Kaitlyn “Everyone’s game is in jeopardy, tell me if you have the power!”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
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HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: ?, ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – I think the nominations will be Scottie and Winston but the universe is controlling this HOH so who knows..

5:38pm Bayleigh and Winston. Bayleigh – I am hungry right now and then you started talking about my weight. Winston – who did? Bayleigh – just the whole conversation. Winston – you should never ever feel that way. I truly mean it. You’re a beautiful girl. Everyone in this house is. I think it says a lot about you that you walked away from that industry. I think you’re awful smart for doing that honestly. Bayleigh – I don’t think it was so much my choice. Winston – when one door closes another opens. Bayleigh – when you fail at one thing you have no other choice than to move on.

5:40pm Scottie & Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – are you bugging out? Scottie – yeah. I just don’t understand why you would put up a number from our side. Kaitlyn – put a number on what side up? Oh your side? Kaitlyn – well I don’t have to. Scottie – I’m just kind of sketched out because that’s what happened last week. Kaitlyn – I don’t have to do it .. it was just the best idea to make Winston feel as calm as possible considering you were the only name that I said to him. Kaitlyn – Scottie I want you to trust me. You’re not going home. You’re not. I swear to god that you’re not going home. I physically won’t allow it. Also I want you to win. If you don’t I will get Fez to pull you off. And I might take you off.. maybe there might be a bigger target. Also if you win HOH you can do the same thing to me. You can throw me up. Scottie – nope if I won, they (Winston & Brett) would both go up like that. Kaitlyn – I know but if you wanted to you could. I just trust you that much. I would probably say something like .. like obviously our side knows that you’re not a real thing but I would need the other side to think that you are a real thing. I would want to say something to Winston like I am putting you up because there is not one part of me that thinks you’re authentically playing this game at all. I think you’re a liar. I also think you don’t know how to whisper. And then for you I would say something like Scottie last week you made it clear that you were going to use the veto to save Steve which meant that I would be going up. Even though I already knew I wasn’t going up because Tyler had already told me that I was not going up. That’s what I’m going to say I think. Kaitlyn – no matter what happens you’re not going home. Just trust me there’s a bigger plan. Scottie – I thought I would have gotten the power.. I figured I would have had Steve’s fan base too.

5:39pm Bedroom – Fez and Tyler. Fez – just two HOH’s and the least trending person in America having a nap. Tyler – I don’t think he got the power. Fez – I don’t think he did. But now I am confused are there two powers or did one expire? If they’re anonymous I don’t see them being able to last more than one week.

Rockstar and Haleigh join them. They speculate on who might have gotten the power. Kaitlyn yells out “Everyone’s game is in jeopardy, tell me if you have the power!” Because guys no one is safe!! No one look at me, if you make eye contact you’re going on the block!

6pm Kaitlyn goes to bring Fez the the bedroom so they can talk. Kaitlyn – who has the power is it Swaggy or Scottie? Fez – Why do you think that? No one told me. First of all if Scottie had it, he would not f**king tell me. Do you think Scottie has it? Kaitlyn – Yes I do. Fex – why. Kaitlyn – I have my senses and my sorcery. Fex – if Scottie had it his hand wouldn’t twitch. Kaitlyn – he is nervous to use it. Fez – no he’s nervous you’re putting him on the block. Kaitlyn – I know that Sam doesn’t have it. Fez – why. Kaitlyn – just trust me. Fez – is it okay if I win the veto, can I take Scottie off? Kaitlyn – yes. Fez – so I can tell him to pick me if he has house guest choice. Kaitlyn – yes. Just trust me that whatever happens its for the higher good.

Outside the HOH room – Kaycee and Tyler. Tyler – you didn’t get it did you? Kaycee – no. Did you? Tyler – no. Kaycee – I think Swaggy got it.

6:23pm Bedroom – Bayleigh and JC. JC – what’s going on? Bayleigh – I am just having an emotional moment. It has nothing to do with game. JC – is there anything I can do for you? Bayleigh – its just so random so don’t judge me. So remember how I told you how I just have problems with self esteem sometimes. When we were in the kitchen Sam said oh you modeled? Tell me about it. It just took me to a bad place. This game takes me to a bad place to where I just don’t feel secure in myself. JC – you are a beautiful girl and one of the most beautiful girls here. We’re all beautiful and unique in our own way. Bayleigh – I don’t want to get into that head space.

6:30pm Lounge room. Fez tells Scottie – you trust Kaitlyn right? Scottie – yeah, she told me I was going up. Fez – veto situation. Hopefully its 4 against 2. House guest choice might be in your favor because its random. Have you talked to Kaitlyn if she wins it, would she use it on you? Scottie – didn’t promise that she would .. she said she probably would. Fez – I don’t see her winning the veto comp over you and.. Scottie – anyone could win it. Fez – I don’t want you going home on a stupid a$$ decision. Especially when you’re not the target. Fez – do you think there will be a battle back? Scottie – I don’t know .. but I don’t what to count on that. Fez – I think Winston is going to blow. He didn’t stay calm when he didn’t win HOH. Scottie – I didn’t even think about that.. I hope he does. That would be fun to see. I just can’t get sucked into it.

6:48pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the BB re-runs.. The nomination ceremony is taking place right now..

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“I think the nominations will be Scottie and Winston but the universe is controlling this HOH so who knows.”


Just when I thought I could control my bladder, you ruin it for me.


I swear the universe is going to step in this week and someone way out of left field will go home.


Well, as much as I trust you fine boys to deliver excellent play by play, I’ve got my spectacles in place and I’m watching like a hawk. I guess that means I’m expecting Kaitlyn’s third eye to fall into some sort of sacral vortex (insert Fay or Brett….even Tyler here)…..who knows where it would land.


Kaitlyn’s going to lose her mind if she can’t find out who got the new power. I see Tyler as having a real good shot. This is going to be a manic week.


Granny…I agree…it’s going to be Scottie & Winston.

I’m bummed…….Tyler didn’t get the power! Ugh! Sounds like Swaggy might have gotten the crap app! Now that would be funny.


611pm HG’s at dinner table. Rachel says her lowest point was being the “least trending Houseguest”.

Wonder who got the power….


Yeah, but I’m not convinced that was true….I think she was joking. I mean her “high point” was JC’s fart. LOL


Okay, I take it back…it seems like Rachel was being honest about least trending. Wow! I’m shocked about that. I thought it would be Swaggy or Rockstar. But, then again….it’s not really about being least favored.

Wait. What?

I thought the HOH was not allowed to tell the nominees they were going on the block. In past seasons, the HOH would let them know in a round about way, but Kaitlynn told Scottie and Winston straight out they were going to be her nominees.


I remember that being one of the rules. Where can we get a breakdown of all of the rules? Anyone know?


It’s officially the rule but it’s rarely fully enforced if you cloud it a little. Add a little air quote, allegedly, or maybe and you’re good!


I would really have thought Tyler would have gotten it. Maybe he just didn’t want to tell Kaycee at that time. Really hope he got it. This week is going to be a hot mess. Just like the HOH. In a really fun way tho.


Same! I’m still crossing my fingers that Tyler got it. Maybe he just wants to keep it to himself for now.