Power Of Veto Players Picked “Never Volunteer”


POV: ? Next POV: ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???

Power of Veto Players: Tyler, Sam, Steve, Faysal, Swaggy-P, Scottie
Host = JC

9:21am House guests are and chit chating, showering, making breakfast..
“What a wild night with just a glass of wine and a beer”

Steve is deep undercover doesn’t look like a cop at all looks like just another one of the BROS. He is telling them when it comes to work “never volunteer” if the boss asks you if you want to do something and he’ll tell you about it later say no.

9:21am Faysal and Kaitlyn (Rachel is also in the room)

Kaitlyn – In 10 hours Faysal has consumed over 3 and a half pounds of vegan ham.. he’s not doing well..
They are going to do a morning meditation session for him.

Kaitlyn – my favorite part of the morning is showering and getting ready for my day and I can’t even f*ing do that
Faysal – I don’t know how I’m getting up right now.. physically … I just don’t know if it’s a good idea to get up right now
Kaitlyn and Rachel giggle “you’re hard as a rock” (LOL I thought it’s because of the ham)

9:38am Haleigh, Faysar and Kaitlyn
They agree Tyler putting Bayleigh up is bad they are still hammering away that putting up Angela is the least blood on Tyler’s hands.
Haleigh says she was trying hard last night to convince Tyler. She did everything she could without flat out saying “Look this is what you are doing”

9:40am Swaggy-P and Tyler
Tyler – what are you thinking man.. they are starting to freak out..
Swaggy-P – who
Tyler – everybody
They start talking about Kaitlyn going nuts yesterday listening in on conversations.
Swaggy-P says he’s 100% positive that Angela has the power. Tyler doesn’t think so, he asks Swaggy-P to elaborate why he suspects her.
Swaggy-P goes on about his theory that “trending wise” it would be either her or him based on them being final 2 in the BB super computer competition. Also points out how Angela isn’t hanging out in the Head of Household becuase she’s safe.

Swaggy-P – If she was smart she would have chosen a different power not a veto power..
Swaggy-P brings up the Coup d’Etat being scary and how she should have picked that (WHAT)
Tyler acts like he doesn’t know what that is, ASks Swaggy-P.
Swaggy-P indulges him..
Tyler – damn
Swaggy-P – I could go home on Bayleighs HOH.,. that shit can happen..
Swaggy-P mentions Big Brother 11 having the Coup d’Etat and how it screwed up a lot of peoples game.
Swaggy-P- that’s the power of Coup d’Etat
Swaggy-P tells him his plan is to force Angela’s hand get her on the block to flush the power out.

Tyler – Ya.. ya… exactly .. ya

Swaggy-P goes on about what he would do if he won HOH. Put up one person he wants out with a person he thinks will get a power.
Swaggy-P tells him he really wants to win the HOH so he can put Angela up and “force her hand”
Swaggy-P – we wait week 5 and 6 and she has a safety.. she’s already final 5
Tyler – yeah yeah…
Swaggy-P I don’t see Brett having the pwoer.. I don’t see Rachel having the power..

Swaggy-P thinks that the only thing the house guests would have to talk about that first episode is Angela and Swaggy-P’s competition so if he doesn’t have the power it has to be Angela based on exposure

kaitlyn joins them..
Tyler – I need to go get some coffee… I can’t believe I’m in here for another week
Swaggy-P Live it up bro

9:48am Sam’s back

We get a shot of the Robot Cam!

Production – Robot offline

there’s a lot ROCKSTAR dancing on the HOH.

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10:08am Bathroom Faysal, Angela and Brett

Brett – hey sunshine hows the ham
Faysal says he’s not allowed to sleep until the Ham is eaten. He tried yesterday to lay down with it and immediately production was on him about it, :”you gotta finish it”
Faysal – how the fu* am I suppose to do it they brought me 30 slices . I finished them barely. I tried to go to sleep, I’m full as f** and they bring me 10 more.
Brett – Yeah .. i dunno man.. I dunnno.. that’s rough (no shit)

Angela Yeah that’s bad.
Brett – the key is to eat them as fast as you can
Faysal – it was day 1 yesterday and I threw up.. day 1 outta 7 or 8 … I don’t know how many..
Brett – at least you’ll be prepared today where you won’t eat anything else..

10:12am Organic Sam is back

10:50am Feeds are down while they pick POV players.

11:15am feeds back.

Power of Veto Players: Tyler, Sam, Steve, Faysal, Swaggy-P, Scottie
Host = JC

11:14am HOH Swaggy-C and JC (Tyler in the bathroom)

Swaggy-C says Scottie and Steve are best friends and if Scottie wins Veto he’ll use it.
Swaggy – I don’t want Scottie to use the veto but it’s good for his game.
Kaitlyn and Bayleigh come in to ask JC whats wrong. JC says he;’s worried about Scottie playing in the Veto.





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“Steve is deep undercover doesn’t look like a cop at all looks like just another one of the BROS.” Lol. Steve is not subtle at all. These people never learn. They are acting way too paranoid for week 1.


Steve’s screwed. He has no chance to blend as Derrick did and he just doesn’t fit in with the rest. Saggy D is wearing thin already.


“Organic Sam” LOL!

I like that version much better than Sambot!


Organic Sam said she is picking up information from others who forget Sambot is in the room. I figured that might be a perk. I just hope Sam is careful who she confides in (so far just Rockstar).


um you may want to change pov used from “no” to “?” for a second there i thought the pov ceremony had already occurred.


I think it’s wrong of production to make HG purposely sick, to the point of vomiting.


I’m guessing the POV comp will be between Shaggy C and Taylor. I doubt either would use it. Taylor wouldn’t want more blood on his hands and Shaggy won’t want to risk Bailey. But then Taylor may make Shaggy think Bailey is safe and make him think he will nominate angela but then really nominate Bailey, but I doubt he will want to play that dirty this early in the game,.

Chilltown Aka the BAOAT

Yikes…This Season is already reminding me of BB15 with the whole sides ordeal and all it just takes is one person to say something racist than this is basically the modern version of BB15. I will be sad if Bayleigh leaves this week but at the same time I don’t want Sam Leaving either.


I am a Christian and I think what they are doing to Faysal is absolutely wrong.
This is not just having a physical issues but the mental/emotional torture he is feeling is beyond inhumane.
I know it isn’t real ham, but mentally it is and emotionally he must be feeling like he is betraying his faith.
I truly feel for him, if he quits, I wouldn’t blame him.


But HE picked that one. THey didnt make him pick that one. There were others. I wondered why he would pick that one considering his faith. I was like WTW…. So I don’t feel sorry for him. He even said it looks like I would have to eat ham before he picked it. rolling my eyes