Arlie asks hey Neda, how long ago did you break out of jail? Hey Neda were your parents zebras?

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 06-40-42-593

9:20am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jon tells Arlie that he had his 18th dream that Janelle left him. Arlie says he thinks he’s fine. Jon says this house is f**king my balls! Sarah asks what did the house do to you? Jon says nothing, just my dreams. Kenny comments that he’s broke 170lbs. He says he came in at 176 and was up to 178 but has now lost over 8lbs. Sabrina joins them and talks about how she took off her top last night and then realized she was wasn’t covered up. Sarah says that when she gets home she is going to google those photos and make a montage of all their n@ked photos. Kenny says that he’s going to pack today just in case it is a double because he doesn’t want his sh*t everywhere. Sarah says I just hope whoever gets evicted after me gets to do the aftershow with me.
BBCAN2-2014-04-09 07-07-07-096

Up in the HOH room – Arlie says that he wishes the HOH competition tomorrow was some sort of physical confrontation and not just because I got 6’5″ on my side but because I would knock Kenny’s socks off. Jon says he would round house Neda in the face. Arlie asks hey Neda where’s Waldo? Neda laughs and says up your a$$ Jon! Jon says hey that was Arlie. Arlie asks hey Neda, how long ago did you break out of jail? They laugh. Arlie asks hey Neda were your parents Zebras? They laugh. Neda says they were actually! That’s how I got on the show. Arlie asks are you guys playing kiss my a$$ again? Jon says no because Neda would be kissing it all day long. Jon and Neda head to the main bedroom.

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 07-38-38-470
10:40am – 11:10am Neda tells Arlie you’re so funny looking! You know your boxers, your tee, your little mohawk and the A on your chest. Arlie laughs and says thanks. Neda says you know what I mean. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina and Kenny are talking about the slop. Rachelle says this is so disgusting! It tastes like someone sh@t in my bowl. Sarah says when they asked me to describe it I said its like eating diarrhoea mixed with sand. Rachelle says eww gross. Rachelle says I wish there was another mission or something. Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina and Adel lay out to suntan.

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 07-49-47-420

11:20am In the living room – Sabrina says there’s a good chance I could go if Kenny wins the veto. Rachelle agrees. Rachelle goes into the storage room and says NOOO.. someone stole my hidden candy! I put so many chocolate almonds aside and someone ate them. Sabrina says what do you expect we live with piranhas. Sabrina walks out and then comes back and says I keep walking and then looking back expecting you to follow. Rachelle then follows her out of the storage room. Rachelle says I hate this place! Rachelle goes out and tells Kenny & Sarah someone ate her chocolate raisins. Kenny says what did you expect. Sarah says next time someone hides something eat it, even if you don’t want it.

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 08-17-29-682

11:35am – 12:10pm Jon says the fist man Shaban just fisting the first five! Sabrina yells out I love you Andrew!! Neda is called a floater. Neda says I would not call myself a floater ..I never floated to the person in power. When Andrew was in power I am pretty sure I was the only one that did not crawl in bed with him! So I would not call myself a floater, thank you very much! Jon says calm down she was just joking. Rachelle says I’d call myself a floater. I accept it. The conversation turns to talking about the girls alliance. Neda says when you put up Rachelle I was done that’s when I turned. Who puts up their alliance member (Ika) you dumba$$es! Especially you (Rachelle)! You (Sabrina) I kind of understand.
Sabrina says what are we supposed to do write you guys the cheque. Arlie says so we’re supposed to sit back and write you the cheque?! Sabrina and Arlie start getting in to it.. Arlie says he turned on the first five when Sabrina tried to bring Allison into the alliance and was telling Rachelle about the alliance. Sabrina goes up to the bathroom with Rachelle and Sabrina says I don’t want to go to jury with these a$$ f**ker!! I just want to go home! Rachelle says I can’t believe how ballsy Neda is ..where the f**k did that come from. Sabrina says they better hope I don’t lose it ..because they are going to run for the hills. Rachelle says I hate all these little people like Heather that think they’re so cool now. Sabrina says they won’t think that when I win HOH tomorrow. Rachelle says good that’s what I like to hear. Sabrina says either I win or I go home .. I don’t care any more. Rachelle says the forsaken with conquer. Sabrina says I can’t wait for people to leave here and relationships are ruined. Rachelle comments on how Jon said Neda really turns him on when she gets angry.

12:20pm – 12:40pm Sabrina comes back through the kitchen and tells them that she is sorry and gives them all a hug. After she hugs Neda she says I did like you and I still do.. Neda laughs and says you did? Sabrina corrects herself and says I do like you. Sabrina says I just want us all to enjoy ourselves. I’m a really emotional person and if I talk about it more I am going to explode. Arlie heads out to the hot tub. Sarah and Kenny try to get Arlie to talk about the fight between him and Sabrina inside. Arlie says he doesn’t want to talk about it because Sabrina just apologized and said she doesn’t want to talk about it any more. Adel laughs and tells Kenny that he is the leader of the Gremlins. They all laugh. Kenny says aww.. no!! Sarah tells them their alliance name the forsaken. Arlie then tells them their alliance name the sloppy seconds. He says because like you guys we were forsaken.. pushed aside.

Meanwhile inside the house – Sabrina talks to Jon about his relationship with Neda and whether or not he would be affected if he saw his girlfriend with a guy the same way. Jon say that it would affect him. Sabrina says she thinks it will be different when he goes home to his girlfriend but that it will be okay. Jon says Neda and I were never in the same bed when there was another bed open and even when we were in the same bed we didn’t cuddle or spoon. I never had a showmance, cuddle-mance, anything-mance. I’m worried about but I’m not that worried about it. Heather tells him I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Jon asks Allison if she would be jealous. Allsion says she would be jealous with his relationship with Neda. Jon says but we never cuddled. Neda says it’s just because I am a girl and you’re a guy. Jon says if someone breaks up with you over that then there was never anything there any ways.

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This zebra-child is getting wayyyyy too comfortable! It is time for Kenny to put her and Jon up. What will she say to Sabby and Roro when she needs their votes to stay? I can totally see her begging Kenny to join his side as Heather, Arlie and Adel vote to keep Jon!


Ahhhhh! I thought you were gone for good!


Ernic, thank you for toning down your comments. 🙂


neda is awesome! her alliance is going to keep going even if they lose a member in this DE. jon, neda, heather, adel, arlie won’t go back to kenny and sabrina. ever.

Stooge Banter

i loved seeing Neda rip into Sab

Arlie and Jon too

its just really awesome to watch

go team sloppy seconds and im loving their humour, especially arlie, adel, jon and neda


Did u see on the live feeds this morning SARAH putting on her bra top while sitting on the couch in front of ARLIE and JON? I guess the plotting to stay in the house and get ALLISON evicted has started. Who does that? She is going to use everything at her disposal to get one of these guys hooked for a vote. Hope it doesn’t work. What a skank!

Ihate sarahI

Its only gonna get worse…thats how sarah rolls..(sadly she is not hot in anyway)


Okay we get it. You hate Sarah. It’s in your user name. Blah blah blah. You’re as bad as Ernic re: Neda.


God knows she can’t use her people skill cause she lacks that
She already tried flirting … Epic fail now she is down to
Exhibiting her momzie parts lol . Good lessons to teach her
Daughters .. When all else fails give show them your
Tits .. Stay classy Sarah


Cant wait for eviction toinight going to be a good one!


Sorry i meant tommorow! LOL

Johhny (the European one!)

I figured it out: It makes total sense!
Sabrina knows very well how she’s being perceived. That’s why she had the strategy to form an alliance with whoever she walks in with, so they don’t have the time to think about it and realize WHO she is.

Think about it: What’s the common denominator between Sarah, Kenny and Arlie? They ALL regret having aligned with Sabrina.

There you go. Sabrina might ask everyone all the time if they like/hate her, but deep down, she knows. Hence, this was a brilliant strategy for her… The only realistic strategy if you think about it!


You are giving Sabrina way too much credit. The qualities you have assigned her necessarily require the capacity for self-reflection and empathy, qualities she clearly lacks. I don’t think she even has the capacity to recognize that those qualities even exist in other people.


I find it odd that I so frequently agree with someone called “SlopFarts”.

Johhny (the European one!)

OK, OK… I’ll concede you this:
Maybe it was Sabrina’s “entourage” (family? ‘friends’?) that told her before entering the house:
“Girl, trust us, you HAVE TO make an alliance BEFORE they get to know you”…
Maybe they circumvented having to explain why they felt so strongly about that strategy 😉


I thought from the beginning that production had suggested the First Five “Sabrina do you think you will try and make an alliance as soon as you get in the house?”

ihate sarah

OMG…i would love it so much is sabrina won hoh and put kenny and rachelle on the block for how they have been treating her the last couple days …now THAT would be epic!!!


is it just me or does Rachelle really seem obsessed with the fact that Jon might have feelings towards Neda? She is always talking about it. Also just want to ask people a question…Jon is saying that Kenny told him about the first 5 week this true? I know that everyone knows about it now obviously but I didnt think Kenny told anyone let alone Jon? He’s never really liked him?

Johhny (the European one!)

Kenny told Jon week 2 that this 1st5 alliance was “in the making”, but that he’d rather work with Jon.
Then a few days later, Kenny told Jon that 1st5 “wasn’t happening” anymore.
Kenny and Jon wanted to work together, but Kenny never told Jon about what he was doing with the 1st5 after that 2nd week, and Jon felt more and more left out by Kenny and Andrew. K&A certainly made the same mistake with Jon as they did with Arlie, which was to make them feel left out.
Right now, Arlie is making a very good job at slipping into his “this is what happened” storytelling how Kenny NEVER wanted to work with Jon and wanted him out since week 2, but Kenny really only wanted Jon out way later than that.
Arlie wants to ensure Kenny and Jon never “reconcile” in this game, which is smart.


Hilarious how Kenny came out to them 🙂


When all the houseguest have had time to decompress they’ll see Sabrina had a deal with Kyle, I believe Paul (not sure), the ‘stupids’ (gawd), and then she claims she was loyal to the F5. The only problem is she hated Sarah from the beginning. I watched a lot of the first two weeks of live feeds last night and she asked everyone what they thought of Sarah. She would have turned on her in a heartbeat (if she had one). I believe the only person she was “loyal” to (as much as someone like her can be), is Andrew. Period. “You’ll see when you go home and watch the show”. Swear on my head.


It’s so funny how often she says “you’ll see when you get home”.

They’re gonna see that it’s way worse than any of them realized.


Honestly, I think Jon subconsciously likes Neda. That’s why he’s got these feelings of paranoia and keeps dreaming about his GF leaving him.


Oh Jon. He knows he’s doing wrong by his girlfriend, and he keeps trying to justify it…He needs to own it, and STOP acting the way he is acting with Neda. It’s just inappropriate, and he knows it. You can be friends with someone and not behave that way. “there wasn’t much there anyways”…geez, he said it himself that he wouldn’t want his gf doing what he’s doing…


I just love how Arlie finally shut Sabrina up and put her in her place. And koodos to Neda for calling Rachelle a dumbass.


I want rachelle to win next week, I want kenny to stick around in the game, before you all boo me to death, I would like to finally see a BB season where the best players aren’t booted out in the first 4 weeks. IMO, the most entertaining guest have already been kicked out (Ika, paul,andrew, kyle—-in that order). Trust me you don’t want to be watching a final 4 of Sabrina (because they know she can’t win anything they;ll take her far), Allison (boring), heather (yawn), and Adel (probably the most interesting of the bunch)