“Turn off the lights.. I’ll wait for you to go to bed then I’ll go downstairs.”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: ?? Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Angela and KAycee or Angela and JC are going up. Haleigh is going to try to backdoor Tyler. Hacker competition played today.

2:07am Haleigh says she feels like a d1ck wearing her HOH robe around.
Rocks says Kaitlyn wore hers.
Haleigh tells Rocks she’ll head downstairs to grab some food then they can snuggle.
Rocks tells her after that she;ll leave Haleigh alone but start Friday night “Im moving in”

Haleigh leaves..
Fes complains that he finally gets a chance to talk to Haleigh without all the f*ing people in the HOH
Rocks laughs
Fes – this whole time 51 days I’ve never got to talk to Haleigh without someone like coming in.. Finally one of us won HOH where I can now have a real conversation with her.
Fes – it’s like YEAH we’re working together but I can have hours and hours conversation with her everyday otherwise people will be saying whats’ up with that.
Rocks – right
fes – I was excited she won HOH now I’m hearing all this sh1t.. that’s why I’m pissed..
Fes – the poeple I’m had backs in this game 3 of them are gone 1 of them turned on us so I really didn’t have her back
Fes – no it’s just you and her.. and I actually do like JC and I do trust him for me he has y’alls best interest to
ROCKS – ish
Fes – ish
Fes – he’s never said anything about y’all .. I know he rides for me that’s why I’m including him in the people I got in this game
Fes – I would rather I leave and the house looks like idiots .. I’m leaving you all can tear each other apart..
Rocks brings up with all the flips in the house and people looking at her side ways (own it) she’s always done what she said she would do
Rock – how f*ed up that our alliance member turned on our other alliance member and we lost him

2:25am HOH Haleigh, Fes and Rocks.

Haleigh tells them after she’s done eating the Oreo’s she’s going to sleep. Angela – it’ll be interesting to see Angela unravel. she’s had such a comfortable composure this whole time”

Haleigh – I nominate you Angela and you Kaycee.. guys we are getting down to the last few weeks of this game and the further we go in this game the harder it’s going to get. I know we all have amazing relationships we’ve built theses friendships but this is the p[art of the game that sucks.. I had to nominate 2 people and I’ve made my decision based on how close I was on everyone in the house.

H- Angela, you and I are friends and I think we will be friends outside of this house.. it’s that what she said to Bayleigh.. inside of this game we haven’t had much game talk.. and with everything that happened last week it just makes me think that you will definitely come after me.
H – Kaycee, I think your a$$ is floating through the entire game
FEs – yes please say that
H – Kaycee this was hard for me because you haven’t wronged me in any way… however I do know you are an extremely.. how can I word this.. you’re social game.. I had to put someone next to Angela and due to hoe closely y’all are related .. how closely ou play this game together
H – I had to put two people and and you and Angela are really close
H – I genuinely care about both of you you both have 2 chances to chance this situation

ROCKS – I like it ..mines was going to be… theirs only a few people left here that haven’t felt the discomfort of being on the block
H – I thougth about that but someone might use that next week on fes.. because he hasn’t been on the block yet
Fes – aweee…

Haleigh tells them they are making themselves targets by hanging out in the HOH all the time
Rocks says Haleigh is her only friends in the house.. “if me being here tips them off.. now”
Fes – if I win [hacker].. how does this work we keep it a secret of tell
Haleigh – you do whatever you want..
Rocks – if one of us wins since there’s no time to talk about it leave the nominations the same.. then we’ll discuss who plays in the veto.

Haleigh – Agreed. Rocks – Did you hear that Fes
Fes – discuss veto.. what
Rocks – whoever wins leve the nominations the same and then ./.. pick you to play in the veto
fes – of course.. at this point what does it do make me a big target for winning the veto they already know I win vetos.. there’s a 50% chance I get picked to be in the veto. It’s harder to backdoor someone this late.. I mean it’s not hard..
haleigh – it’s not that hard that is what we are trying to do this week.. (Tyler)
fes – it’s 50/50.. we have 10 .. three of them are already up there which leaves 7 .. 3 out of 7 so little less than 50% chance.. next week it’ll be a 50% chance.
Fes – do you thinks kaycee is going up..
haleigh says kaycee doesn’t know after talking to her she hasn’t thrown anyone under the bus.

FEs goes on about how Kaycee has floated 51days “what’s mind blowing.. She turned on Bay FAST… I thought that was a hands down given vote”
Fes – when Bay was HOH she was up here cuddling with her
Rocks – I know…
Rocks – they turned on RAchel
Fes mentions more about Bay and Kaycee during Bay’s HOH. “They would go on sushi dates.. it was Kaycee and Bayeligh.. they were close.. she like [turned on her] .. no question”
Rocks – how come kaycee is considered a floater but Brett isn’t
Fes – Brett’s been on the block twice..
Fes says to him a floater is someone that hasn’t done anything in the game hasn’t made any tough decisions
Haleigh – yeah .. basically hasn’t made any moves ..
ROCKS – yeah

Rocks leaves..

Fes – sorry for freaking out
h – it’s ok.. I just don’t want you freaking out
Fes says JC has his back.

FEs is getting pissed that Rocks is spending all the time in the HOH.
Fes – I think I am calling a house meeting tomorrow.. about me and you
H – I just won’t show up and I’ll put you on the block..
Haleigh is playing with fes’ hair
Fes – I don’t like you playing with my hair..
H – sorry .. it’s a habit..

H – I’m sad Bayleigh is gone..
Fes – I know we could have saved her.. if we stuck with the plan
fes thinks JC would have voted to keep Bayleigh. “he was scared”

H – I just wish she was here.. she didn’t deserve to be ton the block..
H – Fes what are you doing.. you are not spending the night.. it’s 2:30 in the morning we have to be up at 8.. we have a competition in the morning nad it’s goign to be mental..
Fes says this is finally when people have left her room. “you want to celebrate.. ”
H – we can go to sleep

Fes – you want to crack open the wine
Ha – no I’m tired and  I want to go to sleep soon.. I don’t want a headache tomorrow and feel like sh1t.

Ha – we all came to this game to wine.. you have to remember that..
Fes asks if she thinks he would turn on her
Haleigh says she doesn’t know him “I don’t know what you would do Fes.. I don’t really know yo I know yo in this house but I don’t know yo umy whole life.. we all came here to play this game to win you always have to remember that. I would like to think that you wouldn’t”
Fes – I would rather go out trusting you 100% and if I go out this house and you did something to me ok screw it.. other than telling you all these things getting paranoid and getting out of this house and finding out it was the game.

Fes – I don’t think you have feelings with Brett but i see you hanging out with him.. a couple weeks later you come to me.. it’s so obvious I’m like what’s going on here..
They both comment on the audience reaction when they voted bayleigh out.

Haleigh is pissed they could have kept Bayleigh
Fes – now we have Rockstar
H – Rockstar doesn’t have a power..
Fes – rockstar doesn’t bring anything to the table.. I still love her she’s still on our team..

Fes – You look really hot in that picture with your mom by that way.. look at that body.. I don’t even need to look at that picture I can see it right here.. (Groan) Fes brings up Brett telling him that Rockstar really did come up to him for a deal a”she;s not use to being denied.. she;’s got a dude she’s got kids she’s not used to being denied.. her being called out like that really made her upset”

Fes brings up kailtyn telling Brett all “that stuff” like she wanted to have sex wit him. Why would she be telling him “that stuff” and want Winston out.
fes – telling Brett that stuff.. Brett would never come after her knowing that Kailtyn has the hots for him

Haleigh – it could have been Rockstar that flipped both times.. (lol)
Fes – I don’t think so
Ha – it could definitely (own it)
Fes – my money is on … I think Rockstar said that.. if it was Rockstar it was Rockstar and who
H – Bayleigh
fes – I don’t thin kit was Bayleigh why would she flip and turn around put him back on the block .. you know what I’m saying.. Maybe Tyler. Tyler voted for him to stay this time too
H – I don’t have to bite my nails this week
fes – we’ll see after tomorrow.. if I’m going up (from hacker)
H – we need to go to bed fes so we’re not tired
Fes – ok Haleihg this is the first time in 51 days I’ve had a 1 on 1 wit you..
Haleigh tells him she won the hacker comp last week because she went to bed at 10 got up and ate breakfast.

Fes whimpers “it’ll be so lonely down there
Fes keeps wanting to stay up and talk Haleigh wants to sleep. Fes says Rockstar is going to be up haleigh’s a$$ all week.
Fes = it’ll be so lonely down there..

Haleigh tells him she wants to go to bed in 5 minutes
Fes – lets talk for 20 minutes.. can we be happy we won something
Fes – turn off the lights.. I’m not sleeping up here.. I’ll wait for you to go to bed then I’ll go downstairs..

3:22pm fes still hasn’t gone to sleep.. Every couple minutes haleigh asks him to .
Fes still won’t go to bed.. Haleigh keeps telling him to go to bed .
Fes now asks for another song..
Haleigh – I’m f*ing tired..



3:30am after whimpering to stay he finally leaves…
Ha – why were your pants off?
fes – I had baskeball shorts on it was f*ing hot 9Sure)
Fes – I did..
Ha – you want me to kiss your cheek..
Fes mmmmhmmm


8:57am Rocks and Haleigh
Haleigh – Angela thinks she’s going up..
They talk about thing they could say to Kaycee.. “you’re not my target”
H – I don’t know what is going on with Fes.. the way he’s reacting to me questioning if he’s flipped is not a normal reaction..
Haleigh – is eyes were red and blood shot.. I don’t know if he shot up with heroin or meth…
Haleigh – Scottie is not our enemy right now is we have the power right now he’s with us…

Haleigh talks about her parents being into Big Brother every summer it was what they would watch together. Adds that her dad was really into it which is weird becuase if you saw him you would never guess it. He;’s the type of guy that likes “Deep Alaska”
Haleigh – is Sam in my blindspot
Rocks – Sam is here to be a comfort as long as she’s needed..

Haliegh doesn’t want to put KAycee up just Angela.
Rocks – I think Bay would be OK with you putting Kaycee up

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Sam – who is making fun of me?
Haleigh – I don’t think anyone is making fun of you. I think people take advantage of the fact that you’re a genuine true person. And I think that some of the people that you have put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart.

Sam – who is it?
Haleigh – no one has said anything.

Sam – but people are making fun of me.
Haleigh – why do you think that?

Sam – I don’t know. I just think that things are happening and I need you to tell me. Tell me who is making fun of me?!
Haleigh – no one is making fun of you. I promise you that! In this game people get nervous of you because they know you’re an honest person and that is not how people are playing this game. If I heard people making fun of you, I would not let it happen. I have never made fun of you.

Sam – Haleigh people are making fun of me.

Back to the Trailer!

Good God! Sam is action packed with crazy. Someone plz get her a bus ticket( since airplanes probably upset her too) back to her trailer in the Ozarks. Can’t handle anymore goo goo gaga baby talk from this chick. Pack up your spiders and your shit and bounce.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

I could use a little cray cray


Sam’s from West by God Virginia! And who really cares if it’s her brother’s birthday or Rock’s kid’s birthday! What a bunch of winey, childish HGs!


Oh fessy….
The girl likes you but don’t be clingy


After this is all over, if you offered Hayleigh a choice between:

A) A romantic relationship with Fessy or
B) Pounding sand up her own butt

I think she’s going with (B).

* Fessy is in her back pocket for when she is on the block and needs somebody to win the Veto in order to keep her safe….yet again. Think of Fessy as a tool rather than a possible boyfriend.


So, it seems like the Hive is actually thinking things through now (with a lot of help from the DR). This week will be another gift from the BB Gods, thanks to the man behind the curtain curtailing the L6 convoy. The Hive will survive this week, but L6 will gain control and drive this game home.

I was impressed with Bayleigh’s eviction speech, but disappointed that her apology to Tyler started with her claiming to be the bigger person. Wow! I honestly wish her well building a life with Swaggy C. However, she is about to get a rude awakening when she discovers that unlike her opinion, the whole world does not love her. I mean, she has her fans, sure. But, Bayleigh didn’t leave a princess impression by any means, and I could tell there is still hatred in that heart by the way she reacted to her goodbye messages. Did she mean what she said in her eviction speech? NO! That was just for the judges. BLUK!

Tyler remains my #1. I don’t feel the edit tonight was fair to Tyler, but he will recover. I’m sure he will want to park his pretty boy butt on the cloud to avoid noms, or more likely the veto ceremony. But then again, if he is an initial nom (that would be stupid of Haleigh), he may just risk it and play hard for Hacker and/or POV. I hope he begins to see that Haleigh has some brains and saves his power. To my knowledge, Sam is the only one who knows about the Cloud App, and now that she has voted the other way, Tyler won’t be able to trust her. I’m sure the DR will encourage Sam to reveal it, but I think Sam is intelligent enough to keep it quiet in less she sees exposing it as beneficial to her (don’t buy her act, people, Sam knows this game more than she lets on) It could be be that the knowledge of Tyler’s Cloud App is what gave her a bit more confidence to vote the way she wanted. Tyler should expect Haleigh to try and backdoor him and save his Cloud app for veto ceremony, if needed. He is still in a pretty safe spot.

Kaycee is still my #2. I have faith in this girl! I HATE that she’s going on the block, but this may be the chance we get to see this girl really play. It may end up being too late, though. *sigh I love Kaycee’s awesomeness so much I’d like to set her up with my daughter. But, I think both like girly girls, so they’d end up just being buds.

JC is now my #3. His HOH comp picks of Rockstar and Tyler were perfect to protect his position in the house. He then goes around and cleans up but saying how sorry h e is…that he screwed up…didn’t know what he was doing. Way to go JC. It was hilarious listening to Rockstar advise him on how to pick two players on the opposite side of the house so at least one goes out. He played the dumb but appreciative student. Amazing that he continues to use the cloak of invisibility so effectively.

Angela is my #4. I appreciate that she gave Bayleigh her space as she was leaving the house, and her goodbye message was really genuine, whether Bay believes it or not.

Scottie is my #5. I like Scottie and hope he gets to final 5. I worry that he will end up on the block this week and likely head out that door if L6 is able to get the Hacker power and power of veto.

#6 is our new HOH, Haleigh. She risked too much telling the house about her Hacker role, but she won HOH when she needed to. I imagine her targets are Sam and Tyler (barring his Cloud app) but sounds like she’s putting up Kaycee and Angela. She is, however, overconfident about winning the next Hacker comp claiming she is on a f***ing roll. I hope she avoids the HOH personality plague. I really do! Haleigh’s crew include Rockstar, Faysal, and Scottie, unless Brett is able to successfully lure Scottie over…he is actively working on him! JC is still floating around so it’s crazy the Hive thinks he is going to vote with them. Or, Sam could be the replacement for L6. Speaking of Sam…

Sam is #7 and a true mystery. Does she really want to go home? Maybe, but I think it’s more tactics than anything. She seems to be back to her “playing by not playing” strategy, calling herself stupid and pathetic, “But I couldn’t let her go out feeling that way.” (yes, you could Sam because she will feel that way regardless) …”She never once complained, never.” (what Sam? Where have you been? You’re spending too much time with your spiders…or you’re blowing the most amazing snowstorm) I think in Sam’s mind she just secured Bay’s vote should she make it to the end. However, L6 will not forget that she voted against them, and Sam now realizes that Haleigh will put her on the block as payback. Thus, Sam’s dump chump routine begins. I’m tired of Sam’s tears and pity card. Dry up! (of course, if this all pays off for Sam, I will give her a standing ovation, which is a lot harder for me than it was season 1) Sam already has Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh’s shoulder to cry on, keeping them convinced she was being the sweet girl who doesn’t know how to play by throwing a vote to Bay so it wasn’t a soul-crushing unanimous eviction. Kaycee and Tyler are pretty disappointed in Sam’s vote, though, so I’m anxious to see how their relationship survives.

Brett is #8 because his goodbye message was riddled with onions, but I did love his interactions with InstaGranny!

Faysal jumps back above Rockstar for being a standup guy with Sam. Too bad his brains don’t match that big heart. Faysal says to JC and Rockstar, “Between me, Scottie, Haleigh and Rockstar, we’re pretty smart. So we’ve got it covered.” Rockstar then jumps in and says, “JC is pretty f****ing smart, too” *sigh *SMH

Rockstar jumps back to the bottom of my list. I hated her eviction speech. Those vocal intonations are so annoying.

Scottie was right about getting everyone to vote Bay out. It was the wise thing to do, but I honestly expected JC to flip his vote after I heard Sam’s vote to keep Bay, thinking he had devised another rogue vote attack for the sake of confusion. Haleigh winning HOH has set us up for another fantastic BB week. We’ll all wait to see if Tyler uses his app this week (I think he will) and who the final Hacker will be then a fight for the veto.

Now look, people. In closing I want to remind everyone that this is a game. We like some, hate some, and love some. But let’s not totally degrade them (some do a good enough job of that on their own). Those of you with gross, inappropriate posting names (you know who you are), consider bring them down from X rated, to at least R rated. I’m a modest granny and often feel like I need a scrub down after reading some of the ickiness posted. Like, I appreciate your comments, but let’s tone them down so I can stop avoiding them. Please?

*knitting and humming, ‘what the world needs now, is love, sweet love….it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…mmmhmmm mhhhmmmm mhhm’….no, not just for some, but for everyone*


I can not stand the vulgar inappropriate screen names. I can’t scroll by the names quick enough.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

Shawnee, Yeah its really getting ridiculous.

Rio Seven

Shawnee, are you new to the internet??? I think there are bigger things to be offended by…perhaps you have no problems and need something to complain about?!?!


Wait! What’s this? You’re complaining about complaining. Just sayin’! 😉

Ways to (Respectfully) Disagree
Don’t make it personal. Avoid putting down the other person’s ideas and beliefs.
Use “I” statements to communicate how you feel and what you think. Allow others to provide their “I” statements, too. Stay calm (if your hackles go up, you’re likely being offended and taking things personally).

If you can’t disagree without dismissing someone entirely (as you did) you should probably dismiss yourself from the conversation. We have enough hate in the world already, and everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes.

*knits a woobie for her new friend, 7, while singing “At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest spot north of Havana….music, and passion were always the fashion at the copa…”*

Dang! I’m running out of yarn.


My take

HIVE: It will be interesting to see how they do without Bay. Hay and RS (and maybe even Fes) have each had moments of smart game play throughout the season, but each time they were shot down by Bay. They had loyalty to her, too much, but Bay always had her side game and always shot down ideas that might hurt her side game. Now, they get to think for themselves and it could be the best thing that could happen to them. Fes keeps talking about how great a physical competitor he is, but I don’t see it. RS has come close on a few comps. It might be her time. Both need to step it up though, Hay can’t compete for HOH next week and there won’t be a hacker.

LEVEL 6 will be in trouble if they lose Tyler or Angela. So far, no one else has stepped up to play. Jaycee and Brett might be capable, but neither has stepped up. The closer you get to the end, the harder it will be to stay based on your charm and wit. Tyler should definitely hold off on using the cloud. If Hay puts him up during initial nominations, he has the hacker and veto as chances to save himself (or an alliance member saving him).

Scottie is going to float to the end, bouncing back and forth depending on who can benefit him the most at the moment. Given the fact he can win comps, this could be the winning strategy this year.

JC is playing a dangerous game that will surely bite him soon. He will have to choose a side soon. His votes have mostly aligned with Level 6, so maybe he will end up there, who knows? I am kind of hoping he accidentally wins an HOH so he has to choose. That would be awesome.

SAM I can’t figure out exactly what she is doing. Part of me thinks she really is upset with Level 6 and has turned, but part of me thinks her end game is Tyler and this is her way of saving him. Get in good with HIVE so she can tell Tyler what is going on. I am not so sure she cares enough about the game to do that though. I don’t know with her lol


I would love to see what JC would do with a HOH win.

Teri in Oregon

As usual, right there with you on all of it, Granny. Esp the names. Fingers crossed this week for Tyler!


Tyler is in such good shape. He can use his app if the Hive wins veto, and save it if L6 wins. Tyler will sleep well tonight.

Considering best game play order at this point: Tyler, JC, Brett, Angela, Kaycee, Scottie, Haleigh, Sam, Faysal, Rockstar

My biased order based on personality and game play: Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, JC, Sam, Brett, Scottie, Haleigh, Faysal, Rockstar

Sometimes my order changes 2 times in one day based on house action and comps. This season has been a m a z i n g!


I suppose the Hive is “thinking things through” if you think a checker-playing strategy is effective in chess. They still can’t vote-count, can’t see the need as individuals to try and re-shape the game…despite loss after loss after loss….can’t see beyond the surface and short term of one week at a time. And it’s not even a critique based on what we know, it’s solely stuff they know or clearly should know.

Haleigh should see the goal of her HOH to make certain that once it’s over, her shields (Fez, RS, Scottie) are all seen as bigger targets than her. If you’re in a minority, losing week after week, who goes is irrelevant. HOH is really just a veto to ensure you’re safe a week, but after that, it’s all about positioning yourself for when you can’t play.

Just take who she sees as her two targets: Angela and Tyler. She can’t even see that to ensure one goes, either both have to go up or both stay backdoor targets. How funny will it be if she puts up Angela and Kaycee, then Tyler wins veto and pulls Angela?


I truly think Sam is sad about Bayleigh. But … if she really wanted to leave. Why give Haleigh what she wanted. Why tell her. Ok. If I win HOH next week I won’t put you up. Which is hilarious and Haleigh being Haleigh, heard. I won’t ever put you up. But why make a deal for your safety if you want so badly to leave. Would Sam be soooo sad if L6 had won HOH. I may be giving her more credit game wise than she deserves but I don’t think so. I think this is all 100% game. Sam’s game.



I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with your Sam assessment. I’ve given the girl plenty of hell this season (especially since the puritanical nomination speech), but I’m now convinced there are some real problems there.

I keep seeing that Sam’s actions are part of a “strategy,” but there has been zero evidence to support this idea. Where are the DRs with Sam letting us know her odd behavior is all a ruse? Wouldn’t someone who cares what people think as much as Sam be letting us know if it was all an act? Is this woman THAT adept at crying on demand? Reports are that she was begging out of the house up until showtime last night, and refusing to vote. There’s just no greater master plan at play here.

Supposedly there are thousands upon thousands who apply for BB. The greatest mystery to me in all of this is how you can wind-up with a single person in the house who absolutely HATES THE GAME and does not want to play.


I would think the same with Sam. But. I also think she may be playing it all the way. What if jury sees her DR’s. She’s mentioned multiple times to others about jury votes. Does she know what the jury will and will not see. Who knows. Just that it’s possible that she’s going to play this all the way through. Even if she’s in the final 2. She will maintain her gameplay until the end. Sam has shown a different side of herself to Tyler. And funny how Tyler warns her about his power and that if he uses it, the person close to him goes up. And she starts this. When she lets her guard down she wants to stomp a mud hole in someone’s chest. Lol. I just think it’s very possible this is game. And if it is. She will not own in it DR for the jury to potentially see. She’s a mystery to me.


Hi Callie,

Just so you know, one of the primary reasons the sequestered jury exists in the first place is so that they won’t be able to see DR confessions. A woman (Danielle Reyes) lost BB3 specifically because of her DR confessions…… all evicted houseguests used to vote. Since then – sequestered jury.

I think the jury only sees comps and ceremonies on video. Everything else is word of mouth.


I’m pretty sure Callie is just pointing out that Sam, being uneducated about the game, may be filtering her DR sessions completely not knowing if jury members would ever really see what she says. Correct me if I’m wrong, Callie.

Sam is truly a conundrum, I just hope she really is playing to some degree.

Benefit of the doubt: being locked in the house with that many different personalities can be completely overwhelming. Many times I just turn off the feeds because it becomes too much for even me to handle. It’s quite an encumbrance even for the casual spectator. I honestly don’t know how Dawg and Simon get through all the play by play reporting every season.

There have been seasons when I seriously worried about an HG suicide. Many of these HGs have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Sam could definitely be one of those with lifelong regret.


I don’t know Sam, but want to. She is definitely a mystery HG in more ways than one. There was a time I was convinced she was a mole with a clear mission to unravel this game, but she confuses me left and right. Sam is one of a kind, and she is being hugely underestimated in either game play or character. Either she is an amazing actress with ulterior motives OR Sam is really trying her own social experiment OR both with a truly beaten soul and broken heart. My impression from Sam’s past relationship conversation is that she has survived a really bad situation and is ready for a fresh start as Sam 2.0. I’m through trying to figure her out, but she sure is entertaining to watch., and I’ll be waiting for her to reveal her intentions eventually. I’m thrilled they cast her for BB20.

I would love for Sam to pull out another comp battle like that tree wall. That would convince me more that she is playing to win. It’s a wait and see game, but I’m a Sam fan, even if she does prove to be horribly suited for this game.


That’s cool….. we just happen to disagree on this particular houseguest.

I think you simply have a sheltered and homesick young woman who’s completely uninterested in the game and crumbling under the pressure of the house (as we’ve seen from others to varying degrees over the years).

But you may be right….. there could be a more complicated explanation.


I think the threat of the hacker will keep hay in check as far as hohitis. I think it’s the only reason she was somewhat patient with fes being weird and keeping her up last night.


Thanks Granny! You’ve really nailed it. I had a thought about Rockstar early on, concerning the way she talks, wondering if it could be a regional accent. I’m from Texas, so I’m not too familiar with the specifics of different northeastern accents. Is that how people sound from her part of Maryland, maybe? I agree, it’s jarring to my ears, too.


Sounds a little Louisiana bayou to me


I am from Baltimore as I believe she is. I have been told that I have a specific Baltimore accent. I do NOT sound like her ( I asked others to be sure ). It sounds to me like she sometimes mixes her regular accent with a black swag talk, and that is what you get. Ridiculous. Look in the mirror! You are a white middle aged woman… not a young black hippie. This is not Woodstock so grow up She’s the main one that “Can’t even own it!”.


Yeah, it’s so completely over the top. I know a lot of people who change intonation depending on their audience. It comes off as completely spurious. Several have said it, she does seem to suffer from white guilt. I don’t know her life path and wouldn’t want to walk in her shoes, but I get the feeling she has had a hard life. There are reasons she is the person she is, and they may not have been within her control.


L6 and the Hive are taking each other out.

With each passing week the non-aligned players’ power grows. At some point L6 and the Hive would be better off taking out JC, Sam and Scottie.


I liked Sam from the beginning but always had some reservations about her. When a person constantly talks about how honest and real they are … what you see, is what you get … I love everybody and I’m just here for you.. I tend to wonder why they feel the need to work so hard to convince me. Is it their self that needs convincing? I’m not saying there is some malicious intent. It just seems like there is something deeper going on. Maybe some emotional issues or personality disordered triggered by a crazy competitive reality show.

What do I know? Maybe it’s just her game strategy.


Lmao I love Fes he’s freaking hilarious, I can totally relate. I still don’t understand why everybody hates him. Somebody comment back and tell me why, he’s literally been the most straight forward person in this house.


He’s a little pussy whipped. I wish he’d think for himself for 5 minutes.


He isn’t in the cool kids club, so people on this forum make fun of him.


It might be his tunnel vision. His desperate attempts to get into Haleigh’s pants are irksome and he has no game at all. Haleigh has been woken up and is trying although she is handicapped with the allies she has, she can do some damage this week. I’ll call shenanigans if the comp is the same or nearly so from last week. That would be 3 word challenges in a row.


Not smart. He is also creepily obsessed with poor Haleigh.


Besides the fact he has been a weak competition player, he can’t make a decision to save his life.


I like him. He is a mass of contradictions: the Moslem who prays and won’t eat pork or drink but seems to have no problem with sex. His reaction to H drinking was interesting.

One minute he is the confident football guy, the next he is on his knees to H .

He is not the sharpest guy by any means, and he has no shot with H once they leave the house. But the moment he retreats from H she comes running.


I don’t get it either. I like him.

Boo T Call

He is what we call a beta cuck. Pu$$y wipped would be a less scientific explanation


I call people who use terms like beta and cuck to be immature, usually insecure, and not fully developed humans. We aren’t wolves.


He’s ok, I just don’t like his relationship with Hay, he gives me a controlling creepy vibe. I could be judging him wrong but that’s mainly what I think of when I try to think of why I don’t completely like him. Stuff like peering over the shower door, overstaying his welcome last night. Just aligning with rock and bay makes me question his judgement. A lot of little things here and there that add up. I like his loyalty.


I love Fes too, and I also don’t understand why people are so down on him. I have asked repeatedly why everyone loves Tyler so much, but so far none of his fans have answered me.

Boo T Call

Jan, We told you several times. Tyler is an aggressive game player who is not pussy whipped. Fezzy is a pathetic beta cuck who is Hay’s puppy dog.. So there is your answer. Are we clear now?


I don’t believe I’ve seen one person answer my question. It was simply that a question. Sorry you seem to be upset I mentioned it. I haven’t picked a favorite yet. I’m just saying I like Fes and can’t figure out why everyone is so down on him. He seems to be a decent guy , just doesn’t understand the game. As for Tyler I’m sorry I don’t get all the love for him. From what I’ve seen he gets mad and wants to call people out for doing the same things he does. I’ve watched since season one , and this is my first year not watching from the start. My first episode was Tyler rubbing all over Kaitlyn while he stabbed what I thought was his friends in the back. Maybe that’s why I don’t get it.


I haven’t seen that people hate fuzzball…they just think he makes a lot of dumb moves. I like the dude as a person, I just think he’s aligned with people I don’t like. I think, like someone mentioned in another post, that he should have gone out for the Bachelor or Bachelorette…not BB. (ex. he’s only really after people who he perceives to be hitting on hay) Like I said, I would never have a bad thing to say about him, but plenty of bad to say about his game play in the house.


I like Tyler because he came into the game playing smart. He hasn’t been overly arrogant and seems like he’s genuinely a nice guy who really loves the game of BB. I think he made a mistake telling Sam about his power though.


I loved fess, but all he needs to do is to give the girl some space like last time…. If he does that she will be begging for him to hang out with her.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

I dont think Hay wants to hang out with Fezzy. I think she wants to hang herself if he doesnt go away.


But she needs her big meat shield to protect her. She’s a user.


Jesus Fes put your pants on! I’m betting Fes stole a pair of halieghs panties before he left the HOH.

Like literally

Fez PISS OFF! i hope she never speaks with him again once the show ends.


Poor rocks


Don’t “poor rocks” me!!! hahaha j/p


Sam did not flip on Tyler she wanted to make sure no one thought she was close to him bc Tyler said they would go after him & those close to him. She bashed him but never told he has a power. She wants Angela out of the way because she is getting too close to Tyler & wants everyone to think Angela & Tyler are close that is why she said she wants A&T out.


Suuuuree. Level 6 fans are a little too optimistic.


Hide and watch…


Great analysis, I never thought of that. It’s hard for me to not believe that Sam isn’t just crazy, but if not, your theory makes perfect sense!

Queen Beyleigh rocks

I miss bayleigh already.

I think she was hot

You are a lucky man Swaggy


They’ll need serious sound proofing if they ever choose to live together and he’ll be needing some industrial strength ear plugs but ya as long as she isn’t speaking I can see why you’d think she was hot. Fires burn out however and leave nothing but ash.

Hive 5

I miss Bayleigh also. I hope Haleigh HOH causes L6 to rat each other out. Tyler was playing a good game but his cockiness toward Bayleigh totally screwed him.

Blessed in


Blessed in

Really exciting

Blessed in

So exciting…


Faysal’s puppy love and associated jealousy and his blind trust in JC — the most annoying HG since Frankie (seriously, stop holding the door open and stop the stupid shoutouts) — will result in the final collapse of FOUTTE/Hive.

Unless Haleigh and Fes can win vetoes.


I thought I was the only one that thought JC was annoying he gets on my dam nerves


Is Fes a serial killer? Wow


OMG Fes needs to stop embarrassing himself like this.

Just sayin'

People toss around ‘floater’ too much, I actually am happy this season that there dont seem to be any real floaters. Everyone is at least semi trying to play the game even if they suck at it (except maybe Sam I have no idea what game shes playing but i dont think it’s big brother)

Hi My Name Is Scott

Sam did win an HOH and does seem to be trying in comps. I could be wrong but She could be that player that appears to be just a person who only wants to be friends with everyone but will compete when she needs too. We will see how things play out as any player that wants to win will have to start competing on most comps from here on out.


I totally agree the only floaters are kacee and i feel everyone is playing even though I cant stand jc he is playing

Hi My Name Is Scott

Remember, she has not had do much yet. Others were doing the dirty work that she would have done if she would have won HOH. Me thinks she will turn it up in comps now that she will need to. If she makes it to to the Veto comp, betting she will bust it in that comp.


No KC is not floating from side to side. She’s very much with one side. You could maybe say she’s coasting a bit too easily…but she’s not a floater.

Is Tyler my daddy???

I really do think she is playing the game. She seems to be a little crazy like a fox. In her ramblings last night she said something about being drunk??? Might have a little to do with her rant. I agree with a lot of the comments from the previous update…give the girl a place to smoke a cigarette. She seems to be jonesing hard. She might also need a little more help than the shower head…Tyler??

But seriously, I think she has played this card well a couple of times. She “gave up” as the robot. She has “given up” a couple of other times only to come back quick with game play. Even last night she got right back to talking about NOT being voted out. I don’t doubt she has her meltdowns in DR, but I think a lot of it is calculated.


Maybe she drank too much BB hooch and is hallucinating. But for real, her deal with Haileigh on the heels of saying she wanted out does make me think to some extent that it is strategy.


Fes is a stage 5 clinger


Caleb vibes.


Can’t believe fess is going to be one of two people not to face the block….
Technically JC would have went up, if he hadn’t interrupted sam during her POV speech. Leaving fess the lone person to not take the hot seat…

He’s definetly not a mastermind but if he has been able to avoid being on the block this long, he’s doing something right…
But i do hope that hay asks for some space or fess gives her some cuz fess is willing to give up a game for one girl. Which to me is stupid.


Ok, seriously. You use that word a lot. I do not think it means what you think it means.
A floater is not a houseguest that does nothing. A floater is a houseguest that doesn’t stick with one alliance, that floats to whoever is in power. The social strategy was first formalized by Allison and Jun in BB4. Allison was the first to define the strategy and the term in the DR.
Rachel corrupted the term in BB12 because she’s loud as fuck and stupid as hell.


Rachel, ewww.

A Taste of Honey

Fes wants to taste Haleigh’s honey really bad. Can’t be mad at him. She has a down to earth sassiness about her, pretty eyes and a nice natural perky body. Angela on the other hand appears to be a uptight Bit@h who looks older than her actual age. I could never be attracted to a women like her. The way she treated Rachel was the biggest turn off

Team Impeach45

snoke angelo has a lot of work done to her face lol
she is not only ugly on the outside bu the inside as well

Trump Will Be On Mount Rushmore

Angela is the hottest babe in the house. Hay is a dirty tomboy.

JC is Pervy

Oh gawd! I don’t think I can stomach the Hay/sal show this week. Uck

Butters Mom

I think Fes is a perv. Peeping over the shower door, taking his pants off and ignoring Hay requests for him to leave so she can sleep is disrespectful at the very least. I give her credit for handling it the way she has because I dont think she is really interested in him but, she doesnt want to lose him as an ally either. He wears his emotions skin deep and if she offends him, he will most likely turn on her so she has to keep him thinking he has a chance with her. That has to be exhausting to put up with all summer. Ive known Hay was smart from the beginning, I’ve said it before, she goes to Texas A&M, can’t be completely dumb. Im hoping she figures out a way to go far in this game without destroying her reputation in process. She seems like a genuinely sweet girl. Too bad she’s on team dumb dumb, but, it does let her shine as the leader of that group.


Can Fes go home already?!?!?! This is one immature man child. LAWD!!!!!


The convo with Haleigh and Fes just made me laugh so hard. Good grief. The man won POV and took you off the block. He’s been all over you since the beginning and you still don’t trust him? These people not trusting their own alliance just cracks me up. L6 spreads themselves out only meeting up at times and still trust each other. And Haleigh trusts Scottie and Brett more than she trusts Fes. Girl just makes me laugh.


Well he wasn’t exactly straight with her about Kaitlin.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

I am just guessing that Hay is not into Fezzy………….

Boo T Call

Fezzy aint tapping dat a$$ anytime soon….

Team Impeach45

Fes says JC has his back. OMG I hope FEZ gets evicted LOl Team clueless are still clueless LOL
He truly is another bad player LOL
FYI brett wearing love you granny last night looks so gay and thanks god he is showing his an ugly person on live TV LOL
Again JC gayradar might be correct and I bet a million bucks brett Tyler fez and wilson are Bi or Gay
I have to admit queen classy good bye cleaned her image as a person.
Would snake angelo apologize for being plastic evil and you know the rest LOL I doubt it LOL

Trump Will Be On Mount Rushmore

I agree. All the men in the house now are all gay. You wont see any showmances. But they are all in the closet. JC, Scottie, Fezzy, Brett all gay. Tyler is bi leaning hetereo. But he will get down for some dude on dude action every once in a while. He is gay 4 pay.


How much was he?

bye bye sweetheart!

You should either cut your medication in half or perhaps double it. You need help.

Boo T Call

Its creepy time. I beginning to think at some point during this show, Fezzy is going to be caught on camera or by a houseguest sniffing Hay’s panties. And not a clean set of panties. Its gonna be a dirty set right out of the hamper. Fezzy is becoming pervy stalker guy.

CJ Thomas

How annoying is Fes? We’re gonna see this all week! Lol if Brett spends time up there alone he’s gonna blow a gasket!
Poor Hayliegh tried for at least a couple of hrs to get him gone so she could sleep. He just wouldnt leave like a dog w a bone! She was nice to him, dude id be pist especially if they are gonna intefere w my sleep n winning another comp! Which wouldve been good for him NO?
She’s gonna really not like him when her reign is up! If he was annoying to her before now is gonna be far worse.

Rachel’s Vixens

Fess is such a creepy guy. I hope production will call Hay into the diary room when things get too sketchy. His behavior in trying to makeout with Hay last night was hard to watch LOL


Maybe it was a bad edit like granny said but tyler really did come across like the villian. He seemed cocky and mean spirited. He made the backdoor more painful than it had to be. Own it.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

And we all know the backdoor can be painful.


Haleigh got protection from BB gods because she was the easy target for level 6 this week. But putting up Kaycee and JC is soooo lame. Put Brett and Tyler up because that’s more of a guarantee EVEN if the hacker is from level 6. She has already shown Tyler was her target so why is she getting more blood on her hands? Plus Tyler has possibilities with both the hacker thing and the power app he got. As long as she got Angela or Brett out, she’d be fine.

Sam, sit you as down or self evict… I hate when people start offering themselves for eviction. It should be prohibited.


Thinking about the land mines hayleigh has to go through ( hacker, veto) today/ tomorrow. Hope something goes her way.

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

Hay is turning into a dirty slob. Can she take a shower, brush her hair, and stop wearing robes all day. Geez girl, walk over to the other side of the house and take some notes from angela. Angela is a fox!

True Dat

I don’t think she needs Faysel to be any more attracted to her than he already is. For her own safety it’s probably best if she doesn’t try to look too good. Just saying.




Agreed…she’s actually a very pretty girl. I feel like it’s rockface’s influence that has made her care less about looking good and being clean


I reallly like Haleigh happy she won HOH. I don’t think she should waste her HOH though it’s no brainer put Angela and Brett up. If someone comes down with Hacker app or well. Win veto send Tyler, Angela or Brett jury Kaycee is a waste. I think she should just go direct hit. Now with that being said I like Tyler think he is playing a great game, I hope he survives the week!

Fezzy's Talking Vagina

I wanna see some more drama, so I think putting up Tyler and Angela is the best game move for Hay. If Tyler comes off then Brett/Kaycee would be a good replacement. My problem with Hay is she is drinking that Hive Koolaid that makes a person clueless. she still is not getting that L4 has an alliance. she seems to think Kaycee is a floater and I am not sure if she realizes that Brett is also part of that group.