Nomination Results! “You better win that veto, so start working out or j**king off!”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots ?

Nomination Results: Kaitlyn nominated Scottie & Winston

APP STORE: Rachel got least trending. Her punishment is getting roasted.

When the live Feeds return – All the house guests are getting up from the kitchen table. Winston and Scottie have been nominated.
Kaitlyn – I still think that Winston is a doctor or a general surgeon.

Winston heads into the lounge room. Kaycee joins him and gives him a hug. She calls him doctor. Kaycee leaves and Rachel and Brett join him. Winston – I’ve got to admit I am nervous. We have to figure out who has the power. Brett – you’re going to get out of here and all these ladies are going to think you’re a doctor. Kaitlyn joins them and tells Winston she is sorry. Kaitlyn then leaves. JC joins them. JC – did you know you were going up? It didn’t take you by surprise? Winston – no. JC – oh okay. Winston – regardless, whatever happens.. JC – you’ve got my vote. You better win that veto, so start working out or j**king off.

8:05pm HOH room – Swaggy, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Tyler. Swaggy and Haleigh notice that Rachel is crying. Swaggy – its because of Winston, not because she’s least trending.

8:08pm Lounge room. Rachel and Kaycee join Brett and Winston. They talk about how they heard / saw Swaggy and Rockstar laughing. Angela – keep laughing. Winston – I can’t wait to pull this move. Kaycee – they’re celebrating up there first of all. Brett – I need to talk to Scottie. Kaycee – Scottie said I will beat Winston in pretty much any competition. Winston – he said that? Out loud? Kaycee – yeah. Winston – who is this kid!?

8:10pm Scottie and JC. Scottie – I want to win this veto so f**king bad!! JC – if they don’t put snakes in there, then you’ve got this. Scottie – those snakes f**ked me up! Bayleigh joins them. Bayleigh – the plan is for you to crush the veto. There’s no other option.

8:15pm HOH room – Tyler, Kaitlyn, Fez, Haliegh, Swaggy, Rockstar. Rockstar – that was epic. I couldn’t look at anyone. Swaggy – they’re scrambling. Fez – shots fired! Rockstar – do you remember when you put Winston on the block and we all laughed about it? Kaitlyn – remember when I won HOH that was weirder. Swaggy leaves. kaitlyn – ok so I will probably throw up in a few minutes. Haleigh – I am so upset that I laughed. Kaitlyn – you didn’t laugh? Haleigh – no I did. Bayleigh laughed and it made me laugh. Did you hear Rachel gasp? Tyler – imagine if she had started getting roasted right then?

Havenot room – Kaitlyn and Winston. Winston gets Kaitlyn to hide behind the saucer in the corner of the room. He grabs a glass of water and tells her they will act like they’re cleaning it up if anyone comes into the room. Kaitlyn – sorry for nominating you. Winston – I think I sold it. Kaitlyn – you sold it! Everyone was laughing at my comment. Everyone was buggin out. You’re on the block bud. Winston – did you tell Scottie that he’s a pawn? Kaitlyn – yes. Winston – he is a terrible actor. Why did he say crap? Kaitlyn – I kept making jokes. Winston – all week I am going to try and distance myself. Its going perfect. Kaitlyn – literally, after I was like I need to check my emails because all my clients are firing me right now. I’m a bad liar, I can’t keep up with my lies. Winston – its perfect. Its big brother. I trust you.

8:35pm Havenot room. Brett & Winston. Winston – I’ve got to act pissed. Brett – don’t be a di*k. Winston – I’m going to walk the line. Brett – obviously you want me out of here the way you acted. Like if they bring it up. Be standoff-ish. There’s a difference between being upset and being a di*k. Brett – I went to Scottie and said we need to talk … I wish I had done it before the nominations. I’m too close to you and that’s why it doesn’t work. Winston – maybe Kaycee or someone else. Brett – Steve made a deal with them. You (Scottie) vowed to Steve that you would be on the manhunt for anyone that did that. Number three – Steve picks one of them to fight for him (Fez) and they didn’t pull him off. Who gets put on the block and told they’re a pawn .. you (Scottie). Winston – it will literally cause hysteria in his mind. It would be better if it was Kaycee telling him that. Brett – we need Kaycee to have that conversation. Kaycee joins them. They tell her about their plan for her to talk to Scottie. Kaycee – it won’t work, he’s smarter than that. He will go to Swaggy and then the whole house will know.

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10:51 Texas time (8:51 BB time) and Rachel starts talking about DR and how uncomfortable she is in there…how they feed her lines…then camera abruptly switches to another room (too late, guys….nice try, though)


Tyler is one of the best BB players! Was not expecting this level of game play from him.
Wish Fez was least trending again – bring down his ego a notch


Each houseguest can only get one app. So Fez and Sam will can get another good or bad. Like literally when you vote, they arent an option.


Ugh…. they CANNOT I mean. CANNOT get another.

Marianne Martin

i liked Tyler from the start … but wow he sure playing one heck of a game i did not expect .. how he let SHAGGIES ..LOL side play him for a blonde fool.. but not the case .. i hope he got the next power .. if anything for the great week of viewing and updating from simon and dawg .. ps you guys are great …i am so loving the cast this year ..


If the voting app had worked right, I truly believe that Skaggy Chris would have gotten the CRAP APP. I tried to vote repeatedly for over two hours, then tried again later for a while, and it would let me do the first question and confirm my vote. Then, the second question was for who is most annoying, I’d vote Chris (Snaggy C) and it would never confirm my vote, nor would it move on to the rest of the questions. It was totally frustrating and I think it was rigged! I mean, it kept doing this same thing over and over! Never did get to do a complete vote. Makes me almost not want to ever try voting again. EVERYONE wanted the crap app to go to Snaggly (Tooth) C. I honestly believe this!


I think voting for them at all, even on the questions that are bad qualities, increases their trending stats. Vote the same person for all 5 questions.


Man that’s so upsetting if that’s the way they are doing it. I could see Rachel not getting mentioned though for good or bad. Swaggy could be the answer to the majority of all the bad App questions and people could pick a variety of people for the good questions. That would suck so bad if Swaggy got it.


In the social media universe, any attention is good attention. They don’t care why you’re talking about them as long as you do.


You tried for two hours? You must really hate him. Get a life. . .


You can vote until morning. I tried at night n it was all messed up. In the morning, easy 1-2-3 let me vote. I forget what time voting is over but I did mine about 7:30 am central time. On kik bot, CBS website n Facebook messenger bot. It’s just when so many people are doing it at once that it’s messed up.


I also continued to try to vote for Swaggy for most annoying and it kept glitching out on me too, I finally typed “what you don’t like my answer?” And the app asked me if I had another question to ask ???


Any guesses on who won the power app???


Tyler or Angela?


Swaggy did probably I think
Most likely Tyler ?????


What??? Say it ain’t so! Please!!!

T-Town Chic

Did anyone else notice that when Swaggy alliance was in the HOA room after noms, Swaggy started brushing his teeth and left the water running on full blast the entire time he was brushing his teeth? I kept waiting for Rockstar or Kaitlyn the call him out on it. I would think that would drive them insane.


Oh noooo! He left the water running!! Gasp! The world is over now!!!


I’m pretty sure there is some form of water conservation thing in many California areas. It’s been brought up several seasons.


In koo koo California ….water conservation is a big deal. Hell in 2020 theyre trying to make it so each person can only use so much water per day so…..yea.

Roll Eyes

You people would bitch about anything wouldn’t you? GTFOH

John Xi

Really? Please tell us you weren’t serious about that comment lol. Wow didn’t realize the hate for this guy is that real . Go Swaggy! Go Angela!