Somber mood In the Big Brother 16 house Caleb – “Be Strong.. I’ll mourn with you”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-23 18-34-37-748

5:35pm HOH Cody and Christine
He tells her she’s not going to go anywhere if he has anything to say about it.
Christine – “You too buddy”

BB16-2014-07-23 17-57-24-996

5:53pm BEEHIVE Zach and Derrick
Derrick says that is one risk they all have in the house they will miss things on the outside. They both feel bad for Frankie. Zach keeps repeating how it really sucks, points out that Frankie talked about his grandparents all the time.
Derrick – “I hate this f***g room”
Zach – Why did they make it like that
Derrick – Something new .. good for a little kid to play in but not conducive for lounging or talking.. I bet it looks great on camera

Zach asks him what he’s doing tonight
Derick is just going to chill, he slept all day so he thinks he’ll be up all night.
Zach says Big Brother is a lot harder than he thought
Derrick agrees says the hardest part of the game is the boredom.. “all the waiting around breeds rumors and paranoia”
Derrick says this game proves how mentally strong people are.
Zach – i’m mentally weak.
(feeds keep going on and off so conversations are incomplete)
Derrick talks about his life back home says he’s not here for the fame he’s here for the money and only that. Zach says the money would be more beneficial to Derrick than him, he doesn’t want it to sound like he doesn’t want to win he does,
Derrick ”I’m not asking for pity i’m not going to be like Brittany”
Derrick says he doesn’t make very much money he was a screw up in highschool and is working the best job he can. He will buy a small house and save the rest of money for his child schooling.
Derrick is envious of Zach he went to one of the top schools in the country he’s got the world by the b@lls.
Zach – I came here for the money but it wasn’t the first thing that comes to my mind
Zach – Look at me as one of your f****G soldier
Frankie joins they hug it out.
Frankie says he felt like he needed to explain to everyone why he’s staying in the game. Zach says they have to win it for his granddad.
Derrick asks him what was his name again. Frankie answer “Frank Grande”
Derrick says at least they have a busy week coming up that will occupy their minds.
Derick – Dude if it’s you and me on the wall i’ll throw it to you so you get your HOH pictures
Frankie says Caleb is going to take a banana put a pickle in it and seal the banana back up so he can give it to Amber. He’ll tell her “you can never judge a book by it’s cover”
Derrick points out nobody has told Caleb yet about Frankie’s granddad. Nobody woke him after Frankie came out of the Diary room. Frankie doesn’t feel like telling the whole thing again so he’ll wait until later tonight.

Frankie leaves. Zach says if he wins HOH he’s sending Caleb home. They agree next will be Amber and Jocasta.

Zach’;s plan if him and Frankie win the HOH is he will put up Amber and Donny , Frankie puts up Victoria and Jocasta. That way As long as Caleb doesn’t win POV he’s going home they will backd**r him.

BB16-2014-07-23 18-42-50-515

6:42pm Storage room Zach and Cody
Zach – “I’m winning it I don’t care what it is”
Frankie joins them
Zach tells him the only plan is for them to win HOH
Frankie – “Oh that its”
Frankie asks if they have to have a meeting to make sure they get the right vote.
Zach doesn’t think so. Cody suggest they talk to people individually to to make sure. Cody wants the vote to unanimous so they keep their word to Donny.

BB16-2014-07-23 18-56-33-716

6:50pm HOH Room Frankie and Victoria
He’s crying in her arms. Caleb comes up Victoria leaves.. Frankie says his grandfather passed away yesterday of cancer

Frankie reads the letter
My dearest Frankie WE love and miss you so much i’m sitting here with Nona, Arie and your cousin and are so sad to tell you that Grandpa lost his battle with cancer. Although it’s so difficult we thought it would be the right thing to tell you. We love you so much and want you to know that Grandpa said specifically a few days ago that if anything happens to him he wants Frankie to know how proud he is and he’s rooting for him to win.
Eventhough he had no idea what was going on on the show he was watching just for you, live feeds and all. He also insisted that no matter what happened he didn’t want it to interfere with your opportunity.
All of us are here strongly supporting you and encouraging you to stay in the game and work hard like Grandpa did his whole life as grandpa wanted you to.
He said so himself please don’t think about coming home think of how much grandpa wanted you to stay. He’s watching you from heaven and i’m sure thats better than any live feed we got.
Be strong as he would be and smile as he deserve to be celebrated take you time take deep breaths we love you dearly and are staying strong over here.. we are waiting for you to have a celebration of his life. we love you so ,much and want to hug you
P.S. the four of us just spent an hour fighting weather we should tell you we don’t want to tempt you to come home. stay be strong.

Caleb says he’s dealt with Death numerous times it’s never easy and it hurts it’s piercing and the soothing part is we’re not in control of that and there’s nothing we can do.. mourning is a way of understanding. It’s OK basically.. I feel your pain as an individual it might go away in a week it might never go away”
Caleb starts to cry tells im he’ll mourn with him they hug.. “Just know that you push yourself to limits you’ve never pushed yourself and prove who Frankie is and know it’s OK it’s OK to cry OK to shout.. it’s going to hurt it’s going to be painful. .frankly that person it not coming back.. in the spirit.. you gotta be strong frank.
Frankie says production told him he gets a picture if he wins HOH. Frankie – “you’re my closest friend in this house.. because of what we shared up here bondec up immediately.. all the craziness and the bullsh1t doesn’t matter to me inside and outside this house you are the one person I trust with my life.. I want you hear with me for the rest of this f***ing game.. lets get our love nest back.. f*** we had it for one day”
After some crying and hugging they start talking about Caleb putting a pickle in a banana. He says the way Amber say him at first was like a banana but after she peeled into she found a pickle (Amber likes PIckles but doesn’t like BAnana)
More about Frankie’s lost After he came out of the Diary room and the statement from his Famliy.

BB16-2014-07-23 19-16-22-765

BB16-2014-07-23 19-22-57-131

7:21pm Frankie and Cody HOH
Talking about Zach starting to get worried about next week. Frankie calls Zach a f***g mess, “he’s says I’m bored I’m going home”
Cody mentions that Zach told Brittnay that Cody and Amber are working together.
Cody – “Amber is getting on my f***g nerves”
They both agree it’s a bit sad Caleb is so head over heels for Amber. Zach says it’s 100% not reciprocated.
Cody is worried about Zach he has no idea where his head is add. Zach comes in.
Zach – What up guys”
Frankie and Zach hug.
The three of them start making fun of Caleb and his pickle in a banana. Cody says Caleb has never read a book he came up to Cody told him about the pickle in the banana and how he’ll tell her you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Cody- “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover that is why I’m beast mode cowboy”
They keep ripping on Caleb
Cody would feel like a dumba$$ and stupid if was falling all over Amber and she didn’t give him anything back.
Zach – He is a dumba$$ and he is stupid
Zach adds he’s pathetic and a loser, He’s never read a book how does he know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Cody doesn’t think he’s pathetic he’s just clueless.

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Where is the vote going?
Brittany is going home with a vote of 10-0. I don’t see her being able to stay.

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Sorry Brittany, you have to go home. I hope it’s Caleb, but Donny has to stay.


I don’t know whats more emberassing, Caleb’s obsession with Amber, or Christine who is married being infatuated with Cody and being jealous other girls are spending time with him.

For Christine to think Brittany is jealous of her is pathetic, I wouldnt care about how much Christine/Nicole/Victoria bitch about Amber and brittany if it was reciprocated, but amber/brittany don’t care to sit and bitch for hours about other houseguests. What I hate about bbus is they NEVER give accurate edits, or even try, they stick with christine/nicole being friendly nerds, what a fucking joke why i don’t bother to watch the real show as much cause i know i will be showed bullshit

Michael from Canada

Brittany talks smack about VIctoria WAY more than vice versa; and that’s a fact. VIctoria only started talking trash on Brittany when she heard about all the things Brittany was saying about her.

Brittany is no Christine, but she’s not better than any of the other girls.


Victoria is jealous of Brittany and Amber so are all the girls. Victoria has been talking about them from day one. All the girls except for Amber have been talking bad about each other since they got into the house.


Victoria has been talking bad about all the girls since day one. She is so clueless its embarrassing. She has no idea how to play the game . When she is asked who she would put up on the block she says I don’t know then agrees with the guys when they say who they would put up. She is only there to try to look good and flirt with all the guys especially Derrick who is a married man. She is just as sickening as Christine who is also married and thinks Cody is her teddy bear. The other girls are just jealous of Brittany because the guys think she is the prettiest girl in the house. These girls need to get over themselves and stop attacking each other and leave the guys alone or Derrick will send them all packing.


Brittany has said a few things about Victoria. But that comes because they got up on the block twice together, so Brittany does not want people to think they don`t like her for the reason they don`t like Victoria.

And because they have been on the block together 2x, that brings rivalry, and Brittany was hopping if at least she stayed on the block with Victoria people would vote Vick out, so she had to throw Victoria a bit under the bus.


Brittany only been saying how Victoria is weak and she doesn’t deserve to be here because she doesn’t even know the game, brittany only been saying this because she’s trying to stay in this house and all. WHILE victoria over here is gossiping with Christine and Nicole about brittany ALOT MORE. She even wants to redo her goodbye message to brittany to make it more mean.

Michael from Canada

She should make it more mean. Brittany deserves it. She won’t shut up about Victoria. She got offended when Derrick suggested that Victoria could win HOH and got him to retract it; even though Victoria has won more than Brittany has. She won’t shut up about the elbow jobs either. Brittany’s a bitch. She acts high and mighty, accusing the other girls of skanking around Cody when she was doing the exact same thing last night.

Normally I like seeing class in the goodbye messages, but in Victoria’s case I hope it is mean.


I mainly watch the tv shows just to see how the competitions play out


What I find embarrasing is that these ‘adults’ are so STUPID… as in!!! On the broadcast tonight Nicole asks out loud “is Contraption a word?” !!! That would be in any 10 year old’s vocabulary. (I think she didn’t know her local geography either). Victoria wondered if fermenting, as in wine, meant to grow bigger and Cody blurts out as they are naming their alliance “wait whats a detonator?”

Come on CBS….you have to work a little harder. Quit sending your people around with the mindset “oh they are good looking, lets bring them on”. That’s basically how many get on this show.


Thats strange… I wrote “as in UNEDUCATED”


why is everyone always mad at Amber? she is the nicest person on the show!

Pickle in a banana

I really hope Amber appreciates the special mind it took to create me.


No, actually, ROTFL!
Special mind… bwhaaahhaahhaa! :p

Captain Crunch

did i miss something? why does cody hate amber now? they were all over each other the other day.


He told his alliance he is playing Amber because she has a crush on him. He’s just a horney jerk that pretends to be a sensitive guy. He makes me sick just like the rest of the cast. I hope Amber wises up and take over the house somehow and gets these nasty jerks out. They complain about Devin but Derrick acts just like him except he doesn’t tattle on himself.


Amber said Devin was more her type.
Cody is only half of Devin`s size.

Amber just see Cody as a friend, like girls like having gay friend ( not saying Cody is gay)

And Cody is not HOH anymore, so he is shitting on his pants, we wants everyone and CALEB to think he hates her now. He is scared if Caleb wins HOH he goes on the block

Michael from Canada

Amber told Jacosta last night that her last boyfriend was about Cody’s height and built somewhere between Cody and Hayden.


Caleb may be a love-struck puppy who does not see the error of his ways with Amber, but I am damn glad he fought for this country and would consider it an honor to be his friend. He is truly a honest guy with a lot of integrity.


Large Jacketed One:
You and I have had our differences b4, and I really don’t see this going much better, BUT have to say it: I’m certainly older than you and am sure with that, goes more experience. My father FOUGHT in Korea. My uncle was killed there. Both grandfathers fought in service. My mother was an honorary cadet colonel. Most of my peers (male, usually), were in some way connected to the Vietnam war, and my husband flew Medivac helicopters in both Vietnam and Korea under horrible conflict. My son is career Army and serving a tour in Korea as I write this. In my generation and my parents’, these acts of courage were considered duty, nothing more. They are patriotic, but that doesn’t mean we have to wak around on eggshells every federal holiday and “not say nothin’ stupid” or they might just go off. My experience with ex-military who talk non-stop about their experience is that there’s usually something to hide, making more of it than what it was, or most likely craving the attention it gets them. Every true hero I’ve met, and I’ve met a l lot, stand by their actions and keep their mouths shut. “Loose lips sink ships” is a huge motto with them, and they need to prove nothing to anyone. Props to Caleb for joining up, but I have no respect for his use of it as a tool. In my opinion, this young man lives in a dream world and I wouldn’t trust anything he says as the real truth ( although, yes, he is loyal). In other words, “he can’t HANDLE the truth!” I’m just worried about his mental future both in this game and outside. My 2 cents.

BB Adicts Anon

I have wondered before if Caleb might have PTSD. And been roundly criticized for it. As if just bringing it up makes it a joke. It isn’t one, but if he is suffering PTSD that could explain some of his behaviors. Or conversely that time could have been for him, the one place where he felt he belonged. Or he could just be a narcissist. In any event, he doesn’t exactly appear stable. Something that perhaps should have been detected during casting.

Michael from Canada

He shows zero symptoms of PTSD. Give it a rest.


I suspect part of why Caleb talks so much about his service to part he feels like a fish out of water and he is trying to b relevant an using it as small talk to get conversation going. Suze I agree and understand with you that most heroes keep their mouths shout due to my own experiences with war veterans as a civilian. I can see the integrity in Caleb as mentioned by BigJacket. Caleb is still a young pup and a lot to grow and learn. I personally am grateful for a really awesome friendship with a person in the (a overseas) army as he has taught me so much about integrity, loyalty and team work. It is a shame that some HGs are blind to these qualities in Caleb and most of the world are blind to these in all most serving army personnel.

are you kidding me.......??

Yes – totally agree that he should be commended for fighting for our country…….however, honest and has integrity – not sure I agree with that….he is a bully……has no respect for women…does not listen……talks down to women – his way or the high way………totally in cuckoo land…….full of crap…..psychotic….and dangerous.

Caleb's Cool With Me

Are you talking about Caleb with those descriptions? What show are you watching? Nothing of what you said makes any sense…talks down to women?…Ridiculous jibberish.

tyrese jones

im sure frankie is going to use this to his advantage.


He alreay is saying if he wins HOH he will get a picture. I am sure he is saying this to get people to throw the hoh to him. That’s really low in by Franki standards!


jeez..his grandpa JUST died at least pretend to have some sympathy for him before you start trashing him. He’s not an evil person. Imagine being away from your grieving family and not being able to do anything.


not able to do anything?

He has the right to leave the house if he wants to.


Why if his Grandfather was that sick would anyone go in the BB house? If family is as important as Frankie “claims” why doesn’t he leave and go be with his family because Frankie has made it readily apparent that he does not “need” the money. Frankie just makes me sick to my stomach. If he wants to build schools in Africa and his family is as wealthy as he claimed last night why has he not already done so because even if he wins BB after taxes he only will get around $300,000. Sorry Frankie but I think you are full of BS!


I know, this is BS and not fair.

If CBS shows all this drama going on.. and keep showing Frankie the Angle I will quit this season.. because it sucks anyways with this cast.

The thing is… I feel sorry for his Grandfather passing away… But I don`t know him, And will not be fair to put something like this for people who does not know the person to watch


So sick of Caleb saying Amber doesn’t appreciate anything he does for her. She does not WANT or NEED you to do anything for her and owes you nothing.
He’s like the guy in the bar that buys you a drink that you never wanted in the first place and then expects you to talk to him.

Caleb's Cool With Me

I disagree with your assumption of Caleb. I believe what Caleb is about is how much he’s at that age that he wants to find the right girl. Amber is an immature imitation of the type of girl that Caleb is really looking for. Any woman who doesn’t want a man who wants her attention would just be upfront with the REASONS why it’s not going to work out. She should just tell him that he’s too short, or he’s too country, or he’s too whatever. He’s not a bad person, by any means, he obviously thought that he could come on the show and find someone special, but he wasn’t lucky to pick the right season to appear on. Equating him to a guy in a bar is nothing but belittling him and you don’t even know him. He likes her and because of who he is as a person, (real and spiritual) his heart has him believing that he can find love in the BB House. I feel a little bad for him.


I understand what you’re saying and agree that it’s sad to watch, BUT, if you’ve really, really watched and listened, he just flat out refuses to take her no’s for an answer. And then, and this is the scary part, he threatens her constantly by saying that he’ll make sure she’s out the door, if…….. He’s always telling her about his plans for their future and never once asks her how she feels. After all, “God PUT her there for him”. It’s out of BOTH their hands…..phewwww, that’s a lot of crazy, right there. She’s stuck in there with him and I believe she’s afraid for several reasons. I do wish, tho, she’d have the guts to scream it to the rooftops.

Caleb's Cool With Me

From what I know about life and I know a hell of a lot more than most people, everything that’s been said about Caleb in a negative connotation has been BLOWN way out of proportion. It’s like one person decides that they don’t like that he’s interested romantically in a girl in the house because he’s upfront and rather serious about it that it TURNED INTO outrageous drama that isn’t even the case. If Amber felt bombarded by anything that Caleb has said to her she would make it be known that it was TOO much. All she has to say to his FACE is “You’re NOT my TYPE” and I know for a fact that would suffice to stop him from even trying anymore. It’s because she hasn’t BALD FACED told him to stay the hell away from her, and you know why that is…because he’s NOT A THREAT to her. He just wanted her to know that he cares about her and in his own southern country gentlemanly way he’s unable to deal with the fact that she maybe likes him, but is playing hard-to-get. It’s a woman job to not tell everybody else how she feels, but to tell the man with undeniable REJECTION that she’s not interested ROMANTICALLY!!! Caleb is a soft-hearted guy and I literally can feel his dismay and his heartbreak over the fact that she would choose to spend quality time with another guy over him. He’s NOT CRAZY, he just came into the BB House and expressed what he felt. Maybe he was hoping for something like what Rachel and Brendon had in the house. When he was play-fighting or as I would call it “TEASING” her; there was nothing malicious about it. But the commentary from all the posters were piggy backing off each other calling him every name in book and I just didn’t see it or hear it that way. I’m not a FOLLOWER and I make my decision from my heart about a person. He’s a ROMANTIC, NOT a STALKER, or CREEPER, or PSYCHO. It’s totally outrageous how badmouthing a person can get so out-of-control because a few people decided that it was their TRUTH about him. Well, I have much better sense than that. I will always follow my own train of thought and all the BS about it needs to cease. My GOD, you’d think no one has ever seen a man being a gentleman and trying to profess his love for someone. He’s not the problem, seems more like everyone else has the problem and that’s my point of view on the subject. I just see a NICE GUY, that’s looking for a NICE GIRL and he shouldn’t feel bad about how she ignores him. He should just FORGET IT and LIVE ON, but that’s easier said than done when you have the nature of a nurturing person. This posts has gotten a bit longer than I expected but I have to end with this, Caleb is a NOVEMBER BABY (like myself) and we have very ROMANTIC personalities that can usually take us on some very emotional rides. Big hearts, Lovable nature, and Nurturing characters that’s usually directed at the wrong targets or wrong-at-the-time targets. DONE!!!


Ok, hon, I’ll give you a thumbs up on that one. You make some good points and you’re obviously a sweet person. Let’s not fight about this and see how it plays out, ok? I can tell you have a very good heart and want you to know that I see that.


LMAO Zack is so cruel: “He’s never read a book how does he know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Hahaha poor clueless Caleb!


In my opinion, if they felt the need to tell Frankie, then he should have been sequestered until he decided whether or not to stay in the game.
If he chose to stay, give him some time to pull it together, and not allow him to tell the other hg’s.
Bringing outside information into the house can effect every single player via butterfly effect.


Sorry, I meant to reply to the poster below me.


So what now everyone feel sorry for Frankie that they will give him the game for his grandpa… BS I wish i was there. Pour a little beer out for PAWPAW and keep it moving


I sucks. it is nor fair for anybody

I dont wanna be cruel… but let`s he honest. I dont think Frankie was not even close with his grandfather, if he was he would be with his family right now.

And if I was the one in that situation. I would ask production if I could stay alone for a few hours with no cameras. But Frankie has no problem with the cameras.

At least we all know he wants the money really bad and NOTHING is standing on his way

Caleb has poopy pants

Goodness, even in his grief Frankie is still able to play the game. One minute, Caleb is his best friend, the next, with Cody and Zach, he is a pitiful looser.
Gotta admire Frankie’s ability to bounce back. Oh well, rock on grandpa Frank!
I wish the Grande family well. My sympathies are with you. Even if I don’t want your grandson to win.


I am sure Christine is secretly pi$$ed that Frankie had to bring up his grandpa dying and ruin the mood for her and Cody’s date. She is so vile I wouldn’t expect less of her to say to Nicole ” Really Frankie, did you have to find out about your grandpa right before my date” and be nasty to Frankie the rest of the day. I hope her husbandsee’s this and leaves her. She has turned out to be not only a mean girl but also a horrible wife and all around nasty human being. She really had me fooled the first week or so. I really thought she would use they way she was treated and bullied by others to not do the same. But now that she is one of the “cool kids” she is nasty adn mean to those she see’s beneath her. Well this will be over soon and you will be in the real world soon where you will just be ugly Christine again, but now everyone knows your inside matches your outside. I hope Karma comes back to you.


I actually like Amber. I don’t see why the other house guests want her gone. Maybe it’s cause of Caleb. If Caleb leaves, I can see Amber making an alliance with Donny, Nicole, Jocasta, and Hayden. And then they could take out the guys controlling the house.


Hayden hates Amber because Nicole does. The only reason what they don’t like her is because she is a model and she is the prettiest girl in the house. The guys say they don’t like her because they are afraid Caleb will neat them up. Frankie is upset because Caleb plays the game for Amber.


Just keep mind Amber was the one that destroyed this season.

She was the one that told Caleb about Joey wanting a girls alliance.

If Amber kept her mouth shut. everything could be different now.

I liked Amber, but I won`t forget what she did. And I do want her gone because of that.


He already knew there was a girls’ alliance, but he wanted to know who started it. So I guess she was covering her own @ss.. I mean, maybe she should’ve just sat there with no comment, but tell me Zach or Frankie or 75% of the rest wouldn’t have said it too.


One thing I’ve noticed from reading the updates and watching the feeds a lot. (recently lost my job) Is Caleb, Amber, Donny never say crap about anyone in the house. It’s all coming from the the detonators.

I think the detonators are nasty ugly people. Donny needs to win the HOH contest more than ever.

bowties united

whose jocasta?


Im sure Frankie and/or Zack is talking this HOH.

and we all know why

Caleb's Cool With Me

You are right and so is adding Jocasta to the list from the next poster. Watching this show actually makes me sick in the stomach sometimes because I want to see a good show but all I can see is liars and deceivers and that’s not what makes me feel good, especially when it’s so blatantly brutal and misinformed. I’m debating with myself each week if I can continue to watch, but I want to see how far a few people get in the game. I might decide just to watch only ON DEMAND if it continues to irk me. I’m a lot disgusted about how Caleb’s character is bashed for his lovelorn to find a woman to settle down with. I think a million women will be waiting to get at him when the show is over. I consider him to be a good catch, if a lady is looking for a real man, as they use to say back in the day.


Frankie saying if he wins HOH he will get pictures of his grandpa?!? Already using his grandpa’s death to try to get people to throw the HOH to him. That is even low by Frankie standards. My 2 mins of feeling bad for him are officially over. I just hope these people see through it, but with this bunch I highly doubt that!


I am not going to fault Frankie for wanting to see a picture of his Grandfather. I think I would want to climb Everest if I had one more private moment with mine.


If this was like 2 days later and he’s saying this fine fair play for feeling that way.

But he just found out and who knows where his head is at. Everyone knows when you’re HoH you get pictures….how is that using it to his advantage? He’s not pulling a Johnny FairPlay (Survivor).

I’m indifferent about Frankie but give the guy a break for a couple hours in a house where you have nothing to distract you and you just found out about a death in the family.


Frankie did not lie about his grandpa, but Johnny FairPlay mad up a lie about his grandma, this is completely different thing! it do not even happen now that people will give HOH to Frankie for sure, also Frankie is a strong competitor, he won two HOHs already!


EviL RaT. Everything about this tragic mess sends the wrong message about our community.


I’m happy production gave Frankie that letter!


yeah, will be good to show on tv right?

Why didint they just kept private?

If that was me, I would never share that letter with the other houseguest. Remember they don`t know anything about each other? Just meet few weeks ago. and Frankie is even lying about his family, while everyone is not??

Come on ZachAttack!

OK Wildcard, this is your time to shine! Gotta admit, after I read the letter, I got a little teary eyed. #WILDCARD

Come on ZachAttack!

Oh yeah, I’m glad they told Frankie


Sorry the wild card was BB telling Frankie that grandpa died. Hoping he would leave and then they would keep Britt. But just like all rats the only way to get rid of them good is poison. The letter trap did not work, cause he still kicking and squirming around the house.

Squeak squeak


I like Brit and wanted to see the main group broken up but I also think Donny is golden for this show. The amazing part Thursday night will be the face of Brit when she loses 10-0…..


WHY isn’t Zach on Team America?????
It would cure his boredom and ours.
Plus, he wouldn’t be too chicken shit to actually accomplish the mission, unlike that bs about Amber being a huge threat last week.
Can you imagine him with either one of this coming wks missions?
The hamster would be all over that chessboard.


Picking Amber as ‘the threat’ was ridiculous…CBS/BB had better NOT give TA the money for that failed choice…


Really like Frankie but the guy is a millionaire due to his sister (He lives 4 mins away from Central park walking and that real estate is easily 2+ million for even a studio apartment). Better to see the 500K go to people that really need it like Donny…


Don’t forget Frankie has been in Broadway plays too


With all the respect to Broadway. But Broadway is one of the least places any actor or singer wanna end up. These days all the people that went to American Idol and did not make it anywhere are doing Broadway.


Being in a Broadway musical as a chorus boy makes you about two grand a week, maybe a little more. Not enough for an apartment, which is why most people have roommates with other performers. And some people do want to be on Broadway rather than American Idol.

BB Adict anon

Is there a line for those of us who DESERVE 500k? Cause I think I do. And I do need to go on BB to get it . Thad be great! It’s a game show, production/casting has determined that each of these chuckle heads deserves a chance to win. It DOES NOT matter who they are or what they have outside the show. They all get the same chance. It is up to them to make the most of it. Remember, it sounds lovely if we would all get what we deserve, until you start to think about what you might deserve. So maybe we can keep the speculation on what each of them has outside the house to a minimum. It serves no purpose but cooking up a large serving of jealousy.


I still don’t fucking like Frankie. I hope he goes home soon. Can’t stand his fake ass. All he wants is more fame ugh


Thank you for saying EXACTLY what I’m feeling. record so I can FWD that HOT MeSS!

¡ RaTChEt ! <—–[insert picture of Frankie here]


Can someone please explain why Evil Dick left the game? And, how was that situation handled?


I read something saying he took drugs to the house? and he also had legal trouble?


There was a “situation” with someone he was close to. Evil Dick posted a video on you tube explaining everything it wasn’t, but never got specific out of respect for this other person’s privacy. Here is the link to his video.
At the time Rachel was HOH and her nominations were Keith and Porsche, Keith went home.


To get drugs.


The Evil Dick situation was handled with class and privacy, and Evil Dick did not play it up to the cameras like Frankie did for ratings and sympathy. Frankie is one sick individual by how he played it to the cameras. Definitely can tell he is an actor!! If I was his family I would be ashamed of him for acting that way about such a private and sad death of your grandfather passing away.


I absolutely hate Amber. Straight up dumbest girl they have ever casted.

Victoria sucks

Victoria is the dumbest cast mate in BB history. She has no game plan at all and believes everything the guys tells her. She has no clue that Derrick thinks she is as dumb as rocks. She also doesn’t understand that married men are off limits. She said she was engaged herself so she should keep her hands off all the guys. I find it hilarious that she was given the POV by Caleb and now all of a sudden she thinks she is a composition beast. He gave her the veto so he could have the money. I laugh my butt off when she said it was stupid and didn’t make sense why she was on the block. Well you are there because you don’t do anything . She is going to feel so stupid when she is sent home before jury and she watches how dumb she was acting and how bad Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie played her.


I agree Victoria is a waste of space and she is so dumb. I can’t wait for Caleb to win HOH and kick her out.


I agree with everything you said except that I think Derrick plans on taking Vic along for the ride. I mean think about it, who would you want to stand next to you in the final 2?

are you kidding me.......??

Jealous much…………??????

beast mode cowboy creeper

That is not true….They cast Victoria.


caleb is kind hearted and means well. he is so loyal. its easy to take advantage of him.


Brittany has said a few things about Victoria. But that comes because they got up on the block twice together, so Brittany does not want people to think they don`t like her for the reason they don`t like Victoria.

And because they have been on the block together 2x, that brings rivalry, and Brittany was hopping if at least she stayed on the block with Victoria people would vote Vick out, so she had to throw Victoria a bit under the bus.


Exactly! Donny is too, but he keeps his cards and thoughts close to his vest. I also like the comment someone posted about who talks bad about who in the house. I like people who talk game and avoid the personal stuff. If Donny gets the chance to put out Caleb, like he almost did this week by wanting to back-door him, so be it. That is the game.


Its stupid to not get Zach out if the house because he is vote for them. He is such a jerk and thinks he is funny. He has tried to ruin the games of the people in his alliance . They need to smart up and get rid of him before jury or they will watch him and Christine in the final 2.


That is all Christine wants final 3 with Cody and Zack.


Christine wants Cody even though she has a husband.


Question? Simon, Dawg – Anyone: Has Hayden kept his conversation with Donny (about who Donny would target) a secret? I so hope so. If Hayden keeps quiet, my respect for him will def. increase. And I just don’t understand how Frankie could turn around & talk so bad about Caleb & Zach, who both showed him so much compassion. Also, I think Amber is beautiful – both on the inside & out – curly or straight hair – & def. doesn’t deserve all the hate she is getting. Understand the girls being jealous but what’s up w/Cody? And one last note – does Christine seriously think that Brit (or anyone for that matter) could be really jealous of HER??!!


Thanks Simon, Lord knows Donny needs to be able to trust someone!


Literally Zach crying made me start to cry….I don’t know whether it’s romantic or not, but the amount of love he has for Frankie is incredible. And even though Frankie’s gameplay is too similar to Andy’s to make me like it, I think he’s actually a good person at heart and was super close to his grandfather.


If he was that close to him, he would be standing by him right now.


You don’t know the situation. Seeing as his grandpa was sick when he entered the house, I would think that they discussed/ or he at least thought about what he would do in the situation of his condition worsening/or death. He will be the one to live with the decision, and his grandpa was persistent on him staying in the game. Respect his decision without trashing the guy. Regardless if you like him or not he is still grieving his grandpa. People just grief in different ways.


Derrick needs to watch out. He thinks he is running the house. I will laugh my butt off when Frankie or Donnie sends him home.


I miss chelsia & james from season 9!!!

BB16 sucks

Jocasta knows SHIT about Christianity! She even thinks the Catholics have a different Bible!!! She even says Catholics is not Christian. WTF! Get that stupid bitch out of the BB house!


Many Catholics and Eastern Orthodox believers use a Bible that includes the Septuagint, also called the Apocrypha, which Luther separated from the Old and New Testaments when he translated the Bible into German. King James did the same in his translation. Most Protestant Bibles nowadays do not include these books, as they are not considered to be canonized for inclusion in the holy Bible. That could explain her comment about different Bibles. As to Catholics not being Christians, that’s a bit overreaching in my opinion. Some denominations question the practice of confession (of sins) to priests rather than actually confessing sins to God as well as prayer to Mary and the saints. Again, that could be what Jocasta was fumbling to try to explain.


That’s NOT what she said. She was referring to Caleb’s situation, where he said he doesn’t ascribe to all of the Catholic beliefs. So, his beliefs could be considered non-denominational.

Caleb's Cool With Me

I’m sure you meant to say Cody, NOT “Caleb”, because that’s who she was talking to about that subject.


I did. Thanks, It was actually my intention to ask them to stroll below and read your post. it was spot on.


Are you kidding me? Cody tells Jocasta he is Catholic and she says that is not Christian??? She tells him that is non-denomitaional? What religion is she following?


Ooohhhhhh, I missed THAT one……..holy moley. That’s just not right. I’ve always liked Jacosta as a person, but that kind of religious judgment is stepping way over the line.


You DIDN’T miss that….because that’s not really what happened. IF you missed parts of the conversation it might be easy to misconstrue. She was talking about his individual situation….not Catholicism

Caleb's Cool With Me

It appears that all 3 of you misheard the conversation between Jocasta and WHAT’S HIS NAME. She said that he could possibly be considered non-denominational since he said that he did not follow the Catholic religion to the full degree. What she meant by Christian religion being different from Catholic is the fact that Catholics USUALLY have to go to MASS to ask for forgiveness of their sins…meaning through a PRIEST; but I think she was trying to explain that other religions (i.e., Baptists, Methodists, Pentacostal and Non-Denominational) weren’t bound by a PRIEST to ask GOD for forgiveness of their sins. They don’t have to go to MASS or Church to talk things over with GOD because it can be done at any time or any place. The one that she left out probably because it didn’t come to mind was “Spirituality”. Some people consider themselves to “spiritual” more than “religious”, because you can be religious about anything…biting your nails for example. The conversation between them, in my opinion, was NOT an EXACT communication of the pertinence of any particular form of FAITH. It was just random talk that went all over the place. Which is why I don’t get how anyone listening could take OFFENSE to what was said and start calling Jocasta out and bashing her name. You either get it or you don’t and just leave it as that.




Question. Derrick said he had a rough childhood on multiple occasions and that he screwed up high school, implying that he really needs the money. He then complimented Zach on the fact that he went to a good college, but if I recall correctly, doesn’t Derrick have an MBA? Is he pulling a Matt Hoffman?


I lost all respect for Cody when he gave into Derrick and Frankie and put Donnie up instead of Caleb. Grow a pair and do what you want for your own game. Derrick and Frankie are. They both want to win and they don’t give a crap about your game. Cody just put a huge target on his back by not putting up Caleb like the house wanted. He better hope Caleb doesn’t win HOH or he will know how Donnie feels.


Lilly Allen’s, “…forget your balls & grow a pair of t*ts”

BB Adict anon

So sorry about grandpa Frank, but if I’m in that house, no way am I throwing an HOH to Frankie. Not if there was any way at all I could win. And if any of those brainless, spineless, graceless , I will vote with the house, cause I can’t think for myself dip wads do. The deserve to be sent packing.


Waiting to see 4 guys on the block; mainly Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Cody, and Hayden.


Me, too. With all the talk of manhood and goodness, Donny is the real thing. And definitely equal with Derrick on what’s really happening in this game. Derrick could never sit next to him at the end tho, and he knows it. He’d lose.


From what I can tell Evel Dick lft the show due to a situation with his girlfriend family. He doesn’t say exactly but it sounds like a unexpected tragedy occurred and he wanted to be there for his girlfriend as she has been there for him.


Frankie makes me sick, one second he is hugging Caleb, talking about his Grandfather that just past away, crying with him telling him he is his only friend in the house, then the next he is up stairs with Zach and Cody making fun of him. That just makes me ill. Frankie needs to go.


I just read this and SO agree. I was confused at his conversations and had to re-read as to who he was bashing Caleb to, because just prior, he was talking to Caleb about how close he was to him and that he was his closest friend and that he wanted him till the end, yada yada yada… Crazy! So who the heck is the real Frankie? Who is he aligned with? I’m feeling an “Andy” going on here…


This is the only site that I follow for BB updates so I have possibly missed something on a different site. I find it strange that no one who served with Caleb has commented on his personality, obsessions, etc. People always step forward to voice opinions of someone they were once associated with. Does anyone know if other sites have carried something?


I feel sorry for Frankie but he is just so fake and using this to his advantage. Watching him is pretty sickening at times