Sarah campaigns to Neda to stay in the game – “You can blame it on Sabrina!”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 11-17-04-825

2:10pm In the kitchen – Adel, Arlie, Heather and Jon are making lunch. Arlie says I love how Jon just touched his weiner and then touched his hot dog. At least there’s no more yeastie-V! Heather says your vag-cream is in my HOH by the way! JOn says I am so glad we have this sloppy seconds. Arlie says we just need to make sure we win tomorrow! Arlie says I don’t care if you win over me as long as we win it. Adel says it doesn’t change nothing .. we still stay on course. Jon says OH HUNDO! Arlie says this changes everything.. I’m switching sides back! Heather says good luck with that! Jon says yeah good luck being accepted on the other side again!

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 11-23-21-123

bandicam 2014-04-09 11-36-39-620
UP in the bathroom – Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking. Sabrina says how great would that be to get a twist that saves us. Rachelle gets called to the diary room. Kenny says be kind. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sarah tells Neda if you keep me here I will 100% be a benefit to you.. Your alliance won’t crumble by one bit by keeping me in here because you have the numbers. Neda says I know. Sarah says I would not have told you in that pantry if I didn’t 100% want to keep you. I know its hard to believe but I gave up my slop pass for people that I care about. If I care about you I will do anything for you. Sarah says I know that my loyalty to Kenny is a detriment to me in this game. I will not let that happen again. Sarah tells Neda that she can blame it on Sabrina. Neda says that she can’t understand how Sarah can be in an alliance with Sabrina.
bandicam 2014-04-09 11-45-50-970

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 11-51-27-951

2:50pm – 3:10pm Adel heads up to the HOH room and climbs behind the couch with a blanket and pillow. He looks up and says to the camera what the hell!?! How did you bust me! Adel says that he’s going to wait for his alliance to come up to spy on them to see if they talk about him. Down in the kitchen Arlie and Jon are also trying to sleep. Big Brother says wake up or face the consequences! Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sarah, Kenny and Rachelle talk about Kenny coming out and telling everyone he’s gay. Rachelle asks him if there was a girl in here that wanted you would you have pretended to have a showmance with her? Kenny says yeah I would have.

bandicam 2014-04-09 11-58-30-524

In the kitchen Sabrina talks about how she couldn’t sleep last night so she mast*rb@ted.

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 12-24-32-163

3:20pm – 4pmUp in the HOH room Adel takes a bubble bath. Jon comes in to take a sh*t and Adel tells him not to. Jon tells Adel to put his face under water and breathe through his d**k bud! While Jon is going to the bathroom. Adel yells out that Jon is beating off. He says he can see the curtain shaking. Jon comes out washes his hands and and almost rubs his hands on Adels towel. Adel yells no get your yeaster hands off my towel.

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 12-31-16-419

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Good to see Sara playing again. Seems like the rest of them are only concerned with big brothers twists.


Where’s the video of Neda calling Rachelle and Sabrina a dumbass to their face for backdooring ika?

d Yeterday around 12pm video. Neda telling off Sachelle for putting up IKA is GOLD.


Putting all of my dislikes about the houseguests aside, I have to say that, as an American, this has restored my beliefs in who I’ve always known Canadians to be — kind-hearted and easy going at the core.

It was really great to see EVERYONE at the hot tub just talking and having fun together regardless of “The Game.” I think everyone just went into Big Brother thinking they HAD to be ruthless and shifty, mostly because of the U.S. version. When the atmosphere was relaxed, the weather was nice, people’s true natures couldn’t help but come out at that moment. You could tell that MOST of the housemates just wanted to be honest and enjoy each other’s company.

My dislike for people has dissolved into just not liking certain traits and not the whole person. I gained a lot of respect for all the houseguests except for three of them. Kenny did pick the right time to tell everyone he’s gay. The response he received from everyone was NOT a shock at all.

The three I still haven’t gained any respect for are Sabrina, Rachelle and Neda. Sabrina and Neda had THE PERFECT opportunity to come clean about things they’ve said and done but they didn’t. I’m disappointed Neda didn’t come clean about the maple syrup. I don’t dislike her but I don’t respect her. Not coming clean about something like that makes me not trust her because I wonder, “If she can’t tell the truth about that, what else is she hiding?”

Rachelle I just don’t respect at all. I feel sorry for her. Granted she’s only 20 but she’s just so superficial and shallow. Sabrina is still Sabrina. She’s being true to herself in the game but that’s strictly because she’s a very damaged girl and doesn’t have the life (or coping) skills to do anything but spew out the first thing that pops into her head.

Sabrina is living The Sabrina Show where she’s protected herself in her little fantasy bubble and watches everything from a distance. She literally acts and speaks like she’s watching all of this on an interactive TV in the safety of her living room. She can tell people what to do and think and how to feel but when the consequences and accountability start to rise, she puts the screen back on the TV so they can’t touch her. That’s when she starts talking like a viewer watching from home, “How dare they? They don’t know me! All I do is try to help them because I’m a good person and this is how they treat me? Forget that! I’m changing the channel to someone else!” Then she runs to someone else to play the victim, pleading with them to patch the crack in her fantasy bubble so she can feel safe and valued again. At the very least, she’s a compulsive liar that feels the need to make herself sound exciting and adventurous (through lies and exaggerations about her life and accomplishments) because that’s what’s going to make people like her and want to be around her. I’ve seen this in several people throughout my life.

Anyway, I’m SO happy to see the real Canadian in these houseguests come out. It proves that the pressure and expectations of being on Big Brother really IS causing people to act differently than they normally would in their real lives.

P.S. It’s my birthday today! It’s nice spending some of it with other people who really love Big Brother! Nobody I know likes the show so I look forward to my time here! Gosh, Kenny came out to everyone on my birthday. That’s one date I would easily remember for a competition! LOL


Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!

Between the behaviour of Rob Ford in Toronto, and some of these people, I was beginning to lose faith in “Canadianness”. That moment (Sabrina aside… seriously why has production not sough more help for her. She’s clearly not well!) has begun to restore my faith.

Nana Jo

Jack, that was a very nice shout-out for we Canadians…. thank you. Glad you’re enjoying our BB. I have found your comments to always be exceptionally well written and thought out. Oh, and Happy Birthday … hope you’re having a lovely celebration!


Thanks so much for the Birthday Wishes Didi and Nana Jo!

Frankly, I’d move to Canada in a heartbeat if I could. I know Canada isn’t perfect but it’s certainly better than the U.S. (I don’t say that in a bashing way. I just have more of a Canadian-type personality than an American one.)


I have to confess that, as much as I enjoyed seeing them all having fun, in the back of my mind all I could think of was the pee!!!!!!

BTW I second Nana Jo’s thoughts on your posts!


Yeah, the pee thing is really gross and it’s NEVER okay. But, factually, if the hot tub has the right balance of chemicals in it, the pee is destroyed pretty quickly. Still doesn’t make it right or okay in any way!


Happy Birthday Jack!

I’m glad your faith is almost restored in Canadians. I too was disappointed in Neda and because all the people in her alliance know what she did, (at least I think they all know), I bet they are also wondering if she can be trusted when she can’t own up for something like that.

Sabrina?………..she’s a lost cause no matter what nationality or country she’s from and needs professional help badly.


Thanks Natyn!


I’m a Yank but i have to agree that BB15 here sank everything BigBro to a new low
that possibly sadly has contaminated BB*CAN~s2 to the degree where all feel they
must stoop to conquer. I wasn’t praising the cast over the summer & didst despair.

Johhny (the European one!)

HaPPY B-Day Jack! 🙂
And great post, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said – I loved watching the hot tub videos today.
It was genuine.
(I also agree with you about Sabrina, Rachelle and Neda!)


Hey Jack I wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday as well. I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to watching it alone. None of my friends watch it, so I love coming here and reading the comments from other fans. Have a super day 🙂


Happy Birthday, Jack!

Delilah Jones

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

As an American, I agree with you that Canadians rock!!


What happened with the maple syrup and does jon really have a yeast infection? If so, how does a man get a yeast infection? was there some hanky panky in the house?


Kenny would have a showmance with a girl if it benefited his game. He is one disturbed person.
I am glad how everyone reacted to his “secret”


What is the status of PeeGate? Will Rachelle be punished?


Honestly though, eh? I guess someone who leaves used feminine hygiene products in a communal shower doesn’t much care what she swims in. Imagine the other house guests’ reactions when they realize what Rachelle did (watching the footage after).


Did you see the used tampon floating in the hot tub when sabrina was in there…I don’t know what was worse rachelle peeing or the bloody tampon in there…so gross. The gremlins digust me. I’d be angry at bb fr allowing me to use the hot tub uf I were in there and that happened.


I wonder if allison has to use her veto that was hidden in the house during the first round of eviction…..


Canadians rock for being so accepting of everyone…#1LOVE…I still hate Kenny and want him out lol


Everybody should write to BBC/Slice and ask them to punish Rachelle for peeing in the hot tub and make the other HG’s aware of what she did! What is she, 4 years old?


Don’t know about you guys but I’m so over Allison, all she does is complain about how much of a disadvantage it was her for to come in 2 weeks late. Are you kidding me? She came in with immunity and all she did was attach herself to Andrew. Now that the sloppy seconds decided to save her, she is still considering going back to Kenny and Sabrin. She actually likes Sabrina which makes me question her sense of intuition. Sarah actually played the game and as annoying as she is, she deserves to stay way more than Allison. I want Allison to be voted out so she can feel stupid for not using her secret veto.


last I checked a man that can sleep with men and women is bisexual, not gay. Kenny !


That describes pretty much every male in the world. Can is not thame as want. I thing you mean people who are attracted to both males and females.


Your right! Kenny likes it better up his a** than his pecker up a twat. Thats why he thinks he’s gay

Pinocchio Obama

I thought Sarah had given up. it is good to see she has some fight in her.


I cannot wait until tomorrow! This is so exciting! I think they did pick an entertaining group. This show leaves me wanting more. Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. You both are the best!


I really dislike Neda as a person and as a game player. Here is why:

First of all, we are all bashing Sarah because of how she behaves towards Kenny and how close they are. What about Neda? Shouldn’t this same chastisement go to her as well? Considering Neda and Jon behave much more inappropriately towards each other,are constantly touching and flirting and might as well be in a real shomance. A lot of the Kenny and Sarah cuddling did not happen until Kenny confided in her that he is gay whereas Jon constantly has his arm around Neda and both are often laying together or finding ways to touch each other. I’m not supporting Sarah and Kenny, I’m just saying Neda and Jon are a lot of more inappropriate and seem to get away with it.

I don’t care what she or anyone else says; she was an active part of the Heather bashing. She contributed slanderous things and when she wasn’t she was a bystander to all the bulling, which is just as bad as bullying itself. She’s has slandered people, made fun of other house guests and has been a mean person every bit as much as the gremlins and Sarah. At least the gremlins and Sarah are loyal to their alliances, Neda only really associates herself with whoever is in power or whichever group is in power except when it comes to Jon. She only started being Heather’s best friend when the misfits started gaining numbers and then when Heather became HOH. Suddenly she is Heather’s best friend and is denying ever saying a bad thing about her and blaming everyone else.

Neda is all talk and no walk. she hasn’t really done anything except to shamelessly flirt with Jon and throw people under the bus. Her biggest move in the game thus far was throwing out the condiments to further weaken the other side. She behaves like she’s better than everyone and could win competitions if she wanted to. I’d like to see her actually win a comp as proof that she was actually possibly throwing it in the other competitions. All these house guests may have their faults and tragic flaws but they’re all people. They’re people’s children, parents, friends or siblings and I’m so tired of her looking down on them like they’re below her and her damn Hollier-than-thou attitude.

With that sad, someone pleeeeease get Sabrina to stop crying and whining. It’s making the feeds unbearable.

ihate sarah

we dont complain about jon and neda because they are not MARRIED WITH KIDS outside of the show…there is a huge difference between dating someone and being married…so PLEASE stop trying to compair jon and neda to kenny and skanka!


And here we have another person completely missing the point. Married or in relationship, you’ve made a commitment to be faithful and truthful to your partner. Adultery is adultery to me. If Jon cheats on his girlfriend which I predict he will by the end of season if kissing Allison “doesn’t count” because “he was drunk”, it would be just as bad to me as Sarah cheating on her husband. Stop making making excuses for people’s poor choices and behavior just because you happen to like them. I think we as the fans are not be objective enough and are accepting and allowing poor behavior to be displayed by some house guests but quickly shun another house guest if the do THE EXACT SAME THING! I am NOT pointing favoring Sarah or supporting her or trying to make her look better. I’m just trying to point out the similarities and inequalities in the two groups.


My perception of those two couples is this:

Neda and Jon…………..playful, childish, friendly with an undertone of sexuality if left in the house too long, could mature into actual “coitus” as Sheldon would say. A girlfriend back home is not the same as a husband and children at home.

Sarah and Kenny………clinging, needy, obsessive and inappropriate because she is married with children and has said she thinks of him as his mother.

The reasons being that Jon has repeatedly said that he would get rid of Neda when it got towards the end of the game and it would be the three of them…….Jon, Arlie and Adel.

Sarah is obsessed with Kenny to the point of undermining her own game by volunteering to go on slop while having a slop pass to be him, constantly stroking him, needing to be near him and not thinking of the loss of the game if it keeps Kenny in the game.

One couple is playful and knows they each will dispose of the other to further their own game, the other has one that will jeopardize her own game to further the other.

One couple is fun to watch. The other makes me uneasy by her obsession of the other and him accepting it for game sake.

One couple know they enjoy each other in the game, the other has one using her to further his game.

Those are MY observations.

ihate sarah

i didnt say that i agree with what any of them are doing..i said that there is a difference between being married and dating someone and kids being involved..neda is a single woman she can do what she wants..sarah is married and has been flirting with almost every guy in the house…if you dont see something wrong with that then thats your opinion

Real Deal

I love how you internet trolls sit at home behind your computers with your holier than thou attitude judging someone you know nothing about from a situation you have never and probably will never be in. You don’t know everything that went on in there or how it effects someone to be in there. On top of that you can’t judge someone you don’t know personally. On another note I bet the Ihatesarah person is the same Debbie Tremblay that seems to have a big hate on for Sarah on FB as well, I think you have something personal against her. Maybe your husband was checking her out in real life before or said how he thinks she is attractive, whatever it is is feel sorry for you that you invest so much time and energy focusing on hating her.


You must be a troll too if you noticed the persons name hating on Sarah
Lol . Sarah is just like her husband … And ya I do know him
And he is a fucking pig who hits on anything
With a vagina . So I bet she is getting even cause
I would if my husband was a womanizing harassing
Pig like him

Real Deal

Yes I know her name as she made rude and personal comments on a fan page for Sarah that I am a member of. Also I can tell by your name that you know Jay and work with/for him. I also know him (and probably better than you) but unlike you I am not jealous of him and know he is a good man who loves his wife. If you are so bold on your opinions why don’t you come out and use your real name.


I never said he didn’t love his kids or his wife lol
I just said he is a pig … We all know its true .
Why would I say my name .. Lol so all you little men
Could fire me like you do to everybody else who
Speaks out lol . Jealous … Of what his cheesy
Panther tattoo or his bald head lol . Hey real deal
Go fuck yourself

Real Deal

I don’t work with him so no worries there. Jealous maybe that he doesn’t hit on you? That you don’t get any attention like other woman do?
I guess this place gives you a chance to get out your frustrations, have fun with name calling and slandering people. And fuck myself? Nice. Maybe you wouldn’t be so angry if someone actually wanted to fuck you, lol.


Lol it’s too bad you have no idea who you are talking
Too. Slander think not . I have seen with my eyes
Him be a disgusting pig towards women on more than one occasion
And if you watch the feeds Sarah admits it herself
. … She talks about how crude he is .. She is married
To him I think she knows how he acts like a fucking dog
In heat all the time . I like how you assume I’m female .
I understand they are your friends but come on
Your trying to tell me the sky is green and not blue
I know him and I know how he treats women and
It isn’t a compliment .when he hits on them …. It’s fucking rude and he should have more
Respect for his wife .


Hey tell jay for me .. What goes around comes
Around and oh it just came … Looks like he will
Be sweating over crucibles for another 15 years ..

Real Deal

I assume your female because of how you are reacting and my wife figured that this must a woman be a . If your not sorry I guess you are just a little bitch then. And if you are such a big man why don’t you tell him that to his face.


I don’t know about “adultery” but I can imagine that Jon’s girlfriend is getting a lot of whispers in her ear and snickers, as people are watching something not-so-innocent unfold. People are reporting that she has locked down her twitter account. I really feel for her.

I like Jon but he needs to stop acting like a horse’s ass. As for Neda, I don’t dislike her but she clearly has a thing for him and she’s certainly not showing the same restraint with him as she has with everything else.

The BIG difference with Sarah is that, not only could this hurt her husband, but she has 2 children who probably watch too…


That comparison between Neda and Sarah made absolutely no sense at all… what are you talking about? Sarah is in a relationship, Neda is single. You should really be comparing Jon and Sarah as their the ones that are being “unfaithful” to their partners outside of the house.


i completely disagree with all of your arguments.

1. neda is NOT throwing herself at jon. sure jon is playful with her and he might flirt with her, but neda does not flirt back, always states that they are just friends. I have NEVER seen her “try to touch jon” like you are saying. neda could be a huge whore/homewrecker in this situation if she was a mean or slutty person, but she is NOT doing any of those things. if you are going to hate her for making jokes with jon and her friends, then fine, but don’t judge a relationship you are not even in.

2. Neda has never “slandered” anyone! she did NOT bash heather. I watched the feeds while the girl group was going on and it was absolutely sabrina, ika and rachelle bashing heather. yes neda would be in the group with them, this was after all, her alliance, but sarah, sachelle and ika were always putting heather down, not neda. Neda was against getting rid of heather, she wanted kendrew. neda is not “pretending” to be heather’s best friend, they are just friends and neda has always been cordial with heather. what has neda said to “slander” people?? i would like specific examples. sure she has called sabrina a liar, but she IS a liar in the game. that is not slanderous. she also said rachelle made a stupid game move and feels bad for her. this is not slander. what has she said that’s so slanderous that you would hate her over things other HGs have said?

3. Neda NEVER swarmed to the HOH. neda has been against kenny and andrew since week 1. she didn’t suck up to paul week 1 when sabrina and everyone else was. she did not suck up or even talk to andrew week 2 when he was HOH, and EVERYONE else sucked up to him. this could have made her a huge target but she didn’t care. she was not going to suck up to andrew. she has always been with the girls and jon, so being with rachelle as hoh week 3 made complete sense, until they (sabrina, etc) turned on HER. who has Neda ever “floated” to? she was always with the girls at first, and jon. since the girls turned on her (except for heather really), she has been with jon since week 2. her alliance is now concrete with jon, heather, adel and arlie and allison just joined on.

out of all the ugly behaviour from some of the HGs this year, i just cant believe you have a particular problem with neda’s behaviour??


It annoys me to no end when Rachelle does those strange duck lips every time she looks in a mirror, I always know I’m gonna see it when she looks in the mirror.

Also, every single time Sabrina says “You’ll see when you go home”, (100 times for every game conversation she has) that means absolutely nothing. It’s so stupid using that to back up your arguments.

Thans for the PBPs!


Even if Sarah hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell, it’s good to see a house guest try. It’s not over until you shake Arissas hand. Things CAN and DO change in a heartbeat. I hope Neda sticks with the plan though. The only change i want to see for the next 24 hours is Rachelle being called out for peegate and the hot tub being disinfected with the strongest chemical possible. And if at all possible – Sabrina coming down with laryngitis.


It would kinda be hilarious if Neda and crew did flip and Allison went home with her secret veto.

I’m sure production would just put it back in the house though because that would be a huge waste of a twist.

I’m super nervous about Allison. SS told her waaaayyy too much. And I think she may still want to take revenge for her Showmance and turn against them.

If she was smart as long as SS stays in power I would just go along for the ride and then when Final 6 comes around and she is the target, pull out the DPOV.


How about Neda and Jon cut a final 4 with Kenny and Sara. Neda votes to keep Sara they blame it on Arlie say he was playing the other side of the house (Heather and Adel) then Kenny and Sara target Adel and Heather while Adel and Heather are trying to get out Arlie. Jon and Neda throw comps and let the battle play out for a while. Doesn’t matter if its Sabrina or Allison up there Thursday it could work.


What was it that sabrina said that meant they couldnt talk about janelle any more?


Sabrina spoke right to the camera and told Jeanelle that Jon got his yeast infection from Neda, but she said it in much more graphic and insulting words.


I’m feeling much better about the human nature of most of the houseguests but, this last hour or so, I’ve come to be MORE disgusted and disliking of their personal traits.

I would seriously hesitate to shake hands with any of the guys or Sabrina. And I absolutely wouldn’t shake Jon’s hand unless it was ONLY in passing and there was a washroom within 10 feet so I could wash my hands immediately. I’d have to come up with some reason for not eating the food any of them make, too, because I’m that disgusted by their hygiene. I’d be in the Diary Room daily asking for penicillin and antibiotics. And the kicker is, I’m NOT a germophobe!


Viewers need to write to Slice and Big Brother to tell them that they need to remove Sabrina from the house because she’s that offensive and psychological unstable. It seriously needs to be done for her own good.

Big Braah

This site is awesome!
Wish I knew about it before
Thanx simon and dawg seriously!


Thanks Adel!

I have been waiting all season for someone to sit back in the corner of the HOH couch to see if the cameras can actually get that angle….and I guess they can!

another name

common sense:
jon wouldn’t keep moaning about his girlfriend if he didn’t feel guilt.
he flirts with neda. he flirts with sara, he flirts with Allison. and it was jon who said rachelle was a slut for flirting with the guys even though she has a boyfriend.
if he’s so worried about what his girlfriend sees, maybe he should stop flirting.
that would solve the problem, and save the others from having to constantly reassure him.
i’m wishing just one of the houseguests would say
‘yes jon, it’s possible she could be sick of watching you think with your yeast stick.” if just to shut him up.