Big Brother Canada 2 – GIRL Drama Continued.. Sabrina asks Ika do you believe that I’m plotting against you?

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots

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9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the living room Andrew and Allison are talking on the living room couch. The some of the other house guests join them. Kenny, Jon, Sarah, JOn and Adel. Sarah says that the hot water should be turned back on later this afternoon. Up on the second level – Sabrina and Ika are talking. Sabrina is confronting Ika about things Ika has done and said. They’ve just woken up and they’re already talking about their problems within their alliance. Sabrina tells Ika that the other girls don’t tell Ika that she’s a b***h or that she has an attitude problem because they’re afraid of her. Ika says that she confronted the girls and none of them said that I had an attitude problem or that I was a b***h. They said that they think I am cute and that they love me. Ika says they say that you’re putting it out there that I am a b***h or that I have an attitude problem. Sabrina says that b***h is a strong word and I wouldn’t have said that. Sabrina tells Ika that she really opened up to her in the corner over there and if you are able to turn against me, then that really scares me. Sabrina says that we really need to stop talking about and turning on each other. Ika agrees. Sabrina says that the others are putting it on me. I am very capable of shutting my mouth and not continuing the problem. I can pretend to like someone when I really don’t like them. I don’t want drama. We all need to stop talking about each other. If we have a problem with each other then we go to that person directly and not talking to the others about it. Sabrina asks do you believe that I am plotting against you? Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back.. (Watch the video below for the full Ika/Sabrina conversation.)

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 06-35-20-768

10am – 10:45pm Ika and Sabrina head downstairs to find Rachelle to confront her about whether or not she said that she thinks Ika has an attitude problem or is a b***H. The grab Rachelle and head into the havenot room to talk. Rachelle says that she never specifically said it or brought it up but if someone else said it she would agree with it. Rachelle says I never said you had an attitude problem but I have said that you get mad easily. Sabrina says we’re talking in circles. Sabrina says my idea is that we don’t talk about each other because the telephone game is awful. If I say I like you’re shirt it turns into I hate that f**king b***h. I say from now on we don’t talk about each other. Sabrina brings up how she’s heard they’ve called her Heather and that disgusts her. We need to put an end to stupidity! Sabrina asks Ika if they can all agree to stop talking s**t about each other. Ika says we can say that but I know you’re all going to keep talking s**t about each other. Sabrina starts going off on Ika. Rachelle interjects and asks Ika to please tell Sabrina that I didn’t says she was being a Heather. Sabrina tells Rachelle to shut up – I don’t care about that! Ika brings up how she told Rachelle to stop flirting with Andrew because Sabrina likes him. Sabrina keeps asking if Ika wants to agree to stop talking about each other. Ika finally says that she agrees to do that.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 07-01-27-370

10:45am Ika gets called to the diary room. Rachelle keeps asking to talk to Sabrina about the things that were said. Sabrina says that she really doesn’t want to talk about it and if Rachelle wants to continue – I am going to self-evict myself! Heather joins them and Rachelle leaves upset. Sabrina tells Rachelle to please not be upset. Heather and Sabrina talk. Sabrina eludes to the fact that Heather said something bad about her but Heather denies it. Heather questions what Sabrina is talking about because she has no idea – It’s over my head, please fill me in. Sabrina says that its nothing, I don’t want to talk any more. Heather and Sabrina start to leave and Heather asks her if Rachelle has a problem with her because last night when Rachelle was drunk and Heather would come by her she would roll her eyes and walk away. Sabrina tells her no she doesn’t think Rahcelle has a problem with her.
BBCAN2-2014-03-14 07-46-06-475
BBCAN2- 2014-03-14 07-50-38-639
10:50am Ika comes out of the diary room with her HOH room KEY. All of the house guests run up to the HOH room with her to see her room.

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The funs continuing at 10:30 EST on camera 3/4. Rachelle, Brina and Ika in the 1/2 room ripping. Seems Rach is getting called out for being 2 faced…by Brina and Ika. ROFL Seems Brina”s plan for the day(pure bs) is get the girls back together, at least long enough to work Ika on noms. It’s a beauty convo with Brina being very aggressive with Ika. Brina swears she has never repeated what Ika tells her! I say bl*wj*b t5o that bs!


I don’t spend a ton of time on the feeds but I see why folks get PO’d. Some juicy girl convos. Then Ika get HOH room which I thought should of happened last night. Now we are blocked. Yup the feeds suck!


I am busy at work and don’t have time to read right now 🙁 lol Can someone just tell me what excuse Alison gave for arriving in the house so late? and are the other houseguets annoyed that she came in later and think it isn’t “fair”? Thanks


I thought that was awesome! In BBUK, the guests enter one by one, so it isn’t that unbelievable that she thought she was the first one in. She handled it beautifully! I am hoping that on Sunday we learn that the secret room is still in play, with Nate, Scott and Kyle. I posted last year that my dream twist was parallel universes, and it looks like someone read that idea and ran with it. LOL! There is hope for the secret room, otherwise, what’s the point of forbidding her to mention it to the HG? Love ya, Dawg and Simon!


i like the idea, too. it would be neat to see it function week by week like redemption island, but this way CANADA votes people off!!!
i’d even add the option of having all three people in the room voted out, or two people going instead of one on some weeks. i think
it then can be a factor when you get to the jury phase, an early evictee like Kyle or Anick could then make it to the jury house if they
have a fan support system, this might be the ultimate twist. i feel that any competitions can be for “perks” and privileges like getting
the live feeds direct with very little censorship and total sound + video as a way to pass the time. Scott and Allison were very witty as
a team and Nate sometimes pitched his proverbial two cents in. i like the WAR ROOM idea. since the fans have already seen it, each
new season could have a permutation or variation on the basic rules. I’d want to at the most pack only five people into it and there had
better be a different way to address the urgent “calls of nature” a.s.a.p especially if booze enters the BB*C equation from time to time!!!


Ika is an idiot, why is she believing Sabrina.. the girl is the biggest shitstarting in the house and I cant wait to see her gone.
If Kenny & Andrew is not on the block this week, I would be more than happy to see IKA leaves next week.


I hope they soon see through her bs


Kenny, Andrew or Sabrina. I don’t care which goes this week but please let it be one of these.


I wish Andrew would just shut up and stop trying to monopolize Allison. She needs to mingle with the others, and I guess thats what he wants to stop. Sabrina just can’t help herself. She obviously feels safe enough to be pissing off the HOH. I hope she goes on the block next to Andrew, but the better move would be Kenny and Andrew so that if one of them wins POV the other goes. I wish Kenny hadn’t aligned so strongly with Andrew. I guess he thinks that with Andrew and his big ego and mouth in the house, he will always be a bigger target, but he is coming off as guilty by association, and the jerk is starting to rub off on Kenny. None of the 5 seems to realize that they should be nicer to IKA. I think Arlie is the only one that is making an effort. I think she was a little pissed that her moment when everyone should have been gushing over her was hijacked by Allison. Please IKA, keep your head in the game. The girls are a mess and that alliance isn’t taking you anywhere. None of the hg will win if Andrew isn’t taken out soon. Don’t wait, just do it. I don’t much like Adel, but I have to say, that he is true to his word, even when its bad for his game.


I had high hopes for Ika as HoH but I fear it will be another H-bro-H reign by doing what Andrew and Kenny want..


My gosh, I go to bed only to wake up and see that absolutely everything has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Ika is a Grand Master Fool of the Highest Order. She can’t keep a secret longer than a minute-and-a-half. She blabs everything and now she’s going to pay the price for it. She’s like the rest of the girls and just wants to be liked and popular. Sabrina continues to sit there and lie to her face with every rancid breath and Ika believed every word of it.

Well, I refuse to go along for the ride anymore. I’ve spent enough time to be invested in the outcome but now, I just don’t care. I had hoped that Allison would inject some sanity to the game but she’s gleaned NOTHING from her time in the Secret Room, walking into the house and immediately made every social mistake possible. I can’t watch the girls on Live Feed anymore. I just can’t. They’re nothing but broken records that never stop.

I just don’t care who wins anymore. All I care about seeing now is Sabrina, Kenny and Andrew go down and go down HARD. Now I’m adding Ika to that list for her sheer, massive, unbelievable stupidity.


Ika is an idiot, she trusts Sabrina so much even after so many people told her how much shit Sabrina talks about her and how fake she is. She will end up gonna putting up Adel and Paul and then she will go next week.


Jon and Neda are still my favourites – we’ll see how Allison plays out this week. She seems really smart about this game and she did a great job entering.


I can’t stand Sabrina! I just want to back hand the bitch. She’s SO shady….


I have a feeling that Ika isn’t as taken in by Sabrina as everyone thinks. I may be wrong but I sure hope I’m not. I feel that Ika is going along with Sabrina, agreeing with her but she still has her eye on getting Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina out.

Ika said a few days ago that the strong people had to be taken out sooner than later and that big moves had to be made. I think she will be the one to make them but she isn’t letting on to those that are trying to twist her arm.

I am worried about Allison though. In the War Room, she did say she had to align with the strong power and that was Andrew and Kenny. With Sabrina feeding her all the BS about Adel, Paul, Heather and others, I’m afraid she’s already lost and any advantage she had this past week was all for nothing………………..unless she too is like Ika and picking up information but not acting like she believes it all.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome for both.


“Sabrina says that b***h is a strong word and I wouldn’t have said that.” LOL didn’t sabrina admit to ika JUST YESTERDAY that she did, in fact, call ika a bitch TWICE? sabrina is so caught up in her lies. Ika KNOWS she cannot trust sabrina, but unfortunately she has a big mouth and told her the plan to maybe backdoor kenny, even though she isn’t brave enough/doesn’t think she has the numbers to do it. 🙁

i cannot believe sabrina is now kissing kenny, after spending days all over andrew. what a flip flopping skanky bitch.


The first night allison was in the house on After Dark did Allison not say to Kenny” you are gay” and he said No then Andrew said Wow that was weird. if you didn”t Know. How come no one else caught that and I thought no one knew he was gay? Did anyone else catch that ?