Nominations, POV, Have Not Results “Oh my god they gave us salami”

POV Holder: johnny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

Sounds like Kevin and Bobby were nominated. Johnny won POV used it to save Kevin. Graig was the replacement nomination therefore Graig and Bobby are nominated going into Wednesday show.

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-09-07-810

8:07pm Feeds finally back.. just chit chat..

Ashleigh is eating a slop concoction She’s a have nots. Pilar is making a Nutella pie, Johnny and Brittnee are eating regular food.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-15-05-305

8:15pm Storage room Johnny and Brittnee joking around
Jonny – Oh my god they gave us salami
Johnny – let’s put the meat in our Mouth B.. I want some meat
Brittnee – I want that meat all up ..
J:honny – Stop that meat in my mouth.. YEAH GIRL
Brittnee takes a giant bite of deli meat.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-17-33-388

8:17pm Bathroom Willow, Ashleigh and Pilar
Complementing Ashleigh on how great her eye makeup is.
Pilar to Ashleigh Even yesterday when you were puking up a storm.
Willow asks Ashleigh how it is in the have nots room with Bobby, Zach, and Kevin. (Zach has a slop pass but that doesn’t protect him from having to sleep in the have nots room)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-19-09-409

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-28-57-244

8:28pm Bedroom Bobby and Graig
Bobby – I wouldn’t trust God that much
He Tells Graig he needs to relax and enjoy these next couple days then if they need to campaign on Tuesday night they will campaign.

8:35pm Kitchen
Johnny asks Graig is sindy caught him J***king *ff
Graig – no no.. no no no
Johnny adds Sindy was claiming she caught you and you were making the face as she saw you.
Johnny – “She saw the c*m face she said”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 17-48-32-144

8:50pm Bobby dressing all fancy

8:52pm Kitchen Jordan, Zach and Graig.
Zach whispers to Graig “you’re gold right now”
Graig – YA

9:00pm Bobby pacing around the backyard.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 18-04-58-011

9:04pm bedroom Bobby and Kevin
They both like the Sunday evening family dinners.
Kevin – Post POV
Bobby – Yeah man you deserve this nice relaxation

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-05 18-08-08-560

Easter dinner

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 18-10-51-796

I suspect Graig’s hair got hit by a Godfrey

9:29pm Godfrey is talking about animals says no animal is naturally aggressive. Adds that Lions will only attack them if you molest them. He goes on to talk to them in Shona the language he spoke in Zimbabwe. Points out that English and Shona are like English and French In canada.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-05 18-41-35-562

Worried about being the replacement nomination perhaps?

9:40pm Ashleigh, brittnee, Kevin and Johnny

Sounds like Kevin and Bobby were nominated. Johnny won POV used it to save Kevin. Graig was the replacement nomination therefore Graig and Bobby are nominated going into Wednesday show.

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at least kevin is safe
not like he wanted naeha to go out :'(


I think the POV ceremony already took place because they have to show it tomorrow and they wouldn’t be able to edit all of that in 4 hours. My guess is that Godfrey was the replacement so it’s Graig and Godfrey.


I think this is what could happen:
#1 Next week goes like usual.
A week after that, CANADA IS HOH.
After Canada’s HoH, one of the first five evictee will return
then we’ll have final 11 and jury starts
#2 Next two weeks go like usual.
one of the first five evictees will return
then we’ll have the final 11 and jury starts
Then Canada is HoH

I like the 2nd scenario better so whoever returns doesn’t come right back out!!!

Not Fair

I think the whole Canada and Usa voting to get rid of a player is bullshit! A group of people come in the house a form an alliance that controls the house and is punished for great game play. The under dogs always getting a break because no one wants to see the powerhouse win! That’s why there’s HOH competitions and vetoes to help you in the game. Also it’s called being social too! I would hate because I came in the Big Brother house to win money to help change my life and I’m voted out by people not even playing the game! I thought it was about who is playing the best game to win the prize. No matter how you look at it, everybody in the game is not playing a honest game because everybody is lying to everyone. It’s like sports everyone has there favorites but whoever plays the best game wins. Just saying!

Guy From Canada

Canada already had a vote this year getting rid of Risha and keeping useless. There will be no Canada HOH this season, it was dumb last year, and year one before sending Gary back in the house, and saving Use-lette from the block.


Who is going up now…Bobby?… Godfrey???… Who???….


I really liked Naeha, and am sad that she is out by Kevin’s doing because he’s been my favorite from the beginning. But he didn’t know, idk its still tough. I’m just worried that he will constantly be a target now since he has won a competition every week.

another name

godfrey and Bruno say that bobby is the replacement nominee. so kevin and graig were original, kevin won pov. bobby was replacement.
interesting that two chops are on the block.

another name

sarah and willow in hot tub fan feed just after godfrey and Bruno talking, willow says that she hopes it goes to plan that it’s g. because she doesn’t want to see bobby go out like that. in light of the naeha bobby brouhaha, i’m not 100% but looking more and more like bobby and graig are on the block.


I hope that if Bobby is the replacement nominee, it is Graig that gets evicted. If the competition to get back into the house is physical, Naeha will have a better chance of beating Graig than Bobby. And Naeha NEEDS to get back in that house!! Really upset that she got evicted.

another name

hey anonymous, I agree that bobby and graig on the block is pretty ideal for the women in the house.
still confused about how kevin got pov… did he win it or did someone pov him? did pilar DO something? confusing.
wondering if bobby or graig were the replacement. cus britt could so easily say ‘nothing personal but you both nom’d me’ if it was kevin and bobby. trying to figure out what happened after four days in about an hour without a recap is torture. thank you simon and dawg for dealing with such things. 🙂
betting the competition to get back into the house will be centred on the strengths of whichever side is losing in the next two weeks. dramatic tension for ratings.


Watching Neaha leave was terrible, especially because so many of us thought it would be Bobby. It was so obvious that douche was faking, I expected a cut to the DR of everyone calling it out but I guess they believed him.


Jonny caught him.


This justifies my initial post about Kev being a terrible player, playing it safe and trying to align himself with the very people who wanted him out is not a trait of someone who’s smart in the game. And he is not even misted, does he honestly believe that he was nominated the second week because people wanted Brit out (now that will be really dumb). Now with the twist and his poor judgment, his bromunda triangle will now battle it off against Sarah, Brit and Johnny with the meatheads watching on the sidelines. Had he put up Bobby and Naeha, bromunda will be the swing votes and they will be the watchers. Hopefully if Kevin wins next HOH he’ll smart it up and put up one of the meatheads and align with Sarah’s team.


You realize he didn’t have this bromunda triangle alliance when he made the nominations right? Putting up Bobby would have been really dumb considering he would have all the guys (Bruno, Craig, Bobby, Godfrey Zach(didn’t know he wasn’t with the guys at this point) coming after him. He made the move that made the most sense to him than, but told the viewers in the diary room that due to his new alliance, he regrets the decision. It sucks that it happened that way, but, can you really blame him?

The S in Sindy

So proud of Brittnee.


he was going against the meat guys after the talk with kevin and jordan unfortunately he had to nominate right after winning.


Hopefully either Nay or Risha will be back in


The things that angers me about Naeha’s eviction, is that literally the night before she flipped the house and a new counter alliance was forming, Bobby and Graig would have been nominated and she would have been safe. But because of BB making Kevin instantly nominate of course he is not going to make a big move and hes going to go with the easy target at the time, he didn’t even get any time to talk game. Because of those early noms we were robbed of an amazing week and power flip.


We were robbed of what would’ve been the best week so far and given a sort of depressing episode instead.


I like Naeha and hope she gets to come back.
But flipping the target from Naeha to Bobby (although it turned out to be for nothing because Kevin had already nominated) wasn’t Naeha’s doing, but Newport’s.
Like every BB player on the chopping block, Naeha pleeded her case to Kevin, the HOH. He’d have just nodded and thought “you’re just desperate and are telling me whatever. sorry, girl, you’re out!” if Newport hadn’t convinced him to put Bobby up instead, that the Bromuda Triangle would fare better that way, leaving Naeha’s side stronger so that Naeha would fight Bobby & co. in the next weeks.
It was all for nothing, but it would have been because of Zach and Jordan telling Kevin what to do and why.

another name

hey frenchie, I’ve got a bit of an agree but disagree with your post.
Newport convinced kevin. I agree with that. creating the bromuda triangle.
BUT naeha convinced Newport, which put the plan in motion. therefore, I think that it was a naeha plan that Newport capitalized on. initially, Newport were trying to backpedal on having told naeha that kevin was the original target of the week (they actually looked nervous), until she and sarah kept at them until they believed it was a good idea to go after the meatheads.
I don’t think the plan was fruitless. it just didn’t help naeha. but it has consolidated the non chop shop players to an extent. at least until the power shifts again.


Who won POV? Johnny or Kevin? I’m confused. I get that Kevin is off the block and now Craig is up.. but there is some contradictory info on this page. 😛

another name

so… about a week ago (march 30?) I started to be really creeped out by graig after he talked about masturbating in the bedroom and having cindy move and ruin his climax.
now he calls cindy a liar when it’s revealed she had said that she saw graig’s c#mface. he already bragged that he did it. advice for graig: if you’re going to reveal to people that you grated the ginger while some of them were sleeping ten feet away, own it when you’re busted, or it’s just going to be another lie, and nobody wants another ‘I’ve got to come clean, I lied’ session. just like no one will want to lie on your bed. or shake your hand.
and i’m still really creeped out.


I suppose Johnny doesn’t know Kevin was potentially going to put him up when he was HOH. I really hope bobby goes home. If they voted out naeah because she was a threat, then same should apply for bobby. He’s not sincere as well especially fake crying during last eviction. I can’t stand fakers like that.


Who are pov players?


Simon, who are pov players?


Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah