Big Brother Spoilers “How am I going to eat this”

POV: ? Next POV: ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???


Faysal drilling ham into it.

Faysal barfing up in the toilet..

Kaitlyn gives us a thumbs up .. Faysal continues to barf up the ham.

Kaitlyn – I feel like your babysitter

Faysal cleans up..
Faysal – How am I going to eat this

Bayleigh crying to Faysal and Kaitlyn. Saying she thinks she’s going on the block.
Kaitlyn asks who told her this.
BAyleigh – Tyler..
She explains that Tyler told her that she’s going up as the replacement nomination. Adds that KAitlyns name was mentioned as well
Bayleigh – it just makes me mad.. I literally don’t want to sleep with SWAGGY-P anymore..
KAitlyn – WHY
Bayleigh – we’re close..
Kaitlyn – I don’t see that at all.. A target in the house because you are close to .. I’m close to faysal

Bayleigh sniffles says she went into the HOH to say goodnight to Tyler and Haleigh and he told here she was going to be the replacement.
Bayleigh – I should have won that HOH.. I’m pissed.
Kaitlyn – I’m pissed too
Kaitlyn is pissed that Tyler is even “thinking” about putting the two of them up.
Bayleigh – he’s cleary drawing lines in the house
Kaitlyn – it’s not even that.. it’s personal if he’s putting up you or me .. even JC .. even Winston..
Kaitlyn says Angela going up isn’t personal.
Kaitlyn now worried she would go home if she was the replacement.
Faysal – you need 7 votes to go home
Kaitlyn starts running scenarios in case Steve gets Vetoed and Kaitlyn goes up as the replacement.
Kaitlyn – Rachel would vote me to go home..
Faysal says Scottie and Steve aren’t voting for her
They count 5 votes against Kaitlyn.
Faysal – there’s a 1% chance Sam wins.. (veto)

Bayleigh leaves..

2:30am Faysal and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn going on about not hearing about her going up.
Faysal thinks it’ll be Bayleigh because Tyler thinks she’s not going home, “it’s the least amount of blood”
Kaitlyn – how is that the least amount of blood where Angela played 2 competitions .. those are the facts
Faysal – he’s drawing both side..
kaitlyn – it’s early in the game and all we have going right now is the facts and the facts says Angela played in two competitions she won the first one and kicked a$$ in the second..

Bayleigh comes back – “She played in three” (angela)
Kaitlyn – she kicked a$$ at all three… those are the facts..
Bayleigh and Kaitlyn going on about how Tyler isn’t thinking by putting one of them up.
Faysal tells them they have to see if someone is taken off the block before they get all upset

Bayleigh heads to bed “F** f* this soft a$$ sh1t I’m not a soft A$$ b1tch and it’s pissing me off”
Kaitlyn to Faysal – “I can’t believe my name was used.. I would go home”
Faysal – what do you mean who would vote you out
Kaitlyn – Scottie
Faysal – Tyler would not put you up..
Kaitlyn – why would he say my name.. it makes no sense.
Faysal – he’s playing both side
Kaitlyn – it’s terrible.. it’s bad game play he’s got to pick a side.. we’re talking teams..
kaitlyn says she’s going to sleep .. I got a veto tomorrow.. gotta save myself..
Faysal – you going to use it
kaitlyn – I dunno;.. I wanna.. what if he puts up Angela
Faysal – he won’t
kaitlyn – than I’m not using it.. it’s concerning he won’t budge
Faysal – I know
Faysal – i’m so full it’s disgusting

2:42am Swaggy-P and Bayleigh
THey are whispering..
Bayleigh cries.. Swaggy-p goes into the Diary room to “ask them a question”

4:16am Gotta eat ham..

5:08am Sleeping…

7:30am Steve is up..

8:41am Still only Steve.

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Wtf? Why are they making the Muslim guy eat ham? That’s f*cked up.


Did he lose a comp or something? Either way it seems… an incredibly odd punishment.


It will be awesome if Tyler puts Bayleigh (geez that spelling) up and she gets voted out.


No it would not… I like her so far and there are other people I would like to see go instead.


Sorry, but JC has revealed his most unappealing side….Bayleigh, too!

This granny will never understand….you would think people would want to show their best side, being on tv and all.

Even after all these years, people keep surprising me…SHOCKING ME…with their behavior. I just don’t get it. I’m a realist, and I’m not a prude. I’ll admit that I’m a private and modest person, but YIKES. I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing so far, at all.

Sam is still my #1. I like Tyler, Scottie, Steve, and Kaycee. Haleigh is okay…Angela, too. I’ve quickly decided I do not like Swaggy, Bay, JC, Rachel, and Kaitlyn. I’m undecided about WInston and Brett. Can’t figure out Rockstar at all. I’m getting the feeling that she will float. I’m pretty sure I like Faysal, but I need to see more.

At this point, I feel Sam is the most genuine of the batch, and HECK, we haven’t even gotten the chance to see much of her yet. I don’t want her out of this game and feel it will be Sam that is most interesting this season.

We need a season where production stays out of things.

Tina Shaw-Waldorf

I like Sam too! And her dog Rooster.! That cracks me up!


I just want Steve and Sam to get this through this week. This show will be better with those 2 staying around longer.

I want Winston out ASAP. He is the worst. Why is it that the dudes that think they are gods gifts are always 5’3 on this show? Ha. Brett also.

Sam is a old soul. She is only 27 but seems 36.(meanwhile RockStar is 34 and seems 48) I do not see production giving someone basically zero chance (with the robot) and booting them. Look for this to steer away from Sam this week.

Scottie needs to take over a bit and be the leader of the alliance that ends these 2 lame alliances.

Angela stop being so damn hot. Thanks.

Florida Vegan Girl

What’s the problem with vegan ham? Now vegan cheese, that’s a problem.