“Memphis’ a$$ already outstayed the grown-ups table better check into the retirement home by now”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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12:12 am David and Kaysar
David saying his throat has been sore today. He pulls out some lozenges from their medical drawer.

12:13 am NicF, Dani and Tyler
NicF – whats up
NicF – Kaysar told Memphis that us three and Cody told Memphis to put Christmas up to do our dirty work
Dani – that’s why Cody told
Tyler – what a dumba$$
Dani – if one of them wins HOH next week they’re putting two of us up
NicF – we have to win HOH
Dani – no we have to have Memphis backdoor one of them
Dani says if Memphis is going to risk having someone from his alliance going up then he’s not in their alliance.

12:40 am Enzo, Dani and Da’Vonne
Enzo asks dani if Memphis is trying to backdoor somebody
Dani isn’t sure she says the noms were strange
Enzo – Cody comes down .. ta ta ta ta .. I’m like Cody calm the f** down.. they’re f**ing starting sh1t.. YO calm teh F*** down you’re getting provate yo.. for real yo
Enzo – someone needs to win HOH.. like Yo Vody wins that sh1t again Cody.. get your sh1t bloody we just want to scheme..
Enzo – to we’re in 7 alliances.. everyone is in 7 alliances yo.
Enzo says things are going to get ugly this season because right now everyone thinks they are in an alliance together
Enzo – Memphis isn’t trying to get his hands dirty but what if one of them wins POV.. what the f**
Da’Vonne says it might be her or Bayleihg as the renom.

12:56 am Ian and Tyler
Tyler says he wants to play in the veto
Ian – I would love to play.. I’m so bad at this game.
Tyler – you’re a winner
Ian – I’m not that good.. I feel like a lost dog.. this year. Last time I didn’t think I was a lost dog and I was confused anyways.
Tyler – they are going to pick us off if it’s side vs side you know what I’m saying. I got you man
Ian – Sounds good to me
Tyler – if Christmas wants to build anything let me in I like Christmas
Ian – with the noms set who do you think is in trouble.
Tyler – the way Memphis is acting maybe David, he wants David to go

Ian – If the noms stay the same how do you feel
Tyler – I like David and I think that Memphis and David..
Ian – Butt heads
Tyler – yeah
Tyler – But I like NicoleA

1:00 am Dani and Janelle
Dani – I’m not gong after you guys
Janelle – what are you thinking

Dani – we need numbers I know you and I are good
Dani says obviously KAysar and she likes NicF “And Nicole loves you she’s not going after either one of us ever”
Dani saying they need to pull in two more people suggests some boys.
Dani says they can pull a guy closer suggests Tyler “he’s cool with me”
Janelle – how about Cody ..
Dani – or Cody ..
Janelle – aren’t they friends
Dani – they’re friends but I don’t know how tight they are together
Janelle – I’m also close to Bayleigh
Christmas comes by and the game talk ends. When she leaves.
Janelle is saying that NicA got blindsided, “I feel really really bad”
Dani – I do too I think she had a hard time coming back.
Janelle – me, you, Cody, Da’vonne hopefully one of us get HOH (Cody, wait what? WTF have I missed)
Dani – you think Bayleigh will talk to Da’Vonne or keep things separate
Janelle – I think they are pretty much together
Dani – they’re tight. Are you close to anyone else.. NicA?
Janelle – she just got put on the block she’s my friends.
Janelle – I dropped my microphone in the toilet today.
Dani – why did Christmas pick Ian though? I think that’s so weird
Janelle – everyone thinks it’s weird
Dani – seems like an off duo
Janelle – OBvisouly David is his target obviously
Dani – he made that obvious

1:04 am Enzo and Tyler
Talking about having the votes to keep David this week and not needing to use the veto on him.

1:21 am Cody and Bayleigh
Cody – he makes me feel some type of way.. Kaysar..
Cody – he’s linking me with NicoleF
Bayleigh says Kasyar was nervous last week was like a chicken with his head cut off.
Cody – him and Janelle make me really nervous

They talk about their group and say the name is “Connect” was “Connect-4 before but they think they should drop the four.
Cody says he wasn’t going to go for the next HOH but he is now.

1:30 am Enzo and Tyler
Enzo – the women in this house yo are scheming yo .. it’s going to get ugly real fast in here yo
Tyler – we’ll be here chilling we’re not pissing anyone off
Enzo – I know.. it’s crazy yo
Cody joins them. “I’m scheming like crazy ”
Tyler – why are you scheming
Cody – I gotta.. Kaysar is out to get me.. Janelle, too I don’t know
Enzo – this whole house is in an alliance with everybody.. once people start winning sh1t it’ll break it up
Tyler – Janelle was up there drinking wine for 2 hours
Cody says Janelle drank the bottle of wine and spilled all this information to him
They bring up how Dani is a schemer. Cody adds that Dani was really pushing for Janelle to go up
Cody – NicA feel betrayed by Janelle
Tyler – if we can figure out a way to keep David safe bring NicA in. THrow up Janelle.. throw up Kaysar

Tyler – maybe Kevin. He might put up Kevin
Cody – F** that that would be a waste
Enzo – Christmas F***ed it up with Ian Memphis was going after Ian.
Cody says Kaysar told Christmas that they were the ones working together. Adds that Kaysar is the head.
Cody going on about wanting Kasyar or Janelle on the block this week.
Enzo – all the girls in this house are scared of Janelle
Tyler – Janelle is the connection Jaysar is the brain
Cody – It’s the second f***ing week it’s going to be about comps.. if you don’t win comps you’re going home.

Tyler leaves..
Enzo – me and you have to stick together this whole house is a mess
Cody – I love Tyler too
Enzo says he saw him (?) come out of the storage room with NicoleA, Kasyar, and Janelle
Feeds cut .. when we’re back
Enzo goes on about how he’s making side deal left and right
Cody – we have to make a push to get Janelle up and out of here.
They agree they trust Bayleigh but Da’Vonne runs her mouth.

COdy says Janelle talks like she had numbers but she doesn’t
Enzo goes on about Memphis having made a deal with everyone says he’s sure Memphis made a deal with Kaysar and Janelle
Tyler comes back.
Enzo says Memphis is making deals with everyone “He knows he can’t be HOH”
Enzo – it’s obvious Janelle was up there for an hour.
Cody – right after the noms they ran up to the hOH
Enzo says he’s going to make an alliance with Janelle and KAysar “Take me in yo. F*** it yo ”
Enzo – I think Memphis is funny yo

Cody leaves ..
Enzo – f**ing crazy yo
Enzo going on about Cody telling people what he hears and he needs to stop. “It’s going to go to them”
Enzo – keep it and store it yo.. Let’s just see what happens. All we need is one of this mother F***ers to make up a lie and head up there (To the HOH)
Enzo – we’re stuck in a position do we win Veto.. if we can or not? and we take Dave off Yo.. it’s showing our cards yo.. then we piss off Memphis and who he is with
Tyler – and who will he put up
Enzo – YO .. Yo… you’ve never played a game with someone like me Yo .. Yo …. YO … These mother f**ers are after me Yo .. we got the votes YO.. only two chances at the end YO.. we all gotta go yo .. you lasted two weeks in allstars YO.. F*** it
They laugh like crazy ..
Enzo – we all lose in the end yo .. We’re all getting upset yo
Enzo says Dani is always reading the bible and scheming, “You’re in 18 alliances yo. it’s enough yo.. enough yo ”

1:47 am Da’Vonne and Bayleigh
Da says that Cody played in teh safety suite today to throw people off the scent of something.
Da’Vonne says there’s a lot of sh1t going on with Cody “I’ve seen alot of sh1t today ”
Da – maybe he’s playing Derrick’s game
Bayleigh – he’s trying to but it’s going to blow up

1:53 am Tyler talking to the camera
Tyler – Growns up table. In case you missed it Memphs put up David and told him you’re at the grown-ups table now buddy you got to earn your place
Tyler – F** that get the F** outta here. Memphis’ a$$ already outstayed the grown-ups table better check into the retirement home by now. Uncalled for David didn’t do sh2t to him.. Dumba$$ .. guy thinks his HOH will last forever.. he’s got 80 more days. Power trip award of the year
Tyler – Yeah I’ve made an alliance with them. Got to keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Tyler – I know Ian and NicF are trying to keep each other safe they are the two past winners.
Tyler – NicoleF had Christmas convinced to save Ian today so I need to talk to Christmas about that to make sure she’s playing for herself and there’s an understanding why NicoleF is doing that.
Tyler apologizes to the live feeders for not talking to them says he’s only been in the DR 3 times he’s not important in the hose “Yet”

2:18 am Cody, NicA and enzo
NicA going on about Janelle “there’s no need for it”
NicA says Janelle told her if she gets houseguests choice to pick Kaysar
Cody – why not say her
NicA – she said Memphis will pick her
Cody and Enzo saying that people are flip-flopping like crazy
Nicole says that Janelle and KAysar were going around last week saying they had the votes to keep Keesha “They didn’t have any”
NicA says everyone was going to keep Kevin but Janelle was convincing everyone that nobody was.
They mentioned how Memphis hasn’t told anyone who he wanted to put up all he says is he’s got a number of targets. NicA says to her he said 10.

2:30 am Cody and Enzo
Talking about if Noms stay the same NicA will be evicted. They mention how NicA is a loyal person.
Enzo warns that Dani isn’t telling them what she is doing, “do your side business but stay loyal”
Enzo warning that Da’vonne talks a lot to Janelle. Says that NicF, Dani, and Da’Vonne all need to go.
Enzo – we keep Bayleigh
Cody laughs says those plans are for way in the future “A decade down the road”
Enzo knows but says the seeds have to be planted now.
Enzo brings up Janelle winning HOH and taking out nicF
Cody suggests the scenario where he is nominated beside NicF ‘How do we play that”

Enzo – I’ll be like YO lets save Cody (LOL)
Cody says Janelle should not be in the house past next week.
Cody brings up that he loves NicA but she just literally told them the people she wanted to work with.
Cody brings up NicA saying she was brunt by Janelle/Kaysar for them not telling her she was going up
Cody – Janelle is the one planting that I and Tyler are together.

3:00 am Dani and Cody
Cody says Janelle thinks NicF is the head of the snake.
Dani says that da’Vonne told her she saw Memphis, Cody, Christmas all talking
They agree Enzo is solid with them.
COdy says after Janelle spent hours in the HOH when they were done Memphis came out of the HOH and said to NicF sarcastically “Oh they really like you”
Cody says NicF is wanting to make Janelle a have not
Cody says this week they have to pull NicA down and Dani can pull her in
Dani – she’s so innocent ..
Cody adds that is why she feels so betrayed because Janelle was telling her she’s good.
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Cody is going on about how Memphis being the guy that started the alliance. On their season if someone was after someone in their alliance they would go after them.
Cody says if Ksyar/janelle win Hoh they are going after their alliance.
Dani – if he doesn’t do anything nobody is going to give a crap about the alliance.
Cody – the alliance is shot.
Dani – what’s up with his personality
Cody – he’s not playing a character his delivery is bad.
Dani – no he’s being a d1ck on purpose.. come the hell on. NicA is an innocent little lamb and David is a wounded dog. (And Tyler is a baby little wounded bird)
Dani says Janelle has nobody in this game. She brings up a conversation with Da’Vonne where they couldn’t understand how Janelle who’s played this game 4 times is trying to play it with Just Kasyar.
Cody – Bayleigh is close to her
They agree that Bayleigh is closer to Da’Vonne
Dani warns that sh1tmas is high up on a lot of people’s radars.
Dani says the person she trusts least was Janelle but she wasn’t planning on going after her. They go on about wanting Janelle out soon.
Dani – Kaysar sucks at this game
Dani says Janelle is everything in that alliance.
Cody – I’m with that as long as we can get Memphis on abord
Dani – it’ll be harder than you are thinking
Cody again calls David Kevin. Dani tells him he needs to stop doing that
They don’t like what Memphis said to David during the nominations.
Cody says NicF and Christmas are spiraling about Memphis and the alliance.
Dani – Christmas is going to go off she’s ticking timebomb
3:30 am they’re still talking ..

4:15 am NicA and Enzo
NicA complaining about Janelle coming into a conversation she was having with David getting her makeup kit.
NicA – I was like can you just give us a minute. We were both crying like give us a minute
Enzo – oh my god..

NicA – I don’t know what their plan is.. I think it’s David. Whats’s their plan moving forward
Enzo – get people on their side.
NicA is going on about being friends with Kaysar and Janelle right now so if she hears them naming Enzo she’ll steer them away.
Enzo says at this point they are working together “I won’t throw you under the bus”
Enzo tells her he had no idea who was going up Memphis said shit to him. “He didn’t say to anybody”
Enzo who else are you cool with?
NicA – Kevin
Enzo – how about Ian he doesn’t talk game with anyone
NicA says he thought she would be close to Ian but they don’t talk much.
Enzo – he’s allied with one or 2 people in this house.. Maybe Christmas. maybe the two winners
NicA – they watch each other
NicA – how about you?
Enzo – you know how I play I try to be friends with everybody
Back and forth blaming Janelle for everything.
NicA says Janelle has got to everybody.

4:40 am Everyone sleeping

6:41 am Still sleeping

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Oh Tyler… I forgot that Angela turned him into a whipped vegan wimp. How disappointing.


You mean he wasn’t a vegan before because during his season with Angela he was always the other two words you used

Just Sayin'

I’m not going to lie, I am really confused on which alliances are real? Are Dani and Janelle really working together on the DL or is that a lie? I feel like the only people who are going to be ‘loyal in this game are the weaker players, it seems like most people are lying about who they’re with.

another name

Dani is pretending to be okay with Janelle. she doesn’t want to work with Janelle. She wants to defeat Janelle.
Janelle knows that Dani is shifty and part of mutliple things going on.
Think two fencers sparring. That’s Janelle and Dani’s relationship. Dani is winning the match big so far.

The Beef

Agree that Dani wants to defeat Janelle, in the worst way, and maybe to the detriment of her game. Dani was able to establish better alliances, and more of them, seemingly right out of the chute, but how much of that was already established before the game even started? We all know there was “pre-gaming” going on, and she was in on it with Cody, NicF, Memphis and maybe others, so she may have had an unfair advantage with that. Janelle has Kaysar (also an obvious pre-game alliance), but has been unable to establish any other real alliances inside the house, mostly because alliances were already formed, people are too “skittish” to join with her and Kaysar due to the “old school” vs. “new school” dynamic, and/or lies are being told about “OMG, Janelle just got you put on the block!” in the case of NicA and even Kevin (not sure she was looking to align with Kevin anyway). That hasn’t stopped her from continually reaching out to Dani, Day, Bay, Memphis, Christmas, Tyler and now apparently even Cody in an attempt to form some type of alliance to help them in this game. So yeah, Dani’s early alliance formations have her in a good position right now, but as far as sparring goes, all she’s doing is running her mouth mostly telling lies about Janelle, and as several have said, Janelle is living rent free inside her head, so there may be some value in that as well. Talk is cheap. You want her out? Win HOH and put her ass up! That might, MIGHT give you some ammunition in an argument as to who is the queen of Big Brother!


I think it’s Dani becoming a little softer then we are used to. And everyone is starting to feel Cody is trying to do something he can’t. I get no one likes Enzo, I find him funny but even he has moments of questioning Cody. Memphis sucks but it’s his first HOH ever so he’s lost because he’s trying to keep Janelle in while working with Cody. Why would anyone want to keep NicF or Ian? Janelle may talk but has lost a few steps in “beast mode” yet no one is asking Cody why NicF?


Deep inside I believe Janelle and Dani has a pregame deal.


Whos the replacement?


Are you sure?

another name

earlier convo had Tyler and Dani telling Cody that Janelle should be target not Kaysar as well.


Between the 2 Janelle does make more sense as to a big name to get out early

another name

Janelle is targeting Nicf.
Kaysar is targeting Cody.
if you take out kaysar, janelle goes for nicf and memphis.
if you take out janelle kaysar goes for cody and memphis.
Cody is the one deciding to take out Janelle… with those parameters.

The Beef

They try that and it might backfire in their faces! Memphis is the kind of guy that won’t appreciate his “alliance” telling him what he has to do. Maybe not. He’s on a real power trip right now, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

another name

Here’s the insomnia situation:
Cody and Dani were joined by enzo. lots of yo yo yo.
lots of enzo go pull in the lame duck losers.
lots of gotta make memphis bathe in blood. you do it dani, convince him. Dani be like… convince… Memphis? how much crack you been doin? mmm…. sure. That’s easy.
(keep in mind Memphis said hey cody this is just between you and me before cody went out and told each of his alliances what Memphis said). bit of a head tilt there.

I’m guessing Dani is supposed to convince Memphis… and she shouldn’t tell him anything she knows has been said because Memphis will be pissy if he finds out Cody is a gabber… but Cody didn’t tell her nobody is supposed to know. See where I’m going here? it’s now a head tilt an then a shake.

Enzo moves on to toilet chat with Kevtoria and NicA. NicA is back on the Janelle and Kaysar are satan trip… mostly after her conspiracy corner chats with Kevin, who lets face it, is completely making shit up so he seems relevant. In a few days NicA will yet again figure out what she’s already figured out before she’s sat down and talked to KOOKOO for COCOAPUFFS KEVIN. But by then the damage will be done and NicA will not have the back up alliance she’s had and shunned twice already because she revels in playing victim and outsider. It’s her thing. He’s a perpetual sympathy seeker, she’s a whiny martyr. i’m tired of it. So close to adding an eyeroll.
The word bully gets used. more than once. Oh Enzo, don’t go using the word bully. Nope he did. So… Janelle who was trying to save NicA the entire wine convo with Memphis… is bullying NicA? Oh god. Don’t pick Kaysar for veto Kevin says, there’s a backdoor afoot, you aren’t the target Nicole. Watch her pick Enzo. Who might just keep noms the same again, and still expect that the nom that picked him to play owes him something. Yo-yo.
oh. yup bully gave me the eyeroll.

Kevin goes out to get conspiratorial with Dani in the kitchen
according to Kevin Da’vonne and Kaysar are secretly working together or some crap that has Dani looking at him like he’s a complete asshat that just says whatever the hell pops into his head and immediately believes it must be true. The convo ends pretty quickly after a few Dani NO WAYS. if she buys Kevintalk… oi. made a couple ugh faces added to the eyeroll shake head and tilt. it’s getting to be a facial workout.

NicA and Enzo keep talking until what… 3 or 4am bbtime?
Yeah NicA get a good sleep for that veto….. not sure if i was more durp or oosh at that point. maybe just go animaniacs narf and split the difference.

another name

Janelle for veto and say i choose not to use the veto on an ungrateful backstabbing turncoat.

another name

Tbh, with her blind obedience to whoever says there there enough, constantly trying to suck up to those she considers the cool kids table, mixed with listening to … kevin?
I am at the point of saying stop inflicting your ptsd on me, i slogged through season 21 too. And i don’t make apologies for the racist asshats and call them my friends.
I used to like her (compared to what was the cast of 21).
Now i’m tired of the same whining and inadvertent backstabbing followed by oh i was wrong, and more whining and inadvertent backstabbing 8 hours later. And then doing it again every 4 days.
grow a set. speak in a declarative sentence, quit sitting in the corner moping how nobody likes you for audience pity points. it’s enough.
I honestly was annoyed a few days ago. Annoyed enough that i was unphased by her crying post noms. And frankly, I’m usually at least a little prone to tears.
She can go.
Ugh. I’m expecting an individual time comp veto, with no audience. You know what that means.

Jets Jets Jets

What does that mean? I’m being serious.

The Beef

It means the PTB can pretty much pick who they want to win and nobody will know if it’s legit or not.

another name

individual time comps? with nobody watching?
means the absolute easiest to manipulate by production to ensure the storyline progresses the way that production wants it.
I use as example Kat last year complaining that she got the fastest time in the veto… but didn’t get the veto. on feeds. the jetski veto that looked sketchy, and when added to her comment looked even sketchier.


You never know. There could be a repeat of a particular season with This time Nicole A winning Power of Veto and using it on David instead of herself


So many useless players for All-Stars. Seeing former HGs is the only thing keeping me into this. Any future seasons of this big alliance, and I’ll just skip the first few weeks and check back around 8.
Kinda like 17 when I skipped the last month and a half, only to check in the final and see Josh beat Paul…such a shitty season and end. I’m afraid if I do that, I’ll see NicF and Xmas as final two…this sucks.

The Beef

Josh beat Paul in Season 19, probably the second worst season of all time behind Season 15, the year of the racists. Season 17 was won by Steve Moses who won over Liz, after booting his toughest competition Vanessa Rousso to the jury in third place after winning the final two rounds of the last HOH competition.


Enzo is the kinda of players I hate so much. He gets mad because other people are playing them and makes them feel they are bad people. This is Big Brother and everyone is there to play….. Not to mention he is the biggest rat ever.

Enzo gotta go…I can already see he will want Dani gone very soon.

another name

Enzo will want every woman gone except one. by final 5.
He’s already said his biggest mistake was ditching britney for Lane.
He’s going to try to get the physically strongest guy out right after the all the women but the chosen one goes.
For him it’s about correcting past errors.

Jets Jets Jets

Where are all the people now complaining that “this is boring all they’re doing is sitting on around and talking not playing game.” Of course it is! We usually don’t get feeds until 7 days in or so. We don’t usually have to deal with all hi I’m blah from blah doing blah. Now that all that sh!t is out of the way they are playing. Feelings are getting hurt, power trips are in full force and delusional people thinking they are in alliances with their fairy godmother and are untouchable. Sit back grab you galoshes and watch all the sh!t hitting the fan.

another name

why did Christmas save Ian?
She and Nicf discussed how Nicf had control of Ian, and they could use him as a vote.
Nicf fed Christmas’ distrust of Janelle. agreeing that it would be Janelle, not Da’vonne that was causing the chaos the night before eviction. Da was in fact responsible. Dani and Cody covered for Da, and put the heat on Janelle. Christmas bought it.
So… why save Ian.
Nicf had said to Christmas that if they remove Ian from the table, Memphis would be forced to do something else, and hoped it would mean Janelle on the block.
THAT is why.

Why did Memphis nom NicA and David in the way that he did?
Because Get Off My Lawn you rotten kids.
He’s a dick.


Oh Tyler, I was routing for you and then you disappointed me. All the attention you have been getting must have gone to your head. Ageism much? I know Memphis looks older than he is but he’s only 38 years old.