Paul “If Jess sticks her finger in my @$$ one more time, I am going to make a scene of it.”

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8pm Bedroom – Raven and Ramses.
Raven tells Ramses – Matt is a really good kisser. Ramses – GOOD! OH MY GOD! (Meanwhile Ramses is blowing up a condom) Did you guys kiss in the bathroom? Raven – no. Ramses – because you guys came out like.. Raven – have you seen him?! Ramses – he’s… he’s … yeah! Raven – I get really flustered when I’m around him. Ramses – he’s gorgeous! Raven – his eye’s are so pretty. He’s so sweet. Raven talks about a very aggressive kiss. Ramses – but was it good? Raven – really good. I thought he would be a sweet kisser .. but he’s aggressive. He even said when we get out of the house .. we’re going to find a cure for the disease. Ramses and Raven hide the condom in one of the beds.

Outside the HOH room. Paul, Mark, Elena.

Paul – I think you’re (Dom) wrong and I genuinely home that you are not upset or affected by what happens in this game. And she was like Ahhh, okay, well thank you. Like f**k off now. I stood up and I was like okay. I said I hope you kmnow this is the 3rd time I have genuinely come to you as a human being. I’m not trying to be back handed. And I genuinely hope you are not affected by what happens in this household. That was the 3rd f**k you I got. So I am wearing my snake costume on the live show and giving her a nice little f**k you on her way out. Let me just bring up the 7 people that you went to behind my back and called me a snake to. Why does she have to be so rude and ignorant? She was like well thanks for checking up on me! Paul – you f**king b***h. Elena – you’re being nicer than I would be. Paul – I am not a mean person. I only poke when I’ve been poked. If you call me a snake, I’m going to dress up as one. Mark – she throws my two closest allies under the bus. Paul – I think you guys are okay. From conversations, I haven’t heard your names. Paul – I’m not here to have a d**k battle with you. Who do you think has this temptation? Mark – Ramses. Everyone talks about him behind his back and I’m sure America see’s it. Paul – I think either Ramses or Jess. She has been super happy. Mark – I’m staying the f**k way from Dom. Paul – If Jess sticks her finger in my @$$ one more time, I am going to make a scene of it. Imagine if it was a role reversal? Pulling my finger in her @$$. Elena – you should. America would slaughter me. Don’t put your finger in my @$$. I don’t like it! STOP. I’m just going to be like stop! I don’t like that. Elena – bop her in the face. Paul – its not like I’m used to things going in my @$$. Paul – if someone opened the shower door on me I would flip. Paul – Kevin is the funniest dude in this house. Paul – if its a Double Eviction we need to be prepared. There’s no time to talk.

8:55pm Bedroom. Bible time with Dom..

10pm – 10:30pm Bedroom Paul, Kevin, Josh, Ramses, Christmas, Jason and Alex are all hanging out and talking about random things like scary stories … while Dom lies with her eyes closed in the corner bed. Elena joins them.

10:40pm Matt and Raven head to bed. Jessica crawls on the floor around their bed and scares them. Jessica then puts icy/hot into Matt’s water. He grabs it and jumps on her bed telling her to take a drink.

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Paul – this time if she penetrates me I am going to scream r@pe. I am sick of it, I don’t like it! Christmas – is she still sticking her finger in your a$$? Paul – YES!

12:13am Kevin does his usual stomach saran wrap. Paul questions why? Kevin – to sweat off the pounds. Paul – does it work? Kevin – no, I haven’t slept good in a year. Paul tells Kevin that its f**king up his organs. Kevin gets worried and rips it off.

12:35am All the house guests have gone to sleep except for Elena and Mark. Elena is removing her makeup. Mark and Elena head to bed.

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Dom and Jess. It’s funny how you only start playing the game once you’re on the block. Paul is doing things right even though I do not approve of him nor do i root for him. GO KEVIN GO!


You are a moron. How is Paul doing everything right? He hot plenty of help from production not to mention he is in a house with a bunch of idiots who think he will take ALL of them to the end. As if there is more than two chairs at the finale. Don can’t play a game if everyone is treating her like she is contagious. The closest person to her in the house JUST said, “I am staying the fu$k away from Dom”. What is she suppose to do? She is going home no matter what he does, so why should she kiss the person who help put her up A$$. No one had any intentions on helping her or working with her regardless of who she “called” out.

No no no

It’s when you’re in a position like dom that you need to play the game. Other people in past seasons have been isolated or treated a certain way and still figured out how to play. People forget this game is STRATEGY! And I hate people saying Paul isn’t playing because production is helping him. Sure they did in the beginning, they do it for the vets EVERY season. Paul is strategically thinking all the time. He lucked out he is playing with idiots who believe every thing he says. So ya Paul showed up to play. I’d rather watch that then these dumb showmances making out talking about how they don’t want to win…


You are correct sir/ma’am. Paul is simply a production plant. He has said several times how he has to do stuff to make good TV. Last year James let slip that the veterans get more money since that is how they negotiated their contracts. I bet Paul may have a bonus option where if he can improve the ratings he gets a bonus. He has been the one who has been behind the isolation of the candidate to be voted out


Is dom playing the game? I didn’t seen that at all!!


And she isolated herself. It’s a game! And what about that Forgiveness thing in the Bible … forgive them 70X7. Just please, stop.

sunny dee

alex is pretty pleased, since it is her HOH, and she can see that there is absolutely no worries going forward about being a target by anyone, because she isn’t even getting credit for the nominations lol

paul is pretty much playing BB. Not sure what other people expect from the game, but having virtually no one in the house who wants to evict you is actually a sign of success


Yes Paul… caress those sweet cheeks, then please stick your finger in Jessica’s @$$, it’s only fair. Let’s hope we can get a GIF on that 🙂


What’s up with Jessica putting the finger up the butt??? Is she actually going around poking people there with her finger or what.

Aunt Nazeeba

Paul’s loves to get fingered. That is the most action that hairy bearded gnome has ever had. Anyone one else think he needs to STFU?

Uncle Nazeeba

I like Paul just the way he is, but you could really STFU, that would be lovely! Know your role and shut your hole Aunty Nazzeba

Aunt Nazeeba

How does Jess go about forcing her fingers up that hairy hole? Why is his A$$ exposed to her?


Yep! She’s inappropriate and crosses personal boundaries with the guys all the time. It’s shocking that BB hasn’t called her out or at least warned her about all the crotch grabbing, finger poking, and pulling down people’s pants. I think she enjoys making the guys uncomfortable, but if the same was done to her there would definitely be sexual harassment claims.

Live with no boundaries

You know if you don’t have personal boundaries, they can’t be crossed. If I was in that house and Jess stuck her finger in my ass or pulled my pants down, I would turn around and do it to Jess. It is all meant in fun and I guess people forget how to have fun in this day and age.


Considering Jessica’s profession, I would have to agree that she has zero personal boundaries.

Las Vegas

The funny thing with Jess though is she goes to a nightclub, has some drinks, parties with other people and gets paid. Other people go to their boring ass slave jobs from 9-5, hate their lives and do nothing but complain for their entire life about other living their dreams.

This is the really paradoxical thing, people can see that it is 2017 and there are millions of ways to make a living and enjoy your own life, yet people still go to their boring ass 9-5 job because they have no imagination and would rather go be a slave then live their own life and then continue to bitch about people that are living their own life and dream

Anyone bothered by what Jess does for a living, I can guarantee you have a boring 9-5 job and will continue to live life asleep at the wheel.

Thumbs Down

Apparently the thumbs down people don’t enjoy living their own lives and are just miserable 9-5’ers. LOL

That's not friendship

I love my boring ass life any day over jessica’s!


lol I’m not sure what you mean. That kind of job is not something I’d be proud of having. It’s not a career and definitely not conducive to a family life if that’s what one wants. I think it’s fine to do in your 20s or early 30s but after that what do you expect she will do? The job won’t be available to her much past that. After that you have to enter the real world. It’s a means to an ends type job and something that people should use if they want to gain access to better opportunities. But those opportunities are competitive and the majority in that type of job will not be given them.


Doesn’t sound like Paul is having fun. I don’t think being anally molested by a stranger sounds “fun” either. Digital penetration is rape when imposed on an unwilling party. She is doing it to both the men and the women, and she is doing it in a situation where speaking up against it could put a target on one’s back. I know she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong, but she should really be careful. She could get in serious trouble, as could CBS for allowing this behavior to continue.


You totally over thought that. It is mere fun, nothing else.

The Sh*t In Paul's Beard

it doesn’t seem like Jess is being mean-spirited about it. Let’s be honest, she is being objectified by the folks in the house – male & female. Her finger in the but “game” is a pretty solid way to turn the tables on the guys especially, objectifying them in a seemingly harmless game. I haven’t loved everything she has done, but Jess has adjusted to a rocky start & hasn’t crumbled now that she is playing without allies. She’s building it back up. The irony that Paul – of all people PAUL is “offended” makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Deal Paul….please.


Paul is so full of crap. The one time I saw Jessica do that to Paul he was giggling like a school girl and said “girl, why do you have to be so sexy?”.


Elena and Jessica having ‘touching’ the guys, especially Mark, since the first day I started watching this season. I don’t think that’s what is getting Paul angry. I think it’s because she said she believes Cody is coming back into the game and that Paul is scared of Cody. She told Alex and Alex told Paul. That’s what is killing Paul. He tried to get Christmas to talk to Jess to dig information from her so he could blow up on her; but Christmas didn’t succeed. Coupled with the fact that he doesn’t know who has the temptation and what the curse is. It’s not the ‘sticking her fingers’ thing that’s bugging him , because she’s been doing it and he always laughed at it. It’s the fear of Cody comment.

No Way

You mean you saw through the a$$ poking and came to this conclusion? Very well done Chucks, very well done….now if more people actually thought this game out rather then just whine and complain someone is doing something to someone else, they may just enjoy it more.

The Sh*t In Paul's Beard

EXACTLY. I have accepted Paul is Productions plant and his over the top, annoying & self-absorbed personality is dynamic & gets ratings. But seriously, the finger stuff is the MOST action that dude has seen in awhile…think about about it.


Has Paul tried saying” Jessica stop that, I don’t think it’s funny” ?


Or maybe he needs to say “I find that to be on the verge of sexual assault. Jessica, no means no” She would get it then.

Bubble Wrap

The house guests should be forced to wear bubble wrap, then it would please all these “sexual assault” people that can’t distinguish the BB house from actual reality!


I didn’t say it was sexual assault. Paul is making it out to be to all of the other houseguests. He needs to say something to Jessica.


Maybe Paul needs to tell Jessica that only his boyfriend is allowed back there.

oh paul

If jess stuck her finger in your ass it would be the first time you have got some on BB.


So after BB, Matt & Raven are going to find the cure for her disease? Which one? The gastroparesis or the one that compels her to bring up her mortality in every conversation?

Winter is here

Is there a cure for her lying?


I hope the DR asks the housemates “have you ever seen Raven throw up? Do you think she should be eating all the junk food?” That should make them start to question her illness.


Paul likes it.


Kevin is a Gangster

Aunt Nazeeba

He’s a lil bearded hairy gnome who wont stop talking!

Uncle Nazeeba

Aunty Nazeeba don’t go around calling other people hairy. I’ve seen you naked and you could use a hedge trimmer if you know what I mean!

or not

He likes to bind his torso in cling wrap like Asian women do with they’re feet. Most insecure thing I have ever heard of. He’s to old for that. Gangster Ppffftttt….

Insecurity Called

Actually insecurity is when people can’t grasp or understand why someone does something different from themselves, so automatically they see that difference in others and call it insecurity. The insecurity is actually coming from your own projection within yourself.

Dr. Phil called

He said leave the diagnosis to the professionals like me and him.

The Real Dr Phil

Honestly, I don’t even listen to my own advice. I give the worst advice and anyone listening to my advice…let me just say this…I just got your money!

said that to me also

Here you go with this projection garbage again. You must of spent one week in your psyc class. You truly are a one trick pony huh??

Projection Of Self

The outside reality that one experiences is just a reflection of the inner reality one feels. Thus if one goes around blaming everyone else outside of themselves they lack self awareness and understanding of self projection.

Just love and your projection with change….try it you may just wake up! Happy sleeping until then!!


You just bored everybody to sleep. Hahahahaha


Jessica has been putting her finger inside people since week one, the women in this house are collectively gross. Lol


Dom and Alex aren’t gross, but I’ll give you the rest of ’em for sure.


There was one exchange between Alex and Jason where Jason asked her to rub his back and she responded be telling him to “suck her tiny Asian c***” instead. It’s definitely not on the level of Jessica, Elena, or Christmas but it’s definitely part of her personality to take things there.

Dom calls herself the Dominator but has done very little in the house, so that’s just gross false advertisement. But not gross like the rest of the lot.


Gross false advertisement? Lol so true.


I have a friend, a very refined and gracious female friend in about 95% of social situations. who LOVES to roll out the “S&%^” my C&^$” (with a K) every now and again in certain situations with men (someone like Paul – bombastic and blow-hardy) just to see their reactions. It caused me to choke on my drink the first time, but now I know what to expect. She’ll get a certain look on her face and I’ll start to smile ’cause I know what’s comin’ and it will always be glorious. She would love Alex.

Jessica's Thumb

So a woman like to be sexual and flirt around and she is gross? Wow what is this world coming to….maybe we should all live in a bubble and not allow human contact? That sounds like a lot of fun, sign me up… goodness what is this world coming to?


If penetrating someones @$$ is flirting…what is this world coming to….what is this world coming to.


Is that what you told your parole officer?


I disagree with your comment, but it would be interesting to have a Big Brother where human contact is not allowed.

Bunny Flop

eew, have you seen what comes out of there? I mean of course, Paul’s mouth.

Jeezus & Nem

Dominique… Are you speaking in tongues or singing Michael Jackson?
“Momma-say, Momma-Sah, Momma-coosah”….



smooth criminal

Yea, Dom is Jackson five Michael. Elena is the post op king of pop. Jess is superbowl Janet for obvious reasons. Cam is Tito cause no one remembers him. And for a curveball Paul is Jessie Jackson…talks way too much and tries to start stuff he can’t finish


Ignorance is inexcusable!!


People like Dom scare me. I know something about the bible…and I’ll just say she’s crossing some lines. When she gets home she should seek professional help

The Bible

Just like anything, people will interpret the bible the way “they” choose to. Some take it literally serious and others can decode the book for its truth.

The bible is a book of unconditional love and yet some believe there are nothing but conditions when it comes to love.


Where did you get your decoder ring? Mine just keeps telling me to drink my Ovaltine!

Bunny Flop

The temptation is with one of 3. Either Jess or Dom. They both seem unusually peaceful. Or with Kevin.
Those are the only ones not going on the whisper circuit with king ass gnome. I tend to think its not Kevin,
Because, ol Gnome beard would use his forked tongue and snift that right away. Jess n Dom are the only 2 he can’t weasel around.


Speaking of fingers…. wth is up with Matt and his finger licking? Finish bowl of cereal… check! Lick finger after swiping bowl ….check! Bowl is finger licked clean ….check.

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

I wonder if he does that after or@l s$x.

Sex Called

Don’t bring up sex on this message board, people get grossed out and shy away from human contact!

Cindy Withanesse

I’m sure he does when he wipes off the j!*z from the other dude’s f!**er.

Cindy Withanesse

finger. you can’t say finger?


I notice all but one tattoo on Paul is on his front. It’s almost like he wanted to be able to see all the tats when he looked in the mirror. If it wasn’t for that one on his calf, he could lay down and you couldn’t see a single tat. It just struck me as odd for some reason.


Just another subtle indication of his narcissism, hey?

Smitten Kitten

Alex is completely obsessed with Jessica.
She can’t have a single conversation without mentioning her name multiple times. She talks about her over & over again.
If Alex & Jason aren’t talking about Jessica, they don’t have anything to say to each other.
For some reason Alex seems incredibly intimidated by Jessica (and no, I don’t think it’s because Alex is jealous because Jessica’s pretty).
It’s obvious that Alex is coming after Jessica for personal reasons & is allowing her personal feelings of contempt to cloud her judgement, otherwise she’d be able to clearly see that not only is Jess NOT a threat to Alex & Jason’s game, but she’d be a number for their side if they’d just pull her into their group. Idiots.
Watching Alex obsessively discuss Jessica in such a catty & petty manner (to everyone & ANYONE that will listen) is NOT a good look for Alex… especially when Jessica never says anything bad about Alex, ever.
Jessica informed Alex that Raven hid her cat ears & poured out her coke (Jessica was telling the truth about both incidents) & Alex called her a psychopathic liar.
Now, Alex decides to make up a total lie, saying that Jessica told her Paul was intimidated by Cody coming back.

And Alex has the nerve to call Jessica a psychopathic liar, what a total hypocrite.
Pot meet kettle.

Speaking of the lie in question, if Christmas were as smart as she tells people she is, she would have picked up on the fact during her lame bootleg interrogation of Jessica (at Paul’s request of course – because Paul says jump & the sheep all ask “how high?”) that Jessica told Christmas that Alex NEVER talks game with Jessica!
So, if Alex & Jessica never talk game, exactly how, when, where & why would Jessica not only have told this info to Alex, but all of a sudden Jessica trusted Alex enough to fill her in on this tidbit??

Regardless, I don’t think Paul believes it, as he said he can’t cross check it for the truth… but if you’re gonna lie, you better make it convincing (especially if it’s about Paul) because he’ll dig & dig & berate & call out, until he gets the truth.
Sadly, the power has gone to Alex’s head & she too is now totally under Paul’s mind numbing spell.
I had such high hopes that Alex would turn this game on its ear, but she completely wasted her HOH (after rambling on & on about making a “big move” & going after one of the power showmances… please).
She’s quickly gone from being my absolute fave in the game, to being just another one of Paul’s mindless Stepford minions. What an utter disappointment she’s become.
Side note: doesn’t Alex wonder why Paul only began acknowledging she was in the house AFTER she won HOH?? It’s like she could have been one of the houseplants before that, that’s how little he interacted with her before she won! No friendship bracelet for her, but now Paul’s her BFF & she trusts him most after Jason… please.


Would really like to see Josh win this one and put Matt & Mark on the block, make them have nots, and call them meatballs all week …. think Jason would die from laughing. Only hope is that whoever gets the next temptation, they do not use it to save them both. Time for another floater to go and Mark and Matt fit that bill.


I would love to see Elena on the block. Based on Mark’s history he would be done with her. His close friend and ally Cody gets thrown on the block and he runs. His second ally Dom is on the block and he runs. Elena needs to wake up!


I agree with what you are saying, but don’t forget that Alex was Jessica’s target the second Cody started talking with her and admiring her game play. The contentious behavior/issue started with Jess, not Alex. She wanted Alex on the block and Cody listened. Cody told Jess that he respected Alex and he regretted putting her on the block.

Still, I am equally disappointed in Alex. Paul loves pitting people against each other and I suppose I thought Alex would catch on to what he is doing. You’re right…Alex has completely wasted her HOH. 🙁

I’m convinced that if Cody comes back he would work with Alex, Paul, and Christmas.


best comment in a long time on here


I think you are spot on about Alex. The way she is constantly trash talking Jess is getting old. Did she want Cody or something? I don’t understand where all her dislike comes from. I wouldn’t be sad if Alex leaves.


HELLO! Jess wanted Alex out and hated that Cody liked and admired her! That’s where it comes from…


Yeah, I know – but is that the real reason she isn’t working with Jessica? I think it’s more since she is more interested in hating on Jessica instead of trying to work with her. Just my opinion.


I suspect that all the annomosity is due to Alex being attracted to Cody. She told Jillian the first week that Cody is her type. I’m sure once he started complimenting her and saved her, the attraction intensified. Usually when girls hate each other that much, it’s due to a guy. Dom would probably agree with me.

Jess has been paying attention to Matt lately (and vice versa) and you can see Raven’s hackles rise.I wouldn’t be surprised if her pacemaker exploded pretty soon.

And then there’s the Mark, Elena, Paul triangle. After Elena kept rubbing on Paul last night, Mark practically pinned her under him (had her in a bear hug with his leg thrown over her) so she couldn’t move. Quit amusing to watch.

Alex's Ego

So Alex obsesses about Jessica in the house and here you are outside the house on a message board obsessed about Alex. LOL Yup makes sense that the obsession is in you and not Alex.


What an idiotic comment, “Alex’s ego”.

The difference is, we didn’t sign up to be on tv & watched every second of the day like they did, genius.

By saying that, you’re basically making fun of everyone who pays for the feeds and reads the updates.
I guess we’re all obsessing, right?

What are you doing here, you hypocrite?

Alex's Ego

Tell “yourself” anything you want there anonymous. You are clearly triggered now and will justify your judgements.


Lol, triggered??

Don’t flatter “yourself”.

Aaron Rodgers

Everybody relax!!! It’s a game…You have to isolate players and speak ill of others that aren’t there at the time. It’s only to keep a target off of your back. I guarantee Alex will work with Jess as soon as next week if either her or an outsider fall into some power. This season’s tampering has been the worst fail i agree. That could change soon if they allow a certain USMC member an actual fair chance. But dont blame alex. She and Jason are tryna navigate a terrain of unfair advantages and a herd like mentality as a result.

Judge Janie

I wish more people would write really, really, really long posts…


Last night’s show was GREAT! There was so much Jesus nobody had to say bedtime prayers.
I get annoyed when people inject Jesus into every single thing like that although I assume production was telling her to play it up and edited it as such. If people want to believe in something and it gives them strength and purpose great but damn tonight was a bit much for me.

The Sh*t In Paul's Beard

Agree they put in a lot of Dom in last nights’ show so that means a lot of Jesus. I’m cool with JC….just a bit lower on the intensity scale than Don to be sure. Whatever it takes to get you thru BB, and I know I would stink at this game if I actually played!
They gave her a pretty favorable edit on Wednesday (I think someone else mentioned that in another post here) because a TV only viewer didn’t see her isolate herself compared what the feeds/bloggers see. Paul….just over the top w/ her this week – ick. Too. Much. Dude.

Speaking of the blog…Simon & Dawg y’all are AWESOME! Been hooked on your site for the last 5 seasons and really enjoy it. The ranking grid is quite the nice new touch. Bravo!

Lady Stoneheart

I like Dom. Too bad Cody lied about her and through her under the bus. I would take great pleasure in seeing her bead Cody in the buyback


But did Cody lie? I thought the “truth” was that Dom and Mark DID suggest Paul or Xmas should go on the block. My memory could be faulty on this, but I think Cody was telling the truth. I like Dom too and would prefer her to stay over Jessica.


No, Cody did it to take attention away from Jessica and to stir the pot. He did s great job as it worked!!


Cody didn’t lie about Dom

In the name of all things holey

jessica is an alien from planet tw*t. She is probing the house guests for information. She keeps going up Paul’s since she can’t get a good read on him. When Cody comes back I wonder if her fingers will still smell. He’d catch that so fast….

In all seriousness though , Paul is right. If the roles were reversed it would be a mutiny and he would possibly be charged with witnesses and video evidence!


Maybe she just thinks since everyone else is so far up Paul’s b*tt, she wants to be too……

Ms Chris

I LOL Kelly, too funny & probably true.


Thanks for that! Best laugh out loud moment for me today.


Physical assault (hot sauce to the face) & sexual assault (unwanted butt~finger) — What does one have to do for CBS to remove them from the house?


Throw their mic in the pool.

2017 Called

Its called a little fun, no one was seriously hurt, maybe just Josh’s feelings. Seriously we are on a Big Bro message board and people are calling for “assault”. I feel like I just woke up in some world that hates fun and just wants to put everyone in jail for a little human contact.


Yeah, Josh and Paul really love it… It so fun for them.


I’m not a Paul fan this season, but he does have a point. . . .if a guy was doing this to the girls, he would have been pulled off the show immediately for sexual harrassment.


Yep! Remember the huge backlash against Frank last year for slapping people on the butt?

Fruit Loop Dingus

Finger popping Frank? Lmao!


I think Alex may have got the temptation. Not long after the temptation process Alex commented to Jason that she was going to shake up the game and nobody would be able to stop her. Unfortunately Jason did not did not follow up on what Alex had said.

Dom has to stay tonight

what the fuck Matt has only 2 shirts?! Dafuq?


I think part of it is, they can’t have any logos except for colleges. So when picked, he had to go buy summery colors and those were what was left.

Ian's Lament

I think as a VIP concierge ( escort) Jessica has shown many a guy like Paul the ” but**ole ple**ures”.


Worst case scenario…Matt the hologram and Raven the succubus remain invisible and haunt the house to the end, while the humans pick each other off. This could actually happen. The Horror! The Horror!

Jess Vivette

Similar to Nicole and Corey last year. God I hope not.


Jessica can grab my junk while sticking her f1nger u* my bu*t and lie to me anytime.


Please don’t bring up that you would be okay with Jessica doing that, this message board hates physical human touch and contact!

Clean Yourself Up

How much do you actually spend on your sexcapades?

Dirty Yourself Up

I spend my whole pay check on s$xc@pad$s and my life is so amazing and fun. 3-somes, 4-somes and more-somes, we all just get in there and have fun.

never laughed so hard

This thread turned my life around.


Stand in line.

now second guessing

Way to make it weird


Has anyone seen Jess actually try to stick her finger up Paul’s butt or is this just a ploy to get people to not like Jessica even more?

I was really impressed with Dom last night and how she keep her cool when they were up in the HOH. I can’t believe that with Paul being so defensive, no one wondered if she was telling the truth.


I only watch BBAD and I’ve seen Jess try to aggressively goose Paul on several occasions.


What a strange girl.


Oh stop. They all are f’ing around passing time. You morons wanted Xmas out becuz she got hurt
You want Jessica out. Here’s a hint. You want everyone kicked out? Do not watch the show. Poof! They all kicked out. Happy? No didn’t think so. Because you can’t kick yourself out of your own miserable life. You all sit eating cheetos on your moral high ground saying CBS should be ashamed of themselves. Yet you couch potatoes can’t take your eyes off it and are lining CBS’s pockets. So again. Just remove yourself if you don’t like it.

Best Comment

Thank you for the best comment ever! I discovered this message board last year and it is just a bunch of whiny, miserable people that dislike any good looking girls or guys, dislike any physical human contact in the house and dislike anyone with a personality!

But hey people must have such terrible and tough lives that they have to come on a message board and be all negative nellies towards the house guests. I mean if they just got over themselves, shut up and watched the show, they would probably enjoy it more…….nope most people are miserable so they have to be and talk miserable about others.


Tell me more, oh wise one… (as you troll the blog you speak of – or are you just on break from your fabulous life and playing with yourself?)


Hmmmm….. Cheers.

Ms Chris

After hearing Dom tell Jess that she doesn’t have the temptation I really don’t think it will be used tonight. (Kinda think Kevin has it) So maybe just that someone excepted it will be enough to bring in the battle back winner. But then there is still the ? of how would they get a chance to prevent it..? If Dom is voted out then I hope she’s the one that comes back in and wins HOH. They would all be s**ting their pants as they say. But if somehow they flip then I hope Cody comes back. I just don’t want Cody & Jess in the house together. Enough with these stupid showmances! It’s almost like they sit back and watch the game together instead of having to play bc they know that two is more intimidating than one. Especially those two. And I really want to see the fireworks of Cody and Paul going head to head. I know he said he would work with him but it wouldn’t be long before they turned on each other, mainly bc of paranoia the other would do it first.


Why is it that I just now noticed Jason’s soul patch.

In all my years, and in my honest opinion, few can pull it off. The only guys I have liked that look on include David Boreanaz, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt…. okay, okay….and Colin Farrell.


Time for some new glasses Granny!

Just relax it's Reality TV

Since when has sticking your finger in some bodies a$$ considered a part of flirting. Oh yeah it’s like Trump grabbing a pussy. No problem ? I guess BB is a true reflection of todays society.

B. Clinton

Don’t believe that chick Juanita Broaddrick. It’s all Trumps fault.


Obi Wan Kenobi feels a disturbance in the Force every time Elena removes her makeup.

Human Contact

Would you please leave my name out of this?!?! Enough is enough!

Alien Contact

Just wait till I come down there and start touching you all!!! Muuuaahhh-haaaaaa


I can’t wait to see who has the temptation. Fireworks may fly tonight, however, the houseguests better focus on winning the hoh and getting Paul out. They won’t tho because they are starstruck and need him to tell them how to play the game. #teamkevin


Based on comments people like Jesus and @n@l s$x. It is good to see Christians and Muslims getting along together. BB & Pepsi! Who knew?


Hey Paul – If you don’t like your @$$ being f1ngered then tell the Wench to F**K off !! BUT instead Paul runs around the whole House and tells everyone the story 3 or 4 times about how he is going to tell Jess to F-Off if she fingers him again. All Paul’s doing is actually hoping that it somehow it get’s back to Jessica and she is the one that starts an argument with Paul over it. He Knows Jessica can fight her own battles so why call her out especially if he thinks Cody might be coming back in the House ?! Paul is nothing more than Pu**y this Season.
I don’t know why everyone thinks Cody will work with Paul if and when he does come back into that House ?! Cody hates Paul he always will. He may work with Paul the first Week to reintegrate into the House – But I can also see that as Cody using that to win HoH and putting Christmas on the Block to evict. Because with no Christmas in the House you have no Little Bird for Paul to run to !!! When Cody comes in that House and sees all the Love still for Paul do you really believe he is going to fall in line with everyone – GIVE ME A BREAK !!!


I don’t “hate” Paul, you have the hatred for Paul. Nice whiny rambling message about Paul though!


“I don’t know why everyone thinks Cody will work with Paul if and when he does come back into that House ?!”

Well, it’s likely because Paul and Cody talked before Cody left. They expressed mutual respect for each other and the desire to work together should Cody get a buy back.

You do not have to like someone in order to effectively work together. I’ve worked with plenty who couldn’t stand me, and vice-versa. Often, opposites attract and can make great things happen, together. Being effective and successful in a team is more about mutual interests than mutual disdain.

I’m very interested in seeing the two of them game-it-out. I believe Cody could win if given another shot.


It seems like all these women want to talk about is butt holes and guys jacking off.


Well Alex started her shit again and looks like now they are trying to vote out Jessica bc they all told her she is fine and not pack all her stuff. Alex is just so jealous and i don’t see how anyone that watches the feeds actually like her anymore. She has let the power go to her head and becoming a lying POS.


Jessica is most definitely crossing the line if she is doing that. It’s just disgusting for one. Maybe you do that with your partner playing around. But not to someone you barely know. Paul has said on camera he doesn’t like it and wants it to stop. BB is asking for trouble if they don’t talk to her. For some reason I don’t think Jessica would be ok with it if say, Josh, did the same to her. She might be ok with it if it’s someone she is attracted to or likes in some way. That’s just my perception of her. Either way. BB is playing with fire if they don’t make this stop before someone retaliates and Jessica doesn’t like it and wants to make an issue of it. Whether people think it’s really no big deal or not. She’s the woman and her behavior won’t be perceived the same as if a man does something like that to her. That’s just the world we live in.

Medical Marijuana

People of this message board….smoke some of me and chill the fock out. Some of you take Big Bro waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy to serious. Go outside and smell the flowers, get a life and then smoke me and calm out. All is well in the world.


Gotta say I love seeing Christmas more mobile with her scooter.

It won’t be long now before fans start with the accusations of unfairness and favoritism since she has some fancy wheels.

Christmas is now back to my #2 because I like the girl’s tenaciousness.

1. Kevin
3. Alex
4. Jason
5. Paul (definitely not a fan of a returning vet, but, I mean he is playing the game the best he can)
6. Ramses
7. Elena
8. Matt
9. Mark
10. Jessica
11. Raven
12. Josh

We often don’t get the chance to see an HG’s real game play until they are put in a position of power or vulnerability. I am so looking forward to a fearless HOH.

Granny's Significant Other

Hi Hon, Don’t agree with you that Christmas is your #2. She’s definitely my #1. Guess you and I won’t be sleeping together tonight, as usual!


I’m not sure why you make such passive aggressive jabs at Granny (and me, apparently). I enjoy Granny very much, thank you.



I’m a lover, not a fighter. You need a hug! ((((((HUG)))))))

Put Some Pants on MORON

Well, if Paul would wear more than just a pair of underwear around the house, maybe Jessica would leave him and his flat butt alone.

Baebee Gyrl2

Paul thinks no one should be playing the game but him. He said Ramses needs to go because he’s going from room to room getting info, but he’s doing the exact same thing. He wants Dominique to get evicted because she called him a snake, he admitted in the DR he was being sneaky. At first, Alex didn’t want to work with Paul, now she’s believing and doing everything Paul tells her. You all are so hard on Dom, but exactly what have Elena, Mark, Raven and Matt ( the showmances) done? Why does everyone want Dominique out the house so bad? This season is a joke!!!

online player

yes Granny’s Significant Other, Christmas is also my # 1

online player

Granny, i do like Elena and Josh much higher than your ranking, Ramses is about right, Matt just is not interesting at all, just horrible, i havent seen anyone at this site consider Matt very highly.


OP: I think there is more to Matt (well, I sure hope there is) that we’ll see once he is in play mode. But, let’s face it, they all know they are on television so are they truly being themselves? I feel that some are still self-filtering and just waiting things out before their game really gets going.

My opinions are just based on my observations thus far. My daily rankings change all the time. If Simon and Dawg made it so we could see our own rankings from the beginning, my data would look like the Texas Cyclone (roller coaster of years’ gone by).

One thing I will say is that I give credit to all those HG’s for being willing to participate in such a microscope situation. It’s such an interesting and entirely probing social experiment, and as a true fan of reality game shows, I am grateful for the opportunity to watch and then participate in intelligent and meaningful discussion with you fine (well, most) folks here on OBB.