Rockstar “I tried to talk to Brett & he just walked away. He only talks to people he wants to f**k!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 1st
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

8pm HOH room. Fez and Swaggy. Fez – we’ve got to come up with something because Kaitlyn and Haleigh are close with them. Swaggy – yup, so if they win.. then Kaitlyn and Haleigh are safe. Fez – so that means you or me are going up or both. Swaggy – Haleigh told me that if she wins HOH she is putting Brett & Winston on the block. She don’t care. She maybe bluffing. Fez – I think she is bluffing. She might put up Winston. That’s why I’m not doing all this lovey dovey sh*t with everywon.. you lovey dovey until someone wins HOH. But that’s how they’ve got to play because they feel like they ain’t going to win. Swaggy – HOH. Fez – yeah. Swaggy – I thought about it.. who is going to send Haleigh or Kaitlyn home? Fez – that’s why they get tight. Because when they hear people talking about them.. that’s when they go home. Swaggy – I honestly hope Haleigh or Kaitlyn get lucky and win HOH. They Haliegh’s got to pick a side. Fez – then we know what time it is. Tyler joins them. They talk about how they don’t like this HOH being a luck comp. Tyler leaves. Fez – so if Angela wins who do you think she would put up? Swaggy – probably me and someone else. Me and Kaycee or Me and JC. We could go home week two. We’re not in control of this one shot luck comp. Bayleigh joins them. Haliegh – joins them and tells them that Angela is outside the diary room crying. I asked her if she was okay and she said she didn’t feel well. What she is going is pouting because she might go up.

8:15pm Bedroom – Bayleigh, Rockstar and Kaitlyn. Bayleigh – I am really not good with emotions and mood swings. Fezzie will come in and say something and then Swaggy will fly off the handle. Just like him climbing the rock wall with such intensity. I am like can you calm down?! What, what could it be. I am just sitting here like?! Rockstar – I tried to talk to Brett. I found out that we have something in common he likes to play the piano. I tried to talk to him [Brett] and he just walked away. He only talks to people he wants to f**k or that he can impress. Bayleigh – he just talks to girls that he thinks are cute. Rockstar – I don’t know what his problem is .. maybe its just that he’s an idiot. Whatever it is she is upset about it.

9:40pm Living room. 10pm Living room – Winston and Brett are working out.

9:48pm Lounge room. Rachel and Kaycee. Kaycee – I don’t what it to affect our group. Rachel – I don’t get jealous. Kaycee – They like to joke around a lot that’s why its taken so personal because they love you and they say it all the time. I would hate for them to be over joking and then it get to a point.. what I am worried is sometimes they can be a little hardcore .. and its going to start being annoyed with them. I know they’re charming but sometimes girls can be annoyed. Rachel – I just don’t think any of these girls are going to try and win this HOH. Kaycee – yeah. Rachel – do you think Bayleigh and Angela would? Kaycee – I think Bayleigh would, Rockstar will honestly try. Kaycee – just keep being happy. People can sense being irritated. Good vibes, good energy. Rachel – Steve’s gone and pissed me off. Kaycee – yeah well Steve says weird sh*t. Rachel – that would be like me going up to Swaggy and being like ..oh I see you! Wow you must be really hiding your skills because you did really good out there. Kaycee – you’re good. People love your energy.

10:05pm HOH room – Rockstar, Tyler, Swaggy and Fez. Rockstar – I told my kids that I am not going to throw a competition. I will try my best. Really just to see what I can do. Where else do you get to push these limits? Fez – at the end of the day your family is watching you so give them something to be proud of. Rockstar – I mean really, our first f**king day here we jumped off of a thirty foot .. like some stuntman sh*t . like where else in your life have you done any sh*t like that. Like it is crazy. Where else in your life have you snakes and paintball and cold water? Its not just who you can beat but can you beat yourself and what are your own personal body limits and how much can you go through. I don’t think I will throw a competition. Fez – that’s what me and Swaggy were saying. Swaggy – this is my 3rd comp win in a week.

10:45pm Lounge room. Scottie, Fez and Swaggy. Scottie – I was just talking to Sam and I told her straight up that I was voting to keep Steve and she was cool about it. Swaggy – they don’t have the numbers but its still going to be 8 – 5 or something. Scottie – they seem to think that Steve has a partnership with you guys. Because you picked him in the veto. They were shocked that you didn’t use the veto on him. Swaggy – Steve is staying. I am voting to keep him. It will be close, all they need is to pull two votes.

11pm – 11:10pm HOH room. Bayleigh, Rockstar, Haleigh, Kaycee and Kaitlyn. Rockstar – why do you think the all girl alliances don’t work? Kaitlyn – guys, its 2018 do we not even realize what is going on in the world right now? Between the me too movement .. we are actually doing a disservice to America by not.. I’m just saying. Bayleigh – and I can say for the girls that do end up in showmances .. you don’t get to play your game because you’re attached to this boy. Rockstar – and you’ve seen these boys get into these showmances .. sorry girl .. bros before hoes .. every single time! Wouldn’t you love to see .. maybe not even in our season but maybe in a season in the future.. but wouldn’t you love to see some girl whore a guy .. sisters before misters! Why is there a bro-gade? Haleigh – because they have a bro code. Rockstar – where is the b***h code. Bayleigh – we’re more sensitive.

11:22pm HOH room. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – is everything okay with Rachel? Tyler – yeah it was just some personal stuff. I didn’t ask too many questions. They’re okay though. Kaitlyn massaging Tylers hand – you’re my main squad. I’m just going to be cautious. I’m going going to trust them until they give me a reason to trust them. I am going to make it clear with my squad its a package deal like no one can put you up. Tyler – thanks! Kaitlyn – you’re welcome.

12:05am HOH room – Tyler and Scottie. Scottie – the last thing I got from them was they wanted Bayleigh to go. They were trying to convince me that Bayleigh and Swaggy are a showmance. Which is funny because the next day someone was telling em that Winston and getting showancy. If that is true why the f**k would he (Swaggy) come to me to paint a target on a showmance? Tyler – because maybe.. Scottie – he thinks its going to go in front of him. Tyler – yeah. Scottie – but you’re still then putting it into your mind that youre a shomance. Tyler – because you don’t just take out two members of a showmance right away …you take out one of each. He was just not thinking. Scottie and Tyler both see what Haleigh is going by flirting with the guys. Tyler says its not bad getting massages out of it.

12:15am Havenot room. Brett and Winston. Brett – not to mention none of them are really friends with her. Winston – thank you. None of them are, none of them would be. But they are for their votes. Brett – right. Which is fine, that’s big brother. I don’t know if its worth doing something crazy. I have no problem going to the next f**king level. Doing something to get that vote. Winston – right. Brett – I just don’t know if its worth pulling out one of the big tricks. This early .. not even this early ..I don’t know if its worth it for Steve. Winston – thank you. Brett – honestly I would rather if Steve is safe. Winston – we could pull both of them over Scottie and Steve. Brett – Sam doesn’t really want to be here. She’s a liability. Winston – the more we talk about it now, I want Steve to stay. We all have to vote unanimously. The girls better not throw 3 or 4 votes Sams way. People talk too much. By the end of next week we will know who voted for who. They’re not good game players. We’re the only good game players. Winston – we don’t need Sam. She needs to leave. Tomorrow we are calling a 6 meeting.

1:05am – 1:55am Bayleigh – how do you feel about the HOH? Swaggy – try to win obviously. I would love to win but best case scenarios is Rockstar, Steve or Faysal win. Bayleigh – that way they don’t come after us. Bayleigh – we can’t risk the chance of one of them getting it though. Swaggy – no, this week I am going for the win. Swaggy tells Bayleigh about the FOUTTE (Five Of Us Till The End) alliance. (Swaggy, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Fez)

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Tom A

Hey Simon/Dawg,
Did either of you catch what Rachel and Kaycee were talking about when Rachel was crying? It happened a little bit before 10:00 BBT?

BTW, thanks for the updates this season as always

Longtime lurker

I think Angela & Rachel are upset because of DR info that they aren’t supposed to talk about. I saw a “news” blurb about BB earlier about comments they made about their skin color after tanning too often.


I don’t think it’s a secret that I 100% support Angela in this game. She said something idiotic. I did not care for what she said and struggled with it. I will end my feelings on it there. No one really cares nor does it matter what I feel about it. She did get warned of this by production as did Rachel and also JC for his incident. CBS has said they will not show these incidents on the show.

Angela is a highly intelligent sweet girl and this obviously affected her. There is no excuse for her idiotic comment and I can almost assure you we will see zero signs of this from her again. We saw none prior and will seen none after I am very confident.





I agree that the DR told Angela about that TMZ story. I think she’s worried about being misunderstood.

3s a crowd

I hadn’t thought of that lurker. Bet you’re correct. I think Rachel was also upset because while working out the bros said something about Angela being hot or cool (I missed part of it) and left out Rachel in their brilliant discussion.


‘“Big Brother’: CBS Responds To “Inappropriate Behavior & Offensive Comments” By Cast Members
CBS has released a statement following outrage by fans over inappropriate behavior and racist comments by some cast members in Season 20.
“Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and capturing every unfiltered moment and conversation in their lives. At times, the houseguests reveal prejudices and exhibit behavior that we do not condone,” CBS said in a statement. “The producers have addressed two such incidents that were seen recently on the 24/7 online feed. In both cases, those involved have been warned about their inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, as well as future consequences. These events will not be part of any future Big Brother broadcast on CBS.”
The most recent incident occurred Monday night on the show’s 24/7 feed when cast members Rachel Swindler and Angela Rummans used the term “ghetto” when comparing their tans, sparking swift backlash by fans on Twitter. Fans previously accused cast member JC Mounduix of sexual harassment for inappropriately touching contestants, with some calling for Mounduix’s ouster from the show.
This is not the first time the series has been dealt with controversial issues. In 2013, some contestants in season 15 made racist and homophobic remarks during their time on the show.“


The first night on BBAD JC was chasing Rachel trying to grab her breast and yelling he was going to grab her, Pu##&. Rachael shut him down an he backed off. But she was laughing and that may had him thinking he was funny.


Looks like Kailtyn is the kicker this week. Seems like Tyler might have pulled her energy to the Bro side tonight. May the force be with him!


When I saw/heard Tyler and Scottie talking, I clapped my hands together like Kaycee’s “let’s go” reaction when she saw Angela in her bikini.

When I saw/heard Winston and Brett talking about saving Steve, I clapped my hands together like Kaycee’s “let’s go” reaction when she saw Angela in her bikini, only I had Sambot’s grimace on my face.

Those Bros got to goes!


Let’s get Steve out first Granny. It appears the Bros are trying to flip the alliance back to getting Sam out. I don’t trust this ‘CHANCE’ to save Sam. I think if she goes out at best she will have a chance to battle back in. Who knows how long of a wait though? I for one need to Steve gone because it will best benefit Angela’s game.

Did you hear Rachel’s story that Steve walked by her and was like “Why do you hate me” and she was like what? He was like “As you just walked by you said you hate me” She was like umm no I didn’t Steve. The dude is creepy. I have my doubts he was a detective. I don’t get detective vibes from him at all.

3 packs of Ports a day has got to go!


I agree, Steve is creepy.

I’m worried about Sam getting the majority of the votes. I know you want Steve to go, but I don’t trust him at all, and I’m not convinced it’s best for Angela at all. I think Sam is the better option to stay because she is the only houseguest not obviously aligned (in the HGs view) with anyone. Steve will always be tied to Scottie, and naturally tied to Swaggy, too. The Bros “plan” will unravel because everyone will instantly know they are with Steve, too. It’s much too dangerous. I just hope Tyler sets the Bros straight…otherwise, L6 will be null and void.


I missed Rachel’s story. I wanted to like Steve and I knew he was going to have a tough job being the older guy. At first I liked him and the SCottie/Steve duo was something I could see myself being a big fan of. From what I see from Steve these last 3 days and the dynamic that has formed in the house. It’s not going down like my perfect BB fairytale.

3 packs of ports a day has to go…



Thanks for reposting that resource, Simon. You’re good….very, very good! 🙂


you’re welcome.. I got GIF fever this year 😉


Hey Simon and Dawg. On the HG Ranking….there is no ranking scale option for Rockstar. That may be why she has been at the bottom lately.


Ohh man you’re right.. Shoot.. It was up on this page which is the one I thought most people use.

Sorry for some of the glitches folks..


It probably hasn’t affected it too much though=)


This could get interesting. The Bros vote out Sam as planned ROCKSTAR and her coven toss two votes to evict Steve and pin it on the bros. Hmm.. that or Bros vote out Sam along with Swagz and the Rockstar COve. Sam uses her power and Steve still goes home or the week is void.. WE still have today so maybe the Bros will shift back to keeping Sam..

The wording for Sam’s power is still vague to me. I’ve seen multiple ways to interrupt this, but we shouldn’t stress out about this. Even if CBS gave us the hard rules to the power it’s not like they haven’t changed that before. I’m going to hazard that CBS will pencil in whatever rule keeps Sam safe. Hopefully it doesn’t mean something stupid happens like Tyler has to pick a replacement tosses Bayleigh up and she goes home.

Looking forward to Thursday that’s for sure.


I agree that the power rules are ambiguous. Yet, I trust in Sam’s confidence that she’s safe no matter what. I’m quite sure she wanted complete explanation of the reward’s power from BB. There was no doubt in her mind when she told Tyler, and she was in a 100% better mood. I absolutely trust that there is no “chance” she will go home.

For me, the Bros forcing her to use it is worst case scenario. If anything, they will make themselves a target. While I do not like the Bros and their egoist ways, L6 needs them.


WELP! There goes Sam’s confidence that she’s safe. Shoot!


They may throw her back in and either win the comp or outlast a certain number of players. There is usually a pre-jury buyback so she may have a second opportunity to come back much like Victor who’s the king of getting evicted.


“Rockstar’s Coven” made me spit out my coffee, so funny!!! I don’t dislike Rockstar and could see us being work friends outside the house, but it is really hard to take her seriously with her nickname, just like with Swaggy C. I do hope she can make her children proud, that is cool about her.


Yesss! I was spewing coffee on that comment, too (Rockstar’s coven). I’ve been surprised Rockstar isn’t talking about her witchcraft more. She has some Wicca pentacles, but she’s been rather quiet about her beliefs. I wonder if she will celebrate the next Sabbat (Lughnasad was a time of both hope and fear That would make for interesting television.

disclaimer: My post neither endorses nor condemns Rockstar’s beliefs, because my belief is…to each his/her own


I feel like she is pulling a Jessica and over playing her power. Only reason we haven’t gotten more info on it is because she only told Tyler and he’s not questioning it. Chance had to mean that she can fight to come back.

Cracks me up that the house guest haven’t figured out that she got it yet. One day she’s balling her eyes out telling everyone they are fake and literally giving up, then she’s smooth sailing after the App Store.


Sam losses her top spot (temporally I think).. Baleigh/Swagz and Rockstar at the bottom still..

pretty much Level six at the top FOUTTE at the bottom.


Interesting that Rachel made Top 5.

We may be looking at the new L6 with those top 6 spots on the grid if Steve goes and Bros vote Sam out.


I believe it is because she is in the storeroom too much. She needs to at least stay in the living area to remain front and center on everyone’s mind.


Send me of lost her placement for crying too much


Before I forget.. Happy Fourth of July to my friends down south.

Open your eyes Bros!

I liked Winston and Brett in the beginning but those two are idiots. Nice discussion boys. I love how you two think you are the game players of your alliance when it’s obvious that Angela runs circles around you two. Ugg!


What I have noticed so far watching parts of After Dark and these updates (I don’t get the feeds) is that most players seem to be aware Big Brother is a game and talk game somewhat regular through the week. Prior seasons, people talked game just before HoH and right after then sat around being annoying for six days. Except Vanessa…she played through two dozen seasons in her HoH’s.