Frankie Grande’s Grandfathers Dying Wish was to NOT tell him of his condition..

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When house guests enter the big brother house they make a commitment to close themselves off from the outside world for up to 3 months without any contact with friends or family. Going into the house, Frankie Grande’s life was already very public due to being a Broadway performer / youtube personality, in addition to being the brother of singer Ariana Grande. With already being a public personality its not surprising that the news of the passing of his Grandfather yesterday has spread fast. Typically Big Brother will notify house guests if a family member passes away and then the house guest makes the decision whether or not to remove themselves from the game. However, due to the requests of his family and the last dying wishes of his Grandfather it is likely that Frankie won’t learn about his death until after he leaves the Big Brother house. If Frankie makes it to jury then he won’t learn about his passing until after the finale on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014. Knowing how close Frankie is to his family it is a given that if he were told about the tragic news he wouldn’t even think twice about leaving the game. Whether or not Frankie agrees with the decision to keep him in the dark will remain to be seen.

Over the last month while Frankie has been inside the house his grandfather’s condition wad worsened to the point where his sister Ariana asked him if they should pull Frankie from the big brother house to be by his side. His response was:

“No way! he’s gotta play the game even though I don’t understand it”

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Here are a couple of Ariana’s recent tweets following the passing of their grandfather:

if only y’all knew how amazing he was.. my ???? hurts so much. It’s beyond broken :'( but I got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace

this is the hardest thing imaginable but I’m so grateful that I got to spend this time with him & my family. taking care of him & loving him


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Teri B



CBS is LOVING this!
Ratings people Ratings!

Jimmy 64

Tell him his decision


Unless I’m missing something it seems the sister asked the grandfather if they should “PULL Frankie from the house” obviously while he was still alive. I don’t see any final wishes about telling him of his death!

I would think the right thing to do is tell Framkie he’s passed and what the guys wishes were about him leaving show. Then Frankie can know and decide. I personally would be pissed to come off a show and learn what happened months ago. Depends how close they were.


But the thing is. Frankie would be acting different right?? People would be asking what is going on? Then if Frankie tells them. Who do you think would ever vote Frankie out?

This is a family matter, and has nothing to do with the show.


Of course they should tell him. Doesnt matter if he was acting different. Gosh, if acting different is how you could win, then people should just pretend someone died to then win the money.


i completely agree! they should tell him! if i was in his position and my family didn’t give me the chance to go to the funeral of someone i loved, I’d be angry and hurt, especially since he may not find out until september, that would be just heartbreaking!


It’s lovely that the family wants to respect the grandfather’s wishes but not telling Frankie is very unfair.

Not only will it taint his entire experience on Big Brother it will ruin all the after the Finale press and events for him. He’ll spend a lot of time thinking, I was living in the Big Brother house, joking around, loving life while my grandfather passed on. It’ll be very hurtful. It should be no one’s but his own decision to stay in the game or not. They need to tell him. I hope the family changes their mind.

Kathie from Canada

Frankie is a grown man and deserves to participate in this decision. They could tell him of his grandfather’s dying wish and that his family would support him should he decide to stay. But not even telling him is risky business IMO.


Honestly it’s not like Frankie needs the money.
He loves the publicity.
I myself would choose family over money any day.


To deny a man or woman there dying wish is horrible


Frankie knew he was sick, and this could happen while he was on the show.
Maybe he talked with his Grandparent and him told Frankie to stay in casa that happen?
maybe Frankie was the one that told his family??

I respect that. BUT it do not look good.

warlord link

what about the time 2 people left to go on power of ten they won money and came back to the show,,what about time they all went to a movie premire private showing??? see frankie are be let go to go to services be with his family and return to game..member judd last year came back after being evicted


I agree with you Marissa.


So you die and leave your wishes .. And you want people to not respect your wishes ???? Really what’s the harm in letting Frankie wait … Grandfather is still dead … He can go pay his respects when its over just like the grandfather wanted. So wow .. Let the man have his last wishes respected .. And further how do you know Frankie already knew his grandfather plan not to tell him while in the big brother house … So chillax and prayers to the family.


That makes it even worst. Which means, he was the one that choose not to be in his funeral.

Maybe they were just not close at all? STILLLL

Oh well, this says a lot about the GRANDE family.


I don’t think the chance of winning 500 grand is worth missing those last few moments with your loved one, and attending their funeral etc. I think he should have been told and let him make his own choice on the matter.


I agree. It sounds like the family knew he was going to pass while Frankie was in the house. The family should have told production to tell him and give him the choice stay to say goodbye. He most likely would have left, but Frankie clearly doesn’t need the money. He will probably forever regret going on the show and not being able to say goodbye.


That would not be good for anybody.

For example. I don`t like Frankie at all, and I hope he gets evicted. But if he knew about this and was still in the house. I would feel guilty about wanting him leaving.

The same thing for the people in the house. How would they vote him out and all this? Nobody would do it.


Holding my fathers hand during his passing was an emotional tender moment I will charish forever. Frankie will never have that. so sad!!


It wasn’t his father. As a parent of adult children, I would want my last wishes strictly adhered to. It is, after all, the final wish.


That’s a tough one….but only the family knows what’s best and they based their decision off of that. I respect the family and their wishes. Good Luck Frankie!!!!!!


I am thinking this may have been what production let slip to Victoria.


Uhm what? That is definitely not what production said to Victoria ( which was before all this anyway ). Silly thing to even come up with or say.




I was with my mom right to the end I would not have wanted anyone one else to make a decision like that. I feel sad for Frankie he has a right to know and make up his own mind on this. Good luck Frankie!!!!!!!


Sorry about grandpa. But please tell him so he can leave the game!!!!

First timer

I can understand honoring her grandfather’s wishes and telling her brother afterward. However, when she posts selfies with dying grampa and tweets ‘at least I got to be there with him when he saw the light’ you have to question if she is one of the most tactless people on the planet, or these two are not as close as they make it seem.


I guess we all see things differently and that’s a good thing. But I didn’t think those came off tactless at all. I thought her pictures were rather sweet and she comes off like a sweet family orientated young woman. Some people share that way with photos and on their social media.

Grandma Cherie

My oldest daughter & her family went to Disneyland, on the day my mom passed. We made the desision not to notify her of my mothers passing. It would have ruined the day for her & her 7 yesr olds first time there. Yes, she was upset after she found out, but she was able toattend the funeral. Frankie seems to be a strong mature adult, & I think he would respect his grsndfathers wishes.r


Mind your own business people.


I totally agree!! People are so judgmental. Frankie went into the BB house with full knowledge of his Grandfathers condition and more than likely, talk about the possibilities with this Grandfather and family IF they happened. Whether Frankie needs the money or its a career move is up to Frankie. People go into the BB house for all sorts of reasons and who are we to judge. Stop being so hateful people and instead pray for this family’s healing. I hope Frankie stays in the house as it was his Grandfathers dying wish. And if they tell Frankie or not is not for any of you to be so nasty about. RIP Grandpa Grande!!


Can Big Brother really do it, even if it was his Grandfathers wishes to not tell him yet? I don’t see how this is a love one, It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


His grandfather was a patient of mine, and a very nice man. His family really is full of love and devotion for each other. We will miss him tremendously at our office. As for Mr. Grande’s dying wish, it should be honored as I am sure he is watching Frankie from Heaven. I know he’s so proud of both his grandchildren. ?


And people will now use this forum to tell their own family stories. Really??


They definitely should have told him. What’s an experience on a reality show compared to saying goodbye to someone you love?


I agree.

I don`t wanna be cruel, but this says a lot about the GRANDE family.

Of course Grandpa would want him to stay and him the money. But it was up to his parents.

If was a cousin/aunt/uncle I could maybe understand. But the grandparents are the most import people of any family.

And if they decided not to tell Frankie is because they think this is what Frankie wanna.?!?!? Im sorry but I think so.

I would never choose money over family.

Oh well. Im still sorry for their loss.

Bb fan

My sis and I do a lot of bb talk and we both agreed we would not want to know of a family members passing while in the bb house. As sad as it is death is a part of life. Everyone copes differently and I can tell Frankie is a strong person and will grieve outside of the house a lot better than most of you think he will be not finding out.


If Frankie is told, then decides to stay in the house it may put him at an unfair disadvantage or advantage.
The house may feel too guilty to vote him out and keep him until the end.
Or the house could take advantage of the excuse to vote him out.
And if the house is told, will they also be told who his sister is?


He is still an A$$HOLE RAT!!!!


Frankie went into the house, knowing his Grandfather was dying. This wasn’t sudden. He chose to go on the show, knowing he might miss his Grandfather’s last days. I would be this is something Frankie discussed with his family before he even entered the house.


You are 100% right. Frankie knew that could happen while he was on the show. They told his family if that happens, not to let him know.

I respect his decision. But is so cruel to choose money over family.


The Grande family relationship will be forever strained because of this decision. It’s not too often that someone who is on their death bed is 100% coherent. Frankie’s grandpa didn’t even know what game Frankie is playing and may have been saying yes to lots of crap he didn’t understand. I would be highly ticked off if my family member died and no one told me. Frankie isn’t going to win this game. Sadly, he’s going to lose all around and probably be all fucked up about this death if he was close to his grandpa. It’s a Damn Shame Big Brother and Grande family. Selfish.


Big Brother has nothing to do with this.

It was his family decision. Big Brother can not give any kind of information to any houseguest.

Let`s say one of Brittany` son get a cold? Should them let her know?

Of course not, everyone knows the rules.


Comparing the sniffles with death?? Really?


His so called 15 minutes of fame is more important to him instead. The guy is a total I wanna be like my sister famous.Bunch of BS.


So let’s say Frankie gets voted out next week. How is he going to be told? When he sits down outside the house with Julie on live tv in front of an audience? I think he at least needs to be told of what happened and the wish of his grandfather for him to stay.


And what if an audience member says condolences to him before he’s told? How awkward would that be? Hearing sorry about the passing of your grandpa and knowing millions of strangers have known long before you found out.
There really isn’t any better choice then for him to be told now.


On one hand, I do feels sympathy for the situation.
On the other hand, I saw people on twitter comparing the situation to 9/11
which I find very ridiculous.
Bottom line is, Frankie’s grandfather has been sick for quite some time.
Frankie probably knew before hand coming in to the house.
He seems like a fame-whore to me and if he chose to go into the BB house,
He knows the rules. Something tells me even if they tell him now, He would
choose to stay and milk it for every opportunity to advance himself in the
I don’t like Frankie but RIP to his Grandfather.


Why can’t production pull him into the DR and ask him that if in the event of any family life-changing moments, such as marriages, deaths, accidents, etc.,would he like to be notified and see what Frankie says? Then it would be HIS decision as it should be.I think that it should be a question on all forms for entry into the game then the problem would be solved. As for it being a dying wish, Grandpap is’t thinking clearly if he thinks that playing a game is more important to Frankie (o r anyone) than being with that person or knowing of their passing. If their family agrees with him, what kind of family is this that values money more than people?


God forbid, but what if one of Brittney’s children got killed. Do you mean that they wouldn’t/couldn’t tell her?


You cannot compare the death of a child to the passing of a sick elder,Frankie was aware of the situation . Having watched him play the game and find him to be entertaining but totally self centered and needing to be the center of attention. I have never heard of his sister and thinks that finding this info will be detrimental to his game. NOT!!!!!!!


I feel that Frankie knew about his Grandpa’s sickness before big brother started and would be okay with his gramps wishes. But if I were in Frankie’s situation I would want to know and would most likely leave the game.

Michael LB

My gosh, what a group of judgmental people! This is what we know: his grandfather has been sick for a a while and it was his grandfather’s wish to not notify Frankie of his passing.
Perhaps, just perhaps, let’s give Frankie the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they said their goodbyes before Frankie left for the show and maybe his grandfather was excited for Frankie’s opportunity to find “success.” Regardless, we should respect family decision and not make judgments as to whether they are a good or bad family.
Personally, I don’t much care for Frankie in the game. But outside of the game I’m not going to make any judgments about him nor his family, just as I wish others will not make about me and my family.


RIP Grandpa Grande!!