Adel says I just know 1 billion percent there isn’t 1 fact you can find where people were born gay.

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 13-11-34-471

4:10pm Neda tells Adel hey I remember my 3/4 shorts .. I was in grade 6! Neda tries to say something funny but messes it up. Jon says it right and saying Deli is that Arlie’s hand or pen!$ touching your arm? Jon asks which is it? Arlie says both. Neda says I love how there’s so much room between you Adel and the end of the couch and your sitting so close to Arlie. Adel then lays out beside Arlie in the opposite direction.

Adel starts talking about Sabrina comparing her necklace to his Quran again. Allison says I don’t know for sure but I don’t think she meant it that way. Adel why do you always try to defend her. Allison never mind. The conversation turns to talking about being gay. Neda asks so when did you realize you were straight. Adel says I just know 1 billion percent there isn’t 1 fact you can find where people were born gay. If you believe in evolution than right there you contradict yourself. Allison says there are lots of animals that partake in homosexual activity. Neda says just because it just doesn’t reproduce doesn’t mean its not right. Adel says I don’t know how you can compare animals and humans. Who’s better a fly or humans? Heather says this conversation is getting way too over done. Jon says this conversation just got stupid we went from homosexuality to what’s better a fly or humans.. Neda asks Adel if he believes every single thing the Quran says? Adel says everything! Who am I to judge anyone .. I am Adel the dumba$$! Allison says I wish everyone that believed in a religion was as open-minded as you are Adel. Allison says because they don’t know the difference between a gay gene and a straight gene it would be so hard to tell why. Neda says it’s not a choice. Adel says I just know that everything I do in life I have a choice.

Adel says if everyone believes in science and medicine and people are behind it then I will believe in it. You have your own will to decide everything. Arlie says you are assuming that the right way is to be straight .. but there is no scientific fact that says people are born straight either. Adel says I love this stuff to debate. No one is ever perfect in this world and I am far from being perfect when it comes to religion.. Arlie says I am going to officially withdraw my position that addition is choice. Jon comes back up. Arlie says I want to straight up apologize to you for the statement I made about addiction because I was ignorant about it and these girls changed my mind. Jon says its okay.

4pm – 5pm Down in the living room – Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle and Sabrina are talking about random things. Kenny comments that his friend who knows the show really well said that he would be perfect on the show because she thought he had the perfect mixture of Dr.Will and Dan. Sarah says yeah I could see that to a certain extent. Sarah, Rachelle, and Kenny are in the kitchen making slop. Jon joins them and tells them that the talk in the HOH room was getting way out of hand. I just had to leave. The backyard opens up and Kenny and Sabrina head outside to take a look to see if anything is different. Nothing is different.

5:10pm – 6:20pm The conversation turns to talking about who would be the target if one of the other side gets HOH. They think Jon is target number 1 and Adel/Arlie both believe they are target number 2. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Kenny, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle are talking. Sabrina asks Kenny his opinion about girls. Kenny says that he is still attracted to girls and tells her that he even had a s*x dream about a girl while in the house. Sabrina motions asking if it was about Rachelle. Kenny says no it wasn’t about anyone in the house. Rachelle jokes Sarah can do whatever I wants now. Sarah says no I am still married. Sabrina asks if she can watch. The talk turns to winning HOH tomorrow. Sabrina Wake up Canada the Gremlins are in charge!! Sabrina says jokingly says that she is going to steal the Quran and break it in three. Kenny says I find it incredulous that I will probably go before him (Adel). Rachelle says I can’t believe I will probably go before Heather. The conversation turns to talking about random things…

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 15-27-56-173

6:15pm In the HOH bathroom – Allison talks about how in the weeks coming up they will need to start taking out their own. Who do you think we will go after? Heather says for me it wouldn’t be you. Allison says that feels very good to hear that from you. Allison says that she is even afraid to bring up the subject to anyone else because she doesn’t know how people feel about her. Heather tells her that it could be in a week, two weeks or three weeks .. we will just need to wait until we get to that point and then see where we’re at and what bonds have formed between people. The camera switch to the HOH bedroom – Jon, Adel, Arlie and Neda are talking about how there were only 3 single girls in the house when they came in… Adel says if I was gay I would hook up with the hit man (Arlie). Jon asks Neda if she would hook up with Arlie. Neda says personality wise ya! She then stops herself and says oh my god I didn’t mean it that way. Neda says style wise he isn’t my type. Jon asks Neda would I be your type? Neda says style wise yes.. Jon says personality wise no then?! Jon says I am done with her! Jon asks if they think Kenny was attracted to Andrew. Neda says she doesn’t think so. The conversation turns to talking about Andrew. Jon comments that from hanging out with Andrew/Kenny there were things said that if they had actually been about his sister he would have taken a crow bar to their legs. Adel says I will never be able to justify that Andrew was a nice guy. Jon brings up how Andrew called Heather a dumb b***h. Neda tells Adel, Jon and Arlie we need to stop talking about Andrew (around Allison). Arlie says I am just glad I don’t have to be a little b***h any more..

6:50pm – 7:20pm Arlie takes a n@ked bubble bath in Heather’s HOH tub. Adel comes in and asks are you d**ked right out!? Arlie says yeah. Adel says no way eh!? Adel tells the others that he is going to hangout with Arlie for a bit because he is n@ked in the tub. In the bedroom – Neda tells Jon that the other side has pretty much decided to split us up. Jon asks who said that? Neda says Sarah told her that. Neda says our side pretty much feels the same way too. Jon says he just doesn’t care. If I go home, I go home ..there is nothing I can do about it. Neda asks what’s wrong with him. Neda tells him that she really doesn’t think Arlie is taking you to the final two do you. Neda says do you really think Arlie will want to go after the Gremlins when Kenny is gone. Jon says well we’ve got a final two right here so why would I care. Neda says I just don’t think we should wait until final 6 to do something.. Jon asks who do you want out? Neda says all of them! Jon says well we can’t evict all of them. Neda says she wants Arlie out. Jon says Arlie wants Allison out before Sabrina. Neda says if Kenny or the Gremlins win HOH next week ..then it will be me or you out. Neda says you see the good in people .. but in the big brother house it doesn’t work like that… Both sides of the house want us separated after Sarah is gone. Jon says that Arlie and Adel think that you are extremely disposable to me because that’s what I’ve been feeding them.

BBCAn2-2014-04-09 16-15-19-004

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I just want you guys to really not call anybody ignorant just because they don’t agree with you. Adel is entitled to his beliefs and as long as he doesn’t use his views to hurt anybody then its cool. Adel hugged Kenny and I believe that he will still treat him well.
If gay people wanted to be accepted, them the best thing to do is to try and educate the people who don’t understand them and not be quick to throw out labels. Religious people get labeled crazy when they don’t agree with somebody and I think it’s a double standard.
Just saying.

Johhny (the European one!)

Adel is the perfect illustration of why it was smart of Kenny to “enter as straight”, not only for “flirting with girls” reasons.
Adel would have put Kenny in a category in his brain, and that would have prevented him from getting to know Kenny objectively in the first place.
Just saying.


What makes you think he would treat him any differently. Adel obviously hugged Kenny because he knows that’s his own life and if coming out made him happy, then Adel was happy for him. Do you treat people differently because you don’t agree with the way they live their lives? For Kenny- that’s his life and for Adel- that’s his opinion. As long as nobody discriminates against or hurts someone else, there is no need to call people ignorant. – my opinion


There’s a difference in calling a PERSON ignorant and calling their comments or opinions ignorant.

The word ignorant means, “Lacking knowledge or awareness in general.” Opinions and comments can legitimately be ignorant and it’s acceptable to say so if it’s true that their comments ARE based on misinformation and lack of truth about a matter. However, to call a PERSON ignorant isn’t necessary. It’s rude.


“If gay people wanted to be accepted”… Are you serious?! They have to conform to your standards or they don’t deserve acceptance? Get back to the 1950s, you ignorant piece of trash!


I couldnt agree more! As long as the person (who isnt gay) is still being a kind person to that person and not treating him differently or in a bad way then why cant the ‘religious’ person who doesnt have those same view points have their oppion on the matter, not everyone has to ‘agree’ with it, I think Adel handled it well!


“If gay people wanted to be accepted”…??? So certain people don’t deserve immediate acceptance according to you? Who else has to work for acceptance – women? Blacks? Muslims?


As a matter of fact, there isn’t such a thing as tha gay gene! LMAO, seriously, that gay gene lie is a creation of the homosexual agenda, period (google, it folks- science has never shown the existence of a gay gene). Allison is officially a dumb ass- I sure hope she is not a true representative of Newfie nurses ????


literaly the second article in google says there is a very strong possiblity of a gay gene, so what is your point?

Really, I'm Not A B-I-Trans Canada Highway

Actually evidence suggests there is a gay gene. It’s X-linked (from the mother) and if it’s passed to the female offspring, she will be really prolific (have lots of kids), but if passed to male he has a greater chance of being gay. The evolutionary advantage of this gene is that it increases the population (good thing in terms of evolution). That’s why we still have a gay population when people think that if it was genetic it should have been bred out of the population. Oh yah, this is to name, I’m a Newfie too. I’ve had people say to me “I heard Newfies were stupid” Funny thing, I have a MSc(Bioc).

Poetic Stanziel (@PoeticStanziel)

Did you know there is also a pedophile-gene? All those queers from NAMBLA have been vindicated! Yup 🙂


You’re such a troll.


Apparently you didn’t know that the ratio of pedophilia is much higher in the heterosexual population than in the homosexual one. Equating homosexuality with pedophilia is hate propaganda.


Well, Adel, find us a fact that proves that people are born straight! SMH at his ignorance.


Yes, Adel is entitled to his opinion, and yes, he seems like a pretty nice guy in a lot of ways. With that said, his opinion is extremely offensive to many of us. And that’s the problem–how do you reconcile that disconnect? I wish I could say I was super-enlightened about it all, but in reality, I just tend to avoid religious people as much as possible, on the off-chance that they might be fundamentalists. It’s a form of reverse discrimination, I realize, but it stems from a place of self-preservation.


Once again Neda acting fake and superior…. Just wait until Kenny wins HOH and Jon leaves roach float! Let’s see what she has to say to Sabby and RoRo Thursday night!!!!


Did Neda dump you recently, or something? What’s up with this obsession?


I’m ready for the words “bigot” and “homophobe” to be thrown around like water.


I hear you… and unfortunately, it’s already started


Tumblr is a shit storm right now.


That is literally all you come here to say. Why don’t you delete if it bothers you so much?


Funny thing, it just might surprise you who tosses those VILE words around,,,


Really do not trust Allison. I don’t understand how the sloppy seconds do not see this. She sat there and made out with Andrew the entire time. She is going to switch. She is just playing them.


I don’t like, trust or respect Allison at all. But, honestly, I don’t think she’s smart enough to have a plan or strategy. She just goes with the moment in front of her without anything more than surface level thinking. There’s no depth to her at all.


She always defends Sabrina. It’s infuriating and Adel finally mentioned it lol.


allison probably defends sabrina because shes a psychiatric nurse and knows what shes capable of lol


My guess is she defends Sabrina for 2 reasons. 1) Out of respect for Andrew, and 2) They complain about her a lot and Allison probably doesn’t want to be seen as a “mean girl.”


Allison has already been a mean girl and I think she truly likes Sabrina. Then again she may know that bashing someone or hearing someone you like be bashed is energy draining.


Someone having different views than you doesn’t make them a bad person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, hating on them for having a different opinion is a strong double stand and very hypocritical.

My 2 cents.


It’s my opinion that posters named bobby are lame.


My opinion is that you are an adulterer who cheats on all of your partners.

Wait, are you saying I am incorrect? That my opinion is invalid because it is misinformed and lacks knowledge?

It doesn’t matter. According to you, my opinion is valid just because of the fact that it is an opinion.


This will probably get a ton of thumbs down, and nothing against Adel, but it’s always been the “religious” people that have looked down on others and judged them for being anything other than what their bible tells them to be. They can believe what they want, but in this day and age you kinda have to admit that a higher power probably doesn’t exist, I think people should just move on from religious books and accept that we’re all just human beings and we’re not all the same. Gay and straight people exist, and neither is wrong.


“in this day and age you kinda have to admit that a higher power probably doesn’t exist, I think people should just move on from religious books and accept that we’re all just human beings and we’re not all the same”

Why? Because you say so?


…and it’s always been atheists mocking people’s beliefs right? These debates make no sense. You make fun of people’s religions and expect religious people to be open to your opinions?


You think *athiests* mock people’s beliefs? You do realize many religious people mock other religion’s beliefs? SMH

Disappointed Arab Canadian

It`s official. I am over Adel. BIG TIME. As an Arab-Canadian Liberal woman I can`t tell you just how many wrong things that came out of Adel`s mouth during that conversation. He lost a fan, and I bet you I am not the only one. Canada`s champ my ass.


I completely agree with you. People need to stop using religion as a means to not educate themselves about the world they live in. His comments are completely ignorant because he chooses to remain ignorant. There is no excuse for what he said.


You expect him to never say anything you don’t agree with? Just like you, he is entitled to his own opinion. Not everyone is a ‘liberal arab canadian’ who thinks like you do. Cheers

Same Arab chick

The fact that you had to put Arab Liberal between quotations shows me that you are one of those closed-minded religious nut cases. He is not educated enough to make such a bold statement… Cheers and Salam right back at you. ALSO the Quraan is FULL of contradictions like Neda said. 😉


I put it in quotations because the commenter I replied to chose to especially identify herself as one in order to make her point- sorry if it offended you

Same Arab chick

meh I don`t really care to each their own dude
we`re just sharing opinions whatevz


As a Bisexual Arab-Canadian born in a traditional Arab/Muslim family I would like to say that I am not at all disappointed about Adel’s comments. He has the right to believe whatever he wants so long as he is tolerant of the people around him. He is entitled to believe whatever he wants, and it just happens that he believes that homosexuality is a choice. It may be wrong, but he is entitled to that opinion.

When Kenny came out, he hugged him and was happy for him. The camera zoomed in on his expression and he was genuinely happy, not disgusted.

You obviously have a right to be disappointed in Adel, however, you fail to justify why.

Same Arab chick

Ok. First off they have indeed found a gay gene
No one sould choose to be gay and deal with all that crap unless you have to.
I am a volutneer for gay youth and I have yet to meet one who actually decided to be one
I have read almost every scripture out there (including the holy Koran) and they are all ambiguous and twisted
In the Quraaan itself it says it is ok to marry 4 women. If Adel believes EVEYRHING in there then I sure have a problem with that.
Take care


I completely agree with everything you said. As I said, I was born into a traditional Arab Muslim family and I still happen to be BI. And I agree that the Koran is full of contradictions, but that includes ALL Biblical scriptures, not just the Quran.

Furthermore, as someone who also read the Quran, what you said about the 4 wives is not accurate. The Quran does say men can marry up to 4 wives, however, it requires you to treat them all 100% equal; something that is near impossible. You can’t love people equally; therefore, it isn’t really allowed, people just tend to isolate for the one verse that says its allowed. As an Arab, who I assume was once a Muslim, you should know this. If not, then educate yourself, and do not spread fallacies or half- truths.

Same Arab chick

I hear ya sis. He is still a great guy in many ways but again, very uneducated opinion on his part on many many levels. It was one thing after then other after the other and he reminded me of half my family members, whom I love but want to slap silly


I understand that, especially considering I am a prime example of being born liking men, but how you’ve acted is very similar to how the religious nut jobs react to people who they perceive as ‘sinners’. You are literally dragging his name through the mud for having an opinion- an opinion that he is entitled to.

He may be wrong in his thinking, but he is tolerant. He did not say they are going to hell. He said it is a sin, but it is for god to judge; he was respectful of the opinions of others- far more respectful than you were being.

Last point, although you were defending people like myself, I just want to say that you did a poor job in doing so. I hope that you behave differently in the youth centre you work at.


The gay gene is a construct of the homosexual agenda. Please educate yourself:


that article is idiotic and does not come from a reliable source so come back with something you can actually use


Look, anyone can go on google to find random articles about whatever you like. . . . but that doesn’t make them true.

I am not surprised that this page has been blown up with misinformation, but I would like to dispel some rumors.

1. The gay gene was first identified in 1993 as a correlation between the genetic marker Xq28 and gay male sexuality. The results of this original study were never replicated, and the biological reality of such an entity remains hypothetical.- this is from a peer review scientific journal

2. That being said, being gay is not a choice; if you are actually interested in learning more . . . we are still learning new thing about our genetic underpinnings, everyday new research is being done in this field.

3. Everyone has a right to their own opinion; and I don’t think it’s really fair to call Adel names for his comments.

I am a researcher and therefore have access to more reliable articles about the issue, and even I am confused and intrigued by the conversation.


what i mean is, since Adel is a good guy, and willing to learn, I think he could stand to learn more about the issue before making 1million percent certainty statements. . . . that was dumb, but an obvious over exaggeration. It sucks when people have such strong opinions about things they don’t really know about.


Regarding the ‘gay gene’: in my opinion does not exist. Why? Because if it would exist it would be genetically transmitted , like any other genes, to children,etc. , which is not the case. Parents gay have straight children, gay people come from straight parents. All genes are transmitted from parents…. Which clearly is not the case for this hypothetical gene. It’s BS, unless this gene is an “accident” – which is not impossible, but it would not occur so often as we see it.


By the sounds of it, you haven’t done any actual research on the subject, so you’re not exactly in a position of authority to say whether a gay gene is or is not BS.



You’ve just let all the internets know that you know nothing about genetics.

Have a good day sir/ma’am.

Same Arab chick

Congratulations… you need to learn how to spell your own language, sir/madam 😉 (I bet you also say “could of and should of’ instead of could have/ should’ve… LOL


There’s also research that suggests that being gay is a result of early sociological factors; usually having a distant connection with the father, and an overly motherly mother (which we’ve seen in Kenny’s case).

That would make being gay not a choice, but not necessarily born that way either.


Ok, from all you had to say, you’re proving that you are a very judgmental person, just live and love, yeah it sounds hippy like, but maybe that culture had it right, please don’t impose any righteous views on the Youth you are supposed to help, just listen and let them know life is a beautiful thing, no matter what or whom you are,,, ARAB CHICK, let life play out the way it does, believe it or not, there are still a hell of a lot of good kind hearted people out there, my wife proves that to me everyday,,,,,


At the end of the day, does it really matter?

Honestly; how does it affect anyone, but Adel?

He may treat Kenny differently; but i don’t think so. You can speculate about (was was done above) how he would have treated Kenny if he came in as gay – but it’s only that, speculation.

I will say this; i don’t agree with Adel’s comments, and i wish he hadn’t said them – if only because it’s going to cause a fuss.

But i don’t like him any less.

He’s been a very friendly, funny and considerate guy on the feeds. He didn’t always get along with people – but even the people who were against him said he was a nice guy. And they all enjoy his company, even as they plot to get him out.

Really, it brings me back to my question – who cares? It doesn’t affect anyone else – so who cares? It’s irrelevant.

Gay Jeans?

REALLY? THEY found a ‘gay gene.’? Who are they, when was that, and where can I look it up, if you don’t mind me asking? I am quite serious. Cite me a book or doctor where you received that information because it’s something I’d like to read/watch. I am attracted to both men and women but I never heard of this breakthrough science you speak of.


She is referring to the following;

She slightly exaggerated on the gene part of it. lool

Same Arab chick

so here`s my question to you: Why do you think you are bi?

Did you choose to be attracted to women?

Read more at:
Copyright © OBB


Do you lack reading compression. I told you I agreed with you. Based on the environment I was raised in (Muslim family), it would obviously not make sense for me to choose to be gay, ergo, I honestly think I was born bi. My point was that you were and are continuing to be a MORON.

Same Arab chick

Hijab is ‘Hundo’ a form of opression and thanks for calling me Moron, classy 😉


Adel should not be expressing such views publicly, many gay people (including me) find it very offensive when you tell them that it is “their choice”, and “not natural”, or a “god-given” trait to be gay. Only we understand if we were born that way or not, and Adel shouldn’t be making such comments, what if Kenny heard it? Besides Kenny, many gay viewers will see it… he could’ve kept that to himself.


So, you are saying he should not express his own opinion, out of fear that you might not like what you hear? Who is the hypocrite now?


And being an arab liberal Canadian is the only right way to be right? I can’t believe how you don’t see what you just said was wrong.

Same Arab chick

Because you weren`t born as a muslim opressed woman in the middle east like I was, I don`t expect you to understand. I am lucky that I made it to Canada…

Same Arab chick

I love how someone would thumb down a comment like that. Wow. Truly heart warming to see how no one knows how it feels to grow up in such degrading manner surrounded by the most closed mentalities, they control us, they force us to wear a veil, yet men like Adel can do all that shit and talk about having sex on live fees, but if his sister was NOT a virgin before she would get married then watch the guy go ape shit psycho. I guarantee it he would. and that ladies and gentlemen, is hypocricy.


My mother emigrated from Iraq and she was not oppressed. She chose to wear the hijab and still does despite living in Canada for over 20 years. My cousins who were born here, where the hijab and they were not at all forced to where it. In fact, one of them took it off just last year and my uncle and aunt were very accepting. Now, there is oppression in the Middle-East but neither you or I know how widespread it is. Just because a Muslim women wears a hijab does not mean she is oppressed. Are nuns oppressed–why are they also wear a scarf? Do you see where i am getting act.

Also, you are showing your true colours. Bashing Adel and speculating that he’ll go psycho on here sister for losing her virginity. Do you know him? Do you know his family? NO. So please, stop talking. Everything you’ve said in your comments derive from misinformation. There is no definitive gay gene. You told half truths about what is said in the Quran. And you literally generalized the whole middle-east and Muslims world wide because you were oppressed.

Go home.

Same Arab chick

so you have no idea how it is in Saudi Arabia then?
End of story.
You are being just as ignorant because you have no idea what goes down there… OH and the Hijab is just another form of opressing women, remember they used to burry female infants pre islam, but then they stopped doing that and just decided to cover them in black grabage bags….


It’s amazing how you turned the very inhumane culture that Islam stopped to argue against Islam.

Same Arab chick

YUP, because why would the Quraaan even mention the whole 4 wives thing IF they were going to say (but don’t do it regardless, even though I say it’s ok, if you are fair, and of course every male will say “oh ya of course I will be fair” LOL) Why bring it up? You people need to really look into this before you dedicate your lives to a religion that treats women like shit and men like kings

Same Arab chick

Everything they do in Saudi is inhumane, they don’t let women DRIVE, they still kill people by the sword in public and stone women to death for stupid shit (like say, saying I had sex in a car like Adel did on live feeds… then he goes and prays and says he won’t even touch an alcohol bottle…. let’s see if any female from his family or ANY MUSLIM family can actually say she had sex


I agree with Disappointed Arab Canadian.

– He’s cocky and arrogant, constantly (and seriously) calling himself “Canada’s Favorite” because he won the Hashtag Challenge. It’s a case of believing his own press without any humility.

– When he puts people down, it’s completely without tact. He gets personal and really rude.

– Houseguests told him that Canada likes him because he befriends the underdogs. Yes, he stood by Kyle and Paul and that WAS admirable. I liked him then, too. But this stuck in his mind, inflating his ego and by the time he decided to befriend Heather, it was NOT genuine. He plays it up.

– He thinks his way is the best way all the time. If someone else wants to put a different person on the block, he doesn’t even listen to their reasons. He interrupts and says, “No. Listen to me. That’s not good. We need to….” He’s very dismissive of other people, especially the women, when it comes to differing views on playing the game.

I just find his cocky, arrogant lack of humility aggravating.


Me, too. Goodbye and Good riddance! What an ignorant idiot. Someone that stupid should not be allowed to win Big Brother and have a platform to spread their ignorance all over the place!! Get rid of him!!! Please, Allison, use your veto and put his bigot ass up on the block!!


I’m with you! He came into the game acting like SUCH a big show, then when the house tossed him to the side he became the “under-dog” and now he’s playing off of it too much, and now this comment about being gay is a choice? I’ve been over him.


I understand Adel is just expressing his beliefs, but things like that hurt others, making comments like “gay people choose to be gay”, only gay people will ever understand whether they were born that way, or not. Adel should not be saying that publicly.


Why the hell was Rachelle looking for her secret stash of chocolate covered almonds this morning (11:20 a.m.). She’s on slop for heavens sake. Oh yeah…she couldn’t care less if the entire house was yet again punished as long as she got her sugar fix!


That may be true but, if you’re on slop for the week, you’re not entitled to any of the real food in the house. It belongs to those who aren’t on slop. The slop is all Rachelle was entitled to.


Try telling Rachelle that – Miss Entitled.

Real Deal

Just wondering if you said the same thing when Heather was hording sweets when she was on slop??


Yes, actually. I did. But Heather didn’t whine and feel entitled to it when Kenny found them and joked about eating them.


Congrats! You’re the first to do so. 🙁


All the Adel lovers out there, how you like him now…..Bigot


Hey Bohratom, I think I missed some of what went on in the house, what did adel do to show up as a Bigot?


I listened to the entire conversation about religion between Arlie, Allison, Adel, Jon and Neda. I fully respect and stand for everyone’s RIGHT to believe whatever they want to. Without doubt. I’d fight for their rights without hesitation.

But their views on Christianity were grossly uninformed and only based solely on uneducated opinions that they never bothered to seriously look into for themselves. No facts. They believe what they’ve been told without searching for the truth themselves. It’s surface level thinking only, “That doesn’t sound good/nice/right so I don’t believe it!” No further thought or examination. Instead they’ve pieced together only the things they WANT to accept and be true “for them.” That’s humanism. I’m not offended by their comments. I genuinely find it very sad.

And I’m liking Neda less and less every hour. She’s very conceited and stuck up, like Rachelle. I’ve changed my mind and I want one of The Forsaken (these people are obsessed with names) to win HOH this week and target Arlie, Jon and Neda. These three quickly become arrogant and full of themselves, making Andrew seem tolerable. On a personal level, Heather is the only person I like. I wish Ika was back in the house, too.

I know this post isn’t going to be popular and that’s fine. I stand by it. You can disagree all you want. But if you plan to respond with juvenile name calling and intolerance, please don’t bother. I won’t reply to it. These are MY thoughts on a lengthy conversation they had that included misinformation about MY religion. I’m entitled to respond and I did it respectfully without bashing anyone or their beliefs.


Why do you think Neda is conceited and stuck up? The only times I have seen her be mean we’re in response to Sabrina’s misbehavior. She’s mean to Jon, but that’s because she likes him and can’t do anything about it.


I agree, what they said about Christianity was way off and so misinformed. Im surprised nobody called them out on it.


None of them know what true Christianity is – that’s why


How can anyone be grossly misinformed about christianity? Millions of christians can’t agree on what the poetry means, but you’ve figured it out huh? Not one fact that we have discovered about the nature of life or the universe supports your belief. You are asked simply to believe it because it feels ‘right’ to you. It is about belief over information. That is your choice, but it has nothing to do with information just emotion.

Nana Jo

In a culture like ours, so unsure of itself, so without a shared understanding of life and people, there are always misunderstandings and resentments. Ignorance generally breeds fear. The idea of total human purity … or religious or cultural purity, or the One True Anything is so crazed and dangerous. What Adel showed was a profound lack of education. In their own way, Jon, Arlie and Allison showed a similar lack of knowledge and understanding when they spoke of the tenants of Christianity. None of them are bad people, deliberately trying to be offensive or disrespectful. In many ways they are simply naïve. BB, by nature, is a group of diverse people being very human together.

Big Braah

It’s crazy how much bad habits This season’s house guests have….Really. ..I’m in shock half the time lol

I’d have a hard time in there…everything and everyone has a thick coating of grime for sure…yikes..

Feels like I should watch with a breathing mask on…


Adel was just being honest and expressing his beliefs even if I don’t agree I can’t judge what ones minds thinks

He wasn’t spewing hate like a member of the WBC, I believe he respects Kenny and that’s all that matters


I think Kenny coming out was strategy and I think it might help improve his game , people outside the house seem to be rooting for him now.

BBCs Gross HGs

I think you are right. He’s doing some damage control because of Production’s interference about his and Sarah’s bullying/bashing comments. He’s blaming his ‘grumpiness’ on having to keep his secret.

His coming out is just a ploy. He showed his true colours too many times for me to believe that he has redeemed his character.


Adel just voiced his opinion and he isn’t hating on anyone. So for those who say he is a bigot, a homophobe and an ignorant religious lunatic, ask yourselves who is hating on who and who’s oppressing whose rights? This is the ultimate double standard, and has been for a while.


I don’t think he’s a religious lunatic, but your analogy is false. Hating bigoted doctrine (or a bigoted interpretation of doctrine) is not the same as hating a segment of the population. I see people making that analogy all the time, but it just doesn’t wash.

Here’s an example: Let’s say Person X believes that slavery is acceptable because they can find a rationalization for it in the Bible. According to your logic, if Person Y criticizes Person X for this belief, Person Y is just as bad as Person X. Most people believe that slavery is wrong (although current human slavery stats are pretty troubling), so it’s unlikely that people would criticize anyone who condemns slavery. But people are still really divided on the issue of homosexuality, so we see this kind of analogy being made often.

By the way, I’m not saying Adel actually hates anyone, but I do understand why people are upset.


We must have entered the twilight zone…
Kenny thinks he is a cross between Dr. Will and Dan…Really!


I thought it was Kenny’s friend that told him that he was a cross between Dr. Will and Dan. But, maybe kenny has started believing that when he entered the house.


Sorry, I am the Name replying to Name about Kenny, Dr. Will and Dan.


Allison is really smart and sweet, I’m starting to love her more and more!!


I’m waiting to see what she does with the veto before I make up my mind about her.


Sloppy Seconds…Focus Focus….. strategize. Big things are happening on Thursday!

I can’t wait!


Max, do you think Neda will flip?


Anyone else getting so sick of Adel in general? Nothing to do with his recent homosexuality comments btw, just find him so full of himself.


Well Adel is so stupid and ignorant, I’m now rooting for the Gremlins. Can’t believe I said that- but really, a dumb piece of crap like Adel should not be able to win. Tell Adel to go back to the dark ages, that is where he belongs. Get rid of him! After hearing that crap, now I want Kenny to stay.


Hey Beaugard, thank you for showing your true colors, or should I say pure white?


I Am not homophobic at all but I can’t help but think its disgusting especially when I think of two guys sorry but I can’t even think about it lol…

1 million%wrong

The fact you needed to post that at all proves you are homophobic.


Anyone who’s willing to go on the show and have a fake show mance and play with someone’s feelings and knowingly willingly hurt their feelings is a jerk to me, the face Kenny was willing to do that is disgusting, I feel sorry for rachelle think she’s feeling pretty humiliated right now


Whether or not Kenny is a jerk has nothing to do with whether that comment was homophobic or not.


Disgust at male homosexuality is natural for most straight men. To condemn that feeling is to admit that just because something is natural doesn’t make it morally right.


It is “natural” for hetero males to be disgusted at homosexuality? … Since when? What are you even talking about? I am a straight male and I have never been “disgusted” by homosexuality.

1 million%wrong

Yo Adel. I’m talking to you. Clearly you’ve never studied science or math so I’ll fill you in on a few things. Percentages are based on 100, not 1 million. Oh and there is a gay gene my friend. Discovered years and years ago at the onset of the Genome project. You’re 100% wrong on that Mr. Welder. Please don’t start pissing Canada off spewing ignorance. We already get enough of that from Sabrina.


I’m sure he’ll read your post and change his mind. Great job.

BBCs Gross HGs

That me LOL! tff.


I seriously cannot believe that things that come out of Slobrina’s mouth at times but what she said about Adel’s quran is unbelievable. Wow!!


Yea through all the other stuff I forgot about that. It actually is quite disgusting to say that about any religion.

I really hope Sabrina gets evicted during the double eviction.


I don’t know what happened to my reply to Name about Kenny, Dr. will and Dan. Lost in Name’s Twilight Zone, I guess.


Oh adel you were doing so well in the game why did you have to open your big mouth! The contradictions between people here are just amazing, if you have beliefs that other people don’t agree with or don’t like and all the sudden your hated and shunned ! Kenny coming out as gay was a great game move, watch production play it up and help him get to the final two, All this hatred and animosity actually makes me want to root for adel again! Hes certainly the underdog on this forum anyways


Please help me out guys – I rewind over and over to hear the comment Heather made and Allison scolded her for being mean.
I cannot make out what she said and then I believe Jon or Adel says, “that’s fuc**n hilarious”. Thank you.

Douche hater

It’s funny everybody is up Adels ass for defending
His beliefs lol … But some like Sarah can say
she wants to punch Heather in the face because of the sound
Of her voice and that’s ok lol hypocrites . I don’t agree
With Adels views but I am not offended by them because
I know he is being sincere . Sarah has just been down right
Offensive and rude to Heather because it makes
Her feel better about herself by putting others
Down and that I have a huge problem with


I haven’t yet listened to the entire video but – all the negativity towards Adel is exactly what you’re accusing him of doing. Not accepting someone that differs from your belief. The other houseguests (each one), has said some very ugly, distasteful, cruel, condescending, and outright hateful towards the others. I don’t believe (other than Sabrina), he has said he hates anyone in the house.
So getting knocked down a notch from the pedestal some of you have put him on or were waiting to throw the ‘first stone’ once he digressed from this perceived perfection was an act waiting to happen. He’s human. He never claimed that ideal.
Just remember all the venom that has been spewed from everyone else.


there is a difference between not being tolerant of someone else and not tolerating hateful behavior.

An extreme example but if a white person called a black person the n-word adn then I hated them for it, do they deserve the hate?

Douche hater

Another thing I’d like to add .. It has become obvious to a lot of
Us that Sabrina may have some mental Heath issues
I think Bb should have done a better job in the interview
Process . It would be nice if people laid off of her .
Because enough has been said already .and the repercussions
She will face is going to be life changing .


I disagree about repercussions.
She’ll go back to her protected life surrounded by enablers.
I’d give very low odds to her seeking psychotherapy on her own.
If she’s lucky, those around her will encourage it, but I have strong doubts.


what did arlie say to Jon about addiction?


This comment box is embarrassing. Nobody has ‘the right’ to homophobic opinions just like nobody has the right to sexist or racist opinions. Those aren’t acceptable viewpoints. I don’t think this makes Adel the spawn of Satan but he is ignorant and hopefully he’ll hear some feedback from his comments and learn from this.


First, who in the house is homophobic, because I don’t see anyone? Secondly, you refuse to accept that some people are truly homophobic, afraid of homosexual behaviours? How double standard is that? It should not offend anyone, we need to accept that there are human beings that totally have that fear. It is just part of life, we have to accept it if we are so willing to accept everything else.


I can’t believe how low Sabrina can stoop by stating she would want to break a religion’s holy book into three pieces.

It doesn’t matter if its the Bible, Quran, or whatever book it is for whatever religion ….it is just so disrespectful and ignorant to say.

I understand people get mad, feel upset they were betrayed, get furious in the game….but BB is a social experiment also. It tests you to your limits obviously, but its the way you handle yourself in those moments that DEFINES who you truly are.

Sabrina should learn SOMETHING from Heather (who carries herself so respectfully) instead of making fun of her all the time.


I have to correct my comment above….even though I still think Sabrina is ignorant.

Simon and Dawg: Just wanted to let you guys know Sabrina said “Steal back the CROWN not the QURAN and break it in 3 and wear it.”

I thought she said that too, but then I just raised the volume.


Wow. That’s an important distinction to make. I hope people actually see your correction.


Ok the religion thing can go on forever everyone has their own opinion. I think we can all agree as long as people don’t discreminate everything is all good in happy Canada. Can we go back to looking at Sabrina in awe and disgust as if she were Godzilla, smashing Toronto while pooing herself?


Tolerance is a two way street.


That’s way too simplistic a statement when you start factoring in views that people find deeply offensive.

little mouse

i can’t believe people are saying adel is homophobic where in the conversation did i hear him say anything to support those that stated he was. What he said was who was he to judge anyone.,,his beliefs on why someone is gay are a little screwed up but no where did he present himself as homophobic. they were asking him in the quran does it say it is wrong he said yes but he was not here to judge they would be judged at death i am christian it also says in the bible it is wrong does that make me homophobic if someone asked me that question and i answered yes the bible says it is wrong Sabrina saying to kenney going to yoga and him being gay i would say that statement is much more offensive.


All that stimulating conversation in the HOH room and Rachelle’s probably downstairs saying: “I’m seriously annoyed, right now. I am so horny right now.” “I fuc*in hate so-and-so.” Purses her lips, sticks out her neck and admires her reflection. Deep stuff.


I still am rooting for Adel and his alliance , however I do disagree with his comments about being gay being a choice. But as many very wise people have said here that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. Kenny has been very manipulative and mean spirited he is someone I could never support just because he’s deciding this week that he’s going to be nice to people. Adel has be very gracious so far and shown himself to be a kind person. When I read the title of this post I knew that there would be a lot of disappointing comments here. I don’t think we need to hate on people because they have a different opinion than our own. I am a Christian and I hate when people assume what my feelings toward homosexuality are; not all Christians think the same way. I’m glad Kenny came out to everyone because I hate the idea of someone not feeling free to be their true self and I really wish he could have played to game with out using his sexuality to manipulate some people.


things are going to be way interesting this time tomorrow nite!

another name

sloppy seconds: making the same mistake the majority alliance always makes.
never consider breaking your alliance until the enemy is completely destroyed or down to one weak player.
strategy wise it’s always trouble. too bad the egos are too overinflated to notice. notice I said majority alliance. doesn’t mean flipping alliances isn’t strategically wise, as long as you are going to the larger number. strategically it’s the arlie move that has been his strongest.

regard to adel’s comments on homosexuality being learned behavior. I won’t insult his point of view. I will respectfully disagree and leave it at that. if he had said he hates gay people, or used the word gay as an insult, i’d argue the point. until then, he’s expressing an opinion on the nature of homosexuality not condemning homosexuality. if I missed the condemnation please tell me.

regard to would Kenny have been treated differently by houseguests if he walked into the house pronouncing his homosexuality. who knows because he didn’t, but historically speaking on bb previous seasons: case can be made.

regard to should Kenny have a showmance with a girl even though he’s gay: if he was straight and having a showmance only in order to progress his game would it be a question? he’d just be a jerk unless the woman was a more annoying houseguest and then it would be applauded. most showmances are about ‘show’. not ‘mance’.

if Kenny were using his coming out as a strategy he would just tell jon their relationship started falling apart when jon made his faggot and queer comments. timeline fits. play on that lie to build a bridge before cutting his throat. but perhaps he did just come out because maintaining the lie wasn’t doing him any good in the game. until he says it was strategy its just as speculative as everything else.


What about Sabrina no class who are you to mention the quran and what to do with it. This all became ignorance why because it was the quran mentioned. No one makes comments or finds that offensive but Adel says something everyone goes buck. As a Christian I’m disappointed we are all taught to respect one another. I have many Muslim friends I found that to be offensive. Who is anyone to judge? As for Kenny that’s his choice being what he is, but did u all forget how he played with another girls emotions really if him being gay had an effect on him he should be honest from the beginning.


Did you see Max’s updated comment above? Apparently it sounds like she said “crown” not “Quran.”

another name

sabrina saying something completely ignorant? I think I’ve become desensitized to what she says, either that or my brain is automatically turning off her voice like a sanity sabbatical mute button. think of the broadcast emergency warning system monotone beeeeeeep. it helps.


well, I went from finding adel amusing and easy to like to complete disappointment. What an ignorant moron. I am straight as can be but have lived in Vancouver for many decades. Perhaps that experience taught me some understanding. Who knows, but adel is, as they say on dragons den…. he’s dead to me, and now want him gone.


Get over it ppl, all the rude disrespectful comments the members are saying and ADELS COMMENTS became a touchy subject. Stop judging all these ppl it’s an entertainment show if u get worked up get some help. There human u think there not gonna blurt words mistakenly or say what they feel. Everyone can say what they like and we are no one to judge . There being watched 24/7 don’t expect them to be perfect


I don’t think Adel ever mentioned right or wrong when he was talking about being gay. He said it was a question of free will. I thought he was very nice to Kenny. Religion and politics. Tricky.

I Love BB !!