“Fessy don’t you feel a little bad you were like a huge part like why I was F*ing attacked”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler starts trying to pull Kaitlyn in but finds it difficult. He keeps at it though.

3:47pm HAve nots BROS and Angela
BroB telling them about when Fess and Swagz “Cornered” him in the bathroom
BroB adds Swagz was doing all the talking he offered to work with him.
BroB mentions that Kaitlyn only said He’s safe if he won HOH.
Both BroW and Angela cannot understand why Kaitlyn does like them.
BroW thinks that Kaitlyn doesn’t like him because he rejected her when she put her.
BroB says it was just like college I flirted with some guys girl friend and him and his boys were coming to get him.
Angela says they have to get Tyler to work on Kaitlyn
BroB – It was like the MCPoyle Brothers cornered me (HAHAHAHAHAH)
They talk about Bayleigh yelling at Tyler “day f*ing two”
Wisnton – I’m starting to get nervous right now I don’t know why
Angela – it’s the HOH
Brett – I got that on f*ing lock I feel so solid
Winston – they might flip it like they did mine..
Angela – I’m just happy we have the strong competitors..
SCottie joins them and the game talk ends..

Kaitlyn comes in and gives Brett a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Kaitlyn now mentioning her boyfriend Joel (joe) and these videos he makes..

4:35pm Storage room JC and Tyler
Tyler – I might be 7 for us
JC – I know because these b1tch$s are ready.. I heard from Winston that Haleigh is already with Fezz
Tyler – I know.. I know ..
Tyler – be really nice to Kaitlyn we need that vote..

4:40pm HOH Tyler and Kaitlyn
Tyler – Do you think they would be cool with us.. do you think they would be accepting (the swagz side)
Kaitlyn – I’m scared, whats going to happen if I win.. I’m friends with everyone..
Tyler – you shouldn’t win
K – I can’t win.. winning wold be the worst thing for my game right now.. I need the letter.. I really hope the APP question is who cried teh most and I win
K – the only person I will tell if I win is you
Tyler – Ok, the only person I’ll tell is you
Kaitlyn starts goign through the numbers, “You, me Fessy Swaggz, Haleigh, Bayleigh, ROCKSTAR, Scottie and Steve.. 9 with us”

K – other side is 7, you, me, BRett, Winston, Angela, Rachel, Kaycee.. so Same and JC will be out.. JC is a floater..
Kaitlyn says if she wins HOH she wants JC out.
Tyler – Don’t say that anymore..
Tyler – If JC happens to hear
Tyler – if Steve stays this week.. it’ll be Swaggy Fessy Bayleigh Haleigh Rockstar Scottie Steve
THey keep going over the numbers of which side to join.
They’re not sure where SAM goes..
Kaitlyn wants them to wait to see what happens.
Tyler doesn’t want the side they end up picking to think they just jumped on ship, “If we jump on board after they win HOH.. ” it won’t look good.
Kaitlyn says her side loves her and she doesn’t think they will put the two of them up.
Kaitlyn says the side with Swagz is targeting Angela and Winston and the side with Bros/Angela is not targeting the two of them so whatever they do this week they’ll be fine.

Tyler – I don’t trust Fessy..
Kaitlyn – I don’t know If I can anymore
Tyler – It sucks because I did.. he won’t talk.. he barely looks at me anymore.
Kaitlyn – if I was a viewer these are the people… I would be like Swaggy needs to go home , Fessy needs to go home.. Bayleigh.. like that whole side.. like that would legit be what I would be saying as a viewer.
Tyler – what do you think viewers
Kaitlyn saying she can care less that fessy is in a showmance she would want nothing more than her two bes friends to fall in love.

Tyler is saying he thinks Scottie wants the vote to be 6-6 so he can vote out Steve. This will make h”a lost puppy whole need someone to find him”.
Tyler – we pull him in.. what if that is exactly what Scottie wants..
Kaitlyn – do you think
Scottie – that stems from the fact Scottie told me he was going to throw the veto
K – why did he say that, what was his reasoning
Tyler – I don’t know…
Tyler says Scotties plan was – I want to make it obvious to the house that Steve is my number one but if Steve picks me for the veto I’m going to throw it because I don’t want it
Tyler says Steve is sitting in the middle says he knows both side
K – Nobody will think it’s him too it’ll cause alot of sh1t
K – do you think th other side will vote for SAM to stay
Tyler – yeah
K – why do you think that
Tyler – Steve has openly told people he is over on Swaggyz side.. am I wrong
Tyler says they know Steve is with them and Sam is up in the air they’ll pick Steve over Sam
Kaitlyn ok.. just give me one second… ok

Kaitlyn – Yeah I mean.. I don’t know if that’s hi (scottie) plan.. Sam has really redeemed herself and I love F***ing with Steve I love him.. but I almost like teh idea of keeping someone who doesn’t have a solidified side yet..
Tyler agrees.
Tyler says he’s got a close relationship with SAm.
Kaitlyn – I do too
Tyler wonders why no one is considering Sam as someone that has the power. Points out she’s been a robot for the week of course she’ll be trending.
Tyler doesn’t think Brett has it
KAitlyn is going to Ask sam
Tyler – let me.. what if Sam does have the power..
Tyler tells her JC should not be her target..
Kaitlyn says she loves JC but she didn’t know he had a side she thought he was a floater. Kaitlyn says that by Tyler’s body language it’s obvious JC has a side.
Kaitlyn – I put up you Swaggy and you Bayleigh.. both of you pissed me off you f*ed around with the wrong chick.. I’m a risk taker.

Fezzy comes in .. Says everyone is in the Geometry room or sleeping..
Kaitlyn asks him “who are you going to put on the block”
Fez – I don’t know..
Kaitlyn – you really don’t know.. FEssy you got HOH you have 5 minutes
F – you don’t have 5 minutes though
K – Shut up you know what I mean.. are you putting me up
F – I was thinking about it.. now that I just saved your a$$ with the veto
F – why would you even think that
K – I don’t think that I was making a joke
F – we haven’e talked in a day and …
K – I was joking HOLY SH1T.. your’re obviously not putting me up if you did .. trust me you would have a HUGE problem
F – Ok so who would you put up
K – I don’t know that’s why i’m f**ing asking you
F – well you knoew a day ago (ahha bam)
K – so it changed..
F – I dont’ know you told me a day ago..
Rachel joins them.. After Rachel leaves kaitlyn goes back in on the question to Fez.

Fez says its up to 4 or 5 people. She says she assumes the plan was the same based on what they’ve talked about in the past.
Fez – same .. nothing changed on my end. I know you’ve been talking to them today
Kaitlyn – I’m just trying to play a good social game.. do you respect that..

Tyler leaves to prepare the Halibut..

5:47pm HOH Fez and KAitlyn
K – Whats up
F – you ok
K – yeah are you
F – I’m great
K – I don’t think everything will be the same
F – I think it will eventually ion a couple day
Kaitlyn says Fez is so inside is own head he actually thinks she can’t be happy for him and HAleigh.
K – the main issue over the past 4 days is that you kept saying SHE’S Not Fine She’s not Fine .. when I F***ing told you I was fine
K – so there’s a trust issue here already
F – It’s not a trust issue I think there’s a miscommunication issue. like…
K – fessy don’t you feel a little bad you were like a huge part like why I was F***ing attacked and now everybody in America is going to see like people talking about me behind my back telling me like I think a certain way and I don’t
K – do you understand how that’s going to come across I certainty do. I’ve owned up to my part the fact I made a really stupid joke about it looking like you having sex under teh covers.. it was F***ing noon I was joking.. do you understand that..
K – I dont’ think you get the severity of how much you hurt me … as a friend at all.. at all..
K – This is something like I’m like getting called in the Diary room and like and Alison Grodner (THE GROD) asking me are you ok

Feeds flip….

When we’re back..

F – how do we make sure you and me are still.. this comes first
K – I don’t know if I believe you.. I just don’t .. you’ve said a lot of things these past few days
F – What have I said to you
k – Like .. alot of clarification.. and for you to do back and say.. She says she’s fine but I know she’s not don’t f**ing flatter yourself Fesyal, I don’t care that much about what you are doing in your personal life and in a relationship.. don’t flatter yourself..
Kaitlyn says she’s never in her life said anything mean to another person

Kaitlyn tells him that she doesn’t feel like their group will go to bat with her, Haleigh, Bayleigh and the Swagz..
F – if you feel that way I’m in a bad place too than

6:08pm Swagz joins them..
F – a lot is going on with petty sh1t
Kaitlyn says how is she supposed to feel safe in this set up.

6:44pm Swaggyz and Bayleigh
Relationship talking…
Bayleigh – Trying to make sure I actually trust you.. make sure you’re not trying to hurt me..

6:51pm Steve and Scottie
Steve says it’s going to be close.

7:03pm Steve and Swagz
They’ve been watching the spy screen at how Kaitlyn interacts with people. They also observe Winston and BRett.
Steve tells him Brett is moving away from Winston.
Swagz doesn’t should sure of this.

7:09pm Storage room Mr SwaggyC and Fezzie
Swagz brings up ROCKSTAR wanting to toss a couple votes at Steve to frame Brett and Winston.
Swagz thinks it’s a good idea only if it’s unanimous or close, “I’m going to be pissed if it’s a 7-6 vote and her vote sends Steve home”
Fezz thinks it’s too risky “Steve’s a number for us”
Swagz – I said that but she has the mindset.. we’re going to frame Brett and Winston
Fezz – we’er already gunning after them next week so .,.
Swagz – she’s saying for Steve.. (to target)

Fez – whats going on with Kaitlyn
Swagz – she’s losing it.. when she said the whole I feel unwanted …
Swagz is worried she’s going to the other side because of the things she said today.
Fez – I feel bad
Fez says Kaitlyn was holding Tyler’s hands in the HOH, “they’re goign to show this on TV”
Fez – she was grabbing Brett’s leg .. I wanted to tell her
Swagz – you can’t you can’t.. she’ll take it the wrong way..

7:33pm They are either climbing the wall/watching people climb the wall or making food/watching people make food.

7:43pm Tyler and Kaycee HOH
Tyler says that other side is starting to unravel. He gives a quick retell of his conversation with Kaitlyn.
Tyler says he can guarantee Sam is safe this week.
Tyler says Kaitlyn is staying up on the HOH tonight
Kaycee is excited about this news.

KAycee says if there is anyone on the other side they could grab would be Katelyn.

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This is all so riveting! I’m placing a bet that the ants show up tomorrow given Sam was unable to clean the kitchen today. Then we will get the chance to watch even more scurrying.

Someone pass the popcorn.


Kaitlyn mentioned “meds” while talking diary room. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being on meds, but this girl wow. I am not a doctor and dnt play one on internet but she has some serious mental issues and this I’m sorry is painfully obvious. I feel bad for her at this point.

We here have often wondered if they purposely choose people who have some type of mental illness to spice up the show. I mean let’s be real a bi-polar person in a manic episode can be good television. I just don’t know I am ok with exploiting them.

Ok I will stop because I am dangerously close to going off on a tangent again. I hate when that happens.

I love Angela and want her to win this damn show! I don’t know if that is going to happen but #AngelaForTheWin!

Tyler has to be the fav to win this right now. He is playing a smooth game thus far. We will see how it goes once he is not HOH. I like the kid.

Scottie I am a little disappointed in TBH. I am hoping he snaps to life once Steve is gone. I still have you in my final 3 Scottie, you need to represent.


If I have to add Tyler and nix Scottie at some point dnt hate me for it:-)


This season is off to a fun start! #nokrakenYET

Tom A

I’m really enjoying this season so far. 2 clear sides, a few floaters, personalities galore, multiple romantic interests, the clear odds-on favorite (Tyler), the lovable group (Kaycee, Tyler, Sam), the villains (Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Bay, Fez), the pretties (Bros, Angela, Rachel), impending implosions (More of Kaitlyn, as well as Sawggy’s whole side). All of that and more on this season of Big Brother. Hopefully it keeps progressing as it has, while adding a few power shifts, twists, and surprises. Should continue to be a fun season.