for her in the finals same for JUDD.
Helen points out how JUDD is ki$$ing Elissa’s a$$ and just last week he was cursing Elissa.
Aaryn: ‘He wants Jessie in final 2 .. I think JUDD is brilliant.. no one will vote for Jessie to win”
Helen mentions JUDD doesn’t sleep he knows everything that is going on in the house.
Helen says she’s not going to lie to Amanda her and McCrae are going to be really hard to get out of house so he’s trying to make a move now”
Amanda says it’s troo early to make a move like that.

Helen doesn’t think she will vote for Elissa to win the game because the only reason she’s in the house is because of them. She would have to see

Helen “We have to figure out a way to bring him down”
Aaryn says she wants Jessie gone before JUDD because she feels that Jessie sucks up to who is the HOH of the week.

Helen says JUDD is worth three people in this game because of his ability to twist things. She tells Aaryn He has to go before Jessie.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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nice finally they figure out that Judd is a liar and gotta go.
I hope After Howard goes, Judd and Macree goes


they r all liars

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Come on Simon McCray isnt that bad !!!



Helen is the only one with the guts to make a big move. She already has votes lined up to get Amanda out and is working on votes to get Judd out. Plus, she is a mom and doing it for her kids. How can you not like her?. Helen will win by a vote of 7-0 over Elissa in the final 2.

Jody H.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the guts. She talks about it, but given a golden opportunity she says it’s not a good move. I really wanted to like her.


I agree!! This is the perfect opportunity for Helen to get Amanda out, and I don’t think she’s going to take advantage of it!! So frustrating!!!


WTF is with youse guys?


I actuallly like judd, mccrae, and Helen, they’re all playing very different games but as people, I wouldn’t mind if any of them one…I wouldn’t want GM, aaryn, spencer or Amanda to win


What vote does she have to get Amanda out. She’s too dumb and naïve. The only person that believes the smoke Helen is blowing is Elissa. No one else believes her or would side with her. She’s only good for a vote. Andy already said he would keep Amanda over Helen, and so did Judd, Aaryn, and Jessie. So who in the super friends does she have? She TALKS too much, her mouth is like diarrhea. She tells people to not say anything then she goes and tells what she just told the person not to tell. Even Andy has warned every one of her big mouth. Helen thinks she’s calling shots, but I would love to be a fly on the wall when she watches the episodes back and really listen to herself and what people really thought about her. As much as I don’t care for Amanda, Amanda has really set herself up with the majority of the house so that no one will vote for her if she’s on the block. She didn’t really ask for any alliances only to not be voted out if she’s on the block. She asked Aaryn, Jessie, Andy, Judd, and Gina Marie that. She can already count on McCrae, so what votes Helen has. The dummy is voting out the people that would help her, Spencer, Candice, and Howard. Those three along with Elissa would have been more loyal to her than they ever would have Amanda, and she’s too dumb to see that. Why would you vote out the very same people that want’s to take out your biggest threat? Who else will have the guts to take out Amanda once Candice, Howard, and Spencer leaves if their plan was to work. The way I see it, Amanda has set herself up to take out Helen before Helen takes her out. And it Would Serve Helen Just Right.


Don’t nobody wanna read all that


Helen is somewhere in the bottom yet voting Howard and Spencer out is not a bad move for her. Both of them thinks that she is calling the shots when in fact it is all in Amanda, Mc Crae and Andy, they keep targeting her out and only tried to align with her now that they are on the outs. Also aligning herself to Howard and Spencer will be stupid because she will fall on the bottom on both sides of the house if she flipped.


7-0 overAaryn.


Dear TH…

What game you watching? Helen doesn’t even make F4. Everything she is taking credit for except her HOH noms has been Amanda’s doing not Helen the douche. She has almost no real support in the house except Ellisa. Andy, Judd Arryn and the rest support Amanda over her.


I seem to notice that you just do not like her even thou she is playing good. You are being unfair. I thought you should be the one who most likely can be fair in
your judgement.


My message above is for Simon.


Im hoping this gets back to Judd before Thursday’s vote, but i doubt it. Everyone see Amanda making moves against her entire alliance and yet they still want to keep her. There is something really strange about their distrust of Howard. I think Amanda was able to play on the distrust some people have of African Americans. Thats just my take. It is really bizarre. They are much more threaten by him then Amanda & McCrea.


I think the group’s distrust of Howard stems more from the fact that he’s quiet, has been busted in lies, and the house-guests are often left bewildered as to what the hell he was talking about when he does pull them into a room for his one-on-one game chats. You can blame it on skin color if that’s what you think, but the dude simply has not played well. He has sucked in competitions and sucked at the social aspect of the game. He deserves to walk out the door Thursday if that’s what happens.


I find it funny that people are using the race card just to justify him going out. Arryn, Amanda, GM and Spencer have made bigotry remarks yet Howard or Candice getting the boot next week is not because of their color. People do not want to trust Howard and Spencer after the second week where one of them voted Elissa (because Howard is loyal to Moving Company) and lied about being a member of it. Another mistake is that they kept targeting Amanda, Helen and Elissa and trusting Andy and Judd who kept ratting them out to the group. Why would they trust someone who has been targeting them for the past weeks? Candice on the other hand just stupidly wanted to be on the outside, she let her vagina think for her. She had a strong alliance with Helen and Elissa yet she ignored their warnings and traded them for “Howie”. She knew people hate and do not trust Howard yet she was willing to go down with (on) him. And now she’s hosting her pity party and annoys the entire house. Depending on how things go the next two weeks, cutting Candice off by Helen and Elissa will be a smart move.


yes team judd


They are really giving Judd way too much credit, hahaha. They will cling to any conspiracy theory. Wait until they learn Who the MVP has been these past two weeks.


It’s Amanda’s MO. She picks a target and bestows on them, mystical powers, and all the lemmings…uh..I mean HG’s jump and become afraid and do whatever she says. It’s smart that Amanda (seems to) understand that the moment Howard walks out, if she doesn’t have the dummies…uh..I mean HG’s prepped to see a new monster, they will start looking for one on their own and let’s face it, there’s only one monster left.

The fact that the rest of the house (minus Helen who is just painfully dumb) just wants to make jury, they’ll will accept any target that isn’t them. I’m reminded of the old story from Germany: First they came for the communists and I said nothing because I was not a communist. Then they came for the Jews and I said nothing because I was not a Jew. Then they came came for the gypsies and I said nothing because I was not a gypsy. Then they came for me and nobody said anything because they were not me.

Dont Nobody have time for that

Sorry simon I really appreciate everything you do with this site and everything but I have to disagree with you I can not stand Judd. I like elissa more than judd and No I do not own a cat and I did not like rachel,brendon,Jeff or jordan at all.


I know that’s true,FLOATER. What about ….AAW fugetaboutit!!


TEAM NOBODY!!!! If team nobody can’t make it I uess I would settle for team judd…but I hope nobody wins!!!


TEAM America!


Great attitude Simon : ) Its just a reality show game and we are all supposed to be having fun with it!!!! I mean at the end of the day, none of us watching and posting comments will get the half mil, so I dont understand why people get so bent out of shape about who anyone is for. I want to come out and work for you guys next year!!!! Im really fast at keyboarding, etc!!!!


Once Howard leaves, I may go team Judd. Judd and Elissa have both been tripping bawls in this house but other then that I can’t think of someone more likable. Jessie is a super HoH floater and has went with the power every single week. I can’t believe she is buddy buddy with Aryan after she said Aayan and that team bullied her and were mean to her. Amanda is unbearable for me now and if Mccrae won he would be manipulated by Amanda so it would be like she won.


can sb please explain what cat people means? who are they? don’t get it.


j-u-double-d! party, darty, for the win!


At this point I am rooting for spencer to win. He follows through with his bravado and puts up Helen and Amanda, America puts up Andy. Gina Marie wins veto and doesn’t use it. Andy goes home. A major link in the communication swirl is gone.


Should read “Spencer to win Next HOH”.

Big Sister

Judd going through Howard’s belongings multiple times looking for MVP/POV killed him for me. Total lack of respect for private property!


OMG!! That pissed me off so much. Just you bringing that back up has got me fuming again. I have never seen anyone in the history of BB that has felt ok with doing that. Once again, why do they fell ok with doing that to Howard and no one else ?? I leave it to you to connect the dots. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck , and quacks like a duck. It’s usually a duck.


at least he doesn’t lie while thumping his bible


How awesome would it be if Helen/Elissa/Candice got nominated next week it would be an epic week !!!!

Sad about big brother

At this point, I am with you Simon. There are not a lot of options, so go team Judd. ( and your right, probably with change my mind a million more times by tomorrow).

What I find hilarious is that they find Howard to be such a threatening player. His game play is terrible!!!! What a waste of an HOH this week. They should really switch focus to Amanda and give us viewers some chaos to watch!


crazy how hard helen and aaryn and amanda and mccrae and andy are scumbagging judd and jess

im team jess and judd final 2

Pretty trickster

Oh no JUDD they are giving you wayyyy too much credit


I typed that to Simon before I read your post. I couldn’t agree more!


the lunatics have taken over the asylum. dumbest move ever on BB = voting off Howard and keeping Amanda.

This Season Blows

I actually like Amanda (game-wise, not personality-wise) and I agree with you. This dumbass cast will regret not getting her out now when she’s in the final 2 alongside Rachelissa.


Amanda will be sitting beside her protege Aaryn F2.


I’d like tot ake this time to say a few thing:

1. People keep saying Howard cant win shit. Well thats only partly true. Almost every competition howard has thrown, he even tried to throw the have/have not comp to make himself look weak. The only competitions he tried to win was the last 2 hoh’s (that were all crap shoots and anyone could of won) and the pov.
I think he should of tried to win comps because its no secret he is big and strong so there is no hiding that fact, so winning an hoh might of netted him some deals to ensure him safety.

2. CBS needs to get rid of the jury money. This is the first season I have ever watched where everyones main goal is to make jury. You got helen deciding who makes jury and who doesint, aaryn knows shes in the bottom of a so called “alliance” but she doesint care because obviously shes not looking to win she just wants to make jury.

3. This season has been rigged from the get-go. I mean bringing in elissa and then asking people to vote for an mvp in the first week… Hmmm i wonder who will get it? Then you got amanda, the amount of vile things she has said, the amount of bashing, the amount hypocrisy and all CBS airs is her crying, her and mccrae, her dR with a stupid clown. Give me a break CBS.

4. This season is so unlike any season, had there not be any mvp bullshit, Elissa and her lack of a gameplay would of been gone, the moving company would of ran helen and judd and andy and jessie and the rest of these cowards out of the house. But instead you have a bunch of floaters calling the shots who really just all talk no game.


I agree with everything you said except the Moving Company. That was doomed from the beginning because McCrae would have jumped ship (and taken someone with him) regardless of anything that happened differently in the game. He’s so obsessed with Amanda that they never really had his vote or loyalty.

The moving company wasn’t a bad idea, they just had the bad luck of having a member that is completely run by someone else. When they started bringing up how McCrae needed to get a handle on Amanda because she was running wild, being too aggressive and going to ruin the alliance’s plans, he couldn’t even PRETEND that he was going to get control of the situation. He was so wishy washy. At the very least he could have lied and pretended that he’d take care of it.

It’s actually not a bad strategy for McCrae. He’ll always have a week’s notice of when he’s being targeted because people will take out Amanda first, and once she leaves he can “redeem” himself and separate by blaming everything that happened on her and pull a “I have nobody in this house now.”


cameras in the toilet?


Damn they can’t even shit in peace!?


Nah, I imagine since they are responsible they want to make sure nothing dangerous happens in there – still shitty (literally!! haha)


Man this season sucks ass so bad….If Howard goes this week, theres no one I like on the show….This MVP twist basically got rid of all the strong players, Worst twist in Big Brother History!!!!

CBS hater

Judd is too mentally unstable for me. But I would join team Judd if he managed to flip the House and get Amanda out.


I was hoping there were a couple of risk takers that would vote to oust Amanda. However it looks like Howard is going home. But Amanda will not be far behind. As long as America keeps nominating her, it will drive her bat s**t. She is obsessing over who nominated her. She will not let it go. If she is nominated next week she will get worse. Even if production bends the rules and tells her that America is the MVP, she will be devastated that she is not liked. America keep up the good work. If Amanda is not nominated by the HOH throw a couple hundred thousand votes her way just to give her more reasons to be paranoid.


I hope Julie tells them the MVP has been America for the last two weeks! The drama will be amazing as the girl realize America doesn’t like them. Elissa, Aaryn and Amanda all have huge but fragile egos. It would be fun to read about and great for the live feed watcher!


I hope Julie tells them the MVP has been America for the last two weeks! The drama will be amazing as the girl realize America doesn’t like them. Elissa, Aaryn and Amanda all have huge but fragile egos. It would be fun to read about and great for the live feed watcher!

** having trouble replying, if this is posted multiple time… I’m sorry.


Vote Andy. He will unravel more and reveal more and trip up more. It would be his worst nightmare to be nominated, especially before jury. Amanda can be next…or Helen.


I hate this cat people stuff


Let me see if I have it straight. If you liked Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel, you’re a cat person. If you liked Dani and Janelle, you’re super cool. Dani and Janelle were twice the c*nts that Rachel ever was.


I liked Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Janelle. With the exception of Jordan, they all played a hard but fair game. I didn’t like Dani, Britney, Mike Boogey and/or Dr. Will. Their game consisted of lies, lies and more lies. If my choices make me a cat person, I’m happy with the handle.


It’s clearly just a joke…lighten up. People can like whoever they want. Simon and Dawg are just trying to have some fun while they labor for all of us to be able to follow what’s happening. Can you at least grant them that?

Shelly's Cigarette

What is a “Cat” person anyway? And how did it get that name?


cat people…you can reason with them, gently. Squirrel people, not so much.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

This “protect Amanda and McCrae” is looking more pathetic everyday, nobody wants to make a move, f**king chicken s**ts.

They’ll never have Amanda on the block, this vulnerable again.

Gotta respect her though, because she’s a master manipulator, got everyone in that house except the ones that don’t have power, scared s**tless even though they know have the numbers to take her out.

For the 1st time since season 10, one player dominated the entire game “strategically”.

Amanda got 2 chances of getting the 500k , Her, or McCrae.. I’ll bet they get 550k, the way everyone is acting.

Helen's Alliance Member

Classic Helen telling Amanda that her and McCrae need to be broken up in jury…


OMG i am so confused at to what these people want, ok so who do they want to get rid of first again????? omg get your heads straight, one moment its spencer going out next week, than its candice, than its judd, than jessie, than aaryn, than elissa, than helen than its amanda — like wth the only people who are in a good spot right now are Andy and Mcrae, i think both of them might end up as the final 2


It is a ploy used to get people to not question their moves or perceived moves. It is a strategy used in corporate America to have people tow the line…mostly based on fear, however cloaked it is.


they are just so bored in there that one minute spencer has to go next week and the next minute candace has to go next week – they forget that you can only evict one each week, and that things change week to week

if spencer or candace win next hoh…look out house


This season really does blow!

This Season Blows

Get your own username, dude! This one’s taken! 🙂

anchovy yoghurt

Don’t that suck? Zombies.

Howards Meditation Cave In China

It is ok howard even though you are about to leave.Cbs might take care of you and give you a little extra money(maybe 10,000$) for acting very classy and not making the situation any worse with the racism.

Carlo F

How much do they get paid into Jury. I heard its $750 a week for house and Jury.

Jury Money CHing Ching$$$

Around 13,000$ all together

Big Jim

I think it’s $1000 a week now


1000 a week

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I believe they get paid $1000 a week, so whoever is in Jury will get a total of 13,000 for the season.


Plus AYCE slopballs!


What the heck Judd?


Is it me or does McCrae like a serial killer

ILLWILL That A$$hole

PizzaBoy, delivers your pizza in 1 hour, or the murder is FREE.


Lookslike Amanda’s wife


He looks like macaulay culkin’s killer brother in scream 4

This Season Blows

I really hope production isn’t dumb enough to bring back the MVP twist next year, because this is the result: a bunch of dumbass floaters who think freaking JUDD is a threat who needs to go home before Helen or Rachelissa.


Aaryn why? You had a chance to shred the racist label, put two superfriends up and rally the other side of the house. Instead you put the only two African American’s on the block. Instead of being a puppet you could have saved howard and this boring season creating a counter alliance, being the hero we’ve all been waiting for. What a wasted chance

This Season Blows

I actually don’t think she put up Howard and Candice because of racism, she’s just in a desperate position where she needs to let Helen boss her around in order to stay, and that was the result.


Not sayin it was because of racism, just saying she passed on a golden opportunity to dissolve the racist talk and put herself in an alliance instead of being the “SUPERFRiENDS” superbitxh

Team Elissa

Lets go Elissa,I do not like Rachel,brendon,Jeff or jordan at all. I do not own a cat but after howard leaves I am hoping she wins or maybe Candice or spencer

Team Elissa

Sorry for the double post I posted the same thing about

Team Elissa

*Posted the same thing above


I want the next HOH comp. sooooo bad! Over this week already.


Howard invented cancer…NY POST, last week



thats the wrong thing to do

If Helen was smart she would relay the information she just heard Amanda say to Judd, and convince him to get Amanda out now until waiting for jury to take her out.


You are giving Helen way to much credit on the smart line. She can handle one known adversary, she can not handle two. As in the case with Howard, the unknown has to be eliminated.

thats the wrong thing to do

If Helen was smart she would relay the information she just heard Amanda say to Judd, and convince him to get Amanda out now until waiting for jury to take her out.


I can’t wait til they remove all the huge threats like howard Candace and Judd, then realize since they can’t blame Amanda, all they will have left is to blame Jessie for being the mastermind

oh silly house


Team Judd all the way!!! Doubt it will happen Dictator Amanda and Helen will not allow it to happen. Wish the houseguest had the guts to vote out Amanda.
I cannot figure out why they are so afraid of her and McCrea. Amanda will be gone and not do anything to them.
Wish Andy would get caught!


Someone needs to let Judd know that they’re starting to turn on him. Then he could possibly flip the house to get Amanda out


Yes Helen is a great role model for her children. I so admire the qualities of lying, scheming, backstabbing…on top of that, she is just plain annoying.


And boring,


…………….*CUE PANDORA’S BOX*……………..


Amanda can’t get Judd’s name out of her mouth right now. Her and Helen have decided! Superfriends are starting to eat each other from the inside and Candice, Spencer and Howard are still in the house.

“He’s very smart.” Amanda about Judd. She’s said this about 100 times in an hour. These people repeat the same things over and over like they have Tourettes. And she’s saying it to ANDY of all people. Please Andy, go warn Judd and let ‘s get the party started. Muahahahahahaha!!


Andy will not warn Judd. He is Jealous of Judd usurping in within the goof troop alliance. Amanda’s “way to go Judd” exclamations unsettled Andy and he began his subtle sabotage on him.


Why instead of paying them all the same amount going to jury why not make it where each person makes a little bit more than the next person to leave, maybe that would at least give the players a little more initiative to not just settle.

Janelle pov queen

Howard should go home with all that god shit


I wonder what Helen will tell her children as to why she is mad at Howard for lying to her and she has been lying to everyone. It’s a fine line to explain to a child that “this is just a game”. This is not just a game when someone has been hurt the way that Candice and Howard have been hurt. Amanda was so obnoxious with Candice yesterday. Obviously Amanda has no problem separating game from personal. I have to wonder if that is something that could hurt McCrae in the long run. I believe Amanda plans to take Aaryn to final 2 because she knows that no one will vote for her. At this point I don’t see anyone voting for Andy either unless he makes a “big move”. Helen has several secret alliances and I just don’t understand her problem with Howard. He was never in an alliance with her they were just friendly before Nick left. Howard may not have been good for Candice’s game but I can’t wait for Helen to realize that not voting Amanda out this week is not going to be good for her game. At this point they are handing Amanda the $.


Oh this year’s game is dull. A sad bunch, who alll appear happy to let other people use their HoH’s for their own purposes.

It’s doubly disappointing because those outside the ‘Friendship’ just don’t appear to have prescience to win the crucial competitions or take a stand and by doing so, actually play the game.

I think the MVP twist was a great idea spoiled in the execution, partly because of the crass idea to cast Rachel’s sister, but mainly because Production did not anticipate how it would be subverted by the voting of Rachel/Brendon fans.

Sadly, this season is beginning to remind me of the second half of Season 6, I cared not a jot who won that season.


ok, Amanda & Helen has got to go! I was pulling for Helen til her HOH terror & I was pulling for Amanda til she thought she was just so safe that it was ok to lay around all day…Now they’re messing with Judd! Amanda needs to keep right on talking this week so she can talk herself right out the door! She is thinking just like Elissa last week, like there’s just no way America would put her on the block! I hope Aaryn tells JUDD about this convo & he can get to work on taking out Amanda & Helen, I mean he is a genius after all. I listened to Amanda & Helen reason all this out & they are nuts! I’m still—>JUDD FTW<—


Judd is the biggest pu55y in the house. He talks smack behind Howies back but never once confront or even show Howie his hatred for him.
Ole jugg head is a tool

name 2

The house is full of closet bigots and racists, but wow CBS and BB continue to show their edits as the wonderful human beings they are not. Maybe if CBS would not cut and paste on the shows and show what really happens instead of their edited parts America would get a brain and see who the real racists and bigots are.


I believe Amanda is trying to get people against Judd because Judd proposed a final 2 to McCrae. That makes him a direct threat to her. Andy has enough information to do some damage here but he doesn’t want to “get blood on his hands”. These people did not come to play big brother, they are all on vacation.


Great thought about whether Amanda would really want mccrae in the finale or she would scheme to take somebody she thinks that she could beat? would really show her true colors and if she’s with him for the right reasons

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I would love to see the wicked Queen Bee Amanda sent home this week. McCrae is a waste of space at this point. He did good the first week and then fell in love and lost his game. He is a lap dog now. Fingers crossed for Howard to get a miracle and stay.


I hate to keep saying the same thing, but Judd, Helen, and Elissa are crazy to go after Howard. This is going to end their game. Andy trust Amanda more then Helen. Once Elissa is gone Helen days are numbered. Judd will go before Aaryn and Jessie. These people are sold on jury? Everyone in the house is so scared of Amanda and Mc C. Helen could have use Howard. Helen and Amanda are the two strongest in the house, so if Amanda have a Husband in the house, she should have fought hard to keep the a strong guy very close to her. Too bad for her Andy is not that guy

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In light of all that is going on or not going on, I went back and read everyone’s bio. What a joke! This season would be great if they all did what they claimed in their bio. Aaryn’s is the best one of all considering all of the hateful things that she has said. Check them out again for a good laugh or to see how full of sh#@ all of them are.


I feel bad for Howard because I can’t figure out why everyone is gunning for him so hard and also because he won’t muster up the fight he needs to stay in the house this week. I like him and I’m rooting for him, but I agree with previous posters that said if he can’t fight for himself then he doesn’t deserve to stay in this game. Why none of these people are targeting Amanda and Helen is just beyond me. I hope Elissa flips on Helen and can rally some votes for Howard to stay this week. That’s just wishful thinking because it will never happen.


He has been fighting. So has Spencer,….. and Candace was at first. No one believes him. They do not have a brain. He has been trying to rally them to get out Amanda. Everyone just reports back to her. EVERYONE!!!! As soon as they might start to think, Amanda tells them to stop it and they listen to her. There is really nothing they can do. Who ever is left must win HOH and/or POV all the way out two reach the final 2 seats. They really need HOH so they can start to dwindle their numbers down. If Candace or Spencer wins HOH next week, they have got to go for the head of the snake……. AMANDA!!!! the neck…. HELEN!!! then the back, MCCREA!! They are up against it. You know whats funny, everyone wanted Howard out but they all refused to put him up, except Aaryn. She is so stupid. I think this is what she really wants to do because of who she is. Any thinking person would say, wait a minute, They think I’m a racist, they all wanted him out, but Judd didn’t put him up, Helen didn’t put him up, Elissa didn’t put him up, so why are they insisting i do it.? And why am I doing it. When she actually brought up that it would look good for her, they all laughed and said it was funny. That right there should have clued her in. But she is stupid and hateful and deep down this is what she prefers anyway. IF she really wanted to try to shake the racism, and was really scared for her safety outside the house, should would have made a alliance with Howard & Candace and stuck with it. Then it would be easier for her and her publicist to say deny the racism claims. BUT SHE IS STUPID!!!


This is a glassy eyed cast. Souped up on fear and medications. I guess Howard tried and knows anytime you talk to anyone of them they immediately go to the other one like a carrier pigeon and twist it along the way. They don’t’ even seem to really ponder making big changes or how any propositions will work for them outside their Master’s approval. It’s like a high level of apathy. They all put call Amanda and Helen The Governor in there. He may just chalk it up as this cast’s approach to the game is a lost cause. Too bad Spencer got a 34 instead of a 36 and it would have been an exciting game this week.


Someone with the live feeds please explain to us why Howard is being so disliked by everyone in the house? I just read another poster who said Judd dislikes him. From what I can see he’s been pretty pleasant as far as demeanor goes towards everyone in the house. He barely even talks to anyone. Why does Andy & Judd dislike Howard?


Because they view has being smart. As in he can see the BS that is happening within the house and they have not been able to coerce him. Basically, he was observant enough to realize early on that Amanda was capable of manipulating the people within the house to her way.


Body count if Howard goes…M4…F7. Who is counting? Helen!!! Next victim…Judd or Spencer. Then Helen says to Amanda, you in or you out? Bye bye McPizza.


Is Amanda faking her sickness to gain sympathy or is she for real? Trying to catch up..

I just think at this stage Howard needs to be direct and honest to the HGs. Note that his loyalty kept him from voting out Nick, the new alliance that came up was one he only considered since he wanted to make a big move. He should admit his targets as Mc and Amanda – if they keep him and vote out Amanda he would fight for HOH and go after Mc.

If he does not get HOH he would not break the trust and would not mind being up on the Block – atleast he would have made a mark in the game.

Finally he should address the MVP noting if he had it Elissa/GM would not have been his targets – it would have been Amanda. If this fails then he would have at least been vocal. Staying silent or not commiting to something does not gain peoples trust – if his intentions leak out he is still where he is now.


They have it all wrong. Judd is not the evil genius. GM is the mastermind here. Think about it. Everyone in the house thinks she is a nut case, a stalker totally obsessed with Nick. In reality this is all just her game play. She is getting a free pass because everyone thinks she can’t win anything, can’t speak, and has no desire to win. The other house guests better wake up real fast because she has total control and they dont even know it


WTF does Gina Marie do all day? Curious. I hardly ever see her on these updates. Why the hell is she even there? She must think she’s on Real World or Jersey Shore. Lol


All these ppl are idiotic, paranoid, hypocritical liars. I hope they all get booed on thursday when they go into the eviction room… naw screw that I hope America get the chance to vote instead of the HG. My vote is on Amanda… get out!!


These people turn on like 5985840475 people a day. LOL, I’m so over them.


I hate Amanda, Elissa, Helen, and McCrae. It’s annoying that everyone doesn’t care about it. Jessie and Aaryn need to be smart for once and go to the side with Howard and Spencer.