Big Brother Canada 3 Instant Eviction RESULTS

The live Feeds have been blocked since Thursday afternoon. Last images on the feeds showed Arisa on the main screen telling the houseguests there will be an instant eviction that night. Since then we have no idea what has happened. After Wednesday’s show the plan of house “powers” (newport and the guys) was to get rid of Naeha but a late night scramble by her has now shifted the target to Bobby and the “Guys” (Bruno, Graig, Godfrey). The one problem with this was Kevin had already placed his nominations. After winning the HOH Kevin was pulled into the vault where he had to pick the nominees. He was given 5 minutes. He chose Naeha “As my target” and Brittnee “It breaks my heart”

Feeds start Tonight !!

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Results from Show

Kevin nominated Naeha and Brittnee

During the vote the housegeusts got to write their vote on paper. They had to announce their vote publicly.

Jordan votes to evict Naeha
Bobby votes to evict Naeha
Sarah votes to evict Brittnee
Zach votes to evict Naeha
AShleigh votes to evict Naeha
Godfrey votes to evict Naeha
Graig votes to evict Naeha
Willow votes to evict Naeha
Bruno votes to evict Naeha
Johnny votes to evict Brittnee
Pilar votes to evict Naeha

Naeha Is evicted

Head of Household competition

For the HOH they are paired with another house guest to stand on a gear. 3 gears (Pedestals) for each pair. They start at the larger gear and work their way down to smaller gears. Once 3 houseguests go out they have stand on the pedestal with one foot.

Bruno and Graig (First ones to fall, Graig wins 1K)
Zach and Bobby (Second to fall, Zach gets a 4 week slop pass)
Jordan and Ashleigh (Third out – they both have to wear snorkeling gear for 24 hours)
Johnny and Pilar (Fourth out – Johnny gets a pie in the face every time Big Brother says pie (24 hours duration)
Godfrey and Willow (Fifth out, For 24 hours Willow has to sit on a wheel)
Brittnee and Sarah Win the head of Household competition. Sarah gives the HOH to Brittnee

HOH Winner is Brittnee


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide (Keep in mind the feeds have been down for a good while so things will most likely have changed)

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Twistos Twists strike again!


yet another woman walks out the door…. PLEASE don’t let BBCAN3 be a repeat of BB16!! I can’t stand these sausage fest alliances it’s disgusting… and I’m a guy! It’s time for Sarah, Britnee, Willow, Zach, or Jordan to win HOH




Wow that HOH comp and the pairing is PURE RIGGING. BBCAN might as well give the HOH to Saraha.


I think they let the houseguest decide the pairing, because if they do not let the houseguest choose the pairing, one of the other player may choose to throw the game and screw his/her partner. At least with this decision the players will both have to fight it out to win and is more exciting. Imagine if the Chop Shop partnered with non Chop Shop members, for sure their alliance will have won the HOH without even trying. And to be honest I actually thought that Sarah and Britnee will fall first because I thought that britnee will have a problem finding her center of gravity just because she is bigger.


I thought they said they were randomly selected. And Sarah said the BB Gods/Karma turned out in their favor.


Kevin just got way down into my fave list, as much as I hate Chop Shop, if one of the meatheads wins this HOH, they’ll nominate Sarah and Johnny who’ll win veto and put Kevin up as a replacement nominee. Sorry but he deserves to get Ika’d. initially I though Jordan is just a great player for playing Kevin but after this twist that may potentially ‘fucked’ Kevin’s game, his initial decisions show how poor of a player he is. Not nominating someone who wants to get you out the prior week just shows bad gameplay.


Totally unfair that Naeha is labelled “the new Neda”. She’s nothing like Neda, who laid low for so long in the beginning to the point we even forgot she was there. Yes, they are both strategic and brilliant women, but they played this game so differently.

Now I’m not sure who I’d say is better, Neda laying low allowed her to get further but she had a terrible social game. Naeha has shown to be a comp beast, a great social player, and strategic player but this put a HUGE target on her back, resulting in this early eviction. Although, had it not been instant, I firmly believe she’d still be in the house. So the new Neda? I think not, she deserves to just be Naeha.

Don’t take this as a slight on Neda, that girl was the bomb and totally should have won last year.


She was only called the new Neda by the others since they are both brown -_-



I had a similar comment in my original post but decided to remove it, I feel the argument is stronger when you don’t make it about race (even if it really is), as people tend to get defensive when you call them on that, haha (sad but true).

But I agree with you, I think that has a huge part into why they keep saying that and it really grinds my gears! It’s so easy to compare them due to race, simply because the total LACK of diversity. Of course the one brown player from last year will be compared to/remind you of the one brown player from this year. It’s very hard to get evaluated based on your own merit in situations like these. Both Sindy and Sarah have also been shown to be strategic, why weren’t they the new Neda? There is no way that’s a compliment to Naeha and you could see on her face that she wasn’t pleased when Graig (was it him?) said it to her in the eviction.

Anyway, as I’m sure many will disagree with me, I’m not going to carry on this conversation beyond this post. The last thing I want is a pointless comment debate, haha.


I will not totally say that Neda had terrible social game, the thing with Neda is that she knows the game well. She has socialize enough for her to win the game had she had been on the final two last year, granted she didn’t extend her “friendship” with some of the first boot guys but they didn’t really matter as she was playing to win it. Has she played a really good social game initially she will just be putting a target on her back. Remember Anick? That’s the reason she was the first boot.

It’s really difficult to compare Naeha to Neda because we have seen Neda’s full potential while Naeha had her wings already cut off during the early stages of the game. And while I was rooting for Naeha, Neda’s social game is much better than Naeha. During the first two weeks of the game when Andrew nominated her everyone has seen her as this year’s Britnee (perfect as a pawn because everyone likes her and is guaranteed to be safe) while Naeha was nominated because some (if not most) of the house wants her out.


On a side note maybe Pili is the new Neda? That would be a complete 180 with my hatred and annoyance for her right now. Completely laying low, totally forgotten that she exist yet on the second half turned out to be a complete mastermind. Don’t let me down Pili. LOL


OMG IMAGINE! If Pilar could pull that off, pigs can fly.

I agree with your assessment, but it only confirms my first point, that the two are so different and shouldn’t be compared. My point was its so nauseating for people to use the “oh Naeha is the new Neda, she has to go” as an excuse.

But no doubt, Neda making it as far as she did absolutely proves she’s the better player.


I can already see myself rooting for Pili if she suddenly changes attitude and gameplay. Haha, will you join the bandwagon with me when that happens?

To the players defense, I think they are just associating good female strategists as “Neda”. And even though Cindy and Sarah are strategists, Cindy happens to be a big mouth to be taken seriously and is labeled as competition beast and Sarah strategically hid behind Naeha and Cindy. While we know that Sarah is thinking and is playing the game, the people inside the house just associate her as a female sheep following Naeha and Cindy.

TBH, I actually see Sarah more as a Neda than Naeha, although now that her two female meatshields are gone, people will now realize that Sarah is a threat. I will not be so surprised if the meatheads will be calling her ‘Neda’ soon.


Haha, absolutely. In the extremely unlikely event that Pilar is not a Victoria and actually has been duping all of us this whole time, save me a seat on that wagon!


Victoria was more “in the game” than Pillar currently is. I don’t see that changing in the future.


Brittnee is HOH!



Ariana Grande stinks!

I hope Bobby and Graig are nominated for eviction.


Well, not shocked at all that Naeha was evicted. Thought it was going to be 11-0.

It is really weird looking to see those girls do that Chop Shop stuff, especially since it anything goes wrong, they will be thrown under the bus to save the guys.

Britnee should have let Sarah have the HOH, since when she is up on the block, people will see her as more than a pawn, and the chances of her getting evicted will be a lot larger. Good for her though.

Now we just need the feeds.


Good bye to the season. BB USA 16 all over again. Crap shop gonna take the rest out 1 at a time. By the way what happened to Naeha versus Bobby? Hamster Fd up Big time. Kevin sure ran the BS til the feeds went down. Guess he wasn’t that smart after all.

All good things come to an end. Like me discussing strategy on imaginary noms. Bobby and friends can get into cruise mode. Zack better hope that plan doesn’t leak to take out Bobby. Godfrey may be a noob but he’s picked the right side of the house to float with. Girl power gone for another season. Bloody terrible game player Pili will outlast all of the girls. She is the perfect dupe to take to the final IMHO. Well Brit right there 2.

Not watching the show… no idea who won HOH. Here’s a less than fun idea. Crap shop win’s HOH noms Sarah and Brit( ultimate pawn this season). Plan is to backdoor Kevin. All of this strictly guessing by the way.
What the heck is Zach going to do when Jordan’s name gets mentioned? The story as I see it…

Crap Shop
Plus 1….. Godfrey

RIP Crowd

Well above is there a single person capable of winning HOH with Kevin sitting out(RIP)


Shut up and stop being so prissy! Brither just won hoh so finally a change is coming. Good bye to the chop shop


Yet another negative, ungrateful little fan boy strikes again. Shut up and quit being so negative! Britnee just won hoh so that proves that this week will be interesting. If you’re unhappy with the season, stop watching.


omfg you look like such an idiot right now. Some people are so touchy. #BritneeIsQueen #


nooo nae nae! she neeeeds to come back, hopefully the next 2 out r hated and we vote who comes back!!!!!!!!


Can’t even guess right. My sincere apology for me earlier post where I guess wrong…. again.
Wonder if Brit splits the noms and effectively allows Chop shop to stay in tack. Hopefully the live feeds are interesting.


If kevin is on the block eviction night, the chop shop will probably escape unscathed. I guess we’ll have to wait and see……

another name

beating a dead horse: edit didn’t show Zach and Jordan allied with naeha, jonny, sarah et. al.
would have tarnished the masterminds of the game image production is pushing?
bobby Zach kevin and Ashleigh are have nots according to current live feed.
but Zach has slop exemption award.


Well, while the feeds were down, my 1st comment was: “was this like the best night of feeds like ever, or what?”
Obviously, seeing now how all that night meant nothing since Kevin had to nominate before it, I’d like to take that back.
It was great to watch, but now it turns out it was all for nothing.
I’d have prefered if Bobby was gone instead of Naeha. (I’d have actually prefered WAY MORE if Graeg or Godfrey had been booted, but that was never an option, so…)
BUT after hearing all this time that the rumor was that Kevin had nominated Naeha AND Bobby, I thought this would have been pretty bad for Newport. They’d have had to expose to one side of the house that they weren’t with them.
By having a Naeha-friendly pawn next to Naeha, they didn’t have this problem, I guess Kevin already told everyone that he had to nominate right after the HOH win, so they can still tell Sarah, Johnny and pawn (who now is the HOH!) that they REALLY wanted to side with them.
If Naeha does manage to come back, they can tell her they knew they wouldn’t have had the votes anyway, so they didn’t want to put a target on their back by voting for her to stay.

But what I’m really mad about is, again, the EDIT of tonight’s show. BB must have been so ashamed that all that convincing Kevin to target the Chop Shop – which a majority of viewers would have loved – was for nothing, that they even hid the fact to the audience that they AGREED to do it. Kevin would have nominated Bobby, Bobby would have been evicted, and Newport were the instigators of that huge game move. BB just pretends like it never happened, like it was just “a scenario among others Kevin thought about”.
This is such a huge storyline, and BB doesn’t show it bc they’re ashamed. Which is even more shameful.


Yay…finally the house is about to flip and the girls are finally in charge…now it really gets interesting…the boys are going to be kissing the girls ass this week…

avenge naeha

i hope graid and bobby get nominated. don’t like those two. the chop shop suck, worst alliance

another name

when bobby was tying kevin’s tie it sounded like kevin won pov.
haven’t heard godfrey and graig talking. got the weird feeling it was bobby and Zach, but thought no way. that didn’t happen.


That would be perfect!! 😀

another name

kitchen. washing dishes. kevin was nominated


When did this all happen???


Looks like Canada will have to step In again to make the season interesting With the wannabe first 5 “THE CHOP SHOP” thinking they have all the power. At least Britnee won HOH this week so hopefully she’ll boot one of the chop shop dildos out or make a power move of some sort..SO FAR SO BORING.

Not to be a pervert but...

Did anyone get get a little turned on a little bit watching Brittnee and Sarah hugging during the HOH comp?


Loved Naeha, so sad she got evicted
I’m guessing it’ll be a comp she has to win to get back in cause they voted last time someone returned (BBCAN1)


Kevin should stick to poker. Putting up 2 girls (as if girls alliances succeed in the history of BB) what a stupid, emotional, decision. He was aware it was an instant eviction (no pov) no need to orchestrate the pride inducing backdoor. Bobby put him up. Not sure why anyone thinks it is good strategy to align with the physical guys. Rarely see competitions where being physical is really an advantage… even if there are such competitions, most physical threats are throwing comps (as though somehow this makes the rest of the house stupid enough to believe they are not physical threats). I hope Kevin is evicted 6th. No jury and no chance of getting back in the game. I wanted Neaha to be a better player. She is definitely smart enough; just too intense and too wiling to share with others her spot on observations. She had more data than any other houseguest but instead of leveraging it would share it with the wrong people.

Why do none of the sites recapping alliances make any mention of Willow working with Graig (they only speak in terms of the chop shop) but both Willow and Graig have mentioned they are working together (Willow’s Vault Secret) and Graig’s HOH toilet statement when he and Willow were alone in the HOH bathroom.


I’m so happy that Britnee won,however I dont likethat Sarah wanted to evict her… I so exicted that things will change.Hopefull ma girl bee will wake up and finally play the game.


She had two choices… Neither of which were desirable for her. .what was she supposed to do???


Naeha staying will be more beneficial with her, had Naeha stayed Naeha will always be the number one target while Sarah can fade into the background. now with Naeha gone, the boys will be gunning for her and Britnee. And if the two of them in the block, she is more likely to go home.

The Truth

Zack and Jordan are idiots. They equally brought up Naeha’s name for eviction many times before and set the ground work for her demise. They had a change of heart over the past few days and started to push to keep her but not for very long. They are extremely wishy washy and much like Peter and Alec’s The Sheyld, Newport stinks!

I’m glad Britnee won but this kinda reminds me of Survivor where the target saves themselves for just another 3 days till the larger alliance regains control and votes them off one by one. The girls still don’t have the numbers to truly make a run. Willow and Ashleigh are completely untrustworthy. Why didn’t Willow throw HOH when she was paired with Godfrey earlier if she sooo wanted the girls to be safe. And lastly Pilar has taken a commercial break from her role in the Bachelor to finally clue in to the fact that the girls numbers are quickly dwindling. I hope something does change with the next few nominations so that we don’t see a complete domination by the Chop Shop.


Congrats big brother, in an attempt to liven up the game your instant eviction twist actually sunk any chance of a house flip. Literally that entire game chat with Naeha, Jordan, Zach and Kevin was for nothing, why the hell did they not give Kevin at least a day to converse with people and then make his nominees for the instant eviction.

another name

judging by reactions on here, i’d be betting big brother production considers the instant eviction a success. not the outcome wanted by viewers, but successful.
now there is a fallen martyr and groundswell of public opinion. viewers that were getting tired of the bradyfest will continue to watch to see if naeha will be avenged, and see if right will defeat might.