KENNY FINALY REVEALS his Secret to ALL of the House Guests! “F**K IT I’M GAY!”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

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12:40pm – 1:10pm All the house guests are out in the hot tub room laughing and joking around. They talk about how they’ve revealed their alliance names to each other. The havenots asks if they can just be honest about what happened to the syrup. Neda doesn’t accept responsibility for it. Adel says that he was the one who used the coffee filters to dry his hands. Kenny laughs that they suspected he was the one since they’ve seen him cleaning with them. They talk about how happy they are that they can just have fun now. Sarah says she’s annoyed she’s leaving now. Adel talks to Sabrina about how what made him so mad with when she compared the Quran religion a religion that has been around forever her necklace made at a store. That’s what I was like this is so f**king dumb. The house guests are all revealing secrets they’ve been hiding from either side.

ALL of a sudden Kenny says F**K IT I AM GAY! Everyone comes up and hugs Kenny and they all start talking about how shocked and amazed they are. Sabrina brings up how she kissed him. They all break out laughing. Sabrina says it’s all ways the hottest guy that’s gay! Jon says if someone came to me and said there is someone in the house that is gay .. I would name everyone in the house but you! Kenny brings up how they asked him if he as a boob man or an a$$man. Kenny says and I said I was an a$$man! Everyone breaks out laughing. Jon says this is going to be the best season ever! They all start clapping. Kenny tells them that he told Sarah a couple weeks ago. Kenny tells them that everything he told them about his life outside the house is true .. and that he only interchanged he for she in his stories. Kenny tells them why he kept it a secret. Arlie asks him if he likes women and men or just men. Kenny says that he was with women up till only a few years ago. They talk about how they all thought it was weird there was no gay guy in the house since there is always one. Arlie says I am so glad I could be here for this moment! Neda says thank you for sharing that with us Kenny. Heather says yeah thank you! Neda says I am confused because I have really good gay-dar!

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BBCAN2-2014-04-09 09-58-11-055

1:20pm Kenny tells them all about how he came out to his friends and family. He starts to cry. He says I have never had to hide the fact that I was gay. I have so much more respect for people that have to hid that they’re gay. When I was hiding it in the game I started to think that I never wanted to promote the fact that you need to hid you’re gay. Neda says okay now we need to get alcohol to celebrate this moment! We still want you out though Kenny!

BBCAN2-2014-04-09 10-11-41-802
BBCAN2-2014-04-09 10-35-18-433
1:20pm – 1:30pm Inside the house Rachelle is so shocked and talking to Arlie about how they can’t believe he’s gay. Rachelle says oh my god I can’t believe he is gay. And I said in the beginning that they put me and Kenny in the show to set us up.. Rachelle says my jaw has never dropped like that.. I’m so in shocked! I had no idea! They head up to the bathroom. Sarah joins them and says what a great last day! They talk about how she knew for the last 2 weeks. They asks if he was going to tell them. Sarah says he was planning to yell it out when you guys evicted him. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Kenny, Sabrina and Allison continue to talk about Kenny being gay. Allison says its so amazing that none of us had any idea. It just goes to show you that it breaks the stereotypical gay. Kenny says it could be anyone at any time you don’t have to act a certain way. Allison says now we all want to snuggle Kenny. Kenny says I am ready for it .. I am so starved for affection! Heather hugs Kenny and tells him she is so happy for him but still so shocked. The grumpy fool is not me at all I think it was just me hiding this.. The lying and deceiving is not me at all.
BBCAN2-2014-04-09 10-34-53-974

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Its so nice everyone is so accepting of kenny. It shows they arnt all as heartless as they seem!


Kenny telling the other houseguest he is gay is pure strategy. By his own admission he said he was 70%-30%, guys to girls which means he is bi-sexual in his own words.


In his own words he identifies as gay, and that’s all that matters.




About time.


Video isn’t working 🙁


The house seems to have calmed down, we’ll see how long that lasts for ahaha


would have been a great time for Adel to say, so am I
don’t hate me Adel lovers. That boy doesn’t seem straight to me at all.

team adel

His my cuzin, he has a girl. A very pretty one as a matter of fact


Just cuz he has a girl on his arm doesn’t mean he is straight!


She is very pretty, yes! But, In the gay community we call them “beards” not girlfriends 😛 . I definitely get the gay vibes from Adel!


surprised Slobrina didn’t say “I KNEW IT!!” lol


I am not a fan of Kenny’s but that poor man kissed THAT!!!!!!! Good for him for being honest with the group.


Except she did say I KNEW IT right after she hugged him -_- Can’t stand Knowitall Slobrina


It doesn’t make Kenny any less of an a$$hole. He is only telling people to try to get sympathy or something for himself, he has used “being gay” from the very start, first with Canadians in his opening reveal and now with the other cast mates, because he knows they hate him and this is just strategy for him to get them to like him more and make himself less of a target. Everything he does is calculated. He’s a crummy person and him being gay doesn’t change that. I’m gay and I hate the way he has conducted himself- he makes all of us look bad.


Exactly- he just “happens” to tell everyone at the exact moment he is the most HATED person in the house and there is a double elimination tomorrow. What a coincidence!! He knows very well if the other side wins the HOH tomorrow they will try to get him out as quick as possible. Everything he does is manipulation!!!

ihate sarah

blah..we spend enough time listening to kenny talk about over-rated!
what i found more interesting was how kenny threw sarah under the bus by telling everyone that she has know for 3 weeks that he is gay(ouch)
and then adel says OHHH that is why you guys have been snuggling so much with a confused look on his face(lol)
sarah really needs to wake-up and realize that kenny doesnt “love” her the way she LOVES him…
and then kenny also says.. maybe if i met the right girl that i was attracted to and was really into i might go back to woman but as of right know im gay(slap in sarahs face)…WAKE-UP GIRL he isnt into you!!!


Whats your address??

The temple

Ha ha truth hurts does it lol ..


Then Sarah goes off on a rant about how everyone should be raised from birth to have love and acceptance in their hearts… What do you know about that Sarah?


Ya she had lots of love in her heart for Heather ..saying
She would allow her kids to beat her up .. And oh ya she said
I want to beat her face because of the sound of her voice . Lol
Sarah isn’t in the right career .. I think there might be a
Mayors position opening up soon .. She already has two
Qualifications … Pill popper and a hypocrite oh ya
I forgot self serving as well . I dislike this women she is
Nasty .


And of course, eventually SOBrina finds a way to change the focus of this topic and conversation away from Kenny so that it reverts to her and talk about herself and her family. She is a skilled and typical narcissist. Initially, she was very quiet, most likely unhappy that in this moment she was not the center of attention and angry that there was nothing she could do to trump Kenny to put her into the center of attention again. She talks about how “OMG, I had no idea, I must confess I thought he didn’t like me, I had NOOOOOOO IDEA, I had no fucking clue”.
Shut the Fuck Up SOBs!!!! You need therapy. Get it when you are on the outside.
Narcissists are really hard to take! Supreme twit.


WOW!!!…i don’t care about Kenny that much, but i’m at least happy he got the reaction he got…to be honest, i expected the opposite reaction where people went like “WHAT!!! YOU WAITED THIS LONG TO TELL US!!” and some people would’ve just walked out and whispered to each other “he’s a liar, that’s even more reason to get rid of him”…I expected a much more hostile reaction…


These people are just good actors. They’re definietly gonna talk about Kenny keeping that a secret for so long and him trying to get sympathy behind his back. Haven’t you read what Neda said? They still want him out.

Nana Jo

OMG Sabrina is pissing me off, right now! First she pouts off to the side by herself for a while. They all ignore her so she starts insinuating herself into it best she can.There is not a single thing that happens that she can’t turn it into being all about her! Her best friends are gay … blah blah blah. Now she’s outright lying about her old school European father asking her best gay friend about his boyfriend. I just don’t believe it. She apparently hangs out on gay bars and clubs ALL the time. All her gay friends adore her etc. etc. Just wait … she’ll come out as transgendered or bi or something now. She’ll say she didn’t feel safe until Kenny came out. That aside, it was a lovely, real, joyful moment. They all bonded, apart from Sabs, who couldn’t bond with industrial strength glue. She’s incapable of true empathy. Total narcissist, and I’m starting to think she’s a sociopath as well. Ultimately, this may be good for Kenny’s game play, but I don’t think that was the real reason he did it.

I’m loving Adel more each day. I hope he wins HoH. I feel a little sorry for Rachelle. I think she genuinely had a crush on Kenny. She’s anaemic, but she’s at least she’s authentic. Love Neda, too. She has such class and spunk and intelligence.


“Couldn’t bond with industrial strength glue” – good one!


Sorry Kenny but yours was the most inane BB secret ever. Congratulations on being gay. I’m straight. Who the f*ck cares.

ihate sarah

am i the only one that finds it offencive that kenny is hiding his sexuality so that he can “play” the woman in the house?
doesnt that show the kind of person that he is..pretty messed up if you ask me!


Especially considering Rachelle is clearly embarrassed and humiliated, and Kenny just says so non-chalantly how he was deliberately playing the girls.


It’s completely disgusting that he would do that. I bet his sisters won’t be too impressed. I know most of Canada isn’t impressed. Good-bye Kenny!! Lots of gay bars to play at in Toronto so go play games there. I’m guessing the gay community will think your big game strategy was an insult too.


Good for Kenny. This coming out business was a shrewd game move because he knew the numbers were against him with the double eviction tomorrow…and I wouldn’t be counting on the gremlins to win HOH.


Doesn’t anyone think think with everyone revealing their secrets the game is gonna be more boring now


I don`t think it will be boring. Now that everyone knows certain things, they will be scrambling to come up with new things to to hide from the “other side” and that will be interesting. Also, maybe some might want to bring in someone from the “other side” or form new alliances. Someone like Allison who never felt like she belonged to either side and has the secret power and is probably right now sitting back, thinking who is the best person she should align with.


And let the games begin anew….I think it will be like when they first came into the house (aside from them knowing each other now of course) all the little sub-alliances will begin to scramble for dominance…it is going to be interesting to see how things shape up.


Gay or not….I still don’t like you as a person Kenny! But atleast Rachelle can stop making googly eyes at you all the time, her ego must be seriously deflated by your big reveal.


You don’t know Kenny as a person. He’s just a dumb PLAYER that portrays himself as the biggest a$$hole in the house. He screwed up his game and won’t get the jury votes to win even if he gets to be one of the final 2.


Sorry for the double post:

When all the houseguests have had time to decompress they’ll see Sabrina had a deal with Kyle, I believe Paul (not sure), the ‘stupids’ (gawd), and then she claims she was loyal to the F5. The only problem is she hated Sarah from the beginning. I watched a lot of the first two weeks of live feeds last night and she asked everyone what they thought of Sarah. She would have turned on her in a heartbeat (if she had one). I believe the only person she was “loyal” to (as much as someone like her can be), is Andrew. Period. “You’ll see when you go home and watch the show”. Swear on my head.

ihate sarah

hmmm neda didnt tell heather what sarah was saying/pitching outside i hope she doesnt believe the snake…RUN NEDA RUN the snake will bite you!!!


Hiding his sexuality was a strategic game move, and I applaude him for the thought of the strategy and also realizing it wasn’t going to aide him once he found out there was no one he could really manipulate to his advantage. As much as I want Kenny out of the game because I have other favourites I would rather see win, Kenny’s “manipulating” strategy is no different than that of players such as Dan and Dr. Will. If he used that to “mist” a girl. why should he be hated on for that? I don’t think it’s something that he hides in real life, he just has a different way of going about it and I don’t think he should be judged for that. Whereas Gary is a champion for gay rights and being who you are, he is a more flamboyant version. Kenny still wants people to be who they are, and needed to be himself in this game and that’s why he came out. It was not getting him any further in the game by hiding that and was making him a big grump. I think we will see a different side of Kenny from now on. Partial game move? Yes…absolutely. But I think a large part of it was the timing was too perfect to pass up and he knows with Sarah gone he needs to start forming friendships with others in the house.


I totally agree with you. It’s been so sad that most people aren’t able to see things beyond the facade. I’ve read a couple of times some gay guys are so ashamed of Kenny as a person without knowing the real Kenny in real life. Thank you for speaking out Chuck!


It’s all strategy with Kenny. Sadly I think everyone has fallen for it.


Nope! Neda says they still want Kenny out.

Johhny (the European one!)

Watching those vids of the entire hot tub discussion was awesome, thanks guys! 🙂
Such a great atmosphere, I was smiling the entire time.
Kinda sad when I finished and went through the comments, those “I still hate Kenny; all strategy, he’s an …” posts sure brought me back to harsh reality.
Anyway, thanks a lot Dawg and Simon for letting me enjoy this awesome moment between all the houseguests.


I hope someday you’ll end up reading the comments about this particular moment and get to read this:
you TRULY inspire me.

Thank you so much.


Canadians are such nice people that most hate Kenny. If Kenny was in Big Brother US, he would have been definitely one of the most liked contestants when compared with others that have been in the show. In short Big Brother Canada is too nice !