Nomination results “If you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee

9:08pm HOH Haleigh and Rocks
Haleigh mentions how Tyler was telling her if he didn’t see his face on the nom board he will know that they are working on improving their relationship.
Haleigh – no Tyler.. if you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you
Rocks – JC has loyalty to fes..
Haleigh says JC has been actively working with the other side.
Rocks says if JC goes up Fes would be livid..
Haleigh – it’s not like he’s a number for us..
Haleigh says JC is a scary person
ROcks – if you put Angela and Kaycee up if someone else win they’ll put us up together ..
H – I think people will do that anyways
Rocks – no t if we keep winning.. that’s the goal

Haleigh not saying she’s leaning ot putting JC up instead of Kaycee.
Rocks points out that Kaycee and JC are both on te other side but JC is closer with that side.
Rocks says if Fes flips out at her putting JC up she can tell Fes to win the veto and take him down

Rocks suggest she tells Fes that JC running around saying they are in a showmance is why they haven’t spent as much time together. She’s trying to defeat that image of them in the house.
Rocks – he should be running around saying I have a showmance that’s bad for my game and it’s bad for you game.. it’s the reason I’ve put distance between us.. he’s going around saying that which makes it harder on us fes.

Haleigh says Rocks is just as important as fes is not more says that fes doesn’t have to tell Rocks to leave.
H – god I wish Bay was here dude..
Rocks – I know
H – F***
Rocks – it was so shitty..
H – not one person apologized..
Rocks – yeah .. she knew she was going.. she totally did.
Rocks – she talked me out of being a crazy a$$hole too .. I thought about you that we’re riding this out together and that wouldn’t be good
H – if you leave this game I don’t know hat the f* i’m doing here
Rocks – I feel the same way..

Rocks – you put Kaycee up it can go 1 of two ways she and Angela could support each other or she’s going to be too wrapped up in her own head to support Anegal which would be uncomfortable for Angela if she’s not on the block than she can constantly hug her.. and comfort her and stuff like that..
haleigh – I kinda want o put them both up there so one of them will be there regardless

Rocks – I hope it’;s Angela
H – I was thinking that too
Haleig mentions that if Kaycee is on the block and someone wins Hacker they’ll wan to take Kaycee down. They can work with Fes and Angela on the block.
Rocks – remember Brett called us the floaters that are always in the HOH room
h – that’s what we’re doing this week.. just floating on by

9:42am Kaycee and Angela

Kaycee – we just got to stay calm there’s shit sitring up on it’s own..
Angela – I’m worried that I said to Scottie about Haleigh and Fess pitching to put Tyler and him together on the block
kaycee – ohh yeah
Angela – I’m sure Scottie told Haleigh that I told them..
Kaycee – I don’t know.. we got so much stuff on him..
Angela – honesty I don’t know what to expect..
Kaycee says Scottie has been throwing out JC’s name.

Tyler joins them hopefully not 2 of us
Kaycee – I don’t see that

Kaycee leaves.. Tyler tells her they have to win the Hacker competition. Angela thinks the nominations will be Sam and JC.. (ZOMG)

9:53am Haleigh is practicing her speech

H – Guys as you all know the further we go in this game the harder this gets every week.. when making my nominations I try to keep in mind who do I talk to the least in this hose who do I know the least about and who do I feel the least comfortable with ______ BLANK I want you to know this is not a personal attack on you with the way things played out last week I thought this would be the smartest move I know you said you are never coming for me but people say a lot of things in this house.. I think outside this house you and I will be great friends and I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way

H – ______ BLANK I also want you to know that this isn’t a personal attack on you. I genuinely care about you and I genuinely think out side this house that we will also be friends I had to nominate two people and you and I dont’ exactly have that firm of a relationship.. we really don’t talk that much. Not that you would come after me I just don’t know where your head is at so with that being said you guys are my two nominations and I hope this week can go as smooth as possible and that neither of you take this very personally.

H – I wanted to do something crazy shit but one person is staying..
S – maybe both
H – That’s not comforting Scottie
S – both Angela’s nominations stayed last week
H – i know
S – she has someone she wasn’t aligned with win Hacker and ruined everything
H – that b1tch
Haleigh – we have to win the hacker you and I were first and second place.. you have to tell me if you win
Scottie says she will know his “feelings, thoughts and sayings to everyone everything all the time”
Haleigh says if they get the hacker power theirs a move they can make, “And it’s not Tyler.. me and Tyler had a really good conversation last night” (Wounded lamb)

Scottie says he’s very fishy with Sam he’s been watching her
Sam – she’s always talking about how she doesn’t want to be here but the second the girl who you put her up and insulted her wins HOH you start playing the gmae and she goes to ROCKSTAR to do it whos close to you ”
Sam – I’m just saying I smell smoke..
H – do you think she’ll be a good nom
S – no
H – she was really emotional and pretty much lost it..
S – this is the first time she has had to be worried.. she said she has no deals which is not true.. she has a deal with Tyler and she had to have a deal with Kaitlyn

H – who do you think I’m nominating today
S – Angela .. either JC or Sam
H – ok

Haleigh says Sam shook her hand and look her in the eyes saying she woundnt put her up..
– I don’t want to make a move anre great it
S – if she’s telling you she hasn’t made deals that’s false.. she’s made them pink y promise with me.. before Steve left..
Scottie lists all the deals he’s heard Sam make.

Haleigh – I’m going to go have a conversation with her..

Fes comes in..


10:18am Fes and Scottie 

Scottie says he heard that Haleigh, Bayleigh  and Fes were throwing his name under the bus.. Fes denies it. (LOL)

10:47am Feeds are down for the nomination ceremony

11:17am Feeds back hugs all around…

11:20am Tyler tell Kaycee the plan is to backdoor him.

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Finally those pricks taste the block.


Agree, best noms so far! I hope hives win the hacker too. Someone from L6 going to jury, it will be hilarious if it’s Angela!!!

Hive Buster

Best case scenario is Level 6 wins the hacker comp and takes Angela off the block and puts up Fessi. Tyler wins the veto and Fessi gets voted out on Hayleigh’s HOH. Another Hive blindside. Priceless!


I’m praying for Hayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie or Fessy it win the hacker comp


I’m praying for world peace or a solution to global warming. The idiots you’re praying for can win HOH and the hacker comp…but they still won’t succeed in getting their #1 target (Tyler) out this week.


HAHAHAHA I’m praying for ang to DM me and come visit when this is all done lmao


I was praying to God to win the lottery, he answered and said no!!!

Botox Pelosi

Tyler wins the hacker and cue the Rocks tears.


People on here are still supporting cocky Tyler and his minions. They were all pushing for sam to go up. well the tides have turned. sam confided in rs that she wants tyler and angela gone

Melting Snowflakes

And tomorrow Sam will have two new targets and The Hive will still clueless.

Sakura Haruno

Tyler FTW

If things go according to plan the cloud app would save him!

if Tyler wins hacker he should put Rockstar on the block and pick the level 6 member that got taken down to play for the veto and if noms stay the same he should eliminate Faysal or Sam’s vote.

I hoping the hacker could save Tyler this week so the cloud app would be used a different time.


Isn’t the cloud app only good for the nomination ceremony though? He would go up this week in the POV ceremony.


he can (and likely will) use his app at veto ceremony as long as he’s not on the block. unless the hacker nominates tyler, he’s not likely to go up. L6 is still likely to lose a member though as brett would probably go up in lieu of tyler. so if L6 wants to stay safe they need brett to win veto and/or the hacker to pull one of them off the block.

Sakura Haruno

He can use it for veto ceremony too 😀


Nomination and Veto


guess L6 will have to win the hacker comp if they don’t want to lose another member. too bad they’re pretty miserable at comps.


What a great season.


This is is the smartest move Haleigh could have made without knowing about Tyler’s power. Everyone was so clueless thinking she would put Sam and JC up lol. Give me a break.

Backdoor Fes

Everything is gravy after that witch Bayleigh got bounced. It will be great to see Hayleigh’s HOH hacked.


What I want to happen:

Someone in level 6 wins the hacker and puts up someone from HIVE (preferably Fes). The hacker picks Tyler to play veto. Someone from level 6 wins veto. Hacker cancels the other HIVE vote and Fes/RS in jury.

What will happen? Who the f@ck knows?!?!

Hacker competition is today, right? When is hacker ceremony?


best person for L6 to win veto is brett atm (or kaycee/angela if the hacker pulls one of them down). tyler’s already safe with his app and an alliance member who’s not on the block would keep two more safe (him/herself plus whomever s/he takes down).

Botox Pelosi

Good logic. If that works Hayleigh will lose a team member on her HOH and if somebody from the Level 6’s side has to go let it be Sam. She is losing it.


Omg yes! The hacker should put rockstar cuz fess may win the veto

Bye Bye Queen Bay

I know what you are saying but Fes is a threat to win HOH while Rocks is not.


Are we sure that the hacker’s powers are the same as last week?

Rigged Brother

Production has decided that if level 6 wins the hacker comp that they get to choose the slop menu this week but if the Hive wins the competition they can select three players to go to the final 4.


That’s what it feels like

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

Hay is really scatter-brained and borderline ADD. Its like she has a coherent plan about who should go angela/tyler/kaycee and then someone tells her a random bull sh@t story and her focus is gone. GONE! Why are you listening to RockSnot? RockSnot is still clueless and cant win a comp. Why dont you understand that JC Sam and Scottie are floating from side to side? Why cant you see that Scottie and Tyler work together at times? Did you miss them being Bros at the POV? Its really frustrating watching the Hive constantly miscalculate players and votes.

who me?

I think Hayleigh sees more then you know, and how she plays for who goes up after Veto will tell all

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

Maybe. But she needs to keep these idiots at arms length.

not what you think

If Hayleigh is sees more than we know, Then WHY doesn’t she try to aline with the other side of the house instead of sticking with rocksalt and i cant win a thing fessy ? SHE is putting a target on herself , and there wasnt one there before.

Kid Rock

Yes Finally the other side gets to see how it feels to be on the chopping block!!! Great job HAleigh!!!! That was for Bayeligh..,,.

Dirty Harry Reid

Plan B is for Bayleigh.

Hope the Hive wins

The other side finally gets to feel it? Were you not watching when Winston and Brett were on block together or when Brett and Rachel were on the block together? If anything last week was the first time the hive felt it with two of their members on the block at the same time.


LOL, I was scratching my head wondering what shoe the OP was watching. Not BB20


I don’t think they were watching a shoe…but who knows…maybe. Kidding :p




So Tyler is safe if he can avoid getting put on the block by the hacker. Do we know if the hacker will have the same powers this week? I hope not. Maybe do a replace both noms and that’s it. Either way Tyler needs to be begging all the powers that be for that hacker power, whatever it is.


The hacker needs to have the same powers as last week. It was ridiculous the amount of power given to the hacker (and Haleigh flat-out admitted to Fes that production helped her win the hacker). It would be even more blatantly obvious that production is favoring Haleigh if they lessen the hacker’s powers now that she is HOH.

Apple Cider

And production has a word scramble for the HoH! I literally told the people I was watching with that H was going to win this verbal contest before the game even started.


I missed that. What did she say admitting they helped?


She said I knew I was going to win the hacker comp. because production asked me what my strengths are.


She flat-out told Fes that the DR helped her with the hacker comp and with next week’s comp (she thought it was next week’s hacker comp, “next week” meaning today, but as we know now, it was the HOH). As soon as she said it, BB cut the feeds.


Wow!!! Thanks for the info. Shady production just can’t let them play, can they?!

Team Impeach45

OMG Finally Haleigh is not being clueless about JC lol
glad to see someone from the clueless team being smart

Expect snake angelo become rachel 2.0 LOL
if sweet pink bird wins the veto he would keep the same nominations which I dont mind snake angelo being evicted
team clueless need to win the hacker competion and the veto

BB Cat Lady

Oh Rocks! Hay saying she wishes Queen Bay was here – Rocks I know it’s so sh$@$y LOL if that’s the case Rocks you wouldn’t be there now. Lol I just love Rocks!

Trackin the Kraken

Dear Hayleigh,

Clouds don’t have backdoors. You’re about to find that out really soon

Trackin the Kraken

Dear Hayleigh,

Clouds don;t have a backdoor. You’re about to find that out really soon


who me?

Yes but Tyler has to stop feeling so comfortable, because his app only works BEFORE, he can’t use it once named/backdoored


BYE TYLER!!!!! No one will miss your creepy smile oompa loompa hair.


My favorite line from Haleigh last night was when she complained about Fes freaking out that she asked him if he had flipped… She said that she has never seen someone freak out so much about something they didn’t do. Ummm… I’d like to introduce you to a young woman named Bayleigh, who had a little bit of a freakout about being accused of being the hacker. Hahahahahaha! Even though production handed Haleigh the win, I’m glad for another entertaining week!


Rooting tootin Tyler


Tyler’s power said before and nomanation ceremony or Veto ceremony. So would he be safe from the Hacker if he sat in the cloud before the Veto ceremony. Or will the hacker be able to backdoor him?


The hacker thing isn’t a ceremony so Tyler is exposed for it.


It makes one wonder if production was trying to void both Power Apps with this hacker nonsense…


If Tyler gets put on the block by the hacker is he able to remove himself before the veto with his cloud app?

another name

no. once he is nominated, he cannot cloud himself off the block. the cloud is a protection from going up, not a veto type app.

Botox Pelosi

I think the answer is yes that Tyler can use his power before nominations or veto ceremonies to keep himself safe. The power can’t be used to take himself off the block though. It must be used before he is nominated.


i love this season, its so good when two sides are in power every week and becomes unpredictable. as a alliance, level6 is superior, great players, but single….. their personality sucks, very arrogant. reminds me sovereign six. the hive/fouttee are terrible players, but good tv. they are real and this make this season so funny. love everyone, no hate.


100% agree. L6 is definitely a solid alliance! but individually, they’re probably the worst people ever.

Apple Cider

JC has been trying to backdoor Tyler all season…

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

But not in a game sort of way.


I cant wait to see their faces when Tyler uses his power app!!

A Taste of Honey

Hilarious lol


Yes i knew haleigh was special week 1 I really hope they can win hacker and send Tyler or Angela’s ass home they’re getting way to cocky and need to be taken down.


It’s disturbing how often the HGs look at their own reflection in anything they walk by.


Many of the mirrors allow people to see through the back side like glass and camera folks are back there and you can sort of see them and sometimes that’s what they are looking at…mostly they are looking at themselves though=)


Yea…I thought the same thing but then I thought about how they’re constantly on camera 24/7, for the whole world to see…so I can empathize

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

I’m predicting this will be another jaw dropping what just happened Thursday for Smelly Rocks Socks

Douchey C

Game aside, Sam is legit mentally ill and should leave before she does a Willie Hantz on somebody’s ass


I really don’t think that the Hacker will put Tyler on the block and give him a chance to play in the VETO. Haleigh wants to backdoor him so really the only people that would put him on the block as the Hacker are in Haleigh’s alliance and they know her plan (I don’t think anyone from L6 will put him up if they win the Hacker comp). So I think we may be able to see Tyler finally use his app.
I wonder how L6 is going to feel about him keeping his power from them?? Should be interesting.

It would be so funny if RS or Fess went home on Haleigh’s HOH…….


I don’t think L6 will be as upset because his app saves him but doesn’t allow him to change nominees. It’s not app that could have saved anyone else. Bay’s app could save other people or have allowed her to get rid of someone. There’s a difference.


Anybody know when the hacker competition is??

Botox Pelosi

I think the hacker comp and hacker nomination is today.


If Hayleigh or Scottie won I’d be happy. They’re not shady hypocrites like L6

Bye Bye Queen Bay

I’m happy that your parents named you Elmer.