Big Brother Canada 2 – Nomination Ceremony Results! Andrew tells Adel don’t make any stupid moves!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 08-55-04-011

9:50am – 11:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return, we learn that as Head of Household IKA nominated PAUL and HEATHER for eviction this week. Ika and Heather are in the HOH room. Heather says its great that you and I are able to compete in the POV. Lets just hope that no one uses it. Heather asks if Ika thinks the house would trust her more if she won it and didn’t use it. Ika says that she does think the house would trust you more if you didn’t use it. Hopefully Paul or Adel don’t win it. Big Brother switches the cams away from the HOH conversation.

12pm Sarah and Allison are sitting under the stairs looking at the area where the secret door is. Sarah comments on how it looks like it could open at the bottom but not at the top. Allison says interesting. Arlie comments to the other house guests that he had smokes in the back of his drawer and now their gone. No one seems to know where they would have gone. They wonder if Kyle had taken them before he left to stir up sh*t. In the bathroom – Andrew tells Adel not to make any stupid moves! Adel says if I win it I will put it straight back in the box. Andrew says well I mean after that too. Andrew leaves. In the bedroom – Ika, Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle are talking. Rachelle comments on how she doesnt trust Heather or Allison. They think Heather might team up with Allison now because they’re both outcasts.

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 09-10-33-648

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 09-32-39-333

12:30pm – 12:45pm UP in the HOH room – Ika is talking to Paul. Ika tells Paul that if she wanted him gone she would have put him up against Adel. She tells him to keep playing the whole weak thing. Ika tells him that she wants to be able to trust him. IN the bedroom – All of the house guests except for Sarah, Adel, Paul and Ika are cleaning up to try and see if they can find the smokes that Arlie is missing. Neda says that supplements to help her lose weight are missing too. Sarah talks to Adel in the bathroom if he took the smokes and he swears on his krohn he didn’t take them. Kenny says that Adel swore on his krohn before and he lied. Sabrina leaves and runs to tell Ika that she isn’t sure they can trust Adel. In the kitchen – Rachelle tells Ika that she thinks the new girl is taking their stuff and hiding it.

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 09-49-29-231
12:50pm Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are talking outside the HOH room. Sabrina says as much as I hate Heather I want her to win the POV and take herself off.

In the bedroom – Andrew tells Allison if I come over there I know you’re not going to make out with me. I can call your bluff. Don’t tempt me because I will. Allison says on the third time I will. Andrew says I’m gay so its fine. It would be the first time I’d make out with a girl. I make out with dudes all the time. Allison asks what’s that like. Andrew says its hot. Allison says dude on dude. Meanwhile in the storage room – Kenny tells Jon that Ika has made an alliance with Adel. Kenny says I was in the bathroom and they didn’t hear. Kenny says that Ika made a deal with him that if he didn’t go up she would be safe if he won HOH. Kenny and JOn leave the storage room. Jon asks Neda why Ika didn’t put up Adel. JOn asks if Ika made a deal with Adel. Neda says I don’t think she would be that stupid.

1pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds…

1:10pm When the live feeds return all of the house guests are on a bedroom lock down. They’re chatting about random things.

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 10-12-35-496

1:35pm – 2:10pm Big Brother ends the bedroom lockdown and Ika and Heather head up to the HOH room to nap in the HOH bed. In the main bedroom all of the house guests leave except for Andrew and Allison. Andrew goes in for a kiss and they start making out. Andrew tells her that she’s beautiful. Andrew asks her what she thought of everyone when she came into the house. She says that everyone was super good looking. Allison talks about how initially she was attracted to Kenny because he has the body type she likes. Andrew says he is a super good looking dude! I’d do him if I was a girl!

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 10-46-53-165

2:45pm In the Havenot room – Adel is talking to Paul. Adel tells Paul to not bring his name up to anyone! Adel says especially not to Ika! She’s the only one that trusts me right now. Adel tells Paul that Ika swore on her kids. Adel says do not mention my name or anything! Do not f**k me with my only alliance. I dont think she would back door me. Adel says if we are close in the POV you take it. I will take my chances. If I get back doored then that’s life. Its so hard to f**king trust you! I am telling the biggest mouth in the house. Paul says I am telling you I am not going to say anything. I will never live this day down if one peep of this gets out and to Ika. Paul says ah I’m done, I’m done dude! Adel tells I don’t know why you’re even here. You’re so done in this game! People would rather spit in your food than give you some. No one wants anything to do with you. Look where everyone is out there and look where I am .. here with you. I know my only chance here in this game is with Ika. Adel says I am not worried about anything in this house but you dude! Paul says I swear on my wife and my marriage of 15 years. Adel says okay I believe you even more now. Let just hope we win the veto. If my name gets pulled do not even smile or anything.

BBCAN2-2014-03-15 11-35-38-393

2:50pm THe living room tv screens show the Power of Veto and all of the house guests scream and say its POV time! Big Brother then cuts the feeds.

3:10pm The live feeds come back on and all the house guests are in the bedroom. The must be on a bedroom lock down. Allison and Adel talk about Newfoundland and about how there are some weird names of streets there like dil*o.

BBcan2 -2014-03-15 12-09-05-253

3:20pm Big Brother cuts the feeds again ..

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Upsidedown Pancakes

A good twist to shake up the game would be:

Winner of POV have the opportunity to pull both nominees off the block. Adel wins remove Heather and Paul and then let the fun begin..


I want adel to flip this house on its head
Go adel go win the next hoh plz


The best move Ika could make is putting up Sabrina and Sarah, unfortunately she hasn’t clued in that these girls are not on her side.
She has the best chance of winning veto against them, and loses nothing if one of them goes home.
Of coarse they would be pawns though, with the real target be Kenny.

The power players in the house are already against her. She has a shot to shake things up, test loyalties, and do some damage. Instead she goes for the weak move, preferring not to piss people off.


it doesnt matter what they do, a floater will win just like always.


Jillian wasn’t a floater…..


Jillian that won BBC #1? if thats the right you need to go back and watch the season not only did she win almost every other Comp she made the first big move.


So what’s the rewal story on the smokes and stuff missing? Any one got the inside scoop? Adel is gonna take sh*t for this regaurdless. More wasted convo time with the mean girls and the douche boys Kenny and Andrew. And by the way Neda is thin what is she doing with weight loss supplements. I’ll never understand woman and weight!

Well a wasted HOH up coming…lovely. Had a thought on this as it happens quite often on BB. I actually think the new HOH is coached by production to say the things us fans want to hear the 1st few hours such as putting up Kenny and Andrew to keep our interest awhile and a better edit for Sunday.

POV predictions…. Adel won’t play, Paul nor Heather win POV but the winner uses it to remove Heather of the block. Ika told put Adel up and he’s backdoored. Ika has no backbone and will throw away one of the few genuine people in the house. She’s going soon!

The girls talking about Allison leaving not a big surprise. Spend all your time with 2 douche bags your going to get backlash. Allison better get buddy with Sabrina IMO. Wonder if Brina would risk the 1st 5 alliance along with Sarah to get rid of Allison in the near future? 12 left after Thursday. HOH and both noms don’t vote next week. Lets say it’s a girls HOH again. Paul and Allison go up(presuming Adel backdoored) 9 votes so 5 to evict. Further lets say Andrew wants her to stay as does Kenny. They count Brina and Sarah so 4 votes. They need 1 live body which they figure is Arlie obviously. Allison’s safe but that’s not how the vote turns out Brina and Sarah would have to be exposed at that point. All said looks like Allison can coast to the jury as long as she is tight with Andrew/Kenny. Guess we should have put Scott in after all.

Lets get POV played today. Get the lay of the land for Mondays ceremony then get on to next week which I hope is a double just to thin out the idiots.


Think maybe Sabrina’s behind this?? She loves stirring it up.

Pretty Trickster

Wow Allison you are disappointing me. Did she not see his behavior in the war room?? lame.


Can anyone remind me what the people in the war room thought about alliances?? I am trying to understand Allison’s strategy


In general they had most of the alliances wrong. Nate came the closest to figuring some of it out. Allison, when seeing Sabrina in bed with Andrew and Kenny, stated she would have to get between that. On other occasions, Allison thought Sabrina was cute and seemed okay. Nate and Scott disagreed. Arlie was on her radar as a got to go, as were the Adel team as they were obvious outsiders.
Scott would have been better than Allison at integrating within the house, and stirring stuff up. But she has only been there a couple of days. She is probably trying to sort out what she saw with no sound with what she is encountering now. But with all the drama on their feed, one would think she would not fall for the Andrew association and step more into figuring out the girls a bit.
And why has she not had a conversation with Ika? She may be safe for a week but it is a bit disrespectful to the HOH and it is an opportunity to start breaking the ice with the girls even if it is just a chat with Ika.


Why haven’t the girls tried to win over Allison. Has she even talked with IKA in HOH? Has Allison tried to approach her, or is she getting girl snob vibes? Why doesn’t IKA take the opportunity to get her into the HOH before she has much of a chance to make her own observations and get to know others? If I was IKA, I would want to be the first to talk game with the new girl, after all, whether you like it or not, she is a vote. The earlier you get to her, the more sway you might have in how she aligns. What a waste of an HOH! The end result of her HOH will be that she further fractures the girl alliance by putting Heather up, she loses a potential vote to save her and Kenny and Andrew gain a number in Allison (mostly because they are the only ones that talk to her). Dumb!


The girls are all hoping/wanting Allison to be in the position of being very low in the pecking order within the house. The “Her before me” perspective prevails at the moment. Apparently this thought trumps the consideration of bringing her over to their side. But most, in the girls alliance are aware that they do not have a real alliance.


i think allison trying to get in good with andrew and kenny because they are running the house not the girls , her hanging with the girls would mess up her game …. the real leaders are andrew and kenny i so want them gone …… hopefully when its time to vote allison doesnt vote with the house ..


Ugggh. Just when I thought we had a showmance free season, Allison and Andrew are hooking up. If I knew I would have given my votes to the local boy Nate.


Can’t wait til Sabrina finds out Andrew and Allison made out. I hope she self evicts.


Self evict? As much as I would love to see that happen, lets get real now- Sabrina will chew Allison’s face and get her evicted from the house before she self evicts… just watch Sabrina mobile team “girl power” (comprised of bored Neda, clueless Heather, confused Rachelle plus Mama Bears Ika and Sarah) behind her when that happens! #drama


Does anybody else see Jon and Neda having a showmance or is it just me??


I think Jon has a girlfriend.


No, he is dedicated to his gf… I think they are just friends because they are both so easygoing!

julie chen

he has a gf but i still think they are secretly in love


I hate Andrew so much but the kiss was pretty hot. I must say – girls like that. Surprised her and went for it.


If Adel plays his cards right, he could actually go far in this game. He has definitely has proven to be a loyal man by still standing by Paul after all the shit he creates, I feel bad for Paul but he did it to himself. I wanted Scott in the game for entertainment purposes but thought Allison was the logical choice to do something smart in there. Boy was I way off! She is a huge disappointment!


I agree with some of the comments above. I had really high hopes for Allison coming in and being a Jillian 2.0 and willing to go agains Andrew and Kenny but so far, she’s definitely kissing but. However, I could see her do this because it’s early on in the game and maybe she’s only playing Andrew and once they get to the halfway point, she’ll stab them in the back.


I sure hope Allison is playing a game by hooking up with Andrew and is tricking all of us. Please tell me that is what she is doing and actually not really into him! Can’t wait till Sabrina freaks out! She talks so much with her hands maybe she will knock herself out!


I love Adel! He is my favorite houseguest! He really shows integrity! Paul should appreciate him more for LIFE! how much Adel jeopardized his own game just to be the honerable man! His family must be proud!

Upsidedown Pancakes

So what is the deal with Ika is she planning to backdoor someone? After listening to the IKA/Paul latest conservation it suggests she does have another target in mind which is not Paul or Adel.


I think Ika would backdoor someone… She wants everyone to feel like they are safe…but putting up paul… (Who everyone hates) and heather (who a lot of people dont like but wont vote out because shell never win anything so she can go at any time). So if someone who is a target sits beside either after pov hopefully they will pull a big move and get the bigger target out


Thumbs up if you think andrew is bisexual


Adel has the biggest cahones in that house. That little guy talks to a ‘motivational speaker’ (yeah, right) with such brutal honesty… I could see him getting pretty far in this game.


Cora, I couldn’t give you more than one thumb up for that so I’m saying Right On!


Thanks – good to see you back on this forum. 🙂


Adel/Heather, Ika/Heather, Allison/Heather, Rachelle/Heather, Neda/Heather, Sarah/Heather,
Arlie/Heather, Jon/Heather, Kenny/Heather, Andrew/Heather F2 Sabrina/Heather
Bitter Jury!!! Heather WINS!!! Sabrina kills her!!! Endemol goes bankrupt!!!
The End.

Actually, I’m wondering when Arlie & Jon start to sweat.
Two more HoH’s could see Adel, Ika & Allison gone if there’s a double eviction.

Of course…expect the unexpected…


I think the secret room is going to come back later on, and the future evicted houseguests will go live in there and still be able to watch the house instead of the jury house….and once they get four people in there we get to vote one back in! Thatd be a pretty good twist…


I think the hidden room might be the jury house

Willy from Halifax

1./ ANDREW: STOP IT! I am sick and tired of watching you pick your nose. Over, and over, and over again. It’s not cool, it’s not awesome so just STOP IT.

2./ JON: STOP IT! I am sick and tired of watching you pick at and pull at your dick. It it’s that itchy you have a medical condition so take care of it.

3./ HEATHER: STOP IT!. Considering not using the VETO if you win it thinking it will make the house guests like you. Have you ever heard of Marcellas Reynolds from Big Brother 3? It you win the veto and don’t use it you will be the biggest tool in Big Brother history. Even a bigger tool than Marcellas because he was the first and didn’t have any precedent to guide him. And you do so just STOP IT!


I think kyle should of stayed longer, he was loyal and didnt suck up to the other misfits!! I hope kenny and Andrew get booted out,their true colours are coming out.


Please please please please Adel win next HOH
Then will see this kid do the right move since he’s only
One who has ballz to do it good for you adel stay true


Did anyone knows what Paul did that was so bad when the feed was down??


Like just now? He did something else???


Its funny how everyones opinions have changed about Adel and Kyle, mine sure did. after last years bb usa with the bulliness and racists comments from the houseguests, I know it was unfair to the USA to be represented like that, but how Adel ,Annick, and Kyle are I wish everyone could be like that.
Canadians going to start the Love Revolution?! lol


Hey guys…it Qur’an not krohn.


Thanks i’ve made the correction