Sarah says it takes every f**k fiber in my body just to not tell Heather to shut the F**K UP!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 13-30-51-110

Want to watch the Big Brother Canada 2 live feeds? Bypass the geoblocking with HideMyAss VPN and be Canadian Anywhere:

4:25pm IN the kitchen – Sarah asks Jon if he now understands why she freaked out on Ika about a potato chip now that he’s felt what its like to be on slop. Sabrina and Sarah head to the chairs under the stair to talk. Sabrina says that was so mean what she did to Rachelle. Sarah says it takes every f**k fiber in my body just to not tell Heather to shut the F**K UP! I think she thinks people think the voice thing is cute. Sabrina says I think she wants to send Heather home and keep Paul for another week. Sarah says I didn’t swear on my kids. I just really couldn’t care less if she left. Sabrina asks so you you like the plan of getting rid of Heather, Allison, Paul or Adel.. then Ika… Sarah says there is just too much of an age gap between Rahcelle and I. I think my sister was friends with her, then I would love her.
BBCAN2- 2014-03-15 13-32-56-474

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 13-33-13-494
Out side the front door – Andrew, Kenny and Jon talk Game:

4:45pm All of the house guests are up in the HOH room chatting about random things and hanging out. Paul has left and is now in the havenot room laying down.

POWER OF VETO Players are: Ika, Heather, Paul, Andrew, Neda, ?

5pm – 5:15pm In the bathroom – Ika and Heather are talking. Ika asks if she’s okay. Heather says she is as long as everyone does what they say they’re going to do. Ika says yeah I think they will. Ika talks about how she can’t read Rachelle. Heather says no one can. Ika says but Sabrina loves Rachelle. Andrew joins them for a second. Ika asks him if he was nervous when he played in the veto before. Andrew says no. He says he is pumped that he got picked again to play. They head back to the HOH room. The house guests talk about random things. Sarah talks about her husband and her career.
BBCAN2-2014-03-15 14-03-15-450

5:50pm Up in the HOH room – Ika tells Neda that she really thinks that Heather going home this week is the best plan. Neda says she agrees with Ika. Ika says that right before the voting on Thursday we will pull Paul aside and tell he if we keep him… Ika says that the guys are going to keep the nominations the same if they win it. Ika comments on how Heather is everywhere! Neda comments on how if someone nominated me I wouldn’t sleep in the same bed as them. Ika agrees. Ika tells Neda that Adel has your back and my back more than anyone. Neda is annoyed that Jon didn’t tell her that she was going up last week. Ika says that she thinks Jon is lower on the alliance with the guys and I dont think he knew. Ika says I do believe he would keep you as safe as possible, like if he won HOH I don’t think he would put you up. Neda says why does it have to be guys against girls.. because you, me, Arlie and Jon would kill this game. Ika says that the guys wouldn’t put up Sabrina. Neda asks don’t the guys see that she is running things. Ika says they see it as.. they don’t think she will win things, you know?! Adel joins them. Adel says that the POV will probably be starting soon .. she just got called in.. Neda asks why didn’t they call me in? Adel says after, they’ll call you in after if you win it.

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 14-44-54-729

6pm – 6:10pm Big Brother cuts the feeds … Cam’s 3 & 4 are back on!

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Johhny (the European one!)

Everyone but Paul in the HOH room:
Allison: “I ALWAYS wash my hands after going to the bathroom”
Andrew: “I NEVER!”
Is he trying to score some points with Sabrina again? 😉 (reminder: Sabrina told Allison she “doesn’t need to wash her hands after peeing”)
LOL – eww


I don’t understand when lack of hygiene became a cool thing. He boasts saying oh I never wash my hands. The 2 people that do most of the cooking and washing dishes are the ones that never wash their hands after using the washroom and proud of it 🙂


Andrew would change that habit if Allison let him know his hands would never get on her unless he did.


I kinda feel sorry for Heather, she can”t help the way her voice sounds, it is annoying but you know that is exactly why she was put in the house to drive everyone crazy with it.

Johhny (the European one!)

Oh come on now. Of course she can help it. She might naturally have a very high pitched voice, but she makes it even higher when switching into her “cutie baby” mode.
When she discussed being put up as a pawn with Ika, she had a pretty acceptable voice.
It’s her deliberate choice to sound the way she does. I don’t know how she grew up, but she really could have used some reality check kinda feedback that it’s not working anymore when you’re past 12.
It just sounds fake and almost like she thinks her interlocutor is stupid. Especially in this BB environment, it’s just stupid to talk that way.
Thinking it’s ok to talk like that is like believing the old Disney movie/cartoon “Snow White” is a reality tv show, not a fairytale. NOT in a good way.


wow what a big move, Ika you are a god…


Was that sarcasm?

Douche hater

I agree Heather can’t change the sound of her
Voice . I’m pretty sure Sarah said in
BB intro that she hates people who bully
Other people because of the way they look
Well isn’t she a hypocrite lol.

little mouse

oh sabrina is mad that andrew likes Allison she was talking in french with andrew before big brother shut down the feeds. i think Sabrina is going to lose it this week..i so hope she does.


I highly doubt Sabrina is going to risk pissing Andrew off and vote heather out, not gonna happen, especially with Allison in the house. I just over heard a conversation she was having with Andrew in French and she confessed to having feelings for him, that she is jealous that Andrew likes Allison. Sabrina asked Andrew if he liked Allison and he said yeah! And then jokingly said “oooooh that’s why you want her to go home next week” and Sabrina laughed and then said yeah. I think Ika’s new plan to keep Paul and send Heather home is not such a bad plan but she needs to make a deal with Paul to keep her safe for a week if he ever wins HOH and not to vote her out if she goes up. I sincerely hope Paul, Ika, Adel and Neda form an alliance.


ROFL as expected Sabrina is back to liking Andrew now because Kenny wont pay attention to her. Now shes in the HOH making up stories about how Andrew told her he really likes her when in reality it was Sabrina who was pissed off at Andrew.

ROFL and now Kenny and Sarah are making fun of how childish Sabrina is and how shes so stupid about relationships. Please BB give them beer and let Sabrina go nuts. I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!!!


Some of Sabrina’s Cast Bio Answers really should have said:

Describe yourself in three words: sneaky, conniving, bitchy
Who is your Big Brother idol (any season, any country) and why?: Obvs Andy BB15! I’m basically the girl version of him anyway.
Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental do you fear most?: Physical! I mean just take a look at me!
Do you have a strategy going into the house?: Basically, whoever is HOH I am going to kiss their ass oh yeah and I will wash their feet for them too. Im also going to spread around lies and rumours about everyone in the house!
If you could warn your fellow houseguests about one of your character traits, what yould it be?: I have horrible hygiene. I don’t wash my hands after going to the bathroom so watch out for my disgusting hands!


Okay okay… Neda finally planted a seed for a potential alliance with Jon or Arlie, lets hope they get Adel in there!