Alex to Jason – “we need a word for you to shut up”

Christmas and Jessica.

Christmas tries to bait Jessica to tell her that paul is scared about Cody coming back. She’s unable. Jessica talks about how if Cody comes back into the game she’s not going to let him ruin it like he did the first week. She didn’t want to come into the game and be involved in the drama.
Xmas asks about the conversation Cody and Paul had before he was evicted. Jessica says it was the same thing he told Christmas that morning.

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6:01pm Paul going on that Jessica said he was intimidated and scared that Cody could come back.

Paul says it wasn’t cross confirmed so he can’t call her out on it.
Paul says it’s getting really annoying to him that his name is getting thrown around.

6:20pm Jessica and Paul

Paul – as long as you don’t try to be my enemy everything will be fine..
Paul – from my observations and the way she’s acting.. I would quit poking..
Jessica says people have told her she needs to ask everyone.
Paul – I get it Block paranoia but…

6:34pm Working out..

6:37pm Paul showing some spots he’s getting filled in.

I’m thinking of getting a wolf head right here…

Here’s a good shot of the d1ck Raven painted on Christmas’ cast

6:50pm Jason and Alex HOH
Alex is getting pissed at Jason for giving Ramses and Christmas too much information about Jessica.
Alex – we need a word for you to shut up..
Alex – you don’t want him (Ramses) to come back and say ‘jason said’
Alex – any piece of information small or Big is a HUGE thing..
Jason – Can we to get Christmas out, after Jessica
Alex – sure

Alex – it’s week 4 and you haven’t shut your mouth
Alex warns him what he says to Mark because Mark is working with Jessica and Elena.
Jason – you think mark is working with Jessica and Elena.. That would be insane..
Alex – you’re forgetting that whole team doesn’t trust one another.. And you know he (Mark) doesn’t trust Matt.
Alex says that Matt has Jason’s back right now

7:13pm nothing much on

During the chess game. Mark confirms with Jason that Alex is down with taking out Jess, Ramses, Josh, Christmas

7:40pm Not knowing who has the temptation is driving me crazy.

It lives

7:52pm Dom and Paul

Paul – you ok,
Dom – absolutely.. Always
Paul -you don’t want to talk. you good
Do – I am
Paul says he doesn’t want her to seclude herself says it’s just a game.
Dom – i’m not secluding myself I’m being isolated, that’s something that the house is doing
Dom – people keep saying it’s just a game and that’s very true, these are real people with real hearts with real feelings..

Paul – are people afraid to talk to you
Dom – Absolutely.

Dom – i’m not sad at all but thank you for checking on me
Paul says him checking on her wasn’t a back handed facetious thing

Dom – ok.. Ok.. got it..

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I don’t know why, but I think I need to get me some dental implants.

Smitten Kitten


I thought those ads were coming up just for me because I researched then for my dad, lol.


So Paul has a conversation with Dom. Now if that was anyone else he would freaking out and flipping the whole house against that person. F this loser. Wake up and realize that this dude is a snake.

Paul's puppet

It amazes me how ppl call him a snake and hate him for it, and pretend to love Big Brother. Manipulating ppl and getting to the end with it is not the point in that show? He’s playing, he’s entertaining, he’s confident. He says himself he’s strategizing, and lying. OF COURSE HE’S NOT GONNA ADMIT IT TO OTHER PLAYERS! He has everything we asks in a BB player, and yet ppl are complaining. Go watch some other show if you can’t deal with rats and snakes.



Paul's underwear

If Paul wins HOH (with the idiots throwing it to him again), they need to put a bunch of shorts or pants in his basket. Dang! This isn’t survivor…


Agree! I’m wondering if alot of these players have even watched Big Brother. That said, I like the various demographics and ages represented this year, even with crazy Josh, it’s not an insipid frat house this season.


By the way get Christmas out of there. She cant compete in a competition based game. Not fair to the other players.

Jess Vivette

I like Christmas but I agree. Physical competitions aren’t just about winning. The way someone plays in a comp reveals alot about their game. Especially a veto comp.

sunny dee

how is increasing their chances to win not fair? if anything, they have the advantages. instead of 6 there were 5 playing in the veto, instead of a 1/6 chance, they were 1/5.

simply math. one more vote in the house, but one less person who is actually competition.


What if that chip was was Mark and not Christmas? If he won he said he woulda pulled Dom off.


I agree with Sunnydee’s math for the actual competition, and agree with Mark too in the potential scenarios. There’s also the bit about with Xmas’ chip in the box to begin with, one less less for someone else to be picked who CAN compete. Production knows the competition ahead of time, so I think they should approve or clear her before the POV selection and leave in or remove her chip then. Might that not be the most fair?


What if that spot could have been filled by an alias that can take you down? Her not physically playing, Is an unfair advantage to the agenda of the house.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Not when the agenda of the house turns to getting her out.


That was such bullshit last night. She gets picked to play the Veto, gets out there, and said she can’t compete because of the physical competition. Why did they BB put her chip in the bag to begin with? I would have been infuriated if I was on the block and that happened.


Eh? Christmas wouldn’t take off either of them plus she isn’t on the Alex side of the house. Her playing and winning ends up with the same result (Nothing) as sitting out. I don’t get your point.

BB lover

Can BB remind Paul he’s not on Survivor. Why’s he parading around in his underwear all the time?


I’m soooo over that.

Im A Tuttle

I didnt much care for paul on bbc5. He did survive in the game byt he was always underdog paul.


And can someone get Alex a top that fits… She always looks like she is wearing a top four sizes too small and conveniently when she is conversing with the guys.


I think Kevin has it.


Oh, I really hope you’re right! They have succeeded in making the game exciting for me again. Can’t wait to see who got the Hex Temptation. Love this game when it surprises me. The curse has to be that the battle back winner comes back in.

Would love to see Paul & Alex on the block together! They would go around the house destroying each other!

Kevin FTW!


Does the 25 thousand dollar temptation that Kevin took that brought the Paulsnake curse in the house count. Cuz if it does he won’t be able to get another one.

Nonon Jakuzure

I cant with this season. Paul is more obnoxious as ever, Alex is going around acting like she such a bold player when she taking out easy targets, Matt, Raven, Elena and Mark are just floaters, Josh is just immature, Ramses is kind of done in this game. Is there a saving grace??

Paul's shitty tattoo

Yeah the saving Grace is Cody coming back


Just watching and listening to everyone, it seems most likely that Kevin got the temptation.

I have to agree with Alex about Jason’s non-stop talking. He is also too reactive in his face. He needs some poker face lessons from Vanessa.

Paul is trying to stir up more muck. The guy never stops! He truly is the Tazmanian Devil.

Dom needs to get to work. I hate it when the obvious target just gives up.

I have lost some love for Alex (the girl is way too gullible), leaving Kevin as my new favorite. Alex thinks she has a secret alliance with Paul, but Paul is playing all of them then picking off those that are “onto him” one at a time. (This reminds me of the Big Buck Hunter arcade game.)

Vivacious Victor

If indeed Dom does have the temptation, she should say she got a temptation to block “the eviction”, tell people to vote Jessica out since voting her out would do nothing, then keep the temptation in her pocket for the next couple of weeks if necessary.

Matt's 2 Shirts

And then since she didn’t stop the voting everyone votes her out and it all goes away.

Not Jason's First Rodeo

I wouldn’t go that far. Everyone will just vote Dom out to send her a message, even if the eviction ends up not happening. I would say that the temptation is only cancelling out three votes. Big Brother has done this before, where a houseguest chose three people to not vote before the eviction, and everyone knew who didn’t vote. If anyone asks when she will decide who won’t vote, Dom tells them that she doesn’t know yet and production will call her into the DR when it’s time. That would make the house go crazy, because they’d be scrambling to figure out who Dom would keep from voting. They’d also have to try to get more people to vote out Jessica, in hopes that Dom would cancel out Jessica’s votes instead. So come eviction night, the following could happen: More people vote to evict Jessica, and Jessica gets evicted, so Dom keeps the Halting Hex for the next time she’s in danger. Or, Dom still gets evicted, but she uses the Halting Hex to cancel the eviction.


who got the halting hex temptation?


Kevin for sure has it. Paul can’t win it, Christmas can’t win it, if Alex or Jason had it, they’d tell each other. America wouldn’t vote for Ramses or Josh. If Elena had it, she’d tell Mark, and vice versa. Same goes for Matt and Raven. So it’s down to Jess and Kevin. Perhaps America would vote for Jess due to Cody being the one who’d come back (IMO). However, I have a hard time believing she wouldn’t use this info to gain more allies, knowing she’d let Cody back into the game and they’d need them.

So, back to my thought……Kevin has it. He’s had too much heat on him this week with the votes and the speculation of him taking that $25k……I don’t think he’ll tell a soul, not even Paul (after what Paul directed him to do with the votes put a target in his back.)

We shall see. But, I’m thinking we’ll find out with the rest of America.


So is Dom leaving or has the house overthought this with 3 days off and now booting Jess?

Dom didn’t even campaign, just laid down and pouted and died.

Paul's Mouth

I’m loving that Paul has no F ‘ing idea who has the temptation ….and it is driving him CRAZY!!!

Capt. Obvious

You’re loving that?
How much are you loving that??
What is your daily goals/passions that allow you the ability to let that be such a big part of your life that you are actually loving that?


Paul is smart (we have to give him that). He has everyone’s ear, so how has he NOT figured out that it’s likely Kevin? I guess he’s thinking one of his minions is keeping the information from him. Whatever his thinking, I’m glad it’s causing him grief. 🙂


Paul and Jessica were discussing a magnet, Raven had to chime in that if a magnet gets close to her “pacemaker” it’s death. Are you kidding me! Enough Raven,enough.


magnets for everyone!


Somebody give me a fin MAGNET!!


I love how Alex talks to Jason like he’s dumb and shes some mastermind when she’s the one falling for all of Pauls bullshit. Unfortunately I think Kevin got the temptation and he’s up Pauls ass to Ramses Cody or Jess need to win hoh no one else will take a shot at Paul Matt and raven

Bunny Flop

I think Paul should get a snake tatoo. You know, because, reasons.


he already does, duh


His tats look like a giant blob of ink.


Kevin definitely has it, but he’s good at keeping his mouth shut and one of the better players in general


I think Dom has it. I

Elana's Puz$$ylips even have botox

If Dom stays because she has it and there’s no eviction, and Cody comes back and they team up against Paul and his minions, that would be epic.

Team Andrew

OMG! I spit out my drink when I read your name…lol. Too funny!

Capt. Obvious

Oh, totally!!
It would be so epic I would have to call in to work to make sure it was real!
It would be the most epic thing of all epic things that have ever been epic….. EPIC!!!!!
Even though Cody said the first thing he would do if he got back in the house would be to pair up with Paul…. but yeah, EPIC!!!!!


Almost everyone has said they don’t have the Halting Hex, granted people can lie. but actions show. For sure it’s not either of the couples, Paul, Christmas can’t win, no way Jason or Josh have it b/c they couldn’t keep it a secret and Alex would have told one of Jason or Paul. Therefore, the only people who could have won it are Dom, Ramses or Kevin.

Logically DOM CAN’T HAVE IT b/c she would halt the eviction and the battle back wouldn’t happen hence ruining CBS Friday night show. Ramses hasn’t been on the National show that much nor does rank high in most polls.

By process of elimination it has to be KEVIN.


Alex wouldn’t tell neither Paul or Jason. Jason talk to much and Alex fake friendships with Paul since he’s safe. She doesn’t want to be a target so she works with the “organic group”.


Seriously, the way Paul is name dropping is he truly a member of production? He seems to know right when to interject to help keep drama in the house!!!!!!
The house tonight was boring until Paul out of the blue decided to come up with a scheme to. Enable to call out Jessica. She she did not take the bait then he went to check on Dom. Someone who is seriously pissed at Paul and I bet he was not concerned with her but looking to get some drama going after the Jessica piece fell thru.


Kevin took the $25,000.00 the very first episode which cursed the house with Paul. Is he even eligible?

Brother Utah

Don’t forget the $27 Kevin won in the veto competition. He is rolling in dough right now. Kevin’s cash count $25,027.00

Down with OBB

Yep. That was before the Den arrived. Also, if he weren’t eligible, his name would not have been in the mix for votes (see Paul and Christmas)


Tonight’s episode did not portray Dom in the way she really reacted all week. She completely isolated herself and had a nasty attitude whenever she did get out of her bed. And she went looney all week. Nobody could speak to her except for the very few conversations they showed on tv. Amazing how production did that.
Jessica, on the other hand, completely integrated herself back in the game without Cody there. She did a great job this week.


Did anyone else notice that when Dom was in the bathroom praying that it appeared to be in tongues? I had to rewind it to listen again and it sure sounded like it.????????


So, do any of these imbeciles besides Paul or Jason want to win HOH this week or are they going to continue playing hot potato with the HOH key in an effort to avoid having to make their own decisions? These people -_-

Though Jason is sometimes like a kid with ADHD, he’s beginning to grow on me. I’m also really enjoying the dynamic between him and Alex and admire her patience with him. Her telling him to shut his mouth all the time makes me laugh. That said, I like the girl but man do I wish she’d set her sights on getting Paul out of the house rather than trying to work with him till the end of the game. She’s smarter than that and should know better.


I like Jason, mostly from the early days because he was just so unremittingly “Jason”. I see him as more of an equal partner to Alex these days. I think he’s adapted pretty well and has a handle on the game now when he didn’t know whether to spit or s*&t the first few days. He was a like a border collie who didn’t know where the ball had been thrown. So, anyhoo, I think Alex should be treating him a bit better – she needs him and she knows it. Jason has had some solid ideas, but she’s dismissed them.


Btw, Paul is the only person in the house that knows Kevin took the 25k…its in the feeds a few says ago…Paul says something about it when he tells Kevin to vote out Rames…he said noone will know, just like when you took the 25k.


Noticing that Paul is slowly talking crap about Jess. This is his way of striking against someone before he stirs the pot to twist everyone against them.


And you better bet, when the time is right and when he wants to cut Kevin off, he will use that against him.


Josh is cracking me up on after dark right now I really hope he sticks with what he says wins hoh and puts up Matt and mark


This season is… shit. I’ve watched faithfully since S9, and I went back and watched the earlier seasons (minus a few) + I’ve watched every season of BBCAN and 3 UK editions… I’ve never just totally lost interest until now. Aside from Alex and Kevin, there’s no one to root for, and even Alex is a total idiot to just be doing Paul’s dirty work. The episodes have become nothing but The Paul Show with all other narratives totally abandoned. I’m struggling to keep watching. I wasn’t excited about the battle back, but now it’s sort of the season’s last lifeline for me to make things interesting.


I agree Baseops, it’s a bad season for sure! I have watched some of the Australian BB shows, I really like their format (house guests nominate and then the public votes who stays and goes) puts a whole different dynamic on in the house. I think people underestimate Alex, I think she is siding with Paul while it benefits her and then will turn on him and give him the boot when the numbers are down and she doesn’t need him anymore….she needs to make some more allies though as right now I think Jason is the only one she can or should truly trust, so she has the numbers when it’s time to take Paul out. It’s too bad Josh, Kevin and Ramses are so unreliable because they could have gone to the end with Alex if they weren’t so stupid! LOL I have hopes for Kevin to align with Alex and Jason more as time goes on…I’d love to see Alex, Jason and Kevin sitting in the final 3.

Say what now

Anyone think there is a chance that if someone halts during the live eviction that they would then do a fast forward or double eviction type deal? Play a HOH, veto & then do an eviction on Friday? Idk but it would definitely be the unexpected.. and it would explain the feeds going out til after Friday’s episode.

So anyway...

The conversations that go on in this house are ridiculous! I hope casting is taking notes. I’m no prude but especially the girls have disgusting mouths.


It is so frustrating watching Jason and Alex have a conversation! Jason is my favorite so far and I guess I like Alex bc she’s got Jason’s back but damn she is a know it all!!