Paul “As long as Alex knows and doesn’t feel uncomfortable” Jason “She can go kick rocks”

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2:10pm Lounge room.
Christmas – I think our team is doing very well. Elena – I think it would be really awesome I could make it to final 4. Christmas – I work best in a team. I get fired up when someone believes in me. I know I’m capable but its just nice to have that reinforcement behind you. I will sacrifice for the team. I will work hard for the team .. just don’t vote me out because I am petty. The reason you vote me out.. 1 it will never be because I back stabbed you. 2 don’t f**king have a pity party. Don’t think I can’t handle it. Because if I couldn’t handle it, I would have gone home last week. They (Production) gave me a choice and I said absolutely not.

2:20pm Bedroom – Paul, Mark and Elena.
Paul – Any weird news? I hear Jason has been talking to Cody and Jessica pretty much this whole day. Elena – MMMhhhh. Mark – I was sleeping all day and they told me about the battle back. I’m like freaking idiot. Paul – but that’s not even a thing. You cannot bank on that. Mark – just the fact that he’s saying it. Paul – and that they’re plotting it. Mark – I said bro .. looked at him in his face … 2 weeks, 2 targets, jury. That f**king simple and you’re not one of them so why become one. I got it, I got it, I got it! Paul – so Ramses and Jason and Jessica. Lets say there is a battle back. Lets make it difficult for him. Face your girlfriend. Face Ramses. Face Jason. Paul – Megan quit… so there’s Jillian, Cody and room for 3 more. Mark – do you think Cameron? Lets just say two more. Paul – I wouldn’t even be tripping about it. Mark – I’m not, I just think its comical. Paul asks Kevin – what did you tell Ramses yesterday. Kevin – I told him to not try hard in it. He said he wouldn’t. Then when he came in after the veto he was pouting… I think he knows.. He said he didn’t try and that he could have done it quicker. Paul – bullsh*t. Josh said he f**king ran. There is no way, it makes no sense. And I told him all he had to do was max out his time and he couldn’t do that. Paul – Alex said that she relayed the info that she is going to stay on the block because she wouldn’t vote against (Cody). She said it front of Ramses and Jason so if that information comes back its through it on or the other. Mark – she relayed it differently to both though so we’ll know if it comes back to us. Elena – I’m over Jason.

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2:30pm – 3pm Bedroom – Mark, Elena, Jason, Kevin, Paul.
Paul – any news from your fellow toads? Jason – no. Mark – they’re not trying to make deals with anybody? Jason – how?! Mark – I’m not talking so I don’t know. Jason – how are they possibly going to rally? Paul – they can’t rally this week or next week. But possibly if there is a pre or post jury buy back. Paul – you’ve got to make Alex feel comfortable and I can’t imagine she feels comfortable with you talking to Jessica and Cody. How do you feel about Ramses and what he tired to pull f**king over everybody? Jason – the same thing I’ve felt since day 1 when he threw my HOH comp. Paul – you think he won the 25 grand? Jason – yes!! (He didn’t Kevin did ) I have to keep telling Alex that… the f**king guy is really good but he is a twerp. Paul – I’m concerned that Ramses is making side deals with Cody and Jessica. Jason – no way, never! Them to hate that twerp. Paul – all I am concerned about is that those three (Cody, Jess and Ramses) are trying to rally something. Jason – well they would have to include me. Paul – which is why I am asking you now. Jason – I feel like I have leprosy. Paul – which is why I am asking you. You’re around them more than anyone else. Jason – I have no other choice. I have to stay on a lily pad, I sleep in the havenot room with them. The only time I get out of my f**king suit is in the f**king pool. They don’t talk. Paul – as long as Alex knows and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Jason – well if she is uncomfortable then she can go kick rocks. Paul talks about Ramses almost f**king things up. Jason – everything he does f**ks things up for everyone. Paul – I want to sit him down and ask him what part of max out your time did you not understand. Jason – I don’t think he’s gay, I think he’s heterosexual. Jason to Paul – why are you so leery? You’re the one in control. Paul – I’m not leery. I am just trying to feel out for the next couple of weeks.

Jessica cam:

3:35pm Elena, Mark, Matt and Raven make a Mark sandwich.

3:45pm Lounge room – Dom talking to the camera. Dom – I advice is to not lie at all. Find a creative way to avoid the question or not answer. When you lie its becomes harder to remember the lie. Stay true to yourself. TO love is to love without condition… Big Brother was bored so they switched the feed.

4:15pm Mark and Kevin play pool.

3:50pm – 4:30pm Matt and Christmas.
Christmas – I think we should heavily consider Jason and Jessica and then backdoor Ramses. Ramses is going to go do his own thing anyways and he is already making an alliance with them. (Cody & Jessica) We can promise something.. he will give us a little information. He won’t give us all but he will give us a little bit. Christmas – Jessica will go after me or Elena. She will probably try and backdoor me. She is talking to Elena but she isn’t talking to me …so I know I’m her primary target. Paul joins them. Christmas goes over the idea to put up Jess and Jason with Ramses as the backdoor. Paul – yeah, we can do that. Lets just make sure we win HOH.

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4:50pm – 5:10pm HOH room – Kevin and Paul.
Paul – I don’t trust any of these mother f**kers. Kevin – I trust Mark more than Matt. I definitely don’t trust Jason anymore. Paul – that guy is a f**king idiot. Everyone is now associating him with Jess and Cody. The guy is not intelligent. Kevin – he doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a f**k. He wanted to leave and I was like no, you can’t. Paul – really? When? Kevin – this morning. He says it off the hip. He said he wanted to throw a chair through the window and escape. Paul – now after this week I’m going to back out. (LOL bullsh*t. I highly doubt that.) And let them f**k up. Because no one is going to do what I did. Kevin – and no one can put you up. You’ve got another week (safety) after this week. Kevin – then its Jess, Rams and Jason. Paul – Josh is actually doing well for himself. This big group is going to eat themselves alive .. I can see it coming. Kevin – Alex is with you now. Paul – I know. Kevin – She is one of the top three here. She even said if she wins HOH she would put up Jess and Ramses. Paul – I’m laying low for the next while. Only when there is danger will I win again. Kevin – everything is going perfect. Paul – I think Christmas is going to get kicked out soon. People don’t like bossy… so you just have to let her be bossy.

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6:15pm Bedroom – Josh and Jason.
Jason – why is everyone acting so weird? Josh – I don’t know, I think you need to stay away from Cody. Josh – just lay low. I never talk to those two. Jason – who says we can’t talk to those two? Josh – its just a game. Everyone is acting fishy right? Jason – yeah. Josh – whatever I tell you is to help you. Don’t tell anyone anything. If you do it will f**k both of us. Just go with the flow. I haven’t spoken to those two so they’re making up lies to save their a$$.

6:25pm – 6:45pm HOH room – Mark, Elena, Paul.
Mark – you don’t pick it up, unless it is directed towards you. Paul – extremely persistent. Elena – I’m sure her intention wasn’t to attack you. Paul – no it is. I got that today. She said I’m going to rekindle a relationship with Ramses and Jason and I was like why? What more do you need to find out? If anything it will just make you more paranoid. And she was like you have your methods and I’ve got mine. So don’t worry about it. Paul – if you don’t want my advice .. then we can talk in a week when you ask why people are looking at you weird. Mark – And then try and express yourself to a group.. she’s just like a little Chihuahua. Paul – you guys have to win dude. Mark – I just want to win due to how some people are when you try to talk to them. Raven and Josh join them. They talk about the veto competition and how long each station took.

6:50pm – 7pm Cody and Jessica hanging out in the lounge room.

7:25pm – 8:25pm HOh room. Paul, Christmas, Raven and Ramses are talking about dogs. The conversation turns to talking about Thailand. Paul says the most beautiful lady in Thailand was a lady boy. Paul tells a story about his friend that had an experience with a lady boy. They talk about Thai food. Christmas says that Thai hot is will “r@pe your mouth” its so hot.

8:10pm – 8:25pm Bathroom – Matt, Mark and Elena.
Matt – on the off chance she (Jess) doesn’t go next week I didn’t want to tell her to go f**k herself all week. Elena – that thought crossed my mind too. Mark – 3 days.. or 4 days till HOH. Matt – its crazy how critical that is. I will see how her (Jessica) attitude is on Thursday after he is evicted. Jessica hops through to go to the washroom. Jessica leaves. Matt – It can either go one of two ways… she (Jessica) can either be positive or she can fall apart. If she falls apart, I am keeping her. If you’re completely useless, stay as long as you want.

8:50pm – 9pm Lounge room – Kevin, Jason and Alex. They’re talking about random things. Paul joins them. Jason tells a story about being at a carnival and a guy was selling suckers laced with something. He says the FBI was chasing the guy and Jason ran into him and they both fell down allowing the FBI to arrest him.

8:55pm – 9pm Havenot room. Cody and Jessica are talking about taking a road trip. Jess – I guarantee that Paul is already planning to take out Alex and then me so that when there is a battle back you will have to compete against her.

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Russ 604

Jason: “I don’t think he’s (Ramses) gay..” lol


And Jason again proves why Granny doesn’t like that clown.

I’m actually impressed that he even used the word heterosexual. I never saw that coming.


Paul is sinking his own ship…settle down, lay low, your job for this week is done.


Best thing for this show would be dumping production’s lame pet Paul. We all know why he got 3 weeks of protection. Ruins the unpredictability completely.


Who are these braindead Paul fans? They aren’t letting him go early because of his contract. So they immediately rig it in his favor. Are there people out there stupid enough not to understand this? Show has already devolved into Paul and a house full of syncophants who are firmly focused on giving the “yer boy” hipster the win.


Yes some are stupid enough to believe it.there same type that think WWE is real.i find myself not enjoying bb much these on the fence if I will continue watching.i keep hoping the game I so enjoyed will come back but with every season I lose a bit more hope.paul ruined this season more protection than any one ever as well as dr helping him with strategy. and Paul’s mad Ramses had the gall to try to win veto.


This hex will also be used to save Paul if disappointed


I had not thought of that but if you tempt the right houseguest, it won’t.
I am thinking Jason or Ramses as they are in real trouble and would use it to save themselves and not Paul.


Not if you vote for Jessica! VOTE JESS FOR THE HEX


I totally agree. It is rigged bringing Paul back in and keeping him safe for 3 weeks. I can’t hardly watch it any more


we don’t have to like things we watch on TV.we wait for the unexpected…
like seagull droppings on Paul\s pompadour head!!!


That’s really my only not a Paul hater but this season didn’t need him.its so frustrating to watch him get bracelets to form an alliance ,safety for a month,his ally able to stay with a broken foot even tho she’ll have to leave the house several times,dr giving him help with his noms when his idea sucked,hidden safety,entire house throwing comps for him,production providing a comp were every one including his injured partner can help yea u better believe if Paul is in trouble after his safety they’ll make sure the hex is used on him.if he wins it can’t be counted as a win.


Totally understand hating Paul for being here but more for his HOH high!
But if he was gone in the first 2 or 3 people why bring 1 person back at all. He had a HUGE target on his back and it is totally reasonable to believe he won the 1st temptation because he is well known over the others. And, again, if we trust the integrity of the game Paul was ONLY brought back because Kevin took $25,000 & Paul coming back was the consequence. For all we know, and he even said, he would not have been back otherwise. They may have ended up using him as a host like Nicole.
So, hate Paul if you must…but if you trust the interviews with Julie Chen even they do not know who America will pick.
It has to be rigged a little and if you Paul haters think he does not have a target on his back you KNOW their group will crumble.
Just trying to help the Paul haters and Season haters!


How dare Ramses play the game for his own benefit and not Paul’s. ?


You are confused!
Ramsey CHOSE to put himself up because the plan was to backdoor Cody.
Because it was the safest bet for Ramsey to sit next to Cody, and keep himself safe.
Ramsey could’ve? did what Josh and Alex did? and won favor, but he fcked up!

Amy's Cheese

At least Paul can’t get another temptation for the season. Unless there’s a twist … .


Yeah I mean the second someone in this game decides to play for their own benefit they get called every name in the book. And now Paul and Mark are going to “intimidate” him all week because he had the audacity not to play Paul’s game and tried to win POV for himself. What a bunch of cry babies! man up and realize he is just trying to play the game like everyone else.


Kevin is wreaking so much havoc in the house silently and…I LOVE IT. That’s the kind of player I like. Do what YOU want to do, vote how you want..etc. And DENY DENY DENY. Nobody ever has to know. I don’t get why players don’t do this more often. That is one thing that’s pretty much always guaranteed to be kept secret is the vote.

Anyway, in past seasons, I never really minded production interfering that much, but this season is just crazy with their manipulating the game for Paul. Cody is not going anywhere. If the house flips to get rid of Ramses, or Cody will win the buy back. But he is not done yet. We should be used to this by now. The game has gotten so unexpected that it’s expected.


Kevin is gold. I agree, why do the idiots think they have to say who they voted for? Kevin is there for $500k. Not “friendship”.

Bunny Flop

Love love love Kevin


You have to be white for that approach to work. Ramsey told the truth and even though it makes more sense for him to keep Jillian then Kevin they still perceived him as a liar.


Has it been announced by Julie that there is a buy back? Just wondering because I never heard it.


Cody is becoming Lawon 2.0. is he really just gonna bank on a battle back?

At least Lawon knew there was some sort of battle back, Cody is just speculating.

I really want to see Cody DO Something! And not just hide in the havenot room all week like Audry!

I mean his fate is sealed, but he could at least try! Try to talk to Paul and make a deal! I mean wasn’t Cody going on and on about playing week to week making deals?

Do something man, Don’t just roll over and die!

If anything he should refuse to wear the frog costume and start eating some food!

T-Town Chic

I’m really disappointed in Cody. I thought he was going to be my player this season. Once the feeds started he became awkward, intimidating, rude and extremely arrogant. Then once he got with Jessica he went from straight forward to plane mean. Yesterday I rewatched the pregame interview with Cody to remember why I thought I was going to be a fan. During Jeff’s interview he was funny, laid back, and said something to the effect that showmances were stupid. Where’s THAT guy?


Well he got screwed hard by production.they talked him into nominating Paul so he could pull his pendant out.i doubt his chip was even in the veto bag.not to mention he had to nom what 6 people?not much he could do


For the love of coffee, Paul! Shut up!

*I remember when I was just a youngin’, say about 8 or 9, I went frog huntin’ with the locals on the bayou. I had my flashlight, and I had my courage. I tiptoed through the bushes and kept my ears on high alert. I never once heard those frogs croakin’. I just aimed my flashlight beam ahead and hoped for some glowin’ eyes. As it turns out, frogs only talk to each other when there aren’t any people around. We never killed ’em or nothin’. We just looked for them because we knew they didn’t want to be seen. I miss frog huntin’!


That’s a great story.


Why are the showmances following Paul blindly and handing him this game? If Paul leaves Alex on the block, he will be breaking his word to her (didn’t he tell her that she would be coming down?), but somehow that is okay with everyone. Yet when Cody went to get the vet out of the house (to all of their benefit gamewise), he is a horrible person.
I am going to need Cody, Jessica, Jason, Alex, and Kevin to team up ASAP and try to flip the house. Paul and Christmas need to be knocked down a peg or two. They are getting really old, really fast.


I think right now everyone knows he’s untouchable so they are playing nice. Alex and Kevin both have an eye on him. I don’t think Matt and Mark and girls are fangirls either. Josh may be insanely brilliant and his nonsense may be to keep them all off balanced enough so they don’t think him a real threat and he goes deep in the game and surges at the end…(not likely but that would be funny).

We’ll see how much kool-aid people have been drinking when Paul is no longer protected.


yeah, i’m hoping the couples +dom are just playing with paul cuz he’s safe, but i worry they think paul is solid with them and then he’s dangerous, either flipping on them outright or playing marlena and maven off each other as he did with james and nicole and their respective s.o.’s last season. paul needs to go pre-jury or this season is sunk.


Alex asked to be left on the block because she doesn’t want to be a number evicting Cody.


And she is thinking ahead. Smart move should he end up on jury or after a buy back or whatever happens.

Yo momma

Hope Jessica wins HOH , that will definitely change things up.


I’d hold off until Paul was able to be targeted for wishing something like that. Jason would take a shot too.


Cast mates have always been nice to the HOH I don’t know why everybody thinks it will last. Especially since Paul is so loud and bossy. Bet they can’t wait to have another HOH and Paul brought down to size.


Seems there aren’t any other “life of the party” types in there except Paul.


Am I the only one bored from Sunday to Thursday’s live show

Yes, Its You

If you’re bored go outside and get some sun. When you make Big Bro your life you will get bored.


This show is so one sided favoring the vet (Paul) it’s getting annoying. It’s getting more difficult to watch.


Disagree. There are a few playing the game with obviously a couple screwups already. He Has another week of protection and then we will see where things stand with him. Remember he can’t benefit anymore from the temptation twist

Two Choices

You have two choices, keep watching and suck it up and stop complaining….or turn off BB. Rather easy isn’t it?


Yes it is.But any true fan has a right to be disappointed in the direction this show is going.if u enjoy this blatant rigging for Paul than I bet u started watching after bb u don’t know any better.i have cancelled feeds an I don’t cancel any plans to catch the cbs show anymore.cant wait for survivor

Thanks Anon

Great! See Ya…..if you are a “true” fan as you say then you would be able to perceive that this show has changed since BB1. Why did you pick BB16 to mention about starting to watch…because you did then? This is what any “true” fan of BB knows….its just reality tv, chill, don’t take it like it is life and death and have fun with it….you take things to serious obviously. Separate yourself from “reality” and a “reality tv show” and you will enjoy BB!

Don't Bother

Don’t try to rationalize with Big Bro fans, there will always be whiners and complainers throwing their entitlements around to their liking.


It’s no different from when they brought in “coaches/mentors” to teach others how to play the game. There were lots of recruits this year I think and perhaps he helps them see things from the inside out and consider long-term consequences and game play. It makes him look dominant, but perhaps it is important. No one wants another BB15.


Why not read the full letter on tv. Why not show that Paul is cheating.


Max…they didn’t show all of the Cody/Jessica fight against Josh neither. Its a 1 hour show and there was a lot to put in it tonight. They cut several things down, not just Pauls letter. Some nights they have a lot to cram into an episode.

Min O'Pause

Granny you are SO entertaining… I have missed you!


Aw, thanks Honey! Good to see ya!


Min O’Pause! You’re back too – excellent!

Min O'Pause

Couldn’t stay away. Here’s to a great summer!

Min O'Pause

Cody looks like his head is gonna explode.


Cody looks like Tom CRUISE…

John Celis

Just cancelled my feeds. The Paul Show on CBS is getting old and unwatchable.

Brother Utah

Dom = Jocasta 2

Big Brother is a game where you lie, cheat and steal to survive. Then there is Dom (please don’t lie and her outstanding late night show where she interview the houseguests), why Grodner get people like that? She brings nothing to the game.


whoa, halting hex is pretty powerful. hope alex gets it.


I really hope if there is a buyback that its some kind of temptation. Like 1 houseguest alone gets to pick who they want back in the show, or when the houseguest gets his/her temptation the curse is picking 1 number at random and its that person who comes back into the house. That would be great purely because Cody is already planning on coming back into the house and its totally bull.


I think the couples are blindly following Paul at this point because he gives them everything Cody didn’t. Paul is keeping them informed EVERY step of the way this week, and even made Mark feel really good by taking his suggestion to put Alex and Josh on the block instead of Matt and Raven. He congratulated Mark on his idea and made a big deal about it to Mark. Yes, Paul is playing too hard, and loves the sound of his own voice, but so far everything has gone really well, including keeping Christmas in the house. Do not forget there is still plenty of game to be played, and sooner or later Alex will try to take Paul out, and then things will get real.

Open Ramseason

I love it when the gay guy gets caught lying they always ask “Is he really gay?”

Min O'Pause

Think I am going to root for John Carradine. I mean Kevin.


Definitely! Kevin all the way. Alex is my #2.

Min O'Pause

Christmas Joy…..if I was named after a holiday it would have to be “Dia de los Muertos”. My stripper name would be Ann Thrax…..

Min O'Pause

Not surprised to see Paul back on the show. T shirts aren’t selling too well nowadays.


Holy Cow! Just checked what the latest temptation is. Halting Hex! Whether on the block or not the houseguest can halt any one of the next 4 evictions, making it a non eviction night!

Really like Kevin. Think this may get him farther in the game.

Vote for Kevin!


As much as I like Kevin, I don’t think he’ll ever use it unless its him on the block, and it does not look like that’s happening any time soon. I’ll probably vote for Mark or Matt to get it…


I cannot stand Cody or Jessica. They are just mean people. Cody from the beginning made the game personal by telling Megan when he nominated her he just didn’t like her. He could have said something like I just don’t know you that well, don’t know your game strategy, etc. Watching this, I just see continually that Cody and Jessica are just mean people. And I feel guilty because Cody is a Marine, he served my country, he is part of the reason why I can say whatever the hell I want to say. I was wondering if he has PTSD. But good Lord, he doesn’t have to be so hateful. If he does have PTSD, no one made him serve in the Marines, no one made him go fight a battle. Don’t go on national TV, get help for your anger issues. Jessica, with her fake lips and fake boobs, just wants to be noticed and she hooked up with the wrong guy. Just bullies, I don’t care if they’re entertaining a dramatic or not, their personalities are so ugly I will be glad to see them go.

Jess is Bae

I don’t care what anyone says about Jess, she is SMOKING HOT!!! Those bathing suit pics are phenomenal!!! I hope she stays around awhile. She is the best part of this Friendship shit fest.


I tried to comment… Never showed up, what am I doing wrong?


I suspect moderation delay that’s all.


Simon and Dawg moderate the site to reduce the bots and other unsavory stuff. Sometimes things get through though. Also sometimes some posts may get eaten if it happens to fall in the middle of a bunch of spam crap.

As for the delay, Simon and Dawg may be working their regular job, having some family time, or even sleeping (lazy bums;-). It may take a bit for them to be able to ok the post. I’ve had posts pop up in the time it takes to scroll back to the comments and then sometimes it’s the next time I come here.


Thanks Hmmm… I couldn’t have answered it better myself.


Last yr Paul got told to shut his mouth. He knows he talks too much. I agree he needs to tone it down, not act like teacher too much. But his moths-to-the- light plan is working, it seems, telling people good info and them seeing it works.


The voodoo dolls were creepy but hilarious. Esp. when she put them in the cauldron.


I think the showmances positioned themselves perfectly in the game, where they are protected and least targeted. They are helping Paul, not necessarily playing the game for him. They are being protected by Paul and are in control of the game. Nothing to worry about for the next few weeks.


Doesn’t it seem strange that the voting for this next temptation, the Halting Hex, doesn’t end until July 19? That means there is nothing out of the ordinary for this week as far as temptations and curses go. I think having the hex stop an eviction night will lead to a double eviction another week. It’s an excuse for a double eviction without letting the houseguests know ahead of time. I’m thinking Alex may be a good one for getting this temptation.


They also lost an eviction with Megan leaving.


What terminal diseases does raven have? Go team paul.


I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to discuss here, but I Googled it.

Club H.O.H

Voting Ramses for the temp. Wanted Alex but noticing she’s a flipper. :-/ Does she still think Ramses voted for one foot to stay? Saw online that Kevin was Mr. Massachusetts (didn’t know that was a thing) he reminds me of a young Christopher Walken and I have a Walken tattoo so that is close to me even though he’s voting stupidly because one foot cooked him breakfast!
Here’s hoping Cody doesn’t punch Paul or Josh in the face so that way he won’t get kicked out and not able to return. Feeds will be boring till he returns with a vengeance. Tired of Elena showing us “everything” on the feeds.


Are there many Jason fans yet? I think he’s moving into my #3 spot (after Kevin and Alex). He just seems so game for anything and a lot of fun. He’s also pretty good at defending himself and keeping an eye on what’s best for him (although doesn’t seem to have a good lock on that yet). I guess his strongest asset for me right now is that he’s not drinking the Paul Kool-Aid and seems to enjoy the challenge of being an outsider. Anyhoo, I like that he’s working with Kevin and Alex and hope that 3-some becomes more solid soon.


Thinking this is gonna get boring real quick without Cody

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

I’m hoping it will get more interesting down the road, after Paul’s protection runs out. Having all this power and being untouchable is slowly painting a huge target on his back. Everyone is kissing his behind now but I think they will turn on him the first chance they get. Plus if Cody comes back in (which I believe he will) they will try to set up a showdown between Paul and Cody. I’m not a fan of either one of these guys, but watching them fight it out again would at least be entertaining.


I think we’ll see folks turn on Paul as soon as he’s targetable. If not then it could be another season of one group just meandering its way to jury.


Raven and Matt think they are going to ride Paul to F4. Ummm not happening. Better get new plan odd couple.

Do you notice Matt eats the worst food for u available. Who eats a whole tub of Whip Cream on Apple Pie? Gross and so unhealthy. Least get some ice cream dude. You would think that dude would weigh 320 pds. And he is a bowl clicker and lip smacker. Not good combo.

Dom really annoys me with the “I need you to” like she is the almighty and thinks she is the savior of everyones life. You are a chick on a reality show hoping to get a talk show after. Stop with the thinking you know whats best for everyone in life. Leave that to Xmas. Ha.

So the Paul and his Robots crew will be done ganging up on Cody soon. Gone. Then Jessica next. They have already started on the Rams and Jason gang up plan. Who after that? Oh Josh yeah. Ok. Good plan Paul and the Robots. Smh.

Kevin Alex and Jaon please pull in Jess when Cody leaves. That girl can help you. Focus her on Xmas and let her do damage.



My bad.
Lack of sleep.