Kevin “He [Josh] better win POV, HOH, HVP, PIMP! Because if he don’t win nothing he’s G-O-N-E!”

5:18pm Bathroom – Cody – game talk has become lame. Jessica – is that why you left? Cody – I can’t be around any group now because I don’t want to talk about any of it. Jessica – what do you want to talk about? Why is the sky blue. Cody – I think I have that understanding. Jessica – do I need to campaign to you again? Cody – I was more insulted than anything. Jessice – I can’t believe you did the first time.

5:35pm Storage room – Jason & Kevin.
Kevin – do you think they’re just trying to trim the fat? Kevin – oh without a doubt bro. Jason – you know what I mean like try and get rid of certain people. Kevin – yeah. They don’t tell me anything. If you go up, I would never vote against you. Jason – I’m just trying to figure out .. did they ask you if you wanted to go out before the jury selection? Kevin – F**K NO! I’m winning this motherf**ker! That’s how I get out. You watch and see! I ain’t part of the plan. I’m winning! You’ll see! Kevin and Jason leave the storage room.

5:45pm Bathroom – Elena tells Cody – Matt is totally egging it on. Prepare for the worst and if Alex wins HOH next week that will be her target. Egging her on …like she needs to go. Obviously that is worst case scenario .. lets get HOH. She has been especially nice to me .. and I will continue to be civil until we kick her out. Solid plan? Cody – yeah.

6pm – 6:30pm Christmas and Jason are talking in the bedroom. Kevin joins them. Jason talks about how he was thinking last night how Paul and Josh are the same age. He talks about how mature and educated Paul is compared to Josh. You put these two people side by side .. this kid doesn’t even compare .. he doesn’t have a prayers chance against Paul. Christmas leave. Paul joins them. Jason tells Paul – you’re lying about your age. Paul – no I’m not. Paul – Nobody likes Josh. He’s pissing off the same .. everybody! Jason – he’s a tool. Kevin – do you know how lucky he is he got that extra week?! Because he better win POV, HOH, HVP, PIMP! Because if he don’t win nothing he’s G-O-N-E! He just doesn’t stop. He never goes to bed. Now he’s got what’s her name (Dom) in the s*x room. They head out of the bedroom to the kitchen.

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6:50pm – 7:05pm Bathroom – Paul, Matt, Dom, Raven, Cody.
Paul talks about BB18 and how he loved being on the season but hated the other people. Matt – is there anything else you could have done to win? Paul – no. Matt – what was your vote? Paul – 5 to 4. And one of the girls after said she just wanted to see a girl win. Matt that’s the difference of 450,000! Did anyone not vote for you who you thought would? Paul – Davonne. Even if I had taken James, I still would have lost because the people on my season didn’t vote based on what we did. I won more comps and escaped the block 6 times and just did more. They did not vote on who did more. My fans were more upset than I was. My biggest mistake was my speech. She said I started this game day 51 and I should have said I had to start playing this game since day 1. I took Nicole because she deserved it. James did NOTHING! If I lost to that, that’s not something I could respect. I am fine losing to Nicole because she worked for it. James did f**King nothing!

7:15pm – 7:30pm The house guests are eating the sloppy joes that Christmas made. Christmas tells Jessica and Elena that on the inside of the bathroom door there’s lipstick marks. Elena – is it lips? Christmas nods. Jessica asks was it pink? Christmas says yeah. Jessica – that was Jillian then. She always wears pink.

7:50pm Lounge room – Jason tells Kevin, Josh, and Paul about how was hosting a charity event and had to fart. He says he sh*t his pants and had to walk side ways off to the bathroom. He says his pants were stained. He went back out there and his wife Holly commented on how something stunk. Kevin – you must have been drinking whisky. Paul – that makes you sh*t your pants? Kevin – if you’ve never done it before.

8:15pm Jillian comes into the lounge room and Josh leaves. Jillian tells Kevin – I’m going to kill him. I told him that he is annoying people. So he went to Dom and said that I’m targeting her. Kevin – you’re going to get through this week. I know how the next two people that are going according to me and its not you.

8:10pm Outside the HOH room. Mark – I can’t tell if she’s telling me or if I’m playing her. Dom – that’s a bad thing .. that means you’re becoming attached. That means she’s doing an exceptionally good job if you can’t tell. She doesn’t let me be around you for too long. Mark – I feel like she is getting more attached to me because I’m getting more attached to her. I don’t talk to her about game. Dom – maybe you should. You’re really good at hiding so you need to bait her. Mark – I just want it to be tomorrow. Dom – Its going to be shocking. Elena joins them and they ask if she wants to sit in on the chess lesson.
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8:20pm HOH room – Jessica and Cody. Jessica – at this point I don’t know who I want out more Alex or Josh. For my sanity or my game. Cody – I can get Alex to not target us. Jessica – she has calmed down a lot more the last few days. She said she wants to break up the showmances. Cody – I think I can stop her. Cody – I want to compete against everyone … but if it were me and Raven up there … I would be like give her the money. Give her the money. Jessica – I don’t think you would even have to say that. Jessica – I can’t imagine anyone ever putting her up. Cody – they better not! I’ll come at em!

8:35pm Kitchen – Alex tells Kevin – you look different with a turtle neck on. Kevin – what sophisticated? debonair? Lovely? Someone you would be attracted to? Alex – 20 years ago yeah!

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Captain Crunch

I don’t understand how you can be in a showmance when you’ve known someone for less than a week.


It’s easy, they view it as a way to attract camera time. Any camera time is good camera time as they see it. Most of these people are looking for a way to make being them a paying job.

Leopold Stotch

They moved in more than a week before the feeds began, so they’ve been in there for almost 2 weeks…


Cody and Jessica’s Showmance is disgusting I wanna literally barf ………The good thing is he isn’t talking about wanting to get it on with Jessica no more .

Cindy Withanesse

Better than James & Natalie last year!!

Anonymous User

Cody and Jessica’s Showmance is disgusting At least he’s not talking about wanting to get it on with Jessica cause yeah…. no one wants to see that .


Natalie was way cuter/hotter than Jessica.


Cody is way cutter/hotter than Jason


You are insane. Natalie was a cute little dodo. Jessica is superior to her in every way possible.


Rams is a frickin’ Andy. I can’t stand that little rat. Did he actually say “It will be what the house wants”

Paul is playing risk with playing both sides this early. Cody obviously is stupid and his main target is Paul. There would never be the votes right now to get Paul out. If he puts Paul up he sets himself on fire. Done.

Kevin is my boy and needs to start playing a little bit. He needs to lock down a solid 4. He has Jason and Paul but no one else solid with him. Xmas I dnt trust fully yet. Love her but she wildcard right now.

Jessica and Elena with the constant Lewd stuff is beyond the pale. If Josh and Jason were doing that you all would bury them. Yet “jessicsa is SO funny” Sorry but that comment rubbed me the wrong way.

BB Fan

Paul, you lost because you were mean to Natalie, you sucked at your Q&A at the finale, you decided to take Nicole instead of James (the entire jury said he would have won), you aligned yourself with the Messiah and being on the block 6 times means you suck. Stop being bitter for God’s sake.


if I was playing big brother I will never let a showmance last to long cause you playing against two not one
if you say you in a showmance with some one I will say to my self thank you you just gave me my targets
I don’t blame josh at all for taken that safe I don’t agree what he said about meggan in im glad he said sorry to her cause he was wrong in he knows it but game wise I don’t blame him for taken the safe apple
that big group never work remember you heard it hear first when the other side win parts of the other team will start to turn watch im a big brother super fan I know how the game works watch


Paul never takes responsibility for his loss last season, always blames it on other people. It’s rare that a returner is liked more their second time playing (Except Rachel, maybe Brittney Haynes) and it looks like he is no exception.

Kevin's Blonde Streak

I’m sorry, but Cody is a jerk and he’s not cute. Alex said he’s the best looking guy in the house. I’m not even sure that’s true. But she didn’t say it as a compliment.


Like him or not …. Cody is super cute.


This is the reason I can never find a girl to root for. Because they go in looking for a man and not the 500k. So disappointing?


Production picks up these type of girls on purpose.

Big Jim

We’ll see how long that showmance lasts after the HOH changes


Jessica didn’t even pretend to let Cody chase her for a while. She just laid down. Literally.


Hey sorry guys I haven’t really been following the spoilers, does anyone wanna give me a brief rundown?

I’m assuming Megan quit? how come?


elena looks like a blow up doll.


She has a chronic condition called gastricparesis and has a gastric pacemaker.


I said, “Elena,” NOT Raven.

Sir Loin of Beef

A blow up doll that got run over by a Colt 45 beer delivery truck!


What’s Raven story? Everyone’s so pity about her.


I love Alex and how she tells it like it is, much like Kevin. I respect that because most of what she is saying is true !
Elena and Jessica are non-stop with their crude sexual talk in the House. I’m all for a few conversations but these 2 are all the time. – AND the way they treat MARK is Horrendous. Sure they think it’s a joke but after he said he was bullied all his life today, and that’s why he became so jacked up with his body so people wouldn’t tease him – I hope now they will stop. I was shocked especially when they were going after him with the size of his manhood on the couches the other night !!!


How is Raven sick? I have read it here a few times.

Butters Mom

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with Raven? What is she sick with?


I don’t believe she has actually said. From what she has said though it seems to be a chronic condition.


Raven has a pace maker in her stomach

Sir Loin of Beef

Geez, what’s up with that Jessica chick? She got the forehead of a “Klingon!”

Bad Botox or what?

And the potty mouths on most of these women! Is this Big Brother or Folsom Prison?


Im watching Big Brother After Dark from last night ( recorded). OMG these people are so boring…Im watching Mark and the blonde girl on the couch cuddling, EWWWWW I wanna puke….so fake.


BB After Dark. Paul STFU

He playing same sit with side u want gone and try and make them love u and think u with them ride or die.

If these fools dnt see that after watching last season which most of them did…they deserve to lose.

I will be pissed if Paul and Kev let Jason go home this week.



Fuck ya’ll.


Casting really outdid themselves on shallow crude players this time.