“lets flip it and send Jessica home.. Like a switch a switcheroo” – Paul

9:14am Paul and Alex Kitchen
Alex says she saw Jessica talking to Dom super late at night.
Paul – lets flip it and send Jessica home.. F* it
Paul – that would be funny as f*
Alex laughs.. “Please, like that hasn’t happened before”
Paul – should we call a F*ing rogue.. like a switch a switcheroo
Alex – I would die I would die
Paul – I am honestly thinking about it
Paul – should we do it
Alex just laughs..
Alex wonders if Jessica has the temptation..

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9:20am Friendship chat..
Paul – I say I trust Alex, Kevin and that’s pretty much it.. those are the only people I really talk game with
Paul – the other ones I trust but not really they have alternate agendas
Paul – I made Dominique the target.. we;; she kinda made herself the target i didn’t have to do anything. People did not like her
Paul – she thinks I betrayed her or backstabbed her, called me a snake to like 7 people in conversations.. I called her out on it and asked her why?
Paul – she didn’t have any answers to why I betrayed her or why I’m a snake and she didn’t give me any reasons in a room full of people
Paul – she’s been rude all weekend secluding herself
Paul gets called into the Diary room.
Paul wants to win HOH but if he can’t he wants Josh, Kevin or someone random so they can make a serious move enabling Paul to stir up more chaos.

9:20am To help her get around Christmas has a scooter thingy..

9:27am Christmas in the kitchen talking to the camera
Christmas is saying she might be able to compete in the HOH tonight.
Xmas – I have a new boot and scooter.. it doesn’t hurt nearly as much
Xmas – this is going to be really interesting.. people want Jessica out, people want Dominique out, but I want HOH.
Xmas – I want to be able to send someone home
xmas – I am f*ing pissed that Dom threw me under the bus and she’s thinking I betrayed her.. I don’t understand
Xmas – I hope you understand why I did the vote, it was malicious towards Ramses. I like Ramses a lot, Don’t know how I feel about his game but I like him personally.
xmas – Paul understands where my vote was coming from
xmas – The only way you know you are not going home this week is if you win HOH and I need at least 1 more week to get into jury
Xmas – I want to go as far as possible..
Xmas – More and more people are going to sacrifice and forfeit what they believe in
Xmas – I myself in my position don’t believe that I’ve jeopardized or um.. sacrificed any of my core values.
Xmas – I’m continuing to be there for other people.
Xmas – I wanted to be there for Dominique.. I wanted to give her an opportunity in the game and personally
Xmas – There’s only so many times you can cover for somebody
Xmas- I represented myself and I’m sad my name came up ans she (Dom) didn’t defend it

10:44am Matt and Paul Storage room
Paul- I tossed the idea to Alex.. should we just get rid of her (Jessica)
Matt – Dom isn’t dangerous in this game..
Matt – either way we’re good..
Paul – she does not like either of them..
Paul – I’m tired of being pentrated.. to be honest..

11:57am Feeds are showing rabbits! and contain a message saying that the feeds will be down until Friday at 9pm PST.

This conversation was missed last night it took place at 1:57am THU 7/20
Dom is talking about her arguments with Christmas.
Dom says she’s said about getting backstabbed it hurt her but she’s not sad about being on the block.
Dom says her and Christmas had something in common, She was a government contractor in Iraq, “I am the government… ”
Dom – she went to Iraq in her early 20’s she was over there for 4 years.. she came back 27/28 and started her life over
Dom – she was a heavy smoker and drank a lot, when she came back she changed her life..
Dom – you think you’re going to get answers from me, Girl bye.. you’re getting answers when I give them to you (xmas had a problem with Dom not answering her questions)
Dom – that’s how I work, if it doesn’t affect my salary or my friendship.. no.. I’m only being courteous if I give you answers
Jess – how do yo think this vote is going tomorrow
Dom – you’re going to get it.. they will send me home.. my agenda is very clear.. it’s the same a Cody..
Dom says she’s a big threat for the “vet” because she can sense thing before they happen
Dom – they underestimated you when you got on that wall..
Dom says she doesn’t have the temptation.
Jessica thinks Cody is coming back in that’s the curse.

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so if the eviction is stopped tonight and then cody comes back, then Paul and Alex’s HoH’s will like they never happened. So BB is punishing the Good players and rewarding the bad players, smh


Paul will be getting a taste of the medicine he gave Cody. Take a chill pill and enjoy it.


You mean like the same medicine Cody gave him first??


i think you would enjoy The Real World more, where no one gets evicted, everyone just gives each other tastes of medicine!

Double D

Julie said the house quest will be able to stop the returning player. Maybe that is what the temptation is.


No that is the curse ! Just like when Kevin took the money and Paul came in as a curse. Whoever took the temptation , cursed the house with a returning house guest. They need to send Jessica out or both her and Cody will be back in the house together.

Botox Pelosi

I hope Cody does come back and shakes stuff up. I would love to see him bounce Paul and then get bounced himself.


Paul and his minions are not the good players, they are the arrogant players!!! That don’t know when to shut their mouths….

Anonymous 2

Anonymous and his many anonymous minions are not the good posters on the message board, they are arrogant message posters!!! They don’t know when to shut off their fingers and stop typing……


Anonymous 2 is the devil.
Dom needs to pray for you hater.

Anonymous 2

Please don’t pray for me, Thank you very much!


dom dom dumb dumb


because we all know the evil will eventually be punished.


Production just trying to make it more “up in the air” before the eviction.


That and production probably wants dom to stay around after the mask thing with Paul and dom bring up race in why she is being evicted. It’s stupid to get Jessica out bc dom has a lot more people that still like her as a friend in the house



Team Andrew

Ladies, you better run.

White Bronco

Reunited at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooohooooooooo

Simpson's knife

Hide the white women.


That is likely a true statement, but I think you meant “loose”.


If you send Jessica home, can it be to my home? Please!!??

Alex blew it

In other news Xmas now looks like a bag lady from home alone


And right on queue they are talking about switching targets. Alex is the worst. She literally has two people up on the block that could easily have been convinced to come into the fold on their side, and they had the power to pull one down, convince the other that they are a pawn and put up someone from the other side of the house. Superfan she is not.


Alex is a dork and that voice plus laugh is irritating. She reminds me of know it all Helen from season 15, I think it was. She also shows Jason’s wife no respect with those sexually explicit jokes horse play, that she exhibits.

The Sh*t In Paul's Beard

No she is NOT! Had such high hopes for Alex – she’s smart, sassy & independent minded. Until…Paul. The flipping mind f*ck that is Paul. I fear she has squandered her HOH. And as a woman, I just don’t get what Alex is doing with her cleavage. She is a nice looking girl but I don’t love her cleavage….it’s too low or something, maybe not supported right (yeah let’s not start on that point with Elena….Sweetie bras are FOUNDATION garments and that chick needs a strong foundation.). My hubby says any cleavage is good cleavage, but if I could just get in there & push hers up or something. Women’s bodies are awesome, I just want to help her!! She’s not doing herself justice…..ladies am I wrong here?

Resist the Twist

Last year i stated THE most annoying Player to EVER play Big Brother was Bronte

Then along came Raven

Honestly instead of their showmance being called #Maven i think they should have used the remaining letters



Bronte had the best ever Big Brother camel toe.

Avery Johnson

The hump was strong in that one

Big Brother Production

What’s with all the scream-o?


Dom is literally a f@cking lunatic. What the hell was all that speaking in tongues bullshit? I mean come on!!! She actually believes she has a party line straight to “god”…how did she pass the psych eval? BB is letting a potential serial killer (Cody), a mentally ill person (Dom), a molester (Jess), and a terminally ill person (Raven) in the house…WTF?? Are they scraping the bottom of the barrel? I mean, big muscles and perky t*ts does not a mentally sound cast make. There are so many people that apply…there must be SOME that don’t have this many red flags!?!

God Called

Please my child, come to me……I think you need a bit of god in your life, seems you believe everyone else has issues…..maybe look in a mirror with all that judgement you got spewing out of you.


This sounds like a “Long distance, run around”


It says right there in the Bible that God never has anyone speak in tongues unless He has someone there to interpret what the person is saying. I hate it when people do that, they start talking gibberish to try to make people think God has chosen them. If these people read the Bible as much as they say they do, they would know that. Additionally, people that are devoted to God do not feel the need to repeatedly tell everyone, everyday (or in some cases several times a day).

Hi Its God

God doesn’t choose “people”, people either choose to see the god in themselves or not. It really is that simple. To believe god is a man in the sky choosing is a rather archaic understanding of god. God is the state of being of unconditional love and is the infinite universal energy contained in everyone. This may be far too deep for people on this message board though…..so thumbs down begin!


Why are you putting your S#!?? on us. Thumbs down for getting all Jesus freak. They have blogs for that, that you’ll like, take it there.
As for Dom, she needs dial it down. Nobody wants to her her Bible tote all day everyday to everyone. We get it you’re drinking the Jesus juice! Nobody wants to hear that religious BS every other word of every second in every conversation. “tounges” hallucinating in the damn bathroom is what you’re doing!
Dom is not going home because she’s black. She’s going going home because she’s an irritating, uppity Jesus Freak!


Come my child, come to me and forgive yourself!

The Devil

You thumbed down Jesus, I don’t even thumb down Jesus. You best prepare for that path of fury coming your way.

Hi Its God

What shit am I putting on you? I think you are putting your own shit on yourself…….how does it feel?


I’m one of the chosen people. Gentiles are amusing.


Actually the Bible says that if you speak in tongues, to Prophecy, you need someone there to interpret. Dominique was praying not prophesying. Big difference.


Xmas is more attractive when she lets her hair flow.

Brother Utah

the MVP for Matt

1) his tattoo
2) his shirt
3) his cereal bowl
4) his game play

You know when it is really bad when his cereal bowl does more work than his game play.

Cereal Bowl 1
Matt 0


Don’t forget Boyz2Mens spoon!

1000 times better than Paul's

Everytime Matt scoopes an eager bite of flakes, he glances at the lyrics. “I should get bell biv devoe next. Or maybe some two live crew to mix it up.” He says.


His hair and his eyes.


I remember ramses saying this.lol. Then precedes to treat a form of contraception as a balloon.

Matts 100K Fan Club

Those people that are calling Matt invisible must not realize that laying low is a big bro gameplay concept. Im sure Matt wants his cereal bowl evicted before him anyway!


wait… who gave Matt a brown shirt? there goes the alliance with the blue shirts.

Ian's Lament

I really hope Paul shoots himself in the foot by keeping Dom. Jessica just can’t seem to get any traction and Cody will play better without her. I would love to see Dom or Cody finally get rid of that troll.


So Paul doesn’t like it when women penetrate him. Makes sense

Gladys Kravitz

Paul says, “I am honestly thinking about it and, “WE should do it” in regards to voting out Jessica. Paul, you’re not HoH! And you’re not the only vote!


Hence the “we” in his statement.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Feeds down for like 30 hours?!?!?! So annoying.

Uh Oh

Oh no….now you are forced to do something else in life…..the horror! Imagine opening your door and seeing the outside world. So annoying that outside world is!


Enjoy your respite Simon and Dawg! 🙂


p.p.s. WTF is Paul wearing………


That was part of his “host” costume from last night’s POV competition. I think it suits him perfectly. LOL

Ian's Lament

He was told by production to say it so they have footage to use to create suspense in tonight’s episode.


The eviction for tonight doesn’t have to be stopped for the winner of the battle back to return. The temptation just has to be accepted. The temptation spans four evictions.
The house knows the curse affects the whole house. They’d only know that if the temptation was accepted. The message to the people that aren’t tempted hasn’t mentioned anything about consequences. So we can infer the temptation was accepted.
Whether it is used this week or not, the halting hex will be out there.


I’m kinda hoping they flip it. Neither Jess or Dom are real competition beasts. I’m really not interested in watching Jess and Cody’s make out fest all summer. I’d rather see Cody play the game and try to get out the showmances. Since they screwed over Dom she will most likely join forces with him….. it’ll be interesting to see. Hoping Paul really does try to get everyone to vote Jess out.


Plus there will be more of BBSaga Cody – holy crap – it’s hysterical.

Bolt Uprite.

The lengths Paul is prepared to go to protect his @nus from Jessica’s predations is pretty funny.


I’ve been reading where CBS” predicted winner is Scammer Raven. If that’s true shame on them. Many facts from people who have known her and her mother (including some medical professionals who were involved with treatment) clarify the exaggerated illness for financial gain and publicity. It is disgusting. Also it is fact that her and Paul knew each other outside the house. Paul never acknowledged that. The whole scenario stinks!

Not So Random

So you are finally waking up that Big Bro isn’t some “random” reality show, but rather a scripted show that is on TV for ratings. Perfect!


It’s not scripted like wrestling. They try to make sure the majority of viewers (not feedsters) are entertained enough to keep watching. They have obviously grabbed the wheel from time to time for a variety of reasons. So the outcome isn’t set in stone, but producers are more than willing to make sure fan favorites or hated are still around to draw the folks to the show.

Judge Janie

It’s not funny when someone touches you inappropriately, whether it’s a man or a woman doing it. If a guy was going around penetrating women against their will in the house, he would not only be removed from the house, but would probably also go to jail. She shouldn’t get a pass on her behavior because she’s a woman; and a man shouldn’t be ridiculed just because he doesn’t want to be repeated violated.


I vote to evict the stupid fur-collared vest Paul insists on wearing.

Judge Janie

Love love love the fur collared vest!


OMG! Lol, I’m re-watching BB2, I forgot how incredibly Evil Dr Will really was!! Lol


Please anyone but Matt/Raven Final 2


Simon, did Dom really call Paul a snake or is he lying about it.


I won’t speak for Simon, but I can assure you Dom called Paul a snake indirectly ; behind his back (implying with every possible identifier but his name) ; directly behind his back; and both indirectly then directly to his face.

The reality is that Dom is merely calling Paul out on his game play. She isn’t dumb, blind, or wrong. However, Paul finds a way to get rid of anyone not on Team Paul or who suddenly becomes aware of his agendas.


I really wish Dom wouldn’t come off as so pious. I truly hope she isn’t like that in the real world (thinks she is above everyone intellectually, spiritually, morally….well, she may be right about morally)! I think the comments that turned me off to Dom was when she was saying she needed to marry a rich man so he could by her the nice things she deserves. *sigh

Also, some others have commented about her speaking in tongues on last night’s show. At first I thought she was speaking Spanish. I listened to it several times and never heard intelligible words. What’s up with that?

No matter who goes home tonight, Jessica or Dom, it’s a wasted HOH in my opinion.


She was speaking in Hebrew. It’s a form of speaking to God. It was a joke about the rich husband. The woman makes her own bank. But I guess those females in there with their “f” bombs, grabbing each other’s private parts, calling each other “c” are good women.


Good and bad are just perceptions….in truth nothing really is bad, just your own judgements!


To be honest… that didn’t sound like Hebrew to me. Hebrew is the main language of Palestine and Israel. If she was speaking Hebrew, her enunciation is horrible.

Hebrew Called

Hebrew would like you to be the official interpreter, seeing you are perfect and Dom knows nothing.


Official interpreter? Wow. My rabbi will be so proud.


That wasn’t Hebrew..


Thanks for explaining….and I do hope she was joking about the $, but I did not perceive it that way.

Intention and perception are often two very different things.

There is no doubt that Dom is the classiest of the ladies. I do hope she makes it through tonight so we can learn more about her. She is gorgeous, and obviously really intelligent. I wish she hadn’t been so absent on the feeds.

Pauls Ego

She is now on the outside, how is she intelligent? lol


I agree so disappointed in Alex.


That is the paradox of religious people (not all but some….I won’t group everyone together). They instantly believe those that don’t worship a man in the sky are beneath them and that creates experiences for themselves of the “god complex”. One doesn’t have to be religious to understand everyone was created equal and that “god” is within, not beyond.


Jess is ass obsessed! The other day she were talking on and on about getting her ass bleached and asking everyone else if they did it and then acting like they were crazy if they didn’t, then there was some other conversation about her “taking it in the ass” basically, can’t remember the conversation verbatim and now she’s sticking her fingers in Paul’s @$$….nut bar! I really hope they evict her and keep Dom. Will make it harder for Cody to battle back against her and IF he does win it and get back in he won’t have her as a number. I think he’s a nut too so don’t want him winning 🙂 Can’t believe the other house guests aren’t thinking about that angle and getting her out just in case there is a battle back.

Dear Dom

Getting stabbed in the back is an annual treat in the BB house, it happens to nearly half if not more then half the house guests. How can you tell these people are mostly recruits…..they whine and complain about getting stabbed in the back, then they go and isolate themselves and throw the biggest pity party possible.

So basically they complain and whine about what the whole concept of Big Bro is. Got it, perfect!!


If anyone cares BBCan Facebook seems to be counting down to an announcement at about 9:40 pm – hopefully they will say the show won’t be cancelled, or maybe they will have an OTT version? Would love to see a BBcan member make a guest appearance on BBUS


logical reasons Paul would want to propose a vote flip:
a) production wants the drama of who will be evicted before feeds are cut for 30 hours.
b) production wants to cut off the entire race issue that the slip of the tongue use of the word blackface caused.
c) Talk of Cody returning has Paul spooked.
d) Jessica hasn’t been jumping on the tell me more masterpaul boat. But then, Dom isn’t on that boat either.


Read there were audio leaks inside the house this afternoon while the cams were showing animal farm. Jessica asking if dress for tonight was athletic for hoh comp, and Paul asking if he can wear snake costume, because he can get out of it easily.
Means nothing. might not even be true, but for anyone going through withdrawal from feed, or looking for conspiracies, here you go. Have fun.

The Live Feeds

I’ve been off for only a few hours now, if you are going through withdrawals, I suggest you get out in that real world and go have fun!!! You can live without me for a day….come on I know you can!!!


Idk if it’s true or not but I just read on another site that Jessica whispered “Thank you America” to the camera.. Ugh I really hope this is not the case.

Production Influenced

If Jessica does have the temptation….you do realize that if she uses it Cody comes back (possibly) or if she doesn’t use it Cody doesn’t come back….so you see how good of a story line that would be from production….Jessica ultimately deciding Cody’s fate.

Do people really believe these “polls”….or how the temptation goes to the exact person that “needs” it. Hmmmm I’m starting to think production influences this game for television ratings……Nooooooo get out this show can’t be production influenced…lol Thank you for not being gullible America!


I’ve heard that happened,too, but I never saw it/heard it and have not been able to find any proof.

But, Hey! Anything is possible until proven impossible.


Actually most porn stars bleach their A-hole. Not that it matters but isn’t a uncommon thing outside of porn either. Why I added that? Cuz I’m bat shit crazy:)

And did I see our first “predetermined winner” post? Which by the way these annoying fools are wrong about 99% of the time over 19 seasons.

I may be alone but I want Jess in this game as long as possible. One she is smarter than given credit for. Two. It drives Alex crazy having her around. Have u noticed Alex the know it all is usually wrong about everything and Jess is most of the time spot on. Three. Xmas hates Jess and Raven is jealous of her.

If Cody comes back in I think he will gravitate toward Paul at first but Jess and Cody will see they can get the #’s to get Paul out. Kevin n Jason big wildcards in that but if they get on board Alex will be game to take that shot. Unless she is a total moron which is very possible and she thinks Paul and her can actually be F2. Not happening.

Jess stays tonite and this helps our boy Kevin. Trust me on this.


Jason should showmance jessica

jason should try to get into jessica pants. u know he wants to and jessica will give it up for sure. cause shes a total user. she thinks her headlights make her prom queen and everyone will do what she wants cause shes all that just bc she got them done. and then when she starts cuddling with jason bring cody back and let the fire works begin. omg that would be so awesome. then knowing how big of a baby cody is he will be all macho angry guy stomping around the house cause he didnt get his way.. that guys such a loser


Bitterness looks good on you!!

that would make for good tv and cody would probably try to fight him if he saw that. jessica has some nice breast. and you can totally tell she is shallow bc of how cocky she was when cody was hoh and now that shes on the bottom shes sucking everyones balls to try and stay

galaxy 19

producers were talking to Jess before the live show on cband satellite like she had it. feeds were blocked out online but they showed it on satellite


Dominique talked too much. If she learns anything from this, she should learn to shut up.