“I love it that she thinks she’s playing me.. but i’m playing her. It makes me h*rd to think about it”

9:00pm Hammock Momzi and Arlie

Arlie – how is everything with you and kenny
Sarah – fine and I calmed him down after the jon thing.. he’s still unsure about jon
Arlie – A I can feel it, you and I are sitting pretty still
Sarah thinks tomorrow is going to be a crazy day and night.

Arlie and Sarah agree they both want to get a good sleep tonight to be ready for tomorrow.

Arlie – Jon just gets too worked up
Sarah – I know

They both agree that Jon is overreacting they were in a great spot this morning and he kinda messed up talking to Kenny.

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Sabrina to Andrew “Allison, I love her to death but if it wasn’t her here it would be me on the bed with you”

7:37pm Bedroom Allison, Sabrina and Andrew

Sabrina says she’s 100% with them (Allison etc) Allsion and Andrew don’t question Sabrina’s loyalty they know Jon is trying to turn their team into chaos. Andrew mentions the conversation Jon had with him and Allison by the pool. Sabrina sobs tells him when he goes home he can watch the episode and see she was not campaigning against him.

Again Sabrina mentions about production telling her something that set her off today. Production tells them to stop talking.

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Sarah says F**K HIM F**K THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!!

1:20pm IN the bedroom – Sabrina starts freaking out to Sarah and Kenny about how she’s being told Andrew is campaigning. Sarah asks who f**king told you that! Was it Jon!! Sabrina says it was Jon and Adel. Kenny says why would you believe Adel he swears all the time on his Quran! Kenny and Sarah tell Sabrina that Andrew is not campaigning against you he is just telling people that he wants to stay but wants everyone to make the best decision for them. Sarah asks did Jon tell you that I was campaigning against you! WHAT DID HE SAY! They tell her that Jon said you were taking care of Neda campaigning to her. Sarah says F**K HIM FUCK THAT PIECE OF SH*T! F**K JON! I am so f**king done with him!! Sarah says Jon is going up. Kenny says if I win HOH JON and Neda are going up and he is going home! Andrew joins them. Sarah says Jon is running his mouth! Andrew says I knew it! Sabrina says my mom told me this was going to happen! Sarah says we have the numbers, f**k them. Sabina asks if she is going to be the next target next week.

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Rachel Reilly Adventures4Pets Where to Get a Brazilian for your Dog

Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 Winner and Amazing Race contestant (Still in the race) Rachel Reilly has a new project on the go called “Adventures4Pets”. We first learnt about this web show last month during Rachel’s appearance on BearPaw TV.

Two Sisters Rachel Reilly, Elissa and their pets hit the road to find the most pet friendly destinations in America. Adventures4Pets.com site is not live yet, the splash screen says April sometime.. Rachel is starting to publish the videos on youtube. In this episode Rachel and Sis head to San Diego for a “Pet-Cation” which she calls one of the most pet friendly cities in the US.

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