Target moves to Heather and Andrew told Sabrina “I was super into you”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

POWER OF VETO Players are: Ika, Heather, Paul, Andrew, Neda, Arlie

6:10pm Arlie and Adel Game talk

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 15-23-46-398
6:23pm Storage Room Arlie and Sarah

They talk about how they’re alliance started minutes into the game and she cannot wait to see the look on people’s faces when they find that out. CAm flips to IKA and Sabrina talking about their allaince being called the “Stupids”


6:40pm Kenny and Sabrina

Kenny says Ika is going to make them all look terrible by telling the guys to give Heather their word and then send her home. Sabrina is shocked.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 15-46-46-005

6:46pm HOH Rachelle and IKA IKA is saying the plan is to get out Heather. IKA explains that there is no way Paul and Adel are coming after them. IKA is certain THat Paul and Adel will put up the guys if they win HOH.
RAchelle – ‘They will do out dirty work’

IKA says with Heather going because now they will have no one to make fun of, Ika adds that Heather doesn’t like rachelle one bit. Rachelle – “Little does creepzilla know she will be watching me from TV soon.. By girl”

They start talking about going final 5. IKA thinks they have a chance. reiterates how they need to get the heat under the a$$ Adel and PAul to win HOH. Racehlle doesn’t seem convince that Paul.Adel would go after the guys. IKA – “Adel swore on his his Qurโ€™an”

IKA says Heather told her if she wins POV she might not use it to gain trust in the house.

Cameras cut to Kenny and Arlie. Kenny is telling Arlie about how IKA is wanting Heather out to make all the guys look bad because they all promised Heather safety. Kenny – “She’s smart She’s got to go”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 16-13-27-610

6:55pm HOH Sabrina, IKA, Rachelle
Sabrina mentions how she went up to Andrew and told him next week the new girl is leaving and he’ll need to say goodbye to his girlfriend. Andrew told her “People that like People don’t call them your brother.. thats the last thing i’m going to tell you because I never called you my sister.. and maybe if you weren’t stupid and would have waited you would have saw I was super into you”

6:58pm Sarah and Kenny Bathroom

Sarah is really worried about Andrew he’s spending so much time with the new girl. Sarah thinks with the new girl in the game she is being perceived as one of the guys which is spooking the girls into moving the target off Paul and Adel.
Sarah says Allison isn’t playing the game very smart she’s came out and said “I’m a guys girl”
Sarah – “Promise me you’re not making a newfoundland alliance”
Kenny” ya ya ”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 15-51-48-998

7:03 HOH Sabrina, Rachelle and IKA

IKA says she will wait until after the POV to tell the guys Heather is the target. Sabrina asks her if the POV is played and played on Heather will Adel go up. IKA says yes Adel will go up and Paul goes home just like if the POV is played on Paul Adel will go up and home.
IKA – “If a girls can win something Adel can win Something.. because he’s light”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 16-16-16-409

7:24pm HOH Sarah, IKA, Heather and Sabrina They talk about all Arlie’s cigarettes that have gone missing. Heather thinks that Kyle took them. IKA doesn’t think so because they record everything that enters the house and make sure that is all you come out with.

Heather points out to them that the new girls is constantly with the guys. They speculate about any possible powers that the new girl has. Sabrina talks about Big Brother 8 where Americas player was in the Diary room all the time like Allison is.

8:10AM Real snore fest going on

8:17pm Production talking to the houseguests “Allison you will be hosting the competition soon…. ”

Leak of the upcoming Power of Veto competition captured by @WytchyD

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 17-27-49-657

8:31pm Jon shows off
10:24pm HUSH HUSH

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Sabrina made the entire story about Andrew liking her so much. It was actually Sabrina confessing to Andrew that she has feelings for him and then she asked him if he likes Allison and he said yes and Sabrina got pissed off. LOL I am still gonna bet on my prediction that Sabrina will have a showmance with a potato sack named Rufus. She has already switched from liking Andrew to Kenny back to Andrew to Kenny and now back to Andrew in a matter of 2 and a half weeks. I hope BB gives them beer so we can see Sabrina explode xD

p.s. Kenny and Sarah are getting very annoyed by Sabrina’s “relationship” and stories. If I can just see Sabrina go batshit crazy and be exposed as the pyschotic liar she is, it will make my day lol


Glad someone else heard that French convo for what it was and not the BS Slobrina fed to the girls after. God, she is like that really really loud obnoxious person in your high school that makes everything about her.


You’re talking about Sabrina telling Ika about Andrew liking her right?? I remember watching that live they were talking in french and it was pissing me off!! so for sure it was Sabrina confessing to Andrew that she liked him and not him saying he’s into her? Sabrina’s so insecure it’s starting to get pathetic!!

sidenote- Ika’s trust in Sabrina is infuriating to watch!! I wish she would open her eyes and see Sabrina cannot be trusted or at the very least that Sabrina is a huge threat who is wayy to comfortable in the house.


So basically in the end, Ika is still fucking up the First 5’s game whilst not even having to touch them…smart.


Will someone please smother Sabrina with a pillow.


I hope Miss Ika will stick to her guns and leave Adel off the block and vote out Miss Heather I like the plan, she is getting Paul and Adel on her and Neda’s side. She needs to cement a deal with paul for safety for keeping around. Gawd I hope dale wins the next HOH


Dale that’s funny even if its just a typo


Whoops my bad ๐Ÿ™‚ I meant Adel… damn iPad auto-correct


Realistically, Adel is not too smart nor does he have brawn to win very many competitions.
That being said, I hope next week is endurance because I think that is one competition he could actually win.


Ika is so delusionally proud of herself. I want her to be evicted next…


Adel winning HOH next week would shake up the game like Gary did when he won HoH on Week 4 last year when he sent Tom home, I hope Adel can send Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina home next week. Next week needs to be a big week!


Ugh, so over the girls of the house minus Allison.
The whole Andrew-Sabrina-Allison triangle is interesting to me.
Andrew and Sabrina both obviously need attention from the opposite sex. But they are both not into each other like that.
Notice how Andrew/Sabrina now cuddle way less in the house?

Now, that Allison is in the house Andrew finally has someone who he’s into.

Sadly, right now is Andrew is pretty much Allison’s only shot at at least making jury.
The girls refer to her as ‘new girl’ :eyeroll: and want to take her out next because she’s cozying up to the guys. While Kenny/Jon have said that they dont know if they can trust her yet…..Andrew so far is the only one to defend her and at least try to protect her in conversation.

Really rooting for Allison here. I believe that she can be a kickass competitor and is probably by far the strongest female in the house.


will someone please smother Sabrina with a pillow???

I would take Sabrina over that Annoying idiot Heather Any day of the week. I cant stand Heather, she is so fake & talks soo much sht about being tight with ppl yet nobody has called her out to her face. I cant wait until she is gone because i am so sick of hearing her little squeaky voice. I would love for Any of the girls to just sound off on her and lay right into her and tell her to STFU.

little mouse

Andrew never said what sabrina is telling the girls she told him when she sees them together she is jealous andrew never told her on live feeds that he was into her ..Sabrina is delusional ..some of us anglo canadians did take french get those high paying unnecessary bilingual jobs in other provinces. by the way their french is horrible.


French is a hard language to elarn for someone who does not regular interact with french speakers. As well the strict french language purist actually make it harder to learn french for outsiders. You can learn spanish easily because of things like dora the explorer or even comedians like george lopez who have tv shows that are spoken mostly in english but throw in lots of spanish words. No such tv show in french exist in similar. As someone who took french from kd to grade 10 then 3 years in university, without an immersive environment it is very difficult to speak french. One of the common problems was you’d have people who could construct good french sentences but not speak it as again you get 1 hour of class and 1 minute of speaking and 6 hours of take hom and study. French is just hard to learn the way it is taught in Canada. Strangely even making friends with french canadians won’t necessarily increase your french like making spanish freidns would. As many french canadians in the anglo provinces don’t speak french or don’t speak it fluently or strongly. Alot of people “speak french” but then when I start conversing with them admit they know none. And I am not even that proficient in french, I guess my french would suck too because I don’t remember enough of the words from 3rd year french courses in university, but as was told I have no accent in french by french people so take that for what it is.


Does anyone else believe there is an Arlie and Adel alliance in the near future? Adel is really growing on Arlie and I can see some scheming developing soon!


Last time on The Hills….

Oh oops wait this is Big Brother right? Let’s stop keeping tabs on who’s showmancing who and who looked at who in the wrong way and start playing the real Big Brother game. This is the most self absorbed, psychotic bunch that ranks right up there with last season’s American Big Brother. Big Brother is not a game of isolation, it is a game of who can manipulate and charm, even if it means really hating them but maybe having to work with them for your own benefit. Finally am seeing some of that in Ika’s game a bit, however Sabrina is going to ruin that for her with her big stupid mouth.


IDGAF, showmances make the season more exciting.


lol the Hills reference, really?


CAN’T WAIT FOR SABRINA TO GO NUTS!!!!!! She is so annoying!!!


Heather is dumb with a voice you would find on an Elmo doll. Rachelle is as fun as watching paint dry, she just follows Sabrina around like a lost puppy she only pauses to fix her hair in every mirror she passes. But Sabrina has to take the cake as the most annoying to watch. She just never shuts up, is so self absorbed, does nothing but complain and is constantly ripping other people apart.


Could someone please remind me how Heather became such a big threat?


I guess or voice is very threatening! Lol


She baked cupcakes, and everyone was like “Oh dang! This girl is a genius!”

In seriousness, Paul, Adel, and Heather were the 3 outsiders of the house and Ika is making a deal with Paul and Adel.
Also, everyone is convinced she is fake because of her voice and her being nice.


Good picture of Jon package, I guess we all know why he is so handzy!


Just after midnight EST and feeds still down. I presume this is POV but it sure is taking it’s sweet time! Personally I only care about Adel surviving the week. Andrew wins POV that might not happens. No matter if you like her or not Ika is a weak mental play who so far has a negative HOH week going. She needs Adel’s but she’ll name him as replacement if she is told to. Andrew saves Heather and Adel the replacement and backdoored lovely week. Need a POV miracle frankly.


lol am I the only one bothered by the fact that Allison’s picture on this site’s memory wall doesn’t match the rest.

Simon and Dawg please fix it <33333

Persian Princess

Andrew needs to have a chat with Kenny, and ask him to show some interest in Sabrina… It’s really the only way he will be able to keep Allison around and keep Sabrina loyal…. you know what they say about a woman scorned.


Ika Wins POV NICE!


Watching girl talk with Sabrina has become so excruciating. They keep bashing Allison calling her easy and said that she’s not pretty.
So catty…. smh


I am french and i agree it’s a hard language to learn my husband leave in Quebec for 6 years and still
Not speak French really well and we live in a really small place where no one speaks English