Rachel “I feel more comfortable out here than in the DR. They feed you lines.”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots ?

8:50pm Kitchen – Rachel and JC. JC – that’s probably why you didn’t trend because you’ve been mean to me. Rachel – probably! Rachel – do you know what is funny?! I actually feel more comfortable out here than in the DR. When I go into the DR, they’re like alright you’re ON! Because they feed you lines. Big Brother switches the feeds.

9pm Angela and Winston. Winston – did you hear Scottie when she turned his key? He said oh crap. It was so obvious that he was told he was the pawn. And now he is going around acting all shocked. Angela – I told him, I think I’m more upset than you are Scottie. Winston – Rockstar and Haleigh are dead to me. I am not speaking to them. She didn’t even come up to me. She didn’t even give me a petty hug. Like one of those .. oh I’m sorry. She didn’t even act it. Her (Haleigh) and Rockstar not even a word to me. That’s okay. I’ve hated Haleigh since day one. They were all laughing at the fact that she (Kaitlyn) called me out for being a doctor. ..And then she said that they are clueless. I said Kaitlyn how am I to trust you because my whole game is in your hands now. She said I’ve got you and then walked out. We have to figure out what this app (app store power) is and what it can do. When Scottie came down he was acting all weird.

9:20pm – 9:30pm Lounge room. Winston, Angela and Kaitlyn. Angela – they were all screaming? Kaitlyn – they were just all screaming that I was a savage wh*re about the doctor thing. I was like I blacked out. I am legit lying. Swaggy overheard Sam telling Rachel about her power. Winston – we think Scottie has it. Kaitlyn – do you? Winston – no I would tell you right now. I don’t. I think Scottie might have it and I think this week you will hear. And whenever you do .. relay it to Tyler so he can tell me what it is and what it can do. I think one of them has it. Angela agrees. Kaitlyn – Swaggy thinks that Sam has the power now. Kaitlyn leaves. Winston – I feel better after that. If I get house guest choice I will probably pick Brett. If he is already picked, I will pick you. Angela – I feel like if Scottie goes out there will be a battle back. Winston – we can’t even worry about that. As of right now I want Chris gone, Rockstar and Haleigh gone.

10pm Winston, Brett, Angela and Kaycee workout by the front door.

10:30pm Rockstar, Haliegh and Bayleigh talk about mast*rbating in the house. Haleigh – how do you even do it in the house? Rockstar – In the corner of the shower. Kaitlyn walks into the HOH room. Kaitlyn – hi wh*res. Haliegh – we’re talking about mast*rbating in the house. Kaitlyn – if any of you girls need to feel free to use my shower.

10:45pm Rachel, JC and Kaycee. Rachel – I am just f**king over it. I just know it has to be for a bad reason. (Getting the least trending house guest because she and Angela were commented on how if they tan any more they will look like Bayleigh and look ghetto)

11:10pm Swaggy and Fez. Fez – Brett is doing pretty good right now. He hasn’t played in no comps and he is good with pretty much everybody… except us. Swaggy – that’s why he needs to go. Fez – we’ve got to take that shot. Swaggy – we will take that shot. Fez – you think Steve would have been loyal to us if he had stayed. Swaggy – 100%. Fez – good thing we won HOH this week. Fez – so if there is a battle back, would Steve know about it already? Swaggy – yeah he knows about it. Fez – sequestered for four weeks?! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:30pm Bayleigh, Rockstar, Haleigh, Tyler and Kaitlyn. Brett is giving Haleigh a massage. Haleigh comments on how out of no where Sam told Brett to never f**king touch her. Rackstar – never in my life will I ever hear someone start a sentence “remember when I was a robot..” They talk about how Rachel is taking the trending the least really hard. Brett – she thinks its because America doesn’t like her but it has nothing to do with that. Haleigh – it just means you weren’t relevant to whatever question they asked.

12:05am Bathroom – Rachel, Sam and JC. Rachel – I am frustrated because I feel like I am looking at other people and how they’re playing the game and I’m like really!? Like I don’t think I’m playing like bad or.. JC – no and you have friends here. Rachel – I have friends I am going to leave here with and be with for a life time. Even when I have felt disrespected by people, I still went above and beyond to be nice to them. Could have easily popped off. I get it, its a show.

12:35am – 12:50am Angela and Kaycee. Angela – he is so excited that hes trending no. Kaycee – yeah. JC joins Angela. Angela – I think Scottie has it (App store power). Rachel joins them. Rachel – I am just so pissed for the weeks to come and that this affects my game. That’s what I’m pissed off about. I have three more weeks of this, who knows if there could have been something to save me but I don’t have a chance for that anymore. This just f**ks my game up. Winston – you’ve got to spin it and make it your own. Rachel – there are a lot of things that people could complain about .. like you’re on the block. I don’t care about the punishment. I just feel so stupid for caring in the least. Brett joins them. Brett tells Winston that he was lying with Haleigh between his legs and Fez walked in. Winston hugs Brett. Winston – he is so good.

1am Bathroom – Fez asks Haleigh for a hug. She puts one arm around him. Fez – what’s up with these half-a$$ hugs. Haleigh – you’ve had an attitude all day. Fez – have not. Haleigh – what about in the kitchen when I sat down and you walked away. Fez – I was joking.

1am – 1:45am Havenot room. Brett & Winston. Brett – I saw a side of Kaitlyn that I haven’t seen .. like she is pissed. She wants Swaggy out. Brett tells Winston – I think Tylers dad passed way recently and I think Swaggy has too. It could be a bonding thing for them. Winston – I am not going to lie. I’m a bit nervous. We need to figure out who has the it. Brett and Winston head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Bedroom – JC gets up from bed to change. He goes over by the hallway. (The camera’s aren’t on him.) Tyler – why are your pants down around your ankles JC? They all start laughing. JC yells nOOOOOOOO.. and lays down with his pants around his ankles. He thinks its a blind spot. brett – to be honest I thing everyone is giving Scottie more credit than he deserves.

Rachel is still upset about how she is the least trending. I am more upset that this messes with my game for 3 more weeks. Like now I don’t have the option to be saved if I need it. Sam – you should be proud of yourself. Its just a game Rachel. You had a life before this and you’ll have a life after this. Sam tells Rachel that she has her back.

1:50am HOH room – Rockstar, Bayleight and Haleigh Bayleight – Winston should have seen it coming and now he will just have to fight for the veto. Haleigh – I really don’t want Brett to go. Bayleigh and Rockstar agree.

1:55am Scottie and Swaggy talk about what Tyler said to Kaitlyn. Tyler told Kaitlyn that Swaggy had said she was at the bottom of the alliance’s totem pole and that they didn’t trust her. Swaggy – I never said the word totem pole. I said I was rocky about her .. if we’re in this core alliance why would you (Tyler) say that. I tell him everything. I am stopping telling him everything. Scottie ads that JC told him to Trust Tyler.

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Still no internet. Pov players are


Kaitlyn chose fez.


Yeah! Swaggy didn’t get to play. From Simon’s list, the only one that I can see that would not play the veto is Fezzy. HOO HA….gonna be a great veto meeting!

I love this year’s gameplay! Hope Tyler got the power app.


The best part is…hopefully Fuzzball will use the veto if he wins, as he thinks Kaitlin is going to put up Angela for renom


My internet has returned! both Dawg and I are preparing new updates.


Rachel. Please stop talking about Production


Why ? I like it when production get exposed. It’s just more proof that reality TV is indeed NOT reality TV. I firmly believe that production has a massive influence on who makes it too the end. Doesn’t mean ill stop watching. I love watching idiots act out and expose who they really are. People will do anything for money.


I would like it too if they didn’t cut the feeds.

You Only Live Once

Well said Boemonte, everyone knows “reality tv” isn’t really reality, its scripted in a direction production wants it to go. This whole “app” thing is just another way to shape the game as well. I also love the players that expose production…..and in live feeds they always quickly cut feeds….can’t be having the audience thinking production has any influence…..eye roll.


So far this season is pretty on the level.. BUT we’ve had some really questionable Seasons in the past so it’s not above production.. one that comes to mind.. ——-> BB13


Remember when you vote…….if you put someone’s name down, they are trending. Even if you put their names on negative questions. So if you put Swaggy’s name down when asked which houseguest has you screaming at the tv……..he then becomes trending.

If you want someone to get the crap app….don’t put their name down.


yeah, least trending is just an excuse for production to give someone most people are ignoring something to do on the shows. fez got some good moments eyerolling over the hamazon deliveries on air and now he’d probably be middle of the pack if he were eligible again.

least trending also makes visible who could have powers as least trending people will never have the powers.


I will never put Swaggy’s name. It’s not even that I dislike him really, but he thinks he is too special. There are people I like n dislike so much more, there’s no reason to get him trending just cuz he thinks he should be. And the shtick he did when voting… Swaggy, you been in that DR on that couch how many times? Don’t pretend to cute stumble like youve never gone into there n dont know how couches work. Didn’t even time it right for the camera.


I figured that out AFTER I had voted. Also you can only vote for 2 days. Actually 1 and a half. Well, we’re learning.


In a way it’s a good thing to be least trending if you’re worried about negative public opinion because it means you’re not loved or hated but in the middle and under the radar.


They feed them lines for their DR sessions. This is not news. Some people are boring in there and the producers want to have decent DR’s. They are producing a TV show. I know most of you will say they feed them lines to say in the house, but you would be wrong.

I love how Winston refuses to call Swaggy by his self given nickname. He always calls him Chris. Too funny. And I am sure it pisses Swaggy off.

I don’t like how Winston calls Sam a “liability” Dude you are a liability getting butthurt over every little thing. Chill. Play the game. But you are out of control. He always has to get things done his way or he whines. So annoying.



yeah, i was highly skeptical of sam’s ability to make such great robot puns off the cuff last week.


I refuse to call Chris is that ridiculous name he gave himself too, but since he insists on a nickname, I call him Cocky D. And the same goes for Angie, she insists on a nickname, so I call her Rainbow Bright.


for Angie my nickname for her would be “Manly Face”


Haha, love it. Cocky D and Rainbow Bright. Fit their personalities much better.

double D

Feed them lines= ask them leading questions


Sidebar….I am so tired of the race card being thrown around so that it desensitizes people about real racial issues. The thing is…I HATE racism, but there truly is a difference between making a racist comment and making a racially insensitive comment. Most people, everywhere have made some sort of racially insensitive comment in our lives but we are far from racist. To make a long story longer, I think Angela and Rachel made racially insensitive comments but it is unknown whether they are racist or not. I’ve heard comments like those come from all different races of people and I just think people should be given the benefit of the doubt in most cases and let’s stay away from placing labels on people because a racist is a truly disgusting person and being called one, when you may not be, can ruin your entire life.


Your comment is suspect in itself.

They want to stop tanning so they won’t be as dark or look like Bayleigh calling it ghetto. They said… “Bayleigh is black. She looks ghetto.” Looking like her is a negative. It’s pretty cut and dried. They could’ve said, “we should stop tanning because it’s damaging to the skin”. Nope, it wasn’t fear of skin cancer but the fear of looking too dark and therefore ‘ghetto’ was the reason to stop tanning.


Suspect in itself? That doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t physically SEE/HEAR what they said, I only heard about it secondhand, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t say “Bayleigh is black. She looks ghetto.” That’s precisely my point, we should not automatically infer what something means when we don’t know for sure. Anyhow, I’m not trying to start up a big racial fight, I’m just saying that there is a difference between being racist and making a racially insensitive comment. It was an attempt to get all of us to go high, not low.


Do people who are not rasist make racially insensitive comments? Perhaps. But when does this typically happen? Jokes? Among friends? But to do so in a forum where millions of people will hear evinces such a callous disregard for people that might be offended that it rises to the level of racism. At the least it shows no respect or empathy for the targets and maybe dehumanizes them. If you are willing to publicly proclaim that dark skin is ghetto, then you are a fu**ing racist. Period.


They are recorded 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Saying they have to be mindful of every way their off handed comments may be taken is absurd. Who hasn’t done or said something really stupid when they thought no one was paying attention? Production tries to keep their distance for these more candid moments so they can catch them off guard. No one can keep their guard up all the time, it’s exhausting and unnatural.

They should feel it necessary to apologize for the insensitive comments but to label them racist if too much. I’m still waiting for Zakiyah to apologize for the storage room trauma.

Eyes Wide Shut

First of all, to liken her comment to a stupid comment that one might make when they think no one is looking is laughable. These house guests know they are under a microscope and that practically EVERYTHING they say will be available for public consumption. If she said it, she believes it (unless she had another reason to say it). And if she believes it, she is a racist. I hope it was worth it because I believe it will severely damage her brand in Vegas.


It won’t. Unless she keeps saying things of a racial nature, by the time she’s out no one will care.

Eyes Wide Shut

That’s your opinion. Mine is that she just insulted a part of her potential client base and perhaps colleagues and that will affect her brand (to the extent she even has one). Time will tell.


Is it just me or does Angela sometimes look like a legit different person sometimes? I don’t know if it has to do with her hair up or down, or make-up, or w/e…but every once in awhile, they focus on her, and I’m like, who the heck is this houseguest?


So is Winston and Kaitlyn actually working together or is she playing him? Missed that part.

double D

Target is Swaggy…if veto not used, Scotty


If the target truly is Swaggy, Kaitlyn shouldn’t have picked Fez to play for the veto.


She trusts Fez and thinks he’s good with her not knowing he’s closer to Saggy.


If I’m remembering correctly. She explained that choosing Fez makes it still look like she’s on that side with them. Also she told someone that if he wins veto she will tell him to take Scotty off and she will put up Angela. He wants Angela out. But then after he uses it to take Scotty off, what she is saying she will do is go off about things swag said and put him up instead. If my memory is correct.

Tom A

I like Rachel, but she needs to stop worrying about this least trending stuff. She’s in a game to win half a million dollars, she shouldn’t care about what us idiot fans think. Just be yourself, let the chips fall as they may, play your butt off, kick some ass, and bring home the money. Her family and a whole host of fans are already proud of her. Focus on the good and not the bad.


I just think she is just worried how she is being portrayed. Since the whole tanning comments, she’s probably thinking that Production has put a villain spin on her (plus feeling like they feed her lines, like now she’s playing right into productions plan?)…. she doesn’t get that production has put NO SPIN on her. That’s why you’re not trending, they never show you on the show! But, she is a performer, probably worried how her career will go if she’s shown in negative way.


she should because us “idiot” fans can affect her game through things like app voting and us “idiot” fans make this show what it is through things like simply watching the show and keeping it relevant. showing her ignorance in the game can most definitely affect her life inside and outside of the game (i.e. professionally)

double D

She’s just bummed…Wouldn’t you be if you found out you were least trending?


No. lol. It can be useful to fly under the radar.


Agreed. I think that since production reprimanded her and Ang about their suntanning comments…she thinks she’s not trending as a result. I don’t think they know that whether or not they are trending is a direct result of questions they ask us in the voting.


Let’s see. This is BB20 and CBS has yet to hire an audio engineer to put an amplifier on each mic and then a limiter to hold the audio to a level we can all hear without having to turn the TV volume up to max in order to hear all the whispers. This isn’t rocket science. Being of Granny’s vintage, I record BBAD and watch it in the morning with my fiber cereal and have to keep the remote handy to fast forward through the over loud commercials..

I don’t know how Simon/Dawg manage to catch all the convos. Thanks guys. Don’t know what we’d do without you..


I love when Winston mouths stuff too. Just another thing that annoys me about him. The look he gets when he does it too. I want to beat the crap out of that look. HaHa.

I have often said they should outlaw whispering. “Please stop whispering” should be a more common scold by production than “You may not talk about production”

I mean how many people really hear convos through doors and walls? Not enough to warrant as much whispering as is done on this show. So annoying.

I also agree the low level of audio engineering on this show is embarrassing.


OMG This post got me laughin soooooo hard first thing on a Saturday morning lol. LOVE IT. I like Winston and Brett but so true about the mouthing and the face he makes and especially the whispering. hahahaha Still lmao


Just cracked up again watching Winston reading JC’s mouthing of what…I couldn’t understand lol


One reality shows I watch and I wish would have damn feeds is Bachelor in paradise (it’s the guilty pleasure of the BB blogger 😉 ) Even though it’s produced 2 hour segment the audio challenges out on the beach must be insane and they seem to be able to pull it off.


I totally agree Simon. It’s weird cause I don’t like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette or w/e…but I reallllllyy like B in Paradise and I also liked the Winter Games. Obviously I don’t tell my friends, that’s special info just for my OBB posters lol :p

Roll Tide

I don’t watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette but really like B in Paradise also.


There we go…Hook Em’


Agree Kent. Without Simon and Dawg, it would truly be maddening. Amazed that production can’t get that right. I understand the need to whisper, but we shouldn’t have to blow out our TV speakers to hear it. Grrrrr


You’re welcome Kent! It’s tough at times for sure.
JC can be hard to follow. Swaggy when he’s whispering to Bayleigh is very hard to follow.
Haleigh and ROCKSTAR sound a like sometimes.


There are small mics they could install all over the house that would help tremendously. At least on the televised shows. I suppose the live feed people could activate them when they switch to that rooms cameras.


Yeah, I often feel I could get better reception with some tin cans and string!

hernanday oleary

Why did Kaitlyn flip and why does she want Swaggy out? I thought they are in an alliance?


because she is easily swayed by whoever can give her attention. She is so needy.. I hope they interview her bf.

My Two Cents

She flipped the vote because Tyler and Brett convinced her that if she didn’t vote for Sam to stay, a special power would be unleashed and she’d be sorry. She turned against Swaggy after hearing all the stuff he’d been saying about her behind her back….and the fact that he bragged about “running the other side of the house”.

double D

Tyler told her swaggy said she was at the bottom of that alliance


They also called her a cannonball ..


I like that Kaitlyn won HoH right after flipping. The fact that she’s not completely set with folks and a little tilted should have folks on edge at least until the veto comp.


I Miss Paul he’s the greatest player EVER!


Bullying and riling people up to gang up on others takes away from their game play, imo. I respected his game play in season 18…but last year, I flipped in how I thought of Paul, and I know for sure I’m not alone in that. Josh won by default, but I think the jury was more sending a message that you don’t play the game that way. And it seems to have worked, because so far, this cast seems to have gotten back to the good ole days of BB, strategic game play, loyalty, and a good dose of manipulation and backstabbing.

Guy From Canada

His name play in season 18 was tempered by Victor. He needed someone chill and kind hearted to snap him out of his bully mode. Attitudes are contagious, and too many people drank his koolaid in season 19


See…I tell people everyday how rational Canadians are. hahaha I agree, season 19 was his true self with nobody to temper him. Attitudes sure are contagious


Paul was likable on his first season, he’s pissed all over that reputation during his second.

Just me

It was awesome to see a real vote instead of the whole house voting together. I’m actually enjoying this season so far. Simon and Dawg, you guys do a great job every year! Thanks. You guys still doing the amazon thing?


It truly was great.


The internet is down for the north island. Next update will arrive once it’s back up.


They just picked players for the veto comp. I’m still trying to figure out who was picked.

Rachel is playing, and I think Rockstar is hosting. Brett didn’t get picked and he is disappointed. Looks like Kaitlyn picked Faysal, but I’m still not positive.


Yeah, Swaggy, trust Tyler at your own risk.


Unless I missed it being revealed, my first guess who has the new power is Tyler. I think he is the only one who can keep it a secret until he figures out the best way to use it to his advantage and only then, who best to tell. My second guess is Scottie because he seems so upbeat for someone on the block.


Sounds like someones starting to catch on to your game Tyler…..