NicoleA about Enzo “he wanted nominees to stay the same because he wants to keep Kevin.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – Enzo doesn’t use it. Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

2:00 pm Backyard is open

2:10 pm Janelle and Christmas Chir chat
Talking about missing their kids. Christmas starts talking about her TMZ story and the feeds cut. When we’re back they are talking about the safety suite. There was the possibility that no one wins it.
Janelle says Wednesday night she gets to take the costume off.
Christmas says she feels bad for the two nominees saying they did so much to get there.

Keesha comes in. They talk about Production being really strict with the type of bikini bottoms. They don’t want any “cheeks” showing.
Janelle – what is the house doing
Christmas – I have no clue.. everyone is saying we gotta wait and see we gotta wait and see is Enzo going to use the veto and if not.. I kinda want to hear what they have to say. I’m not really familiar with their gameplay
Christmas – I haven’t really talked game with anybody.. There’s not a lot to talk right now but at the same time Do you feel like we should start this sometimes.
Janelle – someone should like what do you guys wanna do
Christmas – COdy is like I don’t care..
Christmas – I’ve enjoyed talking to both of them.
Janelle – I know they’re so sweet.. she’s from 10 he’s from 11
Christmas – ok
Christmas brings up her season where people made themselves the target. “this season it’s been like wow” (first week .. )
Christmas says the house would have been “POPPING” if Josh was in the house.

Janelle – did you know he was going to be one this
Christmas – I knew he had been called. either they changed their mind last minute or he tested positive for VOCID
Janelle – I think he tested positive
Feeds cut.

2:23 pm Ian and NicoleA
Ian – if you get twisted out you get twisted out
Nicole asks how
Ian – I have a feeling which way it goes I don’t know if I support that way
Nicole asks what he thinks is going to happen.
Ian – my fear is that Kevin is the target I like Kevin a lot. I like Keesha a lot.
NA – do you think it’s the HOH target or the house target or both
Ian says when they got nominated Keesha was cool as a cucumber and Kevin was a bit shaken and people .. the noms were day three so super early so I feel like.. it’s sorta like. We don’t know like. The majority of what we know of Kevin is nominated Kevin. He’s not himself
NA – I would be a wreck
Ian – Keesha has been really cool as a cucumber. I get the feeling that .. the consensus is Kevin. That is my guess. I feel out of the loop a little bit
NA – have you spoken to a lot of people
Ian – no, It’s a long way to Thursday. He made a pitch to me he said it’s going to be close. He would now.
Nicole says that Kevin is a more like the two of them than Keesha.

Ian now saying he’s 60% that Kevin is the target.

After Ian leaves. Nicole puts on her thinking cap.
NicoleA – Janelle kaysar, Memphis, Tyler, NicoleF, Dani
NicoleA – I think they are one huge conglomeration .. F*** i’m not going through this again. In no offense, he’s (ian) an a$$ if he’s working with all of them.. If Kevin goes the similar people to Kevin are gone. He’s very foolish if he goes on the Keesha train why would you leave Keesha and Memphis with and Tyler So stupid
(Good God)

NA – Enzo told he wasn’t using it which He didn’t because he wanted nominees to stay the same because he wants to keep Kevin. (Bold)
NA – So either Enzo is outta the loop or there just telling me that because they know I’m closer to Kevin they keep me and ba and blindside us Thursday
Na – Keesha has the numbers (To stay) I’m aware of that I’m not stupid.. But realistically they have a final 15? I should talk to people more. I don’t want to talk to people too much because that’s what gets me in a pickle..
Nicole now saying if Cody wanted to evict Keesha he would have put her up against Memphis. “He’s obviously buddy buddy friends with Memphis”
NicoleA – if you are buddy buddy friends with Memphis you kinda have Keesha that’s another number for you.. so get rid of Kevin.


2:50 pm Kaysar and NicoleA
NA saying she’s feeling better than yesterday
Kaysar – I was worried about you.. I was getting a little aggressive with the DR people I was like ‘what are you doing next’ (to help her)
NicoleA – HAve you hear anything
Kaysar – No
NicoleA – what is your personal opinion
Kaysar – I don’t have a position I like both of them. We’re it’s going I just want to vote with the house so I look like the odd man out.

3:00 pm Everybody outside .. some working out.
NicoleF making excuses for not working out “It’s too hot”

3:15 pm Memphis and Dani
Dani – NicoleF is into it I asked her.
They whisper about their secret alliance plans.
Memphis says he’ll talk to Cody today “We grab Christmas and call it a day”
Dani asks if he feels uncomfortable “Gamewise” with anyone in the house
Memphis – there’s people yeah I’m not comfortable with
Dani – do you feel uncomfortable with anyone getting HOH
Memphis – not directly towards me no
Dani – that’s good
They agree it’s hard to tell who likes them.
Memphis – at least with these 6 we can have ears everywhere.
Dani – I’m totally down
Memphis – I’ll talk to Cody .. we’re good.

3:34 pm Dani and NicoleA
Dani campaigning to keep Kevin. “He’s so sweet and nice. he’s so unsure of himself.. he’s a good freaking player”
NicoleA – is keesha close to Memphis
Dani – I never talk game to him.. I think that he is just the janitor here.
Dani says Dan and Memphis were super tight after their season. “You can’t not look at that as a pairing I feel Keesha has to be tight with them too”
Dani – “How can they not be tight ”
Dani also thinks Keesha is close to Janelle
NicA – I agree with that.
Dani – are you playing for HOH
NicA – always
Dani says she wants a letter from Dom and a picture of her daughter “I want it”

Dani – do you have any idea who you would put up
NicA – I would talk to everybody, one on one and gauge it
Dabni – is there anyone you feel uncomfortable with
NicoleA says there are certain personalities in the house she feels intimidated by.
They talk about the personal aspect of the game.
Dani – people gave me really bad crap for a really long time for not voting for Rachel. ‘you don’t know the game blah blah blah ‘
Dani – number 1 Porsche was in my alliance for half the season so why wouldn’t I not vote for someone I was the tightest with in the house
Dani – Rachel did horrible horrible things to me why would I ever give someone like that my vote.

They bring up Alumni talking like they are experts of the game without realizing that every season is different.
Dani and NicoleA agreeing that “twitter is brutal.. They’re mean”
Dani says she told Dom to block everyone that is saying nasty things.
NicA – especially around Big Brother time
Dani – I always try to keep it light-hearted and funny.
NicA says she gets too many DM’s she can’t handle it.

Dani wonders where’s Enzo’s head is at
NicA – he’s doing the Enzo thing
NicA brings up Memphis also doing his own thing
Dnai – are you and David close at all
NicA a little bit.. out of all the camp comeback I was close to Ovi and Kemi. She adds that she’s interviewed David on her podcast but doesn’t know where his head is at gamewise.
Dani – I feel like I don’t know where his heads at neither
Dani says she hates her tattoos she was really young when she got them and that was a different person. She wishes she could get rid of them.
Dani – it took me a long time to find who I was. I grew up with my grandmother. Being raised by someone that is older you can’t relate to them at all.

4:02 pm NicA and Dani finish their chit-chatting about tattoos.

4:07 pm NicA and Bayleigh

Chit chat about The Challenge.

4:13 pm Kessha and Memphis
Memphis suggests she talks to NicoleF
Keesha – red head?
Memphis – no blonde
Keesha says she’s going where the house goes.
memphis says tell her you have a bunch of votes. How is anyone going to find out. “If it was me I would tell them you have them”
Keesha – I just feel like Kevin has nobody
Memphis – I’ll let you know if I hear anything
Keesha – Enzo said he’s voting with the house like what the F** is the house.
Keesha – I’m going to talk to Janelle about it

4:30 pm David and NcioleA both would rather Kevin stays.

David says the target is Keesha initially it was Kevin.
NicA – Keesha hangs out with Memphis and I feel Memphis would go after a strong guy even if he’s Allied with them I feel that he will turn on them
NicA – you would be in trouble
David – I feel like I will be in trouble if he won. He doesn’t talk to me

4:47 pm Da’Vonne and David
Ddavid asks if bayleigh has been working on janelle (they’re downstairs talking about pageants)
Da’Vonne – yeah
David – taht’s good I cannot read her
David asks if she thinks Danie, NicoleF, and Janelle are close
Da’Vonne – I got NicoleF, how are you with Kaysar
David – I can’t tell. we have deep conversations but he’s a deep conversation person so I can’t tell.
Da says Kaysar was loyal in his past season, “I mean win the veto for you to take you off the block”

Da’vonne – all three of us that’s history (They forget about Kevin)
David – it’s also targetable
Da – not if it’s not obvious you stay in your lane she stays in her I’ll stay in mine (Bayleigh, David and Da’vonne)
David – if I keep my distance you know why.. for the good.
David – given what is going on in the world now A person could easily assume we would look out for each other
Davi d- if they have to go after one person out of the three I just don’t know who that will look.
David – we got NicoleA maybe Kevin if he stays.

5:04 pm Memphis and Christmas

Memphis pitching his alliance idea to her like he’s been doing all day.
Christmas – which Nicole
Memphis – NicoleF
Christmas says she likes the idea.

5:53 pm Janelle has been making a cake for Kaysar.

6:27 pm
Nothing much happening, Pool, chilling out, making a cake, Chit chat, etc etc ..

6:43 pm NicA and Memphis
Talking about wh is being voted out. Neither of them are saying their vote isntead sticking to the “I like them both” story.

7:00 pm Janelle is making taco they’re having a “Family Dinner” tonight. She made special plant-based ones for Tyler because he’s a vegan.

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To quote a famous DR Session Bring Bring “Get these guys a blindfold cause their in the dark, their in the dark”

Everyone is so lost smh

First Allstars was the best.


Leave it to NicA for the funniest observation yet: final 15. Bout sums it up. ?


Nicole A And Ian have to wake up and realize they need to evict Kevin!!


Their thinking right now is so stupid. Nicole is thinking about minority….without realizing Keesha is the minority.


Ian separating BB into three phases (phase 1:season 1-8, phase 2: 9-14, phase 3: 15-present)…phase 3 had the most clueless HGs, which led to some garbage champions. Someone said it today, how Nicole F doesn’t even carry herself like a champion…only Janelle has played for seasons! This year shows that most of the phase 3 players are super lost, and the guy who is playing that strategy (Tyler), is the only one who knows what’s going on!
Need another season like season 2…no twists, except for gameplay. No special powers, except for gameplay. By gameplay, watch the good doctor go to work. No special votes, no veto, no online voting, no herds of scared, weak, and clueless players….hell, even with all his coaching and connections, Cody still is in the dark as to how to truly play. Memphis is playing the best, Kaysar needs to wake up to what Memphis is doing and not an ally.

Golden Gate Granny

Fortunately, it’s still early… a lot can happen between now and Thurs. Keesha is way more experienced at surviving the block than Kevin, but these Hamsters are starting out totally different than they’re (and we’re) used to this season. We don’t usually see the first week’s “feeling each other out” phase much.

How long is the typical time of BB’s past between actual move in day and feeds going live? This is weird.

another name

Who is more likely to want to strike back after being put on the block week one?
Keesha or Kevin?
Kevin seems to want to build a shrine to the guy that put him on the block.
So, the guy that decided you were disposable is your savior? Oh. That’s. Nice.
So of course they’ll keep Kevin because
…. eVerYoNe waNts to Go wIth tHe hOusE
(the house is always the HOH and crew. Just saying).

another name

Second possible monkey wrench in the six person alliance:
Being from season 19, of course Christmas thinks an alliance doesn’t associate or talk to anybody not in the alliance. That was the shun and bully season.
There goes the whole ‘we’re an alliance but we never meet up or hang out together a lot’ concept.
She’s going to sketch the moment she sees an ally talk to a non-ally. Every. Time.
Christmas is going to go Krampus.


I hope so! I want to see her go off!!

Feeds Gold

Tyler and Janelle getting on very well in the kitchen

I wanna see Janelle, Kaysar, Tyler, Ian eventually work together


Yes, but how do we separate a fake Tyler alliance from a real one at this point


He has no fake ones until he has to make a decision. He can skate a few weeks before anyone figures his game out. Obvious to us, oblivious to them.


But how is he sitting with Taylor? That’s the real question.


That’s exactly who I want!!! It would be great!


I am perplexed at these reality shows anymore where they all want to vote with the majority and don’t want to make any moves in small groups. “I don’t want to get blood on my hands” or “I don’t want to upset the others.” It ends up being a bully mentality because they usually ostracize whomever is not in their million person alliance. BB and Survivor all do the same now. It is always so predictable who is the target and who is leaving.


So far though the dynamic in the house has not been like past seasons, which make it fun to watch! The new question; Do they want to play, they didn’t tell me they wanted to play. So strange, of course they want to play, they left their families and lives to go into the house. I am so glad Josh is NOT there. Everyone is watching others and keeping game play close to the vest, which is refreshing. Maybe one of the first alliances formed will stand the pressure and go all the way!!


I’m put off with Dani so far. I think it’s her obvious jealousy for Janelle. At this point I wouldn’t mind a bit if Dani and Nicole F get voted out. (It’s early)


Dani simply does not want to work with Janelle. I dont see any jealousy here.

another name

Still trying to find a way to reasonably figure out the house dynamic.
Made another diagram, trying how to figure out how to show the overlaps.
I think this is the closest I’m going to get to simple.
I hope it helps if anyone is confused, and doesn’t make anyone more confused.

bb22 DAY 6.jpg
another name

lol. by tomorrow i expect him to have some kind of line to everyone except one person so that he has someone he can target.


He’ll have an alliance with that one too. Also the ants, the hammock, and the stairs.


If Kaysar can win HOH, we’ll see a lot of play for safety suite. The cards will begin to be shown.
If he can nominate Cody and Tyler, with Janelle winning POV and keeping noms the same, most players will be out in the open.
A full week of the house scrambling and figuring out who to evict, while K & J sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from up top, and they may be able to slide by for a few weeks after as the house tears itself apart.


I just realized what a mistake it was for both Kaysar & Janelle to key in at the last second for Safety Suite. If they knew no one else was playing, and there were only 10 seconds left, then only one had to key in, give his or her plus-1 to the other, and the other one would still be able to key in week 2 or 3.

another name

if only one person keys in, do they play? do they get/earn a reward.
That’s my question.
Also, like the extra games don’t have some sort of storyline plot device involvement? They had the costume ready to go for Janelle that night. I highly doubt they had a star costume for each of them, in their size including the gold leotard thing sitting in the back. They had one in Janelle’s size because storyline of both playing made more sense for episode watchers (but less logical sense in terms of game). I’m not trusting this entire safety suite thing as anything more than a vehicle to progress the storyline.


Hi Simon I signed up for the CBS BB feeds through your site and donated . Hopefully everything went through ok. Thank you and Dawg for all you do every year?? Looking forward to this season ??????


Thank you Lizzie! We received it! Thank you! We appreciate it! Glad you’re back for another season with us! 🙂

Golden Gate Granny

It’s so disappointing Dani is bent on creating a Dani vs. Janelle season. Would so prefer a Dani AND Janelle season.

another name

She wants out of Janelle’s shadow so bad, I can taste it.


FINALLY!!!!!! feels like I’m watching BB again. From now on pls make it Allstars and bring back the greats (aka ogs) of the game